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Old July 31st, 2012, 11:35 AM
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Secret Strength - II

Finding Neo

I couldn’t tell if my cock was staying hard because Neo continued to act like some kind of cocky alpha muscle man or because I couldn’t wait to show him what real strength was truly like. Either way, my hard piece of meat was throbbing with anticipation. I somehow sensed that sharing my secret with this huge man, who was surrounded and worshipped by all these other beefy dudes, was going to excite him in ways he had never dreamed possible. I could tell by the way the obviously conceited stud was talking that he got off on his own strength in much the same way I got off on mine – his power, unfortunately, was not even a fraction of what I was capable of, a fact that was going to surely shock the hell out of him. I had decided to wait, though, before I shared my secret – I wanted to learn a little more about Neo, the almost magnificent.

“What’s the matter boys, you can’t get enough of all this perfection? You want big Neo to show off a little more? We might step outside and let me powerlift the back of somebody’s truck – you guys better have some kind of manly truck and not some little wimp car. Neo might have to flip your little Taurus over if that’s what you think is a real car. Or how about I rip apart this metal stool – yeah, that would excite you, wouldn’t it little men? But I have a better idea, let’s have some muscle-on-muscle action. How does that sound, gentlemen?”

My cock pulsed even harder as I found myself cheering along with the rest of the small crowd gathered around the alpha man. I had no idea what Neo was talking about, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to see him show off even more – knowing that everything he had just described as feats of strength would be child’s play for me. I still didn’t know if it was the beefy man that turned me on or if I was excited by the fact that I would soon get to show off for him in the same way he was parading his strength for others. I figured it was going to be quite an enjoyable evening either way.

“Who would like a bearhug? Wow, look at all the takers. Let’s see . . . how about you, handsome, in the tank top. Come get a squeeze from big Neo.”

This was a dream come true – watching Neo invite a guy who was massive by any other standards to come get a bearhug from the larger man. I had often fantasized about squeezing some guy into my own body so tightly that he shot a big load from the pressure. It was a little like squeezing a tube a toothpaste in the middle and making the stuff shoot out hard with excitement. Neo had certainly chosen a big man – well, big compared to me, but small compared to the alpha man that was going to do the squeezing. I felt a severe tingling in my nipples, on the top of my head, at the tip of my cock and throughout my toes. I watched with envy as the chosen drop-dead gorgeous man stepped forward into the waiting arms of big Neo. I knew of course that even the most intense hug from Neo could not affect me at all, but I still fantasized about what it would be like to be held in his massive arms. I made a mental note to return this great favor to the alpha man later on. I hoped to god he liked being squeezed intensely as much as he liked to do the squeezing.

“You boys count how long it takes before pretty guy here passes out. You’re fairly big, stud, but Neo is a lot bigger. I’m going to enjoy squeezing the air out of you. That beautiful face of yours is going to look even more sexy when it’s red and gasping for oxygen. Watch and learn what a real bearhug looks like, fellas. Watch and learn.”

Neo bent his legs slightly and brought his huge torso even with the other guy. It looked like a larger older brother was about to pick up his younger and smaller sibling. The chosen stud would certainly be considered big in all other circumstances, but next to Neo he looked a little less than usual. My heart started racing when I watched the larger man wrap his massively bulging arms around the other man – carefully encasing the guy’s arms in muscle and making sure they ended up gigantic chest against smaller big chest. Neo raised his legs slowly, for maximum effect. He lifted the other dude off the floor easily and I loved watching the smaller man’s feet kick back and forth slightly as he dangled in the air. Neo turned their bodies so we all got a side view of their embrace. The big man bounced his huge pecs a few times, loving how they mesmerized the guy in his arms. The captive stud was so turned on that he brought his face down into the heaving mounds of meat and let the dancing chest massage his cheeks as he moaned in pleasure. It was obvious that Neo hadn’t even begun to apply a fraction of the pressure he was capable of – another sign of how he was toying with the other man. The alpha knew that it would be a lot more fun if he let the guy think this was going to be some kind of a pleasure-filled ride in the arms of a giant man. There was no need to rush the torture that was definitely going to come – it was best if Neo took his time and made the developing pain almost unnoticeable. The enjoyment would double as the smaller man started to realize he couldn’t breathe anymore and then later became panicked about the intense pressure.

“Yeah, pretty boy likes those big pecs, doesn’t he? You like watching all that muscle bounce up and down – slapping into your face. I can feel your hard cock pressing up against my thigh, boy, and that tells me you like being surrounded by all this muscle. It feels comfortable, doesn’t it, pup, all cozy in my big arms? Yeah, the heat pouring out of our bodies is making this room feel like a sauna, ain’t it? Big Neo loves the way your smaller body feels all compressed in his huge guns. All this warm and fuzzy feelings makes me want to hug you even more, baby. Hell, I can’t get enough of you. I want to squeeze you until our two bodies become one. That sounds good to you, doesn’t it little man?”

The alpha stud’s cockiness was turning me on so much. The other dude just nodded his head up and down as he continued to press his face into Neo’s chest. I noticed Neo’s big biceps tensing up a little and I realized he was beginning to add a little more force to his bearhug. It was also clear that the feeling was still one of enjoyment for the guy in his arms. It probably felt a little like being zipped up in a warm thick sleeping bag or being tucked into bed by your father and surrounded by heavy blankets. I was getting incredibly excited by the big man’s cat and mouse game – joyfully anticipating what was to come. I was also getting much fodder for my upcoming interaction with the bigger man – taking notes on what he might like. It was going to be fun to repeat some of his own lines back to him after revealing my little secret. I began to worry that the total bliss of the present moment and thoughts of the moments to come were going to cause me to erupt prematurely. I felt like every molecule of my body was about to explode in orgasmic pleasure. I took a long swig from my beer and forced my mind to focus on Neo’s technique – a decision that helped to calm me down.

“How does it feel if daddy Neo bounces his little boy up and down?”

My body returned immediately to orgasmic red alert as I watched the big alpha man jostle the smaller man up and down in his arms, while beginning to apply a little more pressure. The thrill of being bounced around caused the captive dude to completely miss the newly applied strength. The smile on both men’s faces was priceless – one joyous because of the pleasure and one slightly evil and devious because of what was about to come. I noticed that heavy veins had begun to appear on Neo’s thick forearms, a sign of the mounting pressure. I placed my hand against my slacks to keep my excited cock from ripping through the material. I was desperately trying everything possible to not lose control. I simply adored how the big man was teasing his boy and looked forward to doing the same later on. Neo was showing no sign of strain from holding this other man in the air for so long. The big man made it look easy. Suddenly, the bouncing stopped and Neo’s face turned serious.

“It’s time to crank up the fun factor at this little party, boy. Big Neo wants to show you what he’s capable of – and get you off at the same time. Maybe I should have had you sign a liability waiver before we started our little game, just in case I accidentally do some damage. Hey, little man, does it feel like it’s getting a little stuffy in here or is it just you? Shit, look at the sweat that’s starting to appear on your forehead. What happened to that big smile you had a few seconds ago? Fellas, I think pretty boy is beginning to sense what’s coming.”

The guy in Neo’s arms was clearly starting to feel uncomfortable. It was obvious from the look on his face and the way his feet had begun to kick back and forth wildly. His body started to squirm in the bearhug, but it couldn’t move very much because of the incredible pressure. Neo’s biceps started to bulge even thicker and I knew the big man was applying even more force. The larger man was completely in control. He didn’t seem to be straining in any way and, yet, the smaller guy was beginning to turn red from the strength being submitted by the big arms around him. Neo began to chuckle a little as the man in his hug started to gasp for air. I watched in awe as the big arms tightened dramatically.

“What’s the matter, pretty boy, not enjoying our little game any more? Are you finding it hard to catch your breath? I seem to have that effect on people all the time. It must be my size or something. Yeah, you try to expand your chest for air, but there seems to be a brick wall in front of you and my powerful arms are just squeezing too tightly, aren’t they? Where’s that sparkle you had in your eyes just a few minutes ago? And the funny thing is your cock is still as hard as stone, isn’t it, boy? You can’t breathe because of all the pressure and, yet, you still find yourself getting turned on. It’s amazing how that little dick of yours can throb with even more hardness while my big arms squeeze the life out of the rest of your body. It just doesn’t make sense, does it? That’s called pure lust, boy. You crave my big body so much that your mind can no longer distinguish between pain and pleasure. It just wants release – both from the pressure of my big guns and the pressure in your aching cock. What do you say, fellas, do you want to see this pretty boy cum in his pants even as he blacks out?”

I found myself cheering loudly in affirmation along with the rest of the crowd. I was astounded to see the red faced smaller man nod his head, too. The guy was having trouble even getting a fraction of a breath into his body, but he still knew the impending orgasm would be momentous. This was such a new experience for me – this place was full of men that lived to see feats of strength. Even the guy that was being crushed by Neo loved the power he was feeling from the larger man’s arms. His lust for what muscle could do was greater than his fear of not being able to breathe and of finally blacking out. Even though he was incapacitated and the target of the big man’s display of power, the guy could still view the feat of strength from the outside. His body registered uncontrollable bliss even as he neared total submission and unconsciousness. I suddenly realized that most of my own mega excitement was caused by the fact that I had finally found a home. It was clear that tonight would be the moment that I would be able to at long last share my secret. I gazed at Neo as he squeezed even harder with his big arms and thanked my lucky stars for sending me to this place. The big alpha stud in front of me was definitely the answer to my prayers. I knew that from this night forward I would cease to walk around the earth feeling so lonely. I wasn’t as big or muscled as Neo, but I had a feeling that my little secret was going to bond us in ways neither of us had ever imagined.

“Well, pretty boy, it seems that everyone wants to see you have a volcanic eruption in your skivvies. I think you’ll need some air, though, to hang on for just a little longer. Let big Neo help fill you with some much needed oxygen.”

To egg on the raucous excitement of the crowd Neo brought his head down to the red face of the smaller guy in his arms. The big man took a deep breath and then placed his lips against those of his captive. I could tell that the force behind Neo’s exhale was pretty strong and it did, in fact, fill the lungs of the desperate man being squeezed so tightly. Neo started to laugh as he realized the smaller man ignored the much-needed air being thrust into his body and took the opportunity to kiss the larger man passionately. Here was a dude that had just been given a needed extension from his inevitable black out, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to kiss the big man that was crushing his body so easily. His lust for Neo was greater than his need for air. Neo pulled his head back and watched as the oxygen he had shot into the small man’s body slowly escaped.

“Fuck, little man, you really do like being squeezed by my big arms, don’t you? Here I gave you some extra air and you wasted it on a kiss. You are the epitome of a muscle pig, aren’t you? It looks like I chose the right man for my bearhug. You get off on strength so much that maybe I should make this a little more exciting for you, pretty boy. How about I squeeze you so hard that I crack a few ribs? Does that sound good? Or what if I just tensed my big guns so hard that I snapped your backbone in two? Shit, boy, I can feel your stone-like dick twitching with excitement just from the thought of my huge arms breaking some of your bones. You’re so close to explosion that I bet all I have to do is tense my big biceps three times slowly and at the end you’ll shoot a big load in my honor. One . . . two . . . three!”

I had never experienced such joy in my entire life. It was as if I were the guy in Neo’s giant arms. I was able to prevent myself from spewing, even as I watched the dangling body of the smaller man spasm uncontrollably from his ejaculation. I knew instinctively that Neo would never actually break any bone in the guy’s body – that wasn’t the big man’s style – but he clearly knew just what to say to make the smaller dude lose control. The man’s neck went stiff as a board as the parts of him that weren’t surrounded by Neo’s huge arms jerked around wildly. The man’s face went from red to purple and just as his orgasm crested he passed out. Luckily his face fell forward into the deep crevice between Neo’s pecs – a place I knew he loved. It was clear the alpha stud was experienced at giving guys this kind of pleasure. He instantly released the tension in his arms and let the smaller body slide down to the floor. I watched as the unconscious dude slumped into a pile at the big man’s feet and was relieved to see him start to breathe naturally even though he was still out cold. I also noticed the lake-sized wet stain at the pretty boy’s crotch – an understandable homage to the huge crusher standing above him. Neo clapped his hands together to regain everyone’s attention.

“And that, my little friends, is what a real bearhug looks like. When done correctly it should help to get a guy’s rocks off even as it causes great pain. And by the size of that wet spot at his crotch I’d say I gave pretty boy a lot of pleasure even in the midst of blacking out.”

The cheers from the crowd were deafening and many men were shouting that they wanted to be Neo’s next victim. I could see the big man was a little worn out, but the thrill of showing off was just too satisfying for him to admit to being tired. He simply told the crowd that he needed to go take a long hot piss but that when he came back he would be up for bearhugging two guys into submission at the same time. He told the crowd to fight it out amongst themselves to see who would get the honors. I loved how the group of men parted to let the big alpha walk through. As the guys began to argue who deserved to be squeezed by Neo next, I quickly followed the big dude into the bathroom. It was finally time to reveal my secret. I desperately needed to show off, too.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Love it! I actually came back after reading Part I and to see Part II so quickly...just wow. Thanks!
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AWESOME Londonboy!! I love the way this is going
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Very nice! I like the work you have done establishing Neo as an ultimate Alpha male type, because it will be so much sweeter when he finds out that his strength is nothing compared to the main character's.
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I only hope NEO not be scared by the yough Hercules
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Pretty hot, LB; looking forward to Part III!
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