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Old July 30th, 2012, 04:45 PM
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Secret Strength

To know you can easily crush things with just your hands – things that aren’t supposed to be crushed – only makes you more aware of how important it is to be gentle. It is true that with great power comes great responsibility. I love watching bricks break apart like they were nothing when I squeeze my fingers around them tightly, but I also love holding a newborn kitten in my hand and gently petting it with the other. It is also fun to lift things – heavy things – when no one was watching. I didn’t want to risk the chance of someone else knowing all the things I could do, so the day I lifted a thousand pounds with one hand at the gym I made sure no one was nearby. I just needed to know I could do it. I’m still amazed at how easy it was. I waited until some giant man had the squatting rack loaded with an insane amount of weight and then I simply grabbed the corner of the entire contraption and lifted. The whole thing came up off the floor with not much strain at all. I longed to raise it over my head, but I knew that would draw too much attention my way. Instinctively, I realized it was important to keep my gift a secret – for now.

Every now and then I would forget about how strong I was and do stupid things – slam a car door too hard and lodge it so tight that it could only be ripped open by one of my powerful hands, easily crush my cell phone to bits because I became angry wading through the maze of automated questions when calling my bank, or taking out half the wall in my kitchen when swatting a bothersome fly. As I grew stronger it became harder and harder to hide – especially when it came to shaking someone’s hand. I often became a little over energetic when meeting handsome men at my job and used too much pressure. Thankfully, I never broke any bones, but I often noticed pained looks on the faces of big men – just because they got me excited. And then there were door handles – the bane of my existence –they always caused problems because I was either deforming them by grabbing too tightly or easily ripping them from wood or metal with just a slight tug. On numerous occasions I had to crumple oak or steel with my fingers and make it look like the hard material had eroded in some way, when it really hadn’t.

It has taken a long time, but I have slowly learned to live with my super strength – except for the occasional replacing of my steering wheel because a fit of road rage caused me to tear it from the column or mangle it into something unrecognizable. I always had to take the car to a different repair place so no one caught on to my abilities. Of course when I was alone it was a different story. I loved playing around a lot when I was by myself at home or away from any onlookers. Balancing a huge double sided dresser on one finger as I vacuumed, randomly twisting thick metal into art while watching television, and squeezing billiard balls into piles of dust just for fun were some of my favorite tricks, but there were many more. Being a landscape architect make it possible for me to spend a lot of time out in the woods ripping trees from the ground, breaking up giant boulders with a simple pounding from my fist, and bulldozing away heavy amounts of dirt with just a huge piece of metal and my powerful arms.

Although I still don’t know what causes my incredible power, I did realize early on that it was connected somehow to going through puberty. My parents gave me a weight set when I was eleven years old and one night I became very aroused while lifting what I assumed was the max amount of pounds I could press. I had stripped down to my underwear because the basement was so warm and I tended to sweat a lot. As I lay on the bench and pushed the loaded bar up and down my cock started to awaken for the first time. The feeling was incredible – lowering my arms down to my chest and then shoving them back into the air. My dick was quickly throbbing with my building ejaculation, giving me a rush of pleasure that was totally foreign and completely familiar at the same time. I quickly racked the bar and added all the weights that came with the set, resuming my lifting. Something clicked in my brain and I slid my hands to the middle of the bar. I dropped my right hand down onto my stomach, knowing instinctively that I shouldn’t touch my raging hard-on, and then continued to crank out one-handed reps without any problem. On about the eighth lift the awareness of my newfound strength was too much for my body to handle and I began to shoot volleys of cum for the first time. In the midst of my orgasmic release I grabbed the bar again with both hands and held the weight aloft as I ejaculated huge amounts of my young semen into the air. I had never experienced any feeling even remotely close to the pleasure that was convulsing through my body. Cum sprayed into the air like Fourth of July fireworks and then fell onto my tensed sweaty body. It was only after the blissful eruption I noticed the metal bar in my hands had been terribly warped and roughly crushed by my hands. At first I thought it was just a post-ejaculation illusion, but then I began to bend the bar back into a straight line with very little effort. There was no way, however, to get rid of the indentations created by my powerful fingers and my father got on to me later for dropping the heavy weights on the bar – that clearly being the only explanation for the dented metal.

That night, when I was showering before bed, I noticed that thick tufts of hair had suddenly appeared around my nipples, under my arms, and around my still hard penis. None of my friends had hair in these places at this point but having seen my dad many times in just his boxers helped me to realize all the changes were just part of getting older. I also noticed that my voice dropped a couple of octaves. I was put more at ease after doing some research on the web concerning orgasms and puberty – loving the fact that my cock now got hard all the time. The only thing I couldn’t find an explanation for was my newly developed super strength – which I immediately realized was not normal. Other guys in my class struggled hard to pull their bodies up the rope tied to one of the beams in our gym when my strong arms could power my body to the top in mere seconds – without even tiring me at all. Our gym teacher was shocked by my abilities – especially when we were learning about track and field events and I ended up putting the shot about thirty yards farther than him, a grown man who was big and very athletic. Seeing the astounded look on his face quickly told me that my strength was not normal and I immediately started to curtail my abilities – somehow knowing I should not draw attention to myself.

I took advantage of my power, however, when I was alone. When I was asked to wash the car I simply lifted the front or back of the Escape to chest level to clean the bumpers and tires, easily avoiding having to bend down. For my ninth grade science fair I did a project that basically tested what amount of pressure was needed to bend steel bars of different thickness. I lied and told everyone that I went weekly down to the junkyard where they crushed cars to use the machine to bend the metal poles when I was really doing it easily with just my bare hands. I received only a B+ on the project because it wasn’t very scientific to rate the pressure needed by saying little, lesser, and least. Even the thickest bar I could find gave my powerful hands little resistance, though, so it was actually the truth. I just couldn’t tell anyone. I also quickly realized I could never play any contact sports – especially after busting through a brick wall without any problem one day while goofing off at an abandoned warehouse. I even had to quit playing tennis because I aced everyone with my missile-like serves, not to mention because almost every ball exploded as soon as it hit the hard court. I completely avoided weightlifting because easily hoisting incredible amounts of pounds continued to make my cock spew instantly. I couldn’t take the chance that people would notice the immediate wet spot at my crotch after an insane lift or that my equally powerful cock would rip through my jock and shorts as it did many times when lifting alone in my basement.

Even though I went through puberty earlier and more powerfully than all of my classmates, I didn’t start thinking about having sex with someone else until I was in college. I think it was mainly because I was too busy getting off on my own strength. Punching through the side of a bus or smashing cinderblocks between my thighs could get me off so quickly that it really became like masturbation by feats of strength. Because I instinctively realized I was more powerful than any other person I knew I didn’t think about anyone sexually for a long time – I got off on my own powers too much. I would go out late at night and rearrange the cars in the jock’s parking lot near the gym just to enjoy the confused looks on the big guys’ faces the next morning as they tried to remember where they had parked. They usually blamed not knowing on too much alcohol the night before. I also liked to drive the university maintenance staff crazy by ripping apart with only my fingers the padlocks they’d place around the door handles leading to the swimming pool. I loved taking midnight swims and destroying the locks with one little pinch made it even more fun. One night I was drying off at the pool when I heard voices coming around the bleachers. I quickly jumped into the air and zoomed fifty feet onto one of the rafters, the darkness up there easily hiding me.

I watched as Curtis Moreno, the quarterback for our football team, and his girlfriend Stacey King came in for some late night skinny-dipping and something more. I was looking down at their backsides as they undressed and as soon as Curtis’ muscled bubbled ass was out of his boxers my cock easily ripped through my swimsuit – shooting harder than it ever had before. Stacey’s ass was nice, but it didn’t hold a candle to the dimpled perfection of the beautiful guy beside her. I know it sounds stupid, but at that moment I realized and completely accepted the fact that I was gay – without any drama or confused inner debate. As they started swimming and making out in the pool I lay down on the beam and started rubbing my hard cock against the metal. As I watched Curtis’ big perfect schlong harden and then push in and out of Stacey I unconsciously pressed the tip of my own dick down into the metal. I didn’t notice that my pole had punctured the steel beam easily until I heard the loud metallic ripping noise from my crotch area. When steel is pierced by something much more powerful it can give off a pretty intense sound. Luckily, the reverberation of the noise throughout the large space made it almost impossible to pinpoint where it came from – but it still frightened both Stacey and Curtis. They quickly disengaged, got out of the pool, grabbed their clothes, and ran from the building. I paused until they were gone, but I was too horned up to completely stop what I was doing. I continued to pump my hard cock through the thick piece of metal and loved how the tip poked in and out through the other side, hard steel scraping against the edge of my dick head. Suddenly, I exploded and heavy drops of cum rained down into the pool below, making loud splashing noises as they hit the water.

After my cock finally stopped spewing and my heart rate returned to normal I realized on a fully conscious level that my dick had so much power that I’d never be able to fuck another human being – for fear of hurting them or worse. I also realized that my strong hands had gripped the metal beam so tightly I had dug my fingers into the steel like it was wet dough. I pulled my cock out of the beam, jumped down into the water to wash off, and then made my way back to the dorm. The next morning the memory of Curtis’ perfect ass made me rock-hard again. In order to give myself some quality satisfaction I pressed my cock into the concrete wall beside my bed. I shot a load quickly into the hole my powerful tool had stabbed into the wall. That afternoon I went and bought a big bag of cement – which I carried in one hand to the counter but it took two men to lift into a shopping cart – so I could fill in all the holes I knew I would make in future masturbation sessions. I realized that I was going to have to limit my fucking to things like thick walls, the front end of massive trucks, or dense tree trunks. I couldn’t take the risk of hurting someone and I also knew the resistance created by those thick heavy materials would help to give me the kind of satisfaction I desired.

So here I am ten years out of college and still technically a virgin – although I’ve gotten off by sticking my powerful cock into more supposedly indestructible things than could be documented. I’ve fucked the sides of buildings, the heavy thick doors of bank vaults, and the motor of a Hummer while the thing was running – getting off on the pistons and gears grinding into my hardness. I’ve also kept my super strength a secret for this long – being extra careful to not let anyone see me doing anything abnormal. It helps that I’m pretty non-descript – a guy of average build who’s about six foot tall and appears to be an average Joe. Recently, however, I have begun to notice how lonely my life is – and I’ve started thinking about finding someone with whom I could share my secret. That led me to be standing inside of what was known as the roughest and most dangerous gay bar in the city. I thought it quite funny to consider a place for homosexuals as dangerous, but looking at the mixture of huge leather men, monstrous biker dudes, and massive shirtless bodybuilders crammed into the smelly run-down establishment made it clear that these were not your typical well-mannered gay men.

I had been in the place for only thirty minutes and already two fights had broken out – both because some dude had looked at another man’s pup in the wrong way. Even though I knew I was stronger than all the guys in the place rolled into one I was still completely intimidated by the overt toughness of the crowd. The bartender had actually sneered at me when I ordered my beer – clearly disgusted that a guy in a button down and slacks dared to come into this kind of establishment. As I looked around I quickly realized that not one other person was dressed like me. Most guys wore nothing but chaps and others filled out their jeans and t-shirts so much that it looked like some kind of real-life Tom of Finland cartoon. I was clearly the shortest and smallest man in the place – and no one paid any attention to me. I was a pretty handsome man, but it was clear that everyone else in the place was there only to find the most testosterone laden bull they could – the exact thing I was searching for, too. I basically moved invisibly through the crowd, not sure what I was going to do once I found the right candidate for my affections. It didn’t take long, however, to find the true alpha among all of these men.

There was a crowd gathered in one of the darkened corners of the bar and as I walked over I saw two things bobbing up and down in the air over the heads of the group. I wiggled my way between the huge men and actually found myself astounded when I gazed upon a giant of a man who was pumping the bodies of two other men into the air. He had obviously grabbed the guys by the front of their crotches and was alternating pressing their heavy bodies overhead like he was working out with two dumbbells. I was slightly impressed even though I knew I could easily toss both men high into the air and catch them one handed when they came flying back down. The huge alpha man was clearly showing off. He was smiling broadly as he huffed and puffed while shoulder pressing each man for continuous repetitions. The dude must have been about six seven and weighed close to, if not over, four hundred pounds. He was thick and big everywhere. His bulging meaty biceps weren’t cut or ripped, but they were clearly hard as stone and wider than my upper torso. His massive chest hung over his thick solid waist like a mountain range overshadowing a valley. The man was clearly wider and bigger than my Cooper – and I bet he could probably lift the thing, too. The seams of his jeans screamed in pain from the pressure created by broad-as-hell quads – a look that made the man look even more colossus. The guy wasn’t exactly handsome, but his face was so brutish that it made him even sexier than Daniel Craig. I was a sucker for a scruffy face and this guy’s stubble was thick and dark – highlighting the whiteness of his teeth and his light brown eyes. Through gritted teeth he was calling out numbers as he lifted each man.

“Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five.”

The big man dropped both guys after hitting what was clearly a pre-determined number and one of the men demolished the small table his body hit when it fell to the earth. Both guys stood up and I quickly noticed they were each bigger and heavier than me. People started handing the alpha guy money and it was clear the crowd was amazed by his strength – and surprised that he had been able to lift two big men each twenty-five times over his head with one hand. I could tell by the way the guy was only slightly tired that he could have easily continued on. The lifting didn’t impress me, since I could probably do the same all night long, but the size and demeanor of the alpha got my juices flowing. The big gorilla grabbed a beer off a table and then made his way through the crowd.

“That’s it, little men. Big Neo needs to go find a harder challenge. Those guys were both light as feathers. Taking your money for that little feat was like stealing candy from a baby. You fellas need to come up with a better task to test my strength. Who’s buying my next beer? Neo is very thirsty.”

I suddenly saw the big paws of burly men shoot up in the air like a bunch of teenage girls at a boy-band concert. It was crazy watching masculine men falling over themselves just to get the chance to impress this guy named Neo. As the alpha walked away I got a great view of his manly muscled ass pushing his jeans close to the exploding point and that was almost too much for my mighty cock. I forced my eyes away from the man’s butt and quickly took a swig of my beer – knowing I needed to distract myself or my cock would burst through my underwear and slacks like a knife slicing through a warm stick of butter. I let my gaze return to Neo’s wide back – impressive as hell, but knowing it couldn’t help him overpower me even if he wanted to, helped to bring a certain calmness back to my crotch area. Damn, this guy exuded cockiness even in the way he lumbered across the room. It was clear Neo realized most of the men in the place were staring at him. He acknowledged no one. He stood at the end of the bar and began to hold court again – obviously knowing that a throng of admirers had followed him. I made my way toward him, as well, since I didn’t want to miss the next show. I was fine waiting a little while longer before I shared my special secret with this big man. I had a strange feeling he was going to love my power as much as I did.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Just another awesome story, LB, you know how into super strength I am, it's great to see a story just centered around it, especially if the guy is normal, because I love to see smaller guys overpower much, much bigger guys, which is where I hope this story is going. Keep up the awesome work, dude, can't wait for more!
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Super strength the way you describe it in this story is GREAT!! The way it's so erotic for him to be this strong is awesome. I love it. I can't wait to read about his confrontation with the show off. I hope this story goes on an on! Thanks for writing so well!!

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Fantastic as always.
Sure there's no muscle growth, per se, but it's times like these that make very glad that not everyone plays by the rules.
Good luck with this, Londonboy. Can't wait to see what's in store
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This is gonna be good!!
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

yahoo: storyen
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Like Great Strength in Regular guys

Just like Peter Parker in Spiderman, I love toned guys with amazing strength. Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next part! Great story!!
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Oh my oh my oh my. Grrr, Londonboy you made it again! Can't wait for our guy to turn his huge new friend into his sex toy.
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Originally Posted by xmrr20a View Post
Just like Peter Parker in Spiderman, I love toned guys with amazing strength. Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next part! Great story!!

Same here... Can't wait!
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Great job Londonboy. Looking forward to the future installments of this story.
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great job londonboy, looking forward to the next installment real soon.
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How did I miss this story! I love super-strength stories and Londonboy you sure didn't let me down. Your writing is amazing, and I thank you for years of enjoyable reading.
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