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Old June 15th, 2012, 05:40 PM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Mr. Ross Grows His Pup

[I have not had so much fun writing a chapter of a story in a very long time. I hope this pleases some people as much as it pleased me.]

Six months have passed since the day I rang the doorbell of my old wimpy English teacher and was surprised to find he had turned into the cocky muscleman of my dreams – along with a full-lipped thick mustache that was to die for. Not a day has gone by that I don’t walk around the house with a rock solid boner constantly seeking attention from the salt and pepper haired golden-aged Hercules that now rules my life. I have turned into some kind of well-mannered worship boy that can easily shoot off a gusher if my beefed up daddy even glances my way with a super manly look of lust or desire. I live to please Mr. Ross, but I also live to be pleased by the man. True to all that he promised the huge masculine elder force of nature takes pleasure from my body any time the animalistic need erupts in his beautiful body. It could be two o’clock in the morning and my muscled walking wet dream might choose to pick my sleeping body up with just his big paws and slam my tight ass down on his throbbing thick cock or, just as easily, he might wrap his massive arms around me and start smothering my face with warm wet furry kisses – making sure his ‘stache sends me over the moon. Sometimes I walk by when he is reading or laughing at the weak contestants in the strongmen competitions on ESPN and he’ll reach out and again grab me by the waist and lift my hard cock to his mouth like I am a Big-Gulp cup he’s picking up from a side table. It usually takes him only three vacuum-like swallows to make me fork over every ounce of what he calls my sweet man honey. I especially like it when we are in the midst of an intense workout – usually involving me sitting on the barbell to give more weight or for my naked body to be his inspiration – and he gets so turned on he’ll place his big hand on my head or shoulder and force me to the ground, knowing completely that I want to suck him off – since I often say I could happily live the rest of my life with his sweet thick large cock buried deep in my throat. The man knows I like getting him off more than anything in the world – feeling ropes of his milkshake dense cum barreling down my throat from his powerhouse ejaculations. I am in muscle heaven and I offer myself to the big man of the house without a second thought – I am his and his alone.

My rewards, however, are not just in sexual stimulation or muscle groping worship sessions. No, Mr. Ross has turned me into an adoring little muscle pup – made in the spitting image of his master. After moving in I quickly got a buzz cut and grew a mustache – although the hair on my upper lip doesn’t hold a candle to the bushiness of Mr. Ross’ man fur. Our time fucking in and beside the pool has given me the same kind of smooth-skinned tan as my super daddy and never wearing clothes when at home has helped to leave no embarrassing white lines. The Goliath of my dreams has also put me on a strict muscle building diet – which thankfully still includes a lot of beer – and works my body out like some kind of oversexed brawny drill sergeant. For the entire first month of living with the hunky muscled coach I was not able to lift my arms so they were even my shoulders to save my life. I also had to limit any movement of my aching wobbly legs to only walking to the home gym for my next workout – and there were usually three a day – but most of the time my huge former teacher got tired of waiting for me and he threw me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing and finally drop me off in front of a set of dumbbells or a barbell. For a while I called every piece of equipment in our gym a torture device, mainly because of the incredible pain they caused, but finally my body began to adjust to the intense Ross-induced abuse and I began to grow. I often said my muscles finally started acting like my ass and accepted that the big man was in total control – giving up any resistance.

I haven’t become massive from only six months of working out and I certainly don’t come close to the unbelievable size of or mounds of muscle on Mr. Ross - but I have begun to look like a guy that deserves to be seen at the side of a mature muscled fox who constantly oozes power and alpha-ness. I have started to walk differently – a little more proud and definitely more self-assured. I am sure a lot of that comes from the fact that I am usually attached to a man so full of muscle that sometimes cars rear end other cars just because both drivers are distracted from staring slack jawed at the mammoth guy on the sidewalk instead of looking at the road. Most people have never seen a man as big or confident as my muscle daddy. And when I say ‘attached’ I really mean connected – Mr. Ross can’t keep his hands off of me. Even in public the massive dude will shock the hell out of people by holding my ass with his big paw or running his hand lovingly through my buzz cut starting from the back of my head. I also cannot believe how the behemoth has no problem busting into a man-on-man lip lock when waiting in line at the grocery store or buying tickets to a movie. He just feels the need to suck on my face and he does it – and he’s sure no one’s going to ask questions or complain, especially me. The last month or so Mr. Ross has started sliding his hand down the back of my pants when out and about and pressing a couple of fingers in my ass crack, which is pretty easy since I’ve been ordered to always go commando and none of my jeans or slacks fit tightly because I have lost weight around my waist from my muscleman’s extreme workout regime. The mammoth man never hesitates to compliment me on my gains – always running his calloused strong hands over my body as he talks about what he has noticed. He loves that my pecs have begun to actually jut out like they are supposed to and the fact that you can actually see a difference between my biceps and triceps. He loves squeezing my newly muscled thighs when we are seated beside each other – both of us getting hard when he crushes them so firmly that I scream out loud. But out of all of my gains, the mighty Samson daddy loves my ass the most. He can’t get enough of it – always massaging it with his hand, but mostly with his mustache before he shoves his face into my crack and plows my hole with his commanding tongue. We always have to work my butt out harder than any other muscle. I’m certainly not complaining – it thrills him tremendously.

As pleased as I am with my own physical improvements, it is really watching Mr. Ross continue to grow and become even freakier that turns me on the most. The guy had truly converted himself from one of the mousiest men I have ever seen into this combination of a cocky giant WWF wrestler, a world title strongman, and an ultra heavyweight bodybuilder with no end in sight for how big he will become. I instantly drooled over the man that first day I became reacquainted with him and his new lust for all things muscle, including his newfound strength – but to be able to notice the gigantic leaps his body has continued to make since we started living together is what puts me in a constant state of full-mast erection. Who the fuck needs Viagra as long as the incredible Mr. Ross is around! He now needs me to help with little things – like washing his stomach since he can’t see it over his enormous chest or pulling his shirts down over his upper torso since he has just become too big. Amazingly, his size doesn’t affect his agility or his strength – these things seem to increase right along with the new bulges of his body. Sometimes Mr. Ross will have been holding me in the air with one arm for what seems like forever as we are talking or doing chores and he doesn’t even notice.

It is nothing for me to come home from a short visit to my mom’s house next store and find that every piece of furniture has easily been moved to a new place because the big guy has wanted to redecorate. Last week the hose didn’t reach far enough down the driveway to wash the car, so instead of going in to get the keys Mr. Ross simply lifted the front of our Porshe Cayenne and dragged it closer. Recently, as a fundraiser, our old high school invited any colleges in the entire state to bring their entire wrestling team over and have them take on the English teacher of my alma mater – all at one time. Any team that could bring Mr. Ross to his knees would win the entire pot – but if no one beat the teacher all the entrance fees went to our school. My muscle daddy took on twenty-two teams in one day and never broke a sweat or budged even an inch as fifteen to twenty students piled on him at one time – over and over. The school made about fifteen thousand dollars that day and I have never seen the big man have so much fun. I believe he was getting back at all the ribbing he had gotten from bigger dudes when he, himself, was in high school and from the once larger men on the faculty over the past few years while teaching. It was an incredible turn on to see huge strapping college boys climbing all over Mr. Ross and him flicking them off easily with a shrug here and a jerk of his arm there. There were many singlet's filled with raging hard-on's that day and I still smile when I think of all the manly coaches that held clipboards over their crotches as they creamed in response to the fur covered muscle god that was destroying their entire teams. When we returned home that evening my ass was gutted mercilessly because there was so much adrenaline pumping through Mr. Ross’ powerful body that he had to let off some major pressure in some way.

“What you writing there, son?”

My muscleman was standing behind me as I sat on a stool at the large island in the middle of the kitchen. He was pressing his hard cock into my back and then moving it back and forth – skin on skin friction was getting us both excited. I stayed still for a moment and marveled at how hard his cock could get – especially the thick head, which was like steel. As he pressed the tip into me I felt a little pain, his dick easily pressing me into the edge of the counter top. He brought his big arms to both of my sides and I started purring a little because I was suddenly completely surrounded by warm hard muscle. His rule about constant nudity when in the house had become second nature to me by this point, but seeing or feeling his huge body continued to rock my world every time. The heat his movement was creating between our bodies was instant and almost overpowering. I could tell my man would need some release in a few minutes and I started to fantasize about how he would decide to take me – and loved how he knew I could do nothing to stop him.

“I’m just trying to keep up with my diary, sir.”

“You writing about big old me?”

“All the time, sir.”

“Let me take a look.”

He reached out and grabbed the book in front of me. I didn’t even think about protesting. There was no need. There were no secrets between Mr. Ross and me. I told him everything. I also loved it when he read things I wrote about him – knowing it usually turned his large man crank very much. He skimmed the last page quickly and even facing the other way I could sense a smile appearing slowly underneath his full sexy mustache. I knew he also had that familiar sparkle in his eye – the look he got when he was about to say or do something kind of naughty.

“So you noticed all those coaches spurting like geysers, too, huh boy? It was pretty hot wasn’t it – those big brawny older ex-football players getting all juiced up looking at your daddy’s big body. They just couldn’t believe this old English teacher could take on all those strapping jocks so easily. I was tossing college kids around like they were little toys. And boy howdy I remember riding your ass that night – you squealed louder than ever. I seem to remember that you didn’t want to take a seat for the entire next day. Yeah, wrestling all those young men just got me hungry for your tight hole, boy. I’m glad to see the night was memorable for you, too.”

“Every night with you is memorable, Mr. Ross.”

I didn’t even need to turn around. I knew what kind of reaction my words would cause in the muscled man. Suddenly, I felt the hard bristles of his mustache pressing into the back of my neck and then sliding slightly up and down – as he gently kissed me. Sometimes Mr. Ross’ moments of gentle intimacy were even more orgasmic that his feats of strength or his rough pounding of my ass – mainly because I knew he was actually using more of his incredible power than ever to tame his urge to simply manhandle me. The man could have tossed me around the room like a piece of wadded up notebook paper, but he chose instead to slide his furry upper lip down my back – chuckling hard as goosebumps sprouted up all over my body and my back straightened out quickly from the thrill he caused. I gasped out loud and this made the big man chuckle even harder. He brought his face up behind my left ear and brushed his moustache against the lobe as he pressed the tip of his hardened cock against my ass and the cushion of the stool – easily finding the exposed beginning of my crack and toying with it. He whispered into my ear with a voice full of both sexiness and desire.

“My boy likes writing about his muscle daddy, doesn’t he? You love keeping track of all the things I do to turn you on. Yeah, you want to remember every time I lift you like a pillow or show off by doing something miraculous with all my power. That’s a real good boy, Will. I do notice, however, that you use some foul language in your diary. It’s a good thing I don’t grade your work anymore, son, or you’d be getting something a lot worse than a failing grade, know what I mean? I’m going to let the words slide, though, cause you’ve been doing a mighty fine job of speaking politely around the house. I haven’t heard a cuss word in months – even when I shock you by easily throwing you in the pool, on the bed, down on the wrestling mat or anywhere else that pleases me. So you go ahead and get all nasty in your book, there, little man, since I know you need a place to allow yourself to freak out about all my muscle and all my strength. It’s also pretty clear that you know how much your writing turns me on, too. I like reading about the things I do through your eyes – it makes everything seem even more unbelievable. I guess you can tell, son, by the big thick slab of beef poking into your nice ass that I’m in the mood for some fun. I’m sure you’d have no objection if I did anything I wanted to with your little body, right?”

“Yes sir, I’d have no objection. As a matter of fact, it would give me great pleasure.”

“Look at how your body quivers with excitement at the mere idea of me having my way with you. You are one good little muscle pup, son. You’ve been growing like a good little boy and I’m going to treat you to something special this evening.”

My body was shaking from the impending joy to be instigated by Mr. Ross. I was rock hard just from feeling his facial fur sliding across my earlobe and my neck – but it was also because of the log of a cock that was busy teasing my ass. Strong hands suddenly grabbed my waist and lifted me off of the stool with ease. It had happened thousands of times before but his strength still caused me to yelp from shock and pleasure. Mr. Ross laid my body down on the tiled top of the large island, being careful to slide me backwards a little so my hard cock didn’t slam into the hard ceramic and cause a lot of pain. I immediately turned my head and looked back to see – and feel – the big man push my legs far apart. I saw a half happy-half evil grin suddenly appear on his face and I moaned out loud with anticipation. Only when my muscle daddy lifted weights or was about to please me completely did he get that specific look. I was like a little kid at Christmas and a fucking huge Santa was about to give me some really big presents, but there was one huge gift I longed to feel the most.

“Look-a-there Will, there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet spread out in our kitchen and this big man is hungrier than a bear just waking up from hibernation. Let’s see what’s on the menu tonight – whoa, we’ve got two slabs of bubble butt, some blue balls to munch on, and for desert I see a hard cream tipped pole to suck on. Your old teacher is going to fill himself up with this hot meal and then he’s going to fill you up with a specific big thick steak you always like. How does that sound, son?”

“So good sir that I hope you offer seconds and thirds!”

When the prickly hairs of his mustache came in contact with my tight balls I lost all control of my body and cried out in complete satisfaction from the titanic eruption that shook my entire body and emptied every drop of my man honey in honor of my muscle daddy and boss, Mr. Ross.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Old June 15th, 2012, 08:02 PM
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Fuch Yeah! i love this duo! hope more of mr roos!
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Old June 15th, 2012, 08:11 PM
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Honored to be the first and hopefully not the last people to comment on this piece. Mr. Ross is the walking god of the forum and pretty much gives us all hopes of finding that bigger older muscle male that we can train with and learn from. Awesome
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Old June 15th, 2012, 08:23 PM
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Another awesome Mr. Ross story! Always loved Mr. Ross' power, muscle and extreme confidence, good to see you continue it, LB! Keep up the great work!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Great Mr. Ross story. Love to hear how Mr. Ross displays his muscles.
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Another awesome installment LB! You sure can make massively muscular and incredibly hot dominant, still heart warming muscle daddies!

I love Mr. Ross and I hope he and his boy toy have lots of fun together...wouldn't it be awesome if Mr. Ross decided to take on another boy for him? Perhaps one former jock type, the kind of rebellion turned into a dangerous man who has already been into jail, the monster daddy decides he'll make a nice man out of that criminal. It certainly would be hot and interesting to read .

But I am just saying this, whatever you decide to do with Mr. Ross will be freaking amazing!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!

Last edited by muscl4life; June 18th, 2012 at 04:29 AM.
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Even if this piece wasn't written for me, it might as well be. Mr. Ross is one of my favorite creations of this forum and seeing him come out of retirement was a great Father's Day gift. :3
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Old July 2nd, 2012, 11:37 AM
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Thank you for sharing your work with us. Your writing is outstanding, Londonboy -wonderful to read and re-read often.

Miami FL
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Old July 3rd, 2012, 10:42 PM
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This is my biggest fantasy...would love for you to expand on how Mr. Ross is transforming his pup.
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