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Trading Up - Part Four

[This chapter is for the "Mark" that continues to impress me with his growth.]

To say the rest of the evening went as planned would be a lie. I have no idea at what point during the night I lost control of the situation, but no one seemed to be complaining – not Stanley, not Mark, and especially not the other patrons of the bar. Since the rain increased and pounded the city hard, the usually packed Friday night crowd never materialized – which was probably a good thing. I’m not sure Mark could have handled being objectified by a much larger crowd. I ordered my fifth martini and another beer came for Mark.

“Here are your drinks, gentlemen.”

“Thanks, Stanley.”

Mark’s speech was still pretty clear at this point, so I knew he wasn’t completely wasted. He did seem, however, much more comfortable in his perfect bronzed skin and hard bulging muscles. I could tell that the alcohol was empowering him to be more effusive in his actions – for example, draping his thick arm over my shoulder often – and his speech. Neither Stanley nor I were upset by this change. We liked the new Mark blossoming before our eyes.

“Man, there are some big guys here, tonight.”

Stanley and I first looked at each other with shocked faces and then gazed around the large room. The place was peppered with about twenty-five to thirty men of average build – all of whom seemed to be constantly stealing glances at Mark. For the life of me I couldn’t see what the big man – obviously the most muscled man in the place – was talking about. No one’s body held a candle to his – and so I figured it must be the alcohol blurring his vision. Or could his perception have been created by the mere fact that this was his first time being in a gay bar and actually being calm and aware enough to notice things. Was the thrill of being comfortable making the room a lot more handsome than it really was – this seemed to be the only logical explanation.

“Have you ever been to a gay bar before, Mark?”

“Like I told George, earlier, I’ve stepped into a leather bar by mistake once and passed quickly through a lesbian bar last week – but other than that I’m afraid not, Stanley. I’ve just recently come to accept all this, you know?”

“Oh, sure, Mark. I understand. It’s just that you should probably take a closer look at the crowd here – no one comes close to being as big as you.”

Mark turned and surveyed the crowd again, clearly noticing the truth in Stanley’s statement as he glanced at the other patrons. A few guys were beefy and others were what I would even call handsome, but it was very obvious that my coworker’s muscled body bulged in a way that no one else came close to matching. I got the feeling that Mark was still so turned on by being in a gay bar with people he could trust that the fellow drinkers in the bar looked much better than they really were – it was like our friend could see things we missed. I also noticed, though, that his own beefiness seemed to register a little more on some unconscious level. I watched as Mark’s body seem to stand a little taller and his chest swelled a little thicker – it was like he gained a dose of inner pride or something.

“Everyone looks hot to me, Stanley, but I can see what you’re saying. I think I’ve been hitting the weights a little more than some of these guys.”

“More like all of these guys put together!”

“What’s that, Stanley?”

“Um nothing, Mark, nothing. And tell me, who do you think is the most handsome guy in the place?”

“You mean besides George?”

I started to tell Mark not to answer Stanley’s question – thinking it too invasive – but my shock at the quick response involving my name shut me up quickly. I sat there staring at Mark with my mouth open wide and my cock suddenly throbbing even more. Mark’s question back to Stanley was so innocent and so ‘off the cuff’ that he hadn’t even realized I was staring at him. The muscled guy turned around to survey the crowd one more time. I glanced back at Stanley and he winked at me – then he raised his thumb up in the air, as if to say “way to go, pal.” It was too much for me to process at that moment. I didn’t know how to take Mark’s nonchalant answer to Stanley’s question. He went on to talk about a couple of guys in the place and why he considered them good looking, but I heard nothing. My insides were too ‘on fire’ with desire for the short stocky behemoth standing beside me. Mark’s perusal of the group in the bar was cut short because suddenly two younger guys – dressed like preppy college boys – stepped up in front of him. I knew the look in their eyes – it was full of lust and desire. They were both of average build and it was clear they were full of dreams about muscle. It was also obvious they came as a pair in order to give each other support – neither being brave enough to address Mark on their own. The one that seemed a little more gregarious spoke first.

“Um, excuse me sir. Would it be possible for us to feel your arms?”


“My friend and I are really into muscle and we were kind of hoping you’d let us feel your biceps.”

“Why would you want to feel my arms?”

There was a hurricane of emotions happening in my head all at one moment. I could see that the two gentlemen became confused immediately and I could see that a similar state of flux overcame Mark as he attempted to understand what the guys were asking. I heard Stanley say ‘oh yeah’ under his breath, which wasn’t going to help matters at all. I knew I was going to have to jump in to assist my friend – again.

“Mark, these nice gentlemen are in awe of your big body. They’re just showing their appreciation for all the work you have put into building yourself up. They are hoping that you’ll give them a little feel of those arms you have sculpted so beautifully. You don’t want to be rude, now do you? Just let them have a friendly feel of your big arms.”

The two younger men and Stanley turned into hopeful blobs of mush as soon as I finished speaking. I believe they would have done anything Mark asked if he would simply deem it possible for them to grope his guns. It was actually quite fun to watch the little worshippers squirming with anticipation. I didn’t even have to look at Stanley to know he was also doing the hopeful dance – fully intending to ask Mark for his own chance to feel the hardness of the biceps. Mark’s face turned red as I spoke – he was embarrassed that someone actually wanted to feel his body – but I also saw a glint of pride, or something else, appear in his eyes. He turned from me back to the two men in front of him and I watched the big guy work through his conflicted emotions. It was clear he did not want to be rude, but clearly he had also never been approached with this request – or anything like it. I was beginning to understand that Mark was in a state of doubt about his own body – he didn’t view it as other people did, but he did like to work out. His naiveté was so fucking sexy for some reason – his total lack of self-awareness about how his huge muscled body turned other people on. His face turned a darker red as he turned his body slightly and pushed his arm out towards the two men. He simply nodded slightly – a move that could have been seen as condescending, but it was really based on embarrassment. The two waiting men didn’t even notice – they were too excited about their ‘once in a million’ chance. Immediately four smallish hands shot out and started gliding all over Mark’s bulging un-flexed huge gun. My mouth became instantly dry – watching the guy’s enthusiastic exploration of the big arm – so much that I had to take a sip of my martini. This gave me the chance to glance at Stanley, who was standing there with bug eyes and his mouth wide open as he watched the two other men actually doing what he had been dreaming of ever since he had seen Mark out of his rain gear.

“Fuck, Ray, feel how hard it is!”

“I know, Pete, I can’t squeeze the thing at all!”

“Shit, dude, it’s like warm steel or something harder and it isn’t even pumped.”

The level of orgasmic pleasure increased in the room tenfold instantly. Everyone in the place was glued to four hands roaming around a massive biceps. I could hear Stanley softly moaning behind the bar. Mark’s face was still full of confusion as the two men groped his hard arm like two sex-starved adolescents. No cock was immune to the spectacle that was taking place at the bar – it was clear that everyone was as hard as I was. Mark was silent as the two men continued to throw out amazed exclamatory comments – obviously shocked that their fingers could not dent the hardness. The big man watched the two guys with a face full of curiosity and something akin to amusement. Our two college boys suddenly squealed and decided independently to up the ante.

“Listen, big guy, you’ve got to flex this humongous gun for us, please. It’s just so enormous!”

“Yeah, dude, we’ve got to see that huge puppy blasting big as shit. Come on, do it for us.”

“What? No way. I’ll look stupid.”

“Mark, I can guarantee that you will not look stupid. Our new friends, here, will not be complete, I promise you, until they see you pump up that arm of yours. There’s no need for you to be shy. I’m here for you, buddy, I promise. Give these young men the present they’re begging for and I’m sure you’ll have a group of friends to hang out with every time you come into this bar from here on out.”

“You think so, George?”

“I know so, man, I know so.”

“I know so, too.”

I heard Stanley’s voice, but his comment didn’t really register. I was staring at Mark. The big guy still looked nervous and like he didn’t even know how to flex his biceps. The two admirers were still groping the arm that bulged before them. Mark took a deep breath and then slowly brought his other arm up into the most perfect peak I have ever seen. The two men immediately moved to the pumped muscle and started running their small hands all over the engorged biceps. To say Mark’s arm swelled to enormous proportions seemed like an understatement. I know the guy wasn’t a giant bodybuilder or anything, but his arm looked about five times as big as my normal man’s arm. I would have never guessed that his muscle could have bulged into a beautiful split peak of such concrete looking packed meat. The sight of the t-shirt sleeve attempting to contain such a mound of muscle was too much for Stanley. The man cried out loud, moved forward, and then reached across the bar to grab hold of Mark’s beefy shoulder.

“Mark, flex your other gun, please. I’ve got to feel those fucking monsters, too!”

This time Mark didn’t need any more encouragement. Even though he wasn’t looking in Stanley’s direction it was clear that he wanted to please his new friend. He raised his other arm into a tensed flex and the bartender quickly moved his palm from the rock-hard shoulder to the massive biceps. His initial gasp was quickly followed by loud moans of appreciation as he attempted to grab what couldn’t be clasped. The biceps was just too big and bulky. Stanley quickly pushed the muscle-hugging sleeve to the side to uncover the entire flesh covered mountain. I think the entire bar, including me, sucked in air at the same exact moment. I was, again, shocked that this incredible specimen of manliness worked for me. Mark’s attitude and shyness defied all logic – a guy with arms the size of melons should have been as cocky as shit. The young guy had no idea how freaking hot he was. It was just too baffling for me to understand.

“Damn, Ray, I can’t push his skin in at all. It’s hard as hell.”

“Same here, Pete. This thing’s the largest I’ve ever seen. I gotta see what it tastes like!”

“Yeah, man, I want to lick it too!”

“Whoa, dudes, I don’t want that. It’s just a little too creepy.”

I knew the two men had crossed a line as soon as the need for oral stimulation was mentioned. It was just too much for the big man – since he had just started to come out. Mark quickly dropped his arms and slid away from his admirers, his face a darker shade of red than before. Stanley let out one last moan – a sign of how disappointed he was to not be feeling Mark’s flexed biceps anymore. The two pups that had been close to climax from being around my coworker’s hugeness looked like toddlers who had just lost their favorite toy in some sort of time out. Neither worshipper was looking at Mark’s face; their eyes were glued to his big arms. I realized quickly that my new friend needed a break.

“Gentlemen, I’m afraid our muscle groping session must come to an end for now. My young friend, here, needs to return to his beer. Feel free to stand over there against the wall and continue to drool.”

My comments made the two men move slowly away – never taking their eyes from Mark’s arms. The big man quickly turned toward the bar and reached down to grab his beer, clearly not even noticing what I had said. Stanley broke free from his muscle stupor and saw that there were patrons awaiting drinks down at the other end of the bar. I knew it was difficult for him to pull himself away from Mark’s body, but at least he was obviously still jazzed by the memory of feeling the huge flexed arm. It was also clear that the massive man beside me was still flustered by his encounter with the two smaller worshippers.

“Are you okay, there, big guy?”

“Yeah, George, I’ll be fine . . . it’s just . . . just . . . “

“Just what, Mark?”

I brought my martini glass up to my lips and took a big gulp, which ended up being a mistake after Mark responded. I was completely caught off guard by what was going on in his head. His comment made me spit vodka all over the bar in front of me and I started coughing uncontrollably.

“It’s just that . . . as soon as those guys started rubbing their hands all over my biceps . . . I kind of . . . well, I got . . . George, I’m hard as hell right now. I think . . . I mean . . . if one of those guys had . . . you know . . . put his tongue or lips to my arm . . . I would have . . . um . . . shot off like a cannon!”

Mark was staring at me with a face revealing how he was mixed with confusion, doubt, and something that seemed a lot like joy. He had to reach down and adjust himself and it was clear from how much time it took that there was a lot of meat to move about. I kept my gaze focused on his face as I attempted to control my coughing – knowing I shouldn’t look down to steal a glance of the hardness at his crotch. Every part of my body wanted to see his engorged cock through the fabric of his pants, but I knew it would be too much for Mark to handle this soon. I started counting backwards from one hundred to calm my over stimulated libido. I was able to stop at seventy-eight and then I pushed the conversation forward.

“It kind of got you excited, huh, Mark?”

“Hell, I’ve never gotten that hard so fast in all of my life. As soon as I felt their little fingers trying to wrap around my biceps I zoomed to full attention. I’ve never experienced anything like this in all of my life, George. It was hot as hell knowing they wanted my body so much. And what’s worse is that I already . . . well, I . . . um . . . I already . . . uh . . . want them to do it again. It’s like some kind of drug I’m instantly addicted to.”

I noticed that Mark’s enormous body was actually quivering – it was so mind-boggling to think he was having so many incredible feelings for the very first time. I was, again, very thankful for being lucky enough to be a witness to all that was unfolding for this gorgeous stud. Realizing his red face and the move away from his two admirers was due more to being turned on instead of embarrassment was almost too much for me to handle. I was actually witnessing a muscle stud get excited for the first time because of other men’s desire to openly stare at and feel his hard bugles. This was better than all of the Christmas presents I had received throughout my entire life rolled into one. My desire to protect Mark’s introduction into the gay world was overcome by my intense need to help him accept his rightful place as a massive beast that loves the attention his body deserves.

“What about it turned you on so much, Mark?”

“I don’t know, George. I guess it was partly about how much it excited them – you know. Hearing them talk about my body so openly and with so much lust in their voice . . . well, it kind of made me proud of myself. It’s a new feeling – this incredible pride from being so much bigger than those guys. Seeing that their hands didn’t come close to reaching around my upper arms, noticing how I could make my biceps so hard that they couldn’t even press in the skin, watching their eyes grow bigger as my arms swelled up from flexing and then . . . knowing . . . well, um . . . uh, knowing . . . “

“Knowing what, Mark?”

“Um . . . knowing that I could . . . you know . . . control them without even doing anything. It’s like they were under a spell or something.”

“That made you feel good, huh?”

“Hell yeah, George. I hope you don’t think I’m weird or anything, but I wanted to show off for them – or something like that. I kept thinking about how I wanted to wrap my arms around their heads and flex my biceps into their face – crazy, I know. I just had this desire to make them feel my muscles up close and personal. I guess that sounds stupid, doesn’t it.”

“It sounds like heaven, Mark. It also sounds like you sometimes get excited by your own big body, don’t you?”

In response there came a long moment of silence and heavy breathing. Mark was looking at me intently – as if he were deciding whether to confess some true feelings or not. I knew I was pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone but I was counting on his beer buzz and the thrill of being felt up by two guys and Stanley to encourage him to be open and honest. I waited patiently and he finally spoke in a whisper.

“I do, George. I really do. I like to glance in mirrors sometimes to check out how much larger I am than other guys. Tonight I’ve stolen glances in the big mirror behind the bar and noted how much bigger my arms are compared to yours. I like standing beside guys my same height and notice how much thicker I am. I like it, too, when a much taller man stares at me with a surprised face – clearly shocked at how much more I weigh. I also like to flex a lot, George – when I’m alone. I like looking at how much I’ve grown or how certain muscles have gotten built up more. It feels so weird to say all of this – I’ve never shared anything like this before. You must think I’m crazy, huh?”

“You’re not crazy, Mark. You’re huge and you’re beautiful. There’s no reason for you to be ashamed of what you have obviously worked hard to achieve. Other people admire all of your big muscles, so why shouldn’t you? It would be really stupid to not appreciate what you have done with your body. I also think it’s pretty cool that you trust me enough to share all of this.”

We stared at each other and neither of us said a word. It was the most sexually charged moment of my entire life up to that moment. I could not figure out what was going on in Mark’s head. He seemed to be sorting through a ton of emotions all at one time, but nothing revealed what he was feeling. My instincts told me to wait and let him make the next move.

“Would you like it if I . . . um . . . showed off for . . . you sometime, George?”

My nipples hardened instantly, my cock started oozing pre-cum, and my mind went into a tailspin. My entire body was on a lust overload – for the beautiful mound of muscle in front of me. The heat between us was so powerful I became fearful that we were going to burst into flames. I could feel my mouth forming a devilish grin and I noticed that it made Mark very happy. He was obviously ready for us to take our friendship to the next level. He was also ready to please me.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt, George? I think everyone here should get a good look at what’s underneath. I know I want to see all that muscle.”

The big man did not hesitate at all. He continued to stare at me as he reached down and pulled the bottom of his t-shirt upward, finally tugging it over his head. Every movement in the bar came to a screeching halt – as did the beating of my heart. I was suddenly gazing at perfection.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Londonboy, what a glorious surprise to wake up to! I love the development of these characters. Thank you so very much.
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I really love your character development. Naivete can be quite a turn on!
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