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The Muscle Fairy

Trey Martineau had always been what you might call . . . I don’t know - nellie, twinkish, or just plain old fey. As a matter of our group called him ‘Fey’ Martineau and we were his best friends. It’s amazing how good buddies can often be the people that hurt us the most. But that was the wild thing about Trey; he didn’t care about the ribbing we gave him. No matter how much grief we sent his way, the guy just laughed along with us and even said over and over again how he was proud to be exactly the person he had turned out to be. He loved camping it up with anyone he met – from straight guys that were homophobic to gay men that were disgusted by what they thought was stereotypical behavior. The absolute crazy part of the entire situation was that Trey had a boyfriend and no one else in our group of friends was even dating. Trey and Stephen had been together for five years, their apparent happiness continually making the rest of us feel inadequate in some way.

Saying that Trey tended to act very ‘gay’ was an understatement. He not only dressed like a flaming queen, but he also worked hard to perfect the voice and hand motions people usually connected with guys like Truman Capote or Richard Simmons. You might ask yourself why we all hung around with Trey and the only answer that can be given is that he was one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. Sure he could be bitchy and cruel, but it was usually directed at himself and was so humorous that he tended to be the life of every party he joined. Trey and I had been best friends for almost thirty years – having gone to grade school together and now living near each other in the city. We usually spoke about four times a day and knew everything about each other. That’s why his call late one Friday evening caught me off guard. It was clear that he had been crying, mainly because his voice was raspy and unfamiliar.

“Luis, darling. Can I come sleep at your place tonight? Stephen and I have had a big fight and I just can’t stay here. Please, baby, don’t turn Trey-Trey down.”

“Trey, I’m so sorry to hear that. Of course you can come over. Do you need me to come get you?”

“No, I’ll just take the metro or something. Thank you, though, sweetie.”

“You don’t sound too good, Trey. Are you sure you and Stephen can’t work this out?”

“No, little Stevie has done something to break my trust. I don’t want to talk about it right now. I just want to leave. He’s busy in another room and I want leave without him knowing. I’ll bring Mr. Bowzer if it’s okay, sugar plum.”

“Of course you can. I’ll see you in about forty minutes, it will take that long if you take the metro or a cab. Call me if you need anything. And be careful – it’s late.”

“I will, Lu – it’s scary out there this late, but I think Trey-Trey will be fine. I’ll move really fast and not engage with anyone. See you soon and thanks bunches, kitten.”

After hanging up I sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes. The couple that seemed to work the best, the one I was sure would outlast all the others was in trouble – and it didn’t sound good. I really liked both Trey and Stephen. They were two of my best friends – but I would have to go with Trey if there was a split since I had known him the longest. That’s what best friends did, right? They chose sides when people broke up. Since I had never been in a long-term relationship, I wasn’t sure how to act. I sat by the phone contemplating this for a very long time – so long; in fact, that the next thing I knew there was a knock on my door. I didn’t realize it had only been about fifteen minutes. I jumped up and ran to comfort my friend. I knew Trey was going to be devastated, since Stephen was his whole life. I flung open the door and spoke loudly.

“Trey, I’m so sorry. I just . . . “

I froze completely – even my mouth, which usually ran fifty miles a minute, didn’t make a sound. There, where Trey’s face should have been, were two barely covered mega pecs bursting out toward my face. I focused long enough to notice that the tattered remains hanging on the chest used to be an extra large sweatshirt and it was stretched so tightly that half of the massive fur-covered pectoral muscles were exposed. I could see both perfectly formed large dark nipples jutting out from the heaving chest. There was a gleaming layer of sweat covering the huge muscled mass and I could see dark spots on different parts of the shirt, a look that always caused my cock to stir. I then noticed that an equally monstrous arm was holding the tiny Mr. Bowzer, a Chihuahua, who looked even more miniscule next to the enormous bicep wrapped around him. The satisfied look on the dog’s face made it clear that he was ecstatic to be surrounded by such huge muscles – something I immediately related to. It was then I looked up – way up – and saw the now manly chiseled face of Trey Martineau. I could tell it was he; but it had never entered my mind that my friend could end up looking so butch or so handsome.

“What the fuck, Trey?”

“Honey, it was Stevie. The man drugged me. He spiked my drink and look what happened. I’m a monster, Lu, I know it. Can you believe what he did to me? It’s horrible isn’t it?”

“Um . . . well, to be honest, Trey, you kind of look . . . um . . . well, hot!”

“Hot? How can you say that? I look like some kind of Lou Ferrigno on steroids. I’m grotesque. None of my clothes fit. Look what I had to wear – one of Stephen’s oversized sweat things. It’s disgusting, honey. I had to rip the arms off to just make it fit – and it doesn’t fit that well. I look like something from NASCAR or worse. And just look at these shorts – everyone can see I’m circumcised.”

I couldn’t help myself; I glanced down and saw that Trey was wearing some cotton shorts that were about to burst at the seams. He was right, though; his giant cock – and I had to force myself not to lick my lips – was so obvious through the tight fabric that I could easily make out veins that were throbbing on his huge piece of meat. His dick head was a perfect mushroom shape that seemed large enough to plug even the largest mouth or widest ass.

“Stephen is a bad, bad man. I’m never going to talk to him again. I can’t even fit through doorways any more. I was so embarrassed that I ran all the way here. I even didn’t want to show myself on the subway.”

“What? You ran here, Trey? You’re kidding, right? You made it here in what, fifteen minutes? Not even the metro or a cab can make it in under forty – and that’s on a good night.”

“I know. It was horrible. I even had to jump over a few things that got in my way, baby. Like a bus and a crowd of tourists – it was horrible. There was a wreck right in front of me two blocks from here and I had to separate the cars just to get through. It was so terrible. The two drivers just kept looking at me and saying the most disgusting things – about what they wanted me to do to them – toss them in the air and plow their ass, or something like that. Mr. Bowzer is so upset by all of this.”

I looked at the dog and was again surprised to see how happy he was – his face full of complete satisfaction. It seemed that Mr. Bowzer loved hot, hard muscles as much as I did. I returned my gaze to Trey’s face and finally noticed how upset he truly was. My desire to help a friend overpowered my desire to lick every part of his body.

“Trey, I’m so sorry. Where are my manners? Please come in. You are most welcome here.”

My generosity was too much for my good friend. His masculine face immediately scrunched up and tears began to fall across his muscled cheeks. He turned his big body sideways – something that made my cock stir even more – and advanced into my condo. He immediately wrapped the arm that didn’t hold his dog around my body and lifted me off the ground in what can only be described as an intense one biceps bear hug. It felt as if the entire inside of my body was going to be forced out of my mouth or that my head and feet were going to shoot off and everything go streaming out. It was very painful, but glorious at the same time. My friend was holding my entire body – and I’m not a small guy – in one arm, like I was as light as the Chihuahua on the other side.

“Thank you, sweetie. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t have anywhere else to go. Mr. Bowzer and I are so indebted to your kindness. I feel like we are the Blanche to your Stanley. We certainly did not want to have rely on the kindness of strangers looking like this. I owe you so much Lulu.”

By this point I couldn’t breathe. My back and stomach were being compressed as if two bulldozers were crushing me between their giant blades. I was beginning to fear that bones were about to snap in two just from a simple hug. Trey carried me further into my place, making it obvious I felt like a small pillow in his arm. Even in the midst of intense pain I was able to focus on how the big man’s new muscles actually felt. I’ve heard people say things like ‘hard as stone’ or “felt like marble” when referring to worshipping muscle studs, but those descriptions seemed so inadequate as my body absorbed the freakish bulges pressing into me from Trey’s body. It was simply miraculous – feeling taut skin protruding out because of dense meat underneath. As Trey breathed his enormous chest heaved up into my face and forced my head back, since there was absolutely no give in his pectoral muscles. Finally the pain caused by the big arm wrapped around me was too much and using what little breath I had left I was able to let out a muffled sentence of desperation.

“You’re about to break my back. Trey!”

I was instantly dropped to the floor and my legs gave out because a lot of the blood had been stopped at my mid-section by the powerful squeeze. As I sat in a heap on the floor my face was even with the two monster thighs that now ballooned out from Trey’s narrow waist. The cotton shorts were so stretched that they looked like tight underwear or something slightly bigger than posing trunks. I let out a loud gasp as I finally gazed upon the most gloriously obscene package I had ever seen a guy try to hide with a piece of clothing. The head of tray’s dick was larger than one of my fist and the shaft supporting it was thicker than my forearm. Saliva started running down my chin after my mouth dropped open in awe of the huge flaccid bulge that pushed my friend’s shorts within a few movements of ripping point. I never thought it was possible for a cock to be so huge when it wasn’t aroused. My own hard small dick shriveled up slightly from a feeling of inadequacy. Big hands were suddenly forced into my armpits and my body was lifted off the floor.

“I’m so sorry, Luis. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just that I don’t know how strong I am. It felt like I was just hugging you normally.”

“Only if the embrace of a five hundred pound gorilla is normal, Trey-Trey.”

“But that’s my point exactly, sweetie, I can’t do anything normally anymore. I’ve ripped a couple of doors off their hinges and I thought I was just opening the stupid things with a slight tug. Bowzer had to take a pee on our way over here and I placed my hand against a light pole to lean against it. The metal thingy bent over across the street and I had to immediately straighten it back up, but it ended up being all dented out of shape. When I pulled the two wrecked cars apart earlier I guess I grabbed the bumpers too hard because they just crumpled up in my hands. Thank goodness the two drivers were too busy staring at my ugly shorts to notice what I did to their cars. Right outside of your building a jogger came around the building too quickly and ran into me. He bounced off a few feet and fell to the ground, out cold. I didn’t know what to do to revive him so I just pulled off the cap of that fire hydrant right out front to blast him with a little water. It kind of drenched him, but it did wake him up. Don’t worry, sweet ‘ums, I pressed the cap back on – it’s a little beat up but no water is leaking.”

“I wish I wasn’t leaking.”

“What’s that, Lulu?”

“Nothing, Trey, nothing. Hey, do you think you could put me down now. My feet have forgotten what the ground feels like and my armpits are starting to ache from your grip.”

“I’m so sorry, honey. I didn’t realize I was holding you.”

Trey put me on the ground gently and then took Bowzer from under his arm and placed the tiny dog on a chair nearby. It was clear that the animal missed the comfort of Trey’s muscles immediately – he whimpered a little bit as he stared up at his master. Trey stroked the dog with one of his large forefingers and Bowzer fell asleep quickly. All of this gave me a second chance to gaze upon my friend’s new muscle perfection. Trey, the gayest man I knew, was now a bona fide super heavyweight bodybuilder. It still felt like I was dreaming. I stared at the guys traps first, amazed that this part of anyone’s body could actually bulge so much. His traps, alone, seemed wider and thicker than my entire shoulders. How was this possible? When Trey moved his arms the mounds of beef beside his profusely muscled neck actually rippled with power – and it was only the guy’s trapezius muscles! I knew I could do shoulder shrugs and upright rows every day for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t get the kind of bulging thickness that shot up from Trey’s shoulders. The dense fibers oozed power and a component of masculinity I had never connected with – it was astounding to me how I was drawn to this specific part of any man’s body. But then the new Trey wasn’t just any man. I suddenly longed to know what traps were used for and how Trey’s enhanced muscles would help him with whatever the task was. I seemed to remember that traps, in conjunction with the deltoid muscles were used in throwing things – like a ball. The size of Trey’s trapezius muscles made it clear the guy could probably throw a small car a few hundred yards with little problem. Saliva was again filling my open mouth, ready to become drool, as I stared at Trey’s neck and the mountains on either side. The sweatshirt continued to rip along the seams at his shoulder every time Trey moved. I could actually see the thread unraveling because of the intense pressure from his powerful traps.

“Hello! Earth to Lulu! I’m freaking out here and all you can do is stare at me like I’m some kind of slab of beef and you’re a hungry wolf. I need you to concentrate, baby, so we can figure out how to turn me back into my old self!”

Trey’s voice, the new one that sounded like someone was slowly beating on a big bass drum, wrestled my focus back to the present moment. As soon as his words registered in my brain I wanted to shout, “Why the hell would you want to change back?” The man before me was gorgeous – everything any living, breathing guy would want to be. Well, everyone except Trey. I looked up into the perfectly structured manly face of my friend and recognized the guy I knew so well when I gazed into his eyes. I saw tears forming and I knew Trey was scared, even though he was now so huge there was probably nothing to be afraid of, but he couldn’t see that. My small girlish friend was still hidden beneath all the bulging mountains of muscle. I forced myself to not think of him as my own personal human playground – ripe for climbing and worshipping – and concentrated on what he was saying and feeling.

“Okay, Trey, I’m here for you, girl. No, I’m sorry, I can’t call you that anymore. It fit the old Trey, but I can’t call a mountain of Grade A muscle ‘girl.’ It just feels wrong, not to mention how fearful I am that you’re going to pick me up and fling me across the room because I offended you.”

“Get a grip on yourself, Luis. I’m not going to do anything – as if I could fling you across the room. Get real, honey and you know I call everyone girl. Now help me figure this out.”

My racing mind suddenly came to a screeching halt. It was apparent now that Trey really had no concept of what had happened to him. He was obviously the same Trey inside, but he immediately forgot all the things his new body had done in the last few hours – even lifting me easily since he came into my place, not to mention pulling two cars apart and running all the way from his home in just fifteen minutes. Trey was so appalled by the size of his bulging muscles that his brain wasn’t even allowing him to fully understand what he had become. He could acknowledge his strength, like when he told me he bent the light pole, but then he would disregard it – as if it were someone else doing all those feats. I decided to test my theory. I stepped over to my fireplace and grabbed the largest and heaviest poker in the rack. I turned back to my friend.

“Okay, Trey. Tell me what happened. Start from the beginning.”

I walked back to stand near the behemoth. The few seconds away from Trey made me appreciate his size even more when I came back beside him. He must have been over six seven at this point, a height that made his perky pecs even with my face. It was a perfect set up for me to worship his beautiful chest. Trey immediately jumped into his story and spoke at his normal fast and breathless pace.

“Well, Stephen said he was worried I was coming down with a cold, since I told him I had not been feeling completely myself. So, he said he was going to fix me a vitamin C drink. I was laying on the sofa in the living room watching the Ellen Show when he came in and gave me a glass filled with something a putrid green color. I didn’t even think about it and simply took the drink and downed it in a couple of gulps. It tasted sweet and so I just handed the glass back to him and Stephen told me to lay back and relax. He said he was sure the vitamins would kick in after a few minutes. He then went and sat in a chair across the room and just stared at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said he just wanted to make sure I was okay. Wasn’t that so sweet of him, Luis. He can be so kind when he wants to be – can’t he? You’ve always thought he was a sweetie, didn’t you.”

“Yes I did, Trey. Hey listen, would you mind bending this thing into a U shape for me. I need it that way to hang on the wall as decoration – you know, like a horseshoe.”

“Sure thing, honey. So there I was on the sofa . . .”

Trey kept on talking after he took the poker from my hands. I wasn’t listening to a thing he was saying. I stared at his hands as he easily bent the thick poker into a beautiful U shape, like it was nothing more than a pipe cleaner. The sound of the metal succumbing to Trey’s powerful hands was mesmerizing and loud. Trey molded the long pole as if he were arranging a flower – he even kept his pinkies extended as he did it. I was shocked to realize he basically only used his forefingers and thumbs to manipulate the piece of steel. My friend didn’t even notice what he was doing. He was simply chatting away and helping me with a task. He handed me back the poker and I could still feel how hot the thing was from being sculpted so easily by Trey’s fingers. I reached up and tried to pull the ends of the U apart – not even able to budge the metal slightly. I re-focused my attention on Trey.

“ . . . so there I was starting to feel all hot and tense. I could see that Stephen was getting excited about something. He kept shifting in his chair and staring at me. I tried to ignore him and watch Ellen, but the heat was getting unbearable and my body was starting to shake uncontrollably. What are you smiling about Trey? Haven’t you been listening to anything I said?”

“Yes, Trey, I have, but do you realize what you just did?”

Trey’s face was full of confusion. He didn’t get what I was talking about. I held up the abused poker and smiled at the guy. I could tell nothing was clicking for my friend, but not completely. He was getting a little annoyed by my silence. I reached up and grabbed both ends of the poker and tried with all my might to bend it – again, nothing moved. I thought this would make it obvious to Trey what I wanted to show him.

“Luis, it’s a fireplace poker, so what?”

“Trey, you just bent this thing like it was a paper clip!”

“So what, it’s just a flimsy piece of aluminum. Anyone can bend it. Here, let me show you, sweetie.”

Trey took the poker from my hands and held the two ends again with his forefingers and thumbs. He quickly pulled the two tips apart and straightened the piece of metal. Again, the sound of screeching steel was glorious. I noticed that there were finger indentions all along the poker, another obvious sign of Trey’s incredible strength. Trey handed the somewhat straightened poker back to me.

“See, Lu, it’s simple. Now back to my story.”

“Trey, wait a minute. You don’t get it. I can’t budge this poker at all and it’s not aluminum. It’s a thick piece of metal.”

I banged the poker against a nearby table to prove my point. The solid piece of metal made a loud noise as it hit the piece of heavy oak. Neither the poker nor the table gave at all. I then grabbed both ends of the long piece of steel and again tried to make it bend, using every ounce of my strength. At the same time I stared at Trey’s face and watched as he began to fully understand what was going on. He reached out and placed his fingers on the bar just inside of my hands. He used little force and the bar began to bend in the middle. I continued to hold on to the poker, to try and get a small idea of what it must feel like to have the power that existed in Trey’s hands – and the rest of his body.

“Luey, it’s nothing for me to bend this poker. Honey, look how easy I can make this thing go back and forth.”

He had now taken the thing from my hands and was bending the ends together and then spreading them out again. After about four rounds of manipulating it back and forth the poker finally snapped in two – as if it was a toothpick. Trey stared at the two pieces of metal in his hands and looked completely dumfounded. He dropped the broken poker and they clanked loudly against the floor. Trey’s hands went up to the side of his face and he let out a baritone squeal – much different than the high-pitched screams he usually emitted.

“Luis, I know I’ve been talking about my strength the whole time I’ve been here and everything registered on some level, I guess, but it’s really only just now that I see how freakishly strong I am. Oh this is horrible, Lu! I ripped apart fire hydrants, tore doors off their hinges, lifted cars and bent metal like it was nothing. I’m some kind of monster, Luis. Look what Stephen has turned me into. Not only am I bigger than the Incredible Hulk; I’m stronger than him, too! This is terrible!”

Trey walked his huge frame over to the sofa and plopped down hard on the piece of furniture. As soon as his full weight hit the couch the wooden legs splintered and the heavy thing fell to the ground. This totally shocked big Trey and sent him over the edge. He buried his face in his huge hands and started to sob. His massive, beautifully muscled torso shook from his crying. Bowzer woke up and jumped off the chair to come over and start licking Trey’s humongous calf, to soothe his master. For a brief second I was jealous and wanted to join the dog and start in on the other leg. I moved over to Trey and stood beside him. Even sitting on the broken sofa he was almost as tall as me. I placed my hand on his enormous shoulder and unconsciously started to massage it, coping a feel of his striated deltoid muscle, which was hard and bursting with bulges. The heat emanating from my friend’s body was unbelievable and it was pretty clear that copious amounts of testosterone were flowing through his entire body. I tried hard to find the right words to soothe my big friend.

“Trey, buddy, maybe we could try to look at this from the positive side.”

“What positive side?”

“Well, um . . . none of your friends will ever need to hire a company to help them move – they can just invite you to over and you can do all the heavy lifting.”

He lifted his face from his gigantic hands and looked at me with what could only be described as disbelief. I was beginning to see that the dream of many men to grow big and powerful was in no way even a slight desire for my friend. Trey did not long for huge muscles – either to worship them or to have them, himself. My DNA did not allow me to understand his point of view – I had longed for monstrous muscles all of my life, either on my own body or on a partner who loved showing off for me. There was almost no way I could understand this situation from Trey’s mind and I truly believed he could not view his new colossal body through my eyes. He wanted his old self back and he wanted it to happen soon.

“How is that a good thing, Lu? Me, lifting furniture? I don’t do manual labor. You know that! What if I broke into a sweat or hurt myself.”

“Seeing what you just did to my sofa makes me kind of believe there isn’t any way you’re going to get hurt, Trey. I think I’m more worried about the furniture!”

“And what about all my precious clothes. I can’t fit into anything – not one stitch of my beautiful wardrobe. And baby, you know I just got that beautiful pin striped suit from Brooks Brothers. I have been dying to wear that gorgeous thing, but now the jacket won’t even fit over one of my arms. Oh Lulu, I’m ruined. What am I going to do? Oh my goodness, what about work? I can’t sashay into the salon on Monday and act like nothing’s happened. I’m going to freak all of my customers out! I’m going to have to give up everything I’ve worked so hard to build. Everyone is going to think I’m a hideous creature!”

“Trey, most people are going to immediately salivate after one look at you. Trust me, no one at your salon is going to think you’re hideous. Those boys are going to drop to their knees and worship you as their new leader, I promise. Even that muscled Diego is going to look like a runt next to you. He’s always made me weak at the knees, but compared to you he’s now just a wannabe muscleman. Everyone is going to like the new you, Trey. I guarantee it. Now finish telling me what happened.”

I moved to sit beside him on the sofa, noticing there wasn’t much room for me. Also, as soon as I did squeeze down onto the cushion, I realized that Trey’s massive shoulder was so bulging that it prevented me from seeing his face. I stood back up and moved in front of him, so we could see each other. I immediately felt so tiny – realizing that my shoulders didn’t even stick out as wide as his chest. Just his chest! I looked at the tops of his goliath-sized pecs and immediately lost focus again. A term I had not heard since college art classes came flying into my head – pectoralis major. It was always described as a thick, fan-shaped muscle situated at the chest of the human body. But the words thick and fan-shaped did not come close to describing what I gazed upon. First of all, we’re prone to call steaks thick or comment on how thick a book might be, but Trey’s pecs were so profuse that they appeared impenetrable and larger than any fan I’d ever seen. Secondly, the area I knew people referred to as a pec-shelf protruded out so far that I realized Trey could not see below his chest even if he leaned his head all the way forward. His pectoralis majors ballooned up so high that they looked like two moons rising in front of his now humongous clavicle bone. The cavernous gorge that began at the top of his chest and disappeared beyond his strained sweatshirt looked so inviting that I wished I could shrink myself and slide down like I was on a tunneled waterslide, knowing I would continue to cascade down the furry trail between what must have been gorgeous abdominals – eventually landing on that deliciously titanic cock between his legs. It was clear that if Trey had been shirtless, I could have reached up and shoved the heavy meat of his pecs apart so I could then bury my entire face well beyond my ears into that beautiful muscled grotto. My heart skipped a few beats when I noticed I could actually see the ridges and furrows of the man’s voluminous chest striations through the material of his gray sweatshirt. The shirt was stretched so thin that it molded into even the deep contours of the numerous indentions that appeared when Trey moved or tensed his body. My gaze then fell on the thick-as-a-quarter nipples that jutted out from either side of Trey’s tattered sweatshirt, which by this point looked more like something trying to pass as a tank top. The thick hair around Trey’s swollen knobs somehow made everything look even bigger. I caught my breath and said the first stupid thing that came to my mind.

“Aw fuck, I want to suck those massive nipples, Trey!”

“What did you say, honey?”

My friend had still been talking, all during my lustful perusal of his gigantic chest. He was so caught up in his story that he didn’t notice the lascivious look dominating my face at that moment. Trey had absolutely no idea how his new body was making me feel. His huge muscles were the full moon to my werewolf-like desire for every prominent bulging knot across his frame. I was worried that I was not going to be able to control myself much longer – I longed to run my hands and tongue over every part of Trey.

“You feeling okay, Lulu? You don’t look like yourself.”

“I’m . . . fine . . . Trey. It’s . . . just that I, um, I still can’t believe this has happened to you.”

“I know, right? I knew you’d understand. I mean who wants to be this big? You are such a good friend. It’s so good to not be around Stephen right now. As soon as my body stopped changing he went wild. I’m serious, Luis. I was lying on the sofa, heaving like some guy that had just got through rummaging through the year-end sale at Bloomingdale’s and suddenly my husband was on top of me like a dog in heat. Sorry, Bowzer. He was groping me everywhere, rubbing his crotch against mine, and even had the nerve to start sucking on my delicate nipple, like some kind of savage.”

“Those plugs don’t look too delicate, Trey!”

“What, honey?”

“Nothing, nothing. Tell me more. I want to hear everything.”

“Well you know how I like my sex to be planned and as contained as possible. I mean he had his mouth all over my chest, slobbering away like a rabid dog. Sorry, again, Bowzer. You should have heard the noises he was making. And he didn’t even care that I had just ripped out of my best Ralph Lauren pajamas. They were in shreds all over the couch and the floor and it made no difference to him. He kept grunting and saying disgusting things like ‘fucking huge’ or ‘plow me, my muscle monster.” It was so revolting. I could feel his hard penis through his pants as he shoved his crotch into my leg. I kept begging him to get off of me, but even my voice had changed and that seemed to encourage him more. He said something about my deep sexy tone making him even harder. And then he wrapped both of his hands around Miss Trixie – causing me to notice for the first time that I had grown huge down there, too. You know how I’ve always said the penis is not that pretty, well, Luis; imagine how un-pretty a super-sized one is and you’ll know how I felt. It took both of Stephen’s hands to fit around Miss Trixie and that made the guy go bananas. Suddenly he slid down my body and placed his drooling mouth around the thing in his hands and started slurping and sucking like he was trying to get the final drops of a strawberry milkshake through a straw.”

“That’s a hell of a large straw, you’re packing, Trey.”

“What do you keep murmuring, Luis. I can’t understand you if you don’t speak up.”

“I said I bet his going down on you was the last straw.”

“Well of course it was! You know I worry about germs and only allow him to suck on Miss Trixie at Christmas and the Fourth of July. It always makes me feel religious and patriotic. Stephen was trying desperately to fit the entire grotesque thing down his throat, but he could only take part of it. I couldn’t help myself and was fully erect by this point – despite my aversion to the entire situation. It was as if there was some kind of super charged energy within my body that was making me react to things at a much more intense level than usual. It was totally disgusting, but I couldn’t stop it. And nothing I said would make Stephen quit – it was like he considered me his plaything or something. I finally just reached down and lifted him away from my body. He cried out like a baby who’s had his bottle taken away and then started squirming wildly in my hands. I stood up and carried him to that junk closet in our living room. You know it, sweetie, it’s where I keep the croquet set you love so much. You know the one we pull out every April to officially welcome spring. Well I tossed him in there and as I held the door shut I reached over with one arm and grabbed that lovely double wide cherry armoire and lifted it in front of the closet. I knew there was no way anyone would be able to move that heavy thing and I was sure some time in that closet would cool him down. Oh my goodness, Luis! I just realized I lifted that huge piece of furniture with just one hand. Dear me, this is horrible. I have never had even the slightest desire for such strength. This doesn’t mean I have to start playing sports, does it. You know how I hate anything that might make me sweat. And heaven forbid, I am not going to become someone that goes to a gym and picks up those handbells or whatever you call them.”

“Dumbbells, Trey.”

“Well that’s a stupid name, don’t you think. Why in the world would they call them dumbbells?”

“I’m not sure and no, you do not need to start going to a gym or playing sports. I have a feeling there wouldn’t be a weight heavy enough for you and I’m pretty sure no one would want to take you on in any athletic competition, even ping pong.”

“Well that’s good, because I hate any form of exercise. You know that.”

“Okay, Trey. Let me get this straight. Stephen gave you some kind of green drink that you think turned you into this monstrosity – your words, not mine.”

“Yes. I know he did. As soon as my body started changing he cried out ‘it really worked, the powder worked’ and started clapping his hands gleefully.”

“What do you mean when your body started changing. What happened?”

“I already told you Lu, I became very hot, as if I had a high fever and my body started shaking like I was having a fit of some kind. That’s when I started feeling my entire little self bloating up and I heard my clothes start to rip apart at the seams. I looked down and saw my pajamas being shredded by ugly muscles busting through the material. I couldn’t move because the shaking was so powerful. I could only lie there and watch myself turn into this monster. My chest swelled up so big that I couldn’t see anything past it, but I could feel my legs getting wider and my senses told me that Miss Trixie was growing much heavier. I saw ugly veins popping up everywhere and dark hair was sprouting up on my chest, my arms, my face, and, come to find out my stomach and legs, too. Don’t worry, I already checked and my back didn’t turn all hairy – you know that would have caused me to have a heart attack. The terrible transformation lasted only about eight minutes. I lay on the sofa kind of stunned and not sure if my sickness had caused a horrible hallucination. That’s when I heard Stephen yell how beautiful I was and he then jumped my bones. It was like he was acting in some dreadful porno movie. What am I going to do, Luis?”

We sat there in silence for a few seconds. Trey’s pleading face stared at me and I could sense that he was truly freaked out by his body’s transformation. It was so strange to stare at such a huge man and realize that, more than anything, he wanted to be the tiny skinny fellow he had been just the day before. It seemed so wrong, so against common sense. Most men worked hard to achieve a fraction of the size and strength Trey had received in only eight minutes. I started desperately thinking of some way to convince my friend that his new body was a gift and not a curse, but I was pretty sure he was never going to feel that way. I desperately wanted to help the man, but then I glanced at his right arm and I was lost in a world of muscle lust once again. Trey was resting his forearms on his thick thighs and that, along with his enormously flared out lats, caused his elbows to stick out to the side. This stance made it possible for me to see how insanely dense and big his triceps had become. They looked like the bottom of ocean liners with all these intense cuts and gorgeous bulges. Knowing that the triceps make up about two thirds of the muscle mass in the arm made me go crazy trying to calculate just how much meat was sticking out from the back of Trey’s massive upper limbs. His arms were thicker than the bodies of most adult men. It was easy to see the three distinct bundles of muscles in both of Trey’s triceps. The look of his entire arm was enhanced because the triceps were obviously as pumped as the biceps, something most novice bodybuilders forgot to do. I stayed focused on Trey’s arms too long. The silence was too much for him.

“Luis, you’re lost again. What are you thinking about?”

“Um . . . I’m thinking . . . that . . . well, we’ve got to get you some new clothes and we need to go back to your place and let Stephen out of the closet.”

“I am not going back there. I am very angry at Stephen.”

“I know, Trey, but we can’t leave him in there. Just imagine what he’s going to do when he needs to go to the bathroom. I know you don’t want that kind of mess in your place. Also, I certainly can’t move the armoire without you, so you have to come. I promise you can come back here and spend the night, but we can’t leave Stephen locked up.”

“It was brilliant of me to move that heavy armoire in front of the door, wasn’t it, Lu?”

“Yes. Yes it was and I wish I could have been there to see it.”


“Nothing. Come on, we have to go. There’s a huge bodybuilder that lives down the hall and he’s always looking for money to buy steroids. We’ll buy some clothes from him. His stuff won’t fit perfectly, but it will be a lot more presentable than what you are wearing.”

I started to move, but one of Trey’s big hands came up to my chest and stopped me. I was shocked by how big his paw was compared to my upper body and how he easily stopped my entire weight – I wasn’t budging at all. I look into his face and saw that he was tearing up again. I rested my hand on his huge biceps, partially to show my empathy, but mostly to feel the huge mound of muscle. My hand didn’t cover the bulging peak, which was resting on two other big mounds of meat. I was immediately transported back to my lustful worshipping, but I forced my gaze to go back to Trey’s face.

“Thank you, Luis. You are the best friend I have. I won’t forget this. If there is any way I can ever repay you, you can count on me.”

Picking me up with one hand, letting me lick your gigantic arms, and allowing me to bury my face between your massive pecs all jumped to mind, but I filtered those thoughts before I opened my mouth. I was pretty sure that Trey could not handle his partner and his best friend going bananas over his new and improved body on the same day, especially since it was a body he did not want. I stroked his huge arm and smiled.

“No problem, Trey. I’m sure you would do the same for me. Maybe, though, we’ll find a way for you to help me. You never know.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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The Following User Says Thank You to Londonboy For This Useful Post:
Rubber1984 (June 23rd, 2013)
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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More please!


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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
OH, this is GREAT! An unwilling grower who WANTS to be small, skinny, weak and feminine!

This is a HOOT!

Great job turning the stereotype around, Londonboy!


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Lucas88 is on a distinguished road
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You are either EXTREMELY creative or you ARE that twink! Adding in an "objective observer" really adds to the picture of this man you created.

Well done!
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Very nice, I agree with Mdlftr, it's so rare to see a story like this work so against type, yet be so hot! I love how strong Trey has gotten, I'm a big fan of super strength feats like the kind Trey is capable of. It's sort of unreal to think that anyone could not want to be this big and strong, which makes Trey a unique character, one that I wouldn't mind seeing more of.
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I approve this message.
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2bored is on a distinguished road
Wonderful work! I look forward to a sequel.
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It's nice to see something very different from the norm. :3
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I agree with them all, one of the BEST stories I've read in a long time, LB. It shows that a creative story depends strongerly of an innovative point of view rather than an "inedited" idea.

This is a remarkable revisitation of the classic "muscle growth formula" scenario but presented in such a fantastic and fresh perspective! I personally enjoy the idea of a twink turning into a muscle freak without losing all the behavior he previously had - most of stories just turn him into another stereotyped version of an arrogant musclebound.

I am looking foward to read more from this story. We have poor Steven locked back in his place, but I'm guessing he's more worried about the fact that someone else (like Luis) is enjoying the new muscle wonder that he created.

There are lots of possibilities to this story, and I just trust you will do a(nother) great job!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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this is a really interesting idea and its funny! (of course its not funny if your Trey...)
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Old April 15th, 2012, 04:16 AM
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xmrr20a is on a distinguished road
Loving it!

I agree, funny, different and exiting! I'd be curious to know if there was anyone in particular who was your inspiration for Trey.
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Old April 15th, 2012, 06:09 AM
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no name is on a distinguished road

Hey Londonboy,

This story is fabulous. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one...) Hope to see more soon!

no name
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michaelv2 is on a distinguished road
Isn't that always the way... the one person who doesn't WANT to be a muscle god winds up with the gift.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. This one was fun to write. no name, you crack me up. I'm glad you couldn't resist that one. Hey, xmrr20a, I actually did base it on a friend of mine that is very comfortable with his feminine side (and camps it up a lot), but has worked out all of his life. He's not huge, but he is well built. He's very funny, like Trey. Thanks again, everyone, for reading!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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philat99 is on a distinguished road
That was truly a unique POV!!! Never thought about it that way!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old April 16th, 2012, 03:23 AM
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Mass Driver is on a distinguished road
That was classic.
I hope Trey is able to help his friend.
I know Lu is going to do everything he can to make Trey happy.
And if Lu becomes mega Lu then all the better.

Keep Writing.

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Old April 16th, 2012, 07:00 AM
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What a clever story line! I too have a couple friends that like.
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Old April 21st, 2012, 12:52 AM
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muslmass is on a distinguished road
Very hot stuff. I'm anxious to read more!
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Old May 2nd, 2012, 11:47 PM
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Shade is on a distinguished road
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I had to add my thanks to the chorus. I love it when things are not what they appear to be, and this story challenges the usual assumptions of the genre. Brilliant work! Can't wait or more.
Lifting is meditation for alpha males.

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You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.

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Unique, hope he gets his wish. I would be glad to have his problem
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Old May 14th, 2012, 02:52 PM
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silvershadow is on a distinguished road
oh good lord! is all I wanna say. I am just rolling my eyes like his friend going. You do realize what a wonderful gift you have been given... I am not even finished reading yet and I had to make this comment. That's how well written this is. Ok back to reading.
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Old May 16th, 2012, 06:42 AM
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
OH wait, I just had a thought....

This story brilliantly/humorously demonstrates:

1. Being big and muscular has nothing to do with being GAY or Straight - being big and muscular doesn't make you gay and it doesn't make you straight, either.

2. Acting fey and effeminate and lisping is an acquired behavior (which is what makes it so annoying, like people who say "uh" for every other word, or "Dude" or any other repeated filler word).

3. Londonboy has a wicked sense of humor!
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Old May 16th, 2012, 04:58 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
Send a message via Yahoo to Londonboy
Huge Muscled Queen

Mdlftr - you crack me up. I, like you, love the dichotomy that exists when you have a mega-muscled man that - in other people's minds - would be labeled "fey." I remember the first time I found out that Bob Paris was gay - yes, first I was turned on - but then it challenged me (a lot) to change my perception of bodybuilders, dominant men, and beefy guys. I realized I stereotyped people a lot. I've met some stacked gay men on this site and it has made me realize I have a lot of mental growing to do. It especially blows me away when a beautifully built man is shy and seems to not know how hot he really is (this is true for gay or straight men). I'm pretty thankful that the powers of the universe did not make me six foot four and 280 lbs of muscle - I think I would have been an asshole. I just love the idea of a seriously massive guy opening his mouth and blowing away all ideas of what is gay, straight, bi, or even animal ! As for the wicked sense of humor - it only exists if other people get it and that's especially why I'm thankful for this forum and people like you!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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behrmuscle is on a distinguished road
I hope there is more to this story, please.. woof!!!
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