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Old March 28th, 2012, 08:02 PM
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Martin Gets Big and Strong - Part Two

Even though my big hand had stopped hurting, the mere memory of the pain as it became enlarged was enough to prevent me from standing up and simply diving into the pool. I knew that the intense hurting that would come from my entire body changing at the same time would either give me a heart attack or cause me to go insane. I knew I could not take that much aching at one time – at least, not with my present body. Who knew what it would be like once I transformed completely. I placed my large hand on the ground and pushed my body upward, noticing that my hand sank in the ground a little because of the pressure I created. I stared down at my huge fingers and the furry knuckles, still getting off on the power that radiated from that simple part of my body. I sucked in air deeply, then leaned over, and submerged my other arm into the pool – this time letting the water reach up to my shoulder. I kept the skinny limb in the cool cloudy liquid for a little longer than a minute. I then pulled my arm out and quickly lay on my back, and gazed at my outstretched appendage.

The growth and the pain for this arm started at the same time. I cried out as blasts of something feeling similar to when I slammed my fingers in the car door shot through every part of my hand, forearm, and biceps. After the intense pain, the first thing I was able to notice was dark hair sprouting out - up and down my arm – looking like small alien creatures poking through my skin. I could actually feel each hair ripping through layers of epidermis and muscle – making the stinging much more severe. I gritted my teeth, even as I continued to scream. I was trying hard to keep my eyes open so I could watch the alteration of my arm. I was not disappointed. My fingers and hand reacted similarly to the other – elongating and becoming thicker and hairier within seconds. My gaze followed the growth as it spread like a disease up my arm, causing the skin of my forearm to darken – as if I had tanned for an entire summer – and then the hair grew even more dark and much more dense. At the same time huge veins emerged all over, like submarines coming up out of the ocean. My forearm was quickly widening beyond the size of the lower half of a bowling pin. The broad bulging bottom part of my arm was turning into something that would even make pro-bodybuilders weak with jealousy. I could not believe my arm could balloon up so much, so quickly. When compared to the giant hand at the end it looked perfectly natural, but next to my yet to be developed biceps it was completely comical. My forearms now tripled, no, quadrupled the size of my upper arms. I’m pretty sure my thighs didn’t come close to matching its size either. The pain was truly excruciating, but I was still able to turn my limb so I could see it from all angles.

I suddenly remembered an entry in my great, great grandfather’s diary that dealt with forearms. He was busy one day, pounding a piece of metal into a horseshoe for a rich man in the community, a Mr. Saunders. The guy was watching my ancestor working and started commenting on the hugeness of the big man’s lower arms. He said things like he wished he could create forearms that looked like the blacksmith’s and that he was sure the big man could have bent the metal into place just by using his own hands. My great, great grandfather wrote how the compliments had made him feel very proud and he thanked the man kindly. He also commented on how it made him look at that part of his body for the first time – how he really looked at it and how he seriously liked what he had seen. A later entry talked about how he had, indeed, bent some horseshoes into shape with just his bare hands, but I hadn’t believed it at the time. Looking at the swelling vein covered muscles in my own forearm made me think differently. Even in the midst of the pain I fantasized about bending thick pieces of metal with my hands and watching what it did to my bulging forearms. I realized I needed to go back and re-read all of my great, great granddaddy’s diaries, this time not brushing off his comments about feats of strength as made up stories.

The sudden throbbing discomfort in my upper arm brought me back to the present moment. It took me a few seconds to focus my gaze, the pain causing me to squint my eyes, but what I saw made me go wide-eyed instantly. A dark vein, pulsating with blood, was snaking across my biceps like an old movie scene where a line follows the path of someone on a map. As soon as the thumping thickness reached across my entire upper arm it started thrusting blood into my biceps and caused my puny arm to start to expand with each rhythmic push. My dweeby stick started swelling up into something that was magical, as well as looking like what should be attached to a giant forearm like mine. With each pulse from my now overactive heart my biceps bulged larger than it had the beat before. My eyes were transfixed by the escalating musculature and the upper arm continued to swell into something so enormous and so masculine that it seemed impossible it could be attached to me. The aching was so profound that I thought it might be better if I started chewing the limb from my frame, but the beauty of the mountainous arm caused me to start breathing heavy like a woman giving birth – just to soothe my insides so I could gaze at the newfound beauty being born before me.

The vein was now thicker than one of the fingers on my formerly small hand. It sat on top of the massive mound of meat that protruded from what could only be described as the arm of a freakish muscle god. I never knew a man’s body could actually expand to be so huge. I brought my forearm upward and made my biceps bunch together even more, causing the mountain of sinew and hard beef to suddenly blast into what could only be described as a bowling ball sized bulge. My mouth dropped open in awe – and not because of the pain still coursing through my entire arm, but because of the now unbelievable size of what used to be my puny arm. I un-tensed and tensed my fist a few times to make the magnitude of muscle bounce up and down, moving even higher each time I flexed - because the massive thing was still growing. I knew instinctively that I now looked like some circus sideshow freak, my arm thicker than my entire upper torso. It looked like a powerfully built twin was conjoined to me at my shoulder. I continued to flex my biceps and I became intensely aroused as I watched the tight skin surrounding my bulging arm stretch tighter and bulk up even more. The huge ball attached to my upper arm ballooned out in every direction – not just upward. It looked like some skin covered Jiffy Pop container exploding after being warmed on the stove or in the microwave. It became too overpowering and mesmerizing for me and I unconsciously moved my gigantic biceps toward my face and puckered my lips as it drew near. I let my saliva slicked mouth press into the hardness of my skin – causing my insides to explode with excitement as I felt how solid my upper arm had become.

I instantly remembered another diary entry of my great, great grandfather that talked about how he would stand in front of a mirror for hours and flex his gargantuan arms. I had skimmed over those entries quickly, finding them too outrageous, but as my lips became even more smashed by my growing arm I began to believe everything the old man had written down. It was clear that any guy with two arms the size of my one giant limb was going to be able to bend horseshoes with no effort at all. Hell, I think once my other arm matched this monstrosity I was going to be able to easily rip fifty-year old oaks from the ground. Another entry from my long past relative had referred to a night where some drunk guys had picked a fight and my great, great gramps had easily tossed a couple of them almost fifty yards away with one slight fling of his arm. Feeling the power shooting through my biceps, along with the pain, told me that the man had only used a mere fraction of his strength, because I was pretty sure my one arm could toss a man into the next county without any problem. It was getting harder and harder to stay by the pool. The pain was still intense, but I wanted to get up and go find something to test my new biceps strength. I wanted to pound a big boulder into pebbles with just my fist, I wanted to go find my jeep and see if I could lift the entire fucking thing off the ground with one arm, and I wanted to continue kissing and licking the biceps like I was presently, making sure I felt all of its hardness. I got even more excited as I continued to run my lips along the thick vein snaking on top of my arm, as I thought about my great, great grandfather’s entire body being as charged up as my arm was right now. I felt the pain subsiding a little and decided it was time to submerge another part of myself in the water.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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what a horrible tease! Great Story so far!
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Intriguing way to present the growth process. The promise of the complete transformation pulls the reader forward. It reminds me of what you did with Henry in the Fantasy Island story, where his limitless strength led the reader to imagine the musculat colossus he might eventually grow into.

We crave more detail as it expands (literally) the potential for trnasormation in our mind. Splendid and please continue.
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