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Old March 17th, 2012, 01:27 PM
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Old Man Stevens - Part Ten

[I still love this man so much. I need one for myself.]

“So, Connor, my love, want to go out and play?” Bud asked, with a grin on his mature man face – a face that made my worn out cock start to throb again, since I gathered his implied playing involved his grandpa muscles doing tons of super feats of strength.

“Yes sir, Mr. Stevens . . . I mean Bud,” I replied quickly.

“Looks like our two policemen have had all they can handle, poor guys,” Bud commented as he stood over the sleeping men, still joined together by Derek’s hard cock being nestled in Bennett’s mouth. “They just don’t make muscled policemen like they used to, Connor. These guys got worn out because I reduced a big Cadillac to a suitcase-sized chunk of metal with only my hands and massive rod. I bet watching me tear down an entire building would probably cause both of them to have a heart attack.”

I moaned out loud and my raw dick started to flop upward – as if some imaginary string was jerking it up and down to some unheard music. It was really just trying to pump out some more juice in reaction to Bud’s insanely erotic talk. It was clear he said most things simply to keep me rock hard and that part of my body obeyed like a little puppy, even though it was like a run down battery desperate for a re-charge. One glance at the oil and cum-covered, super pumped body of my older lover, however, made my balls automatically start churning some high octane juice and that helped my wavering rod to fly completely hard and smack up against my abs. Bud noticed the involuntary reaction he caused in my body and it made him smile with daddy delight. He was so proud of his man-boy that his own oily cock began to protrude out like a giant cannon – ready to blast a hole in any wall.

“I see the stamina of these big cop-boys doesn’t come close to my little Connor,” Bud boomed proudly. “I get the feeling you can last up to what . . . three days straight watching me test this body. Big granddaddy muscles just seem to make my youngster charge up with more lustful juice than an entire high school football team, don’t they? Hell, that makes this huge man feel like he’s a herd of bulls ready to stampede. I got to release some energy, boy. How about some wall art for puny man Jenkins.”

With that, Bud reached down with one hand and picked up the compacted bulk of the destroyed Cadillac – with only one fucking huge hand – prying if from the crater in the ground he had created when he slammed down on the floor. He walked over to the concrete wall of the underground garage – the same wall that he had earlier used to compress the vehicle. He lifted the box-like contraption over his head and then grabbed it with both of his huge hands – an action that made his monstrous biceps bulge even more and my cock to cough up some painful drops of pre-cum. With a loud grunt, which actually made my ass cheeks clinch together in joy, he slammed the car high into the wall. The monstrous heavy piece of junk sank deep into the wall from the force and instantly looked like a piece of modern art. Most people would have thought that only the combination of a huge jackhammer, a massive army of men, and multiple forklifts could have created this masterpiece. I knew that even strong men would have become light headed and cock hard when they found out that one colossal eighty-something year old man had demolished the car and imbedded it in the wall. I picked up immediately, though, that Bud wasn’t done.

“Now to sign my piece of cum dripping art,” Bud said, laughing.

He moved a few inches closer to the wall and then he mentally willed his gigantic daddy cock to bend straight down, like the arm at a train crossing. The mature beast then pressed the tip into the concrete a foot beneath the demolished car. I watched in awe as his cock moved expertly, simply from orders sent to it by his playful brain, along the wall. Because of the pressure from his powerful crotch and the indestructible cock head, he was able to engrave his name in the solid wall easily. I moaned out loud as I gazed on the end of his thick daddy-sized shaft digging deeply into cement like I might slide my finger through icing on a cake. Even after all the amazing things he had done earlier with his body, I still got weak at the knees at each new feat of super strength. My gray haired muscle man treated everything around him as his plaything – grown men, big automobiles, concrete walls, anything – but I also realized it was all done to please me. His engraving job – the letters B U D spelled out in cursive dick writing – was simply a way of showing off for his biggest fan and boyfriend. Old man Stevens basically just wanted me to be happy and horny all the time. His biggest goal was to make my life stress free and filled with muscle joy. It was kind of hard for me to accept – fully – and to start living into a new way of life.

“Damn, that’s some nice work, huh Connor?” Bud asked as he stepped back to look at his handiwork – well, I guess you would say dick work.

“Beautiful and simply amazing, sir.” I whispered.

“Amazing? What, etching in concrete with my super cock? That ain’t nothing, cute man,” Bud boastfully said, turning to look at me – his super rod still pointing out, dust and smallish chunks of annihilated cement clinging to its immense head. “This super battering ram just fucked a compressed block of little Jenkins’ car before it ripped through that wall. I think Connor man just isn’t getting a full understanding of what this monster pole – and not just this monster pole - can do. Don’t even get me started on the complete power behind these enhanced grampa guns – cause we’re almost talking a whole entire different universe when it comes to their power.”

Just to make my now smoke stack like hard dick spew a giant gob of pre-cum, the big man brought his mountainous arms up into a double biceps flex. My legs became visibly wobbly and my eyes rolled up into my head. Bud picked up on the fact that his display was too much for me, not to mention that my body was just too spent and completely dry to even think about ejaculating, so he rushed to my side and caught me in one big hand as I started to fall to the ground. I quickly regained strength – mainly from the feeling of his powerful hand at my side. It was time to scold the older man.

“You got to remember I’m still a mere mortal, Bud,” I whined teasingly, as I let him lift me into a cradle like hold. “I need a hell of a lot more time to rejuvenate that you, man. And sometimes even your words can make my cock want to explode, please don’t forget that. But most of all please warn me before you pump those biceps up into the air. My little body and muscle lusting heart can’t take it. You’re going to kill me one day without even knowing it. Bad big boy. Mean old man.”

I punched his superior sized right pec to emphasize my scolding. Of course my fist hit his skin and stopped completely – a jolt of pain shooting up through my arm since there was no give at all in his muscled tit. He knew I was teasing him, but he also realized there was some truth hidden in my pleading. I pounded on his chest a few more times, this time lightly so I wouldn’t break any fingers. He brought his matured face to mine and plowed that muscle tongue between my lips, easily manhandling my mouth like he did my body. I didn’t care, though, since a power-filled kiss from him was like having an orgasm after forty days of fasting from any kind of sex. As we kissed I let my hand stroke the hairy, oil and cum covered pecs sticking out over my body, since I was nestled snug against his hard abs. Old man Stevens began to grunt like a wild animal – a result of our kiss and my skillful massaging. I felt his enlarging cock head start to press up between my ass cheeks. I let my body sink lower in Bud’s arm and his tip sank deeper towards my love chute. Even though we were both turned on beyond belief, my super charged octogenarian pulled his head back from mine. I felt immediately like a baby that had lost his pacifier – I desperately wanted his probing tongue back down my throat.

“Connor, my boy, we need to get out of here,” Bud exclaimed as he put me back down on the ground. “Kisses from you make me want to rip apart battleships, shove entire mountains into new areas, and take on an entire country of men in combat with one arm behind my back, but I don’t know what we’d do next after I accomplished all of that in just two hours. We need to go exploring. I want to show off for you so much that I’m afraid I might self-combust if don’t get the chance to make you ejaculate every hour on the hour. Making you cum seems to be the only thing I want to live for. Let’s get cleaned up, little buddy, but let’s not take time to go upstairs. I also think I might know a way to calm our bodies down a little, too.”

The huge beefy master walked over to a garden hose attached to a spicket in the wall. I started to remind him that you needed the faucet top or a wrench to turn the thing on, but then I remembered the man I was dealing with. Bud’s thick fore finger and thumb clamped down on the unit sticking out of the concrete and he easily turned it so water came shooting out of the hose. He also squeezed a little too tightly and I saw the spicket end was not flat, like a quarter. As my muscle gramps-aged lover lifted the snaking tube over his head and let the cold water stream down his huge frame I was reminded of an old Herb Ritts photograph of two muscled men hosing each other down. Of course, this guy was bigger than both of the Ritts’ men put together, but it was still a lovely memory. I watched as water cascaded over every bulge and crevice in the man’s oversized body. I longed to be the beads of liquid that got to feel every voluptuous muscle packed on Stevens’ torso. Droplets formed on his protruding battery C sized man nipples and then fell the great distance to the floor, not hitting any other part of his body since his chest jutted out an insane distance. The oil and testosterone-filled dried cum was washed away down the expanse of his incredible physique and dribbled off of his giant-sized feet. It was the first time I actually took note of how large those suckers had become – appearing to be somewhere between size 27 to 30. I started to get light headed again until cold water was suddenly sprayed onto my body.

“Whoa, that’s fucking cold, Mr. Stevens,” I yelled, forgetting to call my giant man by his first name.

My cock immediately shriveled up and I began to gasp from the coldness of the water. I could not believe he had not jumped at all or even blinked when the freezing fluid had hit his body – but then I realized that he was so incredibly hot from the blood pumping through his veins that it warmed the water as soon as it hit him. I had a feeling that if he had decided to increase the temperature of his body by straining his muscles a little or getting excited by a little worshipping from me the water streaming down his body might have begun to boil. Even while being sprayed by the chilly stream my cock decided to peek out and get harder from this new realization of what his body could possibly do – possibly heating water. Mr. Stevens had said over and over that I just wasn’t grasping the enormity of what his new muscles were capable of – and I continued to be reminded that he was right. I just wasn’t capable of truly comprehending that any muscle fantasy I could dream of – and I mean any – could be fulfilled by the mammoth senior citizen in front of me.

“Turn around, Connor. It’s time to clean your backside,” Mr. Stevens teasingly ordered – and I immediately obeyed.

Cold water hit between my shoulders first, but by this time I was used to it. I felt it dripping down my entire frame and then I felt the strong current blast between my ass cheeks. The coldness hitting my hole made me rock up on the balls of my feet and cry out a little. I heard Stevens’ chuckling and then suddenly no water was pounding my body. I felt his giant paws grab my waist and lift me into the air. Immediately, the powerful tongue that had earlier manhandled my mouth was suddenly plowing into my chute like a monster drill plunging into the earth looking for oil. My cock shot straight out, as if the warm wet python from between his lips had actually shot down my entire shaft and was controlling my reaction completely. The heat his expert rimming created at every part of my small frame helped me to warm up even more. Bud pulled his tongue from my ass and then shook my body hard; like I was nothing but a piece of silverware he was trying to dry. I got a little nervous that he was next going to wring me out like a small sponge and was relieved when he placed me back on the ground. By this point I was, indeed, quite dry and he turned me around and smoothed down my hair with his big hand. Bud’s magnificent body glistened with freshness and the smile he offered me was intoxicating.

“My boy looks good enough to eat,” he said, licking his lips. “Shall we go play?”

“Yes, but first wrap that sheet around your waist while I get dressed,” I said, laughing. “If you walk out with that monster schlong sticking out so freely small children are going to think it’s a diving board. There’s a liability issue if they fall off that thing.”

This made my older boyfriend laugh out loud. He attempted to disguise his huge package by wrapping the king sized sheet around his body – and it looked almost as small as a towel would on most men when tucked around his frame – but it was no use. Even a person with horrible eyesight would be able to clearly see that Bud Stevens’ cock could be classified as a giant weapon of mass destruction. I got caught up in a moment of lust – noticing the trail of silver hair that crept up from his love pole and blossomed out over his corrugated abdominals, like ivy going up the large bricks of a huge mansion. I was now fully dressed, but I began to realize we had to make an important first stop after we departed. I snapped out of my drooling over his stomach.

“Okay, Bud,” I said strongly, “We are first going to get you some clothes that actually make you decent. I’m not sure I want to get arrested for you being a walking porn movie.”

“Who’s powerful enough to arrest me?” Bud asked with a smile that made him appear even more mischievous. “Those two guys over there never had a chance. I think the entire NYPD would all be in a big heap having dreams of your old man Stevens after only a few hours of interaction, don’t you agree?”

We both glanced at the sleeping men, who by this point had moved their still sound asleep bodies into a spooning figuration – with big Bennett holding the stocky Derek in his arms. It was a lovely sight and I had a feeling that the hugeness and power of my older boyfriend had now cemented the budding relationship between these two men. They were going to be re-living their day with Bud Stevens forever and it was going to help their own sex life together be the best ever. I was proud of my older superman for helping to make their lives complete. Even in his sleep, Bennett had his big hand wrapped around the large cock of his police partner. It was clear by the looks on their faces that both men were dreaming of a specific huge mature muscleman.

“Fair enough, no one’s going to try and arrest us,” I replied, “but we really should not be giving a super sized sex education class to all the children in the neighborhood. First of all, we don’t want little ones to take one look at your tool and be forever disappointed by all lovers later on in their adult years and, secondly, we don’t want to cause widespread premature puberty – something I think would happen from one glance at your hugeness.”

“I see what you mean,” Bud replied, looking down at the monstrous mound causing the sheet to stick out in a way that would cause orgasms in men, women, and even most animals. “But I refuse to wear a shirt. I’ve wanted puppies as big as these for all of my life and I’m not covering them up.”

Bud was making his massive pectoral muscles bunch up and down seductively, and my cock throbbed in the exact same rhythm of his chest. The striations that rippled across his upper body looked like giant louvered blinds being opened and closed. My mouth went dry as I watched the magical way he could control his body. This display reminded me; again, of how little I understood his abilities.

“Okay, no shirt,” I forced myself to say, snapping out of my pec worship trance. “But at least promise me you’ll consider a leather vest or a stringy tank top – that’s is if we can even find one big enough to cover your massiveness. We’re going to have enough trouble finding sweats that fit those tree trunks and hide that fire hydrant.”

“I love the way you talk, Connor,” Bud quickly responded, “it gets my juices flowing faster than anything.”

“Settle down there, big man,” I replied. “Let’s go find you some clothes and then a way that we can help you burn off a little energy – but, by the life of me, I don’t know what that will be.”

“Well, I know a good way to start,” answered Bud with the same devilish grin as before. “Follow me, my little Mr. Cuteness.”

My giant older boyfriend walked over to the massive iron remote-controlled gate that opened and closed to let cars into the garage. He had already bent many of the metal bars apart with just his fore fingers and then caused them to rip completely away from the top beam by inflating his chest as he passed through, but this time I could tell he had other plans. I had insisted he fix the poles he had broken and the police officers and I were amazed as we watched him mold them back into place by pressing the end into the upper beam like he was manipulating soft clay. I started feeling the all-so familiar throbbing at my crotch as I followed Bud’s gaze to the giant door. I remembered a time when the long steel gate had been knocked off its track because Mrs. Hawkins had accidentally backed into it with her SUV. It took a crane and about ten men to manipulate it back into place. That memory only excited me more as I contemplated what my boyfriend was thinking. I didn’t have to wait long.

“I think my new piece of art needs a gallery,” Bud said to no one in particular. “It will be an even bigger surprise for that weak bully Jenkins.”

Mr. Stevens then reached up and grabbed the middle of the twenty-foot gate at one end. With merely a slight pull he ripped the entire frame and door from the wall. Sparks shot out into the room, as he broke the electrical connection. I had a feeling a huge burst of electricity zoomed into Bud’s body as everything became electrocuted, but it probably just felt like a slight tickle to the man – or maybe he actually got even more power from the surge. Bolts shot across the garage as they were forced from the wall and others simply shredded apart from the man’s unimaginable strength. The gate that had taken a crane and a small group of men to maneuver was held aloft and moved by one giant arm of my muscle master. He easily carried the entire thing, after ripping the other side from the wall, over to the parking place of Jenkins. I again noticed the huge crater in the middle of the space, the demolished car crammed forcibly into the wall, and the signature in the concrete – thanks only to his powerful cock. Bud leaned the huge gate against the two stone support pillars on either side where Jenkins’ parked. Luckily, neither of the two cars beside Jenkins’ spot were there, since my boyfriend placed a big palm against three of the bars on the right side and pushed, bending the entire frame of the gate around the pillar, making the side of the space now have a barred wall. He then went and did the same thing on the left side. The parking place now looked like a jail cell – bars across the front and both sides.

“Looks like a great way to protect such a beautiful piece of art,” I said, smiling at my huge lover.

“Yeah, or it could be a cell where I toss Jenkins after spreading a few bars apart and then bending them back into place. He could stare at my handiwork on his car all the time.” Bud said, grinning from ear to ear. “We could bring him food every day.”

“That poor man doesn’t have a chance with you, does he Bud?” I asked, making it sound like I felt sorry for our old tormentor. “You already showed him who’s the boss by holding him against the wall with one finger – the guy couldn’t budge to save his life. I think it will be much more fun to do things like this to remind him of your strength, instead of blatantly locking him up. I can imagine leaving my old refrigerator in front of his door - once you’ve you smashed it down into the size of a shoebox - and then having fun watching him try to move it. Or better yet, you could start putting his other car – the one over there – in different fun places each morning, like up on the roof or turned sideways on end in the small space between our building and the one next to us. We could make it like a hide and go seek game each morning.”

“So little Connor is finally beginning to realize what this old man can do, I see,” Bud commented, not even trying to contain his joy.

“I don’t think you’ll ever stop amazing me, Bud,” I replied, “but I am starting to think outside the muscle box that all my old fantasies have lived in for years. Never did I imagine I would know a man as powerful or as loving as you. It’s a pretty overpowering feeling for a guy like me – and a little scary. I’m not frightened of you, I’m frightened of unleashing some of my deepest darkest fantasies and then watching you make them come true – what happens then?”

“I guess you start thinking up deeper and darker muscle fantasies,” Bud replied and I knew both of our cocks had begun to harden even more than they already were.

“So let’s get started, my muscled senior citizen lover,” I said to egg him on.

“Yeah, I’m pretty old,” he replied,” but there isn’t anyone bigger or stronger. And I’m all yours, sweetheart. Let’s go exploring.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Thanks for continuing this. I've always love this story.
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OMG!!! More pls!!!!
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

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Yay! He's back! Would love to read more description of his massive senior muscles, in addition to his superhuman strength.

Thanks for reviving this story!

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yes! more please! great stuff!
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Wow! I loved every chapter of this story so far, Bud Stevens is just so freaking strong! Every part of him, even his cock, can destroy anything in his path that he wants with barely any effort! I can't wait to see more, please continue as soon as possible!
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I love how you have coontinued even though its been 3 years. i give you props for that. and please continue. thanx!!!
I like to smile! but after a while it hurts!
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I'm so thrilled you've continued this 3 years later...what a story!!!
Gives me hope that FLIP might find a new adventure...sigh.
Thanks a million LB!
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Actually speaking of Flip, it would be cool if Bud met another one of your super strong characters. An encounter with Flip would be awesome. Thanks for continuing this. It is one of your most delightfyl stories!
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Damn, that would be an amazing chapter...Old man Stevens vs. Flip....yeah, definitively...hardon material!!
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