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Old February 24th, 2012, 10:10 PM
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Stack is Stacked - Part Two

The sensation of Stack’s warm mouth and its powerful suction still pulsed through the finger I rested on his bottom lip. He had encouraged me to imagine how that same feeling would affect my hard cock, but I couldn’t let my mind stay there very long. I was worried that my throbbing piece of meat would erupt merely from thinking about this huge man sucking me off. The entire evening was still so surreal. I was standing in front of the largest human being I had ever met and he kept reiterating how much he wanted me. Doubts and uncertainties were trying hard to pop into my brain, but something inside of me shoved them away. I knew in my core – at the most basic level of my being – that the mountain of muscle sitting in the middle of my room desired me in the same overwhelming way I craved him. This knowledge somehow empowered me and freed me in a way I had never realized was possible. To put it in plain English - it made me cocky.

“And what makes you think you deserve another part of my body in that beautiful mouth, Mr. Stack?”

My comment sent a wave of euphoria through the big guy’s body – I actually felt it rush across his bottom lip, where my finger rested. I also saw his entire huge frame shiver from the excitement. This caused me to swell even more with self-assurance and I could feel some kind of new life coursing through my body. It was like my blood had been infused with a dose of super testosterone. I had the urge to lift the back of a car or bend a metal bar. It crossed my mind that this is how Stack felt all the time, but the intense pleasure pulsating from beneath my skin made me want to continue to explore what was happening within me – instead of focusing on the big man. Without taking my eyes away from Stack’s, I moved my hand from his lip and dropped it to his mega-sized chest. It took mere seconds for my fingers to find his jutting right nipple. I pinched it hard between my thumb and forefinger – squeezing as if my life depended on it. My other hand quickly found the target on his other massive pec and it copied the previous action.


Stack cried out in pleasure and all of his enormous muscles tensed harder than concrete. I showed him no mercy. I immediately began to twist my hands back and forth like I was trying to find a radio station using his thick man-nubs. The giant sat straight up in the chair and closed his eyes. He was being shot into a land of utter ecstasy and this, of course, only fueled my desire to tease him more. As I twisted his big nipples I also pulled them toward me and jerked them up and down at the same time. I watched Stack’s jaw tighten and his lips quickly parted. He spoke through clenched teeth.

“Aw fuck!”

I then reversed the motion and pressed his nipples into his chest, realizing I had to press even harder than I imagined because his pec meat was so tight. I let my thumbs push his dense plugs far into the beefiness and Stack leaned forward to make the erotic pain even more intense. I moved my thumbs up and down and felt the muscle underneath start to undulate in the same rhythm. Again, I was beyond amazed at the control this guy had over his massive muscles. I latched on to the nipples even firmer than before and started to jerk the thick meat in different directions. This seemed to send Stack over some unseen edge. I’m not sure he had total control over what he was doing.

“Come here, boy!”

Stack’s giant hands suddenly shot around me and seized hold of my ass cheeks. He squeezed tightly and the thrill that pounded through my body caused me to pull on his pec meat even harder than I thought was possible. This action made the two big hands attached to my rear pull me quickly into Stack’s waiting crotch. My stiff cock slammed into his hardness and we both gasped loudly from the painful bliss that registered below our waists. We both froze completely – obviously worried that any further movement would make our dicks spew like soda bottles that have been shaken for hours. My fingers were still tightly secure on his nipples and his big paws were gripping my plump ass cheeks so tightly that I knew bruises would noticeable tomorrow. We stayed motionless for a good thirty to forty seconds. Neither of us was breathing and I could feel his hard beef stick through our jeans beating in rhythm with his heart. I was sure he felt the same from mine. We both finally exhaled at the same time and my hands dropped from his aching nipples. He moaned out loud as my fingers released their prisoners. Stack, however, continued to hold on to my ass, but he did, thankfully, lessen the pressure. He also began to knead my bubble butt with his fingers. The feeling was fucking amazing.

“My nipples are going to hurt for days.”

“Something for you to remember me by.”

“Oh I don’t think I could ever forget you, gorgeous. And I certainly won’t forget how awesome your ass feels.”

To emphasize his point he squeezed my cheeks harder and lifted his arms at the same time. My feet left the ground and the big man held my large body in the air as he shamelessly let his forefingers press my jeans further up into my crack. His massive thighs were still against my legs and this helped to keep my body balanced, but I had a feeling that his arms were strong enough to hold me in place all by themselves. I gasped out loud as he used little effort to raise my body upward. Even though I clearly understood I wasn’t going to fall over in any direction, I took advantage of the moment and reached out to grab his colossal shoulders, acting like I needed to balance myself. As soon as my fingers landed on his wide traps I got my first real understanding of how hard and big Stack actually was. My hands instantly looked like those of a two-year old because they were lying on top of this part of his monstrous body. My mouth flew open in awe when I saw that the expanse of my entire hand did not come close to reaching across his thickness. I was pretty sure two talented gymnast could use his shoulders simultaneously as pommel horses or for vaulting. I was reminded just how immense Stack Winston truly was and it was a little unnerving. My previous bravado dissipated as I let my hands move across his muscled traps – amazed that they seemed to go on forever.

“My god, it’s like somebody attached two thick slabs of concrete to either side of your neck!”

I balled up my fists and started to pound on his shoulders, to see if I might be able to dent them even a little, but it was like I was hitting heavy metal cylinders that were wide enough to rest saddles on. Stack’s big hands continued to squeeze my ass as he easily held me in the air. He also chuckled at my comment.

“Easy there, tiger, you don’t want to hurt your hands.”

I ceased my pounding and felt a slight pain in my hands. I went back to just resting my palms against his hard skin – easily felt even through the thinly stretched t-shirt. The big man lowered my body back to the ground and released my ass cheeks – but I knew I’d continue to feel his grip for at least an hour. He interlocked the fingers of his hands behind me and then pulled my body into his. Our hard cocks were throbbing against each other once again and my tight stomach was pressed against his bulging chest. He tilted his head back to look up at me – even though his forehead actually came up to my eyes and he was still sitting down. I gazed into his face for a few seconds – it was long enough for much of my previous self-assurance to return. I brought my lips down to his and pressed in hard. He gave his mouth completely to me. I turned my head slightly and pushed my tongue inward, exploring every part of his warmth. Neither of us closed our eyes. It was clear we wanted to savor every moment of our first kiss. We stayed lip-locked for a good five minutes, filling the room with just the sounds of our wet smacking and frequent moans of joy. I consider myself a great kisser, but there was something about kissing a man as muscled and handsome as Stack that caused me to even step it up a few more notches. I sensed immediately that he also rated my abilities off the chart, but he clearly understood that what he brought to the kiss also made it special. I finally pulled my face from his. He began smiling like a child that has just gotten the gift of his lifetime. He spoke in a falsetto, pretty humorous for a guy with a body like his.

“He likes me, he really likes me.”

“Of course I do. What’s not to like? You’re huge, beautiful, and nice.”

“Some say I’m stuck on myself, I’m too big, and way too bossy.”

“Really? Let’s see. If by stuck on yourself you mean you really like what’s on the inside and outside, then I’m all for that. I like a guy that’s not shy of flaunting what he’s got. And I think you’ve got a lot. As for too big – is there really such a thing? Sure you could easily cause me much pain, but that’s part of the attraction – I love a huge man that can be gentle, but there’s always the knowledge that he’s very powerful. What a turn on! Oh and then there’s the complaint of being too bossy. That kind of makes me laugh. I’ve realized tonight that we both have much power in this blossoming relationship. You can certainly get me to do many things – and your strength and size can certainly intimidate, but I have the distinct feeling that you want to please me in a big way. I can sense that one disparaging look from me will send you into a tailspin. Am I correct, Mr. Winston?”

The big man looked into my eyes intently. I saw a clear look of adoration in his gaze. I had hit the nail on the head – but I knew that before I even spoke. There was an understanding between us that needed no words. I could see that Stack wanted me at the same intense level I wanted him. I didn’t try to figure out why he felt that way - there was no need. I just accepted it as fact. It was 2012 for god’s sake and two men – even two men that were physically very different – had the right and the opportunity to lust after each other in the way that we did. I could see that my words had somehow taken our relationship to a new level. Stack was definitely smitten on a level that could not be reversed. I loved the idea that a huge muscled god could be easily overpowered by something as simple as love – it was certainly something like an erotic David and Goliath story.

“I want you as my boyfriend, Michael Thomas.”

“Wow, Mr. Winston, there are so many men at this college – why should I pick you as my boyfriend?”

I was toying with the big guy and he instantly recognized it. We both knew that this evening was cementing something beautiful and beyond words, but we also realized we were going to milk it for all it was worth. I was his and he was mine – plan and simple. We both understood that within the first two minutes of meeting each other at the bookstore. For some reason he seemed to like smaller fit handsome men and we both knew I lusted after heavily muscled men. Like he had said earlier – Stack and I were definitely a match made in heaven.

“Well, first of all, if you choose anyone else I will crush them like a little grape. Second of all, you’re into muscle in a huge way and I’m definitely sure you’re not going to find anyone bigger than me. This body, I’m sure, is way beyond even your jerk-off fantasies. But more than any of that, I don’t think you’ll ever find a guy that wants you more than I do.”

It was the final statement that stayed in my head. I knew, instinctively, that this guy could beat into a pulp any guy that challenged him. I also realized that he fully understood and accepted my lust for huge muscles. He clearly got the fact that I needed more than just a huge body – but also that, in my mind, it was a great starting point for any relationship. And yet, it was the fact that he desired me in such an intense way that really made me fall in love with him. I know the word love is pretty strong – especially after only two meetings, but it was the most obvious thing ever in my entire life. We loved each other. I was completely aware that Stack felt the same way. I moved away from teasing comments and suddenly went serious.

“This is really intense, Stack. I’ve never felt this way. It’s a little overwhelming.”

“I feel the same way, Michael. You kind of hit me like a shot out of the blue. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, but then I saw you in the bookstore and I was smitten.”

“Does anyone really use the word smitten anymore?”

We both smiled at each other. The sexual intensity that had existed just a few minutes ago was now gone. We had moved to something much deeper and more satisfying. I knew we both still had cocks as hard as telephone poles, but the need for immediate gratification was gone. It was clear to both of us that this relationship was for good and we knew that meant we could get our rocks off any time we wanted. It didn’t lessen our desire for each other – it only made us less desperate. I moved my hands up to his impressive chest, which immediately caused him to tense it so hard that I could only rest my palms against it – there was no way I was going to push the meat inward.

“You’re a chest man, aren’t you, Michael?”

“I’m a muscle man, Stack. Yes, a big chest is beautiful, but all huge muscles impress me. I think you’re an ass man, aren’t you?”

“I like a firm butt, of course, but it’s not the only thing I get into. I like a beautiful face and a tight little body. You seem to fit that bill perfectly. Your fantastic ass is just icing on the cake.”

“And do you like to lick the icing, Mr. Winston?”

“Not only do I like to lick it, but I also like to plunge my hard cock into the icing, as well. Is that okay with you, Mr. Thomas?”

“You know the answer without even asking the question, sir. You can dip into my icing any time you like.”

“Shit, man. You’re getting me so hot and bothered I’m ready to rip a car apart with just my hands or bring a building down with a few punches. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer.”

“Is that so? Well, I’d like to see what those arms can do with that flimsy t-shirt for a start, sir.”

My request made the big man grin like a child that just won first prize in some contest. He grabbed me at my waist and easily lifted my body up in the air. He then moved me a little distance back. I had to remove my hand from his body and I immediately felt the loss. I was still close to the man, but we weren’t touching at any part of our bodies. He reached up and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt. I swear what came next was like a slow motion camera had caught all of his actions and I was watching it in replay. He pulled his hands apart methodically and teasingly. The room was filled with the sound of ripping material and I watched his massive chest plop out as he pulled his shirt apart. My mouth dropped open at the beginning and a big glob of saliva slid down my cheek as soon as the rip reached the bottom of his pecs and began to reveal the perfectly chiseled abs below. My eyes stayed glued to every inch of skin that was exposed as the shirt was easily pulled away. Stack’s chest was covered with the same kind of heavy fur that was found on his upper lip and that made my cock squirt pre-cum like a volcano teasing people before the final eruption.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

“Spoken like a true student of philosophy, Mr. Thomas. I’m certainly glad you approve.”

“Approve? What’s not to like? Your chest is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Just look at how the mounds of muscle stick out like an erotic 3-D movie. I haven’t ever seen a pair of pecs so big and full of muscle. I already know what those babies can do – I’ve seen you ripple each part of them with control that’s unimaginable. The added bonus of abdominal muscles that look like they have been cut in marble only intensifies my reaction. Just look at that fucking eight-pack covered in a dusting of fur that makes me want to lick every inch of your stomach.”

“I don’t think any other words have ever turned me on so much. You are a true muscle worshipper, my friend.”

“You have not idea.”

“Well, that’s why we’re so perfect for each other. You like muscle and I’ve got lots of it.”

“So I see.”

By this point the big man had completely ripped his shirt down the middle and was straining to pull the remnants from his massive arms and shoulders. When the material finally fell to the floor and his entire torso was revealed I immediately became silent – mainly because I had not prepared myself for what I would see. Stack’s upper body was more than a work of art – it was beyond description or reproduction. First of all, there was muscle everywhere. It was certainly in all the places you would expect, but then he had other muscles that seemed to be a surprise. He had muscles on top of muscles. His uncovered shoulders seemed to be an intricate pile of sinew and thickness placed on top of each other and then covered in skin. It was multiple mountains of muscle that rippled when he moved his body. Stack knew I was looking at his shoulders so he started to tense up his trapezius muscle and the big boulders on either side of his neck rose even higher. I moaned out loud as I gazed at all the power in just that one part of his body.

“Shit, your traps flex up higher than your ears.”

“Not quite, Michael, but it’s nice of you to say. And what do you think of the work I’ve done on my delts?”

The big guy rolled his shoulders forward a little and then pushed them back, his chest pushed out so much further that I could have easily leaned forward and found total support from his monster pecs. My eyes, however, were locked on the giant solid mounds that had somehow been implanted underneath his skin at the top of both of his beefy arms. The man’s delts looked as big as basketballs. I knew immediately that my hand would not cover even a fraction of the freakish muscle he had built at this part of his body. It didn’t just look like the guy was wearing skin covered shoulder pads; the deltoid muscles were much bigger than that. No, it looked like someone had attached tractor tires above his biceps. My mouth was still wide open and I finally realized that I was gurgling like a little baby – that’s how unbelievable Stack’s delts were.

“Look at this, man, I can even tense up my delts something hard.”

Striations suddenly appeared up and down the mounds of muscle at the edge of both of his shoulders. I swear both bulging masses ballooned up a lot more than before. I easily saw that I could have placed a bunch of quarters all up and down the grooves in his hard meat and they would have stayed in place – hell, they probably would have been squeezed so hard they would have been unrecognizable. I reached out and slid my hand up and down his right deltoid muscle. It was like I was feeling the trunk of some petrified tree – ridges of muscle that seemed harder than anything humanly possible.

“No fucking way.”

“I can see that Mr. Michael is pleased. Are you ready for the gun show, sir?”

“No, please don’t!”

I yelled loudly and quickly – raising both hands up in the air. My heart was beating so fast and my cock was so pumped that I knew if he flexed his massive arms I would either have a heart attack or blow a giant hole through my underwear and jeans from just because of one look. Even relaxed the monster biceps were peaked like Mount Everest and looked thicker than a Hummer. Seeing those arms swell up even larger was going to need some building up to – I had to have a hell of a lot more stamina. The enormous tease of a man chuckled at my reaction, but I could tell he completely understood. It was clear he had caused this kind of reaction before in many other guys. I was glad he was sympathetic. He could have easily sent me beyond the point of control. Stack tensed his massive pecs and made them ripple as before. This time I was seeing muscle directly and not covered by a thin t-shirt. I marveled at the beautiful heavy dusting of fur across his colossal mounds of meat and it somehow seemed to enhance their size and beauty. Stack’s hairy chest was exactly what any artist or muscle pig could wish for. He was beyond huge, but everything was beautifully proportioned. His thick neck looked natural placed atop his giant torso. His chest and arms easily matched the enormity of his shoulders and his stomach looked like a perfectly plowed field of muscled abdominals. By this point I was beyond cohesive thinking or speaking. I was lost in Stack heaven. I could tell he loved my adoration, but there was something more. I sensed that he was looking at me in the same way – with the same level of lust. This turned me on even more.

“How about you get naked for me, Michael.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Wow! Excellent description, another Londonboy classic! The description of Stack's body at the end there had me drooling, bro. Can't wait to see how strong he is!
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Descriptive perfection! I has to pause several times lest I cover the screen and keyboard of my computer with something more than drool! Methinks that during your sabbatical you were stranded alone on some deserted island and dreamed up Stack Winston to remain sane.

Good to see that you are back.

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Haven't even read it yet but wanted to say thanks for bringing some light to an otherwise shitecake of a week!!!
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Awesome stuff, your slow, detailed pace is so wonderful and great foreplay for what will certainly come later.
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Thank you, sir. :3
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You, sir, are a professional wordsmith. Excellent, excellent! I commend your command of adjectives! Do continue!
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Fantastic...enjoying the ride so far!
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This story is great, I can't wait to see more.
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this might be the most incredible story I've ever read. Couldn't take my eyes off the screen. PLEASE keep it going.
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