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Old October 29th, 2011, 07:03 PM
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No More Mr. Nice Guy - Part Two

I was awakened by the sound of the garbage truck in the alley and I immediately feared my body was going have major hangover pains. I knew nothing about the drug from Sven and since it’s effects on me had been so unbelievable last night, I was sure it was going to me a lot of trouble the day after. But the opposite was actually true, I felt incredible. As soon as I became fully conscious it registered that my body was “on fire” with what seemed like boundless energy and my insides felt like they were pulsing with extra juice in some way. No, a better word to describe what I was feeling would have been ‘pumped.’ My body seemed like it was a big bicep flexing with power and hot bubbling thick blood. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. I didn’t think about anything for a while and then I instantly began to fear that I would become insanely addicted to the drug sent by Sven, I would spend my life’s savings on continuous re-fills, and I would finally end up begging for money and food on the side of the street. The sad thing was I thought it would be worth it if I could have hallucinations that seemed as real as the ones last night.

Lately, it had become a morning ritual, as soon as I was full awake, to reach up and tease my nipples mercilessly. I loved how pinching the little tips of meat made my toes curl and my cock shoot hard in mere seconds. I was amazed at how sensitive that part of my body could be. It also thrilled me to make the things get harder and bigger just by abusing them. My hands misjudged a little and hit the sides of my torso, which was a little weird since I’d been doing the same action for a long time. I chalked it up to post-drug grogginess and moved my hands a little further up to get to my sunken chest. I had no trouble honing in on my little plugs of erotic nerves and was only slightly caught off guard when my fingers had to spread further apart than usual to latch on to something that seemed as thick as corks. I smiled when I realized the effects of the drug must have still been lingering in my head. I had hoped they would last for more than one evening and maybe they were going to. I squeezed tightly on the jutting pieces of meat and the instant thrill that shot through my body caused something heavy and broad between my legs to stir into action. I imagined it was like a whale coming out of its slumber. Yeah, that was it; Moby Dick was emerging from the water. That thought made me chuckle and I squeezed my nips harder. I moaned out loud and then went to lay my hands against my flat chest – to give my tensed body a little rest. My nipples were so sensitive this morning that I knew a few more squeezes could cause me to shoot off like a rocket.

My palms, however, did not meet the familiar taut flatness of my skinny pectoral muscles. No, instead they were greeted by two bulging mounds of what I instantly knew was hard muscle. I was momentarily elated that the drugs were still doing such a good job with my hallucinations. My chest actually felt like it was ten times as big as I really was. That caused Moby Dick to rise up even more. My rod felt bigger and thicker than even last night – another sweet after-effect of the drug. I tried to grab a handful of pec muscle on each side and was amazed at how real the hard un-dentable mound felt. I was obviously still in drug-heaven.

That’s when I noticed the underwater feeling from the night before was gone. I seemed fully coherent and more conscious than on even most other mornings. As a matter of fact I was so alert that it felt like I had slept for days. This thought thilled and confused me at the same time. Maybe the drug’s haziness disappeared the further you moved from the initial time of taking it. That had to be what it was. But then I began to notice that I felt great – better than great – and I was able to process everything clearly. I squeezed the mountains of muscle in my hands harder and an intense feeling of pleasure shot through all parts of my body. I could feel my cock swaying in the air like it was the mast of a ship on a stormy sea. I glanced down and the first thing I saw were my hands covering something that looked like every gay man’s wet muscle-worship dream. I slid my hands away and gasped out loud when I got an unencumbered view of the chest I had gazed upon during my drug-induced worship session last night in the bathroom. I instantly licked my lips – a common reaction for a pair of pecs that looked like they had been ripped off some Greek statue. I shook my head and then let it fall back down on the bed. I closed my eyes, worried that I was either still asleep or still ‘high,’ even though it felt like I was completely coherent.

The pressure in my bladder caused me to return to the present moment. It felt like all the water behind Hoover Dam was begging for release from my body. This discomfort temporarily distracted my mind from everything else. I didn’t want to leave the bed because I was afraid the incredible feelings throughout the rest of my body would disappear when I stood up and the true ‘after-effects’ from the drug would begin. I had a feeling that if the hangover was as big as the thrill then I would be in bed recovering for the entire weekend. I turned my head and opened my eyes, hoping that if I looked into the bathroom it would impel me to move. I forgot all about needing to take a piss, however, when my gaze became focused in the new direction. I noticed that there was something wrong with the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. I couldn’t make it out at first, but then I was suddenly able to see that the wall was actually buckling out into towards me. A picture that once hung in that spot was now laying on the floor and the drywall was busted up and sticking out a few feet into the room. The memory of my body being slammed into the bathroom wall from the force of my ejaculation came rushing back into my head. I slid out of bed, barely registering the fact that my body felt very different as it moved and I didn’t take time to fully comprehend that I felt much larger. I bounded to the wall and saw that it did, indeed, look like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it from the other side. I reached out and pulled a huge chunk of the wall from its precarious position. It dropped to the ground and broke into many pieces. My mind was now completely confused, was it possible for the drug to bend reality this much. I stepped into the doorway to the bathroom

My gaze zeroed first on the streaks of some white substance that seemed to be thrown everywhere – like Jackson Pollock had used the room for a painting. Then the smell of semen, along with the memory of my cock shooting off like a fire hose, came flooding into my senses. Without even thinking I glanced to the floor and saw a large pile of something that looked like salt. I then turned my eyes to the counter and saw the huge gaping hole along the edge, where a giant hand surely ripped part of it off. That’s when my eyes began to journey upward, starting at the base of the mirror and even with the reflection of my mid-section. The tight inhuman abdominal muscles from the night before were again beaming at me with power. I raised my hand to my stomach and watched the big forearm and large fingers in the mirror do the same thing. This sight made me fall back into the doorframe and I heard wood making a loud cracking noise. My eyes continued up the body in the mirror, taking in the mountainous chest, the bulging arms, and the strapping muscled shoulders. I let my mouth drop open wide and suddenly a gibberish sound came out. And although it was obviously coming from my body, it sounded a few octaves lower than my normal voice.

I actually cried out when I finally looked at my face. The memory of the enhanced version of myself from the night before came rushing into my head. Since there was no logical explanation for any of this, I simply began to assume that the drug was still controlling my mind. There was part of me that knew this wasn’t true, but I needed something to hang my sanity on. I stumbled back into the other room and fell onto the bed with a heavy thud. There was a slight moment of silence and then a loud squealing noise filled the room and the metal legs on the frame gave out, sending the mattress, the box springs, and me down to the floor. I was so stunned that it didn’t really register what had actually happened. I grabbed a pillow and pulled it over my head. I somehow imagined if I blocked out the world the hallucinations would stop.

My phone started ringing. I instinctively grabbed it from the table beside my bed and pulled it to my head, still buried under the pillow. It didn’t even register that my finger was now about three times bigger than the buttons.


“Did it work?”

“Did what . . . Sven?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Did the liquid I sent work?”

“Hell yeah, but it sure is a strong drug. I’m still hallucinating from taking it last night. How do I make it stop?”

“What do you mean hallucinating, Daniel?”

“I’m still feeling like I turned into some huge bodybuilder with the strength of about ten gorillas. I’m not even sure if this phone call is happening. How can everything seem so real when it’s just some drug-induced stupor?”

“It’s not a stupor. It’s real, Daniel.”

I let Sven’s words bounce around in my brain for a while. I suddenly realized I was making up the phone call, as well. I must be flying high as a kite. I needed to get a grip on myself. Maybe some coffee would help – but how would I know the coffee was real? I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I so wanted to go back to sleep.

“I know what you’re going through, man. I went through the same thing about a month ago. I took the muscle elixir and didn’t believe the changes. You have to listen to me, Daniel, and you need to listen to me closely. You really have changed. I’m sure you’ve already looked in a mirror and, well, that’s really the new you. I can’t ever tell you where I got the stuff and you can never tell anyone I gave it to you but, trust me, it’s not a hallucination, it’s real.”

“Come on Sven. Quit messing with me.”

“Did you test your strength? That was one of the things that made it real for me. I was lifting weights that only the giant strongmen at my gym lift. Everyone was so fucking astounded. Did you do anything like that, Daniel?”

“Um . . . well, I imagined I kind of ripped a chunk away from my bathroom counter, with just my hand.”

“Man, I bet that was hot.”

“And then I . . . well . . . I kind of crushed it into a pile of sand.”

“Aw man, now you’ve got me boning up big time. I got to release my big cock and pump it. Anything else?”

“Well, when I came it was kind of so intense that I fell into my bathroom wall – kind off destroying it. I put a big dent in it – you know, the size of my body.”

“Oh fuck man, I’m going to shoot. Sorry Daniel. It’s just so hot . . . oh . . . uh . . . uh . . . yeah . . . aw shit.”

Nothing like this had ever happened between Sven and me. We had met online in a muscle fantasy chat room and had only talked – voice to voice – a few times. I was caught off guard by this sudden move to phone sex. I considered us just friends. I had no knowledge of what this kind of call did to an online friendship. I remained silent as his breathing went from sounding like he was having a heart attack to something almost normal. It definitely sounded like his explosion had been very intense.

“Shit man, my entire chest is covered in cum. It looks like two snow-covered mountains. Thanks for that Daniel. It was nice, real nice.”

“Um . . . you’re welcome . . . I guess. I’m not sure about all of this, Sven. You know, we haven’t talked about getting off on the phone and I didn’t know we were ready to move to that step for whatever this friendship is and well, I guess I’m a little uncomfortable.”

“I can tell that, Daniel. Listen, man, don’t worry. It’s just one of the side effects of the change. You’re going to be hornier than an entire high school football team later on today, dude. I strongly suggest you get some help taking care of what’s going to be most intense hard-on you’ve ever felt. You can do it yourself, but using other guys is going to help there be a longer gap between times you need release. Trust me on this, Daniel. I know what I’m talking about. So, you still feel like this is all just a hallucination?”

As my friend was talking I had let my free hand travel down my side and for the last few seconds it had been caressing the new bulbous ass that was protruding from my backside. I was allowing my fingers to slide dangerously across the opening of my chute and then I would grab one of the ass cheeks hard to give myself a little thrill. I was listening to what Sven was saying, but there was an urge growing inside of me that was kind of hard to explain. I was also starting to think about what it would truly be like to have the body and strength this drug insinuated.

“You’re starting to play with yourself, aren’t you, Daniel?”

“What? No . . . I just kind of dozed off for a few seconds . . . I heard what you were saying . . . about . . . jerking off and all that.”

“Well that’s not exactly what I said, but I think I’ll just have to let you discover all this stuff by yourself. I just want to help you understand that it’s real – all of it. What could I do to help you see that, Daniel? If you don’t believe what that roaming hand of yours is telling you, then I don’t believe you’ll trust a voice from across the ocean.”

During the last few minutes I had come to believe that everything Sven was telling me was true. The fact that my hand was feeling every muscled part of my body and that Sven was able to describe exactly what I was beginning to feel made me realize I was fully conscious. I also felt like a million bucks – and not under a drug’s influence. I slowly moved from a place of not believing to one of total acceptance. I could not logically explain what had happened to me but I didn’t care about that. I just chose to turn on a switch that now revealed me as the muscled stud I had worshipped in the mirror. I didn’t know how the liquid worked, but I did know I loved the results.

“What do I do now, Sven?”

“Attaboy, Daniel. I knew I could count on you. Well, let’s see. The first thing I did was go out and buy some new clothes. Remember, almost nothing you own will fit you now. A little side note, though, it’s fun to try and put the old clothes on and watch your new body rip them to shreds. So, don’t throw them away. And once you have some new clothes the rest is up to you. If I were in your city, though, I’d definitely hit the beach, the gym, and a few gay bars. Man, I’m getting strong wood again just from thinking about you having fun at all those places with your new body. Make sure you get some videos of all that or, at least, some pictures.”

“I didn’t even think about clothes!”

“No one ever does. You’ve probably got some cotton gym shorts that will fit over those huge new thighs, but forget about trying to get any underwear on. You’ll see that big men like us need to go commando from here on out. Look for your biggest tank top, too, or your largest winter shirt – the one you wear over sweaters or other shirts. On that one you can cut the sleeves off and maybe even make a big slit along the side, so your huge guns will fit through. You might end up looking like a muscled lumberjack whore, but it should do until you can buy some other clothes. It’s also fun to watch all the ‘oh my god’ stares you’re going to get.”

“So you got real big, too, Sven?”

“Yeah and hairy. I’m covered with fur, Daniel, just like I always wanted. I’m probably not as big or strong as you – everyone has a little different reaction to the juice. It kind of molds into what your subconscious is looking for. I could tell by your emails you wanted to pack on a lot of size and be as strong as a few bulls put together. It sounds like that’s what you got.”

“I still can’t believe this is real.”

“I know. It really takes a while for the change to really sink in. Don’t worry, though, you’ll find ways to make sure it’s all good. I suggest curling the back end of your car a few times – that really helped me. I also found it fucking fantastic to get out and show off a little. That’s why the gym and beach sound so appealing. You’ll be able to show off there and fit right in. Then, you must go to some bar where big men hang out and pick up the biggest, baddest guy there. It really gets your juices flowing when you realize that every man in the place is getting harder than hell just from looking at you. That, especially, will help give you a reality check. And don’t worry about the guy at work – you can take care of him next week. That’s why it’s fun to go and test your new body out before Monday. You need to learn what you can do, so you don’t accidentally hurt someone. Or maybe the jerk should feel a little pain, huh Daniel?”

“Um, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, you’ll begin to feel differently, Daniel – each time you explore your new body. I’m not saying you’ll become a murderer or anything, but you do learn to love your muscles and your strength in a brand new way each time you do something amazing. You’ll also have a lot more confidence than ever before. It will definitely be no more Mr. Nice Guy, Daniel.”

I certainly liked the sound of that.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Ooh, ah! It looks like we have another winner!

This is really my kind of story, when a guy realizes slowly what he is and what he can do.

Can't wait for the next installment.
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It sounds like Dan is gonna experience personality changes, and that makes it hotter for me more than anything else.
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Excellent! Many thanks!


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Love it! This is gonna be a great thread!
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

yahoo: storyen
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Delicious! I've been waiting for somebody to pull a Moby Dick reference.
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I'm constantly impressed how you can take a simple, well worn phrase and turn it into the base of an erotic show stopper.

Originally Posted by SouthernSuitor View Post
Delicious! I've been waiting for somebody to pull a Moby Dick reference.
Yea, me too!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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Looking forward to MONDAY!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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