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Not In the Architect's Plans - Part Six

[So everyone knows that I'm into older men, then why am I so insanely turned on by Justin. I'm becoming a little obsessed. I need some time with a muscle therapist. Any analysis is greatly appreciated. I also hope you enjoy the continuation of this story.]

“Well, you took a nice little nap, didn’t you Marcus?”

I was slowly returning to the dinner table and my date with Justin. My head was still pretty cloudy, but I immediately remembered blacking out from hearing the big man say that he was still growing. And that meant he was also getting stronger – another thought that had caused my moment of unconsciousness. My vision cleared and I saw the smiling face of the giant across the table. Justin was obviously very pleased with himself.

“It is so fucking hot that you passed out just from thinking about my size, boss. I mean it. That gets me so stoked – knowing my muscles can overwhelm your body so easily. It almost makes me go blank for a few minutes too, you know, like a mutual orgasm, except it’s a mutual black out. I see you react to my body and that makes me react to your response. Damn, it’s a vicious circle, isn’t it?”

I was still trying to figure out how long I had been out. I looked at Justin’s glass and saw that it was full again. That must mean the waiter had come to the table while I was unconscious. That was very embarrassing, but I knew the fact made Justin even more excited. I’m sure he had made sure the waiter noticed because that would mean there was another person that got to see how his body had affected me. I was beginning to get a little agitated when our waiter stepped up to the table.

“Well, you decided to join us again, after all. I had made a bet that you were out for the night. You’re dessert is on me, gentlemen. You must be stronger than you look, sir, to be able to revive so quickly after being overwhelmed by so much . . . um . . . how shall I put it . . . size.”

“That’s a fine way of putting it, little fella.”

Justin was smiling at the man standing beside our table. I could tell my big date had decided to toy with the server as much as he was playing with me. It was like he would get bonus points if he could cause both of us to orgasm – scoring even higher if they were simultaneous ejaculations. Justin reached up with one of his big hands and pinched his own right nipple protruding against the dark shirt. The giant sucked in air between his clenched teeth as he squeezed the thick plug of meat tightly.

“My nips are so jacked with testosterone that it’s like there’s a cable running from my chest to the base of my tool. One pinch from these strong fingers and my body responds like a big dog waiting for a treat from his master. You should see how I can wreck a pair of pliers on these hard things – it’s pretty awesome.”

“Um, excuse me. I’ll be right back.”

The waiter moved away from the table instantly. I could tell by the sound in his voice and by the fact that his hands went directly to his crotch area that the poor guy was about to have an accident in his pants. I prayed to God that he got to the bathroom in time – I didn’t want to delay our meal any longer. The alcohol was getting to my head – or was it the teasing of the big muscleman across the table. I couldn’t tell which was causing me to feel so light headed.

“That was kind of cruel, Justin. Who knows how long that will delay us from getting to place our order.”

“We all three loved it and you know it, boss. You love me playing with the libidos of other men just as much as I do. You’d probably love it more if I had made the man cum in his pants, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t respond. I only smiled. Justin knew the answer to his question without even hearing it. I was putty in his big strong hands and he could manipulate me in any way he desired. I, however, did realize that I still held a few aces in my hand, as well. I knew that my ability to compliment the man and my giftedness at flirting could take me a long way. I still had some control of the situation – even though we both realized that Justin could make the evening go in any direction he desired. The big man was completely open to letting me take the lead in some areas, though. I decided to be the leader for a while.

“What’s the best part of being you, Justin?”

My question caught him off guard. He was not ready for me to be so forward. He had not anticipated me being recovered enough to ask such a deep and coherent question – let alone, one that dealt with his big body. I saw, in his eyes, that he was impressed with my rebound from being overwhelmed earlier by his commentary. Justin then paused for a few minutes and I could tell he was truly contemplating my question, not just answering off the top of his head. I could also tell that his answer was going to be truthful and without a touch of teasing.

“I think it has to do with taking up space, boss. It’s a little hard to explain, but here’s a try. Have you ever been in a small car at a stoplight and a big semi or bus pulls up beside you? And you suddenly are aware, without even looking, that something really huge is beside you. Well, that’s what I like about being me. I kind of fill up space like that bus. I love moving into a crowd or stepping out of a door and watching people suddenly become aware that something large has moved close to them. People can even have their back to me and they just get a sense of something huge when I get close – it’s cool to watch them slowly turn around, like they expect to see an elephant or a bull or something.”

“And then they realize they really are looking at a bull!”

“I guess so . . . maybe. But it’s really cool to be this massive. I like when I step next to some guy who usually views himself pretty big and then watch his entire concept of largeness change in a few seconds. Or when I try to do normal things – stuff other people do without even thinking about it – and I can’t. You know, like trying to fit into a phone booth when I visited London, or when I have to ask for an extra bed to be brought into a hotel room because the one supplied isn’t big enough, or it might be something as simple as trying to push buttons at an ATM with these fucking giant fingers. These things don’t bother me – in fact, they really turn me on. It reminds me how big I really am and confirms again that I just take up a hell of a lot of space.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

We stared at each other for a few seconds, remaining quiet. I tried to visualize all the things he was describing without immediately passing out again. It was hard to not let my excitement about his size and his strength completely overpower me. I focused on his cute face and his killer smile, thinking that would make it easier, but it didn’t. I decided to pursue more questions.

“What else do you love about your life, Justin?”

“Oh I don’t know, boss. I guess one thing that really gets my juices flowing is when I use my strength without even noticing it. I guess you might say it this way: when I do things that make other people freak out and I don’t even register what I’m doing as all that special. You know, like the other day when I pulled that bulldozer into place and it made you faint.”

My face turned red. I could tell he had jumped back into teasing me, but only for a few seconds. He wanted to make sure I knew he knew I had not blacked out because of the heat. He was also making it clear that he had manipulated the big machine with one hand just to show off for me. My body was teetering near ejaculation but I forced myself to calm down. Just the memory of him shoving a bulldozer like I might push open a door was enough to make me ooze a little pre-cum.

“But there’s other stuff, too. Like this other day when I lifted this kid’s big father into the air so he could get a kite that was stuck in a tree. At the park I noticed a little boy was crying about his kite, but his dad kept saying that the first branch of the tree was too high for him to climb up to retrieve the thing. I was jogging by and went over to see if I could help. It crossed my mind that I might just wrap my arms around the tree and then pull it from the ground and tilt the huge thing down so the kid could get the kite, but I figure I might get in trouble. I also knew I could power jump high enough to grab the kite myself, but I really had this sudden urge to lift this grown man into the air. Yeah, I was showing off, but I still don’t know if it impressed the kid more or the father. I just reached out and grabbed the big guy at the waist. I then kind of tossed him up to the limb – actually putting a little too much force behind the lift and ended up sending him to a limb much higher than the one we were aiming for. The guy got a little scared when he was climbing down and freaked out when he got to the lowest limb. I told him to just jump and I’d catch him. I could tell he loved the idea and so he dropped into my arms. I got a big thrill when I saw that the dad had a raging hard-on pressing against his sweats. I jostled him around a little and then placed him on the ground beside his boy. The father just stared at me and kept saying thank you, while his son said things like ‘you’re really huge, mister’. It was really cute.”

“He’s probably still hard as hell.”

“You’re probably right, boss.”

“More stories, please, Justin.”

“You just can’t get enough of me, can you, Marcus? Okay. Let’s see. Once, my neighbor came over to the house and told me her front door was stuck and asked if I could come help get it un-jammed. I, of course, love being the Good Samaritan, so I went to her place. I tried the door softly and, sure enough, it was not budging. I wanted to show off a little so I pulled the sleeve of my t-shirt up over my biceps, which made the seventy-year old woman moan out loud like she was having an orgasm right there on the front porch. I made my big arm bounce a little just to impress her and then gave the door a pretty good shove. Unfortunately, the door wasn’t stuck, she had simply forgotten that she had bolted all of the seven locks on the inside and had exited out the back door. She’s a little senile. My little thrust kind of ripped the door off its frame and wrenched apart the hinges. The blasted thing flew into the hallway a few feet and then kind of broke into three or four pieces. I was shocked by what I had done, but my neighbor was so impressed she said she didn’t care. She told me a week later that she was still having what she called hot dreams about my little display. Of course, I spent the afternoon putting on a new door for her. She begged me to push the nails in with just my fingers, but I told her that we needed to use screws to hang the door. She seemed very disappointed.”

“As I would have been sir, as I would have been.”

“You always say the nicest things, Marcus.”

“And you, sir, probably made our waiter soil his pants with copious amounts of semen, which, in turn, has delayed us in ordering our meal. I am beginning to get a little tipsy off of these drinks.”

“Oh good, maybe that means I will be able to take advantage of you.”

“As if I would ever be able to stop you.”

“I would never do anything you didn’t want me to, Marcus. I hope you know that.”

I had been teasing, but Justin’s sudden serious tone and immediate change in demeanor made me sober up quickly. The big man could move a bulldozer with one hand, but he was obviously still a gentleman. My heart started pounding a little harder when I realized that Justin needed me to know he was a man of incredible integrity. I was impressed with how this Superman made it a priority to not take advantage of people.

“Hey Justin, I know that. I just think it’s fun to flirt as much as we both seem to want to – and to speak freely. I want you to tease me as much as I’m going to tease you.”

The big man smiled at me – letting me know that the competition to see who was the biggest flirt had officially begun. He also raised his hand in the air, without removing his eyes from me, and immediately our waiter appeared beside the table. The poor guy had an apron wrapped around his waist – which had not been there before – and I instantly realized he had not been able to make it to the bathroom before spewing his Justin-induced load of cum. His hair was a little disheveled and he was breathing hard – obviously still recovering from his powerful release. Justin spouted off an order for our meal that could not have been more perfect for me even if I had ordered myself. He seemed to know me in a way that was unexplainable. He took charge of the entire process – even ordering one of my most favorite wines to compliment the food. The waiter kind of stumbled away after writing everything down. I could see the outline of his cock pressing against the apron – making it clear that he was already completely hard again. I felt for the guy, but knew that it was quickly turning into an evening he would never forget and he had forced himself on our table anyway.

“So, Marcus, I think we should have a safe sign that we can do in case either of us is getting too worked up during all this flirting. Something that we can do to let the other guy know that we need a break. You know, like a white flag or something.”

“Like you’d ever need a break, Justin. You mean a safe sign for me, really”

“Watching you pass out a little while ago almost made me blast a cum hole through my pants, Marcus.”

I know the shocked look on my face amused the big guy. He obviously understood that I did not believe I was having the same kind of affect on him as he was on me. My confused look made it clear to him that I was at a disadvantage at the beginning of our little contest, since I clearly thought I was the only person being impacted by the flirting. He desired to make the starting point more even.

“For years, Marcus, I have beat off to fantasies about you.”

My mouth dropped open and I stopped breathing for a few seconds. I could not comprehend what he was telling me. This was way beyond my understanding of how man-to-man attraction worked. I couldn’t grasp that a guy like Justin could desire someone like me. I chose humor to remedy the awkwardness I was feeling.

“Well, I’m afraid the reality might be a bit disappointing, Justin. Maybe we should leave the fantasies intact.”

“No way, boss. I’ve waited for the chance to sleep with you for most of my adult life. I’ve become this fucking huge mass of muscle just because I thought it would please you. I’m not letting the chance of tasting those incredible looking lips or feeling that gorgeous body pass me by. I’ve worked hard for many years for this opportunity. You don’t have to marry me or anything, Marcus, but I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance to show you how crazy I am for you.”

“This is really hard for me to accept. You know that, right, Justin? If I was asked to name a guy that would represent someone I thought would be the last person on earth to want me it would be you. I don’t want you to be offended by that; I just want to be honest. You represent every wet dream I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t imagine being with anyone like you – it just doesn’t compute in my head.”

“And I have never wanted anyone else like I want you, Marcus. You’re kindness and support at an early age has made me the person I have become.”

We sat there in dumbfounded silence. I could tell that Justin was pleased with the confession that I desired a guy like him, but I could also see that he wanted to watch me work through all that he was telling me about himself. He wanted to make sure I got the fact that he, the humongous muscled god, wanted me in a sexual way, as well. It really was too much to process during one sitting. I did, however, still have some stamina to make it a pretty fair competition of flirting. I moved the focus back to him.

“So, tell me another story about the things you like, Justin.”

“You really are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you? I know my stories make it hard for you . . . so to speak, boss.”

“Yes, that’s true, Justin, but I also know that you get really excited, as well, from knowing your stories please me. It will be kind of a test to see who might lose control first.”

“You know me so well already, Marcus. But do you know yourself – and your abilities as much. Okay – another story it is. Let’s see, what else do I like or, more importantly, what would you like. Oh, let’s catch you up on what happened to me after I finished working for you years ago and started working out with Goliath. I immediately found another construction gig, mainly because I thought I could continue to work my muscles during the day at the sites – a kind of extension of what I was doing at the gym. I was correct in my thinking. The guys I worked with caught on immediately to the fact that I wanted to lift and carry anything that needed moving. I became the pack mule in a way. Sacks of sand, stacks of metal bars, mounds of dirt, whatever – if it needed moving I was the go-to guy. It became a little game with my co-workers, to try and find something that would keep me busy for a while. I kind of took to lifting everything like a kid in a candy store. I just couldn’t get enough. Goliath was pretty sure my construction work was what helped me boom into a giant musclehead quicker than most guys.”

“I could see how that would help.”

“Yeah, boss, I really went overboard in my drive for muscle. Over one summer, at this particularly intense worksite, I busted through three sizes in my wardrobe. It was freaky – the way the guys made it a competition to see who would give me the job that would make my body rip the seams of my shirt. I was never allowed to wear a tank top or t-shirt. The other guys loved to see my growing bulges straining the heavy material of sweat-stained polyester or even denim. I didn’t mind either, mainly because it turned them on so much. They had a chart near the office trailer where they would check off on a list when my chest would blast out enough to pop a button or my arms would begin to rip through the sleeves. There were extra points for any man who gave me a job that made my quads bust through my blue jeans. These were all guys that put the T in the word testosterone, you know what I mean, but here they were living out all these subconscious fantasies with my big body.”

“You are making this up, aren’t you Justin. Just to get at me. Or you’re, at least, embellishing the story a lot. Come on, I know the kind of guys your talking about. You mean to tell me they liked watching your muscles grow?”

“I’m not making any of it up, Marcus. I’m telling you these guys were living through me vicariously, or something. They even gave me clear directions on shaving. I could never do anything to get rid of hair on my body and I was ordered to grow a thick beard. My boss said he’d fire me if I didn’t. I knew he was joking, but the thought that my body and my hairy face were making this big burly man a little weak in the knees was too fucking exciting for me. I started doing anything to please these guys. I remember when it began. One day, Jed, the most masculine guy on the site, ordered me to carry two huge bags of dry cement across the work yard. I started to go get the wheelbarrow and he stopped me, telling me to carry them both on my shoulders. I was a tad confused and began to protest but the big man gave me a look that just told me to do it. He later explained that he had been watching me closely and realized I was much stronger and larger than I realized. He wanted to be the first to test what every guy on the team knew – I was turning into a monster.”

“Smart man, that Jed.”

Justin smiled at me and gave a look that made it clear he understood how much this story was turning me on. We both had been in the business long enough to understand that a group of construction workers like Jed needed something to help pass the time during the monotonous day-to-day stuff of putting up a new building. I also knew that there is a pecking order to any worksite. The biggest men are always the most respected – it’s just the way of the pack. I could easily see how some fun teasing of a young kid that’s growing huge might turn into a full fledge obsession for a team of men looking for any diversion. And then, when the kid starts to explode into something beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, those men would circle him like a band of big brothers and make it their job to pump him up even more. It was like Justin had become a mascot for the masculinity of their team. I realized, too, that this fed into the big man’s desire to excite other people with his hulking muscles. I smiled back – making it clear that Justin was not winning our own little competition in the here and now. I was hard as hell, yes, but I also knew that his own cock was probably poking up beyond his pants as it had earlier. I knew Justin was equally as turned on by his own story.

“Anyway, Jed was the first to unleash the muscle demons in my head and the fiery competition between the guys. He signaled to the other guys as I was walking over to get the cement. I bent down and grabbed one of the monster bags, thinking I’d probably end up taking one at a time, but the damn thing seemed light as a lunch box. I tossed it over a shoulder and then bent down to get the other one, throwing it over my other shoulder. I then stood up and turned around – finding the opened-mouth staring faces of all my co-workers. The tension of holding the bags on my shoulders, enhanced by the fact that my growing chest was now puffing even further out from the heavy lifting in the gym, caused two buttons to explode off my shirt and go flying into the chest of Jed, bouncing off onto the ground between us. There was a silent moment of complete awe from the gang of men and then there was an eruption of cheering and hollering like I had never experienced. Up until this moment only Goliath had ever commented on my growing body – but now a group of beer drinking, screw-anything-in-a-skirt guys were clapping and gawking at my two hairy bulging pecs poking through the opening of my work shirt. My cock shot harder at that moment than it had ever been before in my entire life. A switch went off in my head and I realized the reaction of these men was to me like water might be to a guy that’s been wandering in the Sahara without a canteen for a week. I carried those heavy bags across the yard like I was a beauty queen recently crowned as winner.”

“Damn, I wish I could have been there.”

“You would have loved it, Marcus.”

“I certainly would have loved how much it turned you on.”

“Yeah, that was pretty hot. That’s the day the foreman took the whiteboard where we usually posted weather conditions and other information and turned it into what he called the ‘MJM’ contest – Make Justin Massive. This, of course, only fueled my obsession for getting bigger. At the end of each week Goliath would stare at me with a face obviously confused by my gains in size and strength. He knew on a certain level that I was a prime candidate for getting big, but my burst of unrivaled packing on of muscle confounded him. Little did everyone know that each astounded look from a guy and the continuous praise is truly what energized me – well that, and my secret desire for you.”

“I’m flattered.”

“I hope so.”

There was a moment of intense staring and equally charged silence. We could have cared less that we were in a crowded restaurant. The only thing that existed for either of us was the man across the table. Hearing the stories of his growth and how it affected other guys was making me crave his muscles even more. I was viewing his body differently now, though – almost like a work of art that has been perfected just for me. I felt like Michelangelo had blessed me with a living marble-like statue. I still lusted after Justin’s body – don’t get me wrong - but it was also something much more. I had begun to admire and respect the strength within him, as well. I could see that the guy was much more than big muscles and a beautiful face. The silence and the intensity of the moment became too much for both of us. I began to fear that any second we were going to toss the table across the room and sexually attack each other. Justin, however, was the first to crack and pull away from our inevitable confrontation.

“Anyhoo, let’s see, where was I? Oh yes, the Make Justin Massive contest. So Jed got two points from the get go. Every man in that yard had loved watching my chest detonate through my shirt, so they conceded the first win to the guy that unleashed the lust in all of us. But everything became fair game from that moment on. There were rules set out for the game. I was assigned to a different guy each day – in twelve-day rotations. I was off limits to anyone else if it wasn’t his day and I couldn’t have contact with guys outside of work. Looking back on it now I’m pretty amazed at how well guys stuck to the rules. I never had to bring my lunch again, because each guy would bring me something he hoped would make me grow. During the week that followed the start of the competition I lost every other button on my shirt and my biceps bust through both sleeves for the first time. It was thrilling to see how excited everyone became when some feat caused a guy to get a point. It wasn’t like a real competition because, truth be told, everyone won. It was a win-win because some guy got the point, but everyone got to see a little more of my big body.”

“It really was a win-win-win, though, since you got off on the attention, as well.”

“Very true, Marcus, very true. So, Jed ended up winning the competition. He just had a knack for choosing work that would make my muscles bulge in ways that no one else ever mastered. His wife visited the site one day and during a brief moment when no one else was around she thanked me for helping to improve her and Jed’s sex life at home. I was caught off guard by her comment and she laughed at my confused red face. She explained that her husband now came home each day jacked up by the excitement of watching me grow and she was the beneficiary of the extra juice pumping through Jed’s body. She confessed that some days – if he had won a point or I had busted another button – they’d go at it for two or sometimes even three rounds before collapsing into a heap of sexual bliss. She made me turn a deeper shade of red when she admitted to having more orgasms than she ever thought were possible. She even invited me over to their place saying that she thought she could get Jed to agree to a three-way, confessing that it would probably intensify both of their orgasms even more if my body was pounding either one of them – or both. I thanked her for the offer, but quickly refused. We each knew, however, that the fact that both of them desired me so much and that my body helped them to have mind-blowing sex was a big turn-on for me. I don’t regret saying no, but I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to have my big cock in Jed’s ass while he plowed his wife – knowing that my big body would have controlled all the action.”

“I can see how that might turn you on, Justin, however my idea of a three-way would be me and both of your monstrous pecs. I don’t think I could find it in my heart to share you with anyone.”

Justin’s story had made me spew more pre-cum and I had obviously lost a little ground in our flirting competition. We both realized it and I quickly needed to re-gain some footing. I knew my comment about not sharing him with anyone would send him as close to the edge as I found myself at that moment. My judgment was right – the big man had to close his eyes immediately. He absolutely loved hearing I wanted him all to myself. I knew I still had a chance in our little competition if I just kept coming back to how much I wanted him and how much his hugeness impressed me. I was beginning to fully grasp how long Justin had desired me and how I could use that to my advantage. Of course, knowing he had lusted after me for years and he had basically built his body to its present giant size because he thought it would impress me made me want to forge into a thirty minute ejaculation session, but maybe I could somehow miraculously hang on longer than him. Only time would tell. I saw Justin open his eyes as a signal that the wave of ecstasy had passed and I could see he was ready to continue his story.

“I’ve got lots of stories from the construction site, but I have a feeling our dinner is almost here. I think I’ll give you one last tale just to push the envelope a little more for both of us and then we’ll take a much-needed break. On our last day at the job that summer, Jed had a final task for me. It was fitting that I was on his team for that concluding day. He had already won, but he told everyone that he had saved something great for what he simply called ‘dessert.’ Jed gathered the eleven other workers and himself around me. He had ordered me to wear a tight denim shirt along with some butt hugging blue jeans. It was hot as hell and I was sweating up a storm. Jed had also told me to shave part of my face, but to leave a bushy handlebar mustache. Before I left home I had glanced in the mirror and noted that I looked like a super bulked version of some kind of nineteen seventies porn star. My own reflection caused my cock to expand in the tight jeans, which created the beginning of a rip at the base of my zipper. After some light work of cleaning up the space around the new office building, in order to get it ready for the landscapers, Jed ordered me to go get a twenty-foot I-beam that was on the ground behind the office trailer. He had made sure it was left there on purpose before we started cleaning up. I thought nothing of the task, because I had easily carried two of the things many times before.”

“Yeah, but something tells me Jed had other plans.”

“Yep, boss, he did. I brought the big piece of metal back to the gathered group and was ordered to place it across two iron sawhorses that were in the middle of the yard. I quickly noticed a video camera set up on a tripod, too. Everything was also conveniently placed so we were all reflected in the row of huge windows at the base of the building. It was like we had a wall of two-story sized mirrors just for our pleasure. I didn’t grasp what Jed had in mind until he turned on the camera and told all the other guys to join him on the beam. He said to make sure they left a gap in the middle. Instantly, my cock sprang to life and there was a loud ripping noise, as the hole in my jeans grew wider. All twelve of the big burley construction workers quickly jumped up on the metal beam like they were school children at the county fair. Everyone stared closely at our mirrored selves in the windows. I knew exactly what to do without even being told. It was now my desire to show off completely and give each man one final thrill of his life. It was also fun to know that Jed was making a copy of my last feat, in order to give us a memento of our time together. I was more than happy to be the man’s impetus for lifelong wild sex with his wife. I imagined, briefly, the two of them watching the video and cumming together well into their later years.”

“I’m sure most of those guys watch that clip over and over. I’m amazed it hasn’t turned up on YouTube or some other site.”

“I think they were too embarrassed by how much I turned them on to put it out there for the entire world.”

“Or maybe, like me, they wanted to keep you just to themselves.”

“That’s a nice thought. So, there the guys are sitting on the big I-beam. I moved to the center and realized I couldn’t squat low enough to get the damn thing ready for a standing shoulder press. I must have paused for a second too long and Jed figured out what was slowing me down. He told me to just clean and jerk the damn thing. His order caused more ripping at my crotch and I felt pre-cum start to flow freely. Jed told the other men to hold on for dear life since it was going to be a bumpy start. My body was on fire with pleasure – just from knowing what was coming and from listening to the freaked out excitement in Jed’s voice. I placed my hands underneath the bar, which was a little below my waist level, and I lifted up – marveling at the fact that I was lifting twelve grown men and it didn’t give me much of a strain at all. This was actually the first time I began to get some awareness of what Goliath had already figured out – I was going to be huge, really huge. I stepped forward with the beam and the guys still at waist level. The men stared at my reflection and started saying things to egg me on – like ‘fuck yeah,’ ‘look at the massive monster,’ and ‘bust out of those clothes, boy.’ I felt like I was in some kind of superhero porn movie. I looked at myself and immediately saw – for the first time – what Jed and the other guys had noticed months earlier. I had grown into a hulking handsome man. I could see my muscles bulging beautifully, even through the denim shirt. The handlebar ‘stache was also a fucking hot addition – and I quickly noticed how it enhanced my virility and the eroticism, somehow.”

“Oh, you are so going to have to grow one of those again, Justin.”

“Anytime, boss. It only takes me a few days.”

“Of course it does.”

“So I spread my legs far apart and noticed the wider hole at my crotch. I could clearly see one of my huge hairy balls poking out. My pants had been too tight for me to wear underwear. I noticed that Jed’s eyes were glued to my crotch, as well. I knew the urges he was having cause him to be a little conflicted, but I was also sure that his wife was going to have the time of her life that night. I decided to tease the men a little and I started doing curls with them – just to pump my arms up big and full of juice. On the third rep the awed silence of the group was interrupted by the sound of my biceps blasting through the denim. It almost sounded like two shotguns going off at the same time. I actually saw a few of the guys jump so hard at the noise that they almost fell off the beam. Jed let out a long growl and a loud whistle as my massive arms continued to bulge out even larger while I curled the men a few more times. I jerked my chin back sharply to signal to Jed that it was time for the next part of the show and he told the guys to hold on tight. Without any trouble at all I tossed the beam and the twelve men into the air, high enough to turn my hands around and catch the damn thing at chest level – ready for some shoulder presses. The momentum of the bar flying up and then being sharply stopped when it hit my unmoving hands again, caused the guys to flop around like they were on a bucking bronco. This made me smile and my mustache spiked up in a sinister way. I didn’t give the group much time to recover and I started pressing the beam easily into the air, feeling the material around my delts shoot instantly tighter than it already was and then listening to the sweet sounds of fabric tearing apart because it couldn’t hold up against my expanding muscles.”

“Sweet mother, I’m going to have to watch this video.”

“I have a copy at home. Maybe we could swing by my place after dinner.”

“Is that supposed to be a question, Justin? Try again, sir.”

“Oh, okay. I see how it should be. Hey Marcus, we’re going to swing by my place after dinner.”

“Much better, sir, much better. I like it when you take charge.”

My encouragement of Justin being a little more dominant was, again, something that he found hard to handle. He shut his eyes and I could tell he was willing his cock to not release the explosion that had been building for hours. Damn, this guy loved it when I supported his cockiness. I could tell he was having difficulty restraining himself in such a public place. I think Justin was ready to show me all that his huge muscles could do, but he temporarily respected the norms set up by society. I had a feeling if we had still been at my house my body would have been tossed around easily – just so he could show off. The poor boy was like a child forced into being good during a long church service, just waiting for when he could get outside and go wild again. Justin suddenly appeared very constricted by his clothes and his need to be gentlemanlike. I was excited about the idea of seeing the man let his body completely cut loose. Justin sensed everything that was happening within me, and that gave him the strength and fuel to continue. He opened his eyes.

“So, when I lifted the guys about the sixth time my shirt just finally gave out. All the buttons were forced off by the increased size of my chest and the seams around my shoulders and arms were obliterated. Even my forearms and neck had ballooned up so much it caused the threads hanging on for dear life in those areas to give up and the shredded rag fell to the ground. It was the first time most of the men had ever seen me without any part of a shirt covering my torso. The camera was able to catch the looks on their faces and let me tell you it is like something out of a silent movie. Their reactions seem way over the top until you turn your gaze back to my massive body in the center – then you feel your own mouth and eyes going into the same kind of astonished look. When I watch the film now I can only think about how small I seem, but for that time in my development I was still fucking impressive – definitely bigger than all the other guys. I continued to lift the men for a hundred reps, until my body glistened in the sunlight. If you watch the footage closely you can see wet spots at the crotches of about five guys – my massiveness was just too much for their weak bodies. You can also see that my own crotch is saturated with pre-cum. Jed keeps licking his lips through all one hundred reps – it’s pretty funny.

“I’m shocked there weren’t thirteen sopping crotches.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true. I was still a little leery of letting the guys know how much I got off to them being thrilled by my body. I also think a bunch of the guys were okay with the competition, as long as it was focused on me growing – they still didn’t want to admit that they liked the end result of all the growth.”

“It’s still very impressive that your muscles caused them to shoot off like a cannon without touching themselves – straight or not.”

“Again, you say the nicest things. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“So with my hairy upper body all covered in sweat and no obvious sign of fatigue from having just lifted twelve men into the air for one hundred reps, Jed decided it was time to destroy my jeans. He merely barked out the one word order, ‘squats,’ and I lifted the beam into the air and then brought it down across my shoulders, behind my head. I then meticulously lowered my ass toward the ground, causing my blue jeans to snap apart at my thighs and calves because of the pressure from the hard bulging meat underneath. I went from wearing pants to something akin to a grass skirt made out of strips of cloth. The damn jeans shredded instantly from the huge muscles in my legs. When I went down for each squat after that first one my big muscle legs were revealed as the cloth fell to either side. My thighs were wider than some of the guys and my calves burst with what looked like the power of a Hummer. Jed described me as a morphed modern version of a mustached Tarzan. By this point all of the men were either panting really heavy or moaning out loud with each downward motion of the I-beam. I was also breathing hard, but not because of any strain caused to my body – no, I was just so fucking turned on by my own muscles and what I had just done that I started to edge to the point of bursting like an uncapped fireplug.”

“I’m amazed you lasted that long.”

“Well, what came next did, in fact, push me over the edge in some ways. Jed looked at my glistening body and my smiling face and said three unforeseen words that thrilled me beyond belief – ‘shake us off.’ It was a challenge, an invitation, and a compliment all wrapped up in one sentence. The man wanted me to end the day by showing all the other guys that they were no match for me – even as a combined unit. He wanted to cement my alpha-ness and my dominance over the entire group before we all parted. Jed also wanted it on film so he could review it in the future, over and over. I knew that there was no way I would not win this little challenge and I also knew I could have easily tossed the beam and the guys for a fucking huge distance, but both Jed and I wanted this to be a little more fun. It was like we connected on some unimagined power-lusting level and I was the only human that could carry out his secret desires. I lifted the beam above my head, pausing for a few minutes to stare at my incredibly large biceps – lusting after myself in a whole new way. I also took time to stare at Jed’s face intently – telling him with my eyes to hang on for dear life. I then began to shake the beam in my grip, slowly at first. The two guys on the ends immediately went flying off and were actually projected through the air pretty far, causing me to worry that I might have hurt them. I saw both of them immediately jump up and turn to watch what was coming next, so I knew they were okay. I then began to bounce the beam up and down while I still shook it back and forth. Some of the guys quickly wrapped both their arms and legs around the strip of metal, thinking this would prevent me from dislodging them.”

“But they were wrong.”

“Yeah, boss, they were wrong. I quickly sent seven other guys flying through the air with little effort. I had not even begun to use even half of my full strength, and I knew it. So Jed was one of the three remaining guys and I knew that he wanted to be the last one thrown off. I decided to reward him with that pleasure. I brought my arms up and down towards my chest quickly, which made the ends of the beam flop around like pencils would when we shook them hard as kids between two fingers. The force was too intense for the two guys further out on the beam than Jed and they finally had to let go. It was as easy for me as a majorette twirling a baton. I had a finale planned for Jed that would fuel his sexual exploits with his wife for the remainder of his life. I shook the beam back and forth in my arms, making Jed’s sweaty body slide to the end of the beam. By this time, all the guys were cheering for the sole survivor, but we all knew his departure from the beam was seconds away. Each man knew that I had total control of the situation. I tilted the side of the beam with him on it down until it was almost touching the ground. I then took my arm farthest from him and slammed the other end downward, stopping the upward motion of the beam with my other hand – like when someone jumps off a seesaw and the side with the person on it hits the ground quickly. The motion of the beam was basically stopped completely and abruptly by the power of my big arms. There was no way in hell that Jed could have held on through the tremendous motion and force caused by my actions. It’s still a miracle that the guy didn’t break any bones.”

“If this ends badly, Justin, please don’t continue.”

“Don’t worry, boss. Jed’s body was catapulted straight up into the air, like he had been shot straight out of a circus cannon. I immediately dropped the beam to the ground and moved under Jed’s cresting body. He seemed to go a little higher than the office building. He came down fast and hard, but I easily caught him and was careful to have a little give in my huge arms so it wouldn’t hurt his body. Jed’s face was a mixture of total fear and pure bliss. He had enjoyed the ride as much as it had scared the hell out of him. I held him in my arms like he was a bride being carried through a doorway and he looked up at me with deep gratitude. Don’t ask me what empowered me to do what came next, but I simply brought my face down to his and kissed his lips hard. It was a long passionate kiss and Jed did not hesitate to return the pleasure. I finally pulled my head away and put Jed’s unsteady body down on the ground. I knew instinctively that Jed was never going to leave his wife and that he really didn’t find me appealing in a sexual way, but I also realized that at that specific moment he would have done anything I had asked. I simply turned to the cheering group of men – who had merely chosen to ignore the victory kiss – and raised my arms in a triumphant pose. There were slaps on the back, handshakes of farewell, and then every man – encumbered by his raging hard-on – climbed into his truck or car and drove away from the site one last time. Jed and I were the last to leave. He stood beside me for the longest time, just staring at my chest and arms. He then shook his head, told me to keep growing, and looked at the I-beam one last time. He then grabbed the camera, got in his truck and drove away. The next day that monster truck you and I rode in to this restaurant was out in my driveway with a big red ribbon on it. There was also a note that simply said thanks for the thrills and thanks for saving my marriage. It wasn’t even signed.”

My moment to digest the ending of the story or to ask any questions was interrupted by the arrival of our food. By this time, both Justin and I were desperately in need of sustenance and a long break from what stories of his body did to our crotch area. I took a final gulp of my martini and handed the glass to the waiter. I was ready for wine, but I was most especially ready for some release for my aching cock. I saw Justin reaching beneath the table to do some major adjusting to what I’m sure was his equally stiff and aching dick.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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rolling is on a distinguished road
Wow. Fantastic.
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I love the idea of Justin's growth being a competition for his viewers. But who was in charge? Were the men controlling him or was he controlling them? It's hot, no matter what.
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OMG I know how Marcus is feeling right now, reading this is causing me some "major adjusting" I am in lust for this story. I can't wait to see where it goes, thanks so much for this chapter!
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Great new chapter. I am really loving this story.
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[So everyone knows that I'm into older men, then why am I so insanely turned on by Justin. I'm becoming a little obsessed. I need some time with a muscle therapist. Any analysis is greatly appreciated. I also hope you enjoy the continuation of this story.]
Apparently you haven't read my writer's commandments.
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Nothing in here about therapy...writing can be a catharsis...I'm glad to be along for the ride.
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The part about them growing and molding Justin was pretty hot, especially them ordering him not to shave.
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I just knew they were going to ravage each other---and then the food came! Great story. I cant wait until they go home and have dessert---each other?
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What fantastic imagery!!! Thanks!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Can you PLEASE create ten commandments for muscle worship. I think it would be so hot. Please put some effort into it. It would help authors so much. I loved the ten you shared for writers. I am now almost complete (minus a lot of internal juice, if you know what I mean). Thanks for the commandments.

(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I agree with LB, that is amazing stuff man.
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Reeza will become famous soon enough
How could anyone not be insanely turned on by Justin. This is really pushing every one of my buttons!
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