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Old September 25th, 2011, 12:19 PM
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Not In the Architect's Plans - Part Five

[Sorry, I know this chapter came too soon, but I'm just loving the characters and the story and had to share. I'll try to wait longer next time.]

“You don’t remember me, do you, Marcus?”

Justin’s question caught me off guard. I looked up from my menu with a blank face at first, but the serious stare that greeted me made me move to a response that showed confusion. We had been seated at what was the prime table, just as he had anticipated. We had ordered some pre-dinner drinks – mine was a martini and his was a double scotch. I had a feeling the big guy would have to drink an entire pitcher of alcohol to feel anything, so twice the amount of a normal glass was nothing. I guess I had anticipated him to continue his comment, but he remained silent.

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve met before, Marcus.”

“We have? Listen, I know I’m a little neurotic and older than you, but I think I’d . . . um . . . remember someone as remarkable as you. You’re not easily forgotten, you know.”

“Yeah, I get that. No, we definitely met. As a matter of fact I worked for you. You gave me my first job.”

“Listen, Justin, I’m sure you’ve got me confused with someone else. I haven’t hired a contractor in years and I certainly haven’t ever been around someone that takes up as much space in the world as you. You tend to dominate a room, sir. Come to think of it, you tend to dominate an entire city block.”

“You always say the nicest things, Marcus. Are you trying to get in my pants?”

“Maybe later, for now I’d settle for just under that tight shirt.”

“Well, the thing doesn’t really hide that much now, does it.”

As he spoke, Justin manipulated the muscles in his right pec in a way that caused the huge slab of beef to press out against the material and made the half-dollar sized dark circle of skin and the hard nipple pop out. I choked on the sip of martini that I had just swallowed. The fact that he could control his chest muscles in the same way most people worked their hand or arm had the kind of effect on me he hoped. I stared at the chest plug that was larger than my thumb and my mouth dropped open wide when I saw the behemoth maneuver his muscles so the nipple actually moved in and out. It was one of the most mind-boggling things I had ever seen, as if the thing were a cock being thrust forward and backward by a pair of hips. Justin teased me for a few seconds and then he directed his pec muscles to hide the man-nip behind his shirt again – leaving me to wonder if it had all been a dream. I continued to stare at the deep crevice and two mountains of meat revealed by the open shirt. We stayed silent for almost a minute. Justin was allowing me to recover from his masterful display.

“I was eighteen – fresh out of high school. Most people called me J. J. at the time. I was kind of a hellion in those days and my father forced me to get a job for the summer. I was a tall, skinny, awkward kid that used getting into trouble as my way of rebelling. Dad sent me with a friend of his to this kind of ‘open call’ for general workers needed for clearing a site for a new building. It seemed that this hot-shot architect was bucking the system by proving money could be saved on some tasks by using non-professionals for certain jobs.”

“The Ellis Building.”

“That’s the one. For some reason only about twenty guys showed up that day and you hired all of us – right there on the spot. You kind of walked up and down the line we were standing in, like you were a foxy older drill sergeant. I can remember it perfectly. You were wearing tight jeans, a light blue polo shirt, and loafers with no socks. I felt a tugging in your direction that I had never experienced before. I only remember it because when you got to me you stopped and looked me up and down. You then asked if I really wanted to be there or was I being forced to come by someone else. It was like you knew me or something. I was stunned and could only respond with a soft affirmation that I was there by my own choice. You smiled and told me not to work too hard.”

“I don’t remember this, Justin.”

“I’m not surprised, Marcus. It was only a brief few minutes and I wasn’t the person I am now. I was just some punk kid there for a job. But the way you treated me at that moment kind of stuck with me for some reason. I can remember how the shirt made your eyes pop and highlighted your dark hair. You didn’t view me as a troublemaker, like most adults, you treated me as an equal. For the three months we worked on the site, you went out of your way to be kind and respectful to all of us guys – but especially me. I’m sure you don’t remember, but you gave me your work gloves on the second day, since I didn’t have any. I still have them. They don’t fit anymore, cause I kind of changed a little since then – well, actually, I changed a lot.”

“I really don’t remember this. I mean I remember the work and the group of guys, but not much more. I’m really sorry, Justin.”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s fine. I . . . um . . . think you were a little pre-occupied at the time, anyway . . . with the job, you know, and . . . well with a certain guy . . .”

“Javier! Gosh, I haven’t thought of him in ages. What an asshole.”

“Yeah, I kind of gathered he was like that at the time. He’d come by the site a lot to borrow your car or money. Even the older guys I worked with couldn’t believe you were with someone like that – and the thought of two men disgusted most of them. They just liked you too much to see you waste your time with a guy they nicknamed ‘Miss Trash.’ We weren’t too kind, but it truly was because we liked working for you.”

“Well, truth be told, Javier was a hustler. I met him at the gym and his body seemed like perfection to a guy built like me. I hadn’t dated much, you see, and jumped at anything that showed me attention – especially someone built like Javier.”

“Yeah, that was obvious. I caught you two many times down by the tool shed while you were making out.”

“Oh geez, no. Tell me you didn’t.”

“Yep. It was really the first time I had ever seen two guys going at it. I was also surprised by how hot I found it to be. I especially liked all the pre-fucking fun you two would have – with Javier forcing you to worship his muscles. My cock would get hard-as-hell while I watched him slam your face into his biceps and order you to kiss it or when he’d force your hand up and down his abs and you’d moan. The best part was when he’d press your body between his and the wall of the shed. Sometimes you’d cum without even touching yourself.”

“Stop, please. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. It was a life changing few months for me. At first I thought I beat off watching because Javier’s body turned me on, as well, but then I noticed that I tended to watch you and your reactions the most during those little muscle-worship encounters. I could always tell by your face that you were lost in some fantasy world, which began with Javier’s body but went much deeper to some otherworld place. You were always so controlled and in charge when you told us what to do, but during those moments with Javier you would submit to him in a way that I found intoxicating. It hit me one day that I actually wanted to be Javier. I didn’t know it at the time, but there was an alpha inside of me that was begging to be released. My cockiness and hotheaded attitude that had gotten me into trouble as a teen was ready to be channeled into something more productive . . . something that would help me to have the same kind of screaming orgasms Javier had when you would do things like punch his hard abs or suck on his big pecs. I wanted my body to cause guys to shoot hard when I walked into a room – like the way you responded to Javier. But I also wanted to be respected – something that obviously didn’t matter to your little gym rat.”

My body was now officially in a state of total confusion. I was still beet red from knowing that Justin had watched my make out sessions with Javier, but I was also turned on from remembering kissing and sucking on the guy’s big body. This was all capped off by Justin’s juice-induced confession that I had somehow helped him want to be the muscle freak he had become. I didn’t know whether to change the subject, thank the big man for his story, or excuse myself to the bathroom for a quick wank-off session to my memories. My mind suddenly cleared and focused on really the only thing that truly interested me.

“And how, Justin, did you become this?”

“There’s where the story gets fun, Marcus. During those three months of hard outdoor labor I noticed that my body started responding to carrying rocks, shoveling, and other stuff. I couldn’t believe how different I looked with a golden tan, sun streaked hair, and muscles that began to harden. I had never worked out a day in my life and had previously made fun of any king of jock at my school. But something snapped inside of me one day when you walked by and complimented my body. It was a simple off handed remark to you, but to me it was what launched a thousand muscle ships within my mind. For a split second I felt like Javier – having won your approval just from wearing a tank top. My body was instantly infected with a mind virus that caused an unquenchable lust for muscle. I had an insatiable desire to impress the hell out of you – just by pumping my muscles to an unimaginable size.”

“I think you succeeded, Justin.”

I whispered my last comment. I was lost in a black hole of yearning for the big man sitting across the table. My hand slid to the napkin across my lap and I instantly felt a sticky spot at its center, where pre-cum had seeped through my pants. I’m sure if I had glanced down it would have looked like a magician’s wand was sticking up beneath the white cloth. I was starting to remember the kid named J.J. that had helped with the work all those summers ago, but those days were really so filled with Javier that I barely remembered anything else. Here I was, though, looking at a guy whose body was three times as big as Javier – and he was telling me that I was a large part of why he exploded his muscles to this size. I was totally lost in a world of lust, confusion, and amazement. Justin obviously sensed how his story was impacting me and he was not going to give me a moment to rest. It was like his goal was to make me have a canon-like explosion in my pants, which, in turn, would give him the same kind of release. His selfish desire for pleasure was intricately entwined with a longing to give me deep sexual satisfaction, as well. We were like identical twins that shared the same thoughts and feelings.

“I actually went home and cried after the last day of working for you, Marcus. It was like some part of my body had been removed and I would never get it back. There was a void that I couldn’t explain – just because I wouldn’t be near you every day. I kind of became a stalker at the time. I found out where you lived and drove by – a lot. I joined a gym near yours so I could sometimes watch you and Javier work out together.”

“Why didn’t you just join the same gym?”

“Your gym is for pretty boys, Marcus. I joined the Pit down the road. I needed to be around guys bigger than bulls. I wanted dumbbells that went way beyond the max at your spiffy sports club. I had to be around guys as hungry for size as I was – so they could help me fast track to monsterhood. The first time I walked into the Pit big men actually laughed at me. I had no idea what to do and there wasn’t a guy in the place that was going to help me. I think most of them thought I’d be gone in a couple of days, never to return. Even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done, Marcus, I forced myself to return to that Mecca of testosterone every day – even when I was so sore that I couldn’t move a finger. My desire for muscle became an obsession and my obsession became a lifestyle. Within one month I had gained about twenty-five pounds of hardness – enough to earn the respect of a few big regulars at the gym. They were so impressed with my determination and my quick gains that they took me under their wings and started training me. One guy, nicknamed Goliath, asked me one day who the fella was that caused me to work out so much. His question embarrassed me so that I couldn’t speak and almost ran out of the place, intending to never return. The behemoth put a big hand on my shoulder and told me something that fueled me on even more. He assured me that there wasn’t a guy at the Pit that didn’t work out to make other men full of lust. Even the straight ones, he added. He told me that every man that blasted his body into the size of Hulk or Hercules wanted other dudes to fall to their knees in adoration. It was simply part of being an alpha.”

I desperately needed Justin to shut up for a few seconds, but I also craved to hear more of his story. Surely the wet spot in my napkin now looked like a small lake. I could not remember a time when my body had produced so much pre-cum – or had I already shot off and not realized it? The hardness of my cock and the aching in my balls convinced me that I had not released the impending tsunami of my man-honey. I took a long gulp of my martini and bit into one of the cocktail onions to focus my attention away from Justin’s now heaving chest. It was pretty clear that telling me the story of his upgrade to a colossus he-man was thrilling him as much as me. The dude simply got juiced-as-hell knowing I got off on his body. This mutual reaction to each other’s uncontrollable lust for muscle was clearly going to give me a heart attack. I sucked on the two halves of onion in my mouth in hopes that the continued influx of alcohol might prevent me from turning over the table by thrusting it upward with a powerful discharge of cum.

“Goliath was the first guy I ever sucked off. It’s wild, though – I did it to please him, yes, but I also did it because I knew it was a rite of passage. He became my mentor after that and helped me to grow beyond my wildest dreams. I sucked him off regularly and began to think his cum was part of the secret to me getting so big. The guy was the straightest man I’ve ever met, but he just loved having another dude show his adoration by blowing his big cock. I remember on my twentieth birthday Goliath gave me the biggest compliment of my life up to that point. We moved into the storage room of the Pit – the place where we always carried out our little post workout fun – and he grabbed me as I started to go down on my knees and pull down his sweats. He didn’t say a word. He just looked at me and shook his head no. He then dropped to his knees, pulled down my sweat-soaked shorts, and put his warm mouth around my raging hard-on. I instantly shot the biggest load of my life down his throat. His actions caused me to feel like the most powerful man on earth – like Superman or something. It was tied intimately to the feelings I had encountered when I first saw you worshipping Javier two years earlier. The alpha inside of me was being released even more. When we were done Goliath stood up and told me that I had moved beyond him at this point and his submission to my cock was my passport to the next level. He added that I was going to be bigger than he ever dreamed and that he surrendered his dominance to me. It was the wildest feeling – the electricity that pulsed through my body, caused simply by his words. My still rock-hard cock started spewing all over again – simply because the big man submitted himself to me.

I held up my hand as a sign of ‘please pause’ to Justin. This made him break into that well-known killer smile. He knew I was on the brink of bursting like a weakened dam during a flood. I could see in his eyes that he toyed with the idea of pushing forward and causing me to detonate, but he mercifully waited and let my body pass through the sexual danger zone. I held up my martini glass to the waiter – the same one from earlier who was still rock hard, just like me – and he quickly understood I needed some fuel to make it through whatever wonderful torture the giant sitting across from me was dishing out. As soon as the martini was placed in front of me I moved my gaze from the bulge at the server’s crotch to his sympathetic face.

“If my friend here continues to abuse me with stories about his body, I’m going to need about ten of these, okay.”

“Yes sir. And can you please record the conversation on your phone. I’ll gladly give you a month’s worth of wages for a copy.”

The waiter winked at me, glanced over at Justin’s partly revealed mega chest, let out a medium loud whimper, and then quickly moved away from the table. His actions made Justin chuckle softly and then he took another sip of his third double scotch. I was beginning to calm down a little – allowing the alcohol to soothe my body from the lustful fire that was consuming it. I looked up at Justin and simply shook my head slightly, signaling that he could continue.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m fine, Justin.”

“I was thrilled by Goliath’s birthday gift to me, but I was depressed by the thought that I wouldn’t be trained by him anymore. He quickly assured me that we would continue to work out together, but that I was about to zoom past him in the amount of weight I could lift and in the size of our bodies. I laughed at the suggestion and then he told me to get dressed and we went to the locker room. Once we were there we moved in front of a full-length mirror and he told me to take off my shirt. Well, he actually had to help me pull it off – what should have been a first clue to what was coming – and then we stood beside each other. We both flexed our big guns and my mouth dropped open when I looked at our reflection. I had been so focused on working out and doing what Goliath ordered that I had completely missed how my body was responding to my obsessive sessions. My mentor had told me to never measure myself – saying it was like checking every day on how your stocks are doing in the market. It was better, he said; if you waited patiently and just let things surprise you. I had decided to wait until Goliath told me I could do anything. I looked in the mirror and saw that my biceps were not inches thicker than his – something I never thought would happen. I was also shocked to see that I had continued to grow taller – even at that age. My head was not much higher than Goliath’s – and he was one of the tallest guys in the place. I knew instinctively that my shoulders had become extremely wide, but it wasn’t until I compared them to the guy that used to be what I would have called my master and saw that they now dwarfed him, that I began to actually feel huge. Goliath told me I was at the beginning of what he called the ‘super nova.’ I was about to pack on meat the same way a field of rabbits multiplied after a fuck fest.”

I smiled at his description. And even though I was gazing at the product of that growth, I could imagine the already huge Justin staring at himself in the mirror and getting a powerful surge to his crotch area as he contemplated bulking up even more. I tried to imagine what it must feel like inside to be bigger than most men and then to realize you were going to continue to get even larger. If you’re already the alpha what is it you become – the super alpha, the daddy alpha, the alpha’s alpha, or was there some word that I didn’t even know. I still didn’t fully remember a kid named J.J. – but knowing that some skinny young adult had become this mammoth beast over a few short years excited me beyond belief.

“I gained a mind-blowing hundred and thirty pounds in a year Marcus and I quickly moved to lifting twice as much weight as Goliath. He would simply shake his head in disbelief and say that he’d never seen anything like me before. He nicknamed me ‘Gargantuan’ and helped me see that I had even moved beyond the Pit. That was the place where all the biggest fuckers trained and I had outgrown it. Let me tell you, I beat off thinking about that fact many, many times. It was fucking fantastic to know that the Pit’s biggest set of weights couldn’t give me a solid workout anymore. Goliath hooked me up with a guy at a scrap metal yard and I was able to have some personalized weights made so I could continue to grow. I guess you’ve figure out by now that I’ve moved on to things like bulldozers and huge chunks of concrete, since they’re the only things that give me any good resistance. Here’s the fucking best part of the story, Marcus. I’m still growing.”

My body froze. I’m pretty sure my heart even stopped beating for a few seconds. It was a good thing that all body functions actually shut down for a little while or I would have spewed out every part of my insides through the tiny opening of my engorged cock - with only one massive jerk of my entire frame. I’m sure I would have died instantly – no man could live through that kind of explosive orgasm. But, instead, I just completely froze for a while. The biggest man I had ever seen in my entire life – a guy that made every competitor on the strongman competitions I beat off to on ESPN look small and weak – had just told me he was still going to get bigger. I also figured that meant he was going to continue to get stronger. My vision suddenly blurred and then everything went black.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Great chapter! Many thanks!


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Good to see a little bit more about Justin's former life, very nice back story! I have to wonder how he's going to shock us next!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Thanks for taking the time to give us a treat a little early.
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I'm also glad that you're taking your time with all the build-up and flirting. In stories and in real-life, I find that more exciting and more arousing than actual sex. This chapter finally was too much for me. I look forward to more!

And don't worry about posting them "too fast"...we'll take all you can give!
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Great flirting & revelations!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Best chapter yet! I love the deep background-- it makes the story so much richer.
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[Sorry, I know this chapter came too soon, but I'm just loving the characters and the story and had to share. I'll try to wait longer next time.]
Is anyone complaining? Didn't think so. You let your muse strike as often as you want and post chapters as soon as you want. No one will cry foul and if they do...well we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I'll let Justin handle that one.
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Memorex, you made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
I LOVE the muscle growth back story! THAT's what I love about these types of stories - how they became HYOOGE!

Keep up the good work keeping us up.... night reading this of course! What did you think I meant?

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It's rare to have a backstory in a story. And I love it. It fills in the motivation of Justin and begins to reveal his desire for Marcus. Now I have to wait for part 6 for more! Thanks.
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