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Old September 23rd, 2011, 06:46 PM
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Not In the Architect's Plans - Part Four

[Call me a tease if you must, but I'm having fun. I hope this story continues to create the same kind of feeling for others.]

Within three minutes of pulling out of my driveway the cab of Justin’s truck was hotter than a small sauna full of twenty sweaty men. It was a due a little to the fact the big guy didn’t have the air conditioning on, but it was mostly because of the testosterone-laden heat his muscles seemed to emit constantly. I glanced over and saw tiny beads of sweat gathering on the stubble above his upper lip and on his bushy sideburns. My mouth instantly started watering because I longed to lick the gorgeous salty perspiration off of his face. The heat seemed to suddenly intensify when I gazed at his beefy arm holding the steering wheel. The black sleeve seemed to try and cover something as thick as a telephone pole or wider. I gawked at the biceps bunching up under the thin fabric – bursting clearly into a well-defined split mountain of muscle. My body shook as I beheld the watermelon-sized bulge.

“It’s gettin’ hotter than hell in here, Marcus, and I like it. It just proves that’s there’s a fucking inferno of lust between us right now. I bet there’s a bunch of sweat sliding down between your beautiful ass cheeks – caused just by the fact that you’re sitting so close to me. I know I’m right, boss. What I wouldn’t give to lap it up with my big tongue right now.”

To emphasize his point he turned to me and opened his mouth, allowing the large licking beast to taunt me by flopping up and down with a heavy slurping sound. I have no idea why something so juvenile would turn me on so much, but my cock twitched hard at my crotch. It was clear that Justin was toying with me - like I was a tiny mouse and he was the giant cat that had me by the tail. I turned my face so I was looking out the front window – thinking that if I didn’t see the huge guy I wouldn’t be so turned on. I was stupid, though, because his body filled up so much of the space in the truck that I could actually feel the heat emanating from his right leg, his right arm and his right shoulder. It seemed that he was as hot as a roaring fire and I was a little piece of kindling that was about to burst into flames.

“You think you can make it to the restaurant without jumping my big body, Marcus?”

I loved his cockiness, more than he could possibly know – but I also knew how to play the game. I was sure I had more wisdom from being older and could flirt equally – even with a guy as big and strong as Justin. I found some hidden inner stamina and turned to smile at the inviting face of my truck mate.

“You think you can make it to the restaurant without sticking your hand underneath me and grabbing my ass, big guy?”

This shut Justin up immediately – for the second time that day. I could see he was caught off guard by my response and it was evident that he was debating whether to take me up on the dare or not. His hand tightened on the steering wheel - causing his biceps to bulge more - so he wouldn’t actually reach over to grab my ass. There was a slight dip in the man’s confidence and I decided to go in for the kill.

“Or maybe you’d like me to lick off some of that manly sweat that’s gathering above your upper lip?”

This comment caused the big man to visibly shake. His entire frame vibrated and it became his turn to look out the front window, hoping to avoid being pushed closer to the erotic edge we were dancing so near. I loved it when I was able make him go silent for a brief moment – it emphasized that the muscular man was human. Even big, strong Justin had some weaknesses – and one of them was not being able to control his manly urges. I had a feeling that if I had poured on the teasing even more I would have either caused a wreck because he would have let go of the wheel and jump me or he would have pulled over and slid beneath the truck to crank out a hundred push-ups to work off some of the sexual tension. As fun as watching him press the big truck into the air on his back sounded, I knew better than to push the big guy beyond the point of self-control. There was no telling what he might do – especially when he was completely unrestrained.

“That’s an evil grin there, Marcus. What are you thinking?”

“Oh, just how fun it would be to see you do a few push ups with this big truck resting across your back.”

Justin’s eyes grew wider and his lips parted a little as he contemplated what I had been imagining. I could see my fantasies turned him on, as well. His desire to show off and be noticed was equal to my wish to see his body in action. We were definitely “made for each other” in that sense. He stared at me a little too long. I began to get nervous we’d hit a car in front of us.

“Watch the road there, big guy.”

He remained silent, nodded his head, and then turned to face the road. At this point the heat had gotten too unbearable and the windows were now becoming very foggy. I reached over and rolled my window down a little. The cool air immediately registered at all the parts of my body that were damp from sweat – my underarms, my back, and all around my raging hard on. Justin hit his window button, as well, and the cross winds kicked in as soon as his side was opened.

“I think it’s better if we cool things down a little.”

“Me too, Marcus, me too. I also . . . um . . . think that you’re a big old muscle whore, aren’t you?”

“And what if I am, Justin? Would that be a bad thing?”

“Hell no! It would turn me on a hundred times more than I am already if I knew you liked watching what big muscles can do.”

“You mean maybe like, I don’t know, shoving a bulldozer around as if it were a toy or manipulating metal and concrete with just a pinkie?”

My question - and the fact that I named two feats of strength performed by him – obviously made the big man very happy. He already knew I was a strength junkie – he was just trying to get me to admit it and compliment him at the same time. I decided to only partially satisfy him, choosing to prolong the fun by not talking directly about the fantasies involving his big body that filled my head. I was having too much fun building the pressure in both of our fully hard cocks. I egged him on even further.

“Or maybe you mean something like bending the sides of horseshoes together with one hand – which is just a simple thing somebody mentioned a while back. Yeah, things like that make my juices boil.”

Justin’s big hands tightened on the steering wheel. The man was steadying his ready-to-burst body. He took a deep breath and then released it slowly – needing to repeat the process three times. I had a feeling that if I reached over and gave his hard nipple, which was causing his shirt to poke out from his huge pec, a strong tweak, the poor guy could have filled a keg with the release of cum that was presently being held back. I was definitely impressed with the guy’s stamina when it came to delaying gratification. Come to think of it, I was proud of myself, as well.

My self-congratulatory moment was interrupted because we pulled into the lane for valet parking at Chez Marie. I giggled to myself as I watched one of the young guys step off the curb to walk around to Justin’s door, since only the very top of his head was visible over the big truck’s hood. All I saw out of Justin’s window was a hand reaching up to grab the handle. I looked out my own window and saw that the guy on my side actually had to jump up to open my door. It took him two tries to do it. Justin stepped out of the truck, his huge body causing the valet worker’s mouth to drop open wide. My own door was opened and I looked at how far the ground was from the seat, knowing instantly it was best to wait for Justin to come around.

“Here, little man, let me help you.”

I looked back across the cab of the truck and saw that Justin was lifting the worker into the truck by grabbing him at the waist and easily placing him on the seat. The bigger man then reached down to push the lever to pull the seat all the way forward, but I noticed the guy still would have to slump in the seat to reach the pedals. Justin shut the door, knowing the guy might not be able to get hold of the handle from where he sat. Justin then walked around and lifted me to the ground with one hand placed under my ass. I kind of stepped off his palm onto the curb. A crowd of people on the sidewalk had stopped to stare at the hugeness of Justin – probably not even noticing the monster truck because they couldn’t take their eyes off of the monstrous man in front of it.

“Thanks, Justin. I might have sprained an ankle from the distance up there.”

I said the comment a little loud just to antagonize the row of valet guys. I had already noticed that the four men had raging hard-ons from watching Justin so intently. Justin immediately picked up on the fact that I wanted to help him torture the men – so he joined in on the fun.

“Sure thing, boss. Want me to carry you inside? It wouldn’t be a problem. You’re really light.”

“No, thank you. That won’t be necessary. I should probably get some exercise. I might get you to carry me out, though. Hey, maybe those guys would like to see what it’s like to be lifted.”

I winked at the four men standing near us. They all had their hands covering their crotches, embarrassed by their uncontrollable reaction to Justin’s muscles. I immediately saw a mixture of excitement, lust, and a little fear in their faces after my suggestion. I turned to look at Justin and his face was lit up like a Christmas tree. He was ready to thrill me in whatever way I desired. He walked over to the line of guys and reached his huge arms out, pulling the group into one jumbled clump. Justin clamped his right hand on his left forearm and squeezed tightly. I heard a gush of air forced out of every man’s mouth from the strength of the big guy’s arms. Without any struggle and without even bending his legs a little big, Justin stood back up and easily took the four hefty bodies into the air. There was a chorus of moans from the gentlemen dangling off the ground and I knew there were also four simultaneous orgasms. The sweet smell of semen floated quickly by – carried on the evening breeze. Justin shook his arms up and down, making the bodies of the men flop around. It was as if he were trying to force out every last drop of cum from their bodies. He then lowered his arms and returned them to the ground. After the big man backed away, the guys did not separate. I think they needed each other’s support to remain standing. They were all smiling broadly and staring at Justin in a way that reminded me of how children gawk at the size and power of elephants at the circus.

“Have a good night, guys. Shall we go in, boss?”

“Please, Justin.”

I glanced back at the men right before I stepped into the restaurant and I could see that they were continuing to stare at Justin, watching every move of his huge body. They were now under the big man’s spell in very much the same way as me. The loudness of the street disappeared as soon as we stepped into the impeccably designed lobby of Chez Marie and shut the door. When Justin moved into the restaurant he placed his big body directly behind mine. I could sense that his chin was inches above my head and that his chest and shoulders fanned out behind my own upper body as if I were a skinny eleven-year-old standing in front of his large father. Justin pressed the front of his body into mine – causing me to feel both his humongous chest against my shoulders and his hard cock against my ass. So, lifting the four men outside had made the big guy shoot stiffer than a lead pipe – or had his dick responded to my reaction? Was the thick-as-hell rock solid piece of man meat pressing my slacks far into my butt crack a little note telling me how much Justin loved showing off? I had a feeing the answer was yes. I squeezed my cheeks together – failing to even dent the hardness of his cock, but my action caused the big guy to purr loudly like a huge mountain lion. An extremely handsome host – a guy with the kind of looks that stops traffic when he walks down the street, interrupted our little pornographic moment.

“Good evening, Mr. Bradley. How are you? Thank you for coming to Chez Marie. I have your table ready immediately.”

“How the hell did you know it was me?”

I was caught off guard by Justin’s question. I had assumed the host knew him because the big man came here all the time. It suddenly dawned on me that this might be the first time Justin had ever been to Chez Marie. That might have explained the shocked looks on the valet guys’ faces. I continued to squeeze my ass around the log pressing into me.

“If you’ll permit me, Mr. Bradley, Chef Thomas told me to expect the – and I quote – biggest fucker I’ve ever seen when you came in. I must say, though, his warning didn’t do your size justice.”

The host was bright red. He was so immediately taken with Justin that he didn’t care what he was saying. I was sure the guy’s cock was as hard as the big man behind me, but the podium between us prevented me from getting a glimpse of his crotch. I just marveled at how this beautiful man fell under the Justin spell so quickly. The host was a consummate professional, though, because he glanced at me and smiled. He was actually able to remove his gaze from the monstrous body behind me. I was impressed.

“How are you, sir?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“This way, gentlemen.”

And with that the model – with a host job - stepped away from the restaurant desk. I quickly glanced down and was rewarded by seeing the man’s prick causing his pants to stick straight out. I saw it before the man’s body was beyond the side of the stand. It was like a cartoon – you saw his cock for a few seconds before you saw the rest of him. Justin’s own hardness twitched between my ass cheeks and that was a sure sign he noticed the host’s full-mast salute, as well. It was such a fun thing to realize that Justin got off on people admiring, lusting after, or drooling over his big body. I shoved my crotch backwards and squeezed my ass cheeks as tight as I could at the same time. I wanted Justin to know how much he turned me on – and how hot it was to know that other men responded to him in the same way. Justin clearly got my message. He actually moaned pretty loudly and then pulled his body from mine immediately.

“Are you trying to cause a tidal-wave-sized ejaculation, Marcus?”

He spoke a little too loudly, causing the host and a waiter passing by to turn and look at us. I’m sure my face shot dark red with embarrassment. I moved a few steps away from Justin, allowing the two other men to get their first glance of both Justin’s full muscled body and the large fire hydrant in his pants. Both the host and the waiter stopped in their tracks and sucked in air at the same time. I looked quickly at Justin and saw that, once again, the giant head of his dick was poking out from his khakis and his black shirt highlighted it perfectly. Our shocked faces made Justin look down and immediately reach over with a big paw to shove the huge mushroom head back into his pants.

“Sorry guys, it’s just that Marcus, here, causes me to lose control. He’s just so fucking cute.”

Justin’s words caused both the host and the waiter to turn and look at me with faces that were full of envy and awe. I could tell that both men would have sold their souls to be in my shoes, but they also wanted to send me a “good for you” message. The waiter finally forced himself to move back into action, but I had a feeling he was immediately going to negotiate with someone to make sure he could wait on our table. The host finally exhaled loudly and returned to his task.

“Right this way, gentlemen.”

We followed our guide into the beautiful restaurant. I began to wonder if I would make it through dinner without fainting again or shooting the biggest wad of cum ever into my underwear. It gave me great satisfaction to know that Justin was worrying about the same thing.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old September 23rd, 2011, 07:15 PM
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A great way to kick off the weekend after a craptastic week. Thanks a bunch!
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Old September 23rd, 2011, 09:15 PM
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I love it when you make a huge guy weak in the knees because of a cute small guy, especially if that huge guy is super strong and loves to show off to impress the little cute guy. You just rule at this kind of story! Can't wait for more!
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Old September 24th, 2011, 09:27 AM
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Wow. Nice, Londonboy. I have to admit that my favorite French restaurant in the world was my mental setting for this episode. Loving every second of this one! The flirting is the best. I cannot wait to read about their table conversation and what might "come up" under the table as well...
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This is getting really interesting for another reason: we don't know much at all about Marcus. He is clearly in his late 30's or early 40s, but not much more, for him to (1) have the rep he does, and (2) have had time to trash his health with overwork.

He's fit enough, but thin, possibly a runner's build but apparently not into lifting. Looks good naked. Probably fairly well hung, and undoubtedly handsome. Can project confidence and command to run construction, but as an architect/builder.

Other than that he has no description. Hair, eyes, precise height, coloring, race even, though he's probably white - it would have been notable otherwise.

Which works to let the reader do a fantasy self-insert for a fairly large cross-section of readers, so it might work well if he isn't described.

But if it doesn't work in story, it would be interesting to know when it's over, what does Marcus look like, especially through the admiring eyes of giant Justin.
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