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Old September 15th, 2011, 07:28 PM
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Not in the Architect's Plans - Part Three

[Sorry, good people, I'm in the mood for heavy flirting and intense foreplay. If that's not your kind of thing, don't read on. I'm having too much fun developing the budding relationship in this story to move on too quickly. I hope you enjoy.]

It didn’t dawn on me that Justin already knew where I lived until around ten minutes before he was scheduled to arrive. It was a little creepy to think that someone so big and strong knew intimate stuff about me and I knew very little about him. I heard his truck while he was probably still two blocks away. It seemed his ride had a similar personality – big, confident, and extroverted. My mid-sized Santa Monica home actually shook when he pulled into the driveway. I’m sure some of the neighbors were immediately up and locking their doors - fearful that the quiet suburb, with its neatly trimmed lawns, was being overrun by hooligans. I did find some satisfaction in knowing I would be viewed differently tomorrow by the older couples that lived on either side of me. Who knows, they might even become a little scared of me, because of my connection to the giant getting out of the loud vehicle. My enjoyment of the moment quickly ended when I heard two long blasts of the truck’s horn. I could not believe I was about to go to dinner with a gentleman that honked his horn when he arrived. I was suddenly filled with indignation and refused to move from my chair in the den. There was a slight pause and then came three long blasts of the horn. I quickly dug the cell phone out of my pocket and hit a number in my ‘recent calls’ queue.

“Yo, Marcus. I’m here. I honked a few times. Didn’t you hear me?”

There was no hello or even a how are you. The man just jumped into a conversation, as if we had just finished speaking seconds ago. I realized at that moment he already had me programmed in his phone – since he knew who was calling. I was slightly flattered, but still ticked off at the honking. He might have been stronger than an ox, but Justin still had to treat me with respect.

“Yes, well Justin you might as well learn this now – I don’t respond to car horns.”

“That’s good, cause this ain’t a car! It’s a fucking monstuh truck!”

I could tell he was smiling as he said it. I could also see he was totally missing the point. I remembered what Andrea had told me earlier, that Justin did not know how to woo someone. He assumed, because of his size and good looks, that everyone jumped at any wish or command he uttered. I suddenly felt older and wiser than the big man. I decided that I would help teach him some manners. It would be my gift to the boy.

“Yes well, I don’t respond to any horns, unless I am in danger of being hit by a moving vehicle. If you are here to take me to dinner, Justin, then please come to the door like any normal gentleman.”

There was a pause. I was astounded that the guy didn’t shoot a smart aleck response back immediately. I began to think I might have made Justin angry and he had said I wouldn’t like him when he was angry. That thought was interrupted by a heavy loud knock on my front door. The sound echoed throughout my entire house and made me jump out of the chair. I dropped my phone as I quickly made a beeline to the front hall. I threw open the door as if I was worried that if I kept the man waiting for even a second I would be in trouble. I had no idea why Justin caused this kind of reaction in me. I stopped dead in my tracks when I gazed on all of his hugeness – reacting like it was the first time I had ever seen him. The big man was wearing a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to mid arm – a look that emphasized his bulging forearms even more than usual. The shirt was also unbuttoned half way, giving me and anyone else a view of the deep crevice between his hairy pecs. It was also clear that the main reason the buttons were undone was because his chest was too packed with muscle that it prevented the material from actually meeting in the center. He was wearing khakis that were so tight I could actually see the outline of veins running down his giant thighs – they were seriously sticking up through the fabric. I could also see the bulging vein running the length of his fat long cock, which stretched pretty far down his right leg even though it was obviously flaccid. I forced my gaze upward, not wanting to be rude by gawking at his inviting package. The guy had his right forearm propped against the space above the door so the frame highlighted his beautiful chest perfectly, even though his shoulders stuck out much wider. He was slightly bent over in order to get his head low enough to see me.

“Sorry about the honking, Marcus. I’m not used to dating classy men. Hell, I’m just used to seeing a guy I like, throwing him over my shoulder, and then taking him home. I’ll try to do better.”

There was no sarcasm in his words. I could tell he was sincere. This moved me in a way I had not anticipated. I could actually see that the big man was somewhat vulnerable or, at least, inexperienced in some areas. I had a feeling that I was the first man to ever ask him to come to the door. I might have been the first man to ever ask him to do anything. I saw in his demeanor the hope that his actions had pleased me. I knew I needed to affirm him in some way or, at least, give him a chance to take the lead again.

“Well, I’m sure it’s a lesson learned, Justin. I’m quite sure, as well, there might be many things that you can teach me.”

“Sure there is, like how to bend a horseshoe with one hand.”

Now the teasing Justin had returned. He had a big grin on his face and held out his left hand and acted like he was squeezing something with his long thick fingers. It was clear that a horseshoe could easily fit in his palm and I instantly knew those strong fingers could crush the steel without any problem. My mouth dropped open and I watched his forearm bust out into mounds of muscle as he tensed and un-tensed his fist. It looked like a chunk of breathing steel.

“There’s nothing like demolishing metal to get your juices flowing, Marcus.”

“I think mine are already flowing fine - just from thinking about it, Justin.”

I spoke softly and without thinking. His thick-as-hell lower arm mesmerized me. I reacted like I was Pavlov’s dog and the bell that caused me to salivate was Justin’s muscles. It was clear the big man knew he had me in his strong grip, so to speak. I might have taught him an important lesson about manners and how to pick up a date, but the cards were stacked in his favor from the get-go. He was just too huge to not receive the admiration and obedience of pretty much everyone around him. It was a combination of awe, lust, and fascination that caused my attraction to the man. Justin was obviously very powerful, but there was something akin to innocence that registered just beneath his mega muscled surface. The natural confidence, caused simply by being so big and strong, was mixed with something my mother often described by saying “he’s a good old boy.”

“You gonna stare at my body all evening, Marcus, or are you going to invite me in?”

His words snapped me out of my zombie-like focus of his forearm. He now had his fist closed tight and was twisting the arm to make the heavy veins pop out even more. It was evident he was toying with me. It was also very obvious he loved the attention. I glanced down at the python in his pants and noticed it was slithering down his leg even further. Justin had told me he got turned on when people gawked at his body and the proof was in the growing hardness I now gazed upon.

“Earth to Marcus. It’s not polite to stare at a guy like you’re undressing him. It degrades me to just a side of beef.”

“A helluva lot more than just a side, if you ask me! You’re bigger than a bull.”

My quick response – again, caused by my most basic instincts – made the big man laugh out loud. It was his now all too familiar booming guffaw. It pleased me on some unknown level to make the giant react that way. I had regained enough self-control to step back and hold out my hand in the direction of the hallway, inviting him in. Justin stepped through, having to duck and turn sideways to come in the door. Once inside, he remained close to me. My line of vision was perfectly even with his huge protruding chest. I resisted the urge to bury my face in the exposed valley between his hairy pecs, but I became lost again as I stared at the slabs of muscle before me. To tease me mercilessly, Justin slowly rolled his right pec upward and then followed it with his left. It was like an early part of a porn video set on slow motion so the watcher could get the full effect. I actually made a whimpering sound as my eyes followed the bouncing meat. To emphasize the incredible control he had over his muscles, Justin finished the little show by bouncing both of his pectorals up and down quickly and then he squeezed them together, causing one of his large dark fur-covered nipples to peak out from behind the side of his shirt. My upper body started leaning in toward his monstrous body and my tongue slid out across my lower lip. I had only one thought on my mind – to taste one of his beefy man-plugs. My upcoming tasty reward was interrupted, however, when Justin snaked past me and walked into the large open living room.

“You’ve done an amazing remodeling job on this place, Marcus. I like how you busted out a few walls and enlarged the windows to give this place a lot more size and light.”

It was impressive that the guy was so good at his work that he could easily tell how I had improved the forty-year-old Santa Monica home. My momentary hypnosis caused by his huge chest ended and I was able to respond to him in a coherent way. I reached into my pocket to adjust the raging hard-on in my briefs. I then turned to face my guest.

“You have a good eye, Justin. I wanted to make the place a little more livable and needed it to be a house that flowed well for parties.”

“It’s pretty big for one person.”

We looked at each other. There was a crap load of unspoken words behind what he said. Justin’s forwardness continued to catch me off guard. His face slowly beamed with a knowing smile. I decided to equal his boldness.

“For a normal guy like me it’s pretty big, but it must seem small to someone as large as you.”

My plan worked. We stood there in silence, since I had caught him off guard. An entire city’s worth of electricity seemed to be flowing between us. The size of my smile equaled his and I saw a glimmer of appreciation in his eyes. It seemed that Justin enjoyed it when I was bold, too.

“True. It’s kinda fun to always be able to reach up and easily touch most ceilings.”

He was now in full teasing mode. He brought one of his huge palms up and placed it flat against the high ceiling in the room. His arm was still mostly bent. I could see the humongous biceps stretching the material of his sleeve. I was completely hard as I watched the giant show off. His height and size were simply amazing.

“Still, Marcus, the place seems mighty comfortable – even for a guy as big as me. But just for the record, do you . . . um . . . like big things?”

It was the first time I had heard the man fumble for words. He was always so confident. It warmed my heart and caused the old ticker to beat faster. We were now moving into full-speed ahead flirting and I loved it. Justin lowered his arm and stood there staring at me, not even blinking. I intended on keeping up with him perfectly.

“My motto has always been there’s no such thing as too big, Justin.”

I watched the huge man swallow hard. This made me smile more. I also saw, in my peripheral vision that his pants leg was getting tighter due to the hardening of his oversized dick. I decided to push it even further.

“I also like squeezing big things into small places. You know, trying to see if the tightness can create more pleasure. Like fitting a large armoire into a cute little corner of the room. Sometimes having something small surrounding something really big helps to highlight the size, if you know what I mean.”

“I think . . . I uh . . . I know what you mean.”

“And you Justin, do you like small tight things?”

“More than you could ever know, bud. More than you could ever know.”

“Oh, I think there are some things you couldn’t hide even if your life depended on it. Sometimes the downside of big things is that they have a hard time being subtle – you know?”

“Yes, I find it hard . . . to avoid being noticed sometimes . . . well really, all the time.”

“Hard being the operative word, right Justin.”

I glanced down at the stiff cock snaking down his leg and then back up to his face. I noticed he was blushing. I remembered Andrea saying the big guy never blushed – but here he was a dark red and that made me extremely happy. I somehow knew, however, that I could not pursue this line of conversation any further. I instinctively gathered it was fine to still flirt – and flirt hard – but I should not draw attention to his hardening dick any more. It was off limits for right now – but I fully sensed that I would be able to return to the big log in more ways than one in the near future. I could see that it would be a two handed job – and there would still be lots of meat left over. I decided to follow my intuition, but I didn’t ease up completely.

“So, would you like to see the master bedroom?”

“Umm, maybe . . . another time . . . if that would be okay, Marcus. Our reservation is for eight.”

“Sure, that’s fine. Where are you taking me?”

“Chez Marie.”

“Right, Justin, where are we really going?”

“Chez Marie, I promise.”

“That place is so hip that you have to make reservations four months in advance. There’s no way you got us in there. Where are we really going?”

“You just don’t get it, do you Marcus. I may not be the savviest person you know and I might not use all the fancy words you do – but I do have some pull in this town. I’m pretty well known believe it or not. I called over this afternoon and Chef Thomas was happy to accommodate us. Truth be told, I built his house in Pasadena. We finished about a month early so he likes me a lot. I think we’re going to have a pretty nice table.”

I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say and I could not believe this tough muscleman had been able to get us into the hottest restaurant in town. I also immediately felt like changing my clothes. Chez Marie was what I called a swanky place. I looked down at my dress shirt and slacks – a move that was not missed by big Justin.

“You look fine, dude. I promise. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing. I have a feeling you’d look gorgeous even nude . . . maybe especially nude.”

It was my turn to shoot bright red. I could feel my neck go flush and then it traveled up my face. This made Justin chuckle. I didn’t know where to let my gaze land – I didn’t want to stare at him for too long, in fear that he would know he had really embarrassed me, but I also didn’t want to totally ignore his comment. I decided to try and top his comment, in order to even the playing field.

“I look good nude . . . really good – as long as I’m not standing anywhere near you.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

“Because it would be like comparing a toothpick to a redwood.”

The big man laughed out loud for the umpteenth time. Again, I was pleased with myself because I was able to entertain him so well. His whole frame shook hard and I loved watching his heavy pecs bounce up and down beneath his tight dress shirt. The man had a chest that would make any person’s mouth water instantly. When the big mass moved up and down it was even more impressive. He finally stopped laughing and looked at me intently.

“If you’re wanting to clean between teeth a redwood ain’t very handy. Sometimes a toothpick is just what the dentist ordered. I happen to like toothpicks. Especially the way they feel in my mouth.”

Again, we stared at each other in silence. I swear I could feel his heart pounding and sending vibrations through the floor even though he was a few feet away. His chest was heaving up and down; clearly I made him breathe as hard as he made me. The intense look in the big man’s eyes made me suddenly feel very vulnerable. He looked like a wild stallion about to charge. I had a strange feeling that if I made even the slightest seductive action toward the giant he would pounce on me – unable to curb his animalistic sexual desires. The room suddenly became ten degrees warmer. It was evident that Justin wanted me in a very big way – something my body registered on some subconscious level. It was the same uncontrollable urge that was making every fiber of my body need him in a way that could not be explained. My gaze must have been just as powerful as his, since he suddenly took two strong steps toward me – as if he could not control himself any longer. His monster chest heaved up into the air and the man tightened both of his fists. His entire body seemed to turn to steel in seconds. I could tell his muscles were unbelievably hard and veins popped out everywhere. He said nothing. His breathing was loud and I could see his jaw clamping together tightly. None of this made me fearful, even in the slightest way – instead, it turned me on beyond belief. I pulled in my bottom lip and tucked it under my upper teeth, biting down hard. My cock was pressing my slacks out at the crotch like some kind of obscenely covered divining rod. The room was super charged with a sexual energy that was as palpable as a room full of pounding bass drums. Justin finally spoke, but it was through gritted teeth and it was basically a strong whisper.

“I have never wanted anything more than you, Marcus. I would shoot off like a rocket if you told me to – right here, right now, without even touching myself.”

I couldn’t tell if he was showing off or begging me for release. It suddenly dawned on me it was just a warning. Justin was sharing with me exactly how I affected his powerful body – it was that simple. It was probably the most sincere thing he had ever said in his entire life. I knew instantly that I would not will his body into ejaculation; it was too soon for that part of our budding relationship to take place. I wanted the man equally, but I also wanted to get to know him on a deeper level. I wanted to slow down the speeding train that was our mutual attraction – even if it took ten minutes of silence to calm my aching cock. I chose humor to bring us both back down to earth.

“Surely you desire a thick juicy steak from Chez Marie more than little old me, Justin.”

His face slowly beamed with a big smile. He knew exactly what I was doing. I watched as his tight fists slowly opened and his huge body became relaxed. His giant cock, however, stayed at full attention – throbbing through his pants as blood pumped in and out of the thing. He finally returned to the once again calm Justin of before.

“It will have to do for now, Marcus, but I think I’d like something else that’s thick and juicy. I hope you get my drift.”

“As you said earlier Justin, it’s hard for something or someone so big to be subtle – I understand completely. I, however, don’t want to waste my one chance to eat at Chez Marie.”

“I think there will be many more chances, Mr. Wright. We can eat there every night if you want. I promise I’d make it happen.”

It was now clear to me that he meant what he said – and that he could make good on his word. It was a little unnerving to be around a guy so confident and obviously so powerful. At the same time, though, it was comforting and hot as hell. I shook my head back and forth.

“Let’s just save it for special occasions, shall we?”

He nodded his head in agreement. I held out my hand toward the front door and let him walk ahead of me. After he passed I immediately looked down at his perfect ass and licked my lips. It was as if two halves of an old medicine ball, used for working out, had been slapped on him above his giant thighs – they were perky and firm. It was a sight that would make most men pass out with delight.

“Stop staring at my ass, Marcus. I can feel your stare – like you have heat rays beaming out of your eyes.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t notice Mount Justin’s twin peaks or the deep inviting valley between. What makes you think that?”

“You talking about my ass or my chest, Mr. Wright?”


This comment made the guy stop and turn around. He winked at me and then squeezed his pecs together – creating a beautiful looking mountain of muscle underneath his shirt. I worried that more buttons were going to be forced apart. And there was obviously a deep valley created between them, but I knew the space was squeezed so tight that I wouldn’t have been able to pry those muscle puppies apart even with a crow bar. It was clear that if we didn’t get out of the door soon one of us was going to attack the other. I waved him on – even as I continued to stare at his fur-covered mountains popping up through the opening of his shirt.

“I’m just getting to be too much for you, aren’t I, Marcus? You’re a little scared of what you might do.”

“Listen to who’s talking, Mr. ‘I can’t control myself.’ You can’t move three feet without pumping up part of your body just to turn me on.”

The serious face of Justin immediately returned. He looked at me intently. I could tell I had said something very important. The big man was having trouble figuring out how to say what was on his mind. He spoke softly again.

“And does my body turn you on, Marcus?”

I paused just long enough to give the effect I desired. I think spoke slowly and deliberately.

“This toothpick likes the redwood very much! I think there’s a certain part of my body that makes that pretty obvious.”

“Yeah, I noticed it’s been at attention ever since I walked in. I seem to have that effect on lots of guys, but it’s sweeter when it’s you.”

“Well, Justin, it’s not like yours is asleep or resting, you know.”

“Nope, it’s as hard as the rest of me. Maybe even harder.”

We stared at each other, we breathed a little harder, and we waited for the next wave of intense desire to ebb hard and then flow away. We had continued to flirt with the edge of some giant orgasmic abyss – testing to see how far we could go with talking around the obvious, that we wanted to jump each other’s bones. My throbbing rod twitched underneath my slacks and this caused it to look like a small animal was scurrying around my crotch. Justin did not miss this movement and my dick’s reaction caused him to break out in what I could only describe as a sinister smile. He turned to face me full on and thrust his hips slightly forward, in order to make my gaze move downward. I immediately noticed what he wanted to show off. His own fat cock had defeated the tightness of his pants and was now proudly sticking across his right thigh in the ten o’clock position. It was too long to be contained fully so the bulbous head was protruding out beyond the waistband of his khakis, highlighted beautifully by the black shirt. I loudly sucked in air when I saw how thick his dick was and how the beautifully wide the mushroom head flared out. It was clear that Justin was just as proud of his manly endowment as he was his pumped-up gorgeous muscles. I took a deep breath to calm my own near-to-explosion body.

“Sorry about that, Marcus. I just couldn’t contain myself.”

“Obviously. I’m not sure anything could contain that monster. I do know of two places that would like to try, though.”

“Monster? You mean you don’t like it?”

“You mean as a pet, a battering ram, or a diving board?”

My comment brought out Justin’s now trademark guffaw. His laughter caused the thick-as-hell rod to pop up further from his pants and move to the twelve o’clock position. My eyes remained glued to his large fuck-muscle. The thing was pretty frightening, because of its size, but it was also the most powerful thing I had seen in a long time. It definitely looked like it was as strong as the rest of the big guy. I was sure he probably could have used just his cock earlier in the day to shove the bulldozer into place. The image of Justin easily doing that task made my knees begin to wobble. I let out a small whimper and then looked him in the face.

“I gotta get some food in me, Justin. I’m not sure I can handle any more of this foreplay on an empty stomach.”

“Yes sir. I just wanted to make sure you knew you impacted me in the same way I seem to affect you. All of this attraction is definitely mutual.”

With that, Justin reached down and shoved his hardened rod back in his pants. It was extremely difficult to fit all of his stiff manness in the close-fitting khakis, but he finally succeeded. My heart began to beat somewhat normally as soon as his cock was slightly hidden from sight. The outline of the monster was bulging against the material at his crotch like he had just stuffed a fire extinguisher down there.

“Ready to go, boss?”

“I’m not sure anyone could ever be your boss, Justin.”

“True, but I like thinking of you that way.”

There was a flash of his killer smile and then he turned to open the door. He grabbed the knob located on the right side of my double doors.

“It’s the left side that opens, Justin. I’ve never been able to open the right side. The bolt at the bottom of the door is rusted shut and I’ve tried to pull it up with all my might, but with no success.”

Justin’s look in my direction reminded me of how a father might look when his son asked him to solve an easy math problem – like what’s two plus two. It was a face that made it clear that Justin kind of pitied me for my lack of super strength. It was probably how Hercules might have looked at a mortal. The big man squatted down and latched the big pinkie of his right hand around the clasp at the top of the bolt. With a simple tug of just his finger – not even his whole hand, just the fucking smallest finger – he pulled the bolt up from its stuck place in the floor. The poor thing never had a chance against Justin’s pinkie.

“Marcus, maybe you need a big strong handyman around to help you with all those difficult home projects.”

“Probably. Do you think you could recommend someone that fits the bill?”

Justin just smiled at me and then returned his attention to the bolt. With the thing up in the air he took the pinkie that had just dislodged something that I, a grown man, couldn’t lift with both hands and stuck it down in the hole where the bolt slid into the ground. It was a tube-like hole of metal embedded into the concrete slab beneath. I quickly noted it was the only finger of his that could possibly fit into the small space. I watched, mesmerized, as the thick pinkie easily widened the hole – the sides giving in to the pressure of just his small finger. The manipulated steel and condensed concrete screamed loudly in protest, but they were no match for Justin’s strength. The big man then reached up and pushed the bolt down and then pulled it up again – with the same finger. It now moved smoothly in and out of the hole. Justin then stood up and moved a step back.

“Why don’t you try, Marcus?”

I stepped up to the door and then bent over to grab the bolt. I immediately felt Justin’s wide hand on my ass and he started to caress me firmly. I tried to push down on the bolt with one hand but it didn’t budge. I used my other hand, as well, and was able to get the bolt finally down into the hole in the floor. I had to use my entire strength, which only re-emphasized how fucking strong Justin’s pinkie was. I pulled the bolt up and then pushed it down one more time. After that, I stood up, but Justin’s hand continued to massage my butt.

“Thanks for that, Justin. It’s probably been about fifteen years since that bolt was lifted up.”

“You have a nice ass, Marcus. Imagine what kind of fun my pinkie could have down there . . . not to mention other parts of me.”

“It’s definitely time for dinner, sir.”

I reached out and grabbed the doorknob on the left side. I pushed the door open and stepped onto the porch, away from Justin’s strong hand. My body immediately missed him touching me. The big man chuckled at my action and then followed me onto the porch, again having to duck and turn to get through my large doorframe. Justin reached out before I could and pulled the door close. He then took the keys from my hand and locked the door. I was taken aback slightly by his action, but kept my hand out expecting him to return the keys. Justin simply slid the ring and five keys into the tight front pocket of his khakis. I knew better than to protest or even ask for them back.

“Shall we go, boss?”

I began to realize I would view life very differently from that day forward. I guessed I would refer to things as either BJ or AJ – before Justin or after Justin. There was just something about the man that made it impossible to see normal limitations of life in the same way. Justin, can you lift the piano while I vacuum under it. Justin, can you move that Hummer since the owner selfishly took up two parking places. Justin, can you lift me up to that top shelf so I don’t have to get the stepladder. Justin, can you pull up that giant tree trunk that’s been in the back yard for years because I didn’t want to pay a company to remove it with a backhoe. Justin can you crush the old water heater into a small clump with just your hands so we can put it in the recycling bin. These are the thoughts that were racing through my head as we walked toward the man’s monster truck. When I reached the door I suddenly realized my head barely came up to the window. Justin opened the door before me, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to climb in. I was searching for something to grab hold of to pull my body into the cab and was interrupted when a sturdy palm grabbed my ass and lifted me up in the air as if I weighed nothing. Justin palmed my entire body like I was a dry sponge. He placed me on the seat and then slid his hand from between my cheeks and the leather covering. I glanced at the man and realized I still had to look up. He was smiling at me like a proud superhero that had just saved the world.

“You’re even easier to manhandle than that bulldozer this afternoon and that was a breeze. I get the feeling, Marcus, that you’re beginning to think of all the advantages that come with having a boyfriend as big and strong as me – aren’t you? Well, boss, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait ‘til I’ve got some alcohol in me and I start feeling a little cocky – there’s no stopping me then.”

He pushed my door shut and walked around the front of the truck, never taking his eyes from mine. My body was tingling all over – in anticipation of a lovely meal, but more so because I was in the presence of someone so powerful and so confident. I settled back into the seat and felt the truck tilt to his side as Justin’s big frame climbed in. I was drunk on lust for his muscles, his smile, and his strength. The big man knew I was smitten and he seemed to feel the same way.

“Let’s get you some food, boss.”

“That sounds good.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Man, what a great chapter. I LOVE intense flirting like this. And Justin is quickly becoming one of the hottest characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. VERY excited for more!
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My favorite part was definitely the pec-bouncing show in the middle. Hot as always!
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Wow! Best flirting ever! This is awesome.
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Very nice -- that's some awesome flirting!


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amauiguy is on a distinguished road
Great story so far. Love the way you're building the tension.
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Old September 16th, 2011, 04:32 PM
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Tension is right, I could feel the tension as if I was there. Excellent addition and I can't wait for more.
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Thank you

What an enjoyable experience reading this story is. Please continue.
Many Thanks,
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Old September 16th, 2011, 08:43 PM
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You've still got my attention, sir. :3
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Old September 17th, 2011, 03:47 AM
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My GODS this is good. LOVE having a huge guy who's cocky, but in an equal relationship with the smaller guy. Which is so often difficult to do, but you've just got it. Love it.

More, please! More!
"Ford, I thought you must be dead!"

"So did I, which at least proved I wasn't. Then I decided I was a lemon for a while. I kept myself amused jumping in and out of a Gin and Tonic."

"Where did you find a Gin and Tonic?"

"Weell.. I didn't. I found a small lake that thought it was a Gin and Tonic and jumped in and out of that. At least I think it thought it was a Gin and Tonic."
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Thanks a lot for this story. Very hot stuff.
Anticipating more soon!
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Old September 17th, 2011, 07:32 AM
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WOW! Thanks and can't wait for the climax of the building tension.
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Wow! Totally hot as always!
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Flirting is good! Flirting is VERY good!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Part Three

A great story very well told at just the right gentle pace.
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