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Old August 29th, 2011, 08:41 AM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Eleven

The bungalow became as quiet as a library, even though almost every man in the room desperately wanted to moan out loud. The impending changes to their bodies were causing intense amounts of internal pleasure, but they remained silent and focused hoping they would get to fully witness what was happening to everyone else. It was a moment full of anticipation, pleasure, and assured satisfaction. Finally, the time for bodies to catch up with all the other changes had arrived and no one wanted to miss out on the fun.

Mason suddenly knew his morphing would happen first and much quicker than the others. It didn’t take an Einstein to figure out why – his body was becoming the muscle daddy of all daddies and it would certainly have more testosterone than even the largest bodybuilder on earth. He instinctively knew he would be able to dominate even the most masculine man ever created – it was simply a given.

Mason first noticed the feeling of hair growing over every part of his body. He felt like some kind of werewolf responding to a full moon. His chest tickled because of the sprouts of heavy hair appearing all over his once baby-smooth pecs, as well as it poking out into a thick trail down the middle of his developing cobblestone abdominals. The copious amounts of hair shooting out from his balls made him purr like a kitten. Mason also felt the density of his pectoral muscles increasing quickly. The sudden weight made his body feel off-kilter. He glanced down and saw two huge mounds pushing out from what used to be his rather normal young adult chest. The sight of gray flecks in the now heavy fur and the fact that the succulent man-tits were now protruding like he was some kind of heavyweight bodybuilder made the young man gasp out loud. He lost control of his reactions.

“Fuck yeah!” growled the muscle daddy and his voice was even lower and more booming than before – a sound that made every cock, including his own, harden immediately. “I believe, gentleman, you are about to witness the birth of the biggest and baddest muscle daddy of all time. I feel incredible – like I could fuck every man in an entire nation and still have ample energy for the four of you. Damn, I feel like some kind of super-energized raging bull.”

Mason sensed a powerful burning on either side of his chest and he instantly knew it was his nipples. The blasted things were growing like they were Pinocchio’s nose and he had just told a shit-load of lies. He watched the thick plugs of meat stretch out from his growing chest as if they were geysers shooting out from his skin. The thickness and size of his swelling pecs continued to catch Mason off guard – he had always wanted to be an aggressive dominant muscle daddy, but he had never dreamed of how much his body would have to explode to match his fantasies. A huge thirst for more power and size welled up in him. The new huge man began to forget the shy, unnoticed person he used to be. His memory was now only filled with thoughts of being a confident daddy that naturally demanded and expected obedience to everything he said or did. The old Mason was disappearing and the newly improved giant daddy began to take over – he began to be unleashed.

“Damn boys, you’re going to have to line up soon to take turns sucking this daddy off – and it’s pretty obvious that you’re all going to quickly get worn out trying to make me happy,” Mason said in a deep bass voice that filled the room. “I’m sure I have enough juice pumping in this growing body to hose down a burning city.”

The cock of every man in the room stretched inches longer and harder than even before as soon as the sound of Mason’s chest-thumping words penetrated their eardrums. It was a reaction that was beyond explanation. The tone of Mason’s daddy-fied pipes was so fucking hot that it was clear the man could easily make weak men shoot off or black out cold just by barking out an order. Even the newly super powerful Henry went all gooey inside and became unbelievably weak-kneed when Mason spoke. All of Mason’s worshippers were now uncontrollably open-mouth astounded because of the physical changes that were accompanying the improvements to the man’s voice.

“Shit! Look at daddy’s mustache – it’s sprouting up like a bunch of weeds all juiced up on Miracle Gro!” Harry exclaimed, assuming the subservient role with ease. “It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

All eyes zoomed in on Mason’s upper lip. The man’s face was morphing into something beyond ruggedly handsome. A silver-speckled heavy handlebar shaped ‘stache was developing on the man’s face so quickly that it almost felt like it had always been there. The facial hair was so masculine that George began to pump hi cock harder and moaned like an alley cat in heat. The skin beyond Mason’s new fur was becoming darker and was changing in a way that made it clear the guy was gaining years of wisdom and experience – as well as being tanned in a way that only comes from doing manly things outdoors, like clearing a forest with just your hands. Mason’s eyes went from a beautiful light green to a penetrating darker color – making it clear the young man was instantly becoming a super-charged drop-dead gorgeous daddy whose severe glance could make a man fall to his knees. Henry groaned out loud as he stared into the now dominating iris pools of the evolving Mason.

“Sir, your eyes are the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen,” Henry spouted off uncontrollably.

“Daddy’s never felt this good, boys,” Mason said to no one in particular. He was too busy focusing on what was happening to his body. It was as if he were in a trance or something. “There’s a kind of explosive desire welling up inside of me and it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m sure this is what Superman must feel like. I’m not kidding. There’s something inside me that makes it obvious I can do anything. It’s not like super strong Henry over there - it’s something more. He’s got the brute strength, but I’ve got the inner strength. This daddy is pumping enough hot blood into his body to cause his own global warming. There’s barely any memory of the old Mason left, now. Soon, I’m just going to be the fucking most unbelievable muscle daddy you’ve ever seen. I’m going to make every one of you fall to your knees in admiration of my dominance. I can feel it. I can sense how much you each desire me – how much you need my approval. And that makes me want to bend each of you to my will, to please you. Fuck yeah, this daddy is feeling fine.”

“Hell yeah!” Henry screamed and then brought his clenched hand down on the top of the solid oak side table next to the bed. The heavy piece of furniture exploded into splinter sized chunks that shot into the room. The superman had demolished the thing with just a simple tap of his hand. The powerful Brit had simply been too overwhelmed by his muscle daddy’s words. It was now clear that Henry would do anything to get Mason’s attention – not to mention his affirmation. This was true for every man in the room.

Every guy was now intensely stroking their cock as they watched Mason’s body continue to change. By this point the man’s neck was twice as thick as it had been before and it was attached to two muscled shoulders that only looked normal because they were next to the dense collar of the new daddy. There was an immaculate line of man-fur that began at the top of Mason’s wide traps and then cascaded over the huge masculine pecs filling in around what seemed like doorknob-sized nipples jutting out. The hair mat continued down the tight bulging rock-hard abs that now covered the man’s lower torso. As everyone stared at Mason’s gorgeous stomach it was hard not to move their gaze to the man’s new hairy forearms on either side. If Popeye was supposed to have the power of fifty men in his spinach-enhanced lower arms then Mason must have had the power of a thousand. The south region of his limbs looked to be the size of a teenager’s upper body. It was unbelievable. There were thick veins – as large as jungle vines – streaking down the man’s powerful arms. As beautiful as his forearms were, though, every man in the room suddenly moved their eyes and gasped as Mason’s cock began to thicken to the size of a rolled-up edition of the Sunday New York Times. Two melon-sized gonads blossomed beneath the thick rod and the sight made mouths begin to water. The huge hairy balls looked completely natural attached to the growing body.

“Hell yeah, boys, look at daddy’s humongous double sided lollipop. You guys are just dying to suck on those bull balls, aren’t you?” Mason teased. “They’re now big enough for all of you to get a mouthful at the same time.”

That’s when the growing older stud brought his tightened fists into the air and the room was filled with the sound of the skin around his biceps and triceps literally popping as the things burst into mountains, bulging with obvious power and unbelievable thickness. As beautiful as the man’s peaks were, his admirers were also overwhelmed by the dark tufts of bushy hair that suddenly pushed out from his deep wet pits. A thick sheen of sweat covered the matted fur and the pungent smell of a true macho daddy instantly permeated the room. Mason brought one of the huge muscle summits over to his face and began to lick the dense muscle. It was obvious that the newly transformed daddy was getting off on his enhanced arms as much as everyone else. He rolled his wrists around to make the peaks spike up even further. Mason let his tongue follow one of the thick pulsing veins that lay across the hardened skin at the top of the biceps. He then let his face fall toward the manly crevice beneath and inhaled deeply.

“Fuck, that’s nice fellas,” he again said to no one in particular. “That’s what a real man should smell like. My huge kickstand below my waist shoots even harder when I get a big old whiff of the overpowering aroma my hot body unleashes out its pores. I’m like a walking pheromone time bomb that sends every living thing within a mile of here into a sexual frenzy. Shit, you boys are so close to all this huge muscle that you’re about to go into cardiac arrest. There’s not one part of me that you don’t want to suck on. Am I right, superman Henry?”

“Yes sir,” Henry answered in a whisper – obviously under some kind of spell caused by the presence of the newly improved Mason. The tall Brit had the hand that wasn’t stroking his cock latched onto the thick iron post connected to the headboard of the bed. He was bending it back and forth like it was only a Q-Tip. Henry snapped it off completely and then began to fold the metal on itself easily. The guy had no idea he was demolishing something in his hand – his focus on Mason was that intense.

“Yeah, that’s a good little strong man.” Mason purred deeply. “You’re staring at my growing thighs aren’t you, son. Look at how fucking huge those things are getting. And you love the heavy fur covering those big tree trunks, don’t you. And how about you, Harry, my boy? I see you licking your lips as you watch my calves ballooning wider than most men’s quads. Yep, your old daddy, Mason, is exploding into what every man either wishes he could become or he could have the chance to please. You younger pups are wishing you could be this much of a man, aren’t you? Hell, place me in a room full of a hundred twenty-year olds and I’ll have them drooling over me and whimpering like babies in mere seconds. It’s just a fact of life, boys, your daddy is in control. ”

Hands on cocks were now pumping faster than ever. Even Mason’s huge log, with it’s salt and pepper bush at the base, was stretching up his tight stomach. As the muscle daddy spoke every other man in the room hung on his words like he was some kind of bulging guru or a muscled cult leader. Mason could have barked out any order he pleased and the room would have immediately shot into action – everyone wishing to make the alpha male happy. It was clear that Mason took their reaction for granted. He was only slightly conscious of the person he used to be. He was now this humongous graying muscle daddy that could demand respect just by entering a room. He naturally exuded masculinity and a shit-load of testosterone – to such an intense level that he could cause a group of men to cower with just one look. He instinctively knew he could also easily make every man shoot his load by just saying the word, if he desired. Mason had completely become the super huge confident man of his dreams. He stood up and the room was filled with the moans of his friends as they feasted on the mountains of muscle now jutting out from every part of his body.

“Shit, boys, just standing up gets me horny,” Mason bellowed. I can feel the new power in my body – the power that each of you craves to see and feel. All of you want daddy to take care of you, don’t you. You want to please me so bad that it hurts. Not to worry, men, there’s enough of big daddy for each of you. I just need to get used to all this hairy beef. Damn, I’m one hot man. I’m not boasting boys, I’m just stating a fact.”

Everyone in the room agreed silently. Mason had turned into the most beautiful senior muscleman they had ever seen. His body wasn’t just thick; it was unbelievably packed with fur covered sinew and bulging mass – everywhere. It was difficult to rest your eyes on part of his frame for more than a few seconds because you wanted to get a good view of how he had changed everywhere else. It was also clear that Mason completely understood and accepted his influence over other people. He wasn’t manipulative in a menacing way, he simply accepted the fact that other men felt inferior to him and had an uncontrollable urge to please him. As a matter of fact, he expected it. He turned to the group of men gathered on and around the bed.

“Gentleman, my transformation in complete. I have become the true definition of muscle daddy-ness. I am now going to grant each of you the wish that has been pounding through your entire body for the last hour,” Mason said with a smile that was both beautiful and devious at the same time. “Cum!”

The big daddy’s order wasn’t screamed or said in an army sergeant kind of way – it was merely said by what was now a voice of utter authority. No one in the room could have ignored Mason’s command even if they had wanted to. They were completely under the spell of the muscled, salt and pepper haired, dominant figure of their deepest hidden fantasies. As soon as Mason’s deeply rumbling voice gave the permission each man’s cock exploded like a Roman candle on the Fourth of July. Volleys of thick semen shot into the air and every guy screamed in pleasure. Seeing the instant multiple orgasms triggered something in the new muscle daddy before them and Mason’s cock – without any provoking by his either of his huge callused hands – began to spray the other four men with his jacked-up juice. It was a fitting end to the first completed transformation of the group of friends. Mason had become the ideal confident giant muscle daddy and everyone else had gladly surrendered control of their bodies to their new leader. Everyone’s ejaculations were more powerful than ever in his life and, of course, Mason’s lasted longer than any of the others. He was truly the new alpha male in this group of growing men. He also could not wait to witness the upcoming transformations.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old August 29th, 2011, 12:07 PM
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Awesome, Mason is the ultimate muscle daddy, no one could possibly resist him, even the straightest man in the history of straightdom would fall to his knees in worship of him! Personally, I can't wait to see how strong Henry will become when his transformation is complete, as a fan of super strength, what Henry has done so far is awesome, and it looks like the finished product will be many, many times stronger than that!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Old August 29th, 2011, 07:13 PM
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Now THAT was satisfying... phew!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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Delicious, as always! I love your descriptions of Mason's furriness.
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Old August 29th, 2011, 09:31 PM
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Nice! The daddy is perfect. His monologue very much reminds me of that of the Mr. Ross character from a different story on this site.
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That was another awesome chapter LB! Thank you so much for your many, many, many splendid contributions to this forum. Instead of useless thread-necromancy, people should praise and support those writers who dedicate their time and effort to provide such amazing tales for us!

Congratulations dude...I loved how Mason turned into their undisputed leader, sometimes it's not about being the biggest or the strongest, it is all about being the manliest!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Insert here a witty way of saying "this one was phenomenal. I can't wait for the others!"
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If the others are to be as fantastic as this, we're in for quite a ride!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Fantastic descriptions of Mason's deep voice, thick juice, hot blood, and massive pecs and nips. Got me all stirred up. Thanks for the scene.
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VERY hot! thanks!
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