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Old July 9th, 2011, 05:35 PM
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The Turning - Time Apart

The sun beat down on Stefano through the large windows in the bedroom of his loft apartment. He woke up slowly, but only because he felt so good – there was no morning grogginess. In fact, he felt fantastic. And then the memory of the day before – and the night that had followed – came flooding into his consciousness. A painful feeling of fear, regret and shame consumed the big man, as he lay completely naked on top of the made up bed. He hadn’t even taken the time to get under the sheets and blankets. He had b been too high from the buzz. Immediately, Stef recognized the appealing taste in his mouth and the feeling that came after his muscles have grown. He felt powerful – almost super- human – and this is what caused his shame.

Stefano would typically turn on the television upon waking, but this morning he avoided any form of media. There would be no New York Times on the iPad and he would avoid listening to the news that was usually piped through his entire apartment by the flick of one switch. He already knew what would be one of the day’s leading stories and it certainly involved a beautiful blonde surfer-like bodybuilder. Stefano could not face the idea of confirming what he already knew . . . what he already felt. A tear poured from the corner of Stef’s right eye and slid down his cheek, dropping onto the bed. The remorse was almost unbearable. What had it been – ten years since the last time or was it more. He couldn’t remember – no, he didn’t want to remember. Immediately, Stefano blamed Derek. Yes, it was his friend’s fault completely. How could Stef be held responsible for something his workout partner and best pal had caused? How would anyone blame him for what had happened?

In the midst of all this angst, Stefano’s awareness of the new hardness and bulk added to his body slowly took over. His hands began to massage his chiseled stomach and he noted how his fingers moved up and down as they traveled across defined abdominals. A guttural moan escaped from his mouth before he had a chance to censor his thoughts. His body’s enjoyment and the obvious benefits from activities of the last eighteen hours were too much for the man. He gave in to some basic instinct – some animalistic nature that consumed him. His hands traveled up to his mammoth pecs and he began to squeeze the ample firm meat in his big hands and then quickly found the hardened large nipples that stretched upward like rockets about to blast off. His thumbs and forefingers latched on to the jutting nubs like it was a life or death situation. Immediately, a powerful surge of pleasure emanated from Stef’s chest and shot through his entire body. He squeezed his fingers together tightly and this caused his back to arch up off of the mattress a little as he cried out in pleasure. He twisted his tough nips to intensify the gratification. His ass cheeks tightened together in response. Stefano could feel the newly acquired power in his upper back muscles. He knew his shoulders were wider than they had been the day before – the big blonde had provided some beautiful increased size – that was for sure.

The thought of the man he’d met – no corralled – on the street caused Stefano’s enjoyment to end abruptly. The hardened cock that had recently snaked up against his stomach became immediately soft. A profound sadness enveloped the man and he let his hands slide to the bed as he began to sob like a baby. It was an intense regret that overtook his entire being. Stef could not believe he had let his desires consume him so much – the day before and now on the bed. Years of control and abstaining had ended so quickly. The huge man suddenly felt so weak and this caused him to be disgusted. How could this have happened? How could he have lost control so easily?

Thoughts of Derek zoomed into his head. The man’s gorgeous curly brown hair, his blue eyes, and his small tight body filled Stefano’s brain. Oh how he had always longed to tap that bubbled ass and to kiss those full lips. His friend had been the target of Stef’s lust for years and it took every ounce of strength in the big man to refrain from jumping the guy. Derek could not have foreseen how his simple advances and passionate impromptu kiss would affect his giant work out partner. Feeling the man’s moist lips pressed up against his for the first time had caused Stefano to lose the control he had worked so hard to create within his body. It had been years since Stef had given into the impulses that dominated others like him. For a brief moment thoughts of the kiss helped Stefano to forget all of the pain. A smile crept across his face and he brought his hand to his mouth. He ran two fingers across his lips as he remembered the explosion that had happened inside his body as soon as Derek’s mouth had touched his. There had been a jolt of electricity shooting through his body that was so powerful it had almost brought the big man to his knees. This was all completely missed by his friend. Derek was incapable of understanding how the repercussions of that one kiss would haunt Stefano for years. As much as the large muscled man wanted to blame his best friend, he knew he couldn’t. Stefano had let beastly urges rule his body and even though it was for a very short time, he was the one that had lost control.


Meanwhile, a few short blocks away, Derek was remembering the kiss in very much the same way as Stefano. It had certainly been the most powerful moment of his entire life – that was for sure. He was slowly rubbing his stiff cock against the sheeted mattress of his bed, having discarded his boxers as soon as he had awakened. All of his dreams in the previous night had been about his beefy best friend and the intense electricity that had radiated through his entire body as soon as their lips met. Derek was so infatuated with Stef that the big man filled his mind during both his daydreams and his lust-filled nights. Derek decided to presently ignore how their conversation of the day before had ended and chose to focus only on the desire exploding in every part of his being as he imagined letting his hands and caress each bulging muscle of his friend. The sexy smaller gymnast had a habit of replacing the face of any massive man in his imagination or even in online porn videos with his friend, Stefano. No bodybuilder, no movie star, and no huge porn actor could come close to igniting a fire in Derek’s crotch as much as Stefano could – it was almost something supernatural. Derek’s love for his friend was physical, emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual. He knew he truly would give his life for Stef without any question. These thoughts caused tears to stream from his eyes and semen to seep from his dickhead at the same time. Derek started to worry that he would need extra tissues for the post ejaculation clean up because of the added liquids his body was releasing – his love was that overpowering.

At the moment, though, he only cared about releasing the pressure that Stefano and his hugeness caused in his body. As he lifted his beautifully sculpted ass into the air in order to rub his hard rod across the crisp sheets of his bed he continued to dream of worshipping his friend. He knew instinctively that no one on earth – living or dead – could offer Stefano Botali the same adulation that he could. The thought of giving his best friend pleasure – just from kissing his bulging biceps, sucking on his mountainous pecs, licking his humongous quads, or burying his face between his muscled ass cheeks – was too much for Derek. He started pumping his crotch up and down on the bed even faster and harder, not worrying about the mess he would be making in just seconds. His mind jumped quickly to different parts of Stefano’s body – pictures of his face, his lips, his biceps, his nipples, his dimpled ass, his freakishly large calves, his Popeye-ish forearms, his thick neck, his double-wide shoulders – and all of this quickly brought Derek to the climax he desired. The room reverberated with loud moans as his pulsing cock blasted thick ropes of milky cum between his tight abs and the pristine sheets of the bed. Derek’s body flopped around the bed like a fish out of water. He was able to focus his thoughts on Stefano’s insanely knotted arms and this caused his friend-induced orgasm to be even more powerful than usual. It took a few minutes for his body to stop sending every ounce of energy to his exploding cock. As soon as the eruption ended Derek fell asleep again and dreamed only of huge chests, broad lips, massive arms, and loving one man. Copious amounts of cum dried between his stomach and the bed as he dreamed of Stef – it was, again, one of the deepest sleeps he had ever experienced. It was noon before his body stirred again. Derek was used to the overpowering effect thoughts of Stefano caused to his body. He slowly dragged his ravaged body off of the bed, noting how his stomach stuck to the sheets. He steadied himself after standing and then began the all-too-familiar routine of stripping the bed.

Thoughts of yesterday’s confrontation crept into Derek’s mind. He was filled with embarrassment for confronting Stefano in the way that he had – but it was mixed with relief, as well. The conversation had been a long time coming – and part of Derek was not sorry. Everything was out in the open now! Stefano was now aware of all that Derek knew, whether he admitted it or not. The smaller man’s conscious was clear. He regretted how the conversation had ended, but he didn’t feel bad about expressing all he felt. He knew, without any further conversation with his friend, that there would be a much-needed hiatus in their relationship. Part of him wondered if it would be for good, but another part of him realized it was only a brief intermission that would allow both of them to re-evaluate their friendship. Suddenly, he missed his friend very much – and it hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since their discussion. Derek knew, at his deepest level, that he and Stefano would not speak again for a long time. He had crossed a line with his friend – and, while he was not sorry about it, it was still very sad that the person he trusted more than anyone in the world would not be around him on a constant basis. He knew he would have to change the time he worked out – so they would not bump into each other by chance – and he knew Stefano would be aware of his decision. His heart started to ache with sorrow, but he reminded himself that it was for the best. It would be terribly difficult to live his life without his best friend, but he did not regret revealing his true feelings to Stefano. His love for the man was too intense. His desire to be turned was too powerful. Derek hoped, with his whole heart, that they would be good friends again, but he also realized a break was best. At that moment Derek decided that he would go out that night – and he knew exactly where he’d go. The bar called “Masters and Slaves” would be the perfect place for him to forget his lust of his best friend. Maybe he would meet someone that would help him to stop obsessing abougt Stefano. He doubted it, but maybe it could happen.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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for more dramatic tension...have derek see the news story on tv right after he masturbates...
keep working out, stay focused and you will achieve your goals in the gym!
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Once again, a beautiful put together London. Keep it up! :3
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Old July 12th, 2011, 06:32 AM
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agreed, it is goood!!!!
keep working out, stay focused and you will achieve your goals in the gym!
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