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Old May 22nd, 2011, 09:07 AM
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Nine

[Remember, the build up should be as good as the release. Sorry to prolong the wait before the change, but that helps the story. I hope this part satisfies some people.]

Henry carried the other three men up the stairs from the bar, out the hole in the wall he had created when he ripped off the door, down the alley, and deposited them beside the van. Mason, Harry, and George were a little shaken from the journey in Henry’s arms but it was obvious they had enjoyed the ride. As they had been jostled around George had been filled in on the changes that were happening to everyone. He seemed particularly impressed with Henry’s strength.

“What do you think he’s going to look like when he changes?” George asked, referring to Henry – who was now searching his pockets for the key to the van.

“I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see. He might end up being a huge monster like the Hulk or something,” Mason responded.

“Or maybe his body is going to be deceptive in its size,” answered Harry. “You know, like Superman. He’ll be unbelievably strong but be an average bodybuilder’s stature.”

“Either way it’s going to be fucking hot,” Mason added.

“Gentlemen, you do realize I am right here,” Henry said. “You talk about me as if I am a prize winning bull or something.”

“Well you’re stronger than a bunch of bulls put together, boy,” Mason replied, and adjusted his raging hard-on to emphasize how excited he was by the Brit’s strength.

“Okay, down there, daddy,” Harry said, as he patted Mason’s shoulder. “I believe we need to get home quickly. I have a strange feeling the final changes are beginning. Mason’s need to dominate is getting stronger, Henry’s clothes are starting to look a little tight, and my insides are adjusting to match my outer body. I can tell because I’m beginning to have an uncontrollable desire for you, George.”

“I certainly wouldn’t complain about that,” George answered.

“Well, I am afraid I have lost the key during our fracas,” Henry confessed. “I’ve searched all my pockets.”

“Shit boys, I don’t mind going back into the Chute to look for it,” Mason said as he turned to go back down the alley.

Henry reached over and grabbed the back of his new friend’s pants, lifting him off the ground. Mason’s legs kept moving but he stayed in place. Both Harry and George laughed out loud.

“I think no one should go back in there – not right now,” Henry said to Mason. “I know it would be great for you to change into a muscle daddy in front of all those men, but then all of us pups would miss it. Do not worry, my good friends. We can continue on without the key.”

Henry placed Mason back on the ground and then stepped up to the side of the van. He pressed the fingers of his right hand in the slight gap between where the sliding door met the frame surrounding the van. He pressed in lightly and his fingers pushed the metal apart like it was wet paper. When Henry had most of his hand wedged in he started prying the door back like he was pulling back the lid of a sardine can. The loud screeching sound of thick metal being manipulated against its will made Mason’s cock throb even harder in his pants. He stepped up beside Henry to get a closer look at how easy the task was for the man. The glass in the window cracked, but didn’t shatter. Henry was able to roll it up in the compressed door, as well.

“This impresses you, right sir?” Henry asked as he slowed the process down just to please Mason.

“Like I was having my first orgasm, son,” bellowed Mason and the sound that he emitted was vastly different than before.

Everyone noticed immediately that Mason’s voice had dropped what was surely an octave. To hear the deep powerful sound coming out of the once shy young man’s body would have been comical – if every other guy had not known what Mason was going to become in a very short time.

“Dayum, boys. Listen to my voice. Shit, that’s sexy,” Mason exclaimed.

“Okay, Henry, you need to speed it up,” Harry said quickly.

With that, Henry simply ripped the van door off with one tug and then proceeded to crumple it up like it was a piece of tinfoil. Harry went to the van and looked around on the seats, being careful not to wake the still sleeping driver, Brett. Harry also looked in the ignition.

“The key’s not here,” Harry said. “What are we going to do?”

By this point Henry had the metal van door crushed down into the size of softball. He tossed it to the side lightly but the piece of packed metal flew into a blue mailbox on the corner and punctured two giant holes as it traveled through, finally lodging itself in the concrete wall of a building. Everyone stopped all movement for a few seconds to register what the strong man had just done, with very little effort. Henry turned to his friends and shrugged his shoulders as if to say “sorry.” He then got a serious look on his face.

“We do not need the key. Get in gentlemen and hold on tight,” Henry ordered. “As a matter of fact, please put on your seatbelts.”

The three men jumped in the van. Mason sat the still sleeping body of Brett up in the seat and put a seatbelt around him. He then buckled his own. Harry and George did the same. Everyone was a little unsure of what was going to happen. Harry figured Henry was going to push the van back to the chateau, unless he knew how to hotwire a vehicle.

“Should one of us get in the driver seat, Henry?” Harry asked.

“There is no need, sir,” Henry answered from behind the van.

Suddenly, the bodies of all four men were thrust forward as the back of the van came quickly off of the ground. Everyone was immediately thankful for the seatbelts. The jarring movement caused Brett to wake up. A big smile broke out across his face as he realized what was happening.

“He’s doing it again, isn’t he?” Brett asked.

“Yes sir, little man. I believe our strong friend Henry intends to carry us home,” Mason answered with a manly voice full of pride. Brett acknowledged the change in Mason’s voice with an appreciative nod of his head.

The front of the van then came off the ground to even out with the back. All four men looked out the side windows – or out the gaping hole where the door used to be – to see that they were now about seven feet off the ground. Without even a warning or any words of preparation Henry started running and the quick movement made everyone’s heads jerk back a little.

“Sorry, gentlemen. I did not mean to start so fast. It was an accident,” Henry yelled from below.

Mason let out a long list of cuss words as he realized how fast the van was going. Everything on the outside was whizzing past. He began to wish he could be one of the people in neighboring cars or on the sidewalk that got to gaze on the unbelievable display of strength as Henry ran by carrying a huge van with four guys in it. Henry got stopped by one of the red lights in the busiest part of town. He came to a halt at the intersection and there was a convertible waiting in the next lane. There were a bunch of young college-looking men in the car. At first they didn’t notice anything – they were too busy talking and cutting up. Then the guy in the passenger seat looked over and noticed that the van seemed to be flying in the air. That’s also when he saw it was actually being held up by a skinny tall dude – with just one hand.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed the guy to his buddies and all of them turned to see what he was looking at.

At that moment the light turned green and Henry took off. Every guy in the convertible stared at the space where the van had just hovered. Each of them shook their head in disbelief. It was clear that all of them did not believe what they had just seen. The guy in the passenger seat turned to look at his buddies.

“I think I’m going to switch to water for the rest of the night, fellas. I think the liquor has gotten to me,” the stunned guy said and all of his friends agreed to that same plan.

Henry reached the front of the chateau in half the time it had taken Brett to drive them to town earlier that evening. He put the big van down gently and moved to the handmade opening at the side of the vehicle. The fellow was beaming like he was five years old and he had just been given his first gold star in pre-school. Everyone noticed right away that the guy wasn’t breathing hard or anything, nor did he look like he had just carried five tons for a few miles.

“Pup, that didn’t faze you a bit, did it,” Mason asked as he stepped out of the van.

“No sir,” Henry replied.

“Well then carry this daddy to his bungalow,” Mason ordered.

“With pleasure, sir,” answered Henry.

Henry grabbed his friend at the waist, lifted him up, easily turned his body around, and placed Mason on his narrow right shoulder. The Brit kept his strong hand on top of Henry’s right thigh to hold him in place. Henry was pleasantly surprised when he felt the soon-to-be muscle daddy’s hard cock snaking down the inside of his pants leg. Mason made the stiff log twitch a few times just to tease Henry.

“May I give anyone else a lift,” Henry asked as he turned to the rest of the group, now out of the van.

“That would be great,” replied George.

“Yes, I’d like that, too,” answered Harry.

“Um, before you go, sir. Could I ask one more favor,” came Brett’s pleading voice.

Everyone turned to him, butit was obvious the question had been directed to Henry. The tall Brit lifted Mason back down to the ground and walked toward the van driver. Brett had been very good to them and Henry definitely wanted to please him one last time.

“What can I do for you, good fellow?” Henry asked.

Brett motioned with his finger in a way that made it clear he wanted to whisper something to Henry. The poor boy seemed a little shy about asking the favor out loud. Henry bent down slightly and the young man said something into his ear. A big grin crept across Henry’s face. He whispered something back to Brett and the driver pointed toward a dense part of the jungle to the right. Henry nodded his head and stepped back toward the van.

“My dear friends,” Henry said, “Brett, here, is a little embarrassed about his request. He hopes what he has asked me to do and what he plans on doing in response does not offend anyone. I assured him it would not and, do not worry, it will only take a few minutes. After that, we shall be off.”

While Henry spoke he moved to the front of the van. Brett was busy unzipping his pants and moving off to the side - a few yards away from the vehicle. The driver wasted no time in whipping out his hard cock. The man’s piece was impressive and Mason let out a low growl. The three friends of Henry instinctively moved a safe distance from the vehicle, as well. They, however, made sure there was a good view of both Henry and Brett at the same time. It was going to be awesome to watch the kid beat off to whatever Henry was about to do. Henry had cupped his right shoe underneath the bumper of the van and easily lifted the front end with just his leg. He brought it up high enough to grab with his hand. The men by this time had seen the guy lift the van and other things many times, but it was still a cock-hardening experience. And as if to confirm what they all felt, Brett began to stroke his rigid dick quickly in response to Henry’s display of strength.

“That boy has a pretty log between his legs,” Mason said loudly with his new sexy manly voice.

“Indeed he does,” added Henry.

The Brit was now holding the van above his head with one hand, his fingers embedded deeply in the steel undercarriage – as he had done earlier. In one quick movement he brought his extended arm down and slammed the front of the van into the asphalt beneath him. The sound of glass shattering, metal being instantly destroyed, and Brett moaning out loud as he jacked his cock faster was music to Mason’s ears. Harry and George jumped a little as the ground beneath them shook from the impact. Then, in what could only be described as a Bam Bam move from the Flintstones cartoon, Henry swung his arm over his head in the other direction. The back end of the van smashed into the driveway on the other side of the man. This collision of concrete and metal seemed more powerful – so much, in fact, that big cracks instantly appeared in the dark asphalt. Henry never took his eyes off of Brett. The young driver continued to pump his cock as he stared intently at what the Brit was accomplishing with little effort. Henry swung the van back a forth into the ground a couple of more times, until the van was compacted to the size of a small dishwasher. It would now be impossible to guess what the piece of crushed metal had previously been. The chunk of steel was compressed around Henry’s hand. He reached out with his other fingers and easily bent back the thick metal to release the hand he had used to destroy the van. When the big block of mass hit the ground it caused a gaping hole in the driveway. Every man standing there knew that, even though it now looked small, the squared off hunk of scrap metal could only be moved by something as strong as a tank – or, of course, by their friend Henry. Brett had begun to breathe heavy and was moaning loudly, as he continued to yank his thick meat.

“Are you sure about the direction, Brett?” asked Henry as he jerked his head toward the jungle off to the right.

“Yes . . . yes . . . ungh . . .ungh . . . sir . . . fucking . . . ungh . . . positive,” Brett was able to get out in between strokes.

Henry grabbed slab of crushed van with one hand and held it at chest level. He placed his other hand on the opposite side and started pressing in with his palms, while he moved the block around. Everyone stood there in shock as they watched the powerful man basically mold the wedge of metal at will. He was smoothing out the edges and easily squeezing what used to be a huge vehicle into something the size and shape of a beach ball. It was the most incredible sight any of the men had ever seen. Henry wasn’t straining at all as he reduced the bulk of the metal ball even more. Smoke was coming out of the gob of metal because of the heat Henry’s pressure was causing.

“This was easy, Brett,” Henry said teasingly. “I just demolished your van like it was a toy made of cheap plastic. Look at the thing now; it is the size of one of those medicine balls they used to use for exercising. I would love to find a tough guy that thinks he is better than anyone else and toss this thing to him. It would be fun to see the surprise on his face when he discovers it weighs the same as a big van. Yes, that would be much fun. So Brett, you ready for some batting practice?”

“Aw fuck . . . uh . . . uh . . . yes . . . uh . . . sir.” Brett said as he now used both hands to jerk himself closer to eruption.

Henry turned toward the part of the jungle he had reference earlier. He held the balled up van in one hand and tossed it into the air a few times. He looked over at his three buddies and was rewarded with shocked faces, mouths agape, and eyes wide with disbelief. This pleased Henry very much. He winked at them and then teased even more.

“Shall I take out the tops of a few trees as I hit my homerun, gentlemen?” Henry asked.

“Hell yeah, son!” Mason exclaimed, while the other two men merely nodded their heads.

Henry turned his head back toward the jungle. He crouched a little – like he was a baseball player about to take a swing. He tossed the ball further into the air one last time and then quickly brought his arm back. He sent his hand flying forward and let his open palm smack into the heavy orb of metal. There was a loud explosion-like sound and the demolished van shot through the air like a meteorite. It sounded like a jet taking off as it shot into the moonlit sky, now a bright red flash because of its speed. Every pair of eyes followed its trajectory. Brett’s cock began to shoot off like a cannon as soon as the zooming ball took off the upper half of three trees and kept flying with the force of a super missile. Suddenly, the glowing balled-up van disappeared over a large mountain in the distance. It was clear that Henry had overshot his intended distance – by many miles. He turned to the group with an ‘oh no’ kind of look.

“I’m afraid I still do not know my own strength. I planned on only sending it to that clump of trees about a mile away. What’s beyond that mountain, Brett?” Henry asked.

“Just . . . ocean,” Brett managed to get out as his cock spewed forth its last heart-stopping drops of cum.

The poor boy’s body was completely stiff and it was evident he was going to pass out. Using his newfound lightning speed Henry was able to rush to the driver’s side just as he fell, easily catching the man’s light body with one arm. “I’ll be right back gentlemen, I’m going to take our friend here to the workers’ quarters. Suddenly, Henry and Brett were gone and all that remained was the slight breeze created by the strong man’s quick departure. And before anyone could even blink Henry was back and had scooped George onto his shoulders like a dad giving his son a ride. The strong man had also quickly placed Mason and Harry on both of his shoulders, cupping their butts with his hands to make up for the narrow space. He held them aloft like they were as light as stuffed animals.

“And now we are off, gentlemen,” Henry said as he started walking toward the bungalows. “It is time for us to have a little more fun.”

“Shit boy, I’m not sure my body can handle any more of your kind of fun,” Mason said as he patted Henry’s head. “You make this muscle daddy very happy, son. I think it’s time I did something for you. You’re going to let me fuck that strong ass of yours when we get to my bungalow, aren’t you?”

“I know that is not really a question – it is more of an order – and I have never wanted anything more in my entire life, sir,” replied the excited Brit.

“That’s a good boy,” Mason added. “This muscle daddy is going to make you squeal like the super-strong pig you are. I know that plan excites you. You’re going to be begging for more of my cock all night long. And for dessert I’m going to plow our other two friends here, as well. I can’t leave them out. I need to make them happy, too.”

“Yes sir,” Harry and George both responded at the same time – the excitement clearly obvious in their voice.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Another great story Londonboy, you really write the best stories on this site, in my humble opinion, your muscle and strength description just turn me the heck on! Especially Henry's super duper strength, I love seeing outrageous, unreal feats in stories and what he did with and to the van was just awesome to read. I can't wait to see more!
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You better not abandon this story, Londonboy. It's so freaking hot...
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Great episode! Keep it up!
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