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Main Street Muscle

Main Street Muscle
A short story
By remoteboy11
A special “Thank You” goes to kai_28_2000 for allowing me to use the character of Thunderboy in this story.

“Hey, Thunderboy! It’s time to power up!” Alex said to Keith, just as he saw the click strike 7:00am. It was Saturday morning, Alex had just moved to a new neighborhood, and he immediately made friends with Keith, a tall, blond boy who lived just down the street from his new house. Keith was very strong. In fact, he was so strong, that he was often called the Thunderboy among the kids in the neighborhood. Alex and Keith instantly became best friends, and Keith had asked him to spend the night at his house.

One thing Alex really liked about Keith was the fact that he was sill a very laid-back, down-to-earth kid. And even though he was the strongest kid Alex has ever met, he always got along with everyone he knew. Keith was really into being strong and healthy, and it showed. This concern was displayed in every way possible, how he walked, talked, worked out, what he ate, what he drank, just about everything. Not only that, but he had somehow come up with a dialect, a language where everything is expressed by using words like “strength”, “muscle”, or “power”. “Waking up” was also expressed as “powering up”, just like “going to bed” was “powering down”. Leaving or going was expressed as “flying”, and whenever you asked Keith how he was doing, he would not just answer with “I’m fine”, but he would add to it something like “I’m feeling very strong today, thank you. How are you?” And having a bad day was expressed as “Feeling weak”, while having a great day was same as saying “Feeling strong”. Keith started to call this dialect “Muscletongue” and it slowly became the standard among all kids who were into working out at the gym. And Keith’s favorite expression was, “May your strength be with you!”

Keith grabbed one of his 30 pound dumbbells and held it in his right arm, as he sat down on his bed with his legs hanging off the edge. His long, blond hair was going straight down his back, as he curled up his right arms, exposing his big bulging bicep!

“Good morning, muscle! How are you?” He said while looking at his muscle with a big smile on his face.

“You’re kidding me! You talk to your muscles?” Alex asked, as he sat on the bed right next to his big, muscular buddy.

“Well, Absolutely! You got to start the day with a small workout and a warm-up flex!” Keith answered. Neither Alex nor Keith was wearing a t-shirt, and Alex was just amazed when he looked over to the big, blond boy sitting right next to him. It was the first time he really noticed how big Keith really was! Keith had told Alex where he got his strength from, and it was now that Alex had a good look at him, for the very first time.

“Are you really the strongest kid on earth?” Alex asked.

“I guess so, until I meet someone who is stronger than me who lives on this earth!” was his answer.

“Tell you what”, Keith said to his younger friend, “I want to go for a power-stroll so I can take my big muscles out into the open so they get some fresh air. Want to come along with me?”

“Sure! Let’s fly!” was Alex’s answer.

Both boys grabbed a banana out of a fruit bowl in the kitchen and ate it. Then they dressed in basketball jerseys with matching shorts and high tops. Keith looked like a Chicago Bulls player, wearing all red and white jersey, while Alex wore his Orlando Magic blue jersey and shorts.

“Before we head out, I need to teach you the ‘high-five-flex’” Keith said to his apprentice. “Stand straight and face me, then flex your right arm, and afterwards extend your right arm straight up and give me a high five!”

Alex was just amazed how Keith came up with these cool moves and words! Now he understood how this 10-year-old kid ended up in the 9th grade in high school! The things he came up with were brilliant, original, and unique. Alex totally looked up to him, and he felt like he wanted to be his best friend for the rest of his life. It was such a thrill just to spend a weekend with him, and he wondered just how many other cool things Keith would teach him? The kid was a muscular genius, and at the same time, Keith was the nicest kid Alex had ever met in his whole life. What luck that they now lived down the street from one another! It was like a dream come true and Alex was just looking forward to spending an incredible morning with his super friend.

Alex did everything exactly like Keith told him to, although he had trouble reaching Keith’s hand in order to give him a high five. Since Keith was about 6 to 7 inches taller than him and he was only 4’1”, Alex had to leap a few inches in order to complete the “high-five-flex”. But he got it down just right and was thrilled to death that his big friend had shared his secret greeting with him.

Alex and Keith had walked over to the neighbor’s house. There was a huge truck standing in the driveway, with a large freezer in the bed of the truck. Mr. Wilson, their neighbor, had small ice cream shop and he would occasionally store ice cream in the freezer in his warehouse, which was behind the house.

Mr. Wilson bought a new freezer to provide additional storage since his business was growing, and the old freezer was filled to capacity. As the boys just walked up the driveway, Mr. Wilson was talking to the driver of the truck, who was leaning against the hood of his truck.

“Great, you delivered the new freezer on time. But how are we going to get it from the truck into the warehouse?” Mr. Wilson asked the driver.
“Well, can you show me where you want the new freezer to be installed at?” the driver asked.

“Hi Mr. Wilson” Keith said as he walked up to his neighbor.

“Hey Keith, how are you today, big guy?” he asked.

“Oh I’m feeling pretty strong today, thank you!” was Keith’s answer in Muscletongue. “Did you buy a new freezer?”

“Yes, but only the driver showed up, without the rest of his crew.”

“What crew is that?”

“The driver was supposed to show up here with a crew of about six men so that we could unload the freezer from the truck, roll it on a big dolly, and set it down next to the old freezer, which is located in the warehouse. Here, I’ll show you” was Mr. Wilson’s answer.

The two boys looked at the warehouse, and then they walked outside to where the truck was parked. Mr. Wilson was walking behind them, and they heard their conversation.

“I got five members of my crew coming from the other side of town and they’re on their way, although it might take them an hour or so before they get here” the driver said.

“Darn, I guess we have no choice but to wait for them. The freezer weighs 562 pounds, there is no way we can lift that off the truck by ourselves. Oh well then, come in and let’s watch some TV and wait for them to get here”.

Both men walked into the house. In the meantime, Keith and Alex were staring at the new freezer, which was sitting on the big, flat bed truck.

“Awesome! We’ll have an unlimited supply of ice cream, right next to your house!” Alex said to Keith.

Suddenly, Keith had this big grin on his face, as he turned towards Alex.

“Hey Alex, we can do this!” he said to Alex, as he gave him a wink.

“Do what? Unload the freezer from the truck?”

“Yeah, my muscles need to work a little today.”

“Sweet! Let’s do it!” Alex answered.

Both boys stood facing each other, flexing their right arms, and immediately ended the pose with a high five.

In only a matter of minutes, Keith hoisted the freezer up with his arms by grabbing it on the bottom and lifting it up off the bed of the truck. His muscles were huge, bulging out of his arms, like they were cheering at the chance to lift something heavy! Then Alex grabbed the dolly and pushed it over to the back of the truck. Standing on the back edge of the flat bed, Keith slowly lowered the freezer as Alex tried to guide it along so that it would land right in the center of the dolly. Once the freezer was standing on the dolly, Keith jumped off the truck and landed next to Alex. From there, both boys began pushing the dolly so that it rolled straight towards the entrance to the warehouse. Once inside, Keith lifted the freezer off of the dolly, and gently set it down at the location where Mr. Wilson had showed them earlier.

As soon as the boys walked out of the warehouse, they found this 9-year-old girl staring straight at them.

“So where do you two think you’re going?” she said in a stern voice.

“Hi Jennifer, how are you?” Keith asked the girl.

“I’m fine! So Keith, who is your friend,” she asked, looking over at Alex.

“Hey Jenny, this is Alex. He just moved down the street from us. He spent the night at my house and we decided to go for a walk this morning. You know, just to introduce Alex to his new neighbors!” Keith responded.

“Ahh! Well Alex, I’m Jennifer but everybody here calls me Jenny! How are you?” she asked him politely.

“I’m feeling very strong today, thanks!” was Alex’s answer.

“So what were you two doing in the warehouse? We don’t have any ice cream in here today!” she said to both Alex and Keith, inspecting them from head to toe.

“Don’t worry Jenny”, Keith said, “we’re not out to eat any ice cream right now. Not until after we have our workout this afternoon!”

“Oh gosh don’t tell me Alex is as big of a gym nerd as you are, Keith! Now I got two of you muscle boys living on the same street! Heaven have mercy on me!” she said like she was very disappointed.

“What’s wrong with lifting weights in the gym?” Alex asked Jenny.

“Why are boys so weird, anyway? Working out is so dumb! What’s the whole point of lifting a piece of weight up, just to lower it back to the original position again? What a waste! You don’t accomplish a thing by moving a weight up and down. What a waste of time! Go study up on chemistry and physics and you’ll see that you can create a machine that can do the same stupid thing with less effort and energy!” she said in a tone that made her sound really intelligent.

“Hey Jenny, did you see my muscles?” Keith asked her as he flexed both arms. “Hey muscles, say hi to Jenny!”

Then Keith flexed his muscles repeatedly, making his biceps rise and fall again. Then he teased Jenny by saying in a high, squeaky voice, “Hi Jenny! We are Keith’s big muscles! We work out every single day! Yay! We love to work out so we can become bigger and bigger!”

Alex couldn’t help but laugh, as Jenny’s face turned red of anger.

“Alright you muscle freaks, I see your point! Now quit wasting my time, I have a lot of studying to do! Go show off your big, stupid muscles somewhere else!” she shouted, as Keith had just finished flexing.

Jenny raised her neck, closed her mouth, turned around and walked with her head held high towards the house. It came across in a very arrogant way, although Keith and Alex just giggled at the little, snobby girl.

“Oh by the way, Jenny,” Keith pointed out, “next time your dad needs help lifting or moving his freezer, just tell him to call me first, ok? I could save him the time and money!”

“Move the freezer? But, I though my dad hired someone to…” but Jenny couldn’t finish her sentence.

“Yes, Jenny. Well we gotta fly! May your strength be with you!” Alex shouted, as the boys were walking out the driveway.

Jenny had stopped to think about what Keith and Alex had just said, and she walked in the house, in order to tell her father. As the boys were already walking on the street, they heard a loud shout come from the front yard of the house. It seemed to be Mr. Wilson’s voice.

“What on earth has happened? Who put the freezer in the warehouse? How is that possible? That thing weighs 562 pounds!”

Mr. Wilson ran out the driveway, and he only saw Keith and Alex. Keith turned around and saw Mr. Wilson staring at him, with his mouth wide open of astonishment. Keith lifted his shoulders and shrugged, giving this “I don’t know” look back at Mr. Wilson. Then he turned around and giggled.

Alex grabbed Keith and pulled him towards him, just to whisper in his ear.

“Was that 562 pounds?” he asked his bigger, muscular friend.

“I doubt it,” Keith whispered back, “It felt more like 300 pounds to me! He’s just making it up to scare us!”

“Gosh, I just love being strong, don’t you?” Alex asked, while doing another flex.

Both boys laughed, as Keith flexed and gave Alex a high five. Then he wrapped his arm around Alex’s shoulder, until they reached the next house. And Mr. Wilson made his way back up his driveway, shaking his head in disbelief.

There was a big, blue mailbox in front of the house. On it was a white sticker with the surname “Gomez” on it. The driveway way long and there were several cars parked along the narrow street which led to the garage, near the side of the house.

“I’ll introduce you to Mr. Gomez, he is from Mexico. And I hope Luis is home, that’s his son. He teaches me some Spanish whenever I come over!” Keith had explained to his new neighbor. “Luis’ dad is an auto mechanic, and you’ll find him out here tinkering with cars all the time!”

As they approached the garage, they saw this brand new Hummer standing there. The big jeep had taken up all the space in the tiny garage, and Mr. Gomez was struggling to find tools big enough to handle the big vehicle. Next to Mr. Gomez was a brown, skinny boy, about the same height as Keith.

“Oye Keith! Que tal?” the boy said to Keith.

“Hey, Luis! How are you? This is my friend Alex!” was Keith’s answer, as he looked at Alex.

“Encantado! I’m Luis! And this is my father. How are you?” Luis said to Alex, as he gently shook his hand while his father was just walking out of the garage.

“I’m feeling really strong today! And you?” Alex asked Luis in Muscletongue.

“Bueno! You got lots of musculos, no?” Luis responded, as he flexed his skinny arms. He didn’t have a lot of muscle, but he didn’t seem to care as he flexed anyway.

“Yeah but he doesn’t have muscles like me!” Keith answered, as he first flexed his left arm, then his right, before striking and incredible pose where his pecs almost burst right out of his Bulls basketball jersey.

“You’re such a show-off!” Alex shouted at Keith, what was immediately followed by all three boys bursting out in laughter at the same time. They just had a blast showing their big muscles to each other.

“Hey guys, don’t touch the Hummer, ok?” Luis’s father said to them. “This is the first time I get to work on one and I can’t find something big enough to lift it with so I can put this jack under the tire. I’m going to my shop, which is down the street, and I’ll be right back, ok?”

“You just need to replace the tire, dad?” Luis asked his father.

“Si, but I need to get my hydraulic pump. The Hummer is too heavy and I can’t lift it” his father answered.

As Luis’s dad drove away in his car, Keith gave Alex that same funny look with a big grin on his face.

“Let’s help him out” Alex said, giving a wink to Keith and Luis.

“Wait a minute… What are you guys going to do?” Luis asked Keith, with a touch of concern in his voice.

“Nothing! I’m gonna lift the Hummer, and you and Alex are gonna change the tire” Keith answered.

“Que? You are going to lift the Hummer? You must be joking, right?” Luis answered back in complete skepticism.

“Nope!” Keith answered, putting his hands on his hips as he flexes his muscles in his chest.

“Wait a minute” Luis said, as he grabbed a large book with charts and tables in it.

“A Hummer weighs about 6,400 pounds! You can’t lift 6,400 pounds, Keith!” Luis answered back, showing Keith the page in the book where he found that information.

Keith flexed his left arm, then his right.

“Hey guys, I guess you’re going to have your workout early today!” Keith said, while looking at his bulging right bicep while he was flexing his arm.

Luis grabbed the other tire and rolled it around to where the old tire was. Alex grabbed the tools needed to unscrew the bolts off the tire, while Keith crawled on his back, sliding his body under the car so he could see the under section of the Hummer’s chassis. Then he placed his hands under the chassis, ready to lift the 6,400 pounds of aluminum, plastic, and steel.
“Are you guys ready?” Keith asked the other two.

“Yeah let’s do it as fast as we can!” Luis answered.

Keith wrapped his hands around the chassis. While taking a deep breath, he pushed upwards on it while all muscles in his chest, arms and shoulders tensed up. His pecs were becoming humongous, as the Hummer slowly raised up.

Alex unscrewed all the nuts as fast as he could, while Luis was ready to pull the tire off. Once it was off, he tossed the old tire as he immediately grabbed the new one, pushing it into place,

Keith felt the 6,400 pound weight on his pecs, as they were screaming! But in a way it felt so good, finally being able to lift something that was so heavy. His arms and head started to sweat, but he realized he had to hold on a little longer. He grinded his teeth, as he had the weight of a large car on his shoulders.

Alex screwed all the nuts back on, as quickly as he could.

Just at that moment, Luis’ dad pulled back up on the driveway.

Alex screwed on the last nut.

Luis’ dad stepped out of the car.

“We’re done!” Alex whispered to Keith.

Luis’ dad walked towards the garage.

Keith gently lowered the Hummer until it was firmly back on the garage floor.

Luis’ dad opened the garage door.

Keith slid out from under the car. He immediately got up on his feet, standing next to Luis.

“Hey muchachos, how’s my Hummer, huh? Don’t touch it, it’s not mine!” Luis’ father said.

“We were just looking at the wheels! They’re nice!” Keith said.

All three boys left the garage, and walked on to the driveway.

“Hey Luis, we need to fly. Thanks for showing us the garage!” Keith said to Alex.

Luis stood by the mailbox, waving goodbye at his two buddies.

Seconds later, he was joined by his father, who stood next to him in complete amazement. His mouth was wide open, for he had noticed that the boys had changed the tire on the Hummer without using a jack. But how could they lift 6,400 pounds with their bare hands?

“Hey! Hey! Wait!” his dad shouted at them.

Both Alex and Keith stopped, and turned around. They saw Luis standing there, and Luis’ dad slowly walking towards them, with a look of complete astonishment on his face.

Alex looked at Keith with a worried expression on his face.

“Are we in trouble?” he asked Keith.

Now Keith always grinned at everything so he said “Of course not!” with the usual smile on his face. Keith just knew that nothing and nobody could hurt him, so he just never worried.

Luis’ dad slowly walked up to them. And when he stood right in front of Keith, he looked at him and examined him from head to toe.

“How did you do that?” he asked Keith in a quiet voice.

Without saying a word, he just flexed his left arm, with the big round bicep rising up from under his skin. The adult looked at him with his big brown eyes, about to pop out of his skull. With the fingertips on his right hand, the man touched the boy’s big muscle, slowly sliding his fingers from the boy’s forearm over the muscle and down to his elbow.

“My God!” was all he could say.

“Who are you...? Where did you come from...? You can’t be human” he said in a soft voice.

“I’m just a boy, sir. I’m just a boy” was Keith’s answer as he turned around.

Keith and Alex walked down the street, giving each other the high-five-flex. Then they both laughed as they went on their way. To them, it was just fun to show off their strength. Little did they realize how much of an impact they were making on their neighborhood.

But the Gomez family would have a quiet lunch, for they witnessed a miracle in their garage. Never had they seen such a display of brute strength from two young, little boys, who happened to be their young, happy, next-door neighbors.

Next time you see two boys walking on the street you might as well say hi to them, for chances are great that you may well be driving right by two muscle kids named Keith and Alex.
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Wow, thats a damn good story

Rex that is a pretty good story man, I just read it and it was just awesome, I can't really describe it, but Keith was absolutely unbelievable in muscle size and strength and Alex was pretty big in his own right. I can wait to see more of this muscled duo. The muscletongue that Keith started was a cool invention, now instead of asking how good and bad they are, bodybuilders will substitute the words strong and weak, that is a pretty cool innovation. I also liked the fact that the icecream man was named Mr. Wilson, which happens to be my last name, a very cool part of the story indeed. I can't wait to see more from you Rex, you kick so much ass.
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