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Old April 17th, 2011, 12:10 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Teaching a Big Bear New Tricks 3

[First four lines are from part 2 to help jog your memory. Hope you enjoy! All comments are greatly appreciated.]

“Do you trust me Bobby?”


“Will you try something if I ask you to?”


I reached down, grabbing the middle of the long thick chain that connected his ankle to the spike in the ground, and pulled it closer to him. I lifted the heavy links into the air and held them out to him. I could tell Bobby was a little confused, but I was determined. I spoke softly and smiled to comfort the man.

“I’d like you to pull this chain apart - into two pieces, Bobby. Trust me, you can do it. It won’t take any effort from you at all. I know you think you can’t do it, but that’s because no one has ever said you could. Rufus will really be happy if you break this chain with just your bare hands.”

The last comment made the big guy smile. He glanced down at my crotch and then licked his lips. It was almost humorous, but I knew deep down he really loved making my Rufus happy. He also knew that what I was asking him to do would make his Petey happy, too.

“Hank don’t like me to play with the chain, Eden. And it holds the elephants in place.”

“You are stronger than the elephants, Bobby.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are. Trust me. I wouldn’t ever lie to you, Bobby.”

The colossal man looked at me with a face full of love and amazement. I, again, realized that no one had ever told him something like that before. He was beginning to see that I liked him very much and he felt the same way about me. The man dropped the chunk of meat in his hand and reached out – although tentatively – to grab the chain with both of his hands. The links had looked huge in my hands, but in his they looked quite small. I knew it would take him no effort at all to rip one of the rings apart. Bobby held the chain up at chest level and started pulling his hands in opposite directions. At first, I could sense he was very scared to do what I was asking, but then I reached out and put my hand on one of his mammoth upper arms, my spread fingers not even covering half of this portion of his body.

“I want to feel your power while you do this, Bobby.”

That was all the encouragement Bobby needed. It was very apparent he used little of his total abilities. I watched as the middle link between his hands started to stretch further and further apart – it was like dough being manipulated in a baker’s strong grip. Finally the now thin piece of steel popped completely apart and fell to the ground in between the big man’s legs. It was completely mangled and looked nothing like it had just seconds before. I watched his face explode with excitement and I knew that both of our pecker’s had grown even bigger. I looked at Bobby and shook my head in amazement. I wanted him to know how impressed I was.

“That was nothing for you, was it Bobby?”

“It was real easy, Eden!”

“I told you it would be. You can trust me. You could probably put about ten of those chains together and pull them all apart all at once.”

As if to prove me right, Bobby quickly took the side of the chain that remained attached to his ankle and doubled it over. He then held it at chest level again and made sure I was watching. He easily snapped both pieces of the chain in two with one short tug. I let a little moan escape from my mouth and this made Bobby giggle. He looked down at my crotch and was pleased to see my pecker twitching again.

“You really like how strong I am don’t cha Eden!”

“Very much Bobby, very much. And now for something even better. Here, put your big finger down on the inside of the metal clamp at your ankle and break it off. You can do it without any problem, I promise.”

Bobby’s excitement was palpable. He was like a little kid that had just learned to read or ride a bike. He slid his big right index finger between his thick ankle and the equally broad metal band and started pulling out. The band busted at the fastener quickly and easily. The man had just snapped metal in two with only one finger and it was as simple as breaking a wet string of spaghetti. This amazing feat caused me to cry out even louder and Bobby began to laugh.

“I’m stronger than them elephants!”

“Yes you are, Bobby. Yes you are.”

I stood up quickly and grabbed the other piece of chain that was attached to the metal stake in the ground. I thought I would be able to pull the stake out of the soil, but it was too deep and all I did was strain my back a little. Bobby got up quickly too – causing me to gasp when I saw how much taller and bigger he was next to me – and grabbed the chain from me with one hand. He effortlessly pulled the long broad stake out of the ground. The man was able to somehow know what I had planned to ask him to do with the pointed metal pole. He held it in his hands and swiftly bent it over, causing it to snap in two long pieces. Then, just to show off, he bent those two pieces again and broke the once solid metal stake into four pieces. He dropped the destroyed stake to the ground. Bobby was now out of control. I had unleashed some newfound awareness in his psyche and not only did the man trust me completely, but he wanted to show off, as well – in a big way. He promptly walked over to the big barbell and lifted it up with one hand. He came back over and started lifting the thing up and down, with his body right next to mine so I could see his arm swelling bigger each time the barbell went high in the air.

“Grab my arm now, Eden. See how big it grows.”

“It’s unbelievable, Bobby. Your arm is beautiful.”

I quickly started running both of my hands all over his bulging upper arm. I had learned from some magazine that this part of a person was called the biceps. Bobby had the biggest biceps I had ever seen. The humongous man quickly moved behind me and pressed his body against mine – which allowed me to feel his hard dick for the first time as it pressed into my back. He brought his other hand to the barbell and held the thing in front of my chest. I didn’t need any instructions on what to do – Bobby and I were now communicating easily through our mutual lust for his power and our desire for each other. I reached out and placed my hands on top of his, which were wrapped around the heavy bar with the two big balls on each end. Bobby began to press down with his huge arms and immediately the thick metal started to bend into an upside down V. I could actually get a small glimpse of the power Bobby contained in his body as I felt his hands easily manipulating the metal bar. He wasn’t using all of his strength but I could feel his brawny hands making the metal do his will even as his fingers crushed into the bar leaving more than just slight indentions. There was a sudden loud pop and the thick bar cracked apart. Bobby let out a loud growl-like sound and let the two big balls fall to the ground. I felt the area around us shake a little from the impact. Bobby leaned down and wrapped his big hands around my body, bringing his thick forearms across my chest. He stood back up and easily lifted my entire body into the air. The man was so tall that my feet only reached his knees. He brought his bearded face to the right side of my neck and started running his lips up and down my skin. At the same time he pressed his big cock into my lower back and let his heavy balls smack against my ass.

“You feel good, Eden. Old Petey likes how you feel, too.”

“I think I know a way to make Petey feel even better, Bobby.”

“Yeah. I know it, too.”

“I . . . uh . . . I haven’t . . . ever sat on a pecker, Bobby. I’m kind of scared.”

“I know how to make it not hurt so much, Eden. Trust me, okay. Can I show ya’? I don’t want to make you do nothing ya’ don’t want to. I can make ya’ feel real nice, though.”

“Show me Bobby. I trust you.”

The big man held me against his chest with one arm and reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants, causing them to fall to my ankles. Rufus immediately snapped straight up against my stomach. I also heard him do the same thing with his pants but I knew his legs were too big, so he had to shove his pants down a little to free his Petey from confinement. It was incredible to finally feel his bare skin against mine – and even more special to feel the base of his hard pecker against my bare behind. The giant man bent his legs way down so he could reach out and dip his hand into a softened block of butter that rested on a plate near the bread. I watched as he scooped a big glob of the stuff into his fingers. Bobby then stood back up and used his strong arm around my body to raise me higher against his chest. Suddenly I felt big fingers pushing my butt cheeks apart and the warm soft butter being lathered around my tensed hole. I cried out when the grunting man pried his thick index finger into my opening and forced it up into me. I knew instinctively to relax my body and I was also very thankful for the slipperiness of the butter. Soon, Bobby was moving his finger in and out of my hole and it started to feel very nice. He was even able to work up to three fingers and I only cried out a couple of times. Finally, my body started to move along with his hand – inviting the invasion to go deeper each time. I knew I was opening myself to the massive man and I was beginning to long for Petey to be inside of me. Bobby could feel my desire.

“Ya’ sure you want old Petey to poke you, Eden.”

“Hell yes, Bobby. I want to make old Petey spit up real hard.”

“Yeah. Trust me, Eden. I’m gonna make Rufus real happy, too.”

Never had I thought about having a man’s penis up my ass – but at that moment it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I would have done anything to feel Petey inside of me. I was on fire with lust for Bobby and it was the strongest thing I had ever felt in my entire life. When I became aware of the thick tip of Petey pressing against my greased up hole I somehow opened myself wide and pushed down with my stomach, causing the fat thing to pop inside of me. This time it was Bobby’s turn to cry out in pleasure. The immediate pain caused by having something so thick inside of me made me grit my teeth and clench my jaw. I didn’t make a sound. Bobby and I both waited a few seconds for my body to get used to old Petey. Soon the enormous man could tell I was ready to move on and he started pressing more of his pecker into my body. At the same time he brought his butter-covered hand around and grabbed hold of Rufus – which sent a thousand quick jolts through my body. Bobby brought his face back down beside mine.

“Rufus is mighty hard, Eden. I think he’s happy.”

“Very happy, Bobby. And how about old Petey?”

“He ain’t never been this happy.”

The rhythm of Bobby’s shoving and pulling started to increase. He could sense that my body was ready for whatever was about to happen. I might have been new to all of this, but some basic instinct inside my core had begun to willingly respond to Bobby’s advancement. I knew exactly what to do to please the big man. I tightened my butt when he was pushing in and released it just a little as he pulled out, being careful to clamp it closed just before the tip of old Petey came near to escaping. Bobby seemed to be as skilled with his hands as he was with his penis. He was pumping Rufus like some kind of pro. I could feel thick hard calluses on his palm as he moved up and down on my penis, which only increased the building pleasure. Bobby could perceive when my Rufus was close to spitting up so he would relax his grip and allow my body to recover a little. I quickly gathered that the giant wanted to time it perfectly so that Petey and Rufus both shot off at the same time. I glanced down at the thick forearm and biceps pressing into my body – easily holding me against his huge hard chest behind. Bobby was continuing to breathe heavier and grunted like some wild animal - right next to my face and this only increased the pleasurable tension throughout all of me.

“Can Petey explode in your hole, Eden? He sure wants to!”

“Yes, please Bobby. Please.”

I was lost in some kind of other realm. I had never felt anything close to the bliss that was shooting through my body. I wanted one thing and one thing only – to please old Petey so much that Bobby would want me forever. As the big man’s moans got louder and his pounding inside my ass got faster and harder, I began to realize this is what I had always wanted and it was why I had come to the circus. Posters of the Bear had drawn me here and I had somehow known I would be able to please the beast in a special way. With each thrust of Bobby’s crotch we both came closer to explosion. I could also feel Petey and Rufus both getting even harder with each deep push. I felt Bobby’s body go extremely stiff at the same time as mine. He pulled his arm tighter around my chest and seemed to squeeze me like a lemon, causing my juice to suddenly shoot out from my body across the open area of the cage. Old Petey shot off into my hole at the same time. My toes were scrunched painfully together as my entire frame shook wildly in Bobby’s strong grasp. There was so much happening to my own body that, at first, I completely missed that the giant man was roaring louder than the lions in the cages outside. It took me a minute to realize, too, that old Petey was spitting out so much that Bobby’s thick warm liquid was running down the backs of my legs like an overflowing fountain.

Somehow the immense man was able to hold onto me and remain standing even as his body bucked back and forth like the stallion my dad had broken last summer. Somehow I knew the power of Bobby put the strength of the big horse at home to shame. It took about ten minutes for our bodies to recover from their simultaneous explosions. Bobby released the painful pressure of his arm against my chest and I slid down to the ground, hearing a popping sound as his slowly deflating penis left my sore behind. He kept a big hand on my shoulder just to help me stay standing. Bobby could sense that I was completely worn out by the ordeal.

“Come away with me Bobby.”

I do not know where I found the strength to say what had just escaped my mouth. I knew completely that I wanted to be with the big man for the rest of my life. I had no idea how he felt, but I was not going to let the moment pass without saying what I so strongly desired. I turned my worn out body – still fully alive, though, from the experience – towards him. I looked up into his face and found that he was crying again. I instantly began to worry that he was too fearful to leave Hank.

“I know you think it’s safe here, Bobby, but you should be treated better. I can take care of you – I mean really take care of you. You won’t ever have to be in a cage or have a chain around your ankle again. You’ll be able to go outside any time you want and we can do lots of things together. I know you think Hank has given you a lot, Bobby, but you deserve more. I can give you more. And we can make sure that Petey and Rufus have a lot more fun, too! I know it’s scary, but please trust me. I can make you very happy and you can make me very happy, too.”

The big guy was now crying very hard and I began to feel like I had asked too much. Bobby was a good and simple man. I was scared I had taken advantage of that and misread his actions and words. It was probably too much for him to think about leaving all that he had known for so long. How dare I think a short brief hour together would affect him the same way it had me. I quickly regretted my impatient invitation. I knew I needed to make it right.

“I’m sorry Bobby. I’ve asked too much. It’s just that this last hour has changed my life forever. I think I have always wanted to be with someone exactly like you and I got carried away. I love you, but I also can’t ask you to do anything against your will. You have to decide for yourself. I’m really sorry I made you confused and sad. I promise that I’ll . . .”

I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence. Bobby reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders. He squeezed tightly and pressed in and up at the same time. My body came off the ground and he pressed his furry manly face into mine – kissing me harder than before and dominating my mouth with his powerful tongue. He held us there for a few seconds and then pulled my body slightly away from his. He was smiling and his eyes were full of joy. My dick had suddenly shot hard again. I didn’t say a thing. I simply stared at the face of the handsome man before me and waited. I could not even begin to anticipate what would come next.

“You don’t think old Petey could let his new friend Rufus get away do ya’, Eden?”

My heart immediately surged with happiness because of Bobby’s words. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but I did believe he was saying we would be together. I asked my next question slowly.

“Will you come away with me, Bobby?”

“Yeah, but I gotta do one thing first. You have to help me, too.”

Bobby put me back down on the ground and we both pulled our pants up. I watched in awe, as he had to tug hard to get the top of his cut offs up over his big legs. He walked over to a chest in the corner. He opened it up and brought me a piece of paper and a pencil. He held them out and I took them

“You write what I say, okay Eden?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Dear Hank. I’m leavin’ for good. If ya’ try to follow me this is what’s gonna happen to you. Signed, Bobby. And then write ‘not the Bear.’ You got all that Eden?”

“Yes, but I don’t understand.”

“You will.”

Bobby took the note from me. He walked over to one of the big balls lying on the ground. He bent down next to the thing, brought his arm back, and then sent his fist flying into the middle of the round chunk of metal. It sounded like two big cars hitting each other. I watched as his hand sunk deep into the ball and then gasped out loud as I watched the thing crack and shatter into many different chunks. Bobby took the piece of paper and placed one of the larger pieces of the demolished ball on the corner. It was now clear what the note meant. I watched Bobby go back to the chest and pull out a triple large shirt and put it over his large frame. It was clear he couldn’t have buttoned the thing even if he had wanted to and the material did nothing to hide how huge he was. He also put on some sandals and pulled out a duffle bag. He walked back to me and nodded his head as he looked around the cage.

“Are you sure you’re ready to leave, Bobby?”

“If you’ll have me, Eden.”


This made the giant smile and he placed a hand behind my back and directed me to the door of the cage. I stopped before we got near the exit and I could immediately sense that Bobby knew what I wanted. I turned to him and he handed me the duffle bag. He walked over to bars of the cage and grabbed the two directly in the middle. With nothing more than a simple shrug of his arms he jerked the two steel poles apart – actually ripping them from the metal beam at the top of the cage. He continued to pry them apart so we both could fit through. He turned to me and I smiled to show my approval. He reached down and adjusted old Petey who had swollen up big as Bobby destroyed the cage so easily. We stepped out and walked to the entrance to the tent. I looked up at him.

“Are you ready Bobby?”

“Old Petey can’t wait for new adventures with Rufus.”

We both laughed and stepped out of the tent into our new life together.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Awesome! Maybe a flash forward to see where this couple's at throughout the years? I don't want to leave them so soon {:3
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Awesome stuff! Very hot scene indeed.
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Great take on Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men using the circus theme. Might be interesting to see what happens over a period of 2 to 5 years.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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great stuff
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So how old is Bobby?
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A Powerful Strong story.
And the emotionals hit the right spot.
Keep Writing.

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