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Old April 13th, 2011, 10:16 AM
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Teaching a Big Bear New Tricks 2

“For crying out loud Bear, why did you bend the barbell? You know that’s not part of the act. What was that all about, huh?”

There was a sudden change in the ringmaster’s behavior and voice. He now sounded like one of those mafia guys from New York in the movies. And he was talking English to the Bear. I was very confused until I saw the Bear stand up and let the fur covered cloak fall to the ground. He looked down like a kid caught doing something wrong. When he spoke it was a powerful voice, but very restrained.

“I’m sorry Hank.”

“Not good enough Bear, not good enough. You were showing off for that good-looking kid in the front weren’t you. You can’t do that Bear. I mean it. You gotta follow my script and the orders I give. I know you got urges, man, but you have to control ‘em. We can’t take chances – especially down here in the south. They might lynch you for acting that way. You understand me Bear? You hear me?”

“Yeah Hank. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry’s not good enough, Bear. Now fix the barbell and the cage. You need to rest up for tonight. I want to try that new act where you hold back the two horses. You feel up to it.”


The Bear moved to the barbell implanted in the ground and this time he reached down and lifted it with one hand. I immediately felt duped by the act. I had been sure the thing was real. So many things of the last few minutes confused me. I watched the behemoth bend the barbell back into one straight line and then return it to its original place. The Bear then walked over to the bars on the cage and he quickly straightened them out, as well. They screeched again as he put them back in perfect place. The things sure sounded real.

“Shit, even after all these years it still amazes me when you do that, Bear. You are one strong fucker. Now get back to your place and let me lock you up. I’ve got some grub over there for you. I’m going to get a quick bang from Sally and then head into town for a few beers. I’ll be back a little before six. You need anything, Bear?”

“No Hank. Um . . . can I go with ya’ Hank.”

“You know you can’t Bear; you don’t need to ever go out of this tent.”

The Bear went over and spread out the thick hide on the ground. He then sat down and took a large metal clamp and closed it around his ankle. The guy named Hank came over and locked the clamp with a small key. He then took a hammer and pounded a large spike through the end of a large chain attached to the clamp around the Bear’s leg. Hank handed the big man a mound of food and a jug of water. He exited the cage, locked the padlock, and then hung the key on a hook beside the door.

“See you big guy. Do a hundred push-ups later on, okay? We need you looking pumped tonight. I’ll be back later.”

“Can I do more Hank?”

“Knock yourself out doofus, knock yourself out.”

I watched Hank leave the tent through a back entrance and then turned to look at the Bear. I could not understand what was going on – both between the two men and within my body. My dick was throbbing hard and I felt like some kind of giant raw nerve. I was sure a strong wind could have sent me over the edge. I could not fathom what this situation was all about. I contemplated sneaking out the tent entrance to my right.

“I’m not really mean, ya know.”

The Bear’s words made my body go rigid. I held my breath and after a few seconds I carefully peered out from behind the wooden cutout. I saw the smiling face of the Bear chomping on a huge piece of meat and looking straight at me. I immediately pulled myself back behind the cutout and started making plans to run.

“You’re really cute.”

His voice sounded child-like and very sincere. My heart was pounding hard and I still hadn’t taken a breath. I finally exhaled and forced myself to step out into the open area. I looked at the Bear. He had stopped eating – with the food still in his hands – and he was staring at me.

“I bended the barbell just for you, ya know. You liked it. Didn’t ya? I saw you did.”

I had no idea what was making me so bold but I stepped a little closer to the fence between the cage and me. I didn’t get what he was saying and I must have had a confused look on my face. The Bear broke into a big smile and he laughed a little.

“Your pecker got real big. That’s how I know.”

My hands immediately flew to my crotch as I attempted to cover the giant ‘pecker’ God had given me. I’m sure my face turned bright red and I immediately looked at the ground. I could not believe two men would ever talk to each other this way. This was all new to me. I finally glanced back up at the big man.

“It’s a real purdy pecker. And big too. Like mine!”

The Bear spread his legs apart and I instinctively glanced down at his crotch, noticing the long thick outline of a hard penis snaking down the inside of the knee length cut-offs he was wearing. Seeing his hard dick was thrilling enough, but added to that jolt was my first real intense look at his mammoth legs and this made me gasp out loud.

“I’m big all over, ain’t I?”


My mouth was completely dry so my answer was soft and raspy. I could tell my face was still very flushed and all I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my eardrums. I was very worried that I was going to faint at any moment. I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. I returned my gaze to the Bear’s face. He was still smiling – like a proud little boy. Something in his smile helped me to regain control of my body, as well as my mind.

“You are very big and I think you are also very strong.”

“Yeah, real strong. I like bending things and picking up real heavy things.”

“Is that real?”

I was pointing toward the barbell. The Bear followed my hand, which was visibly shaking, and looked at the huge thing resting on the ground. He turned back to me and his smile grew even larger.

“Yeah, it’s real. Hank doesn’t like it when I bend it, though. I broke two of ‘em before. They just snap in two. They cost a lot to make. But I wanted to show off for ya’. You saw Hank get mad ‘bout it, didn’t ya’.”

I now moved to the fence. I still marveled at the size of the man before me. He seemed even bigger than before. Something beyond my comprehension took control of my body and I jumped over the fence and walked to the edge of the cage. Without even thinking I grabbed the two bars the Bear had easily bent and I tried to pull them apart. They didn’t budge at all. I pulled harder and it was perfectly clear they were real. I glanced higher on the bars – to where the Bear’s hands would naturally grab – and I saw clear indentations where his fingers pulled during the show. My dick twitched a little and I heard the Bear giggle. I glanced down at him.

“Your pecker’s all happy ain’t it. It’s jumping around a lot.”

“I blushed red again. I glanced down at the outline of my large dick sticking across my thigh. I watched it move back and forth as I held onto the steel bars that the Bear had bent so easily. I was about to lose control of myself so I let go of the cage and returned my gaze to the big man. I smiled back at him – starting to get more comfortable with the situation.

“Ya’ want some food?”

He held out the big chunk of meat in his hand, his fingers wrapped around the bone at the end. I was touched by his incredible generosity and what I could tell was innocence. I had never been so attracted to someone in my entire life. It was totally confusing and completely comfortable at the same time.

“Yeah, that would be nice. How about you come over here and bend the bars for me so I can come in.”

I was so incredibly bold all of the sudden. I believe my new attitude was fueled by my desire to see up close and personal what the big man could do. My inhibitions were suddenly gone because I had been granted a private audience with the strongest man in the world. This kind of opportunity would only come once in my lifetime and I was going to take advantage of it.

“Naw, I can’t. This thing won’t let me.”

The Bear pointed at the thick clamp around his ankle, which was chained to the metal stake in the ground. I was instantly confused. I had seen this man lift over four hundred pounds with one hand and bend steel like it was nothing. He could have easily pulled out the stake – not to mention pull the chain apart or rip the cuff thing off of his leg. I looked at his face to see if he was teasing me, but he looked sincere.

“How can that keep you down? You’re so strong.”

“Not as strong as this. These things keep all the big elephants in place. I’m not stronger than that.”

I immediately remembered a story my grandfather had told me when I was younger. He explained that circus people would use stakes and chains to hold baby elephants in place and as the animals grew older and bigger they seemed to never forget that they could be so easily contained. Even fully grown they thought the small chain and stake could keep them in place. I was now seeing this lived out with a human being. My heart suddenly reached out to the Bear in an unexplainable way – the man became endeared to me on a much deeper level than before. All fear left my body. I became focused on one thing and one thing alone – to be this big man’s friend and protector. I quickly moved to the cage’s door, took the key and opened the padlock. I entered the cage, walked over to the big man’s bear hide, plopped myself down, and took the big piece of meat he was offering to me. I took a large bite and then handed the heavy thing back to him. I chewed the terrible tasting clump in my mouth and then swallowed. I watched as the mountain of a man beside me did the same thing. After he swallowed he turned and looked down at me. I was suddenly very aware of how much this man completely dwarfed me. His huge hand was much bigger than my entire head. I gulped loudly.

“I ain’t ever been this close to anyone but Hank.”

“What? How is that possible? What about the other people in the circus?”

“Nobody likes me. Hank says I scare ‘em. You ain’t scared, though, are ya’?”

“Not at all. I like you.”

“I knew it. Our peckers don’t lie, do they?”

“No they don’t.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Eden. What’s your name?”


“No, I mean your real name.”

“Hank says I can’t tell nobody my real name. I have to be called Bear.”

“Well I won’t tell Hank. I promise. Do you like the name Bear? I’ll call you that if you want me to.”

“No . . . I . . . don’t like it. It makes me sound mean. Don’t tell Hank. He’ll get something mad. My name . . . is . . . Bobby.”

“Well Bobby it is really nice to meat you.”

“Nice to meet you Eden.”

We shook hands and the big man’s strength was evident in his grip. I cringed a little from the pain but Bobby didn’t seem to notice. He was looking down at me with a face full of happiness. I did not think I could ever remember someone being so joyful.

“I ain’t never had a friend. Are you my friend, Eden?”

“Yes sir. I am your friend, Bobby.”

This made the huge man smile like never before. He took another bite of the meat and then held it out for me. Even though the taste disgusted me I took a big bite, as well, just to please my new friend. He laughed and then pushed me with his free hand. I know he thought it was a light shove, but it had enough force to send me to the ground quickly. He realized what he had done and grabbed my arm roughly to pull me back up straight. I was a little dazed but so on fire with lust for the big guy that I ignored all of the pain.

“Did you like my show, Eden?”

“Yes, very much Bobby. I’m wondering, though. Why do they call you ‘The Bear’, instead of just Bobby?”

“Hank says it’s better pub . . . bup . . . pub . . . li . . . ci . . . ty. I think that’s right.”

“Yes, I can see that, Bobby. Can I ask you something else, friend?”

“Sure, friend.”

I could tell he loved that I called him that and it was clear he felt comfortable enough to call me the same. He was beginning to trust me and it made me feel good. I was already deeply in love with him – even if I didn’t know it. I wanted him to count me as a close ally – someone who knew what was best for him. I wanted him as something more than a good friend – I wanted him as a . . . a what? . . . a lover. Yes, I wanted Bobby to desire me in a sexual way. Realizing that fact caused a floodgate to open within me and suddenly I was drawn to the man in a way that was incomprehensible a few hours ago. He excited me beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted him almost as much as I wanted air, itself – maybe even more.

“Do you like working for the circus?”

I saw the immediate conflict my question caused in his head. I was suddenly very sorry that I had asked him the question. Was it fair for me to ask him to re-evaluate all that he had known for such a long time? I didn’t want to lose his trust so early and I certainly did not want to make him dislike me. I desired his affection more than anything.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s all I done forever. Hank says I am the best act he ever had. He treats me okay.”

“Do you ever want to go out there – where I came from? Do you ever want to see what is beyond this tent – what’s beyond the circus?”


That’s all the big man said, but I could hear volumes in his response. He looked at me as he took another big bite of his meat. The behemoth wanted more than just his present life – even if he didn’t realize it. I took advantage of the situation and placed my hand on his big thigh. I immediately felt his body quiver with excitement and I visually saw his python of a dick expand down his inner thigh. I was having the same response to touching his body – turned on beyond belief by the hard muscled leg my hand now caressed. We both looked into each other’s eyes as I gently stroked his thigh.

“I ain’t never been touched, Eden. It makes my body feel strange.”

“Do you like the way it makes you feel, Bobby?”

“Yeah. A lot.”

“Me too. I like how you make me feel – a lot – too.”

“Hank says I ain’t suppose to like boys, Eden. He says a big man like me needs to like a girl.”

“What do you think, Bobby?”

“No girl ever made my pecker as hard as it is right now . . . Eden . . . sorry if that is wrong.”

“Give me your hand, Bobby. Here, feel that. You see how big my pecker has become, too?”


I had forced his hand on my rock hard penis. He had responded by grabbing it roughly. It hurt like hell, but it also felt so good. My body kind of caved in as soon as he wrapped his big hand around my large cock. It was as hard as it had ever been in my entire life – and I knew it was because of Bobby.

“You make me hard, Bobby.”

“You like boys, too, Eden?”

“I like men who are big and strong, Bobby.”

“There ain’t nobody bigger or stronger than me, Eden.”

“And that’s why I like you, Bobby. I like you a lot.”

“My pecker’s about to spit up, Eden. We have to be careful. Hank says I gotta not make my pecker spit out. He says it will make me weak. I don’t want to be weak, Eden.”

I removed his hand from my dick. I did not want to scare the big man. I also took my hand from his body. I wanted to save our explosions for later on. The man made me crazy with lust and he didn’t even understand it. I was lost in my love for the huge guy.

“You ever thought Hank was wrong, Bobby?”

“Yeah . . . I guess so. He says I ain’t suppose to like boys but I do. I try hard to like girls. I look at their bodies and I close my eyes to picture their faces but it always comes back to boys. I really like boys that are small like you. You made my pecker big as soon as you walked in the tent today.”

“And mine got very big as soon as you stood up, Bobby.”

“Yeah, I know.

I glanced over at the big barbell as Bobby took another bite of his meat. I was still trying to grasp just how strong the big man actually was – but it was all so mind-boggling. I turned back to Bobby, who was watching me closely. He swallowed before he spoke.

“You wanna go see if it’s for real, don’t cha?”


“Go ahead Eden. Hank still tries to move it sometimes – even after being together for a long time. He never pushed it even an inch.”

I stood up and walked over to one of the large round balls of the barbell. I reached down and placed my hand on its surface. The thing was cool to the touch and as hard as my father’s anvil out in the barn. I turned my hand over and knocked on the thing with my knuckles. I was immediately sorry that I had tapped so hard because it caused some pain. I could tell the thing was solid, through and through. There was no echo inside and the sound was dull, like I was knocking on the side of a big rock. I placed both of my hands off to the side of the huge mass of metal and then pushed with all my might. The only thing that moved were my arms bending at the elbow because I pressed so hard and the barbell didn’t move at all. My body fell into the side of the metal ball. My body was on fire with awe and lust as I realized the behemoth in the corner could actually easily lift something so heavy and then bend it with his hands like it was a small piece of wire. I pushed my body back into a standing position and turned to look at Bobby. He was smiling at me – again with a face full of pride.

“When you pick it up Bobby what does it feel like?”

“I dunno – I guess like I’m picking up a boot or something. It’s real light.”

“If you don’t lift it how many guys does it take to move it?”

“Six or seven – but they have to be big guys, ya know.”

“How did you get so big Bobby?

“I dunno – I’ve always been big. My ma and pa were big, too. My pa had to use small trees to whoop me when I was a boy. He used to get real mad when they busted on my behind.”

“How did you meet Hank?”

This question caused Bobby’s face to scrunch up, like he didn’t want to respond. I waited a few seconds to give him some time to work through what was going on in his head. I smiled to let him know he could trust me. The huge man looked down at the ground and spoke softly.

“In jail.”

“Why were you in jail Bobby?”

“Some fellas and me got caught playing with our peckers.”

I moved back over to join him on the ground. I sat close to him so he’d see that his story didn’t bother me at all. I took a chunk of bread from one of the plates in front of us and started chewing on it. I looked at the large man, who was still staring at the ground, but I could tell he was fully aware of my support.

“These fellas used to make me come to their barn and show off and all. They liked it when I would lift things and bend horseshoes and stuff. We would get nekid and they would sit on my pecker until it spit up. The law found out and came and took us away. I wasn’t in the jail very long Eden. They let me go but told me to git out of town. Hank was let go the same day and he took to me and said he would help me. I been with him since then. We joined this circus ‘bout three years ago. You don’t think bad of me, do you Eden.”

“No, Bobby. I don’t think you did anything wrong. I believe those fellows took advantage of you and got you into trouble. You just need to be careful about who you trust. Does Hank take good care of you?”

I could see that my question caused a little turmoil in Bobby’s head. He was concentrating hard on what I asked and it almost seemed like he didn’t want to answer. I started to tell him to forget my question, but he responded before I could.

“Hank likes me just as I am. He knows I like boys and he don’t say I’m bad or nothin’. I wish . . . I wish . . . he would let me do more stuff. I just sit in this cage most of the time. Even when we go to another town I have to ride in the back of a big truck. I don’t see nothing at all. Hank don’t let me talk to no one.”

Big tears began to slide down Bobby’s face and then fall from his chin onto the huge chest below. I was overwhelmed with a need to show this huge man how good he really was. I had never felt this way about anyone – especially another man. My cousin Farley used to make me breathe funny when he was near me, but I never had this intense desire to show someone how much they moved me. I reached up and placed my hand on the side of Bobby’s face, allowing my thumb to caress the trail marks left by his tears. I then moved my knees under my body and raised myself up so my face was even with his. Without even thinking about what I was doing – without even doubting if it was right – I leaned in and kissed a man for the first time in my life. Bobby’s thick beard felt mighty good against my cheeks. His lips were soft and slightly wet. I pressed my smaller mouth against his and I could immediately tell the kiss made the enormous man very happy. He parted his own lips slightly and allowed me to slide my tongue into his mouth. His own large tongue began to grapple with mine like they were wrestling. My body had never felt more alive than it was at that moment. We kissed each other hard and with a passion that could only be described as masculine and almost animalistic. I was instantly aware that if I did not pull my face away from Bobby’s we were both going to have what I called ‘happy accidents’ in our pants. I separated my lips from his and moved back a little, never taking my eyes off of his. We both broke into big smiles.

“I ain’t never kissed a boy before, Eden.”

“I haven’t either.”

“It was real nice. I’m glad you stopped, though. Old Petey down there was about to spit up something awful.”

“My pecker was about to do the same thing.”

“Really? That’s good. You ain’t named your pecker, Eden?”

“No Bobby, I haven’t. You want to name it for me?”

“Yeah. I name it Rufus. That’s my daddy’s name. Your pecker is about as big as my daddy’s.”

“That’s a good name. You hear that Rufus. You and Petey are going to get to have some fun one day. What’s that? Yeah, I’ll tell him. Rufus says he really likes Petey. He likes Petey very much.”

“Well Petey says he likes Rufus, too.”

I could tell that Bobby clearly understood the message beneath our little interplay. It was obvious the big man was uneducated in the world of books, but he was a scholar when it came to everything involved with the body – and that included sexual attraction. I was the student when it came to matters between Petey and Rufus. At that exact moment I made the most important decision of my entire life – it seemed that everything in my past had led to this exact second and everything to follow would be determined by what happened next.

“Do you trust me Bobby?”


“Will you try something if I ask you to?”


To be continued . . .
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Looking forward to seeing what new tricks the Big Bear learns!
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i am LOVING this story so, intimate, interesting, and full of that exciting forbidden attraction element that I can relate to so well. Bear is sooooo hot, so huge and strong....I eagerly await the next chapter to see what Bear and Eden do next!
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Awww, sniffle! All I can say is Eden BETTER get Bobby out of there!


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AWESOME! THis is an amazing story! Please keep it up! Hope we get some height and weight stats on Bobby soon!
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Whoa, you really got me invested in this story. Poor Bobby ;__;
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great story...
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Wow! this story is AWESOME! Londonboy--you are fantastic! Keep up the excellent work!
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I Love This Story,Hope Bear Shows Eden Superstreagth and grows for him
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