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Daddy's Little Girl Parts 1 & 2

[Warning: This is a love story and the muscle growth has taken place before the action begins. Please do not read if you don't like these kind of stories.]

“Dad, are you gay?”

I choked on the sip of coffee I had just allowed to enter my mouth. I was at Starbuck’s with my twenty-one year old daughter and her question caught me off guard. I had never thought I’d hear her ask this question. I wiped my mouth and stared at the table. I knew I should answer her, but I couldn’t find the right words.

“Well . . . I . . . um . . . it’ just . . . that . . .”

“It’s fine if you are. As a matter of fact it would answer a lot of questions – mainly about what happened between mom and you.”

“I’ve told you many times that your mother and I still love each other very much.”

“Yeah, but she’s moved on. It’s been three years since she remarried, dad. To the best of my knowledge you haven’t dated at all.”

It would be kind of hard to tell her about the numerous one-night stands that had happened the first year after the divorce. I was sure my mature only-child could not have handled those stories. Or maybe it was I who couldn’t handle telling her those stories.

“I haven’t met anyone that I wanted to date.”

“Yeah, but I’d lay my money on the fact that you probably haven’t even looked for someone.”

“Guilty as charged. But maybe I’m old fashioned and I want someone to chase me!”

“Dad, get serious. Come on, are you gay?”

There was a long pause as I let my gaze fall back to the table and I drifted away. I thought about an I-Tunes gift card in my desk drawer at home that I had not yet used. I promised myself I would take it out today and buy a few songs online. I glanced back at my daughter’s waiting face. It was clear that the stubbornness she had inherited from me was going to cause her to sit there quietly until I answered her.


“Now was that so hard?”

“Yes it was, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say to you – well, beside the time your mom and I told you we were getting divorced. But this was almost as hard as that.”

“I guess I can understand that, dad, but I also want you to know it doesn’t matter to me. I’m a grown up person now – I can handle simple facts of life.”

“I don’t think being an almost fifty year old man and coming out to your daughter can ever be called simple.”

The look I received told me to quit trying to make everything so light and semi-funny. Emma was having none of my deflection – she wanted to talk about my sexuality and she wanted to talk about it now. I tried not to look her in the face. I was nervous she would see how scared I was. Suddenly, her small hand rested on top of mine.

“It really is okay, dad. I think I’ve known it on some level for very a long time. I love you and mom, you know that, but I didn’t really think you two were ever perfect for each other. I think I kind of always viewed both of you as each other’s best friend and that was cool, in a way. I think I can understand why you got married, why you had me, and why you stayed together so long. I’m just happy that both of you are now getting a second chance at life.

“I don’t think there will be any second chances for me, Emmalouie.”

This was my nickname for her since she had been a small child. It still caused her to smile, after all these years, and that made me very comfortable. She tilted her head as she stared at me. It was a very adult look she had on her face and I contemplated for a few seconds how fast she had grown up. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was given the incredible gift of watching her be born! I smiled sheepishly.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, dad. I believe you really think you’ll never fall in love again, but I will have none of that. I do, however, think you need to make some changes.”

“Changes? What do you mean?”

“Well to begin with, dad, you’ve got to lose some weight.”


“Don’t be offended, you just need to get back to the size you were when you and mom would take all of those really long walks around the park. I have a funny feeling that your entire exercise regime is limited to climbing the stairs to the subway.”

“That’s not true. Really. Because, usually I take the escalator.”

My daughter reached across the table and slapped my shoulder. It was a hard hit, too. I was too busy laughing to really recognize the pain. I wanted to move away from this awkward conversation, but I knew Emma would not allow it.

“I want you to get into shape mainly for yourself, dad, but there’s another reason, too. I’d like to introduce you to someone. Well, actually, I’d like to introduce you to a few people. You see I’ve met a man that I really like and I have a feeling he’s the one.”

Emma paused to let these words sink in. She knew that I would definitely go all Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin on her, as in both editions of ‘Father of the Bride.’ She was very aware that I would need a few minutes to process the hidden message below this casual meeting of a male friend – well, not really just a friend, I guess. I blinked a few times and then forced myself to smile. I could feel that my face tried to cover up my true feelings, but it wasn’t succeeding.

“Say something, pops.”

I genuinely smiled at her nickname for me – pops. She had no idea how that simple word warmed my heart. The tension in my shoulders started to fall away and I exhaled deeply. I looked at my daughter and carefully chose my words.

“It’s kind of hard to not picture you as a ten year old right now, Emma. There’s part of me that wants to force you to still be my little girl, but I fully understand – on a conscious level – that it’s just not possible. You are a beautiful mature grown woman – someone that I have come to respect as much as I love. It’s going to be difficult for me to see some other man in your life, in the way that I believe you are insinuating, but I must. I just hope you’ll be patient with me. Let’s begin with some particulars, shall we. What’s his name?”

“Leo . . . Leo Parker.”

“And where is Leo from?”

“Right here in New York – upper east side. He comes from a long line of New York Parkers. His great grandfather started Parker Financial Group.”

It was a company I knew well. I had been a high-end broker for many years and retired comfortably two years ago, having decided to enter a new era of my life by teaching at NYU. Parker Financial was a well-respected powerful company. I was impressed.

“That’s a good firm. Does Leo work there?”

“No, he’s a teacher. He’s got a doctorate in philosophy and teaches at NYU, as well.”

I was instantly flabbergasted that my daughter had found a man who shared her old man’s two biggest interests – finance and teaching. I was certainly going to ask some work colleagues about the man. A little snooping was acceptable when you’re a father and your only daughter is dating someone new. No sane person would hold it against me.

“Listen dad, I need to get back to work, but I wanted to give you a heads up on two things. One, here’s a card for a personal trainer I want you to meet. I’ve paid for six months of one-on-one training and the fun thing is that you get to do it in the park.”

“Emmalouie, I can’t accept that.”

“Dad, no arguing. Just take the card and follow up on the sessions. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for me. Secondly, I need you to pull out your I-Phone. Go on, do it. Mark this date on your calendar, June 2. It’s a Saturday. You’re going to host a dinner party for Mark and his family. Don’t worry it will be small and you can get Valentino to cater it – I’ve already talked to him. He has the date on his calendar, too. I need you to promise me that you’ll make it very special. Keep in mind that there will be an announcement made that evening. Can you do this for me, dad?”

I looked at my daughter and just shook my head in affirmation. I laughed a little at how she had taken care of every little detail. This was definitely a trait she had inherited from her mother. I was a big picture kind of guy while she and her mother loved dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I took the card from the table. My daughter had a big smile on her face and what looked like the beginning of tears in her eyes.

“I promise to make it a night you will never forget, sweetheart.”

“Thank you, old man.”

“Hey, hey, none of that. After my sessions with this trainer you are not going to be able to ever call me old. I’m going to look like a new man. By the way, just how many people will be at the dinner?”

“Just four, dad.”

“Four? You mean on top of you and Leo?”

“No, dad. It will just be you, Leo’s dad, Leo and me. Leo’s mom has been out of the picture for a while.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Well, what about your mom. I should, at least, invite her.”

“She and Grant will be in Paris.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, should we do the dinner on a later date?”

“No, pops. I need it to just be the four of us this time. We can do something a lot bigger next time. I’ve gotta run. Please know that I’m calling the trainer tomorrow to make sure you have followed up. Seriously. Call today.”

“I will honey.”

“I love you very much, dad. I just want you to be happy. It’s time for you to be happy.”

And with that my daughter stood up, leaned across the table, kissed me on the forehead, and was out the door before I could say anything in response. I then watched my twenty-one year old daughter actually skip down the sidewalk after leaving the building. For a few short minutes she was truly back to being ten. Emma always skipped when she was very happy. My heart was filled with a mix of emotions. I had finally told my daughter I was gay, my only child had just basically told me she was soon to be engaged, and I was being forced into meeting with a trainer so I could lose the extra forty pounds that had been added to my frame since my semi-retirement. I didn’t know which feeling to allow to bubble up to my head first, so I simply did something to distract myself. I called the number on the card. A husky male voice answered the phone.

“Hey, this is Marco.”

“Um, yes, I’m calling because my daughter gave me your card. It seems like I have some sessions with you.”

“Yes, this must be Mr. Thomas. You’ve got one awesome daughter, sir.”

“Don’t I know it! Please call me Richard.”

“Yes sir, Richard. Well, I’m supposed to let you know that we’ll meet at Emma’s favorite spot in the park tomorrow morning at eight. She says you don’t have any classes tomorrow, so we can have a good two hour workout.”

“That’s Emma for you, she knows automatically that I have no other plans. I’ll see you there at eight, Marco. Thank you.”

Marco ended up being a huge Italian stud who seemed to take an instant shine to me. For the next three months we met four times a week and he pushed my ass harder than ever before in my life. I had been inspired by my little talk with Emma and it had enabled me to get beyond some imagined barrier that had been preventing me from working hard to reinvent myself as a gay man. I dropped thirty-four pounds and actually rebooted some of my muscle, which had been missing from my body for about twenty years. I actually felt and looked great by the time June 2 rolled around. I had only seen Emma once during that time and it had been early on. She had no idea the true changes that Marco had made to her old man. I had even gotten highlights in my hair and contacts – things that my daughter had suggested for years. When I looked in the mirror after getting dressed for the dinner party for my daughter’s soon-to-be fiancé and his father, I felt sure that I would make a good impression on these important people. It was a beautiful evening and Valentino insisted that the party be held in the perfectly manicured back yard. I did not argue with him – no one ever argued with Valentino. He was an artist and expected everyone to love his taste. I was thankful that Emma was coming early, since it would be hard for her to gush about the changes to my appearance if Leo and his dad arrived with her. I’m sure she was coming early partially to check me out before the company showed up. I was not disappointed by her reaction when she arrived.

“Oh my gosh, dad, you look amazing. Look at you! I love the highlights and are you wearing contacts. I am so proud of you. And do I see muscles through that beautiful silk shirt? I do, don’t I.”

Emma reached out to grab my upper arms. I had wanted her to gush this way but it felt a little over the top. I was proud of my work, though, so I quickly adjusted to her remarks of praise.

“Wow, feel those arms. I can tell that Marco has definitely made some improvements.”

“Hey now, your old man had something to do with it!”

“I’m sorry, you are right. Great work, dad. You look about twenty years younger and bigger than I ever remember. If I weren’t your daughter I’d be all over you.”

“Now that’s just wrong.”

We were both laughing and she went up on the balls of her feet to give my cheek a kiss. Emma also looked very beautiful in a dark blue cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. She forced me to turn so we could see our reflection in the mirror located in my entranceway. We made a smashing pair. I did take a moment to note how young and vibrant I looked. At that exact moment the doorbell rang and I looked at my daughter.

“Leo is very punctual.”

“Well, maybe some of that will rub off on you.”

“Maybe . . . but it’s more likely that I’ll influence him. Why don’t you go to the kitchen and I’ll get the door. I want you to be a surprise. The way you look they might think I hired some younger man to impersonate my dad tonight.”

With that she pushed me down the hall. I watched her turn back to the mirror to check how she looked again – a sure sign that this man meant a lot to her. I took a deep breath and walked through the kitchen into the spacious back yard. I knew Emma would be shocked that I had allowed Valentino to move the dining room table and chairs outside – allowing the evening to have a French countryside feel. I heard deep voices in the hallway responding to the lilting sound of my daughter. I could feel my stomach doing flips because I was nervous. I was about to meet my future son-in-law and his father, and that made me very uneasy.

“Dad, this looks gorgeous!”

My daughter’s voice intensified my nervous state as I turned to gaze upon her and our guests. She had momentarily forgotten everything because she was so overwhelmed by the beautiful table in the middle of the yard. The first thing I noticed about the two people with Emma had nothing to do with Leo, her boyfriend, who had his arm around my daughter’s waist. No, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the father was – and how big. The man looked like someone had put together Robert Conrad’s face and Lou Ferrigno’s body. I kid you not. The guy easily dwarfed his son. He had the smooth handsome face and nicely cropped hair of the guy that used to float my boat on the early television series “The Wild Wild West.” There were flecks of gray at his temples that only enhanced his good looks. And he had a build similar to the bodybuilder that most made my cock get hard. I forced myself to look at Leo. The man had his dad’s nice complexion and much of his handsomeness, but more matched me in size. It was hard to look at Leo while his dad stood behind him – your gaze wanted to travel to the larger man instinctively.

“Dad, this is Leo and Leo’s dad, Stan Parker. This is my dad, Richard Thomas.”

“It’s great to meet you, Leo, Stan.”

I shook the younger man’s hand first. It was the same size as mine and the force of his grip was similar to me. I then turned to the behemoth just beyond Leo and almost fainted when fingers that made the man’s paw look like a baseball mitt engulfed my hand. I then felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body when the older man’s grip seemed to crush the bones beneath my skin. It was a warm handshake and Stan pumped so hard that my arm jerked wildly.

“Are you sure this isn’t you’re brother, Emma? You didn’t tell us your dad was so young.”

“Behave dad.”

Leo sounded a lot like Emma as he playfully chided the older man. Leo also let his elbow fly back into the big man’s stomach. It was obvious that the younger man’s elbow jab was barely felt by Stan. It was as if he didn’t even notice. We were all laughing, but I could see that Stan quickly looked at his son – checking to make sure he hadn’t really stepped over any line and that Leo was just joking. This was exactly how Emma and I usually interacted. I smiled warmly at their interplay with each other.

“Dad’s been working out with a trainer. He looks great, doesn’t he?”

“Now, now, Emma. Enough of that.”

“No, Richard, you do look good. I mean I don’t know what you looked like before, but you seem to be in great shape.”

“Well, standing beside you I feel kind of small and puny.”

“Don’t worry, you get used to it Mr. Thomas. I’ve felt that way for my entire life.”

“Leo, please call me Richard.”

“Thank you, Richard.”

There was a slight pause in the conversation and everyone just stared at each other. My hosting skills kicked in immediately and I could see a look of relief flash across Emma’s face. I could also tell from the corner of my eye that Stan was staring at me – and he was also pleased when I moved the conversation forward.

“How about some wine, everyone? I have a bold cabernet and a light pinot grigio.”

Everyone opted for the white wine since it was such a warm evening. I also suggested that we could move to the cabernet once dinner was served. Both guests and Emma were pleased with that plan. I invited everyone to move to a corner of the large patio for some appetizers and to comfortable furniture where we could sit to chat. Leo sat in one of the large wicker chairs and I noticed that Stan moved to do the same thing. It was clear, however, that he was simply too big. I quickly decided on an alternative.

“Stan, why don’t you join Emma on the sofa and I’ll sit here. It’s closer to the wine bottle and that way I can be ahead of the game for refills.”

I pointed to the large sofa that matched the chairs. I could also see relief in Stan’s eyes and I was pretty sure my suggestion had won me brownie points. I think his more than ample lats would have squeezed into the chair uncomfortably and caused it to stick to his body when he stood up. As it was, when he sat down on his end of the sofa the piece of furniture squealed because of his weight and Emma’s body was sent slightly into the air as her end quickly went up.

“So, it looks like you’re not sitting behind a desk all day, Stan. I think there must be some time for the gym, judging by your bulk.”

“Yeah, I try to work out a little, Richard. It keeps me level-headed in the middle of the craziness at the office.”

“It is more than that, dad. Richard, my father is actually an amateur bodybuilder on the side. He competes regularly in contests across the state. He’s actually taken a bunch of titles in the masters division.”

“That’s impressive, sir.”

I raised my glass to Stan and I could see his son’s words and my actions had embarrassed him. His face was red and he glanced downward. My heart actually reached out to the man – his actions were so in conflict with his size. I knew another moment of silence was coming so I scrambled to find another way to keep the conversation going. I did not choose as well this time, however.

“So I’ve been divorced for a few years, how about you, Stan?”

“Um, dad, Stan’s not divorced.”

I could tell by my daughter’s voice when she answered that something unspoken was hanging in the air. Stan and Leo looked at each other with alarmed faces. I panicked a little because I figured the reason the group had become a little tense was that Mrs. Parker might have died. I immediately felt stupid and started to try and find a way to salvage the conversation. Stan, however, saved the day this time and what he said could not have affected me more if someone had tossed me into a raging fire.

“I’ve never been married, Richard. A surrogate carried Leo until he was born and I have raised him by myself. He’s always been in touch with his birth mom, but it’s just been us two for these twenty-three years. He’s my pride and joy.”

My face must have shown confusion. The three people sitting around me seemed to be looking at each other and somehow magically deciding who was going to tell me something important. I looked straight at Emma and made a quick face that said “what?”

“My father is gay, Richard.”

I had my glass at my lips right at that moment and I was taking a big nervous gulp of wine. Leo’s comment made me choke and spit wine into the air. I could feel drops of the liquid dribbling down my chin. I looked from Emma to Leo to Stan. The big man smiled and nodded his head. I looked back to his son, who nodded his head. Finally, I returned my gaze to Emma, who chose to speak.


“I hope that’s not a problem, Richard.”

I glanced quickly at the big man and started shaking my head emphatically.

“Of course it’s not a problem, Stan. Good for you, man, good for you. And raising a child alone must have been hard. You have my utmost respect. I’m just a little surprised, that’s all. And I’m sorry about spraying wine everywhere.”

I turned back to Emma who was staring at me intently, raising her eyebrows and tilting her head. I could tell she wanted me to add something more to what I had already said. My face flushed red and I turned to our two guests.

“And . . . um . . . I’m . . . I mean . . . well, I’m gay too.”

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Stan was so shocked that he didn’t have time to filter his thoughts and prevent his mouth from saying the first thing that flew into his head. I was surprised, as well, at my words, but I was still alert enough to catch a pleased glance between Emma and Leo, which seemed a little suspicious. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was happening here. I wanted to stand up and insist that Emma follow me to the kitchen, intending to let her know this little matchmaking session was over, but then I glanced back at Stan. I saw his big arms pressing against his shirt sleeves, his chest heaving up and down as he breathed, and a face that brought back many memories of late-night cock tugging sessions underneath my blankets as a teenager. Robert Conrad had worn such tight pants that my mouth would go dry when the television panned his entire body. I also had a couple of magazines that featured spreads on the giant Ferrigno hidden between my mattress and box springs until I went to college. Looking at the man caused my uneasiness with the situation to dissipate immediately. If this was, indeed, a blind date, a fellow could certainly not do any better than Stan Parker. I took another sip of my wine and leaned back in my chair. I noticed that Stan was now looking at me with a different gleam in his eye, as well. The mood of the group shifted dramatically – there was a sudden burst of energy in everyone. I didn’t have time to fully sort through all that had changed because Valentino came out and announced it was time for dinner. I watched the sides of wicker sofa even out as soon as the huge Stan stood up from his seat. For a split second I contemplated what it would feel like to have all of his weight on top of me. I probably would end up squealing just like the sofa did.

To be continued...
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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What a great start to a story. Taking the time to build the characters so they're full-blown real people with a range of emotions. Though you always do that in your stories, which makes them special. I hope to read more as the men get to know one another and connect on a number of levels, with the muscles for sure, but on more than that. Great potential in this opening.
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I'm rather enjoying these forays you're taking into romantic muscle territory Londonboy. You do it with such panache.
Lifting is meditation for alpha males.

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greeat stat for a new story!
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This one hits every note perfectly. Love it.
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I wish my gay dad had had (or let himself have) the opportunities these gay fathers are getting...
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Love these stories...and this one goes right to the head of the list! Thank you!
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Daddy's Little Girl 2 - The Relationship and Other Things Grow

Dinner was delicious and the conversation was wonderful. I learned more about how Stan had decided as a young man to have a child and that, after a harsh break up with a long time lover, he had decided to go it alone. He said he had dated a few guys off and on recently, but during the early formative years of his son’s life he had devoted himself to being a dad, his work, and bodybuilding. I shared with the group a little of the struggle about coming to terms with my homosexuality so late in my life, the incredible conversations I had with Emma’s mom as I began to accept myself, and then a little about our painful decision to divorce. I saw tears welling up in Emma’s eyes a few times and I was reminded that she was hearing much of this story for the first time. She reached over and squeezed my hand many times and this helped me to be honest and get through the first time of what I knew would be a conversation I would repeat often in the future. Stan sat there smiling after the last short snippet I shared. It was a face full of understanding and support. It made my body warm all over and I felt a stirring at my crotch, which caused me to quickly refocus my attention. During dinner Emma received a call from one of her numerous friends. I heard a little of the back and forth and realized that a group of her and Leo’s friends were a couple blocks away at a local pup.

“Dad, this has been a lovely evening. Thank you very much. Leo and I are going to meet some friends at O’Brien’s in a little while. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, that’s fine Emma. I can take Stan home.”

“Oh, don’t worry. We took the subway”

I looked at Stan a little surprised. He could tell I was somewhat taken aback. And he quickly figured out what I was thinking.

“Just because I’m the CEO of Parker doesn’t mean I can’t take the subway. As you get to know me you’ll realize there’s not much about me that’s pretentious.

“What? That is so not true, Richard. My father has many little snobbish hang ups, trust me. He only sleeps on sheets that are the highest Egyptian thread count. He only drinks scotch that’s been aged fifty years or more. And the best is the fact that he has had a box at the Met since he was nineteen. He’s only missed one opera performed there since then and that was the first few months after I was born.”

“Well trust me Leo, one day you’ll understand what it’s like the first few months after a child’s birth. I’m pretty impressed he only missed it then. I’m with your father on all those so-called pretentious items, by the way. You won’t get any support from me. I’m just impressed he doesn’t hire a car to take him everywhere.”

“That would be pretentious!”

We all laughed at Stan’s comment as Emma led the party back into the house. She gathered her purse and came over to give me a kiss on the cheek. There was a scheming smile across her face and it was apparent she was trying to get me to understand something she was thinking.

“Why don’t I stay and help you clean up, Richard. I don’t have to be anywhere like these youngsters.”

“Oh no, that’s fine, Stan. Don’t worry about it. Valentino and his crew will take care of everything. Ow!”

The sharp pain to my left shin – caused by the quick kick from Emma – mad me cry out. I looked at her sternly and she made a face that said ‘get a clue, clueless!’ It took me a second, but then I realized what she meant. It had not crossed my mind that Stan wanted to stay later for any specific reason. Emma pushed out her chin a couple of times and then looked in Stan’s direction with her eyes. Subtlety was never one of my daughter’s strong points.

“But I do have a bottle of fifty-five year old scotch, Stan. Would you like to have a nightcap?”

“That sounds lovely.”

Emma’s phone started buzzing and she looked down at the text. She quickly typed something into the keyboard and turned toward Leo.

“Mary says that if we aren’t there in ten minutes she’s giving up our stools at the bar.”

“Well we couldn’t have that now, could we. Richard, thank you very much for this wonderful evening. It was great finally meeting you.”

“It was great to meet you, too, Leo, but didn’t you two have an important announcement. Emma said we would be celebrating something big tonight.”

Leo turned to look at Emma with a confused face. I turned to her, as well, and then Stan joined the staring party. It was Emma’s turn to have a face that suddenly went deep red.

“We have to go dad, Mary and the others are waiting. I’ll call you tomorrow. Goodnight Mr. Parker . . . I mean Stan. Dad, everything was perfect. Please enjoy the rest of the evening.”

And with that she was out the front door and her confused boyfriend followed. I stared at them as they went down the front steps and turned to walk up the street. I also noticed they weren’t going in the direction of O’Brien’s. It was at that exact moment that everything fell into place. The big announcement she had alluded to a few months ago did not pertain to an engagement, it had to do with Stan’s telling me he was gay and me doing the same thing. My sneaky daughter, either with or without the blessing of her boyfriend, had manipulated this party perfectly. She had planned it three months from the day we met before because she knew that Marco would whip my body into shape over that time. She also knew that cutting out early would encourage Stan to stay for a little longer. She was playing matchmaker, that little devious daughter of mine. I had half a mind to run down the steps and chase her down, to give her a piece of my mind. Watching the big man that remained walk over and shut the front door and then turn to look in my direction made me alter that decision. Stan was simply mouth-watering gorgeous and huge. I let go of my ‘daughter frustration’ and let the nervousness of being alone with this hunk take over my body. I started speaking quickly and in short staccato sentences.

“Well how about that drink. Where would you like to sit? Aren’t those two beautiful together? It was a great evening. Do you want some scotch?”

“Richard, are you nervous?”

Stan had reached out and grabbed my shoulders with his monstrous hands. I could feel how his palm covered my entire deltoid muscles. I looked up into his inviting face and forced my mouth to stop. I took a deep breath and smiled back.

“Yes. Does it show?”

“A little.”

“This is all just so new to me.”

“What? Having dinner with our kids or having dinner with me?”

“Both, Stan.”

“How about you get that scotch and I’ll meet you outside on the porch. It’s a great night.”

“That sounds good.”

I again watched the beautiful man walk down the hallway. I marveled at how his pants hugged the two big globular muscles that made up his awesome ass. I shook my head, worried that thoughts like that were going to make my crotch very uncomfortable. It was not until that moment I realized I was already as hard as stone. My cock pressed against my linen trousers in a way that only magnified my ample package. I began to turn red and then realized I really didn’t need to worry. For the first time in my life I didn’t over analyze the situation. I simply went to the bar and grabbed two glasses and the bottle of scotch. I walked onto the porch with a raging hard-on that was impossible to miss. I saw that Stan had chosen the sofa again, knowing he was too big for the chairs. It took a few seconds for his gaze to move above my waist as I walked to the cluster of furniture on the end of the porch.

“Why don’t you join me over here, Richard.”

Stan patted the cushion next to him on he sofa. I knew there would be very little room for both of us on the big piece of furniture, but I still followed his suggestion. The closeness made our bodies touch in numerous places – along our legs, our hips, and our shoulders. I immediately felt heat radiating from his big body and I had a feeling mine was equally as hot. My hands visibly shook as I poured the scotch and handed a glass to him. I marveled at how the substantial crystal tumbler looked small in his hands. He held his glass up to me and I brought mine higher to lightly touch them together. We both took a sip.

“This is nice.”

“Yes, I like this scotch a lot.”

“That’s not what I meant, Richard.”

The big man raised his left arm over my head and let it drape across the back of the sofa, moving his body over a little so my shoulder was warmly inserted into his armpit. I could feel the weight of his huge limb against my neck.

“I meant this.”

“Oh, yes . . . yes . . . it’s very . . . um . . . nice.”

“I gather Emma is pretty sneaky, huh? I get a strong feeling that this evening has been orchestrated just for our benefit.”

I turned my head up to look into Stan’s face. He was smiling broadly. There was no uneasiness in his voice. He was not in any way disappointed about what Emma had done. He was just pointing out a fact.

“How soon did you figure it out?”

“As soon as I saw you, Richard.”

This statement made me smile. I turned to look at the tumbler in my hand. While I was gazing down I noticed how thick his thigh was, especially compared to mine. My mouth went suddenly dry as I marveled that a man’s leg could be pumped so big. I was focused on this when he spoke.

“And you? When did you know?”

“Probably the same, when I saw you – even though I didn’t know you were gay at that moment. Well, I probably did know on some subconscious level, but that doesn’t matter. Maybe I just hoped you were gay.”

“I hoped you were, as well.”

“That’s convenient.”

“Yes. Yes, it is. May I kiss you, Richard?”

“I’d rather you not ask. It would be better if you just kissed me when you wanted to.”

“Really. Okay, then . . . I think I see how things are with you. You like someone that takes charge.”

Stan lowered his face so it was about a half an inch from mine. I could feel the heat escaping from his parted lips. I could also smell the pleasant aroma of the scotch on his breath. My heart was beating double time and I was not breathing at all – it was like I was on pause for a few seconds. The big man did not even blink – he kept his eyes locked on mine. He slowly pressed his warm wet lips against my mouth in a gentle but fully masculine way. The euphoric sensation that began in my lips quickly spread throughout my body, easily causing me to clench my fists and toes, making my ass cheeks squeeze together tightly, and quickly engorging my cock even beyond its already hard state. The big tease left his lips pressed into mine without doing anything further. I could not believe such a simple act would make my body react so uncontrollably, but it also caused my mind to become totally discombobulated, as well. My ability to acknowledge anything other than the sexy huge stud in front of me was totally lost. Every fiber of my being zoned in on the need to be satisfied sexually by Stan Parker, and to hopefully satisfy him at the same time. It was such an overpowering feeling that the only thing I could do in response was to finally inhale through my nostrils and emit a whimpering moan that completely gave away my intense desire for the man. When Stan pulled his face away from mine a few seconds later I felt my head fall slightly forward as if my lips were trying desperately to stay connected to his.

“I wanted to do that as soon as I saw you standing in the yard at the beginning of the evening.”

“And I wanted to do this.”

I brought my hand to the front of his shirt and pressed it against the full-to-bursting chest that pushed against the material. I did nothing more than let my hand rest against the hot heaving pectoral muscle that had caught my eye all evening. I thrust my palm into him with some force, but his hard bulk easily compelled my hand back towards me when he breathed in and expanded his chest. I let my thumbnail move back and forth across the hard nipple – so easily found since it caused the material around it to poke out enticingly.

“Does my chest please you, Richard, as much as your lips pleased me?”

“Very much. You’re just so big – everywhere.”

“That’s not a bad thing, is it?”

“No, why would it be bad?”

I looked into his eyes and I could tell he quickly noticed my confusion. I was baffled by Stan’s question. I had not removed my hand and my thumb continued to play with his nipple. Stan smiled at me.

“Some people aren’t comfortable around big guys.”

“I’m very comfortable. As a matter of fact I’d like us to get even more comfortable.”

Stan again brought his lips against mine – this time without asking. The same sensation as before shot through my entire body, but this time it was much stronger. Stan parted his lips and sucked in slightly, allowing his lips and teeth to playfully tug at my lower lip. He then let his tongue slowly push my mouth open as it powerfully invaded. Stan seemed to be a master of kissing and I anticipated the man was going to be a pro at many other things, as well. I was so lost in the thrill of his skillful kiss that I didn’t hear Valentino come out onto the porch and walk toward us.

“Excuse me, Mr. Parker.”

Stan and I froze in place. We did not separate our mouths and our eyes stayed locked on each other. Valentino and I had been friends for years. I had not viewed him as someone working for me since who knows when. He was part of our family. I knew he was referring to me formally for the sake of my guest. This caused me to start laughing softly. I pulled my face away from Stan and turned to the caterer.

“Valentino, you do not have to call me Mr. Parker in front of Stan. You and I have been through too much for you to put on an act - like you were some kind of domestic helper. Please sit down and have some scotch with us.”

Immediately, a large smile broke out across Valentino’s face and he joined me in laughing. He also revealed a crystal tumbler from behind his back and sat down in one of the large wicker chairs across from us. I pulled my body forward and picked up the bottle of scotch to fill his glass. I smiled at my good friend.

“Stan, this man has been a buddy of mine through the rough months of my divorce, the sleepless nights of having a newborn, and countless boring dinner parties. We’ve known each other for over thirty years. He’s the best chef I know and was the first person to suggest that I would be much happier with male partners.”


“No, it’s true. The cad’s straight as can be and has women from all over town chasing him like hounds on a fox, but he’s been married to the same woman for over twenty five years and has eight kids. He’s a baby-making machine. We sat on this very porch many years ago getting a little tipsy on scotch and he blurted out that he knew I was living a double life. It’s not that I was cheating on my wife or anything, the guy just knew I would be more satisfied by men.”

Stan’s face showed how incredulous he found my story to be. Valentino was taking a sip of his scotch and nodding his head up and down at the same time. He savored the liquid in his mouth for a few seconds and then swallowed. He turned to look at Stan.

“I love this guy. Richard’s the most devoted friend a person could ever have. And his ex-wife is wonderful, too, and beautiful. If I was not happily married I would have gone after her as soon as they were divorced.”

“Hey now.”

“It’s true. They were a perfect couple - except for one long thick thing, which looks pretty hard right now.”

“Okay, now you’re just getting nasty.”

We all laughed and took another sip of scotch. I could tell by his expression that Valentino was now turning serious. I hoped to God he wouldn’t embarrass me.

“I look at you two and the same thing pops into my head – what a beautiful couple. Ah, don’t interrupt me Richard. This is my first glass of scotch so I’m quite sober. Stan, I love this man. I love him more than a brother, but not enough to be lovers. We’re somewhere in between. These last few years have been hard on my friend. I know you are twice the size of me and I am fully aware that I would probably lose in hand to hand combat, but if you hurt this man in any way I promise that I would even be willing to die trying to get even with you. Capiche, young man?”

“I understand fully, Valentino. I admire your devotion and hope that you feel the same about me one day. I give you my word I will not hurt Richard.”

“You and I are going to be best friends, Stan. I feel it. And now I am off. It is time to leave you two love birds alone so you can return to what you were doing when I interrupted.”

Valentino drained his glass of scotch in one gulp. He leaned forward and filled Stan’s glass first, as a sign of generosity, and then he filled mine. He winked at me, stood up, and started walking toward the house. Right before he went inside he turned back to us and smiled.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“That should leave it wide open then, Valentino!”

“My point exactly Richard, my point exactly.”

With that last statement Valentino entered the house and disappeared. We heard the front door open and close. I sat there quietly and didn’t look at Stan. I was somewhat embarrassed by what had just taken place, but at the same time it warmed my heart. Stan allowed me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and then he cleared his throat.

“Are all of your friends that wonderful.”

“A lot of them, yeah.”

“It says much about you, Richard.”

“I guess it does, but it’s a little embarrassing at the same time. Now where were we, sir?”

“I think right here.”

Stan grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face to his this time, causing my upper body to press up against his. My chest felt so small smashed up against his wall of pectoral muscle. I had little time to contemplate that, though, because this kiss was much more intense. He used his powerful tongue to pry open my lips and explore my entire mouth and throat. We squirmed our bodies into each other and I pushed my crotch into his hip, causing my hard cock to rub against his body. It felt like the kiss of two love-starved junior high kids. We were immediately all over each other. Stan pulled my smaller body on top of his, while our lips never parted. I instantly felt his hard cock pressing into my crotch and we began to grind our lower bodies into each other with a ferociousness that was intoxicating. It was like we were both trying to top each other’s sexual appetite. My hands quickly latched on to his ample pectoral meat and began to knead it like I was squeezing every drop of juice out of his body through his nipples. Stan began to purr, but it wasn’t the sound of a small kitten, it was more like a 450-pound lion. The low rumble from his chest only fueled my passion more and I began to thrust my body into his even harder. Suddenly, without any warning, Stan took his huge hands, grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed my entire frame back onto the sofa beside him and let out a loud bellow at the same time. He then scooted over on the cushion away from me and actually looked like a child frightened by a scary movie. I’m sure my face reflected my confusion.

“I’m sorry, Richard. It’s just . . . well, I mean . . . it’s just . . . just that I haven’t been with anyone for a very long time and you are turning me on so much that if I continue in this vein I’m not going to be able to stop. I um . . . I . . . you just turn my crank in a way that makes me kind of become a beast or something and I don’t want to ruin the evening. I want you to think I’m a gentleman and all, you know.”

“Let’s see if I’ve got this right. You just stopped me from throwing myself all over you because you’re so attracted to me that you’re afraid you will go crazy and force me to have wild animalistic sex. Do I have it right?”

“Yep, I’d say that sums it up very nicely.”

“Top or bottom?”


“It’s a simple question, Stan. Are you a top or bottom?”

“I’m . . . I’m, I guess . . . what you’d call . . . versatile.”

“Nice. So, let’s say I do this . . . what happens?”

I leaned over and grabbed the outline of his hard cock through his pants. The guy’s body at once went stiff all over. I’m sure the less than angelic smile across my face told him straight away I was not going to play nice. I wanted him to know my answer was ‘fuck being a gentleman.’

“Well . . . I guess . . . I’d find it . . . kind of hard, so to speak . . . um, to talk and my body would respond pretty much . . . um as it is right now – rigid all over.”

“And what if I do this?”

I brought my other hand to his left nipple, which was causing a generous-looking bump through his shirt, which made it easy to hone in on. I pinched down and twisted roughly at the same time. I also squeezed tighter on his cock. Stan’s lower back came up off of the sofa as he cried out in pleasure. He held his body up in the air as I continued to abuse his nipple for a few seconds. Stan answered my question between deep breaths and through a clenched jaw.

“Aw Richard, you gotta leave my pecs alone. Those babies are almost as sensitive as my dick. If you continue to twist my plug much more I’m going to explode like an untapped fire hydrant. Give me some time to rest, man, please!”

The begging voice of the tormented man made me turn hospitable, for the moment. I let go of his rock hard nipple and his body immediately fell back onto the sofa. I, however, left my other hand clamped around his cock. I was not ready to totally give up my control of the situation. I also had plans for his semen – plans that involved my mouth. I let the man gasp for air a few times and then squeezed his cock teasingly. The big guy looked at me and I smiled when I saw tiny beads of sweat across his upper lip. The idea that the big man would perspire a lot during sex only turned me on more. His beautiful huge chest was heaving up and down as he tried to regain command over his body. I could tell my smile had moved from being a little devious to something downright evil. I also noticed that Stan seemed to like the change in me.

“And you, Richard, top or bottom?”

“Whatever fits the moment, big guy, whatever fits the moment.”

This answer obviously pleased my guest. I could see in his eyes that he was thinking of all the trouble we could get into together – I understood mainly because the same thoughts were running through my head. I could feel his cock pulsing in my hand like it had a heartbeat of its own. I knew a few quick thrusts of my fist up and down on his rod would send him over the top, but I wanted to delay his gratification – or, actually, I wanted to intensify it by toying with him in another way.

“You’re the devil, Richard.”

“Or an angel – it depends on your perspective, my friend.”

“I can see in your eyes that you have a plan. Care to include me in on the details?”

“Well, first of all, I assume you can stay the night, right?”

“Is that an invitation?”

“It’s an order, Stan.”

“Well, since you seem to have me tightly in your power – mainly because of that strong grip on my cock – I guess I’ll have to do as you say.”

“I thought so. Now that we have that settled I can tell you that I intend to make you shoot your first load before we are even fully undressed. I think you are a time bomb just waiting to go off and I know all the right moves to detonate certain parts of you.”

“That sounds very nice.”

“If you want nice, Stan, go find a boy scout. I plan on this evening being full of some man-on-man nasty sex that culminates in multiple orgasms – with both of us trying to outlast the other.”

“Really? I do want to point out to you, Richard, that I have about one hundred pounds on you and, while I’m not trying to discount your sexy body, I think I might be in slightly better shape.”

“Oh Stan, you are just too kind - slightly better shape? How about just stating the obvious. You are s monstrous man that probably has more muscles than three of me put together, but you know what they say, don’t you? The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

“I think you probably over estimate your abilities, sir.”

“Well there’s only one way to find out. Why don’t you give me five minutes to initiate round one – can you do that Stan?”

“Hit me with your best shot, Richard.”

I love cocky muscle men. I loved them mostly when they were easily controlled or reminded they weren’t invincible. I also wanted to make sure Stan knew what he was truly up against. I was not some weak newbie that didn’t know my way around a man’s body. I had about forty years of unreleased built up lust for the male body to fuel me. I released the vice-like grip I had on his dick and unzipped his pants before he even knew what was happening. I slid my hand quickly into the opening, pulled down his briefs, noticing they were valentine red, and unleashed his stiff rod into the cool evening air. I let out a kind of humming sound that showed my delight at the size of his thick cock. I quickly brought my lips to the head of his dick, kissed it lovingly, then opened wide and swallowed almost the entire length of his huge piece of meat with one thrust of my head. I probably should have warned the man that I, on many occasions, had been told I was the best cocksucker around. I guess it’s not something that comes up in normal polite conversation, but I knew Stan was immediately aware of my special gift. I could also tell he was astounded beyond belief. He grabbed hold of the sofa’s arm and the back of my head like a man that had been infused with a thousand watts of electricity. His grip on my head hurt like hell but I instantly recognized it as a man that could not control himself. The fact that my throat had opened up widely to receive his huge mushroom head and most of his shaft sent shivers through his body that could not be dismissed. The man was overwhelmed by my ability to swallow his large tool so easily. I had sent Stan nearer to the edge than he had been for months – maybe years – and he barely resisted shooting a major load instantly.

“Aw fuck, Richard. How in the hell did you do that? No one has ever taken my cock into his throat so easily. Don’t you fucking suck in at all! I know if you even slightly swallow I’m going to send my cum down your throat with the force of a tidal wave. I never knew it could be so hot, man. Please give me a few seconds to recover.”

His request was lost on my ears – I wanted one thing and one thing only, his hot load of muscle milk down my throat. I swallowed slowly and let the narrow tube running down from my mouth close tightly around his cock. At the same time I pulled my head back and let his dickhead pull up against my tonsils and the tight opening. I then forced my face back down into his crotch and completely filled my throat with his manhood. This action caused Stan to scream louder than I thought was humanly possible and he tightened his grip on both the sofa and my head. At the same time he forced my face deeper into the opening of his pants. My nose brushed up against his bushy pubic hair and then smacked into his hard skin. The big man shoved his strong hand onto the back of my head even more and then banged on it with his palm two times to try and get me to stop sucking on his rod. I showed no mercy, though, and immediately pulled my head back – causing the same jerking against his cock head – and then I shoved my throat back down his shaft and swallowed all of his giant dick. This caused Stan to yell like a hurt child. I knew the he was being serviced by my mouth in a way he’d never experienced before. He was in orgasmic heaven.

“I can’t hold back any more Richard! I’m so sorry, man!”

Suddenly my throat was gushingly filled with a huge burst of warm cum. I swallowed hard, but there was so much jism I started to choke. I barely caught my breath and regained control of my gag reflexes when a second major wad of spooge came shooting from Stan’s dick head. This second load was as hearty as the first, but this time I was more prepared. I swallowed quickly and left my throat open wide – allowing his cum to slide into me completely. I could actually feel the heat of his juice as it shot deeper into my body. Being rewarded this way - by the man’s testosterone-loaded cum - made my own cock pulse harder than before. I continued to swallow as Stan emptied more of his sweet stuff into my mouth. It was clear that the big man’s ejaculation was more powerful than he thought possible. Stan continued to shout and cuss the entire time his body bucked up and down and his cock twitched wildly in my mouth. I had my hand on his chest and it was heaving in and out something fierce – it felt like I was lying against the floor of a bounce house and a bunch of people were jumping up and down all around me. Finally, his cock shot it’s final spattering of cum into my mouth and the man’s body went limp.

“Sweet fucking hell, Richard. What was that?”

The big man’s voice was strained and he sounded like he had just climbed a huge mountain or swam across a wide channel. It pleased me to know I had caused him to lose control. I pressed my face into his body even more and allowed his cock to again sink deeper into my throat. This caused Stan’s body to go rigid one last time. I was, by this time, just teasing my muscled guest. I wanted him to know that my smaller size did not necessarily make me completely powerless against him. I had a feeling the strong man now knew I could hold my own. I pulled my mouth from his cock, wiped my lips, and looked at his beautiful perspiring face. He was still breathing in heavy deep gasps and looked at me with a face full of awe.

“I hope I did it right, Stan. That was my first time.”

“You lying sack of shit!”

I smiled at him in a way that made it clear I had enjoyed myself as much as he did. I licked my lips just to toy with him more. This made him laugh and he brought one of his large hands up to the side of my face, gently brushing my cheek with his big fingers. I pushed my body further toward his, allowing my stomach to press into his balls. I placed both of my hands on his giant thighs – their size and hardness causing me to stop briefly – and then I lovingly started stroking his still-tensed legs.

“So, big guy, are you still sure you’ll outlast me tonight?”

“No . . . no, I’m not. If we were competing at wrestling or lifting weights or even just flexing our muscles I’d beat you with no problem. I could probably hold you over my head for a hell of a lot longer than you could do it to me and I bet I curl more weight with my arms than you press with your legs. But if you cause my body to explode like that a couple of more times tonight not only am I going to need to eat an entire side of beef to regain my strength, I can also guarantee I’m going to sleep more soundly than I have for most of my life. I’ve got you beat pound for pound in muscle by a long shot, but that mouth of yours has skills I can only dream about.”

“And my ass is even more talented.”

This revelation made the body of huge Stan shiver strongly – and I could see a look of amazement appear in his eyes. He also couldn’t prevent his cock from instantly stretching hard again. I let my thumb rub against the slit of his dickhead since his tool was lying on top of his muscled thigh near my hand. This action caused his rod to completely lose control and shoot standing up again – firmly against his shirt covered stomach. I smiled at Stan and I noticed something change in the way he was looking at me. The edges of his mouth crept slowly upward in a sly, taunting way. He spoke softly, but with much emphasis.

“I guess there’s only one way for me to determine if that part of you is gifted, as well.”

Stan reached out and grabbed me at my waist. In one swift motion the big man easily lifted my body over his right shoulder and stood up at the same time. My cock shot even harder because the guy had so easily manhandled me, a normal-sized person. Stan immediately started walking toward the door to the house. I could do nothing to stop him. I was dangling over his broad back and my cock was pressing into his hard-as-hell trapezius muscle. At this point it was clear that Stan was completely in control and he had plans of his own – plans that involved returning the favor I had just done for him. I looked forward to a very long night. As he turned to shut the door behind us I thought of Emma and I said a silent thanks to my little girl.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Perfect! Thank you.
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Another excellently stimulating story from Londonboy. Don't know where you come up with your inspiration, but sure glad you're sharing with us!
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I completely agree. Your writing somehow touches on small details that keep me thrilled and melt my heart. Especially in the first section.
Beautiful work.
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Thanks for the comments. I thought I'd finish this short love story. Hope everyone likes it.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Great character development! And even the sex is well written and exciting.

Great work, Londonboy!
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