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Old March 21st, 2011, 05:57 PM
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The Aphrodisiac - Chapter Four

It was like some kind of wet-dream come true as we watched the two oysters pass through Brick’s mouth and down his throat – watching closely as he swallowed since his head was tilted back. We didn’t have to wait long for his reaction to a double dose of the powerful mollusks. Brick’s sudden howl – louder than anything I’d ever before heard emitted from a human being – made me focus my entire attention on the big man. He held the two shells in his hands and closed his fingers around them. I heard a noise that sounded like something crumbling in a disposal and then I saw sand-like granules falling from Brick’s closed fists. He had crushed the casings of the powerful oysters into something that resembled powdered sugar. The man was smiling broadly and I could tell something incredible was happening within his body. Brick and I locked eyes for a few seconds before all hell broke loose. When he spoke his voice boomed throughout the room – a sound that made my toes curl up in my shoes from anticipation and fear. The man sounded like James Earl Jones on mega-steroids.

“Aw fuck, gentlemen, I can feel the force of those things pumping even harder this time. There’s that unbelievable energy I spoke about – surging through my body, but there’s something else, too. It’s emanating from my balls and shooting through every muscle on me, making me hard all over. Yeah, buds, this is going to be big, real big. I feel like little sticks of dynamite are inside every part of me and they’re about to explode, causing me to grow something fierce. Yeah, so fucking hot, so fucking tense. I’m about to become a muscle beast, dudes, and there’s nothing that can stop me. Shit, you can’t believe the super charge that’s pulsing through my body. Here it comes, men. Here it comes. Aw, fuck yeah!”

Brick’s body suddenly went stiff as a board. A loud popping noise filled the room and it reminded me of cooking popcorn in the microwave, only this was much more deafening. You know how the popular chef, Emeril Lagasse, will yell ‘bam’ when he does something awesome – well, Brick’s body was yelling something even stronger than that. The popping noise was the instantaneous explosion of muscle on different parts of the big man’s frame. The first piercing pop rewarded the rest of us with a huge sudden growth of Brick’s right pec. It was an unbelievable sight. In a flash the right part of his chest ballooned up to massive proportions. It was almost like someone clicked on a giant computer mouse to make an instant morph or something. Brick’s pectoral muscle burst through the right part of his shirt like a runner breaking the ribbon at the finish line of a fast race. It truly looked like a cannon ball blowing out the side of a ship. Suddenly a monstrous mound of muscle shot past the dark fabric sending pieces of material into the air. The hard nipple instantly grew thicker and protruded out further all at the same moment. The brown circle of skin around the plug stretched wider as the bulging mass continued to grow. I heard Diego cry out like a sick little child. He was pumping his cock hard with his fist and his eyes were glued to the expanding chest of our guest.

Brick’s right pec was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It ballooned out from his body as if he had only focused on growing that one muscle for all of his life. The skin covering the mound of striated muscle was smooth, but looked hard and thick. The damn thing was so muscled that it defied gravity, forcing the mouth-watering hard man-cork to stick straight out like it was going to be forced to shoot across the room at any moment. Even in the midst of his body’s tense reaction to the improvements Brick was able to flex the pectoral and cause the bulky muscle to ripple up and down – breaking into rows of meat. Francois and Diego moaned loudly as they watched the freakish right side of Brick’s upper torso swell up and down. My own mouth was open wide but I could make no sound.

The second explosion was even louder than the first and was caused by the neighboring pectoral muscle inflating to insane proportions instantaneously, as well. Tiny pieces of his t-shirt went flying into the air and then floated down to the floor. Watching the other side of the man’s torso go through the same massive change was just too much for me. I quickly unzipped my pants and let my hard-as-stone rod fly upward, grabbing it firmly and pumping wildly. Suddenly, Brick’s chest was highlighted through this wide hole in his t-shirt and the massiveness of his pecs forced his army jacket to be pushed open wide. It looked like some kind of pornographic costume used to emphasize a muscled chest over all other body parts. The man’s t-shirt was trying to hang on for dear life, but the continued growth of huge pecs was quickly stretching the neck and base piece of fabric to the breaking point. Those two matching giant mounds of skin, muscle, and hard nipples demanded everyone’s full attention. There was no possible way I was going to even blink. I watched as Brick inhaled deeply and the fucking giant wall of beef rose to meet his chin, which nestled down deeply in the valley between his pecs. It was clear that at that moment the man would have been able to bury his own face in his mammoth chest if he had wanted to.

As thrilling as all of this was and as turned on as we three onlookers were, nothing could have prepared us for the next super-charged blast that hit Brick’s body. This time the rush of power was so intense that the big boy could not even yell. His mouth flew open and his face was awash with a look of pure ecstasy. The sound of both of Brick’s biceps blowing up and bursting through his t-shirt and army jacket at the same time was earsplitting. I actually let go of my cock and brought both hands to the sides of my head in a state of shock. I did not, however, take my eyes off of the man’s arms. For most of my life I had jacked-off to videos and pictures of guys flexing their guns, but this moment was different. Seeing vein covered hard muscle bursting through sleeves as if the heavy material were nothing more than a thin layer of mist being penetrated by a giant truck showed the true potential of Brick’s new body. The man wasn’t even flexing his arms and they looked strained and pumped to the max. The pile of muscle on his upper arm was bigger than a watermelon and looked as strong as charging bull. I gasped out loud as I continued to watch the mass of tendons and skin bulge out larger and larger. Brick was marveling at his own body and spoke through gritted teeth and a smile that showed his excitement.

“Fuck yeah, gentlemen, look at those super-sized guns. Hell, I can feel the blood pumping into them at the speed of light – forcing them to grow and become denser than thick concrete. It feels like someone’s shooting melted steel into these puppies and it’s hardening and expanding faster than you mere mortals are able to comprehend. You wanted to create a god, gentlemen, well, look at those god-like mountainous bazookas. Yeah, I’m going to be fucking huge. Those mothers are bigger than any of your upper bodies, boys. I’ve got arms the size of small countries. Fuck, look at how they bulge out and I’m not even flexing.”

It was true. Brick’s arms had grown to an incomprehensible size. They looked bizarre compared to every other part of his body, except his beautiful chest. Suddenly, the neck of his t-shirt and the few remaining strands of material across his stomach snapped apart and this caused his chest to suddenly enlarge even more. At the same time the shoulders of his shirt and jacket were ripped to smithereens by the instant expansion of his delts and traps. It looked like small mines were discharging beside his neck. Seconds later his lat muscles blew up to match the insane proportions of the rest of his body and this completely destroyed the clothes on his upper body. Jagged pieces of material rested on different parts of his monstrous upper body, but not one massive muscle was blocked from sight. I watched closely as his already tight abdominals suddenly bulged out even more. Each bundle of knotted hard tissue popped out perfectly and the wall beneath his pecs moved from a six-pack to an intense looking eight-pack – obviously full of incredible strength so it could support the massive chest, shoulders, and arms.

“Damn, I can’t see my fucking brick-like abs but I can feel them growing and tightening into something that must be similar to cinder blocks. Yeah, I bet there’s enough room between each of those skin covered stones for you guys to deeply wedge a finger. Aw fucking hell, you have no idea what it feels like to have your body exploding massive in this way. It feels like every muscle on me is having its own orgasm. Just before it blows up huge each part of my body gets a super bolt of blood and testosterone, making me able to focus on only that part of myself. It’s like being injected with rocket fuel that propels my muscles into insane proportions. Get ready men, cause I think the fun’s about to hit my legs.”

All motion stopped in the room and the pre-kaboom silence was very creepy. All hands stopped pumping stiff cocks, no one breathed, and not one of us took our eyes off of Bricks legs. This time the explosion of both thighs happened at the same time. Scraps of denim material hit me in the face and flew into Francois and Diego like the shrapnel of a hand grenade was hitting us. Brick’s jeans blew apart easily as his quads swelled to humongous sizes in a mere two seconds. I never knew the sound of material being obliterated could cause ringing in your ears, but now I did. The projectile remnants of his pants hurt as they hit our bodies. Not one of us cared, though. To see bloated layers of solid muscle suddenly appear on the lower part of Brick’s body was a vision that would never be topped. The entire top part of his denims were destroyed instantly, causing his hard cock to shoot up even higher like a railroad crossing arm after a train passes. I heard what I assumed was his belt buckle slam into the wall across the room – not bouncing off, but penetrating the plaster and concrete. I was thankful that neither of my co-workers had been in the way. It was at that moment I realized his cock had not yet been fully super charged yet. The earlier growth had just been an appetizer. I could feel saliva sliding down my chin from either side of my wide-opened mouth, but I didn’t move to wipe it away. I wanted every ounce of my energy to be focused on the man’s rod, knowing that it was going to be amplified beyond my wildest dreams at any moment. My patience was justly rewarded.

Brick’s crotch was suddenly thrust forward, causing his back and ass to come off of the bench. His stiff dick stuck straight out from his body. It looked like a cannon jutting out of the side of a ship – ready to fire. The big man threw his head back and let out a cry of what could only be described as extreme pleasure. His hard cock then instantaneously doubled and then tripled in size – it became thicker than my leg and almost as long. The man’s balls inflated, too, and dropped lower, hanging off the bench like two giant bags filled with large grapefruits. Brick’s cry of euphoria went from a pleasant tenor to a powerful bass in the span of a few seconds. It was unnerving to watch his cock enlarge quickly and hear his voice at the same time drop a few octaves. It was like someone was playing with the soundtrack of a movie, making the main character’s voice turn so manly that it oozed masculinity, but the fact was that this was not an enhanced film – it was real life. My gaze moved upward from his balls to the head of his engorged cock, which looked about the size of my fist. The slit of his dickhead was gaping open and pre-cum was gushing out in a steady stream. It was gathering in a big blob at the tip of his now giant rod and after leaking what seemed like a couple of mouthfuls, the heavy milky substance slid down the man’s thick shaft and then rested firmly in bushy hair at the base, which was held aloft by the giant balls.

It was clear that the Brick was trying to speak, but the painful pleasure of his tool tripling in size was too much. He also tried to catch a breath between spasms of his heavy massive body, but then it dawned on me that he was actually trying to hold back a powerful orgasm. His face was turning dark red and his fists were tightly clenched. Brick moved his head slightly to the side to look at me. I knew what to do to make him comfortable. I knew exactly what was bothering him. The guy didn’t want to make a mess. I did what any normal red-blooded gay man would have done in my situation. I simply nodded my head and uttered a few words.

“It’s okay. Let it go. We don’t care about the mess.”

There was another two-second pause and then Brick exhaled so strongly I was worried that Diego and Francois would be knocked down from the force. He also let out a yell that was so piercing it felt like an entire cavalry was charging at us. At the same time his fire hydrant of a dick began to spew forth hot cum like it was Mount Vesuvius sending lava over the city of Pompeii. It looked like fireworks on the Fourth of July – Brick’s thick juice spraying into the air and then covering everything in its vicinity. Thick gobs of cum, propelled forcefully from his cock, hit the hanging lamp near us and shattered the glass fixture. The sound caused all of us to jump a little, but no one moved his eyes from the big man’s beautiful skin-covered spraying fountain. Francois and Diego were being deluged with sticky warm muscle-powered milk and because they were beating off so hard they looked like two guys dancing in the rain. Diego actually had his head tilted back and was catching some of the sweet cum in his mouth. Each time Brick’s cock sent a voluminous amount of man paste shooting into the air his rock-hard stomach would jerk inward and concave in as if it were a giant tube of toothpaste being squeezed empty. A spattering of the huge guy’s muscle sap hit my face and in it I felt the intense heat produced by his powerful body. I imagined his cum was like some kind of rejuvenating elixir penetrating my body.

To add more power to his ejaculation, as if he needed it, Brick suddenly threw both of his arms into a vigorous double biceps flex. He gritted his teeth and let out a bull-like snort that made Diego scream with glee. As soon as Brick’s two huge guns blasted to their full height his cock churned out a final gush of his testosterone-filled semen. It was the largest explosion up to this point, which was odd since it came at the end of his orgasm, but we instantly knew it was because of his flexed arms. Looking at the giant triple layered biceps resting on top of his boat-sized triceps was too much for Diego. Suddenly the poor man went as stiff as a board, his face turned purple, and he fell to the ground. Every motion in the room stopped immediately and the rest of us looked to the floor. I could see that Diego’s cock was still fully hard, he had obviously passed out before he could release the load that had been building for the last hour. I felt sorry for the guy. He was still breathing, so we all knew he was going to be okay. We wasted no time returning our attention to Brick, who was now resting his giant un-flexed body as he stared down at his new massiveness.

“Shit, guys, look at me! I’m a fucking giant. Look at these guns. Have you ever seen something so huge – or something so powerful looking? Damn, that was one cum-shower wasn’t it? My super cock sprayed this place like it was some kind of snow machine at a ski resort. You guys are covered in my spunk. Man, that is just the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen – besides my body, of course. Just look how huge I am Gregg. Those damn oysters are something super powerful. Let me tell you. I feel like I could rip apart this building with my bare hands.”

“Please don’t.”

“Ha! Don’t worry, little buddy, I wouldn’t hurt you or this place for anything. Look at what you’ve given me. Look at my chest! It’s feels bigger than a small car.”

Brick took a deep breath and his chest swelled upward and out. His hard nipples rose into the air like two tank guns being pointed upward before they fired at a target. His pecs inflated so high that they again covered the bottom part of his face. Those fucking muscle tits were so huge that I think I could have turned sideways and fit my entire upper body in the gap between them. Francois’ mouth dropped open as he stared at the puffed-up torso of Brick. Tears of sheer joy actually slid down his face as he mumbled to himself.

“Il est si grand! Il est si grand! Et si beau!”

“Yes, Francois, our friend Brick is very big and very beautiful!”

“You guys should feel the power flowing through these mammoth pecs! I swear I feel like I walk through a fucking brick wall using only these two swelling monsters to break through. Damn, this is the most intense feeling in the world!

I continued to stare at the man as he moved into a round of self-adulation that caused both Francois and me to disappear from his radar. I could tell the only thing that mattered at the moment to Brick was exploring his muscles – especially when they were flexed. Francois and I merely watched in equal excitement as the gigantic man flexed and pumped his body. Brick had to start with his arms – and later I noticed he kept coming back to them, obviously a biceps worshipper just like me. The man bent his arm at his side and then made a fist – clenching it tightly. At the same time he twisted his wrist back and forth. Instantly, veins popped out all over his forearm and they looked to be the size of a garden hose. His skin looked hard and tough covering his bulging lower arm. I certainly didn’t know the names of specific muscles, but it didn’t matter. His forearm was split into two huge football shaped mounds that seemed to blend together in the middle. I had never seen so many blood-pumping veins in one man’s arm. As Brick moved his wrist the muscles bunched and twisted like they were an army of bulging muscled ballet dancers moving to some imagined music. I was harder than I’d ever been in my life and it was only because of the man’s fucking forearm – it didn’t seem possible, but I knew that forearm actually had more muscles and more power than my entire body. Brick looked up and our eyes met.

“Do you see that, Gregg? Do you see how huge that forearm is? It’s bigger than your puny thigh. Can you believe it? Just look at how much power pours out of every molecule of just this one piece of my new body. Damn, I could stare at that thing for hours. I can’t believe the gift you’ve given me. It’s just fucking incredible.”

We both returned our eyes to his forearm as we watched it swell even larger when he bent his wrist and tightened his fist more. Brick let out a long loud whistle as he continued to stare at the lower arm flexed beside his body. The man’s eye must have been caught by the anticipation of something even larger because he raised his arm and then bent it at the elbow, flexing his biceps hard. The mound that we had glimpsed earlier returned, but this time we were all more focused and could explore the mountain of skin, sinew, and hard meat more closely. The sight of Brick’s pumped up super gun was too much for Francois. He let out a small yelp and then crumpled to the floor beside Diego. His dick, however, continued to spew his hot cum even though he had passed out. Both Brick and I looked at the man, just to make sure he was okay. Then, the powerful beast beside me – still flexing his huge arm – turned to stare at me and spoke.

“It’s just you and me now, kid. We’re going to have some fun!”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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great story, so hot, good work man
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The choicest of delicacies! Well done good sir!
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Wow!!! You've done it again! Fantastic descriptions!
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All four installments have been a work of genius. Will there be more to the story? I can't wait to find out. Thanks for this installment.
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Great chapter! This was a LOT of fun.
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