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Old March 15th, 2011, 04:39 PM
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The Aphrodisiac - Chapter Three

“How about another oyster, Brick? Remember, they’re said to increase your sex drive – so it’s a natural reaction to get . . . well, to get . . . um . . . a little excited. And don’t forget, we’ve closed the restaurant. It’s just us good friends here. Who knows, these little appetizers may be the cause of your unprecedented ejaculation in the bathroom.”

“If only! Geez, I wish I could somehow bottle up that experience for a repeat performance. Can you imagine the kind of dough I might get if I always had orgasms that could send a guy’s entire body into the air? That would be pornographically awesome.”

We all laughed out loud – along with Brick, but we were mainly focused on the tray of oysters. I could see he was pretty nervous about having another one, but I also saw a deep desire in his eyes, as well. I pushed them even closer to the man as he laughed. He looked down with an intense stare and licked his lips. I could tell his subconscious desired more – even if his rational brain denied the power of the food in front of him. I held my breath as I watched him hesitate. I was worried he couldn’t handle everything the next one might do. I was, however, not disappointed. It was apparent that he was merely looking the tray over and deciding which was the largest oyster. My heart leapt for joy when he spoke and laughed in disbelief.

“If that smaller one made me explode like a pile of dynamite – can you imagine what this big one will do?”

It was obvious Brick was joking, but he completely missed the excited glances that the other three of us gave each other. He still didn’t get the connection of the aphrodisiac to his earlier eruption, but we knew differently. I held my breath as Brick lifted the large shell to his lips and sucked in hard. The sound was magical – and the combined gasps of Francois, Diego, and myself caused Brick to look up quickly. The man let the oyster linger in his mouth for a while. As he placed the shell back on the ice in the tray he let the oyster slide down his throat slowly. And then the man sucked in air violently. He reached out wide and grabbed the wooden table at either edge – causing his right arm to briefly brush up against my chest. Brick arched his back hard and shoved his crotch into the air – we could see the outline of his hard cock through the linen napkin still spread out on his lap.

Suddenly, a loud low growl – much more powerful than the one I had heard earlier on the sidewalk – was forced from Brick’s throat. It caused the hairs on the back of my neck to bristle up in fear. It also caused Diego to cry out loud in shock. Other undistinguishable noises filled the room, as well. The chef, the host, and I watched as Brick tensed his arms and started pushing them toward each other – shoving the table in on itself. There was a slight moment when all time seemed to stop and everyone remained frozen, but then suddenly the tabletop buckled upward in the middle and split completely in two with a loud crack. Brick had simply put so much pressure on the table that it splintered into two pieces. Brick’s big body came up off of the bench as the table jerked upward. Diego grabbed the bottle of champagne and Francois caught the tray of oysters, before either slid off it’s half of the table. Brick released the wood from his big hands and the two pieces of the table fell to the ground. I watched the destroyed wood fall and then looked at my coworkers. Francois and Diego’s eyes suddenly grew bigger than saucers and I turned to look at Brick standing beside me - to see what they saw. My eyes were on the same level as Brick’s crotch, so the first thing I noticed was that his white cloth napkin was hanging off of his hard-as-hell dick – draped like some magician was about to do a trick with his thick-as-a-bat rod. The piece of material was too small to cover the entire shaft of his now larger than normal piece of meat. I watched with lust as the napkin fell and we could see that Brick’s engorged cock had busted through his jeans and was now sticking straight out like some kind of massive crane dangling off of a skyscraper.

The rip in his jeans made it clear that his strong beef-stick had cut through the denim and his underwear like a butcher knife to tissue paper. Brick moaned out loud again as big gobs of pre-cum bubbled out of his now gaping dick slit. Suddenly, the wave of intense pressure that had flown through his body ended and the big man fell back onto the padded bench behind him. His big body hitting the leather padded seat caused mine own to fly up into the air slightly. The man was breathing harder than I thought any human could and his cock was sticking straight up into the air like a girder – with thick white Brick-juice sliding down its sides. His face was again a deep red and this time he was covered in a heavier sheen of sweat – it even showed through the underarms of his army jacket. The room was instantly filled with the aroma of manly sweat and hot cum. His eyes were clamped tightly shut and it was clear the guy was deeply embarrassed.

“Oh shit! Man, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to demolish your table. It’s just that those oysters have an unbelievable kick to them. I can’t control myself. I doubted it before, but now I know it’s all because of those fucking things.”

This is when Brick opened his eyes and he first looked at the damage he had done to the table, but then he quickly noticed that both Chef Francois and Diego had whipped out their hard cocks and they were staring at the big man as they stroked themselves. I had somehow refrained from releasing my own rigid cock. I was, however, rubbing myself vigorously through my pants. Brick looked over at me and I watched as sweat dripped off of his forehead and chin. He looked even sexier than before. It was hard for me to speak, so I kind of whispered my response.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Brick. We’ve never seen anyone have such an intense reaction to these special oysters. We knew it might be a sexual kick-start for you, but because of your size and inner fortitude it must be a hundred times more powerful than ever before. Here have some more champagne.”

I took the bottle from Diego’s hand and gave it to the big man, who was staring at his hard morphed-like cock. He grabbed the bottle without looking at me and brought it to his lips. He downed the entire thing in one gulp. Diego quickly moved to our wall-sized wine cooler, while he still stroked his cock, and took out another bottle. He returned to the table and released his cock long enough to open the champagne. The loud pop seemed to stabilize the room somehow. He handed the bottle to Brick and took the empty one. Brick basically drank half of the bottle in a second big swallow. He then rested the bottle on his thigh – conveniently beside the man-log that was sticking straight up between his legs. All four of us stared in disbelief as we saw that Brick’s cock was now taller and thicker than the bottle.

“Damn, Gregg, you didn’t tell me these oysters could do that! My cock’s been super-sized. I’m going to be real popular with the guys now!”

“We weren’t sure they could, but now we know. How do you feel, Brick?”

“Like a fucking powerful he-man, sir – like some kind of super-charged god. It’s as if there’s a bolt of super-charged lightning being shot from my balls throughout the rest of my body. Each time it rockets through me I feel a rush of power that’s so fucking intense. It seems like the jolts are getting longer and more intense too. Something else is happening, my friends. My clothes are beginning to feel really tight. I think I need to take them off.”


Again, my two coworkers and I shouted the answer at the same time – this time our reaction was forceful and much too obvious. Brick’s statements had caused the two men standing in front of us to stroke their cocks harder and my mouth to drop open even wider. While he spoke, Brick had somehow willed his giant prick to wiggle back and forth, even forcing it downward parallel to his legs – without even touching it! It was one of the most thrilling sights ever. This man had control over his body in a way most of us could only dream of reaching. After making his giant rod do his bidding a few more times Brick downed the rest of the champagne and then put the empty bottle on the seat near him. He didn’t look at any of us, but there was a smile on his face that spoke volumes. He finally glanced up and made sure he looked at each of us slowly.

“I see what’s going on here. So, this was the plan from the beginning, wasn’t it? I’m part of a fun show for you guys – a guinea pig. You guys want to see my body bust out of these clothes the same way my dick exploded through my pants, don’t ya? Well, I think now I should charge for each magic oyster I eat. How about fifty dollars per swallow, Gregg?”

“My man, if you eat those four remaining oysters slowly and let us watch what happens I will gladly pay you a thousand dollars for each one.”

I knew instinctively that this was an once-in-a-lifetime moment. I also knew I had the money to both help this man financially and to get all of my fantasies fulfilled at the same time. I was certainly happy to give him the amount promised – especially if we got to witness what all the remaining oysters did to his body. I smiled at the young man to emphasize my point. Brick was completely astounded.

“Are you serious man? You’ll give me four thousand dollars just to swallow the rest of these oysters?”

I reached down and again pulled out my wallet. I quickly opened the leather container and pulled out a wad of cash – all one hundred dollar bills. I held them in the air and counted them slowly. In the end the pile equaled five thousand dollars. I looked at Brick and smiled even wider than before.

“I’ll throw in an extra thou’ just because. It will definitely be worth it, Brick – for all three of us. And, actually, I think you will love it too, my good friend. I have a feeling things are going to get fucking crazy after you down those remaining powerhouses.”

I was not aware that I had continued to stroke my cock through my pants as I spoke to Brick. We both smiled and seemed to understand each other on some deeper level. He took the money and stuffed it in his pants pocket. He then turned to the tray that had been placed on a neighboring table and grabbed two oysters – holding one in each hand. He held one of them in the air a few inches from his mouth, tilted his head back and then let the slippery meat of the oyster fall into his mouth and travel down his throat as if he were swallowing something a hell-of-a lot bigger. I then gasped out loud as he quickly held the second oyster in the same position and swallowed it, too. This incredible gift to us from Brick caused my two co-workers to stop stroking their rods for a few seconds. Francois started mumbling something in French and, even though I was fluent in his language, I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. We all stared at the huge man in our midst, waiting for the powerful reaction to come.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I have to admit this story has me wanting to try some oysters! I've only ever had them cooked, but on the half shell is sounding mighty appetizing!
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Old March 16th, 2011, 05:05 PM
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I think all our cooks should get a pearl necklace for this one, don't you?
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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