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Old March 6th, 2011, 01:35 PM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Seven

The new and younger Harry Winsor sat at the empty bar on the second floor of the main part of the chateau. It was four in the afternoon – time for Harry’s regularly scheduled martini. He might have now looked like a college stud, but he was still an older man inside. He had requested two onions and told the cute young bartender to basically just wave the bottle of vermouth over the glass – that’s how the man liked his drink. Harry glanced around the open space, which overlooked a sprawling jungle area to the right of the chateau. It was an incredible view. He noticed that the bartender kept checking him out in the mirror behind the bar as he mixed the drink. Harry looked at himself again – dressed now in a light green polo shirt and some ass-hugging jeans. Since his own body was so new to him he quickly felt a rush to his crotch area and a tightening down his thigh that could only mean the monster piece of meat was waking up. Harry, again, marveled at his youngish broad shoulders, thick neck, mountainous pecs, and bulging arms. He was certainly someone worth looking at. He tensed and un-tensed his body just to give the guy behind the bar a good thrill. It also caused the same thrill in his body.

Mason had felt the need to finally get out of his room. He had whacked off three times that morning, just from thinking about his own daddy power over other men. He had then taken his time sucking on a huge cigar out on his balcony – sitting totally nude surrounded by the thickness of the island jungle. He had gotten a huge thrill from letting the thick cigar roll around in his mouth before he would suck long and hard, watching the end light up like a log in a roaring fire. Mason was a little amazed he could blow perfect circles with the smoke, but then he quickly figured there wasn’t much that would surprise him from now on. Now he was stepping up to the bar on the second floor and instantly noticed both the cute bartender and the young buck that sat there drinking a martini. Mason’s cock immediately started growing as he thought about giving these boys a thrill. The man’s confidence was so off the chart that he didn’t doubt for even one second that the other two men would want him desperately. Mason’s body exuded testosterone as if he were a big slab of kryptonite and everyone else was superman – completely weak in his presence. The bartender came over to the new customer and before he could say anything Mason broke into a cocky smile. The guy behind the wood counter had no chance – he was smitten with the beautiful confident young man immediately, but not because of his looks. There was this mysterious force drawing him into this man’s aura – and it felt older, wiser, and stronger than the outer shell of the guy.

“Bush mills, with a water back,” Mason ordered.

“Yes sir,” the guy responded, “right away sir.”

The guy also meekly nodded his head and then ran off to get the drinks. Mason noticed the barkeep had to adjust his hardening package as he left. Harry, recognizing the voice, looked into the mirror to see the face of the younger man he had helped the day before on the plane. He turned to speak to Mason, who was a few feet away – expecting to surprise him greatly with his new and improved younger body. It was a shock for Harry, however, when he beheld the young handsome man and was overcome with an unexplainable reaction. Mason was radiating a new personality that was powerful and soothing at the same time. Harry went speechless and just sat there staring at the guy who had been so meek on the plane. Mason didn’t turn to look at Harry – he continued to look forward and spoke to Harry’s reflection in the mirror.

“What you staring at boy? Haven’t you ever seen a real man before?” Mason asked confidently.

“Mason, it’s me, Harry – from the plane,” the younger man replied meekly.

This caused Mason to turn and look at the college boy. There was a brief look of shock on the confident man’s face but then it immediately turned back into a cocky smile that reflected the myriad of dirty thoughts that were running through his mind. Mason turned his body toward Harry and moved down the bar until he stood next to the younger man. Mason let his hard cock press against the muscled thigh of Harry, like he was marking his territory. He reached up and grabbed the thick neck of his new toy. He grabbed hard and noticed that the thick muscle didn’t give very much; reflecting that the hard body he gazed upon was the real deal. He squeezed tighter and let out a low growl.

“Well, I’ll be damned, big boy, that’s quite a change. So Harry Winsor’s fantasy was to be a fucking huge college stud. Nice, real nice.” Mason said as he rocked the bigger man’s neck back and forth with his hand.

“And you wanted to be a confident daddy,” Harry replied softly.

“You got that right, boy,” Mason answered. “How does it fit me?”

“Like a well worn glove, sir,” Harry responded – giving the other man respect because his brain automatically knew it should. There was something about the new Mason that caused Harry to crave his affection and approval.

“Yeah, I can see you’re a good boy, big Harry,” Mason said in a low voice, bringing his body closer to the college boy. “Giving your daddy the respect he deserves, aren’t you. I remember how kind you were to me on the plane. Don’t think old Mason here will let that go unrewarded. That make you feel special, son?”

“Yes sir,” Harry answered.

The college-aged man was amazed at how hard his monster cock had become. He was so incredibly turned on by the confidence shooting out of ever pore of Mason’s body. The smell of cigar on the man’s breath was only adding more juice into his growing rod. Harry’s internal self had not yet changed to match his new external body, but Mason’s attitude was so overwhelming that the older man was reacting as if he was truly a college cum-loaded jock. Both men knew instinctively that Mason’s daddy-ness was such a powerful force that Harry was reduced to something like a dependant child.

“I like it when you call me sir, boy,” Mason said and he smiled even more than before. “I like this, too.”

Mason gripped Harry’s neck tighter and then guided the jock’s head toward his chest. The bartender was amazed as he watched the smaller man easily push the college stud’s face into his right pec. Harry immediately began to suck and bite at the hard nipple under the t-shirt his dominator was wearing. Mason let his head fall back and he moaned a little as Harry expertly tantalized his man-nip. Time stopped for a few minutes as both men – no, all three men, since the bartender had now started rubbing his hard cock through his pants while he watched – entered into their new roles fully and helped bring the other close to eruption.

“Well, I see you have already made a new friend, Mr. Mason,” came an accented voice from further down the bar.

While the other three men had been enjoying the intense foreplay session, Henry had walked up to the bar. He was dressed in a very English looking linen jacket and wore a white button-down underneath. Mason didn’t even turn to the man. He merely kept Harry’s mouth going to town on his chest and looked at Henry’s reflection in the mirror – with the same confident smile as before.

“Hello, Henry. You’re looking dapper,” Mason said, winking at the Brit. “Not a new friend, exactly. This boy is the new and improved Harry Winsor.”

Mason pulled Harry’s face away from his now wet-stained shirt and turned the man’s head toward the mirror. Henry got his first good look at the golden locks, the emerald eyes, and the beautiful dimples. He also got his first pulse of confidence radiating from Mason’s body, but was not instantly smitten as the other men had been. He was drawn to the once meek man, but not as intensely as the others.

“Oh my,” exclaimed Henry when he gazed upon Harry’s beautiful face. “Harry, you are simply stunning. Good show, old boy.”

Mason had noticed Henry’s lack of immediate enthusiasm in the new confidence that exuded from his body. Harry and the bartender had succumbed to his daddy-like dominance easily, but there was something helping Henry from feeling the need to show respect and worship him the way he deserved. Mason pushed Harry’s head away from him roughly and moved toward the tall newcomer. Henry just stayed in place – not allowing the intense pull of Mason to dominate him. Mason stood close to the British man and reached up to grab him behind the neck, as he had done to Harry. This time, however, the skin did not dent at all when he squeezed. He pressed in hard with his fingers, but Henry’s neck was like a titanium cylinder. Mason actually let out a growl-like noise from the exertion. Henry simply smiled at the shorter man and then reached out to grab Mason’s neck with just his thumb and forefinger.

“Here, let me show you how it is done, daddy,” Henry said with a friendly voice.

The taller man squeezed hard and then easily lifted Mason’s entire body off of the ground – with just two fingers. The bartender let out a loud yelp and then ran from the bar to a door marked employees – all the while trying to unbutton his pants in hopes of not having an accident that would show for the rest of the day. Mason felt a lot of pain, which caused him to remove his hand from Henry’s neck and grab hold of the wrist behind his head – in hopes of releasing some of the pressure. At the same time his feet kicked wildly in the air.

“It seems to me, Mason, that you got the attitude of a hundred muscle men while I got the strength of the same number – or even more,” Henry said as he gently returned the other man to the floor.

“Shit, boy, that display of power turned me on more than you’ll ever know,” Mason said rubbing his neck with both hands. “This daddy loves a strong pup.”

“I hope so,” Henry said, smiling, and then whispered, “because, for the record, your confidence has made me harder than a stone pillar. I just think my strength enables me to not give in to it as quickly as others.”

“Well that’s good to know, power boy, that’s good to know,” Mason responded, still rubbing his neck.

“That, fellas, was incredibly hot.”

Mason and Henry turned to look at Harry, who was sitting there with his mouth wide open in astonishment. He lifted his martini to his lips and downed the more than half-full glass in one gulp, catching the soaked onions in his mouth and pulling out the toothpick with a flourish. At this same moment the bartender returned, but with a white apron around his waist. The three men surmised that the poor boy had not gotten his pants down in time to avoid the cock explosion that must have soaked his entire crotch area. The young man, however, did have a giant smile across his face. He had obviously received much pleasure from his orgasm. Mason glanced at the guy’s nametag as he spoke.

“I think we should make a toast, boys. How about some shots? Everyone name their poison and I’m sure . . . um . . . Randy here will help us to celebrate our new gifts – Henry’s incredible strength, Harry’s gorgeous body, and my new confidence. What do you say to that?”

“I’d say daddy knows how to treat his boys right,” responded Harry.

“I have a feeling I might need quite a few more shots than the two of you, gentlemen,” Henry added. “I get the sense that my new strength is going to make it hard for me to get a buzz quickly.

“Randy, my man,” Mason quickly said, after thinking about what Henry shared, “fill up a pint glass for power boy’s shots. I believe that just might make us even. It will be like he’s having ten shots for every one of ours. We’ll get you drunk Henry, old chap, don’t you worry about that.”

“Hey guys, what’s happening?” a voice asked from behind.

All men turned to see Adrian a few feet away, dressed in workout clothes and jogging in place. The young man was covered in sweat and the gray t-shirt he was wearing was completely soaked. He had a big smile on his face.

“My god, Adrian, what the hell have you been up to?” Mason asked, looking at the boy with eyes that seemed to ravage the guy’s body.

“I just returned from my third run for the day, and now I’m heading to the gym again,” Adrian replied as he dropped to the floor and did ten quick push-ups.

“Well, do you want to stay and have a few shots with us?” Harry asked.

“Um, I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met,” answered Adrian, with a confused look on his face.

“That, my young man, is the new and improved Harry,” Henry said.

“Aw shit man, that’s cool,” Adrian said staring at Harry, still jogging in place. “What’s different about you, Mr. London man?”

“Not much, Adrian, just this,” replied Henry as he walked to the boy.

Before Adrian could register what was going on Henry reached out and grabbed the guy underneath his sweaty armpits. He easily lifted the jogging man high into the air, extending his arms fully. Then, to show off, Henry lowered the grown young man with his arms still extended – the same way a person might hold a little baby from their body. Adrian’s feet continued to pump as he was held aloft, but his mouth dropped open wide. Henry squeezed hard with his right hand, causing Adrian to wince, and then took his left hand away completely. The Englishman held a large man in the air with just one hand – and he didn’t strain at all. After a few seconds Henry lowered the shocked man to the ground and stepped back. Adrian was no longer jogging in place. He stood there dumfounded, but his look quickly turned to something near lust.

“Cool!” Adrian exclaimed.

“Cool, indeed,” Henry replied playfully, obviously making up for how he had insulted the boy on the plane the day before for continuously using the word.

The reply was lost on Adrian, but the other two men noted how Henry had changed. They could tell there was a hardness to the man that was now missing. He seemed more calm and peaceful – and a lot more fun. Both Mason and Harry liked the new Henry and each man was beginning to make plans for what they thought would be a playful evening together. Adrian was still completely overwhelmed by Henry’s simple display of strength.

“So, join us for a few shots, young man?” Henry asked Adrian.

“Um, no . . . no, I can’t . . . um . . . pollute my body with any alcohol right now,” Adrian answered, fumbling for words. “I am in training – focused on just working out.”

“Training for what, boy?” inquired Mason.

“I’m going to be the most massive bodybuilder the world has ever seen,” replied Adrian with a big grin on his face and with an obvious aggressiveness.

“That will definitely be cool,” said Henry, his voice full of anticipation.

“Yeah, it will,” answered Adrian, as he started to jog in place again. “Well, I’ve got to get back to the gym. I’m meeting my second trainer for the day because I wore the first guy out already.”

With that, the young man waved goodbye and then jogged away. The three remaining men stood at the bar and watched Adrian move away. Each man was imagining what the son of Ralph Maddock was going to look like when he became a super beefed-up giant bodybuilder. This caused a sexually charged moment of silence to fall on the festivities. It also caused three crotches to get a little tighter from hard-ons, well four if you counted Randy, the bartender. Mason was the first to break out of his daydreams about Adrian growing huge.

“Hey Randy, how about those shots – let’s make it tequila,” he said, after clearing his voice.

“Yes sir,” Randy shot back quickly, just like a good little boy.

He quickly filled two shot glasses for Mason and Harry, but Henry was given a pint glass filled to the brim. The three men lifted their glasses, toasted to anticipated changes, and then kicked back their drinks. Henry was somehow able to toss back his pint of liquor as quickly as the other two swallowed their shots. This caused Mason to let out a loud cowboyish yell and slap the Brit on the back. Henry’s jacket covered skin was as hard as marble so the whack was not felt by the guy, but it did make Mason’s hand hurt like hell. Randy quickly filled all three glasses again.

Two hours later and with many shots passing through their lips, the three men sat at the bar nursing a beer, having decided to go to something lighter as soon as everyone was feeling fine. Even super strong Henry had a buzz going that made it hard for him to focus. As the three men sat at the bar they shared more about their personal lives with each other than they had with anyone else in years. The bond between the men solidified as one by one they spilled their inner secrets, desires, and demons. Both Mason and Harry confessed to not liking Henry, at first, but after hearing his struggles about coming out and being bullied by others, they now saw him in a new light. Harry was speaking about his past when he noticed a gleam in Mason’s eye. He could tell the young man was about to explode from excitement caused by an idea that had sprung into his head.

“Well boys, now that we are fucking wasted,” Mason began, “let’s go out and have some fun.”

“What did you have in mind, sir?” Harry asked, still not able to control his need to be respectful of the other man.

“I thought we could go out into town and watch Henry, here, show off his strength.” Mason said, laying his hand on the other man’s back gently so it didn’t sting this time.

“Damn good idea,” Harry replied, suddenly very focused.

Henry’s face broke out into somewhat of an evil grin and the other men could tell he liked the idea, too. He swallowed the beer remaining in his glass and tapped the rim while he looked at Randy. The excited bartender grabbed another pint glass and filled it quickly. He placed it in front of Henry who lifted the liquid to his mouth and again downed it in a couple of gulps. He put the empty glass on the bar and then squeezed his hand a little too tightly – the thick glass shattered between his fingers and palm as he crushed it easily. He brushed the broken pieces off of his hand.

“What do you say, super Henry,” Mason inquired, “you wanna go out and play?”

“My dear fellow, nothing would give me more pleasure,” Henry responded.

“Well, little Randy, it’s time for us to say goodbye, but know we’ll come back later to tell you all about our adventures,” Mason said sliding off his bar stool.

“Yes sir,” Randy replied with obvious excitement, “Thank you, sir.”

Mason was beginning to love how his confidence and dominant behavior could cause immediate respect and obedience. He knew if he ordered Randy to suck his cock right now the poor boy would fall on his knees and open his mouth wide immediately, just like a good little pup. Mason, however, knew not to take advantage of his commanding presence. He was still a good man at heart, he just knew he could now demand anything and weaker men would instantly do his will. This thought made him smile. The only thing giving him a bigger thrill at the moment was the idea of watching his boy, Henry, show off. He turned to his two companions and smiled.

“Let’s start dreaming, Harry,” Mason said wrapping an arm around the other two men. “Let’s start thinking of fun stuff our mate, Henry, here, can do for us. Shit, boys, this night is going to be one for the record books. Wait a minute, though. Hey Randy, how about tossing me a bottle of vodka for the road.”

Mason looked at the bartender, who immediately turned to the counter behind him and grabbed a large bottle. He tossed it through the air like his daddy had ordered. A hand grabbed it from the air before Mason caught it and he turned to see the grinning face of Henry. Henry brought the bottle to his mouth and bit off the top – taking part of the neck with it. The formerly proper Brit then chewed up the plastic cap and some glass and after swallowing he wrapped his lips around the jagged edge and downed the large bottle in a few gulps. Mason chuckled and turned back to the bar to ask for another bottle. His pup had already anticipated the order, though, and tossed a new large container to Mason. The daddy caught the bottle and smiled at the bartender.

“That’s a good boy. We’ll be back later. Meanwhile, feel free to beat off a few times thinking about us,” Mason said as he turned back to his companions and they left the bar.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Inspiring, I can't wait to find out what their adventure on the town will be...keep up the good work.
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Looking forward to seeing how the transformations continue to develop. :3
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A titilating tale if ever there was one!
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Just getting better and better!
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I'm with the rest of the guys, I'm very, very, VERY much looking forward to Henry showing off some of his super duper strength.
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I have been whacking off to this story for several nights in a row now. THANK you, Londonboy, this story is amazing. I especially love daddy transformations and this one was top notch. I love how you get into their attitude changes and the years of confidence, etc, that they experience.
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