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Old February 21st, 2011, 02:39 PM
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The Bully's Secret

[Something simple and hopefully fun for a Monday afternoon.]

What goes around comes around. Isn’t that what they say? Is that the same thing as the boomerang effect? It probably is. I’m not sure if it fits this situation one hundred percent, but it’s close enough. I always thought this day would come, it just seemed sometimes as if it was always going to remain out there in the future. I never lost sight of my desire for revenge, but I had forgotten what exactly was the impetus of my need for retribution. The anger has been strong enough to fuel me for ten years and now the moment was here. I was about to face the greatest challenge of my relatively short life. My adrenaline-charged big body swelled against the fabric of my suit, reminding me that I had chosen these tight clothes just to show off. I wanted to make sure it was obvious that; from the moment I stepped into the ballroom hosting my ten-year high school reunion, Norman Jameson had changed. He had changed a lot. It was of course important for everyone to notice the improvements I had made to my body, but it was essential that Toby Watson get the full effect of how much alteration had truly happened.

Toby Watson. He had been the bane of my existence for four years of high school. He was the one person in the world that had somehow helped to foster a deep self-loathing within my psyche, a feeling of total worthlessness. I could not remember when the bullying had begun, but since Toby was a big enough dude to start on the varsity football team as a freshman and I had yet to break one hundred pounds, even when wet, it seemed natural for him to pick on me. The guy didn’t seem to bother anyone else, but he sure loved lifting my small body up and slamming it against the lockers. It was as if showing off that way made him feel strong and helped to establish his alpha male status. It also helped to propel me to ‘king dweeb’ status at the school, a title I kept all four years. Toby was a smart boy, though, and that helped me a little. He knew better than to torture me so much I would turn him in or share my problems with an adult. No, he savored the moments of humiliation as much as I feared them, allowing me to sometimes get a false sense of security and then coming out of the blue to show off while embarrassing me in front of a crowd. The thing that bothered me the most was that the entire school seemed to like his little displays as much as he did.

Now, before you think I was planning to go all Sissy Spacek in ‘Carrie’ or something at my reunion, please know that I didn’t really hate anyone. That was actually true for Toby, as well. In spite of every low moment of my high school years I was actually pretty popular, having decided to excel in all areas beyond sports to make up for my low self-esteem. I was valedictorian, president of a few clubs, and genuinely liked by teachers and staff. Most students tolerated me and some even called me friend, but the large majority of popular kids loved watching me be manhandled by the football star. I think it was some deep primal connection to watching slaves getting battered by gladiators in ancient Rome.

So, here I was back in my small hometown after being away for ten years walking into the quote-unquote Coliseum ready to take on an army of gladiators, ready to show off how I had changed. Sometimes bullies win by causing their prey to live an entire life of ‘dweebness’ and preventing them from ever coming into their own, from ever truly realizing their full potential. Other times, a bully can be the catalyst for becoming focused and intent on personal transformation. I have a feeling most computer geniuses around the world had partially become successful just to prove some bully from their past wrong. I had taken the latter approach in my life, as well, and tonight was the chance to show my old school mates, but especially Toby Watson, that Norman Jameson had definitely graduated from dweeb academy.

To say I was a late bloomer was like the understatement of the century. I had left high school around one hundred and forty-five pounds and standing at five foot seven. I was returning for this reunion after having shot up to six foot four in my early years of college and after packing on enough muscle to reach a monstrous three hundred and fifty pounds. It had been an intense ten years and I had worked my ass off in the gym, but the results now strained my tailored suit and gave me more confidence than I could have ever imagined. My therapist had talked me into attending the reunion, because I had actually thought about skipping it. I wasn’t sure I was ready to face the past but Dr. Matthews had warned me that my indecision might be rooted in leftover fear of rejection or ridicule. That one comment had stirred up mixed emotions and caused me to immediately buy a plane ticket and plan my re-introduction into this long ignored community from my past. To tell the truth, I was also kind of tired of being so intensely focused on one thing and one thing only, growing bigger.

I had started working out as soon as I got to college. At first the gym intimidated me tremendously and I feared that all of my high school insecurities would transfer perfectly to this world of weights, big men, and communal showers. That disappeared, however, the first time I lifted a lightly weighted bar from its holders, brought it down to my chest, and then pressed it back up. There is no way to fully explain what that simple movement did to my brain. It was like the thrill of ejaculating for the first time, your life is never the same afterward. I stumbled to my dorm from the gym that first day, wracked with pain and so wobbly that I had to stop three times to rest. But there had been some kind of secret vault opened in my brain, causing my body to crave lifting like a newborn yearns for its mother’s milk. I have probably missed less than only twenty days in the gym since that moment of awakening ten years ago. My desire quickly turned into obsession and I became the most voracious reader of all things bodybuilding and lived the life of a “gym hermit’ for seven years. All I did was go to class, eat, and work out. I would sometimes come home for the holidays, but mostly I stayed at school so I could continue to hit the weights. After college I went to law school and studied hard, but not half as hard as I continued to work out.

By the time I got my law degree and passed the bar I was around two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. I had about eight percent body fat and was built like a monster. My obsessive-compulsive behavior towards the gym and practicing law prevented me from making any friends, except for a couple of other big guys who spotted me on a regular basis. I landed a great job at a law firm in New York and continued to lift weights as hard as I now worked for the partners.

Everything in my life was perfect until about six months ago, when I received the invitation to our tenth reunion. As soon as I opened the envelope memories of Toby Watson came flooding into my mind, which caused me to have the most intense workout I’d ever experienced. Every time I lifted some insane amount of weight I imagined I was shoving the bully’s little body into a row of lockers. My dreams started to be filled with ways I could exact revenge on my high school nemesis and my fixation on Toby actually caused me to gain twenty pounds of muscle in three short months. Even though this was a good thing, it caused me to seek professional help with matters concerning how my past was dictating my present life. Dr. Matthews proved to be the best thing to happen to me since that day I lifted my first barbell. He helped me to see some of my unhealthy habits, which while they helped me to become the muscled freak of my fantasies, they were also causing me to lead a sad solitary life. I started to balance my work and gym time with social gatherings and fun, something that had not been part of my life for a long time. This newfound life didn’t make me lessen my visits to the gym or prevent me from still being consumed by work, it just helped me to name and claim those things that drove my desires. This, in turn, helped me to choose to attend my high school reunion and, hopefully, face some of my inner demons. Toby Watson was definitely one of the demons I planned on facing.

I went to the reunion late, hoping to emphasize my entrance even more. I walked into the lobby of the hotel and knew right away that no one would come close to recognizing me. I glanced down at the registration table as I walked up and saw that there were a few nametags still waiting. Mine was included, but I saw tags for Sherrie Smith and her husband, who had a name I didn’t recognize. Sherrie had been a sweet quiet brainiac in school and I quickly figured she and her husband had decided not to show up. This gave me the cover I so desperately wanted. I didn’t recognize the girl that was registering people, someone named Natalie, but I quickly told her I was John Parker. She looked at me with a face full of lust first and then she flushed with confusion. She looked at her list and found my name.

“Oh, you’re married to Sherrie Smith! Welcome.”

“Well, it’s Sherrie Parker now. She’s in the bathroom. I can take both tags.”

“Of course, John. It will be good to see Sherrie. Make sure she comes out to say hello. Have a great time.”

“Thank you, Natalie.”

I clipped my tag to my lapel and then slipped the one that said Sherrie into my pocket. This was going to be awesome; no one would know me as Norman. I could move around the place easily and find my intended target without him suspecting anything. My heart was beating loudly in my ears, my blood was pumping into all of my tensed muscles, and I knew my smile was gigantic as I entered the large ballroom, ready to put an end to nightmares of my past while I forged a new future for myself. Toby Watson was going to be shocked when he saw the improved Norman Jameson.

The first thing I noticed in the big room was how great it looked. Someone had done a lot of planning and spent big bucks in decorating the plain looking hotel meeting space. Ballooned archways were everywhere, along with streamers, flowers, and huge poster-sized pictures from our yearbook. I quickly picked out many faces in the pictures, people that had been popular or notorious, or both. My eyes landed on a picture of Toby Watson with Jennifer Scott, having been voted Best Figure and Most Muscular for senior superlatives. I walked over to the large print and quickly marveled at how small Toby looked and how un-intimidating he seemed. The guy in the picture was much smaller than the new me, a thought that made me extremely happy. I hoped, deep inside, that Toby had continued to build his body, and that he would be thinking he was still the biggest in the class. That would make it even more fun to tower over him. I moved away from the picture and glanced at the next one down the wall. I immediately got a familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw a picture of me, the tiny version, dressed up for an awards banquet. I had received the best actor award that year at our drama club dinner and had chosen to wear a tuxedo, which was obviously too big for my body. I was immediately embarrassed by the photograph and wanted to pull it from the wall, but then I heard two women behind me talking about it. I didn’t turn to see who it was, but just listened intently.

“Oh, Norman Jameson. I always thought he was so cute. I haven’t seen him – is he here?”

“I think he’s coming. Yeah he was cute – I hope he hasn’t changed like some of these other guys. If Norman Jameson is fat and balding I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it.”

The two women walked on. The confusion in my head suddenly matched the embarrassment caused by the picture. I turned to see if the two women had been joking, somehow knowing it was actually Norman standing in front of them. It was clear, as they moved down the wall, however, that they had truly meant what they said. I couldn’t tell who they were and I continued to stand there dumbfounded. Glancing around the room I saw that there were maybe three other pictures in the large space that included me. I moved to the bar to get a drink, still a little unsteady in my thoughts about the evening. After getting a beer I turned around and the first thing my eyes settled on was the wide back of a guy I immediately knew had to be Toby Watson. I froze in my tracks and then, as if the man knew someone was staring at him, he turned around and looked right at me. There was a few seconds where all the noise in the room disappeared. All I could hear was the thumping of my heart in my chest. Our eyes locked on each other and held until the still handsome Toby looked away, seemingly embarrassed for staring. As soon as he looked elsewhere I started breathing again. The man had caused me to instantly fall back into the role of the small high school boy I had been when I knew him last. The confidence of my new body seemed to dissipate as soon as I saw that Toby had, indeed grown larger, and had continued to take care of himself in a way that few other guys in the room had. My thoughts of revenge had briefly been overpowered by my memories of inadequacy. All of this, however, was interrupted by voices beside me.

“Wow, Sherrie did well for herself, didn’t she, girls?”

I turned toward the voice and saw Sheila Fussell and her cadre of bimbettes, still as slutty as they had always been, but now with a little heavier make up and more expensive clothes. It was rumored that Sheila had been with every boy on the football team before the beginning of her junior year and I didn’t doubt it. She used to encourage Toby’s taunting of me and I believe it was because she secretly desired him more than any of the others. I guess you could have said she was my public enemy number two. I suddenly forgot I was now John Parker.

“Well, if it isn’t old Sheila Fussell.”

I chose to use a word I knew would deflate her. The most important thing to Sheila was her looks and calling her old would certainly bother her. I saw a confused look briefly cross her face, as if she were trying to place my voice or something. It was then I remembered what my nametag said and I became worried I had blown my cover.

“I guess Sherrie has told you all about me, huh, John?”

“Oh she talks about you quite a lot.”

I immediately turned and walked away. I didn’t want to give Sheila any more time to figure out who I really was. As I walked away I heard her call me asshole softly, but then one of her little girl-group members added, “yeah, but he’s a big gorgeous asshole.” This made me smile. That was exactly the kind of reaction I wanted. I started moving to the side of the room where Toby was holding court. He had a group of about six or seven men standing around him as he made them laugh with some story. I could tell he was watching me approach from the corner of his eyes. In the few seconds it took me to cross the room I regained all the confidence that had been lost. Suddenly, I was again fully the huge man I had become. I manipulated my huge frame into the circle of guys, making it clear that a new alpha dog had joined the group. I completely dwarfed everyone, but Toby. His size was still really big, but not close to mine. Most of the group had put on weight and lost any kind of definition they had when playing football in high school, but it was clear my sworn enemy had continued to work out hard. He hadn’t gained as much muscle as me, but I could tell even through his suit his body was pretty impressive. I smiled at the guys as they began to noticeably squirm because of my intrusion. Even Toby faltered in his story and actually lost his train of thought.

“Hey John, I’m . . . um . . . Toby Watson. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember you from school.”

He held out his hand and I took it firmly in mine, squeezing tightly to show him my strength. He winced a little and then put his hand immediately in his pocket and I could see him working out the pain by wiggling his fingers. I quickly shook other hands – using the same amount of pressure for every guy and causing the same reaction in each of them.

“Um, no. I’m John Parker. I married Sherrie Smith.”

“Oh, sure. I think I remember her.”

It was clear that Toby had no idea who Sherrie was and that fueled my negative feelings toward him even more. I could tell something was tumbling over and over in the guy’s head, but he couldn’t think fast enough to latch on to what it was. I smiled at him and it wasn’t exactly a sweet smile. The guy finally got brave enough to ask a question.

“Have we met before?”

“Naw, I’m sure you would have remembered.”

Man I was feeling super cocky. My answer caught him off guard and he smiled at me sheepishly. Some of the other guys in the group were beginning to feel a little uncomfortable by my huge presence and a few actually started drifting away. I took a long swig of beer and made sure my biceps intimidated the material of my jacket sleeve. I saw every eye that remained in the gathering, including Toby’s, focus on my big arm. One of the smaller guys recovered somehow and became brave enough to ask a question that he thought would catch me off guard and make everyone laugh.

“You a wrestler or something, John?”

“No, I just like getting big, real big. It helps to even some scores. Let’s just say I like seeing what a lot of muscle strength can do.”

No one laughed at the little man’s question and my response made a few of them gulp audibly in surprise. However, I was only staring at Toby and I noted a look on his face that actually resembled fear or something else, I couldn’t tell. I laughed out loud to break the tension and patted the back of the guy standing beside me, causing him to step forward a little into the middle of the circle. Everyone kind of half-laughed in response and then a nervous silence fell over the group. Toby finally broke the ice and I think it was mainly to get me to stop staring at him.

“Well, gentlemen, I’ve got to go the bathroom and get rid of some of this beer I’ve been drinking. Catch all of you later.”

“Yeah, it’s time for me to lose some liquids, too, so I can have a bunch of more beers tonight. I think it’s going to get pretty crazy later on.”

I sounded like some kind of high school girl that won’t let her friend go to the bathroom alone. I was not, however, going to miss my chance to have Toby cornered all by himself. After all, that was the entire reason I came to this party. I turned to the guy beside me and handed him my empty beer bottle with a look that kind of ordered him to take care of it. I was amazed when he took the thing without any question, like a servant following his master’s order. Toby’s face was priceless and I could tell the guy was freaked out by the fact that I was going to the bathroom at the same time as him. He was definitely feeling like there was a new sheriff in town and I don’t think he liked the feeling at all. I decided to toy with him even more, as foreplay to me roughing him up later. This night was slowly turning out to be the best of my life. I wrapped my beefy arm around Toby’s shoulders as we walked through the room, letting him feel the weight of my muscles. I could feel, from the way he winced, that the action made him very uncomfortable. I smiled at him and then pressed down harder with my bulky limb. This made it difficult for him to walk and caused him to kind of appear drunk. The guy was not going to say anything, though, not wanting to admit I was causing him pain.

“So, where’s the little wife, Tobster?”

I knew this was a nickname he hated. He had definitely beaten up a few guys in high school for calling him that. It was fun knowing that he wasn’t going to say anything about me using it, though. First of all, he knew I was in charge and second of all, he knew a fight with me would be like trying to take on a bulldozer. He spoke through gritted teeth because of the pressure from my arm.

“I’m not married.”

“I see, still playing the field. Good man. I took a wife and I still play the field.”

I don’t know what caused me to say this and I quickly whispered ‘I’m sorry Sherrie’ to hopefully make it right. I was just feeling so powerful at the moment and I wanted to make sure the Tobster knew I could have any woman I wanted. I kind of wished he had been married so I could have seduced his wife. That would have driven the guy crazy.

We came to the bathroom door and I reached out to hold it open for Toby. He entered quickly, relieved that I had taken my heavy arm off of his shoulders. He immediately headed for one of the stalls, went in, closed the door, and locked it with a loud click. I grabbed a “bathroom closed for cleaning” sign from behind the door and placed it in the hallway. I then silently locked the main door and walked over to one of the urinals.

“You must be one of those shy peeing men, huh Tobster? You find it hard to get that stream going if someone’s standing beside you, don’t you. Especially if the guy has about a hundred pounds on you and is hefting a piece of meat in his hand that is maybe twice your size. You must have felt like the bigger dude in high school, standing beside smaller guys. But now I’m talking about me being the bigger guy and you’re the one who’s small. What do you say to that little Toby?”

My arrogant attitude was now off the charts. I could feel testosterone seeping through my pores, mixed in with a light glistening of sweat. It felt like I could reach out and rip the porcelain wall-toilet from the cement with one hand. I pissed loudly, loving how the sound must have made Toby even more nervous. I washed my hands and then walked slowly and silently over to the stall where the scared man had entered. I peered over the top of the door and saw that the guy was actually fully dressed sitting on top of the covered toilet with his hands covering his ears. For a split second I felt sorry for the guy, but it disappeared quickly. I had my high school tormentor just where I wanted him. I reached out and grabbed the top of the door and pulled hard. The metal clamp inside bent easily and made a loud pop as it broke in two, falling to the floor. The door swung open and I stepped in, having to turn my huge frame slightly sideways to fit. The action had caused Toby to stand up quickly and I saw a look of sheer terror on his face. In a flash I knew that was what my face had looked like all of those times in high school and this made me even more determined to teach him a lesson. I grabbed him by the lapels of his coat, grabbing the shirt too, and lifted him into the air above the toilet. I slammed his body against the back wall and held him in place. I shoved him hard and cold feel the plaster give a little from the force. I looked forward to seeing the cracks later.

“You know who I am, don’t you, Toby?”

“Yes . . . Norman. I . . . I do . . . now.”

Hearing him whisper my name in a soft voice full of fear snapped me out of my intense dominant mode. I lessened the pressure on his body, but still held him against the wall. His feet were dangling on either side of the toilet plumbing. I was breathing as hard as a charging bull and I could feel Toby’s body shaking. The guy was actually really scared. This thrilled me and made me sad at the same time. I tried to get back some of my lost bravado.

“I’ve changed quite a bit since high school, haven’t I little dude?”

He simply nodded his head quickly, pumping it up and down forcibly to show me his answer. I swear it was like I was looking at my younger self pressed up against a row of lockers. I recognized the panic in his eyes.

“Yeah, little man. I worked hard to grow fucking big so I could come back and stomp your ass. I’ve looked forward to this night for a long, long time. You feel how easy it is for me to hold you in the air like you weigh nothing! Just like you used to do to me in high school. But I’m choosing to do it in private for starters, tiny Toby. We may move our little fun and games into that big ballroom later on, but for now I want you to feel my power and let me enjoy your fear all by ourselves. I’m here to teach you a lesson Toby, but I’m also here for some answers. You made my life a living hell for four years and for no reason at all. You understand me, boy!”

“Yes sir, but you . . .”

“No, Toby! You don’t get to add anything. You only speak when I say you can. I’m in charge now. I’ll be leading all activities this evening and you’ll just be doing whatever I want you to.”

I shoved on his body to emphasize my point. I leaned in closer so he could feel the heat generated from my anger. I moved in close to his face and spoke through a clenched jaw.

“Why Toby? Why did you do it? Was it just a game for you? Were you just showing off for your friends? Why did you pick on me so relentlessly? Why in the hell did you not choose someone else? Are you just so much of an asshole that you get off on destroying others? Or did it make you feel like a real man?”

By this point both of us had tears streaming down our faces. I didn’t even realize I was crying. It registered a little that Toby was sobbing and shaking his head no, but it didn’t stop me. I was letting out fourteen years of built-up pressure and this jerk was not going to ruin my moment. I banged his body against the wall three times as I threw out more questions. I needed an answer and come-hell-or-high-water he was going to give me one.

“Come on Toby, be a real man. Tell me why you found it so fulfilling to ruin my life. I’ve suffered for years because of you. I lost many nights of sleep trying to figure out what I did to make you so angry with me. What did I do Toby? What did I do? Give me one fucking good reason why you treated me like shit for four years. One fucking good reason!”

My face was bright red, I’m sure, and it was right in front of his. The man was now slobbering like a little kid, but as soon as I asked for the reason why he had abused me so much in high school, as soon as I ordered him to answer me, he suddenly caught his breath, reached up and grabbed the sides of my head with his big hands and pressed his lips against mine. He pushed in hard and his tongue pried open my mouth and filled it with his warmth and wetness. He started running his hands up and down my cheeks and through my hair while his mouth literally smothered mine in what I knew was a kiss that had been building up in inside the guy for fourteen years, as well. The passion of his kiss equaled the passion of my anger at all the things he had done to me. My mind stopped completely. I had been on a couple of dates in my young adult life, with women, and we had pecked at each other at the end of the evening, but never had the kind of sexual intensity Toby was radiating so engulfed me. I only felt his lips and tongue exploring my mouth and face thoroughly. It was the only thing that registered anywhere. I heard him moaning like he was getting his first sip of water after crossing the Sahara Desert. The man squeezed my head with all of his might and then suddenly his lips were all over my face, neck, and then back plastered against mine while his tongue tried to reach the furthest part of my throat. The kiss lasted for minutes and then Toby pulled his head back, looked into my eyes, and spoke softly, but clearly.

“That’s why, Norman.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Smoldering! I love the way you slowly develop the suspense leading up to Norman's first glimpse of the new, improved Toby--and, of course, Toby's first glimpse of the newer, even more improved Norman.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'll need a glass of ice water. Or two.
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Regarding Love and Hate...

Some people believe "Love" and "Hate" are opposites, they a actually different sides of the same emotion. "Indifference" is true opposite of both...

Both to "Love" or "Hate" something or someone require that you "Care" about it. And by "Caring" about something you grant it "Power" over you.

It is "Indifference," not caring about that something or someone that gives you "Power" over it.

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That was a virtuoso performance.

I'd give a lot to find out what happened next.
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That is freaking awesome, I hope you continue it further !
AIM Trekka77
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That was as all a great story! LB you really know how to get the story going and keep it moving. Dang you keep these kinda stories coming and we will never get tired. lilbilly
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i hope that you continue this as well!
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Surely that evening deserves an ending, now that you have tantalized us all
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well hot damn! That was a nice little twist you had there. I would love to read more on this evening and what else might happen with them.
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Another lollapalooza! Fantastic!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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AHHHHHHHH so good!
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Another killer story, London!
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love the buildup.......but more descriptions of muscle are calleld for here......get those clothes off and let's have a tense show of muscle strength.
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This story reminds me of a scene from Glee, where the gay character Kurt confronts the big bully football player Karofsky and asks him why he keeps harassing him. Karofsky grabs Kurt and kisses him, but then threatens to kill him if he tells anyone.

Karofsky could definitely play the bully role in this story, especially if he keeps hitting the weights hard and heavy for the next few years.
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Wow, fantastic. Toby was the name of my own bully. My personal experience with homophobic frat boys rings true... it's their inner "love that dare not say its name" that brings forth much of their horrible behavior. LB, I suspect a lot of your inner "demons" show up in your stories, sort of a way to shed some light, and exorcise them, so to speak.

. I'm going to go back and re-read your American Muscle Man in London stories, since the "Arthur" archetype is running so strongly for me right now. Sometimes I feel like a Connecticut Wanker in King Arthur's Court.
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Londonboy, this one really deserves another chapter. Pretty please with sugar on top. (And if you don't respond to that, I have less subtle means of persuasion.)
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I concur with the above satement.
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How did I miss this story the first time around? Excellent story! Thanks!
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Holy hell, I love your stories. This one is an instant favorite! I loved every line of it! Your descriptions are amazing! Your dialogue and the intensity of the scene! Wow!
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Hmmmm, that's funny. I have had a dream that was similar to this story. I was bullied for 12 years in my childhood and used to dream about growing huge and massively muscular to get revenge on everyone who has ever treated me so badly back then. Later it turned out that some of the girls actually had a crush on me, but didn't know how to show that without being bullied themselves. ^_^; Kinda funny huh?
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Awesome story, vlearly clicking with a lot of people. Besides your story being pitch perfect I think a lot of us have an intense (and generally painful) relationship to our high school years and this story taps into that. The ending is perfect but ifyou have a way figured to continue it, I would live to see it.

Thanks as always for the great work!
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