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Old February 20th, 2011, 10:48 AM
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Five

Adrian Changes.

At the time most people on the island were just waking up, Adrian – in Bungalow Seven – had already been up for hours. He came out of his peaceful rest around five in the morning and immediately had the urge to go running. This thought made the young man laugh out loud and cover his head with the blanket so he could return to dreamland. Adrian was not a person that ran – as a matter of fact he did not exercise at all. He paid people to exercise for him – using his rich daddy’s money. But, mysteriously, the desire to run was so overpowering that Adrian suddenly jumped out of bed to pull on some shorts, a tank top, and sneakers and left his bungalow for a two hour run. As he started down the long drive of the chateau he began to notice some new feelings within his body. To say Adrian was lazy would be an understatement – a fact that he was quite proud of, actually – but this particular morning the man found an intense drive pumping through his entire frame – like he was focused for the first time in his life. That’s when Adrian remembered the words Dr. Slevin had announced as guiding his hidden desires: intensity, focus, acceptance, and recognition. Adrian knew his sudden craving for exercise was connected to these words, but at the moment he wasn’t sure how.

As his feet continued to pound the pavement underneath, Adrian started to sense something else about his body – he realized, for the first time that day, it was ripped beyond belief. He felt his chest and stomach and looked at his arms as he ran. He forced himself to stop when he saw that his biceps were sinewy and hard. He was not buff by any means, but his tendons and muscles seemed to be defined and accented like some of the trainers he often jacked off to while watching YouTube – especially this one guy that was compactly built and liked to make fun videos of himself working out and doing other crazy stuff. Adrian was getting excited as he felt his tight body – but the desire to run was even greater than the need to explore his new hardness. By the time he returned home hours later he was completely covered in a beautiful sheen of sweat and was so full of energy that he ran up and down the huge stone staircase to the front door of the chateau one hundred times. On his way back to Bungalow Seven, Adrian sought out the location of the gym so he could return after breakfast. The man had a desperate need to lift some weights – even though he had never done it before.

Once he returned to his bungalow he peeled off the sweat-soaked tank top and looked around his room for the first time. He realized he had missed a lot of details to his new place earlier that morning. There was a chin up bar lodged in the tall doorframe going to the bathroom. Adrian walked under the bar, leapt up and grabbed the metal tightly, bent his legs slightly and crossed his ankles. He then began to lift his taut frame up and down with perfect form. His arms pulled and lowered his body slowly – allowing his biceps and triceps to get the maximum effect from every powerful movement. Adrenaline coursed through every inch of his firm muscles causing the man to crave more resistance - like an addict might long for a drug. Adrian noticed right away that his own weight was not enough to satisfy his arms – he wished he weighted more so his muscles had to work harder. In no time at all he had cranked out about two hundred perfectly executed pull-ups and he wasn’t that tired. He dropped to the ground and looked around the room for another challenge. There were some dumbbells in the corner and they looked pretty heavy. Adrian walked over and lifted them off the ground easily – not even noticing how much they weighed. He started to perform beautiful biceps curls as if he had been training all of his life. He moved in front of the mirror attached to the large dresser against one wall and watched as his arms bulged tightly with each upward methodical swing.

The powerful feeling throughout every part of Adrian’s body almost caused him to miss the fact that his cock was harder than any other part of his new solid frame. He continued to lift the dumbbells perfectly, but he moved forward and pressed his shorts covered stiff dick against the edge of the dresser. With each pump of his strong arms he forced his hardness against the heavy oak of the big piece of furniture. He could not tell if stroking his cock against the strong wood fueled his excitement more or if making his arms tighter with each intense lift caused his reaction. It seemed like a close race and both gave Adrian more pleasure than he had felt in a very long time. A knock on the door was the only thing that prevented Adrian from jacking himself off against the dresser. He turned toward the entranceway and did nothing to hide his hard-on – he, however, continued to curl the heavy weights in his hands.

“Come in,” Adrian called out loudly and there seemed to be a certain excitement in his voice.

The door opened and a large guy pushed in a cart with a tray of food on top and other items on shelves underneath. The man stopped quickly when he got his first glimpse of the shining sweat-covered man doing curls in front of him. Adrian noticed the guy’s gaze, which started at his muscled wiry upper torso but quickly shifted to the outlined hard cock pressing against his flimsy cotton shorts. The rush that shot through Adrian’s hypersensitive body made his already stiff dick twitch noticeably.

“I have your breakfast sir,” the guy said, trying to be very professional even as he continued to stare at Adrian’s crotch. “And some other items that Dr. Slevin thought you might need. There’s a note here.”

The gentleman held out an envelope. Adrian lowered his arms and let the heavy weights drop to the floor. They landed with such a loud thud it made the visitor jump a little. The young worker could tell by the sound, and the fact that the dumbbells didn’t roll at all, that they weighed a lot. Both he and Adrian knew – without even looking – that they had caused deep dents in the wood floor. Adrian walked over and took the envelope. He pulled out the note and read. Dr. Slevin reminded him that the full effect of his change would not happen for twenty-four hours. He also told Adrian that there was a special gym and trainer just for him at the opposite end of the chateau. The doctor told Adrian to not be alarmed by the fact that all he felt like doing was working out – it was all part of his transformation and he should give into it completely. His trainer, Dorian, would be waiting for him at ten.

Dr. Slevin then told Adrian he’d find a weighted vest on the cart – saying it would add a lot of poundage to his budding frame, something he knew Adrian would like. He also told him there were other fun tools for his use – like a reinforced wrist grip device, a wheel bar for rolling pushups, a heavy jump rope and much more. The note ended with the doctor telling Adrian not to worry if he had no desire to see anyone else during the day – his focused drive for working out was part of his development. The short memo made Adrian smile like a kid on his birthday. He moved to the tray of food and lifted the top. There, appealing as ever, was a bowl of egg whites, many skinless chicken breasts, some mixed fruits, and a bunch of other healthy items. These all made Adrian’s mouth water with excitement. The man had never been into food that was good for you, but today he desired it more than his usual Bloody Mary, morning cigarette, and three cups of coffee. The food was so appetizing that Adrian barely remembered how unhealthy he had been in the past. He didn’t even have a need to go and take one of his constant line of drugs to get him going or to calm him down. He stuck a fork into one of the chicken breasts and woofed it down fast. He then gulped down one of the bottled waters and pulled out the weighted vest from a lower shelf. Adrian became very excited when he realized the thing weighed a lot – maybe a hundred pounds or more.

“Yeah, this will help a lot,” he said out loud, but it was really a statement for himself.

Adrian had basically forgotten the other guy was in the room. He slipped the vest onto his sweaty upper body and snapped the fasteners together. He instantly loved how the vest made his body feel heavier. He fell to the floor and prepared his body for some pushups. He quickly cranked out about fifty in perfect form and loved how the added pounds increased the pressure on his arms and chest. He stopped with his arms extended fully and spoke, not even looking at the guy standing beside him.

“Get on my back,” he ordered.

“I’m sorry, sir,” the guy responded quickly.

“What’s your name, dude?” Adrian asked.

“Um, I’m Stan, sir,” the guy answered and sounded slightly nervous.

“Well, Stan, I need some more weight, so get on my back – now,” the vested guy insisted.

“Yes . . . um . . . yes, sir.” Stan stuttered back as he straddled Adrian’s back, sat down, and then lifted his legs to sit cross-legged on top of the vest.

Adrian started lowering their combined weight down to the ground and slowly pushed back up – to get the most intense pump he’d ever felt in his chest and arms. Stan began to breathe harder and had to lean forward and grab hold of Adrian’s shoulders to keep his body balanced. The man beneath him pumped out fifty pushups without slowing down and then he lifted his left arm to his side and cranked out fifty more with just his right arm. He then did the same with just his left arm – to the extreme joy of a shocked Stan. After the last fifty repetitions and without warning, Adrian suddenly lowered his body and pushed off the floor hard, using both hands, sending his body upward until he was standing straight up and causing Stan’s body to fly off hitting the ground. Adrian turned to help the guy stand up.

“Thanks a lot, man,” Adrian said smiling – his face covered in sweat. “That was incredible.”

“Yes it was, sir,” Stan replied, obviously lusting over the newly improved Adrian.

“Well, I need to finish my breakfast and then work out some more before I go to the gym,” Adrian said, clearly unaware of Stan’s infatuation.

“I’ll . . . um . . . I’ll leave you to your breakfast, sir,” Stan said as he backed toward the door slowly – clearly wanting to stay but realizing Adrian had obviously dismissed him.

Adrian moved back to the tray of food and started shoving food into his mouth. He obviously needed protein to help him advance to the next stage of what was surely going to be a day full of training – intense training. He was barely aware of Stan’s departure from the room. He just wanted to finish eating so he could get back to working out different parts of his body. He was somehow keenly aware of what exercises to do to bulk up all the different parts of his tight frame – as if he were now some kind of genius professional bodybuilder. That thought caused Adrian to stop in mid chew – suddenly aware of a hidden internal desire. It was an epiphany that made the morning’s mysterious intensity suddenly crystal clear. Adrian was instantly in tune with a dream of his that had been dormant in the back of his mind ever since he had seen his first bodybuilding competition on ESPN as a child. Adrian wanted to be a heavyweight division competitor more than anything in the world. It was wrapped up in so many different emotions from his life – a desire to be the best at something, a need to please his disappointed dad, and a longing to push his body to the most extreme size that was humanly possible.

Suddenly, Adrian was able to breathe deeply for the first time that day. His heart rate slowed down and his body became less tense. He ate slowly and started to savor the taste of the food – knowing that he was about to begin the best day of his life. In the next twenty-four hours the drug-addicted son of Ralph Maddock was going to turn into the most massive bodybuilder the world had ever seen. That would surely impress the hell out of his conservative; “all things must be straight” father. Adrian’s desire to put his body through tortuous workouts suddenly became more important that breathing air. He stood and looked in the mirror above the large dresser – marveling at the framework already laid for the masterpiece that was soon to come. He raised his right arm and flexed hard – salivating at the sight of his tight biceps bulging upward. He began to imagine what it would look like by the same time tomorrow and, simultaneously, his hard-as-hell cock began to spray warm cum into his cotton shorts. Adrian knew he was going to be a fucking monster!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I can't wait to find out how much more extreme all the transformations will get. An excellent story for sure...
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Old February 20th, 2011, 03:46 PM
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Another great chapter! I'm very much looking forward to more, especially this one and the super strength guy, Henry.
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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At his moment, I think the best part uh!
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