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Mr. Ross Plays Rough - Part 2

“Why don’t you get the door, boy – it will surprise Simon and give you a quick thrill at the same time.”

The big man wasn’t asking, really, he was telling me – in a nice way – to greet our guest at the door. Again, it was a direct order that I responded to immediately, I placed my beer down on the counter and moved to the front entranceway. I also had a feeling that Mr. Ross was sending Simon some kind of message by having me answer the bell. He was letting the bodybuilder know, that while our old English teacher loved to play with his body, I was now a permanent fixture in the house. It was hard to think of myself as Mr. Ross’ partner – just because of the difference in size, but what did that make me – his boy-toy, his slave, or his man-son? I knew the definition of our relationship was still being written, but the big older muscle daddy wanted to make it clear that I held a pre-eminent position in his life. I opened the door and was taken aback by the older and much larger Simon Stinson. My past fellow student was now hugely built and more handsome than ever. His surfer-boy good looks had improved with age. I smiled when I saw that Simon had grown a mustache – obviously trying to mirror his trainer daddy’s macho look. It, however, did not work on his pretty boy face. I could see that the big guy recognized me immediately.

“What are you doing here, Will?”

“I could ask you the same thing, Simon.”

“Play nice, you two.”

Mr. Ross had walked up behind me and he reached out with his big hand and tussled Simon’s beautiful sandy-brown hair. It was such a daddy-to-son like action and it mysteriously sent a rush to my semi-soft cock. I realized instantly that watching the bigger Mr. Ross treat this stud like a little boy was a huge turn-on for me. I immediately started thinking about how fun it would be to see my muscle daddy dominate this bodybuilder. The big man standing behind me somehow sensed my newfound excitement. He patted my ass hard as he spoke.

“I told you to be prepared. That’s surprise number one, Will. Come in, Simon. I’d offer you a beer, but we both know you can’t have one until after the competition. Want some water?”

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. Ross walked back to the kitchen. I stood to the side and let the big younger man move into the house. I shut the door and then marveled at Simon’s beefy body as I followed him into the kitchen. He moved to stand beside Mr. Ross and I straightaway noticed that, although the younger man was huge, he was still dwarfed by my muscle daddy. This made my cock stir even more. I longed to see Mr. Ross manhandle this guy like he did me. I wasn’t much of a struggle for the older man and I doubted Simon could offer much resistance, but watching the older giant bear hug the dude or easily lift his built body over his head would probably make my cock spew without even touching it.

“Simon, you should know that my boy, here, agreed earlier today to be my husband. Now don’t start with the pitiful sad face, big guy – you know you only choose to be gay when you’re around all my muscle massiveness – but my boy Will prefers muscle daddies all the time. You still feel guilty after each blissful butt-plugging experience from me – and I need someone that’s one hundred percent satisfied only by men. Deep down you prefer women and just like to get off every now and then by the fact that I’m able to dominate you so easily. You come here to get your fix of being controlled – but you still like to be the leader most of the time. Will can submit to me completely and that’s what I’m looking for. But know that we can still have our time together – Will knows that one man will never be enough to take care of all my urges. And to tell you the truth, my little husband can’t wait to see my big body controlling yours. Right, sweetie?”

“Um . . . yes . . . yes sir.”

“Shit, that’s so hot!”

In a flash Mr. Ross had Simon’s upper body pressed down over the top of the big island in middle of the kitchen. It happened so fast that I had no idea what was going on. The bodybuilder’s position caused his muscled ass to stick out - just waiting for some action. Mr. Ross easily held the younger stud down with one big hand and brought the other thick palm against Simon’s sweats covered butt. The loud smack that came next reverberated through the entire house and I instantly noticed Simon’s cock sprung to life and pushed out the front of his sweats. The big man obviously loved being manhandled by his elder and probably liked the spanking, too.

“I’ve told you about cussing in this house, boy. Now, I only used about a tenth of my strength this time and it’s going to leave a mark for a few days – so let’s not cause me to leave a hand print that won’t be covered up by your posers in next week’s competition. I’d hate for everyone to see that you love getting whooped by your daddy. Now, what do you say?”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“I think there’s someone else in the house now, too.”

“I’m sorry, Will.”

“Yeah, that’s a good little muscle boy.”

Mr. Ross released Simon and the big guy immediately stood up and started rubbing his ass with his hands. The sound of the butt slap was still ringing in my ears and my cock was fully hard. I knew that Mr. Ross had not used much of his full force, but it was also obvious that the same spanking would have broken bones in my body. Simon’s size and muscles enabled him to take a lot more of Mr. Ross’ power than I ever could. This turned me on in a way that was both puzzling and familiar at the same time. I knew, instinctively, that I was tapping into some hidden desire that involved watching big men being dominated. It was a feeling within me that Mr. Ross sensed easily.

“So, let’s see that routine, boy.”

Mr. Ross had moved into the large sitting area of his kitchen and had placed his frame in a huge wing-backed chair. He spread his legs out wide, allowing Simon and me to gaze on the outline of his big cock, and then patted the seat between his giant thighs to signal that’s where I should sit. I moved between his legs and placed my body so it was resting on the cushion and leaning back into his big chest. My head peaked slightly above the big man’s chin. Mr. Ross pressed his legs into my body and then wrapped his arms around my waist. He slid the fingers of his right hand down the front of my tight pants and allowed his forefinger and thumb to press into the sides of my hard cock. I could feel pre-cum begin to ooze from my dick slit. Simon removed his sweatshirt obediently and I sucked in air as I gazed at his beautiful pumped-up body. This caused Mr. Ross to chuckle and my head bobbed forward and back as the big man’s chest moved up and down. The bodybuilder moved to the center of the room and faced us. He pushed down his sweatpants and kicked them to the side, along with his shoes. His metallic colored posers were straining to contain his hard dick.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Simon?”

“I don’t think so, sir.”

“You know I like you to be totally nude when I watch your routine. Lose the posers.”

“But Mr. Ross, someone else is here.”

“I’m sure Will would like to see you pose nude, as well. Right, boy?”

“Yes sir.”

I answered quickly – to please my muscle daddy, but also because I wanted to see the beautiful man standing before us without any clothes on his big body. I had lusted after Simon Stinson for many years and I was now getting the chance to look at his bodily perfection up close. Mr. Ross was kind of giving me a present to celebrate our union from earlier in the day. The older man knew that on my own I would never have gotten the chance to see my old schoolmate pose without clothes – he was showing me what he had promised earlier, that I could ask for anything and it would be granted. The young bodybuilder knew he could not argue with the elder muscle daddy. I knew just how he felt – there was no way to disobey Mr. Ross. Our minds and our bodies wanted to please the man unconditionally. Simon bent over and pushed his posers down his thick legs. After he kicked them off he stood back up and I gasped again as I looked at the marvelously sculpted body of the young stud. He truly was in perfect shape, just as Mr. Ross had said. I could not see any muscle in his body that had not been bulked to perfection. He was nowhere near the size of Mr. Ross, but the man did have great definition. His large cock acted like it had a mind of its own and stuck proudly up his tightly abs-covered stomach.


With that simple order from the big man sitting behind me, Simon Stinson moved into a flawless routine that highlighted his beautiful body. It was a smooth combination of poses that reminded me of classical Greek statues and paintings done by the Masters. My cock began to ache as I watched Simon’s muscles bulge beautifully as he tensed them, pausing to hold each pose in place for a few seconds. I could feel the huge log in my muscle daddy’s jeans getting hard against my back, as well. My excitement was increased as Mr. Ross gave his protégé compliments.

“Yeah, boy, crunch those abs hard – show daddy those perfect eight ridges. Yeah, that’s nice. Oh yeah, push those biceps higher, boy. Yeah, we’ve gotten those guns looking massive. Show me your wide back, now – yeah, that’s it. Look at hose calves – they’re perfection. Side chest shot, now – whoa, that’s a big slab of beef. Yeah, make me fully hard with your most muscular, now. Your muscle daddy has broken into a sweat, boy. That’s fine, real fine. You’re ready to win, aren’t you, little Simon.”

Hearing my daddy call this huge bodybuilder ‘little’ was such a turn on for me. Simon was breathing hard now and ended the routine by placing his hands on his hips and smiled proudly, as his chest heaved up and down. I was, again, struck by how handsome this man was – reminding me of my high school crush. Feeling Mr. Ross’ warm body engulfing mine only added to the pleasure.

“Yes sir, I’m going to win because you’ve helped me to get huge.”

“Yeah, boy, we’ve worked hard. I’m real proud of you, son – very proud. Now it’s time for some more fun.”

Mr. Ross grabbed my shoulders and lifted me out of the chair, setting me on my feet next to him. He then stood up and started undressing. He looked at me and didn’t need to say a word. I began to unbutton my shirt, let it drop to the floor, and then removed my jeans. When the three of us were standing there totally nude – I glanced from the hairless body of Simon to the larger fur-covered behemoth that was Mr. Ross. I could still feel a strong attraction to the bodybuilder – even after all of these years – but it was nothing when compared to my intense primal pull to my new and improved English teacher. The man was simply massive and he knew it. His body radiated a charisma and confidence that Simon couldn’t even begin to imagine. It was nothing for Mr. Ross – he simply had a manly magnetism that drew every other living thing towards him. I saw that Simon fell under the big man’s spell just as much as I did. As soon as Mr. Ross was undressed the younger bodybuilder’s cock started to leak juice and I watched as it streamed down the length of his hardness.

“Well boys, it is time for some wrestling. Follow me.”

I was immediately confused, but I didn’t hesitate - even for a second. I followed Mr. Ross as he went down the hall. Simon was right behind me. My heart started pounding with fear and excitement. What did the big man mean? Was he going to watch Simon and I wrestle? That would be no match at all. Mr. Ross opened a door that had been closed all day and we entered a room with a floor that was totally covered by thick mats. Three of the walls were lined in mirrors and the ceiling was vaulted – giving the room a barn-like feel. Simon and I moved into the center of the room, loving how the floor gave a little under our bare feet. Mr. Ross shut the door.

“So, gentlemen, I know it won’t be a fair fight, but I promise not to use even half of my full strength. I’m just craving some skin on skin action and I think it will be fun to dominate both of you at the same time. I can tell by the way both of your cocks are bobbing up and down that you love the idea, too. I promise not to hurt you too much – no bruises on my little bodybuilder because of his upcoming show and little Will is smaller than even one of my arms, making it pretty easy to snap him in two if I’m not careful. Don’t worry, though, I know my own strength and can control it. You boys ready to be whooped by this daddy?”

“You and what fucking army, old man?”

Simon’s response caught me off guard, but then I quickly understood what he was doing. This is exactly what Mr. Ross wanted. The big man needed us to act like we thought we could win – he also wanted us to give it our all. Simon knew how to challenge the big man before we even began – by breaking his rule concerning cussing and improper grammar. My schoolmate’s bravado fueled my own confidence. I felt my small body tense up and I clenched my fists. I spoke with much attitude.

“Hey Ross, you know what we used to call you in high school? You were ‘Dweebspeare’ to all of us because you assigned so many plays by the Bard.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I had forgotten about that. I also think I should tell you now that I was the one that used to steal your lunch. You never even said anything about it to anyone, because you were so frightened. You were such a pathetic little man.”

Our taunting caused an evil smile to creep across our muscle daddy’s face. He stood there – relaxed as ever – but we could see that he loved the parts we had chosen to play. It was clear that he planned on letting us think we might be able to inflict some discomfort on his body, but deep down everyone in the room knew it would take a hundred men to even begin to make Mr. Ross bend his little finger against his will. Still, there was something empowering about reminding the behemoth what a tiny dork he used to be. I could tell that both Simon and I were feeling a little cocky. Simon looked at me and I gathered from his face that he thought we should charge the older man – to catch him off guard and maybe bring him down. I nodded my head slightly and we both screamed out loud, running across the room to pounce on Mr. Ross. The big man simply brought his chest down a little and then used his pecs as a battering ram against our oncoming bodies. We hit the man hard and then we simply bounced off – not able to grab hold of anything since his chest was so massive. It hurt a lot – like we were running into a slab of concrete – but I also knew the man had not tensed his body at all. Both Simon and I fell back onto our butts on the ground. We were slightly dazed by the impact.

“Was the plan to do something to me, little men? It seems you both hit something a lot stronger than both of you put together. I almost felt your bodies against my chest – but I’m really not sure. It kind of felt like a fly landed on me.”

Now it was Ross’s turn to taunt us. He inhaled deeply and expanded his pecs above us. It was an amazing sight and it caused Simon’s cock to spring upward - along with mine. Without much of a warning and while we were still reeling from the sight of his huge chest, our old English teacher bent down and wrapped his big arms around both our waists. Without any struggle the big man stood up, taking our bodies into the air and throwing each of us over one of his massive shoulders. Our cocks slammed hard against his bulging traps – causing us both to cry out in pain. Mr. Ross then started walking around the room and bounced his shoulders at the same time – making our balls and dicks slam up against his stone like skin over and over. It was painful, yes, but watching him bounce our bodies so easily in the mirrors turned both of us smaller men on even more. He then stopped and held us both in place. We watched the reflection as he tensed and released his muscled ass – teasing us mercilessly.

“Yeah, both you boys like my tight ass, don’t you. See how strong that thing looks. It could rip your dick off easily if you were able to penetrate it’s powerful opening, but we all know that’s not going to happen.”

Our muscle daddy used his big hands to pull our bodies down his torso and back onto the floor. He quickly spun both of us around before we could figure out what had happened and then wrapped his beefy arms around our heads. He pulled us both into a mighty headlock. I glanced in the mirror and was rewarded with the sight of Mr. Ross’ huge biceps and thick forearms smashed up against Simon’s and my head. It was an unbelievable sight and again I was shocked at how small our faces looked compared to his enormous guns. The man bought his arms in toward each other – easily pulling our bodies with them. My face was now right in front of Simon’s.

“Daddy wants to see you two kiss.”

“Fuck you!”

“Now, now, Simon. That was not very polite. I said kiss!”

Mr. Ross slammed our faces into each other. I realized he did it lightly, but it still felt like we had been traveling thirty miles per hour when we hit. Luckily, Simon’s nose rammed into my cheek. The big man flexed his giant biceps around the bodybuilder’s neck and I watched as Simon’s face turned red. My wrestling partner was hitting the big man with his fists – pounding the back of his arm and his side, but Mr. Ross felt nothing.

“Kiss him now, boy!”

Simon immediately puckered his lips against my cheek. He knew it was useless to disobey his colossal mentor. Mr. Ross turned my head slightly with his arm so my lips would meet those of Simon. The big man then pushed our faces together even more, forcing us to suck on each other’s mouth to get air. My muscle daddy was doing this just for me. He, again, was giving me something he knew would never happen naturally. He was dominating us both like we were puppets. After a few seconds of our lip-lock, the giant man released our bodies and we fell into each other. Mr. Ross raised his hands in the air like a boxer that had just won a match and made the sound of a cheering crowd as he walked around the room. As soon as Simon and I were back to feeling kind of normal we both stood up and readied ourselves for the next attack. Simon spoke to me in a whisper.

“Do something to distract him.”

I thought quickly and decided to make my bark bigger than my bite – just to see if I could help Simon catch the big man off guard. I screamed out loud and started throwing punches as I walked toward Mr. Ross. I knew I couldn’t even begin to punch hard enough for him to feel anything, but I did think I might get all of his attention. My hands didn’t even come near the man’s huge body. He reached out and placed his big palm on top of my head – his fingers coming down almost to my neck – and easily held me in place. It was humiliating. I was swinging my arms wildly and not even coming close to hitting him. I was like a little boy being manipulated by an adult three times his size. Mr. Ross then chose to make me feel even smaller.

“Will, I guess your arms are too short to box with me. I wonder if I can palm you.”

Two amazing things happened at the same time. Mr. Ross squeezed my head tightly and easily lifted me off the floor. I grabbed hold of his hand just to release the pressure on my neck. At the same time he spun around – taking my entire body with him – to surprise Simon, who was trying to sneak up on him. Our oversized ex-teacher quickly placed his other hand on Simon’s head and lifted him off the ground, too. We were both dangling in the air – easily palmed by the big man as if we were two little Nerf balls. The muscled monster then walked us over to one of the mirrors. He placed Simon against the wall and then placed me in front of him – I immediately felt Simon’s hard cock against my back. The big teacher then pressed his body against mine with the force of a tank. It was very difficult to breathe for both Simon and myself.

“How about a little muscle sandwich, Will? Feels good to be surrounded by all this hard flesh, doesn’t it?” What’s that? I’m sorry – I can’t hear you. Are you having trouble talking, little man? How about you, Simon – do you have anything to add to the conversation?”

Both Simon and I were completely trapped by the pressure created from the huge man’s body. We couldn’t move any part of our upper torso. Mr. Ross actually pushed his chest slightly upward, which caused my feet to come off the ground – and then locked me in place. I was beginning to turn blue from lack of breath and I could hear Simon struggling to suck even a little air into his lungs. The man that held us so easily in place chuckled at our predicament and that only made the pressure increase. Finally, the big monster of muscle pushed in even harder –causing a great deal of pain - and then stepped backward, releasing us from his powerful hold and causing both of us to slump to the floor. Mr. Ross reached down and grabbed one of Simon’s thighs and his neck. At the same time he put one of his giant feet on my chest, but applied no pressure. He easily lifted Simon into the air above his head. I looked into the mirror and could see that my huge daddy immediately started pressing the bodybuilder up and down above his head. It was thrilling to see my old teacher pressing Simon into the air as if he weighed nothing. I was in heaven watching the erotic workout even though I was still struggling to catch my breath.

“Yeah, Simon, my boy, you give this muscle daddy’s arms a little more resistance than the tiny body of Will, there. You’re still light as a feather, but I can tell that after about two hundred lifts my big biceps might begin to feel something. Yeah, look at Will’s cock sticking straight up in the air as he watches me toss your body into the air so easily. You like that, don’t you, little man? Your big daddy pressing this big bodybuilder up and down in the air – and not struggling at all.”

I stared at Mr. Ross’ giant biceps swelling bigger each time he pressed Simon’s large body into the air. The sight was mesmerizing. I could feel his giant foot on my chest - holding me firmly in place, but the reality was that I loved it exactly where I was, watching the big man work out his arms and shoulders with a human being. And it wasn’t just a scrawny human being, but someone heavy and built like all the musclemen of my dreams – dreams, that is, until I met my new muscle daddy. I glanced down to see that Mr. Ross was watching himself in the mirror, as well. His cock was bobbing up and down and I could tell the man was getting off on his own simple feat of strength - simple to him, that is. I looked up again and saw that Simon was entranced at the reflection of his bouncing body, too. Drops of pre-cum were falling from his cock far up in the air and landing on the cushioned floor below. Our muscled daddy finally removed his foot from my chest, stepped back a little and then dropped Simon’s body on the floor beside me. We both lay there looking up at the muscled god as he flexed his biceps hard to tease us.

“It was easy beating you two in our little wrestling match. It barely took any effort from these two giant guns. You might have to bring a bunch of your big bodybuilding friends over one night Simon to give this old man something that resembles a little resistance. But, for right now, I think it’s time for you guys to please me.”

In a flash the big guy dropped his wide body on top of us – pinning us to the floor as if to show that he had truly stomped our butts. He raised his upper body off the floor by propping his elbows on either side of Simon and me. Both of us – even with Simon’s huge body – weren’t as wide as Mr. Ross’ chest. We were both pinned by the lower half of the huge man, but we were able to breathe because his upper body was pushed slightly off of our own. I could tell right away that my daddy had a plan – and it involved his meaty pecs and hard nipples. He had landed his body perfectly - so our faces were each in line with each one of his giant mounds of hard flesh. He lowered his upper body into our faces – smothering us with his bulging chest.


That was all that he said – but he actually could of just stayed silent. We knew what he wanted before the order even came. I was just opening my mouth wide to take in as much of the pec meat as I could when I heard Simon sucking and slurping as if his life depended on it. As I began to roll the hard nub of nip muscle in my mouth and tugged on it strongly, I used my peripheral vision to take a look at Mr. Ross’ huge bicep next to my face. Because of the size of his arm I could see nothing but vein covered stone-like skin everywhere – I was basically surrounded by a wall of muscle and was clamped onto Mr. Ross’ hard man-tit as if I were a mega-watt shop vacuum. My hard-as-hell cock was squashed against Mr. Ross’ thick muscled leg, but that didn’t prevent it from growing firmer as I abused the guy’s nipple. There was something so fucking sensual about sucking on a giant muscled chest – and I could hear, from the way that he was moaning and going to town with his mouth, that Simon felt the same way. It was obvious, mainly because I could feel his stiff log pressed into the side of my leg, that Mr. Ross was enjoying the worship session, as well.

“Yeah, you two are good boys. You’re both going to get an A tonight for your oral skills. That’s it, gentlemen, bite down hard on those nips – oh yes. Make your daddy proud. Yeah, pull on that chest hair with your teeth. You two are superstars when it comes to suction. Daddy’s pecs are feeling good, boys. Let’s have a contest to see who can blow their wad first…”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence. I might have been the smaller guy and in worse shape, but I was definitely the bigger whore for muscle. Having my face surrounded by hard bulging skin on all sides, feeling Mr. Ross’ huge body pressed into mine, having my cock mashed by a giant thick thigh, and listening to the muscle daddy talk about the firm heavy meat in my mouth – and how much I was pleasing that piece of his body – was all I needed to explode. Hot cum shot up between our bodies – seeping through every valley and space created by the striations and veins in his muscles. I felt the juice all the way up to my chest and against the big man’s abs. My body rocked hard as I shot my load – so intensely that it even caused Mr. Ross’ heavy frame to shake a little. This was obviously too much for Simon – for he pulled his mouth slightly from the big nipple crammed into it and started crying out loud as if he were in pain. Mr. Ross’ big torso started to shake even more and I knew that Simon was erupting too. Soon I felt his hot juice oozing against the side of my body – all the way up to my shoulder. The big bodybuilder had obviously released enough of his man-sap to lube a small country. This thought kept my cock rigid against Mr. Ross’ leg even after I finished spewing my sweet milk.

“I think I might have to break my own rule, boys. Damn, that was some hot cock shooting from both of you. It feels like I was just doused by a couple of fire hoses – and the way we were making it so hot in here makes that all the more appropriate. And look at you two – still going to town on my tight pecs. That’s sweet of you boys, but it’s time to get daddy off, too. Let’s have you work on something else for a while.”

Mr. Ross pulled his body forward, not caring how his heaviness crushed us as he moved. Luckily, the gallons of cum that had been dumped made him slide easily up our chests. You could hear the loud pops as his nipples were forcibly removed from our mouths by his upward action. Suddenly, both Simon and I found our faces smacked hard by the giant ball sacs of the mega prick, which now partially rested against our foreheads. This time I beat my sucking partner to the punch and I opened my mouth wide to take in as much of the grapefruit sized cum-pouch as I could. I was amazed at how huge this guy’s balls were – even though I had seen and touched them all day. Simon quickly joined me in our task and we were pulling on those hot sacs like we were trying to rip heavy stones out of the ground with just our mouths. Mr. Ross immediately started moaning so loud that my ears began to ring. He lifted his massive upper boy higher by pushing his arms out straight – then he held it there with one arm and brought his other hand to his large rigid cock. The man started pumping his rod with a force that seemed inhuman. Every now and then the bottom of his huge hand would smack up against our foreheads and it caused a lot of pain. Neither Simon or I cared – we knew our job was to suck our big daddy’s balls and that’s exactly what we did. Time seemed to stand still and the only sounds in the room were mouths sucking, a giant moaning, and a huge muscled hand vigorously pumping something that resembled the upper leg of a normal man.

Without any warning Mr. Ross’ body went stiff as concrete and his balls tightened so hard that I couldn’t dent mine even by biting down with all my might. Both Simon and I immediately tilted our head back so we could have a good view of the giant cock that was about to explode. It was a beautiful sight – looking up from the base of my muscle daddy’s hard prick and seeing the man’s body go insanely tense right at that pre-ejaculation moment. The bellow that came from Mr. Ross’ mouth as his dick began its cum fireworks display was loud enough to warn ships a hundred miles away that they were getting near the shore. I was amazed that the mirrors didn’t crack. The thick volleys of muscle milk that shot from his huge rod were so epic that it looked like someone had attached a large hose to an entire dairy farm. His cum arched upward and across the room – hitting the mirror on the opposite wall numerous times and then streaking the floor like someone had spilt a gallon of white paint. Mr. Ross’ body stayed rock solid throughout his entire long orgasm – and it lasted so long it seemed like the sun had risen and set again. As soon as his cock emitted its last drop of muscle daddy juice the man released the arm that was holding him in the air and his body came crashing down on our heads. It felt like a mountain had fallen on me – but it was also one of the most joyous moments of my life. Simon and I had pleased our daddy well - I knew that instinctively. His hot hard body was heaving on top of us and, even though I could barely breathe and my head hurt from the weight, I was in heaven. The big man slowly came back to reality. He spoke without moving.

“You two get bonus points, gentlemen. I haven’t cum like that in a very long time. I feel like I should give you a reward or something – not a gold star, but maybe I could toss you around the room again. Would that make you happy?”

He had no idea that at that moment we were both so incredibly happy that the only thing we could possibly want was to have our daddy’s big body lying on top of us and smothering us with muscle!
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Amazing story. I had this AND Titanification Part 2 to look forward to. Kept this for when I got so horny and then I er... well... you can imagine the rest. Ha ha. Great addition of Simon into the story. When Mr Ross pressed him over his head like a bar, I er...made a wee mess of myself. Can't wait for the next part.
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Old February 20th, 2011, 11:19 AM
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Awesome! I like the description of his huge balls, too, and the fact that teasing him about how small he was has no effect, or even the opposite effect, on him.
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Old February 20th, 2011, 03:26 PM
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Looking forward to Will becoming a titan, too! maybe equal to Mr. Ross!!!
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Fantastic story! The situation and descriptions are great. More please!
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Old February 25th, 2011, 11:21 AM
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This is one of the hottest things you have ever written - and that is saying something. Only half way through and it is FULL of pleasure
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Old April 19th, 2012, 08:55 PM
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Mr. Ross Plays Rough

I loved. Please Mr Ross vs the Daddies big bodybuilding friends.
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Old April 23rd, 2012, 01:51 AM
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Fucking loved it!!!!
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

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