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Old February 17th, 2011, 06:31 PM
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Mr. Ross Plays Rough - Part 1

My muscle daddy slid his huge body off mine and then stood up beside the bed. He reached down and turned me over, sliding one beefy arm under my back and the other at my knees. He easily lifted me into the air. I, again, was caught off guard by the fact that hoisting a grown man gave Mr. Ross not even the slightest challenge. His mind barely registered that he was carrying over one hundred and sixty pounds toward the large bathroom. We stopped in front of a wide floor-to-ceiling mirror so he could take in the sight.

“See that, William? You look good in my arms – small and comfortable. I’m still shocked by how light you are. We definitely need to get some muscle meat on those bones. I want to use you as a living barbell, but right now you aren’t heavy enough to even match my warm-up weight. We sure do make a beautiful couple though, don’t we?”

“Yes sir.”

I was staring at our reflection and was bowled over by how tiny I did indeed look next to Mr. Ross. The man was simply amazing. My head was dwarfed by his bicep – a fact that was much more noticeable since they were now so close to each other. The big man was holding me at waist level and that caused his enormous pec shelf to stick out over my body. His chest actually jutted past my outside shoulder. Those man-tits were actually thicker than me! The fur covering his monstrous pectorals was beautiful – full, virile-looking, and dark. I watched in the mirror as I ran my hand across his taut right nipple – tugging at the hair to give him a thrill. I smiled as I watched the hard nub of skin bulge outward in pleasure.

“Look-a-there, you’ve given my man-nip a hard-on, Will.”

Mr. Ross was looking at me in the mirror and smiling. He started lifting my body up and down as if he were doing curls. He curved his big hands over to lock me in place on his thick forearms. He made sure my shoulder and hip brushed up against his hardened nipples each time my body passed and it was clear the man was continuing to get off on making his chest plugs poke out further. I felt as light as a dishcloth in his hands. There was no evidence of strain on any part of his body and he had been holding me for a while.

“What are you thinking about, boy?”

I glanced up and saw his mustached mouth smiling broadly – as he continued to lift me up to his chest and then back down. I was already so used to him calling me boy it seemed like my middle name. Next to him I was truly like a small child. I smiled back at him – getting into the rhythm of his pumping arms. It was soothing and powerful at the same time. I knew I wasn’t helping him to build any muscle – he was just showing off – and we both knew how much I liked it.
“I’m thinking about how you’ve been holding me for a long time, sir, and my weight doesn’t seem to register to you in any way. It’s as if I didn’t exist.”

“Oh you exist all right, son. You’re this daddy’s special man and don’t you forget it. I may be able to toss you around like a Frisbee, but that doesn’t mean you don’t matter. I’m going to make every day feel like a holiday for you. People say you can sometimes get too much of a good thing, but there’s so much of me that you’ll never get enough. I’m going to rock your world every day. And the way that your dick is standing straight up in the air – poking me in the bicep with every upward lift – I’m guessing you like the sound of that.”

“Yes, sir. More than you could ever know.”

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.”

With that, Mr. Ross lifted my body high into the air – my crotch even with his face – and let my throbbing cock slide into his mouth. He sucked a few times – pulling on my rod with such force that I thought the thing would come ripping off between his lips. He then released me from his vacuum hold and walked into his large three-headed shower. There was gorgeous gray tile covering the entire space and it was large enough for Mr. Ross to move around fully. It was obviously one of the enhancements made to his place after he had grown so big. The huge older man put my feet down on the ground, but moved one hand behind my neck, wrapping his long fingers around me like he was about to give me a massage. I realized the man just wanted to keep a connection to my body. This made my heart swell with emotion. He leaned over and turned on the water, which came pouring into the space from three different angles. We were standing to the side so we could avoid being hit by the cold water. Mr. Ross kept testing the water with his free hand until he deemed it warm enough and then he moved both of our bodies into the stream of water. The water from the showerhead behind Mr. Ross didn’t reach me at all – the man was just too wide and all of the liquid just cascaded over his broad back, ass, and legs.

“Is that water too hot for you, Mr. Will?”

“No sir, it feels really good.”

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? I think I know something else that will make you feel good, little man.”

“What’s that sir? Whoa – oh hell yeah!”

I was caught off guard when Mr. Ross bent down and grabbed my ass, sliding two soap covered fingers into my tight hole. It hurt at first but then immediately turned to pleasure as the big man just let them rest in my happy chute. I adjusted to the intrusion quickly and started rocking back and forth on my heels so my ass could slide up and down slightly on his fingers.

“Since I surprised you, son, I’m going to let the usage of a cuss word go this time. I know it’s going to take you a while to get used to me taking pleasure from your body – or offering you pleasure – whenever I want to. You’re just not used to me being in control yet, so I can overlook your mistake.”

“I’m sorry, sir, and I don’t think I’m ever going to get accustomed to the pleasure you can give.”

“That may be true son. Here, I want to try something.“

With the hand that cupped my ass he pushed and kind of half lifted – half guided my body up against the wall. Luckily my cock was sticking straight up my stomach and it felt snug there as Mr. Ross pressed me into the cool slippery tile. The big man’s fingers suddenly were forced further into my hole and his big palm cupped my bubbled ass cheeks. I slowly felt my feet leave the floor as the big man lifted my body with one arm – causing my cock to slide against the soaped-up tile wall. There were so many sensations at the same time – my awareness of being manhandled with one arm, my cock rubbing hard against the wet tile, and the deep penetration of those two thick fingers in my love canal. Mr. Ross decided to increase my pleasure by leaning in and pressing his thick mustache against the back of my neck – and matched his face with the movement of my body going up and down. The big man was using two fingers to force me to jerk off against the hard wall. It took no time at all for me to reach orgasm. My thick cum spurted out hard and streaked the gray tile like some form of abstract art. The big man continued to slide my body against the tile and smeared the milky cream all over my cock, abs, and chest.

“Man, Will, that was hot. Watching you jerk off against the wall got my balls churning hot juice quickly. How was it for you?”

“I think you can see the answer splattered all over the tile, big man.”

Mr. Ross twitched his thick fingers back and forth in my ass to prolong the experience. I turned my head and saw that he was stroking his huge cock at the same time. He was focused only on my tight ass.

“You’ve got such a beautiful behind, boy. It’s hard and soft at the same time. I could play with this thing all day.”

“I think you have, sir.”

This made Mr. Ross chuckle. Without any warning his body tensed up, his fingers shoved harder into my chute, and then his cock exploded. I felt hot jism hit firmly against my back. It actually stung a little and then the big gobs began to slide down my skin. The big man pulled his fingers from my butt with an audible pop and then started massaging his juice into my skin. The warm cum seemed to change my body somehow and I knew it was because my muscle daddy’s load was full with super-charged testosterone. I actually felt more confident and manly – even though I knew it was impossible. I turned around and pressed my back against the shower wall. Mr. Ross looked down and smiled when he noticed that my cock was sticking straight out from my body – still hard as ever. He placed his big paws against the wall at either side of my head, bent his mega-sized arms, and leaned his body close to mine. He brushed his mouth and wet mustache against my upper lip. The feeling made my cock bounce up against my stomach and then fall back down perpendicular to my body. The muscle master kissed me hard for a few minutes and then pushed his arms straight – like he was doing push-ups against the wall. He stared at me intently and smiled in a way that made my knees weak. The man was the sexiest thing I had ever laid eyes on. The water was streaming down his body from three different areas – matting his gorgeous hair to his head and then cascading over all of his bulging muscles. The flow of the water created a waterfall off of his protruding pecs. I held my hands up under the solid sheet falling from his chest – cupping a handful that I then brought to my mouth sucked in hard.

“I hope you know how beautiful I think you are, Will.”

“Um . . . I’m not . . . I mean . . . it’s kind of hard . . . you know . . . for me to hear stuff like that. It’s so new to me. And . . . and when it comes from someone like you . . . it makes it harder to believe.”

“Oh you should believe it more than anything you’ve ever believed in your entire life, boy. This big muscle daddy is head-over-heels in love with you. Tell me what you want, Will – anything – and I’ll make it happen for you.”

I was overcome with such emotion that tears started to stream down my cheeks. This reaction came from nowhere – and shocked even me. Mr. Ross leaned in and kissed my face softly. The bristles of his manly ‘stache caused my cock to rise again and this time it stayed up against my abs. The big man finished cleaning my face with his lips and then pressed his body away from me – staring at me again with a face full of love. It was all so overwhelming.

“What would you like, boy. Tell this huge daddy what he can do for you.”

“Could you help me . . . I mean if you think it’s a good idea . . . could you help me . . . um . . . could you help me get bigger?”

“Sweet boy, is that what you want? Hell, I thought you were going to ask me to fight an army of men or tear down a building with just my bare hands – stuff that actually made me a little worried about not succeeding. You want to grow bigger, huh? Well, you’ve asked the right muscle man, boy. I can easily grant that wish for you. We can grow you to twice your present size. How does that make you feel?”

“Well if you don’t mind tearing down the building with just your hands and fighting off an army of men, too, it makes me feel great! I mean I would love to have a little display of your strength while I grow bigger – since you offered. After all, you didn’t put a limit on what I could ask for, you know, and I somehow think it will make you happy too.”

This caused the man to laugh loudly and he reached down to pull me away from the wall. He wrapped his big arms around my body and lifted me off the floor. It felt like two huge bulldozers were crushing me. He continued to laugh hard as he held me in the air – cutting off all chances for me to catch a breath. It was the most fantastic feeling I had ever experienced in my life. We stayed that way for a few seconds and then the big man dropped me to the floor, grabbed a bar of soap and started scrubbing my body from head to toe. I returned the favor once he was done, but my cock kept getting in the way – it was hard as hell because I was soaping up every unbelievable muscle of my daddy’s huge body. We then rinsed our bodies and Mr. Ross turned off the water. He gently rubbed me down with a huge towel and then, to show me mercy, dried himself off so we could give my cock a rest. He lifted me and carried me back into the bedroom. After setting my body down in front of the closet he slid opened the double doors to reveal a mixture of many different sized clothes. I turned to him with a very puzzled face.

“I was hoping you might drop by sometime, so I bought a few things in your size.”

“You son-of-a . . . “

I caught myself before I finished my sentence and this caused the big man to smile broadly. I looked at the closet and saw that it was full of high-end clothes – just the kind of stuff I liked to wear. I turned back to the huge man that was standing there with his hands on his hips – tensing his muscles just to tease me. I gazed only at his bulging his chest as I spoke.

“You are such a good planner.”

“I was hoping you’d like your new and improved old English teacher.”

“Let’s be honest, shall we, you knew I’d like the improved you.”

“Well, yes. I guess that’s true, but I wanted to allow you some free will.”

“With those muscles, you knew no amount of free will would prevent me from falling all over you! Admit it, you tease!”

I punched him in the stomach hard and it was obvious the man barely felt the hit. He smiled at me and then reached into the closet to pull a black button-down off of the rack. He held it up to my body and nodded his head. He then reached in and pulled out a pair of new jeans. He handed me both items.

“I want you to wear these. You’ll look hot in them. And don’t wear any underwear.”

With that he turned and walked away. His order about no briefs made me harder than I had been all day. My body instinctively responded to his direct command and I began to get dressed quickly. The denim fit snug against my legs and ass – and my hard cock was highlighted in the tight crotch area. I chose to tuck in the black shirt, knowing my muscle daddy would like me looking dressed up and to hightlight the outline of my prick. He returned wearing a super-sized copy of exactly what I was wearing. He had on a huge black button-down and jeans that looked like he had used a whole can of Crisco to pull them onto his body. I could see his cock actually throbbing through the material and it made my mouth water with delight. Mr. Ross took a brush from the top of a large dresser and tamed my hair. He then sat on the side of the bed and handed me a toothbrush. At first I didn’t know what to do, but then he pointed to the hair above his lip and patted his knees. I sat on his massive thighs, facing him, and then reached up to begin combing his thick mustache. It was one of the most erotic things I could have ever imagined. I stroked the thick hairs above his upper lip slowly – marveling at how the action turned me on. I could tell his cock was getting as hard as mine, but he just sat there – allowing me to enhance the masculine appeal of his bushy facial hair. I took my time – to savor the experience. When I was finished I lowered the brush and just stared at him.

“How does your daddy look, boy?”

“Like a big mustached god.”

This made him smile and he clamped his big hands behind my ass. He pulled my body across his thick legs into his pumped body and kissed me hard. We held our lips together for a few minutes – allowing our tongues to explore each other’s mouth completely. I was in heaven until he suddenly pulled his face away from mine. I let out a whimper like I was a child that just lost his favorite balloon or something.

“If I don’t stop now, boy, I’m going to rip those new clothes from your body. Besides, we need to get ready for our guest.”

“Our guest?”

“Yeah, Simon Stinson is coming over.”

“Simon? I thought you said he wasn’t your trainer any more.”

“He’s not. I train him now and I’ve turned him into an avid bodybuilder. He’s coming over to show me his new posing routine – he’s got a contest in a week. The boy is pretty pumped right now, but still no where near the size of me.”

I was torn between disappointment and lust. I was slightly sad because I didn’t want to share time with my daddy with anyone else. I was a little thrilled, though, because I had always thought Simon a genuine stud and seeing him go through a posing routine for a bodybuilding contest was a dream come true – well, that was before I met the newly improved Mr. Ross. Every other man of my reality or fantasies paled in comparison now. I let my face land on a look of disappointment.

“Aw, does my boy feel a little jealous?”

“Yes sir, I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“That’s the best compliment you could give me, boy. Thank you. Let me remind you of something, though, son. You have nothing to worry about – ever. I mean it. I may decide to make other men bend to my will – or use them to satiate my desires, but you’re the only one that’s going to get my heart. Besides, I’ve told you there’s enough of me for a whole slew of men, but you’re always going to get the best part of me. You hear that, Mr. Will?”

“Yes sir. Thank you, sir.”

I gave the big guy a tight hug and then slid off his massive legs. We both stood up and glanced at our reflection in the big mirror in the distance. We both were smiling. I felt a deep love for the huge man standing beside me. I immediately noticed how much I liked wearing the same outfit as Mr. Ross. It made us look like a couple – albeit an insanely disproportionate duo, but a couple nonetheless. I could tell by the look on his face that Mr. Ross felt the same way. He winked at me and then spoke as he began to walk out of the bedroom.

“I also think you’re going to really enjoy some of the surprises I have planned for this evening. I think the three of us are going to have a lot of fun.”

“What surprises?”

“You won’t get any more information from me, little man.”

I followed him from the bedroom back into the large kitchen area – noticing for the first time that it was dark outside. His place looked even better at night. Mr. Ross went to the fridge and pulled out three beers – flicking the top off of one with his thumb and then downing it in one long gulp. He opened a second one, which he handed to me and then did the same with the third. He sipped that one more slowly than the first. I remembered that he usually kicked back six beers like I would one, so his restraint was all about making me feel comfortable – and not like a lightweight. That pleased me greatly. My moment of pleasure was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Fantastic story! Love reading how Mr Ross lifts his charge up like he was nothing.
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I creamed. 3rd time today. LOVE this story.
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

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Awesome as always. I'm really into this series, LondonBoy. For a while there I thought you'd ceased adding to it, but now you've proven me wrong. I'm really looking forward to the next part. Your writing just makes my cock so damn hard, shame on you.
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Delicious! I love the detail about combing the mustache--it's the little things that make all the difference.
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Dude you are an awsome writer, I felt as if I was in the room with them and watching. Love the lifting and showing off. Just a great story. Keep going big guy love to hear more. lilbilly
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So hot, I'm very glad you're continuing with Mr Ross!
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That will teach me to read one of your stories after I get dressed for work Now I have to change....
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another great one!
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