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Old February 2nd, 2011, 12:46 PM
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Four

Henry Changes

Coming out of such a pleasant sleep was difficult for Henry. He was on holiday and wanted to get as much rest as he possibly could. He was a high-strung kind of guy that never relaxed and at this moment he felt like a bear being forced to leave hibernation. It seemed like he had been asleep for weeks. He told himself that he would stay in bed and force himself to doze as much as he could. This appeared to be the perfect plan, but it was all out the window as soon as Henry became conscious of a new and quite surprising sensation. He shook his head to make sure he was awake and not dreaming. It was true, though – for the first time in his entire life Henry didn’t feel knotted up inside. Usually, there was a certain intensity that was palpable throughout his entire nervous system. Henry’s therapist had called it a suppressed anger that dictated everything the Englishman said or did. The therapist also went on to say that this severe edge to Henry was probably caused by feelings of inadequateness brought on by not having positive outlets when he was a small boy to help him sort through and accept the fact that he was a homosexual. This had actually made Henry laugh out loud in protest, for he was certainly a well-adjusted gay man. The therapist then said nothing more and the silence forced Henry to face the music and admit, at least internally, that the diagnosis was correct. He was deeply ashamed of who he was and it made him act out even as an adult.

However, all of those feelings now seemed to have evaporated during Henry’s deep sleep. How was that possible, he pondered quietly, but no matter how much he focused on his old way of thinking he knew instinctively that he was free of a bloody ton of self-deprecating baggage. It was now clear that Henry – for some bizarre reason – liked himself. No, it was more and he knew it – he actually loved himself. This realization caused his heart to pump joyously, like he had just received the most thoughtful present ever. Other parts of his body responded, as well. The muscles in his arms, legs, and shoulders tightened with excitement and his resting dick began to stir. Tears welled up in his eyes and that was a miracle within itself, for Henry never cried. A drop of water slid down his cheek as Henry relished his new feelings.

Henry then remembered the incense-filled room and falling asleep with the other guests. He quickly deducted that since there were changes within his body there must be alterations on the outside, as well. He brought his hands up to his chest without lifting the covers and looking beneath them. He wanted to feel the changes before he saw them. The disappointment was instant - as soon as his fingers revealed that his chest was still the flat hairless mound it had always been. The sadness didn’t last long, though, because Henry returned to focusing on what he felt inside. Again, he searched for the hardness that had existed in his attitude since primary school – but it wasn’t there. Henry no longer felt like the world owed him everything and there wasn’t this giant chip on his shoulder. The man was free – for the first time – even though he didn’t know what had actually been released. There was a calmness in his inner being that emanated from some deep knowledge, some untapped place within his . . . his what . . . his soul. Yes, that was it. There was a newborn awareness in the man – as if a part of his brain had been zapped into action. Henry was free of so many things – doubt, self-loathing, and even fear. It was such a new feeling for a kid that grew up so full of shame that it was almost too much to handle. It was just good to lie there and let the reality of this new comfortableness with his own skin sink in.

This feeling of joy turned into a happy morning stretch as Henry yawned. He pressed one of his hands out to his side as one went up past his head. His clenched fist pressed into the pillow above him and Henry marveled at how fun it was to push the feather-stuffed material to the extreme as if his hand was destroying it. It was wild that this thought popped into his head. His stretched caused him to yawn loudly, but he could have sworn he heard another noise in the room. This thought was interrupted by the sudden sight of both pillows at either side of Henry’s torso. The covers had been pulled slightly down during his body’s stretch and he could see that both of the plump cushions were not above him. Henry tilted his head back and glanced upward. His gasp of surprise filled the room and he froze in shock.

Henry’s hand was not pressing into some cloth-covered pillow – even though that is what it had felt like. His fist had actually punctured a hole in the heavy wooden headboard of the king-sized bed. He immediately panicked about damaging hotel furniture and started worrying about the cost. He wondered if he could somehow cover it up – maybe with the pillows. That’s when he began to pull his fist out of the wood and felt something else. He knew he had to take a look. He freed his hand, not noticing there was much more than pieces of wood on his fingers, and he rolled over and got on his hands and knees to look at the hole. A second loud gasp filled the room. There wasn’t just a hole in the headboard – there was a gaping cavity in the cement wall behind the bed, as well. All of this didn’t register at first. Henry continued to worry about getting in trouble for damaging hotel property. It also crossed his mind that the place was cheaply built and only flimsy materials had been used. But then Henry remembered what words Dr. Slevin had used to describe his hidden desires: power, strength, and freedom. For the second time that morning the man’s heart was full of joy and his body tightened with incredible excitement. Without even thinking Henry moved to the edge of the bed and placed the forefinger of his left hand on the large heavy-looking bedside table. He pressed gently – with barely any pressure – and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of splintering wood as the legs of the table basically disintegrated and the bulky top of the table went crashing to the ground.

Henry ignored the sound of the lamp crashing on the floor and just stared at his finger. This was all too good to be true. He needed to run another test – and quickly. He raised his body onto his knees and slid toward the wall behind the headboard. He placed the same forefinger against the hard cement. This time he controlled the pressure by pushing very softly, but his finger still dug into the wall like it was some kind of super power drill. He watched closely as concrete gave way – destroyed by just his finger – and he made a deep hold in the wall. By this point Henry’s cock was skyrocketing hard and the sound of cloth ripping made the man look down. His stiff dick had basically sliced through his white cotton briefs and was now sticking straight out like a sword drawn for battle. Henry got another brilliant idea and in his excitement he pulled his finger from the wall a little too forcefully. A huge chunk of concrete was ripped from its home by Henry’s action. It was like there had been some weapon blasting the structure from the other side. Chunks of brick and mortar fell onto the bed and Henry’s mouth went wide open as he realized the hole he had just made went through the entire wall. He could see the leaves of a bush and streaks of sunlight beyond the two-foot thick wall now with a new opening. A fresh breeze flowed over Henry’s face.

This was all pushed to the side in Henry’s thoughts as he slid even further to toward the top of the bed. Without using his hands he pressed the tip of his hard cock against the thick wood of the headboard. It was a mission-style bed made of heavy oak or something. Henry barely moved his crotch forward and his dickhead shattered the wood like someone was taking a sledgehammer to it. Watching his dick destroy the piece of furniture as if it were nothing was too much for Henry. He leaned forward quickly and his forehead banged up against the wall. For a second he anticipated pain, but it didn’t come. Instead, he caused a big dent in the concrete and he knew the bungalow’s outer wall now bulged awkwardly in that place. Henry was on a mission, though, and continued without really thinking. His gaze stayed on the tip of his dick that was now pressing up against the wall on the other side of the headboard. He could make out a wet streak on the white wall and knew that pre-cum was leaking profusely from his slit. Like his finger, the head of his rock-hard cock began to slowly plow into the wall – creating a smooth tunnel as it shoved concrete away as if it were tissue. Henry rejoiced at the realization that he was fucking a thick wall. He was so focused on the action of his cock that he didn’t realize his upper torso was pressing against the headboard. Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound as the piece of heavy wood on the bed easily split in two. The frame underneath must have busted as well because suddenly the mattress and Henry fell downward as the two sides of the headboard fell away. Henry’s cock did not pull from the wall. It simply moved downward carving a long rut in the concrete like it was some kind of super-charged jackhammer.

“Bloody hell!” exclaimed Henry as the knowledge of what he had just done sank into his brain.

The groove in the wall was perfectly straight and just slightly larger than the size of his cock, which was still buried in the wall. Henry looked at the demolished bed, but he had stopped worrying about the damage or what the hotel might say. This was mainly because he was slowly realizing that probably no one could stop him from destroying stuff even if they wanted to. That’s when Henry realized that the disappearance of his knotted stomach and his feelings of anger were because he now had what seemed like unlimited strength. He suddenly was reminded of his favorite American television reruns as a kid – The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno.

“But I don’t have to be green,” he said out loud with much excitement, “and I have control over my emotions!”

Henry pulled his dick out of the wall – immediately missing the feeling of tight concrete pressing into his skin, as if it had been some guy’s firm ass. He then slid off the bed and looked around the room for something else to play with. The fireplace caught his eye and a childhood fantasy came flooding into his memory. He had always dreamed that some big muscleman would take the fire-poker and bend it with his bulging arms. The thought of someone manipulating iron that way had always been a big turn-on for Henry. He quickly moved over to the fireplace and grabbed the thick poker resting beside it. He grabbed the bar at both ends and lifted it up to his chest but stopped quickly as something else dawned on him. He took the iron bar and placed it between the fingers of his right hand – the forefinger and ring finger above it, while his middle finger rested below. It was nothing to hold the heavy bar in place with just three fingers. Henry knew it would be so because of how easily he had poked holes in the cement wall. He also knew his fingers could quickly snap the iron poker in two, but he wanted to savor the moment. He applied very little pressure from his fingers and watched as the pole began to slowly bend. His cock gurgled up a gob of pre-cum as the sound of screaming metal filled the room. Henry was overjoyed as he watched his three fingers effortlessly manhandle the poker until the two ends met. He then applied a little more pressure and the bent bar snapped in two, right above his middle finger. Henry had just ripped thick iron apart with only his fingers. The two pieces fell to the floor with a loud clang.

A knock on the door prevented Henry from celebrating his feat of strength for even a second. Without any self-doubt or fear he walked to the door and opened it – even though his dust-covered cock was sticking straight out of his ripped briefs and he had on no other clothes. Henry, of course had already forgotten his strength and the entire door was ripped from its frame when he pulled it open. He also easily crushed the heavy metal handle in his grip. The door stayed perfectly upright in Henry’s hand and he just stood there smiling. Standing in the hallway were two huge men carrying large trays and both of their faces went white with shock and excitement when they saw what Henry had done.

“Um, we have your breakfast, sir,” one of the big guys stammered, “and a note from Dr. Slevin.”

“Come on in, my dear fellows,” Henry said confidently. “Place the trays on any surface I haven’t destroyed. I’m trying to get used to some new found strength and it’s proven to be a little difficult.”

The strong man laughed out loud and leaned the door against the wall as the two bodybuilder-looking guys came into the room sheepishly. Henry watched them closely as they began to notice and comprehend what he had meant. One guy’s gaze landed on the broken poker and Henry smiled knowing that the stud had no idea it had been ripped apart with just three fingers. The other guy almost ran into the big table as he stared at the busted bed and open gaps in the wall. Henry quickly noticed that the two trays were loaded down with a ton of food and he realized the two big men had been asked to bring the stuff because of the weight. He also knew he could have balanced both trays on one finger. This made him smile and caused him to be more congenial than ever before in his life.

“You guys look like you work out. I’m glad because those trays look heavy. That’s a lot of food gentlemen,” he said stepping into the room with his cock still sticking out like a missile ready to launch. “Should I be expecting guests or will you two be joining me?”

“Um, no, sir,” one guy said, still staring at the poker on the ground. “This is all for you. Dr. Slevin explains it all in the note.”

“Why don’t you read it to me, Julio,” Henry said, after reading the guy’s nametag.

“Yes . . . sir,” Julio replied and picked up the note.

The other guy, named Sam, had moved near the bed and was obviously trying to figure out what had happened. Henry immediately noticed that both guys had raging hard-ons bulging in their pants. This excited Henry beyond belief and he immediately began to plan a little entertainment for the boys. He walked over to the big marble mantle that framed the fireplace. He draped his right arm across the top and began to wait for the right moment to show off.

“My dear Henry,” Julio began reading, but kept glancing at the guest at the fireplace. “You will be extremely hungry this morning and will need a lot of nourishment. You have certainly, by this moment, discovered your super strength.” This caused Julio to stop and he glanced at Sam and then both men looked back at Henry.

“That’s right, gentlemen,” Henry said teasingly, “I have awakened with more strength in one of my little pinkies than a hundred men of your size put together. With just three fingers I easily bent that iron poker in two and my hard cock demolished the bed and created that gaping slice in the wall. And all of that happened in a span of about five minutes – just imagine what I could do to this place in an hour. I’m pretty sure not one piece of it would be left standing.”

As Henry spoke he grabbed the side of the mantle with his hand. With very little force he squeezed his fingers and a giant chunk of marble easily broke away from the mantle top. Sam’s body immediately began to shake as his cock spewed cum, soaking his crotch area. He whimpered like a small puppy and just stood there staring at the slab of granite-like material in Henry’s hand. Julio’s mouth was now wide open and his eyes were as big as saucers.

“What else does Dr. Slevin say, Julio?” Henry asked as he brought his hand forward – holding the marble level with his chest. He knew he didn’t need to say anything about what he had just done – all attention was already on his powerful hand.

“Um . . . uh . . .let’s see,” Julio said as he tore his eyes from Henry and looked at the piece of paper. It was obvious he was having trouble concentrating. He read quickly, as if he wanted to get back to Henry’s show as fast as possible. “This is just the first part of your transformation. The rest will happen in twenty-four hours. In the meantime do not worry about anything you choose to destroy. You should definitely take this time to get used to your strength and have some fun, too. Be as free as you want to, Henry. The note’s then signed by Dr. Slevin, sir.”

“Thank you, Julio,” Henry said, and smiled at both men. It was the most mischievous smile either worker had ever seen and it thrilled them completely. “So Dr. Slevin wants me to get some nourishment. Well, I think a guy as strong as me needs to think outside the box, don’t you? I might need to get nourishment that’s not in a weaker man’s basic food groups. Wouldn’t you agree, gentlemen?”

Both men quickly nodded, but had a confused look on their face. This made Henry chuckle out loud and he celebrated internally that both of these huge men were completely in his control. The thought that he could do anything he wanted to them and they could do nothing to stop him gave him much satisfaction. It wasn’t a feeling of evilness or anything like that – no, it was a feeling of total freedom. He was so strong that he didn’t need to fear anything and this meant he could love himself completely. There was not an ounce of self-loathing left in his body and this made him want to share himself with others. He used to put other people down to raise himself higher, but there was no need now. He looked forward to making these guys happy and that, in turn, would please him.

“Unfortunately, Sam’s already released into his pants one of my favorite snacks,” Henry said stepping closer to the two men. “We’ll just have to think of some ways later to replenish his cannon, so to speak. Meanwhile, I think I know a way to get a good dose of my daily minerals and vitamins.”

Henry brought the big chunk of marble up to his mouth and quickly took a big bite. Sam moaned out loud as he watched Henry’s teeth break off a portion of the hard black material and then slowly chew it into nothing but mush. Crunching sounds filled the room. Henry then swallowed loudly just to show off. Julio was still standing there – stiff as a board, mouth wide open, and staring at every little movement Henry made. The poor boy’s cock was twitching in his pants and Henry began to feel sorry for him. Henry glanced toward Sam.

“So, you like that Sam, huh? Me biting marble like it’s a candy bar.” Henry said. “You like how powerful I am don’t you. There’s no way you could hold out from cumming when you saw what my body could do. Chewing up marble is nothing for me. But look at our friend, Julio, here. He’s not shot his load yet. That’s pretty impressive, man. But I think I know what you like, my friend. Biting off marble is pretty cool, but you like seeing what my super-strong hand can do, don’t you? Well let’s see if you can resist this.”

Henry brought his hand up into the air – so both men could see. He then began to squeeze the marble slowly. The room was immediately filled with what could only be described as snaps, crackles, and pops as Henry’s fingers crushed the lump of marble without any effort at all. Pieces of the broken stone fell to the ground as he meticulously pulverized it into just flecks of dust in his palm. Julio’s face turned purple as he watched the display of power. Henry knew the poor lad was so mesmerized that his body had ceased to function properly. Julio could not pop his wad simply because all of his attention was focused on what the super-strong fingers of the man in front of him was doing to the big piece of marble, which had been so easily torn from the mantle. Sam was now moaning like some huge dog in heat and had begun to stroke his hardness through the wet spot at his crotch. Henry used his free hand to motion Sam over beside Julio. As soon as the two muscle studs were standing near each other Henry reached out and grabbed both men under their chins – making sure Julio felt the granules of crushed marble still on his palm. Henry’s hands were pretty big, but only large enough to reach halfway around the guy’s thick necks. He was as tall as both of them and a fucking hell-of-a-lot stronger. Each man probably weighed over three hundred pounds and Henry lifted them into the air like they were each just a pint of beer.

Both men’s cocks exploded immediately. The feeling of being lifted into the air – feet dangling off of the ground – was too much for them. They both had violent ejaculations and the super strong man in front of them easily held their bucking bodies in place. Henry loved how unmovable his arms were as the guys jerked around. He stared at the v-shape his thumb and fingers made at each man’s neck. He knew he could crush this or any part of their body easily, but he didn’t need to do that. The mere knowledge that he had unimaginable strength made him feel warm toward the two men. It was like he was their keeper in some way – as if he was there to protect them. It was hard to explain. By this point both men had simply passed out – partially from the severe orgasms and partly because Henry was cutting off their air supply. He quickly carried them out into the hallway and placed them on the floor, leaning against the wall. Both men had big smiles on their faces and Henry knew they were dreaming of him. Once back inside his room Henry shoved his door back in its frame and bent the metal facing to hold it in place. He was pretty sure that no one would be able to open that door without some kind of battering ram. Henry looked at his fist and knew that was the only thing he needed to bring the door down. He turned to the food, since he suddenly realized he was very hungry. He also wanted to eat quickly so he could go exploring and find other ways to test his strength. No, it was more than testing – he wanted to show off his power.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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That was certainly INTENSE! Loved the new twist of super strength!
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Mmmm! Love it, love it, love it. The sinister twist definitely adds. Hot!
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Man, I love super duper strength and Henry's strength just blew me away! Man, I hope you follow up on this, this is what I've been waiting for anyway, since I like strength a lot more than muscle, and seeing this guy do incredible feats that have never even been thought of to be attempted to be written about in stories is a big turn on for me, keep going, PLEASE!
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Very interesting, I look forward to seeing how it all comes together. :3
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Great stuff!
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Wild. And fun and kind of scary. Perfect.
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Can you continue with this part of the story please....


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