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Old February 1st, 2011, 08:22 PM
Thicker is Best
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The Cellmate - Part Two

The behemoth nicknamed Tiny stood in front of me – smiling like the Cheshire Cat. His size was so beyond comprehension that my mind simply shut down and I no longer tried to make sense out of the mountain of muscle looming over me. I just stared at his body and enjoyed the rush of blood and cum he caused in my body. My entire being focused only on his hard pecs, his bulging arms and those shoulders that seemed wider than our prison cell itself. By this point I had raised the remnants of his shirt to my nose and I was inhaling deeply. My other hand went directly to my crotch without any message from my brain and started pushing up and down against the hardness in my pants. The material at my nose reeked of Tiny’s scent – a mixture of sweat, muscle, musk, and manliness. I glanced up at the big guy as I continued to sniff his pungent aroma into my body. I let my tongue dart out and run across the shirt – sucking in some sweat. I was trying desperately to get some of his man-juice into my body, thinking it might help get a permanent feeling of the giant inside of me. I rubbed the shirt all over my face and hoped the smell would stick with me forever. As I lowered the shirt back to my mouth, I saw that the big guy was grinning at my actions. He knew I was his completely.

“Damn, boy, my thoughts about you were right. You are a sweet muscle-loving pig, aren’t you,” Tiny said as he continued to bounce his monstrous pectorals just to tease me. “Well, I think you need to get up close and personal with all my bulging friends, here. It’s time for you to clean the sweat off of this fucking big body, boy. Let’s get that shirt sopping wet for you. Scramble over here and wipe me all over. And after you clean the massive top half, you can help this giant out of his pants and clean down there, too. I’m so huge it’s hard for me to bend over and pull these tight things off.”

Tiny chuckled as he said this. The man’s voice made my balls churn out more juice and force it into my hard cock – causing me great pain. I still wasn’t going to shoot until he said I could. The big man knew nothing in the world could keep me from wiping down his muscles. He also knew the idea of seeing his enormous legs – and the giant club that swung between them – was almost too much for me to handle. I stood up quickly and then stopped in my tracks. I wanted to ask what to do, but I knew I shouldn’t. I reached up – having to stand on my tiptoes – and was barely able to reach the top of his massive shoulders. I ran the shredded shirt over his swollen traps and then started moving down his bulky chest. The shirt soaked up the sweat from the fur that covered his pecs like a sponge dropped in a bucket of water. Being this close to his body caused my knees to give out again and I had to brace myself by placing my free hand up against the big man’s stomach. His manly gut was hard as stone and I could easily feel the ruts between his tight abs. I forced my legs not to buckle and I marveled at how there was no give to his fur-layered gut. I then moved the shirt down the trail of hair in the middle of his stomach and wiped across each perfect row of muscles. It felt like speed bumps in a parking lot.

I finish rubbing his body with the shirt and noticed the thing was so wet it felt like I had been soaking it in a tub. I quickly brought the rag to my mouth and sucked in hard – gathering a mouthful of his man-sweat. I savored the liquid in my mouth and then swallowed. I hoped that it would make me taste his body for days. At this point I placed the shirt on the desk behind me and reached out hoping to pull the bottom half of Tiny’s torn jumpsuit off of his body. I could tell, just from looking, that it was going to be difficult to get the tight fabric over his monstrous thighs.

“Hell, boy, just tear these things off my body. I need to let my monster hang free – and quickly,” he said loudly and I could see his huge cock twitching through the fabric. “Here, I’ll help you out.”

And with that statement the big man flexed his quads – causing layers of muscle to explode everywhere. The stretched-thin material ripped in multiple places at one time and then, as if magically, fell from his tree-trunk legs. It all landed in a pile on the ground at his feet. Seeing the striations and valley-like cuts in his legs caused me to fall forward from lust. My hands brushed against the mega pouch of his jock as I braced myself against his thighs. I moaned out loud as I felt the heat emanating from the stuffed stretched-to-the-max piece of material trying to contain his cock. I then became dizzy as I tried to grab the front of his monstrous quads, which felt harder and thicker than marble.

I let out a loud whimper as I gazed at the obviously old jock strap. It had holes all over it – with juicy bits of meat bulging out. It seemed like any movement by his dick would cause the material to bust just as the bottom of his jumpsuit had done. The pitiful cloth was strained beyond belief – trying to contain a huge slab of beef that matched the giant size of the man in front of me. Tiny’s rod was much bigger than my forearm and his balls looked like basketballs stuffed in a weak bag. I gasped out loud and my right hand went to my mouth. I had never seen such a beautiful and frightening sight at the same time. I was scared at what this big dick would do to my small body, but I was also drawn to the idea of riding his monstrous pole. I begin to question how a man could be so huge below the waist, but then I simply accepted it as so because the big club had to match the rest of him. I absentmindedly grabbed the wet torn shirt behind me and started to move it all over Tiny’s big quads – never taking my eyes off of his giant cock. I then remembered that I was supposed to take the jock off too. I stopped suddenly, realizing that as soon as I touched this huge man’s love-pouch I was surely going to pass out. I knew I couldn’t do it. He must have realized what I was feeling, as well, because I watched as the beast flexed his giant prick and the strap immediately exploded off of his body, hitting me in the face like a giant rubber band. I felt great pain, but loved every moment.

“Damn boy, you are a good cell mate,” he exclaimed as I started to grasp what he had just done. “I’m going to do you another favor, little man. Pick up that jock that just smacked you in the face.”

Tiny continued to flex his cock so it bounced up and down in front of me. I simply stared at the big log and moaned out loud. Suddenly, I was only aware of the big man in front of me - nothing else in the world mattered. He could have asked me to do anything and I would have obeyed. I reached down, grabbed the strap, and placed it in the huge waiting hand of my cellmate. The giant took the large busted strap and tied it around my neck – almost like a scarf.

“There you go, little one,” he said smiling at me, “this way you can’t say I’ve never given you anything nice. And also, now my manly musk will stay with you always.”

With this statement, Tiny wiggled his waist and caused his huge hardened cock to strike against my face. I sucked in hard and held my breath, trying not to shoot a load of cum from the thrill of feeling his dick banging against my cheek. He hit me a little hard on the third pass and the smack that echoed in the room was loud and sounded painful. This caused the big man to roar with laughter. Tiny laughed mainly because the light tap had actually sent me flying across the floor against my bed. Even the guy’s dick had tons of power. What he thought was a light tap could have probably brought down a tree. I sat up slowly and looked at the big man. He was smiling, but not in a way that offered remorse. He loved the fact that his cock could send me flailing. I took a deep breath and loved the fact that the jock around my neck helped me to smell the best part of him – his muscled giant beef-pole. My body jiggled with excitement as I savored the strong whiff of manliness. Still laughing, Tiny walked over to me and looked down his muscled body at my smallness. With lightning speed he bent over, grabbed my pants, and ripped both the slacks and underwear from my body. It didn’t register what had happened until I felt my cock standing straight up in the air and a cool breeze rushing against my skin.

“Now get up and finish the job, boy. We don’t have all night,” he said and his order made me very nervous. “My underarms need cleaning.”

Tiny straightened and held out his big tree limbs at both sides of his body. I stood up quickly. I looked at the big man’s face and he could see I had a deep pleading in my eyes. It was obvious I wanted to speak and he knew I wasn’t going to say anything until given permission.

“What’s up boy?” Tiny asked gruffly. “This had better be good. You can talk while you continue your job.”

“Please sir,” I ask softly, “may I use my face to clean your pits?”

“Shit, boy,” Tiny said loudly, “there’s nothing better in the world than a sweet tiny muscle worshipper. Sure you can use your face. And after that it will be my pleasure to give you a special treat.”

I almost came at that moment from the excitement and anticipation. I again had to stand on tiptoes to bury my face into his right pit. It hurt my nose as I hit his hard muscled skin, but I marveled at the fact that even his pit felt like stone, even forgetting the pain. I immediately began to lap up his pit hair with my tongue and lips. I quickly moved around the entire cavernous area. I even used the hair on my head to dry it off when I had completely licked it all. I then moved across his chest – a distance that felt like an entire county – to the other pit and did the same. My pre-cum had turned into a steady drizzle by this point.

“Hurry up, boy,” he said expectantly, “I’ve got something else planned for you.”

I pushed back from his body, pretty sad that I couldn’t continue to bury my entire face in his pit, but I was also very excited about whatever it was he was going to do to me. I stood there – in front of the giant – like a proud little boy. I was definitely ready for my prize. Tiny then grabbed me in his hands and easily carried me over to his bed, placing me back down on the ground. He then bent over and pressed a finger against one of the cinderblocks in the wall. It gave easily, because of his strength, and the big man reached into a secret compartment, pulling out a big bag of something that seemed like a dark liquid. He then grabbed a big cup-like container off of his desk and squeezed some of the gooey looking thick mass from the bag into the large opening. He lifted the blender-sized container in one hand and then wrapped his other hand around my neck, pulling my face into his huge right pec.

“And now for the major ingredient!” he said, smiling broadly.

With that, Tiny wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back, roughly. He brought his face down and pressed his lips against mine. He shoved his tongue down my throat and started sucking. It was, again, a mixture of pleasure and pain. He released my hair and lowered his arm around my waist. The suction of his mouth kept my face against his. Tiny then lifted my body into the air as he continued to kiss me with more eroticism than an army of over-sexed Italians. I was still amazed by how easy it was for him to lift my body with just one arm. His strength made me feel like such a weakling, but the security of his massive arm around my body quickly erased any bad feelings. He then slid his hand around my ass and lifted me higher. My mouth separated from his with a loud pop and he quickly guided my rock-hard cock to his waiting hot mouth. He sucked my prick in like some super-charged vacuum and then began to milk me like a pro. In between hurricane-like forceful sucks on my cock, he spoke from the side of his mouth.

“Come on boy, give me your sweet cream,” he said quickly and then sucked again. “Even a puny ass like you has to have some – every man has some spunk.”

Tiny then continued to suck me hard as he laughed out loud. He manhandled my body like I was nothing but some kind of rag doll. Right before he could feel that my body was going to shoot like a rocket, he pulled me away from his face and shoved my cock into the large container. I blew like a massive volcano that had been building up for centuries. My body bucked around in Tiny’s grip, but he held me in place as if I weighed only a few pounds. He squeezed my body tighter with his bulging arm, as if he hoped it would help me shoot more of my sweet juice into his giant cup. I continued to spew cum so hard that I worried organs might come blowing out my dick. I looked down – even as I continued to rock violently from the ejaculation – and saw that the big container was actually overflowing.

“Damn, little man,” he said and then whistled, “look at you – shooting enough juice for your big giant and then some. I’ve never seen anyone fill my cup!”

I was still flopping around in his arm, but I could tell my cock was no longer spitting out juice. It had begun to do something akin to dry heaves. Tiny must have noticed the same thing. He quickly used my hard cock to stir up the cum-concoction in his glass. He then easily tossed my body onto his bed and momentarily watched as I continued to convulse on the mattress and my cock twitched back and forth hard. He then took a large swig of the juice and I was conscious enough to notice it left a milky-white coating on his mustache.

“Shit, boy,” he exclaimed looking down at me, “you’ve got some sweet man-milk. It’s like a fucking cum shake. This stuff is going to make me grow more than ever before, little man – just you wait and see. You’re going to be ready to explode again in about five minutes when you see my body expanding like some kind of pornographic 3-D movie.”

His words made my semi-resting body begin to flop around on the bed again as my cock shot painfully hard instantly.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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This story is absolutely amazing! Keep those chapters coming.

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Gotta love muscle growth cum stories! It is very hot dude! Congratulations!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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The snapping jockstrap was my favorite part!
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I think I want what's in that cup! :-)


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Love them! Continue the good work :3
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Super hard story!!!
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Really hot, great job and I hope for more!
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more please!
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This is SUCH a hot story. Thanks for writing and posting it!
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