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Old December 30th, 2010, 04:52 PM
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Muscle Fantasy Island - Part Two

Mason Changes

Each man climbed the stairs and followed their guide into the magnificent lobby of the chateau. It was larger than most airport atriums. It was so astonishing that a person had no idea where to look first. The most surprising aspect of the place was that it seemed totally empty. You could see no one walking, sitting, or standing anywhere in the large open space. It was a little disconcerting to the small group of men. They had no time to contemplate the issue further because their guide had moved over to an archway that led to what seemed like a large gathering space to the right.

“Please have a seat, gentlemen,” the mysterious man said pointing to a circle of throne-like chairs in the middle of the room. “Dr. Slevin will be with you shortly.”

Each of the guests moved nervously toward one of the giant marbled seats and took their place around what appeared to be a fire pit in the center of the circle. Their host stepped back through the archway and then two heavy doors slid into place – sealing the large room. Smoke immediately began to rise from the central structure and the strong smell of incense immediately filled the room. A door on the other side of the room opened and an older man stepped through. He was wearing sunglasses and it was obvious, by the way he walked, he was blind.

“Welcome, gentlemen,” said the man as he easily moved into the center of the circle. “I’m Dr. Slevin and I will be your processor today. In a few seconds you will be unable to move, please do not become alarmed. It is merely part of the filtering process. You see, every human being is filled with many fantasies and the powerful drugs found in the vapors filling this room assist me in sorting through your feelings to reach your deepest desires – the dreams that might be so hidden even you are unaware of them.”

Each man’s body became frozen in the short span of Dr. Slevin’s few sentences. They would have certainly feared paralysis if they had not been forewarned by the doctor. As it was, it was still disconcerting. There was, however, something soothing about the mist that filled the room. It caused a calmness to wash over everyone – putting every man into a suspended state, as if they had taken strong sleeping pills and were in that teetering pre-dozing off space. It actually made the men smile, in a drug-induced kind of way. Dr. Slevin put his hands in the air and moved about the circle – somehow aware of where everything in the room was located – and he obviously knew which man was in front of him as he approached each one.

“It is time to read your minds, gentlemen. I can feel that each of you has submitted to the force of the revealing incense. Once I have determined the key elements of your fantasy I will assign you to a specific bungalow on the island. You will awaken later in that space to find that the first phase of your transformation has transpired. The second phase will come later, once your mind and body has become adjusted to new awareness. You will be permitted to see each other between the two phases, but after that your individual fantasies will begin.”

By this point it was hard for anyone to concentrate on anything Dr. Slevin was saying. The five gentlemen felt no pain and were, in fact, quite buzzed by the vapors. It was better than any drug ever taken by any of the men – they each wished the feeling would never end.

“We begin with you, my good friend Mason – mainly because your desires are loud and clear. They are more powerful than anything else in the room. The words that best describe your hidden inner aura are dominance . . . confidence . . . physicality . . . and self-assurance. You must definitely be placed in Bungalow Five.”

With those final two words, the handsome meek man instantly fell asleep. No one else in the room knew this, though. They were too busy enjoying the feelings caused by the smoke.

“And now we move to Henry, our Englishman. You have a very complicated spirit, my good man. There is much at war within you, but that does not prevent your descriptive words from being revealed. Power . . . strength . . . fearsomeness . . . and freedom – all good words, sir. You must report to Bungalow Two. Sleep now, Henry. For you, my young uninspired Adrian, I sense the words intensity . . . focus . . . acceptance . . . and recognition. It is clear what will be best for you. I choose Bungalow Seven.”

Adrian immediately fell asleep, too. There were only two men left in a semi-conscious state. Dr. Slevin continued to move around the room, focusing on the remaining guests. There was a smile on his face as he approached the pilot, George.

“Our good pilot, George, has a rare request, indeed. It is not often that we have someone that reveals the words: acknowledgement . . . romance . . . attraction . . . and worship. Bungalow One is rarely used, but that is where you must be placed. And finally we come to Harry Winsor. It is a great honor to have you here on the island. I see that your descriptive words include beauty . . . youth . . . admiration . . . and self-worth. You will be happiest in Bungalow Nine.”

At that moment the room became very still and Dr. Slevin paused briefly to reflect on his work before leaving the room. It was time for fantasies to begin.

Each man slept for twenty-four hours. They woke at different times and were instantly aware of new feelings, new sensations, and new thoughts controlling them completely.

When Mason came out of his deep sleep he had no idea where he was – or how he got there. Memories of the trip to the island came to his mind slowly, pushed to the side by other burning priorities wrecking havoc in his brain. It took a few seconds, but the shy man suddenly realized he could feel that his body had grown to enormous proportions. He quickly opened his eyes and looked at his torso – only to be greeted by the same slight swimmer’s body he had before. Mason, however, did not feel any disappointment from his unchanged frame, he simply registered that he felt huge on the inside and that was enough. It was hard to explain, but something within the man had definitely transformed.

There were only a few short minutes of self-awareness concerning these developments, but during that time the surprised Mason accepted the fact that he feared nothing. It was the wildest feeling he had ever experienced in his life. Unexplainably, the hesitant man felt like he could take on the world. It wasn’t an exaggerated cockiness or an overblown ego – it was just simply a truth. Mason felt so self-assured that there was nothing he doubted or worried about. He felt incredibly wiser, too. It was like someone had taken a thousand years of experience and life-lessons and crammed them into his brain in one quick motion. He couldn’t get his mind around what the exact cause of his new consciousness was until it hit him like a ton of bricks – he was older and more mature. There was some kind of well-earned confidence coursing through his veins, mixed into his blood and living in every part of his DNA. As soon as this realization entered into his consciousness the “outside looking in” feeling totally disappeared and Mason completely became the inner being he had observed. There was no change to his outward appearance, but his entire psyche was now consumed by one driving force. This new knowledge caused the man to smile in a way that could have never happened twenty-four hours before. It also made his cock shoot painfully hard and it became obvious that this would be a common occurrence in Mason’s new life. For the meek-mannered handsome man had now turned into a fucking hard muscle-daddy stud – at least on the inside. There was suddenly a knock on the door and the newly improved Mason got excited about having someone to play with.

“Your breakfast, sir,” came a voice from outside the door to the bungalow, “ and a note from Dr. Slevin.”

“Yeah,” answered Mason, his response sounding more like a command – and in his head it seemed like he was granting some poor minion entrance into a magical kingdom.

The proud daddy kicked the sheets off of his body and exposed his hard cock to the cool air. He waited in the large one-roomed bungalow for the unsuspecting pup delivering food to feast upon all his overwhelming manliness. It wasn’t a cockiness – it was just knowledge that no man would now be able to resist obeying him. A well-built young man in a tight blue shirt and shorts came in carrying a big tray. As soon as the guy entered the room a spell was cast over him. He stopped just inside the doorway and stared at the man on the bed. The college-age looking kid licked his lips and his pants immediately started to fill out more in the crotch area.

“Um . . . where would you . . . uh, like me to . . . put this, sir?” he asked sheepishly.

“You mean the tray or that tight ass of yours,” Mason responded as he reached down and cupped his balls. “Just kidding, son. You can place the tray on the side of the bed here.”

The super-charged daddy turned to his side and patted the mattress beside him. The suddenly obedient worker moved to the bed slowly. He was obviously concentrating hard so the movement of his legs wouldn’t cause his hard dick to erupt. Mason didn’t take his eyes from the boy. He moved his big paw from his balls to the rigid cock poking up his abdominals and started stroking himself leisurely. The worker’s name badge read Ryan and Mason pondered for a second how much he liked that name. The guy placed the tray on the bed and then just stood there, staring at Mason – transfixed by his charisma.

“So Ryan, boy, what time do you get off today?” Mason asked teasingly. He grabbed his cock harder and pumped it a few times vigorously.

“I um . . . I . . . oh, shit . . . I get off at . . . aw fuuuuuuckkkkkk!” the boy’s body shook violently as he tried to answer. He had been staring at Mason’s hand and cock. He fell forward and had to put his own hands on the bed as he ejaculated a giant wad into his shorts.

“I guess the answer was right now,” Mason laughed as he took a piece of bacon and put it in his mouth.

Ryan was so drained that he had to kneel beside the bed. He kept his eyes closed – probably because he thought he could re-gain control if he didn’t look at Mason. The dominant man opened the note from Dr. Slevin and read about how the first phase was done and that the rest of the day would be one of rest and pleasure. Mason liked the sound of that. He tossed the note on the bed, dipped his finger into the open jar of honey on the tray, and then brought it to the young man’s lips. Without even opening his eyes, Ryan parted his lips and sucked the sweet covered finger into his mouth. Mason kept the finger going until it pushed into the waiting throat of the younger man. He wiggled the tip against the tonsils and forced the tight hole to open wider.

“Yeah, boy,” he whispered, “you might have to come back later and we’ll open that throat of yours a little wider with something else. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Ryan opened his eyes and stared at the master lying on the bed before him. He simply continued to suck on the finger and nodded his head slightly. Mason chuckled and then withdrew his finger. The boy’s mouth tried to follow the hand as it pulled away.

“I think we might have to open up another part of you,” Mason said, wiping the wet finger on the side of Ryan’s face. “Now run along and dream of daddy all day. I’ve got to piss like a rushing racehorse. I want you to stay hard until we meet up later, okay, boy? Don’t disappoint me, now. Keep that cock hard and make those balls turn blue so I can make you shoot like a hundred roman candles going off at one time. Turn around and let daddy see that fine ass, little man.”

Ryan didn’t even think before he responded. He stood up and turned his tight butt toward Mason. He backed up against the bed so his superior could get a good view. The boy was like a child trying desperately to please his parent. His actions made Mason smile. The daddy reached up and grabbed the right butt cheek hard – squeezing it tightly, which made the younger man’s entire body go rigid.

“Hell yeah, boy, that’s a mighty fine caboose,” Mason growled. “We’re going to have to make sure my train is screwed into that thing good and tight. It’s going to be a long ride on my pole and you might not be able to walk straight for a while. But that will just help you to remember me. Now get out here before daddy makes you squeal like a pig. I need to go find some more play things to satisfy me.”

With that, Mason gave Ryan’s bubble butt a hard smack. The sound echoed throughout the entire room and the boy tried to stifle a loud yelp. Both men knew there was going to be a red mark left on those cheeks for most of the day. They also both realized that would assist Ryan in staying hard, as ordered. The worker walked out of the room awkwardly, because of the pain. He stopped at the front door and took one more glance at the beautiful specimen of daddy-ness on the bed before he closed it. Mason knew instinctively that there was really no difference in size between he and Ryan – but there was a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon when it came to attitude. Internally, Mason was the biggest muscle master that had ever walked the earth and he knew it. He also knew his body was going to catch up – soon. That thought suddenly made him extremely hard and very confident.

“Hell yeah,” Mason said out loud as he began to woof down his breakfast, “game on, gentlemen, game on.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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This is exceptionally well done, enthralling, original. Thanks so much!
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Really thrilling, can't wait to see what's gonna happen to the rest. :3
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Excellent. This story will be a keeper.
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Another great installment, Londonboy. I can't wait to see the outside matching the innerside of this ultimate muscle daddy - hopefully one of the other guests have a desperate need for being dominated.


There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Nice! Really hot.
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Hot and hot and HOT! Fantastic as usual. Where's the big LIKE button, when you need it?
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Excellent transformation for Mason. Looking forward to what you have in store for the others.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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