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Old October 26th, 2010, 04:20 PM
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Crossing Over - Part Five

I finally broke the powerful lip-lock with Ramon and pressed his body back into the air. I held him there easily and we simply stared at each other, full of wonder and excitement at our new budding relationship. He was, I could sense, ready to take our bond to the next level.

“What does it feel like?” he asked, looking down at me – it was such a breeze and equally fun holding his body in the air like a human barbell.

After pausing for a few seconds, I said, “It’s just starting to sink in, you know buddy. I have suppressed all acknowledgement of my size for so long. Melissa was always saying I was too big and that caused me to not think about it. But she’s not the only one. People around here, in the office, say the same thing.”

“But because of your size, Julian,” Ramon interrupted, “they mostly say it behind your back.” He laughed and his comment made me chuckle, too.

“But it still affects me, Ramon. I think I started believing I was some kind of freak or something,” I said, as I thought back to what seemed like an eternity ago. “If you constantly hear something about yourself it’s not long before you think it’s true. I knew I had this desire somewhere deep inside me – it’s been there for a long time. I just always wanted to be big – you know, really big. And not just big, I wanted to be strong also. I wanted my big muscles to be able to lift things – heavy things. I guess I’ve kept that desire stuffed away because of fear – fear that people wouldn’t understand me. I feel so much more natural and comfortable in my own skin now – now that it’s out in the open, but I don’t think it has completely sunk in yet.”

“What do you mean?” pushed Ramon.

“Well a good example of what I’m saying is that I’ve been more myself with you these last thirty to forty minutes than I have my whole life,” I answered smiling. “It’s like you’ve released some hidden Julian – some other person that was always inside me. Fuck, every time I lift you – like I am right now – there’s this quick recognition of how easy it is to pick you up. I have this huge urge to just start tossing you around the room – just to see how hard I can send you flying.”

“Well, I’m thankful that you’re not giving into that urge,” replied Ramon quickly. He was smiling – fully aware that I’d never hurt him. “I kind of get what you’re saying, though. You’ve been holding me above your body for a while now and it doesn’t seem to register to you at all.”

“Yeah, that’s cool isn’t it,” I said, sounding like a little child that just learned a new trick. I bounced his body a little in my hands just to show off. “But it’s actually much more than that. You’ve awakened a lot more inside of me. I kind of feel this attachment to you that goes much deeper. It’s like you bring an untapped feeling in me to fruition – it’s something that wouldn’t have been possible without you. I mean Melissa triggered it by leaving me this morning, but you’ve completed the puzzle somehow. I needed you in my life to finally have something click into place. It’s one thing to be fucking big and strong, but having someone that understands that lust for size and power, too, is a whole different experience. It’s incredible and it bonds us in a way that’s more powerful than my body – and that’s saying a lot. It’s kind of like your desire for me fuels my confidence and inner strength, and that, in turn, makes me grow more size and power. Wow, it’s enough to make your head hurt!”

“No, Julian, don’t leave those thoughts,” Ramon insisted. “It’s not as complicated as you think. Here, let me help. I’ve got a question for you. Why do you want to grow bigger?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I guess because I want to be healthy.”

“No way, Julian,” Ramon said loudly – even as he still lay across my strong hands suspended above my body. “There are lots of people that aren’t close to your size and they are very healthy. Come on man, dig deep into that new awareness unleashed today. Why do you really want to be big and powerful?”

My friend stared at me intently and it was obvious he knew something I didn’t – well, at least, something I hadn’t fully allowed myself to know. That’s when a light bulb of enlightenment went off. I had touched upon this all morning at different times, but I had not said it out loud up to this point. I smiled at Ramon.

“I want to be bigger and more powerful because I like what it brings out in other people – not to mention what it brings out in me,” I answered proudly.

“Say more,” encouraged Ramon.

“I like how my body can get other people excited - like this,” I quickly said, squeezing Ramon’s hard cock lying in my hand as I held him aloft. I was becoming embarrassed by our conversation.

“Don’t go shy on me Julian,” Ramon said forcefully, ignoring my tightened hand on his rod. “You’ve spent your entire life avoiding this conversation because you were told it wasn’t natural. Listen to me buddy. It is natural to name what you feel deep inside. I’m not going to be offended by anything you say – I promise. Hell, I’ll probably get so excited I’ll make that big paw you got wrapped around my dick all warm and sticky – just from shooting for the third time in about forty minutes. Open up to all the things Melissa and your other friends have forced you to push away. Dig deep, Julian. Trust me, man. I want you so much. I’m not going to get freaked out by anything you feel. I promise. Tell me more – please, man.”

I looked into his eyes and saw how sincere he was. Small tears formed uncontrollably at the corners of my eyes. Ramon was using some mental super crowbar to wedge open the vault-like door that protected my inner awareness. So much of my mind and body was screaming to not go near any of the thoughts or ideas Ramon was triggering. The only thing that gave me strength to answer him honestly – and to burst through the doors that had blocked my heart for so long – was the completely inviting and loving look in his eyes. I had never felt so safe in all my life. I was vulnerable, yes, but I also felt more powerful than any other moment ever. I spoke softly and purposefully.

“It’s connected to sex, Ramon,” I said. “I want to be huge because people get turned on by my muscles. And that gets me horned up in return. I love the idea that people are staring at me as I work out. I love that I’m making men and women juice up inside because of how my biceps bulge when I doing curls. I love standing beside a guy and feeling his body radiate heat just because he’s all bothered since so much bulk is close to him. It’s fucking awesome to think that my body can make cocks harden – even when I’m not doing a thing. I can just be standing there, Ramon, and soft dicks start to swell thicker and tighter just because of something that naturally emanates from my body. Depending on how I use my body I can create feelings of security or feelings of fear. That’s incredible, man – just being huge causes certain emotions in other people. And, shit, don’t get me started on how my big body intimidates other big guys. I love it when some cocky stud suddenly feels inferior because of me. I don’t want to be mean, man; I’m just being honest. Watching some big bully of a dude get all quiet and shy around me gets me hard. They’re like some big dog that puts its tail between its legs when a bigger dog comes around. All this creates a drive in me – a drive to be the biggest guy ever.”

Ramon could see that this was the first time I had ever shared any of this information with another living soul. He simply looked at me with that incredible sexy smile, which told me I was safe and he loved what he was hearing. That was all I needed to continue. As I started talking again I began pressing his body up and down without even thinking about it. My subconscious wanted to show off even while we were having our conversation. Ramon and I simply accepted this fact as part of our new and improved relationship. We both loved the idea that I was automatically taking this time to work out my chest and arms – and making him experience my strength at the same time.

“No one’s ever let me talk like this, Ramon, so it’s a little hard,” I said. I paused briefly and then felt compelled to share more. “I think I’ve been waiting all my life for you. I didn’t know it, though. I followed all the rules I thought I was supposed to – marrying Melissa, getting an office job, having a home, and everything else – but the one thing that always really thrilled me and really made me happy was lifting heavy weights. No, it was more than just the lifting – it was what the lifting did to my body. I’ve felt more at home in a gym than I ever did at my own house, mainly because there I could be closest to what I feel is the true me. At the gym I could show off my body and not be embarrassed, I could flex and it was normal, and I could even allow myself to get a thrill from the opened-mouth gawking of other people. It’s like I was Superman at the gym, but I had to go back to being Clark Kent every time I left. I think I’ve always wanted to feel like Superman at home – not just at the gym.”

“You’re Superman to me all the time,” Ramon whispered.

I stopped in mid-press and smiled at him. No amount of lifting or flexing could equal the impact a statement like that had on my heart. That one sentence made my cock harder than it had been all day. The only thing that prevented me from again spraying cum into my underpants was the fact that I had lots more to share with my friend. My desire to be intimate was greater than my desire to ejaculate.

“Aren’t your arms getting tired?” he asked, again bringing attention to how easy it was for me to lift him. I’m sure he was doing it on purpose.

“From what?” I asked teasingly. I then paused with a quizzical look on my face. “Oh, you mean from pressing you up and down? Naw, man, I can bench press a hell of a lot more weight than your little body.”

“I am not little!” he exclaimed.

“Compared to me you are,” I said, laughing.

“Well anyone’s small compared to you!” he emphasized and then quickly added, “Just how big are you?”

“Let’s just say it this way, my friend,” I answered as I started pushing him into the air again, “I’m pretty sure I’m even with Ronnie Coleman’s density and I’m just a few inches shorter than Conan Stevens. It’s a fucking hot combination.”

This comment made Ramon’s body shake with excitement and his cock twitched in my hand. I could tell my little worshipper friend was very familiar with these two famous muscle guys. I had counted on it. I could see that he was calculating how much that meant I weighed - give or take about a hundred pounds - and how tall I was - realizing I came close to seven feet. As all of this dawned on him, Ramon’s excitement grew, along with his hardness in my hand.

“That’s just fucking unbelievable,” he said, looking at me with total awe in his eyes.

“I see that Ramon is very much into size, isn’t he?” I asked as I continued to pump him up and down. He had moved his hands down to my right bicep and was rubbing it unconsciously.

“You have no idea, Julian,” he replied, as if in a trance.

“I’m beginning to man, I’m beginning to.” I shot back. I stopped the lifting and brought his face back to mine. “I think you should have to do a little revealing too, sir. Why don’t you tell me why you like my body so much – I’d like to understand you a little more, too.”

“Sure,” he answered, “but on one condition. You have to put me down. I’m feeling a little motion sickness.”

We both laughed. I turned his body long-ways and laid him on top of me – so he could prop his head in his hands on top of my chest. He looked like a schoolboy ready to hear a story. It was awesome feeling his body again close to mine. Our still-hard cocks were pressing into each other, throbbing along with the beating of our hearts. Ramon knew better than to grind his crotch at this point – mainly because we were both primed for intense release. I bent my arms to place my hands behind my head – so I could look at Ramon’s face. His eyes immediately went back and forth to my bulging biceps, stretching the fabric of my dress shirt. I tensed both arms to make the bulges bounce. This caused Ramon to moan slightly. I cleared my throat to get his attention.

“These big arms aren’t going anywhere, buddy,” I said after he turned his gaze to my face. “They’ll be here for you later, but right now I want to hear why you’re so into me.”

“Listen to the stud going all cocky again!” he said, smiling.

“You bring out the best in me – or the worst – I guess it’s how you look at it,” I replied.

“Oh, it’s the best . . . bank on it, bud, it’s the best,” he answered and we stared at each other for a few seconds – not saying a word. I could see that Ramon was choosing his words carefully. “The first day we met you weren’t near as big as you are now, but you were still huge. I remember seeing you at that first staff meeting – on the day you started. I was sitting at the conference table and you walked into the room. Everyone was chatting about what they had done over the weekend and Maryann Somers was telling me about her sick cat. You had to turn your shoulders slightly to come through the door – and you ducked a little, even though the frame was higher than your head. I think it’s just a habit of yours since you are so tall. All noise in the room ceased and the only thing I could hear was my own breathing – seriously. It was like someone had shoved me into some kind of soundproof chamber or something. All I could do was focus on you at that moment. I stared, my mouth dropped open wide, beads of sweat instantly appeared on my forehead, and my cock skyrocketed to a pre-cum state in one second.”

“I remember the look on your face as I glanced around the room,” I said teasing him. “I thought you were mentally challenged in some way.”

“Very funny,” he responded. “Do you want me to tell you this or not?”

“Yes, please,” I shot back, “forgive me.”

“All is forgiven, but you now owe me the fulfillment of another fantasy,” he said. “That is going to be the new way for you to make things up to me. Well anyway, suffice it to say that Maryann finally made me break my concentration on you by complaining that I seemed miles away. Little did she know that my body had been transported to such a heightened state of arousal that only a trip to the bathroom stall was going to help me return to earth. Later that day I did in fact jerk off twice, no I think it was three times to give myself some relief.”

I watched as Ramon shut his eyes and I knew he was re-living that day in his mind, for what I figured was the billionth time. I’m sure he had no idea that I had noticed him right away, as well. Now I knew why, because he was handsome and built, but that day I only allowed myself to notice how warm and welcoming he seemed. He opened his eyes again and I could tell he was ready to start anew. I was enjoying the things he was sharing more than he could have imagined. It was incredible to allow yourself to see your own body through someone else’s eyes – especially someone like Ramon.

“You radiated power in the same way a hooker smells after she’s bathed herself in perfume. It was overwhelming to me, but I could also immediately sense that you had no idea about what your body did to other people. It was amazing to me that there could be this giant of a man that had no awareness of his own size and power – yet he sat across the table from me that day. My friendship with you was genuine, Julian, but when Mr. Wagner asked me that day to be your mentor for the first few weeks you would have thought my cock might rip right through my pants it shot so hard. And then to top it all off you were so fucking nice that I soon learned to stop thinking of you as a sexual object when we were together. I did, however, feel that whacking off to thoughts of you when I was at home by myself was completely okay. Who could blame me? You’re just too incredibly big for me to ignore!”

I was trying hard not to get embarrassed, but it was difficult. The idea that Ramon could use mental images of me to get off was, for right now, a little too much. I had a feeling I was going to love causing him to cum by worshipping the real thing, but knowing I had caused him sexual tension in the past made me feel apologetic and somewhat shy. At the same time, however, I was overjoyed by the fact that my body could make his cock spew. It was a battle of two emotions in my brain, but I knew the feeling of pleasure would eventually win – it was just going to take a while. I smiled at my friend as he rested his chin on his arms stacked on top of my broad chest. It was thrilling to see how my upper torso totally dwarfed his. It also brought out a specific desire in me – a need to take care of my friend. I was beginning to feel something so powerful that I found it hard to name. I knew it was love, but it was so different than any emotion I had ever sensed before. I wanted this man – I wanted him with every fiber of my big body.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I needed that!


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I love the deep mental and emotional connection that your story shows. That's a really interesting and exciting approach - congratulations.
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Awesome relationship they're gonna have. :3
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