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Old October 6th, 2010, 12:39 PM
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Crossing Over - Part Four

I was kneeling in front of the man that had just caused my cock to shoot off like some orgasmic twenty-one gun salute, which then made my giant body fall its knees on the ground. And all of this happened simply because the guy had kissed me. It had been the first man-on-man action my lips had ever experienced and it had been completely overwhelming. It had been powerful, yes, but it had also been magical. Big drops of cum still bubbled from my rock hard dick, but the memory of Ramon’s lips against mine was what burned in my conscious mind the most. I knew someday I would look back on this moment of ejaculation as one of the most intense feelings of my life, but it was simply nothing compared to the amazing mega-watt rush his brief tongue action had caused in my body. I felt like I had just ended the hardest and longest workout session of my entire life. I ached from the violent thrashing that had consumed me as I filled my underpants with hot thick cum, but more powerful was the way my heart achingly longed for another go at this man’s hot wet mouth. Even without choosing to do so, I knew I was smiling broadly. I had never felt such bliss. It seemed appropriate that I should be before this man in a worshipping stance, for that is how thankful and respectful I felt. I wanted to do anything within my power to retain this man’s favor. He was like some kind of deity that rewarded me with new life through his kiss. I knew I now needed Ramon in the same way I needed air or water.

I could see these same feelings reflected in Ramon’s eyes. He was staring at me and smiling in a way that made it obvious he understood the power he both created in me and held over me at the same time. We were both slave and master in this relationship. This last thought caused a wave of understanding to wash over my mind. Ramon and I were equals – it was that simple. Even thought I towered over him physically, there was more to what we were. I realized perfectly that our complete submission to each other did not lessen either of us – it helped both of us to be fully who we were meant to be. Ramon craved someone with muscles and power while I wanted someone to appreciate my body and strength. It was a cyclical connection that fed into itself continuously. We both ignited and fanned the fire deep within the other, which, in turn, stoked the flames within our own souls. His loving adoration produced a need for growth in every cell of my body and that growth created a deep desire of adulation in him. My brain actually hurt from focusing on this new awareness – my body was telling me to ‘let it go’ and simply bathe in the newfound joy being released within me.

Again, it was clear Ramon sensed all that was happening in my heart and head, mainly because he was feeling it, too. He reached over and cupped his hands around my chiseled face. He let his thumbs slide back and forth across my cheeks. It was the most loving gesture I had received for a long time, but, simultaneously, it was strong and empowering. I was ready for him to guide me in the next step of this new bond. I was definitely stronger and bigger, but I had entered into new territory and needed his expertise.

“What are you thinking, Julian?” he asked softly.

“That I don’t know what to do next,” I replied quickly and honestly, “I need you to guide me.”

“I’ll be glad to, but know that I’ll never ask you to do anything you don’t want to,” he replied.

“As if you could,” I said, getting back a little of my earlier confidence.

This made him laugh. We continued to stare into each other’s eyes for a few more seconds and then he lowered his hands, which I took as a sign to stand up. I rose and Ramon loudly sucked in air as my big body towered over him just a few inches away. He bent his head back to look up at me. My knees were still a little wobbly, but a feeling of power was streaming back into my body as I looked down at my beautiful friend. There was a growing desire to please him taking over my mind. I had no idea what to do, but I knew I wanted to do something for him. My body took over again – edging out any need to filter my actions or words. My understanding of my strength controlled me – as well as my new love for showing off.

“May I please pick you up?” I politely asked – holding back my desire to lift him up and toss his body in the air.

“Thank you for asking, Julian,” Ramon answered smiling. “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

I bent down and grabbed his waist with my big hands. I then stood up and lifted his body in the air. We both noticed, again, how easy it was for me to do so. I raised him so his face was even with mine. Ramon immediately wrapped his legs around my waist, causing me to feel his hard cock pressed into my harder stomach. Feeling my tight abs against his sensitive rod caused him to moan slightly. It was a sound I was quickly learning to love. I had a feeling I was going to spend a large part of the rest of my days trying to cause that sound to escape his lips as often as I could. I easily walked across the room with his body tightly connected to mine. It actually felt like I had only put on a slightly heavy jacket. I pressed his back against the wall and smashed my hard chest against his. This caused him to moan louder and longer and that, in turn, made my cock get longer and harder. We were still staring intently at each other.

“I’ve got you just where I want you,” I whispered, my face very close to his.

“That’s funny, it’s just where I want to be, as well. Feel free to press in a little harder, big guy,” he added softly. “Don’t be afraid of hurting me. I’d like to feel as much of your power as I can. I’ll let you know if it’s too much. We’ll explore our limits together, okay?”

“Yes sir,” I answered as I leaned into him hard.

There was a slight fear in the back of my mind that I might hurt him, but then I realized that my body was beginning to become aware of its strength in a way that had not been there before. My desire for Ramon made it possible for me to quickly adjust to his needs. I was slowly becoming able to figure out how far I could go in pleasing myself while, at the same time, making this man happy, too. I was never going to hurt him – my ever-deepening love for him made that impossible. My hard nipples pressed against his smaller body forcefully and I knew that Ramon could feel the nubs pressing into him. The man was purring like a kitten – his gaze continuously locked on my eyes. I was still grasping the intense joy that this man was able to produce within me.

“You feel good, man” he cooed. “I like the fact that it’s getting harder for me to breathe. No, don’t you dare back off. You won’t let me get hurt - we both know that. Let me feel your power as much as I can. I’ve wanted your muscles pressed up against me for so long. I need this moment to last. You think your body could handle another kiss without exploding?”

“Um, not right now, Ramon,” I quickly responded. “Your muscle talking has made my cock so hard it aches – I’m pretty sure feeling those lips again would set my cannon off.”

This made the guy chuckle. It was amazing to both of us how much power he had in the situation even though I was the one easily holding him in the air and smashing him hard against the wall. I felt so fucking strong and weak at the same time. I instinctively knew that feeling his lips against mine for even a split second would send my body into convulsions again. And I, like Ramon, wanted this moment to last for as long as I could. I began to think of ways, however, of tipping the scales back in my favor. I thought of something to mercilessly tease the guy.

“You know, Ramon, the office on the other side of this wall belongs to Jack Randolf,” I said with a devilish grin. “He’s such a complete homophobe. Wouldn’t it be fun if I pressed so hard that we busted through the wall and ended up across his desk – our bodies all entwined.”

The guy’s cock twitched between us and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. Man, it was so fucking hot how he got off on my strength. It was fun imagining our bodies easily breaking through wood and drywall. My cock tightened up a little, too. Ramon finally inhaled and regained some composure. I saw in his eyes that he wanted to join in on the teasing, as well. I quickly learned he was not as powerless as I thought.

“Is my big buddy getting off on his own power?” he asked – equaling my confidence. “You want to show off for your pal, Ramon? I think you’re just teasing me. I’m not sure you have much more power in that huge body of yours.”

On one level I knew we were playing a game, but on the other hand I instantly felt challenged by his comment. I was filled with a deep desire to show him more of what I was capable of – which is just what he wanted. I realized he was toying with me, but the alpha dog that was being formed within me by the second wanted him to squirm with delight from my strength. I was too much invested in the teasing to back away now. Ramon needed to see that I wasn’t even close to using all of my might. I squashed my body into his with a lot more force, still not using half of my abilities. He was so tightly smashed that I was able to drop my hands from his body – Ramon being held in place just by my big chest. Our faces were inches apart. The smaller man was having trouble breathing, but the smile across his face told me that’s just the way he wanted it. His face started to turn red and his moans got softer.

“Feel that, Ramon?” I asked menacingly. “Is it a little uncomfortable? I’m not using much of my potential at all – not even half. Yeah, that made your cock twitch just now, didn’t it. Even though you are having trouble breathing, your body can’t help but react to my power. You couldn’t get away even if you wanted to, could you little man. Yeah, feel big Julian’s chest compressing you until everything goes dark.”

I have not idea where my friend got a second wind, but suddenly his gritted smile became bigger and he looked at me like I was about to learn a valuable lesson for the first time. Little did I know that it was actually something I would feel for the second time that day. Ramon brought his face forward and his slightly open mouth connected with mine. His exploring tongue darted between my lips and began doing its magic. He sucked in with what little breath he still had and I was again filled with pleasure that was overwhelming. I jerked my body back from his, trying to avoid a similar cum explosion as before, and he slid to the ground. In a flash the smaller man moved out from between the wall and me, jumping to the center of the room. It took me a few minutes to register what had happened, but then I quickly turned around.

My friend was ready and waiting. He reached up quickly to my shirt, grabbing the material on either side in the middle. In one swift movement he pulled his arms apart and I heard buttons shoot across the room. I also heard material ripping and then felt cool air hitting my fur-covered chest, causing my already erect nipples to shoot harder than before. Without any warning or any time for me to get prepared, Ramon zoomed his warm wet mouth onto my protruding right man-nub and began to suck hard. It’s strange that in the middle of that first split-second of sheer ecstasy I would think about the fact that Melissa would never do anything like this to my chest. She had always said my pecs were too hard and they hurt her face. It had been years since someone had honed in on my finger-sized nips. An explosion of pleasure went off in my body – stimulated by the teeth and tongue that were now ravaging that specific part of my uncovered chest. The room was immediately filled with slurping sounds from Ramon and cries of gratification from me. I quickly moved to begging him to stop.

“Aw fuck, Ramon!” I said loudly. “No, please . . . stop. I can’t take it!”

Again my knees buckled and I slid to the ground. Ramon moved with me, never letting his mouth leave my nipple. I desperately wanted him to stop because I had turned into some kind of over-stimulated hormonal teenage boy, but I also wanted him to continue because it was giving me so much satisfaction. My body was defenseless and my torso fell to the floor. Ramon stayed with my chest and ended up falling on top of me – still sucking hard. Our crotches were against each other and I know we both immediately registered the other’s hard-on. Ramon reached up with his hand and grabbed hold of my other nipple – pinching it roughly. This made me cry out even louder. At the same time, my gymnast-like friend was moving his crotch up and down against mine – humping me through our clothes. All of these feelings felt new and incredible – sending me to a place of near release. I found it hard to breathe because of the shivers that his expert tongue and crotch work were sending through my body. I kept shaking all over, which only encouraged my attacker more. Ramon was like some long-starved wolf finding meat for the first time. I was moving close to my second powerful orgasm so I knew I needed to intercede quickly. I found enough strength to grab Ramon by the shoulders and I pushed his upper body away from mine. There was a loud popping sound as his sucking mouth was separated from my now dark-red nipple. I was sure there were numerous teeth marks left in the hard skin. Even though part of his body was now in the air, the teasing man continued to grind his crotch into mine. I loved the feeling so much, but I also knew I had to make him stop. I moved one hand to his chest, grabbing hold of his shirt, and moved my second one down to his crotch. I easily lifted his body into the air and turned it sideways – like I was bench-pressing a barbell.

“Now it’s my turn to send you to the edge, little mister,” I said, making sure both of my hands were gripping him tightly. My hand at his crotch surrounded the base of his hard cock and his tight balls. “Let’s see how long you can last being manhandled like you weighed nothing.

I began to lower my arms until my elbows hit the ground. I then pushed his light body back into the air. I got a jolt of delight, again, from feeling how easy it was to lift him. I did it three or four times before Ramon recovered from the shock and was able to say something.

“Yeah, so fucking strong, Julian,” he said softly – trying to catch his breath. “Press me up like I’m just a pillow. Show me your power, man.”

His words fueled me in more ways than one. I started pumping his smaller body up and down more quickly, but I was also amazed at how his words of adoration caused me to get even more excited. Even as I easily tossed his body up and down, he was able to control parts of me with his words of worship. I felt sexually energized in every cell of my body and I knew the same was true for Ramon. After about twenty more reps of his body my arms began to feel something. I also knew I had regained enough control of myself to try something dangerous. I moved his entire frame slightly to the left and lowered him so his face was right above mine.

“Please kiss me again, man,” I lovingly invited and then added, “I’m ready for it now.”

Our lips came together, but this time my strong tongue pushed his to the side and I explored his mouth. Even though I was kind of in control the kiss still caused an overpowering reaction in my body. I was able to prevent my cock from emptying its juice into my pants again, but shivers shot through my body every few seconds. I was sure Ramon was impressed by my ability to prevent my body’s orgasm, but he definitely registered how much I shook uncontrollably. It was clear, also, that he was having the same reaction.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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I'm loving this story, it's so hot to see Julian realizing how huge and strong he is.
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Old October 6th, 2010, 08:02 PM
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Another awesome excursion into muscle worship fantasy. :3
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That was another awesome chapter dude!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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