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Old October 3rd, 2010, 02:14 PM
Thicker is Best
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Crossing Over - Part Three

What is the trigger within a man that makes him finally accept his destiny? Why is it that a man that has been big and strong for most of his life suddenly becomes aware of himself in a brand new life-changing way – a newfound understanding that unleashes a suppressed force equal to something akin to a nuclear explosion? I stared down at Ramon kneeling before me, gazing up with a tear-streaked face. I could tell the guy was exhausted from the strong orgasm that had just ransacked his body – all because of the power in my strong-as-concrete abdominals. I had fulfilled one of his deepest fantasies by allowing him to use his full strength to send his clenched fist into my stomach. I had barely registered any feeling at all as he made contact with my body. The knowledge that my abs had easily deflected every ounce of his power was too much for either of us to completely comprehend. Ramon had simply lost control of himself in every way. His legs gave out and he feel to his knees. His cock had automatically exploded like an erupting volcano – just from the knowledge that my midsection was so incredible. And the man’s mind had become overwhelmed with pure lust for my muscles and my strength, sending him into a state of total adoration. He looked at me like someone that had just received the biggest and best gift of their entire life.

The expression on his face, at that moment, was the catalyst for my own awakening. Every inch of my huge frame was fully energized by the knowledge that I could easily cause severe damage to the smaller man if I chose to. My muscles twitched with excitement from thoughts of me dominating Ramon’s body in any way I desired – easily tossing him around the office, folding him into something as small as a briefcase, or showing him what true damage could be done with a man’s fist by punching him with all my might. But I also comprehended what both of us knew – deep in the core of our being – that I would never hurt Ramon in any way. It was simply thrilling to both of us – realizing that I had the ability to destroy things with little effort. That realization awakened my mind and body to a new reality, a level of consciousness that had never been possible before. Ramon had caused me to see myself in a way that no one else had ever been able to initiate. We each were beginning to appreciate, in a new way, the incredible opportunities that were available to us now that I had embraced my size and power. Things would be quite different since I now knew that showing off my strength for Ramon would give us much mutual satisfaction. Melissa had not craved my muscles and power the same way my friend did and that had caused me to block out any acceptance of my full potential. Things were different now and the change was magnificent.

A deluge of past memories came flooding into my mind – moments where I might have stimulated new insights had I been open to them as I was now. My desire for muscles and what they can do had been too repressed for those long forgotten occasions to incite the explosion within me. I now remembered how aroused I would get from lifting heavy weights at the gym. I always thought it was just a common after effect from pumping iron, but I now realized it had always been tied to a subconscious knowledge that other men were watching me. I did not have the same reaction the few times I had lifted with no one else in the gym. It was clear to me now that I loved curling massive amounts of weight just so other guys would get hard from seeing my biceps bulge to insane proportions. But it was more than that, too. I loved how guys freaked out about how much poundage my huge arms could lift. My numerous jack-off sessions in the gym showers hadn’t been induced merely as a reaction to working out – they had been a needed release brought about from the subliminal muscle show I had given the other patrons. I had been gifting men with real life examples of their deepest fantasies for years and didn’t realize it. I had been a fucking exhibitionist but hadn’t understood what that was!

A second insight caused a flash of embarrassment to wash over me. I suddenly thought about how many times Melissa had complained I took showers that were way too long. She said I wasted too much water and teased me by saying I was worse than a teenage girl – taking too long in the bathroom. She also wondered why I had to lock the door. I had told her it was my “private time” and that always made her laugh. Little did she or I know that it was much more than that. I took my time in the shower simply because I loved the way my muscles felt as I soaped them up. It had been easy for me to chalk this fetish up as a reward I gave myself for working out so hard. Melissa had never groped or worshipped my bulges like I desired, so it seemed logical I would do it myself. It’s not like I had imagined anyone else doing it – like some guy – because that might have given me a clue to suppressed inclinations. The truth was I had simply wanted to feel them myself and now I understood completely. Feeling my rock hard body satisfied a deep need within me. It helped me to tap into my own power. I had never fully understood until this moment that I loved touching myself because it confirmed how I appeared to other people. I could, for a few brief moments in the shower, get a hint of my full potential. Of course, all of this dissipated as soon as I stepped out of the shower. There was no one in my life that encouraged me to welcome my lust for more size and strength. I knew, however, as I glanced down at Ramon that life had changed dramatically. I now had a partner that hungered for my body as much as I did – possibly, even more. This man would be the key to my happiness – a world of continued growth and unfathomed tests of strength. I suddenly wanted to repay him for all that he had helped to release within me. I bent down and grabbed him under his arms and lifted his body upward. It sank in immediately that the guy weighed nothing to my strong arms.

“Let’s help you off the ground, buddy,” I said as a big smile crept across my face – getting off on how light he was.

“Oh, shit!” Ramon yelled as his body started shaking.

I immediately feared I had hurt him in some way. I panicked and glanced down to see his legs, a foot above the floor, flailing about. I was worried that I had grabbed him too tightly. He let out a slight moan as he continued to shake.

“Ramon, are you okay?” I asked quickly. “Am I hurting you?”

He couldn’t answer me for a few seconds. He shut his eyes and forced his head to go back and forth – signifying ‘no.’ I waited as he gathered his strength and seemed to calm down. I just held his body in my hands and watched as his face faded from what seemed like tensed agony to a smile of apparent satisfaction. He was finally able to speak after a couple of minutes.

“You can’t pick me up without any warning, big guy,” he whispered. “I just shot another load because my second biggest fantasy is being lifted by some huge guy. You fucking hoisted my entire body like I weighed nothing. The knowledge of how easy it was for you and the feeling of my feet leaving the ground was too much for me to take. I don’t know how my body churned out more juice, but it did. It’s just too fucking much for me to handle in one morning. Damn, man, you’re amazing.”

His words made my heart swell – full of a growing love for him, but also because I was starting to fully accept the abilities of my body. Unacknowledged longings were being released every time I did something to make Ramon excited. I wanted to continue making him orgasm for the entire day. With each fantasy I fulfilled for him, I became aware of my own lust for power and muscle. I was getting off on my own body right along with my little worshipper. He fueled energy in me that had never been set free before and it was intoxicating. I desperately wanted to do anything that would create more of this super-charged juice that was shooting through my body. Ramon was the key to my exploration of unrealized potential and I knew there was no end to our quest. My desires made me oblivious to the fact that Ramon might need rest. I wanted to show off.

“You mean just by lifting you up and down, like this, I can make your hard cock cum?” I asked as I proceeded to raise his body higher and then lower it again. “Wow, that’s a neat trick, don’t you think? And you know what, Ramon?” I brought his face even with mine. “It’s like you weigh nothing. I could hold you in the air like this for days. That makes your spent dick shoot hard again doesn’t it – just knowing I can pick you up so easily.”

“Aw shit, Julian, I’ve dreamed of you talking like this for so long,” he responded, looking into my eyes with what could only be described as a face of total joy. “I always knew you had it in you, but I didn’t know how to get you to let go. You have no idea how much I want you, man. No idea!”

I knew my friend was right. Even with all of this newfound awareness flowing into my body by the second, I could not fathom fully how longing for me for over eight years had developed a mental storehouse of fantasies. I had easily knocked off two of his deepest desires in a matter of minutes, but I realized he had a shit-load more from where those came from. I was beginning to see he was probably going to create havoc in my body as much as I was able to cause it in him. He knew that his fantasies were going to fuel me for growing bigger and stronger every day for the rest of my life. I had a feeling I was going to be worn out just from trying to keep up with fulfilling his dreams. The man’s lust for my muscles equaled my strength – and that was saying a lot. These thoughts made gobs of hot pre-cum gurgle out of my dick slit. My body actually trembled a little. I could sense that Ramon understood what was happening to me. He comprehended the power he had over me as much as I recognized my control of him. I was not ready for his sudden attack on my desires - that had been so deeply hidden for years. His words and actions that followed affected me the same way he had been impacted by my arms easily lifting him in the air.

“I want you to grow, Julian,” he said quickly, not giving me time to process anything. “I want you to get fucking huge so we can continue to explore what your body is capable of. I’m going to help you turn into the muscle beast that I know lives inside you. I’m going to show you what true worship is all about. I realize you’re just beginning to understand how to really appreciate your own body, but I’m going to release desires in you that you’re unable to even comprehend at this present time. I’ve had years of build-up to this moment. I’m ahead of you in muscle lust territory. I only want to make you happy, man. I love you.”

Ramon’s words had caused my body to begin to shake. I was overwhelmed by emotion – from his declaration of love, but mainly from his acknowledgement of our mutual desires about my body and my power. I had waited all of my life, without even knowing it, for someone to empower me the way this man did. Ramon was going to be the vehicle for dramatic change in my life. My new awareness of being gay was a very big thing, but that was secondary to the realization that our relationship would unleash more size and power for me. It was simply incomprehensible – as he said. I was beginning to lose control over my body from the images he was creating in my mind. I knew we both wanted the same things and that was so freeing. We were like one person – fully aware of all that made us tick. These were the emotions and yearnings that were ravaging my body when Ramon leaned his head forward and pressed his warm wet lips into mine – pressing hard and kissing me in a deeply masculine way. It was the second time that day I felt something inside that was so completely foreign and new that all cognitive recognition ceased and my body responded on its own. The first time had come when Ramon’s fully powered fist had struck my abs and I felt nothing. This had opened my mind to my strength in a way that had never existed before. The man’s kiss caused much more chaotic awareness both physically and emotionally.

First, my mouth felt like it was engulfed in the hottest flames possible. The manly force behind the kiss, the feeling of beard stubble against my mouth, and the sudden recognition that I had unknowingly wanted to be claimed in this exact way for all of my life was too much for me to handle. My mind exploded with instant wisdom that is only gained from real-life experience. In a flash I instinctively knew I was internally wired to love men. I had pushed that feeling away for all of my life and I saw clearly how this action had prevented me from being complete. It was amazing how one kiss could make me whole. The blast of knowledge in my brain was overshadowed, however, by the eruption at my crotch. The strength of my reaction caused me to pull my face from Ramon’s. I had never experienced before an orgasm that so completely dominated my body. My vision blurred, I cried out uncontrollably, my cock spewed what seemed like buckets of lava-like cum, and my powerful legs gave out. My big body crumbled to my knees and violently shook. This action caused Ramon to land on his feet in front of me. I knew automatically to let go of his body or my grip, intensified by the cum release, would have caused the man pain. I’m sure thick veins popped out all over my body as every muscle tightened beyond belief to assist in the rocketing volumes of man juice that were being forced from my body. Ramon did not waste the opportunity afforded by this moment. He quickly reached out and grabbed hold of my massive shoulders to feel the muscles tense and bulge from the exertion. The guy was in heaven – from both the display of power before him and the fact that own hot his lips had caused it. His body shook along with mine for a full five minutes – until my cock finished its first ever male-generated cum explosion. I finally opened my tightly clenched eyes and saw the smiling proud face of Ramon.

“Fucking hell, that was incredible,” I said, as I smiled back.

“Welcome to my world,” Ramon replied.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Thank you VERY much, Londonboy! You've perfectly captured my always-fantasy, the idea of two men being totally complementary in their lust for muscle!


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Old October 4th, 2010, 07:31 AM
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Awesome! I like how instead of just the bigger guy having complete control over the smaller one, they're both giving each other what they need. Too often it seems like the big guy deigns to give the smaller guy attention, like he could dump him at any time for some other interchangeable worshipper. I'm glad that you put a focus on how these two are really emotionally entwined. :3
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Old October 4th, 2010, 10:36 AM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Growing Awareness


Thanks for your comments and for noticing key elements in this story that mean a lot to me, too. I am loving the idea of a big guy being awakened to his full potential by another man. The bond between them is strong because they need the other to fully realize all that they are! I see that as hot, hot, hot. I want Ramon to be as necessary as Julian for pleasure in this relationship - a guide for the bigger man, if you will. I have no idea where this story will take me, but I want to flesh out a sincere relationship that can experience the full force of the heat it generates. Here's to big men growing fully into their bodies and the guys that help them!

Thanks for reading.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old October 4th, 2010, 10:57 AM
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the awakening in Julian is so hot, as is his desire (and need) to show off and get huger... I was thinking as I read it that it really addresses people who like being big (like me!) and people who get off on others size...
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