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Old August 3rd, 2010, 04:41 PM
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Pleasing Mr. Ross

The huge muscle daddy holding me in the air had just claimed me as his husband. It hadn’t been a proposal really, no; it had been a simple comment that was backed up by enough power in his body to equal a fleet of battleships. For a few seconds I fantasized there being a group of about forty men present to dispute Mr. Ross’ declaration. It would have been sweet to see this older powerful stud easily dispense with some supposed rivals, but my old English teacher and I both knew I was completely his. I could sense that the big guy was so freaking confident that I surrendered myself to him fully he could care less if I replied yes to his offer or not. Mr. Ross now owned me – not because of money or material goods, but merely because I seriously doubted there was anyone that could take me from him. I was the big man’s toy and that was a good thing. I was ready for the pleasure that would continuously be mine just from being around this much muscle and power every second of the day.

“I can see in your eyes, Mr. Will, that you understand I possess you now. I don’t mean that in some evil or abusive way. No, it just means that we both exist merely to please each other and nothing else matters. You’re going to worship me twenty-four-seven and I’m going to fulfill your deepest fantasies, even some you’ve never imagined. How does that sound, boy?”

“Like I’m in muscle daddy heaven.”

“Well this muscle man needs to taste his little boy some more. I’m having some cravings for your sweet ass. Let’s move back to the bedroom.”

Holding me in his arms like I weighed noting at all Mr. Ross walked out of the swimming pool. I attempted, again, to wrap my legs around his body, but he was just too thick. I settled for squeezing his waist with my thighs as he pulled my small torso into his larger hard body. I placed my hands on his muscled traps, marveling at how fragile my fingers felt up against his stone-like shoulders. The big man brought his lips to the side of my face. His thick mustache brushed lightly against my neck and the bottom of my ear, sending shivers throughout my entire body. This made him chuckle softly.

“Yeah, little buddy, I like it when your small body shakes just from being around all my muscle. It must excite you to hell knowing I can pick up your entire body without any effort at all. It doesn’t even register to my big arms that I’m holding a full-grown man. If I weren’t worried about your head shooting through the ceiling I’d love to see how high I could toss your tiny body. Maybe after some playtime in the bedroom we’ll go back out in the back yard and test how far I can send my Will-rocket into the sky. You want to fly like Superman, boy?”

“Only if you promise to catch me, sir.”

“Oh, there’s no doubt about that, little man. I won’t let one single hair on your head get hurt, son. You have nothing to fear – you’re muscle daddy is here to take care of you. Nothing is going to get past me to you unless I say it’s so. Hell, I feel so powerful right now I’m sure I could take on a convoy of bulldozers while still giving you toe-curling kisses. Yeah, that sounds nice. How’d you like to see your daddy tear apart some machinery?”

All I could do was grunt in approval. My body was being taken over by some primeval desire that was now ruled simply by thoughts of immediate gratification. The images in my head of Mr. Ross taking on an army of men, throwing me into the air like some kind of missile, and ripping bulldozers into tiny pieces with just his hands was sending me into muscle lust overdrive. I was thrusting my hard cock against his granite abs with such force that my wimpy chest was slamming into his rock-solid pecs and causing me pain. I couldn’t stop, though. I was only thinking about this big man’s power and muscle-covered body.

“Hey, slow down there tiger. I don’t want you wasting your sweet man-honey on my brick stomach. You know how your juice helps me to grow. I don’t want a drop to be lost. Your daddy is going to keep growing big just for you. I can feel my body expanding a little just from the anticipation of your cock exploding down my throat. You want Mr. Ross to get more massive don’t you, little Will.”

“Fuck yeah.”

That’s all I could get out at the moment. I didn’t care if the large English teacher carrying me into the bedroom asked me to use better words to express what I was feeling. At that moment ‘fuck yeah’ was the only response when contemplating the idea of the giant beneath me growing bigger. The mammoth man was already so incredibly immense and strong. I started leaking pre-gobs of spunk onto his tight abs just imagining the size of his already big muscles increasing. And the idea that we were so connected that my own cum would instigate his enhancement was almost too much for me. Mr. Ross sensed my impending release and easily pulled my body away from his with his huge paws firmly latched on to my ass. He was holding me in the air like someone else might hold an empty paper plate at a cookout. It was pretty obvious that I weighed little more than that to the behemoth.

“Shit, boy, I’m going to have to watch what I say around you. If you get this turned on by me just talking about what my muscles can do, just imagine what’s going to happen when I really show off my power.”

“Aw, Mr. Ross, you gotta shut up for just a moment. Even your deep voice sounds fucking powerful and muscled. You could read the phone book right now and it would make me spew like an untapped fire hydrant. Please give my body a few seconds to calm down. I need to get my mind off of your muscles and strength. I need to focus on something that will make my dick quit aching. Please don’t move or say anything for just a moment.”

I could tell the big man broke into a huge smile. God, how he loved the idea of his body having that kind of power over me. He froze completely and I realized we were next to his huge bed. I started inhaling and exhaling hard as I let my mind drift to thoughts of anything but the muscled tease still holding me easily in the air. I tried to think of a beautiful river in the mountains, hoping to calm myself through thoughts of nature, but that led me to contemplate mountains, which reminded me of Mr. Ross’ huge guns. I knew I needed to change thoughts quickly or the peaks of his mountainous biceps would send me over the top. I then honed my imagination on the deep ocean – thinking the calmness of the sea would soothe my tensed body – but I quickly started thinking about how easily the big man in front of me could take on a bunch of huge sharks with just his bare hands – and I was immediately back to the edge of a cum explosion. I forced my mind to go blank and thought of nothing but a completely white room with nothing in it. This proved just as devastating as other thoughts because it led me to think of Mr. Ross’ chest covered with a tight white t-shirt – as wide and even stronger than any wall. I finally focused on my own body – and avoided letting myself think of it compared to the huge body of Mr. Ross. I let my mind settle on my own small arms, my skinny legs, and my unpronounced chest. This was exactly what I needed. Immediately, my pulsating cock started to recover from its near volcanic-sized eruption. For a good minute I kept my eyes closed and only thought about my own weak body. I simultaneously felt the pace of my heart slowing drastically and the stiffness of my dick subsiding. I was finally at a place where I thought it was safe to open my eyes. I tilted my head upward so I’d see Mr. Ross’ face first and not his massive chest. The man had a mischievous grin on his face when I looked at him.

“That was a close call, Mr. Ross. You’re just too huge for me to handle.”

He simply continued to smile at me and raised his eyebrows in a quizzical expression. At first I didn’t get what he meant, but then it hit me.

“I’m sorry, you may speak again, sir. I’ve calmed down a little.”

“Thank you, little Will. I’m happy that you’ve recovered, but I do love the fact that my muscles can bring you to the brink of ejaculation in no time at all. Maybe it’s a combination of my huge body and me talking about what my body can do. Is that it, Will? Do you get even more excited when I move your ass over into one of my big palms like I’m doing right now and I hold you in the air easily with just one arm? Does that make your cock shoot straight instantly Will? And what about if I lift your tiny body up and down with that one arm – like right now? Do you feel your entire self being raised up and down with just my right arm, Will? Look at that fucking bicep bulge even though I’m getting absolutely no resistance from your entire weight. It just doesn’t register that I’m holding you completely in the air. Does Mr. Will have an intense weakness for my muscles and what they can do?”

My cock was again completely and painfully hard. Mr. Ross knew exactly what effect his words and his actions would have on my body. I could feel my heart pounding once again – just from the excitement caused by the big man’s display of power and his descriptions of what he was doing. I was instantly frustrated by his lack of concern for my inability to control my lust for him. He was toying with me and enjoying every moment. I was so consumed by my anger and lack of self-discipline that I acted without really thinking.

“Why you big shit!”

I pulled my arm back and sent a closed fist into Mr. Ross’ right pec. My not thinking clearly at the moment caused me to forget the muscled beast I was hitting. When my fingers hit his skin the only thing that gave at all was my wrist. My entire hand was forced painfully back into my forearm. His chest didn’t absorb the punch even a little – it was like striking a slab of marble with a feather.


I immediately shook out my hand – trying to pull the jammed wrist from the rest of my arm. My fingers were hurting, as well. I was shocked to see that there was no blood and that the skin on my knuckles was not broken – because it certainly felt like I had destroyed the entire lower part of my arm.

“Aw yeah, Will, watching you punch my chest and me not feeling it at all is such a fucking turn on – isn’t it? Was it like punching a concrete wall, little man?”


“Hell yeah, come on, hit me again, boy! Let daddy show you his power. This time I’ll even tense my chest before you hit it.”

“Hell no. Do you want me to break my fucking arm?”

“No, I don’t, but the thought of my chest being hard enough to break your fingers does turn me on a lot. How about you?”

“It would normally, but I’m in a lot of pain here, big guy.”

Mr. Ross took his free arm and grabbed my throbbing hand gently. He brought it up to his mouth and kissed my knuckles lovingly. I shook with joy as I felt the thick bristles of his mustache slide back and forth. He then took each finger into his mouth slowly and let its warm wetness ease my pain as he sucked soothingly. This incredible display of affection helped my body to recover from the orgasmic delight that had ravaged me as I thought about the power of his chest and the hardness of his muscles. Even as my hand had struck his skin and pain shot through my arm, I had become insanely hard as I watched his pectoral muscle stay perfectly taut and powerful. I could tell the big man was sharing my joy as we both realized his body’s potential together. It was obvious that Mr. Ross had not fully tested his abilities yet. This caused me to become even more excited.

“Muscle daddy, I think you’re getting off on your body even more than I am.”

“I can’t help it, Will. I get harder than a two-by-four just thinking about how big and powerful I’ve become. And then to see it all through your eyes, too – well that just doubles the fun. It’s one thing to know inside that you’re growing and getting stronger, but then to watch someone else get off because of those changes is really too much to handle. Just now, I loved watching your face as your hand struck my pec and was completely stopped. Seeing you realize that my skin didn’t give at all and feeling your hand being compressed like a crash-test car hitting a reinforced wall was almost too much for me to take. My cock is as hard as yours, Will. Just watching as you continue to realize what my body is capable of is enough to keep my dick jacked for all time. All I want to do is show off my fucking muscles for you, man. It’s hot as hell when I watch your mind have to expand to grasp new realities of my body’s abilities and size. I watch closely as your eyes move from “no fucking way” to “is that even possible” to “I’m going to cum because of what you just did.” I like bending your sense of reality as much as I like bending thick cold steel. I see you shaking your head every now and then – checking to see if this is all a dream. Well, little buddy, it isn’t a dream. We’re going to keep exploring and expanding my body and its limits until our cocks are too old to churn out cum.

“I have a feeling that day will never come, Mr. Ross.”

“Exactly, Will, exactly. How would you like no end to your daddy’s growth and no boundaries to his power? Does that sound nice, boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“I thought so, little man. It’s obvious we were destined to be together. You love my muscle and I love showing you my muscle. I don’t think there could be a better match. Wait, that’s not true. There is something else that makes us even more suited for each other. It’s what you referred to earlier and I had never realized it until I met you. It has to do with my confidence. You want your muscle daddy to be cocky and I love exploring how far I can take that. I’m not talking about becoming an asshole, but I do want to let go and let my attitude match my size and my power. You know what I mean, boy? I want to free myself of any self-doubt or timidity from my past. I need my inner self to match what’s on the outside. It seems like this is the only way I can become the true muscle daddy you deserve. Am I making sense, Will?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Ross. I sense in you a desire that equals your outer need to continue getting bigger and stronger. It’s about more than just being able to hold my entire body up in the air with just one hand – it’s that, but something else that comes from inside. I think we’re both just beginning to discover what it all points too, but I think I can describe it a little. It’s a little like getting to a place where when you’re talking to some guy on the phone he’ll sense – and be intimidated – by your size and strength just as he would if he were standing next to you. You want to exude power from every pore in your body as if your muscles radiated some kind of force just from growing. It only seems logical that if you continue to get bigger and stronger that your confidence needs to grow, too. And, like you, I think that’s one of the reasons I was sent to your door today. Cockiness doesn’t scare me, muscle daddy. It only turns me on more. I want to help you get to a point where people sense your muscles and your power before you even enter a room. It’s going to be great helping you become so confident with yourself that lifting an SUV will be as nonchalant as lifting a fork for dinner. A man with your ever-developing power needs to have an approach to life and other people that matches. Just like the Greek gods you need to view us mere mortals as your playthings, but still with a little pity.”

“Damn, boy, you really do understand me. That kind of talk gets my big man juices churning more than anything. You are certainly just what the doctor ordered when it comes to me developing fully into a muscle daddy. I just hope I can keep up with all of your desires and fantasies.”

“I’m sure you’ll have no problem, sir.”

We just stared at each other for a few seconds. I had forgotten that the big man was still holding my body in one hand and that he had been doing it for quite some time. He showed no signs of fatigue or exertion. My entire body was nothing to the muscle man. He brought my body closer to his and our faces came together. Mr. Ross brushed the thick hair above his upper lip across my mouth. I parted my teeth and caught some of the mustache between them – pulling slightly, allowing my bottom lip to slide between his. He sucked in gently and I could feel the warmth of his mouth as I allowed my lip to move inward. I slid my tongue into his waiting mouth and let it run against the bristles of his mustache at the same time. We kissed deeply and it felt like he was trying to suck my entire body down his throat. My hands left his shoulders and I grabbed the sides of his face. I pressed my head into his harder – making sure to move my upper lip back and forth across the hair below his strong-looking nose. My body shook a little as I thought about his daddy stache and the slight stubble across his cheeks and chin. Even the man’s mustache seemed to enhance his muscles. Mr. Ross pulled his face from mine.

“I told you I wanted you to stay nude around the house so I could take advantage of any part of your little body whenever I wanted. Well, that time has come. I need to graze in that ass of yours for a while. How would you like to feel this muscle daddy’s thick lip fuzz sliding up and down in that crack of yours?”

“Aw fuck, please sir. Right now, please.”

“Anything for you little man, anything for you.”

Mr. Ross used both of his hands and lifted my body higher into the air as he lay down on the bed. He brought my body upward, allowing me to place my legs through the circle his beefy arms made around his head. My ass rested on his big palms and he used his thick thumbs to pull my plump cheeks apart. I inhaled sharply as I felt cool air glide over the opening of my tensed-from-anticipation chute. I knew his reward was now directly over his face and I moaned out loud as the big man began to slowly lower my body. For a few brief moments I again marveled at the fact that this guy could hold my full weight so easily – lowering it meticulously as if I were only two pounds or so. Suddenly I could feel his warm breath against my tight hole. I knew Mr. Ross was toying with me. The big man knew I wanted him to attack my ass savagely, but he had different ideas. He wanted me to know that he was in control. He also didn’t mind if I suffered a little - while I waited impatiently.

I heard my muscle daddy take a deep breath and then I was rewarded with a powerful gust of wind shooting from his mouth in between my spread cheeks. My entire body was tensed but the shot of wind penetrated the clenched opening of my love pipe and made my body shake so much in delight that my legs flopped around near his head. It hit me that even Mr. Ross’ breath was powerful – I had a feeling his lungs could possibly project air strong enough to topple some structures – like the wolf in the story of the three pigs. It didn’t matter at the moment, however, since he had blown open the entrance to my ass. I felt the air shoot up into my body and it seemed like someone had pushed three or four fingers up my hole. I cried out in pleasure, not pain.

“My boy has a pretty ass. It sure looks tight, too. Let’s get it nice and warmed up for my stache and my tongue.”

Mr. Ross took a deeper breath and then lowered my body closer to his face. Even though I anticipated the gust of wind being blown into my chute, I wasn’t fully ready for the increased force. The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up as something that seemed as powerful and large as a regular man’s cock blew up into my ass. It felt like my body actually came off of his two big palms – just from the force of Mr. Ross’ breath. Before I had time to recover from the powerful invasion into my hole, the two large hands lowered me even more and I became instantly light-headed when I felt that muscle daddy mustache rubbing against my inviting crack. Damn, my old English teacher was a pro at teasing my anxious cavity. He moved my body up and down, allowing the thick hair above his lip to tickle my entire ass. I was already crying out in pleasure by the time I felt a large warm tongue begin to dart across my tight hole.

“Damn, boy, you taste fine. It’s like I’m having dessert before the main course. I’m going to use my strong tongue to bust your hole open wide. We need to get you ready for the real reward that’s sticking straight up down at my crotch.”

His words excited me almost as much as the feelings around my asshole. I was beginning to whimper like a small child because I wanted him to penetrate me quickly. I knew it wasn’t polite to beg, but I couldn’t help it. I opened my mouth to plead with the big man, but only a moan escaped because suddenly my ass was lowered fully onto his face. I felt his nose pressing into my ass crack and his wet lips kissing me there, too, but the sensation that gave me the most pleasure was feeling his mustache being shoved into my hole. I squirmed around in his strong hands as I was completely turned on by hair making it past my opening and tickling me on the inside walls of my still-tensed chute. Mr. Ross moved his upper lip around and filled me with incredible pleasure as I imagined his mustache thrusting in and out of my hole.

“Aw yeah that feels fucking fantastic, daddy.

Without any warning Mr. Ross’ thick powerful tongue shot into my hole, shoving the sides of my ass crack apart mercilessly. My entire body went completely rigid. I was shocked by how far into my body I could feel his tongue. The tip was busy flicking back and forth from one side of my chute to the other – sending waves of unbridled pleasure through my body. I have no idea how I prevented my cock from spewing, but I think it was caused by my desire to please the daddy beneath me. Mr. Ross moved his hands and let my entire ass fall onto his face and used his strong tongue to keep me in place. I was still crying out from the snake-like tongue doing its dance in my chute when the big man grabbed my ass again and lifted me back into the air. He moved my body downward as he spoke.

“Little dude, I think it’s time for you to ride my steed. It’s going to take you a while to get used to it so we might as well start now. It’s fine for you to stay tensed, little Will. You’ll see why in just a second.”

My body jerked a little when Mr. Ross placed my ass on top of his hard cock, so the tip was against my hole. I had seen the man was big below the waist, but feeling his dick against my ass made his size a lot more real and a lot more frightening. There was no way on earth I could have been prepared for what came next. The big man held on to the sides of my hips hard and then pulled down in a quick strong jerk. The head of the big cock bust through the clamped-shut opening of my hole and then everything froze. The tip of his dick was just inside my ass – filling the opening completely. I cried out in pain but abruptly stopped when I felt Mr. Ross remove his hands from my sides. I was too shocked to continue noticing any pain. My ass was so tensed that I sat there perched on the tip of my muscle daddy’s hard cock – sticking straight up from his body. His fucking rod was supporting my entire body in the air. I was too flabbergasted to think of anything else but the power in his dick.

“Looky there – I’ve made a Will popscicle.”

Mr. Ross began to chuckle and his entire body shook. This caused his cock to rock back and forth, and, along with it, my impaled stiff happy body.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Great! Wonderful! Loved the continuing saga!
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Fuck you don't know how long I've been waiting for this. I totally forgot about Mr. Ross but will never do that again. You don't know how much honestly I want to find my own Mr. Ross.
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Just finished reading it. It's sooooo super hot! You knew what I was looking for, too, giving so much attention to that hot mustache. :3
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I think this story was totally awesome and HOT! Can't wait for more!!!
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Man, Mr. Ross is hot. I'm not usually into daddies, but you're definitely hitting my buttons with these detailed descriptions and awesome displays of muscle, power, and arrogance. I look forward to more!
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Fantastic read. Very stimulating!
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perfect!!!! keep it going, pleeeeze!
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