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Old July 11th, 2010, 08:57 AM
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Polar Opposites - The First Date

[Finally, a second part to this story]

So you can kind of guess how difficult it was for me those next few days Ė being a thirty-five year old man that suddenly finds himself attracted to another man. And the guy wasnít anything like me! I mean look at us Ė are we the Odd Couple or what? Iím over three hundred pounds and covered in muscles Ė heís a scrawny guy that can barely lift fifty pounds without huffing and puffing like heís going to fall over dead. But I couldnít get the fucker out of my head for nothing. It was like he had put a spell on me or something. After the talk he gave at the library I went home and tried to not think about him. I even invited over the sure thing that lived around the corner and plowed her pus . . . um, vagina, all night long. The next morning she was whining that I had been like a wild man and that it was going to take weeks for her to get over the soreness. I guess I was trying to prove to myself that I really liked women, but all the time I was fucking her I was thinking about the stupid English teacher.

You liked me; you really, really liked me!

Donít let it go to your head, dickhead. Yeah, I liked him, but I just didnít want to admit it to myself Ė yet. The next morning was Saturday and Randy and I met at the gym to toss around some weights. I went crazy and started pushing myself to pump more pounds than I ever had. Randy thought I was doing some Ďroids or something. I didnít have the guts to tell him that a teacher geek was causing my juice to run on overdrive. I thought about telling him. Randyís my best friend. But I decided that I couldnít share that kind of news with him just yet. I needed to figure it out for myself first. Donít let the little guy here tell you any differently about himself, though. He was pining for me like a lovesick puppy.

Do you even know what the word pining means? Never mind. I was not, however, pining for you. You did cross my mind a few times that next day, but only because I had to take my shirt and jacket to the cleaners. By the way, I had to throw that shirt away. The red wine never came out. I only thought about you when I recalled how angry I still was about the caveman behavior of your friend. You, on the other hand, had been sort of a gentleman and that did impress me, but I was not thinking of you in a sexual way Ė as you always like to infer. I simply remembered how kind you were to offer to pay for the dry-cleaning, even though you said it was Randyís wish. Why on earth you thought I would fall for such a blatant lie is beyond me.

Hey, I was just trying to get your number and it worked, didnít it? Letís just say I was pretty messed up by my desire for this guy. I didnít know what to do with those feelings inside of me. I thought about tearing up his card Ė I even threw it in the trashcan at one point. But after about ten minutes I went and took it out. I didnít want to call the little squirt, but I also couldnít stop thinking about him.

That is when you became a stalker.

I didnít become a stalker. I just got a girl I fucked once, I mean a girl I knew down at the police station, to do me a favor and look up where you lived. The card only listed his office information. I donít know why I did it. I just needed to go see more of the teacher dude Ė to find out what he was like. I was pretty sure he was into guys, but I didnít know for sure. I just wanted to see you in your Ė what do they say on that Discovery Channel you watch all the time Ė oh, yeah, in your natural habitat. I guess I kind of figured I could get over my interest for you by watching you for a little while. I knew by the address that you lived in the queer part of town.

The gay part of town.

Yeah, that too. Anyway, a couple nights later I went to his address and stood across the street looking into his big place. The guy has a brownstone for godís sake. When I first saw it I got a little sad because I guessed the man couldnít live alone in a place like that. It hadnít hit me that the teacher might have a boyfriend or something. And then donít you know my heart starts pounding like shit when I get my first glance at the guy. Heís just returning from a run or something. Heís in these gay running shorts and has just a tank top on. Iím actually impressed by his cute little body. Heís packing a little bit of muscle on his frame and that just gets my rod harder than you know what. Iím standing across the street with a fucking boner watching the English teacher stretch on the steps to his place Ė heís bending over, heís doing lunges, and heís pulling his legs up to his chest. By the time heís done warming down Iím fucking burning up. Iím sweating bullets just looking at this guyís little body and his nice muscled ass. At this point I know I need something to drink. Iím so confused that thereís only one thing to do and thatís get shit-faced.

This is one of my favorite parts of our story.

He always says that and itís because this is where I look like an ass.

Thatís not true. Well, it is partially true, but mainly I like it because itís where you learn an important fact about yourself that will help bring us together Ė eventually.

Thatís for sure. Well, anyway, I quickly walk away from his place and jump into the first bar I come to Ė intending to get sloshed. I order two drafts and down the first in one gulp. Itís not until that moment that I look around and see all these men staring at me. Iíve actually walked into a fucking gay bar and itís pretty full of guyís looking at me like I was a side of beef and they were a pack of wolves. I quickly down the other beer with the idea that Iíd leave the place immediately and go back home Ė to my bar. But as I was throwing back that mug something hit me in the pit of my stomach. I glanced around the place to make sure what I thought was true. I even caught a couple of guyís eyes and didnít look away. Thatís when I realized that these gays were looking at me the same way women looked at me when I was out with my buddies. I could see in their eyes that they were all trying to get my attention Ė all subtle and stuff Ė hoping Iíd choose them. Every man staring at me had a face full of lust and desire, or something. I turned back to the bartender to order two more beers and, donít you know, there were already two full mugs in front of me. The bartender winked at me and said they were on him. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he thought the gesture might get me to bless him with some attention.

I must admit that the sudden confidence caused by your epiphany still excites me.

If youíre saying that you get hard hearing about how realizing that guys wanted me the same way dames did made me all cocky and stuff, then thatís fucking for sure. Even after all this time he still loves it when I talk shit about my body and about how big and strong I am.

How about we return to the story?

Oh yeah, well anyway I thanked the barman for the drinks and then lifted a mug to take a long swallow. Thatís when I noticed the little manís eyes moved to my bent arm instead of looking me in the eyes. Shit, it was like a ton of bricks hitting me on the head Ė my giant-sized body turned the dude on just like it did all those gals I plowed over the years. I know itís hard to understand, but up until that moment I never got the queer thing . . . I mean the gay thing at all. Here it was in fucking clear English for the first time. Some guys just got their rocks off looking at other guys. No wonder I thought about my buddy Randyís man-tits more than the racks on the women I dated. Hell, that even explained why I got a major boner just looking at the scrawny English teacherís firm ass. This is what squirt here always calls my epit . . . no, epifo . . .


Yeah, that. I just call it the moment I realized two important things. One, most guys wanted my big muscles like they were slobbering dogs chasing a rabbit and two, I like cock a hell of a lot more than . . . well, you get the point.

Iím quite sure they do, you Neanderthal.

You know I ainít offended by that word. Neanderthal just means Iím a shit-load bigger than you and I can fold your scrawny-ass body into the size of a wallet if I choose to. Hell, thatís a good idea Ė if you were that compact then I could slide you in my back pocket. Howíd you like rubbing up against my tight ass all day long?

I would like it as much as I like, using a term from your limited vocabulary, ďplowing that tight ass of yoursĒ all day.

Hey, we donít need to be telling all our secrets now, okay?

Did you notice how he invokes secrecy when I reveal something that makes him appear less manly? He does not like the idea of the world knowing that he is a bona fide bottom. He simply cannot make it through a day without having my penis penetrating his firm butt. See how red he turns as I share this with you?

Iím only turning red because itís embarrassing the way you talk. After all this time around me and you still canít say cock, fuck, or ass. Nobody knows what youíre talking about Mr. English teacher. And so what if I like taking it up the chute. I have a lot of time to make up. I never knew sex could be so hot until I met you.

That is one of the nicest things you have ever said. Thank you. Letís return to your epiphany, shall we?

Yes, letís. Geez, heís such a cute prude, isnít he! Anyway, Iím standing at the bar tensing my bicep as I take a swig of beer and I see the guy behind the bar actually shake with delight as he watches my arm swell up. Shit, it dawns on me right then and there that my fucking muscles are like a ďget out of jailĒ free card in the gay world. I donít know if it was the three beers I downed in five minutes or what, but suddenly I was feeling all cocky about my new revelations. It was like some fucking floodgate had opened inside of me. I just accepted I was a homo in that instance and it felt like slipping on a pair of worn out comfortable jeans. You know, the kind that have molded to all your bulges and curves. It just felt like second skin or something. I downed my fourth beer, thanked the bar guy, winked at him to give him an extra thrill and then headed out for my desired prize.

Can you believe that? It took me years of self-hatred and thousands of dollars in therapy to accept that I was gay and this sasquatch comes to terms with it over four beers in a matter of minutes. And he has never doubted it since.

That ainít entirely true, dude. On my walk back to your place I stated sweatin bullets and worrying a shit-load.

Yes, but that was merely because you wondered if I would be attracted to you in the same way as you were to me. Incredibly, you had no doubts about your newfound homosexuality and actually embraced it full on from that moment.

Yeah, well when your cock is harder than itís ever been in your entire life you kind of just know somethingís right. I was seriously nervous about talking to you and I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew for fucking sure I wanted to press myself up against your hot body. Thatís all that really mattered. Itís what fueled me forward.

So basically your penis led you again. How primitive is that?

Could you please say the word ďcockĒ or ďdickĒ? Please. Just once, for me. You sound like a fucking biology teacher when you say penis. And by the way, when heís plowing my ass in bed he does not talk this way.

Thatís enough of that conversation, good sir. As you said earlier, we do not need to share all of our secrets. Letís leave our bedroom activities out of the story for now, shall we. To make you happy I will restate my sentence. So basically you let your cock lead you. Howís that?

Now youíre talking! Iíll have you swearing like a sailor in public even if it kills me. If I have to watch the fucking Food Channel you should at least have to do something for me, like down a few shots of tequila or walk around the house in your underwear or talk dirty. It seems like a fair trade.

Back to the story, my good man.

Okay, okay. So Iím actually shaking as I go up the steps to the brownstone. I have no idea what Iím going to say to the teacher when he opens the door. Luckily, a delivery guy double-parks and comes up the stairs behind me. Itís some college kid bringing some food. The guy takes one look at me at the top of the stairs and shoots rigid all over. I swear he was one big hard-on. The little guyís face is even with my pecs and so I just inhale and push my t-shirt out more Ė causing his eyes to bulge farther, too. I suddenly feel a surge of adrenaline that pumps me even cockier than in the bar. I put one hand behind my head and tense my bicep muscle hard. The boy looks like heís about to faint. I ask him how much I owe him Ė making him believe I ordered the food. He stammers out that Iím not the usual guy that orders from the place. I look down at him and tell him Iím his boyfriend. The delivery guy just replies shit and mumbles how lucky the son-of-a-bitch teacher must be. He then says thereís no charge. I ask why and he says itís because he needs to get back to the car quickly to whack off. I tell him Iíll at least give him a tip and I reach out and grab the back of his head Ė pulling his face into my flexed bicep. The little dude immediately runs his tongue over my mountainous arm and then shoves his nose up into my pit. His puny body suddenly goes into convulsions and I know Iíve given him something better than a few extra dollars. Heís gotten a thrill that will go on giving for years to come. Heís probably still somewhere in the city beating off thinking about me Ė even after all this time.

You are just too confident with yourself sometimes.

Donít pretend you donít like it when Iím cocky, you little fucker. You love it when I tell stories about guys shooting their loads just from being near all this muscle. Anyway, he hands me the food and I send the little guy back down the stairs in a daze and with a big wet stain forming at his crotch. For a few seconds I worry that heís not fit for driving, but the thought of the English teacher pulls me back to the front door of the brownstone. I take a deep breath, adjust my raging hard-on, and ring the doorbell.

Oh good, we are finally at my grand entrance.

Whatever. So he answers the door and my knees go weak as soon as I see him. Heís fumbling with his wallet and doesnít realize, at first, that itís me. He glances up and sees my chest first Ė then he looks up at my face and I swear thereís only a blip of shock that registers and then the guy goes into some kind of smirk. It almost looks evil or something. Like he knew Iíd be there.

Did you ever think that maybe it was that I hoped you be there one day.

Aw shucks, thatís sweet. See, he can be sweet when he wants to be. Anyway, I tell him he can put his money away, since I took care of the delivery guy. I tell him I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to check on him. To see if his clothes had gotten clean and all. And I swear, the little shit just keeps looking at me with that crazy smirk and I continue my diarrhea of the mouth since Iím so nervous. Iím blabbering about everything from home remedies to get wine out of clothes to what a great place he has and heís just smiling at me. He lets me ramble on for a while and then, when I finally stop to take a breath, he asks if I want to come in and share his Thai food. Iím so stunned that I just walk into his place and he shuts the door. I hand him the bag of food and we just stand there looking at each other. I was nervous as shit and didnít know what to do.

I must admit that I was a little cruel at that moment. I was completely surprised to find him on my doorstep, but secretly very happy. I had picked up on something at the pub, but wasnít sure. When I saw him standing on my front steps I knew my intuition had been right. They huge guy was in an exploring kind of mood.

If by exploring you mean horny, then hell yeah I was. I had the fucking hardest dick ever just because I was standing a few feet from this squirt. My mind was spinning and I was confused as shit. I started breathing heavy and was scared I was going to pass out. Iím sweating bullets and donít know what Iím supposed to say or do Ė and the dweeb is just standing there all silent and smiling. I finally did the only thing I thought that could do to equal the playing field. I needed to regain some footing, so I reached down and pulled my t-shirt up over my head. Yep, I just took off my shirt right then and there and let it drop out of my hand onto the floor. I didnít flex or nothing Ė I just stood there with my chest heaving something awful. And the English teacher simply says, ďOh my.Ē Thatís it. Two simple words, but it was enough for me to see that the squirt liked my body. I got back some of the confidence I had earlier and I was able to smile down at him.

It was also at that moment, my good sir; that I realized your lust for me was so intense that there was probably nothing you wouldnít do. A tidal wave of ideas came flooding into my mind.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
Londonboy is BAAACK!

Great dialogue, great descriptions, and very funny!

Welcome back!~

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I love this
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Aww. He said Cock for the big lug. I like how two totally different peope can still have such powerfull connections and about the same things. This is heating up very very nicely.
and the different ways these two talk only add to the heat.
Man, you gotta love the idea that the "Little Squirt" totally dominates the lovemaking with his enormous "Bottom".
Aw shit. Now I have this image of a huge bite taken out of a pillow.

This is gold, Londonboy.
Tell us you'll...
Keep Writing.

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Wonderful to see another installment of this story - it's turning into one of my favorites. I enjoy the odd couple aspect of the story - the big tough mechanic falling for the little English professor. As usual, the writing is great. Can't wait to read more!
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