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Old May 9th, 2010, 08:47 AM
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Gym Buddies 4

Well, after a long gap, here's the last cahpter of Gym Buddies. Yes, you read that right; I've actually finished a story! Been a while since that's happened I know. Hope you still like it and the ending is to your liking

It looked like a nice neighbourhood; the sprinkling of glass we’d left on the road would no doubt be cleaned up by tomorrow. The doors on the other hand… while Chris and Eli bickered, I went back and grabbed them, putting my arms through the window and letting them hang from my shoulders. Then, steering wheel still in hand, I caught up with my friendly giants just in time to see them carrying their car to the garage. They set it down and then Eli turned to me.

“Still got the keys?” Chris asked, sticking his tongue out from between his teeth.

“Here they are” I said, tossing the wheel to Eli while I set the doors down beside the car.

“Great. Let’s get inside” said Eli. “I’m feeling the chill”

He walked to the door, pulled the keys out and then spent a lot of time fiddling with them. His fingers were too big to be able to separate the house key from the other keys on the ring, and he kept dropping them. Unfortunately, every time he dropped them he seemed to get more agitated. I could see his back muscles rippling in frustration.

“Need same help?” asked Chris cheerily, snatching the keys from the ground.

“Be my guest” Eli grumbled, folding his huge arms.

Grinning, Chris held the keys in front of Eli’s head, and then promptly ran through the door. Wood shattered and splintered, his shoulders took two great chunks from the door frame and the brass numbers by the door fell off.

“Chris!” roared Eli.

“What?” Chris chuckled, pocking his head back out. He looked so cute with that boyish smile, sparkling blue eyes and sexy messed up curls. Eli’s anger seemed to melt against his friend’s charm.

“Come on in Greg” sighed Eli, waving his hand at me as Chris disappeared inside.

I approached the door and ducked down. I drew my shoulders in as much as I could, and then used the holes Chris had left to fit through. I walked down the hallway to the next door way, which Chris had already broken through and entered the living room. The one man wrecking crew was sprawled out on the settee, but most of his huge body was hanging off of it. He was looking down at his pecs, hands running over his abs. His thick fingers bumped on the huge, cut bricks that bulged from his stomach.

Something big came up behind me; it’s huge, heavy steps shaking the light hanging from the ceiling. Then I felt something thick slide up between my legs, the fat tip pocking my lower back. Then Eli placed his hand on my shoulders and gently rubbed them before he kissed my other trap. I flexed my arse cheeks tense around his shaft. His pecs pressed against my back as he gave a low growl of pleasure.

“You know” he whispered in my ear. “I felt a bit left out in the car”

“Want me to give you a blow job too?” I whispered back, tensing and jiggling my arse cheeks round his cock.

“Heh, no. I was think-thinking of doing something else”

He shifted his hips, making his cock slide up and down between my cheeks. I shuddered, my arse twitching at the thought of that huge throbbing piece of meat ploughing into me, I wanted it.

While he was still sliding his cock up and down, I waited until his head had disappeared between my cheeks before I shifted myself. He’d already started moving up, so his head rose up and found not the outside world again, but a tight hole that squeezed at him. He gasped and grunted; the hand on my shoulder gripped tighter as he brought his other hand to grab my waist. With one, hard, ferocious move and a growl to go along with it, Eli shoved his cock inside me. It was so hard I ended up rocking forward on my tiptoes, but he had a firm hold on me, not wanting me to get away.

Without waiting, he started fucking me. It was so fucking amazing! That huge slab of meat throbbing inside me, sliding in so far it made my head spin. His hard groin pressed against my arse cheeks, slapping against them, each time punctuated with a growl or a snarl. Eli was such a fucking beast!

Chris had been watching from the settee; not as though he couldn’t hear Eli grunting and growling, or our bodies slapping together. At first he just stroked himself slowly, but then I think he started to feel left out so he got to his feet and headed towards us. Grinning while I was being fucked by the caramel animal, I grabbed my cock and pointed it out, ready for Chris’ backside. But he shook his head and gave me a wink. He went to his knees and grabbed onto my rippling thighs before wrapping his mouth round my cock.

Now, considering I was being fucked so hard by Eli, I was swinging back and forth with the force of his thrusts; so Chris didn’t have to bob his head to pump my cock with his mouth. It was more like I was face fucking Chris the way my cock kept sliding about in his mouth, moving back to his throat which squeezed on my cock gloriously. I gasped at the sensation of having my arse filled and beaten by Eli while Chris pleasured my cock orally. It was such a fucking dizzying high! Chris’ mouth felt great around my bucking cock, his tongue moving in amazing ways and his throat feeling so tight when my head pocked at it. He seemed to have great control of his gag reflex, although after a while, he had to put his hand at my base as a sort of barrier. I didn’t care though, it still felt fucking good and I wanted Chris to enjoy this as much as I was.

Eli’s teeth sank into my traps and I felt his entire body tense up behind me, bulging so big and hard against my back, his fingers digging into my hips. His head flared inside me, stretching my arse to its limits before he erupted. He came with such force it shoved me over the edge. I bucked my hips, causing Chris’ lips to slam into his fist as my balls clenched and I fired into him. He greedily sucked and sucked, and I mean REALLY sucked! He had some fucking lungs beneath those great pecs. It felt like my cock had become like a straw to him, connecting him directly to my balls.

When Eli and I had no more cum left in us, Chris pulled his mouth from my cock and Eli, somewhat reluctantly, pulled himself from my arse. I looked down at Chris passed my pecs as he licked his lips. There was a bit of my cum on his chin though, that perfectly sculpted chin, which then dripped onto his pecs.

“Oh my god!” cried Eli, making Chris and I jump.

“Are you growing?” asked Chris, surging to his feet with a huge grin and his cock throbbing.

“No but WE will. I think I’ve realised what’s making us grow”

He scooped the cum from Chris’ pecs and then went over to a cluttered desk in the corner of the room. With his clean hand he brushed some of the papers out of the way and grabbed a microscope by the wall. Chris and I watched with big grins as Eli bent over, smearing my cum on the slide. He seemed to have a bit of difficulty getting a look through the tiny microscope, his biceps got in the way as he bent his arm to fiddle with the dial. His back really looked like a mountain now with the way he was curved. I really wanted to jump him and rub my cock against his back before I fucked him.

“I was right” said Eli, snapping me out of my fantasy and turning to face us. “Our cum’s changed”

“Changed how?” I asked.

“Well, it has similar properties to the formula Chris and I took”

“What is this formula you keep talking about?”

“It’s something Eli came up with” said Chris, throwing an arm round my shoulder. “We met online through this muscle growth forum. We had a lot of fun together, talking about getting huge together and fucking each other senseless. I swear, the amount of RPs we had--”

“Anyway” cut in Eli. “While we were chatting I was studying chemistry and I came across this theory about genes”

“And he doesn’t mean the denim ones”

“He knows that. As I was saying, you’ve seen guys who are born lucky and either get big really easily or are just born big. Well, this theory believed that the special gene affected testosterone levels, sending them through the roof during puberty. So, I wondered if it would be possible to put this gene into a person’s DNA and help them build mass”

“Believe me, this is the simple version” said Chris, arm still on my shoulder as he pulled me to the settee. He sat down and shuffled so we were as close as possible and our muscles rubbed together. “When he first told me about it, I only understood every other word. He went on for ages about it”

“I don’t hear you complaining about the final results”

“No, but I’m complaining about the lack of fucking right now. And I thought you said we were gonna grow”

“We will, maybe it’s just taking longer this time. Greg’s cum may have looked like the formula, but it’s erratic and constantly changing. But anyway, I’m getting a head of myself. When I made the formula, I decided I was going to test it myself rather than risk anyone else’s health. When I told Chris about it he thought I was joking”

“Nooo, I believe I thought you were setting up another RP”

“Either way, you came round to watch and… I grew”

“I fucking came in my pants it was so hot”

“And then, while I was looking at my body, HE went and drank the formula too”

“Well yeah! I’d seen it work and I wanted to get fucking huge!”

“Yeah, lucky bugger got taller than me”

“Which I thought was fucking awesome. It was cool being able to look down at Eli… and everyone else!”

“But that wasn’t all. We found out that when we had sex with other guys, we made them grow too. It was always different; some guys only gained a few inches and lbs, while others exploded with mass”

“But it only ever worked the first time” said Chris. “That is, until we met you”

“Why’s that?” I asked, looking between them. “What makes me… oh… oh holy fuck! I… I feel it”

My eye lids rolled in my socket and I fidgeted in the chair, grinding my arse into the cushion. Chris chuckle and wrapped his arms around me in a tight muscle hug, sliding his cock against me like he was trying to hump my whole body.

Then it started. My body bulged and rippled, flexing bigger and harder. My pecs started inflating bigger, jutting out against Chris as well as forcing my shoulders further apart. I could feel my back rising up higher past the back of the chair, as well as Chris’ arms being forced lower unless I became too wide for him to hold on. My cock throbbed and swelled against Chris’ abs as he humped. The feeling of my growth and my cock head getting pleasured by his rippling abs was driving me wild! I lunged down to kiss him hard, placing my expanding hands on his back and holding him against me tightly, watching as my body bulged all over, surrounding him with my muscles.

He growled as we kissed, being so close to my growth was pushing all the right buttons for him. His blue eyes were just visible through his half closed eyes. He nipped at my lips and I flexed my pecs against him as my growth came to its end. I looked down at him and smiled.

“You look cute in my arms” I chuckled, squeezing him tighter and hugging him into my bulging pecs. He shuddered in pleasure.

“Ugh!” grunted Eli. “Ah fuck. Here comes my spurt”

He started growling, doubling over, causing his back to become that mountainous range again, but this time, it was steadily rising higher and broader. It looked fucking fantastic. He then threw his head back with a powerful roar, his pecs inflating in front of him too, almost filling his lungs to allow his roar to continue. Chris and I were watching him grow and growl; Chris’ cock throbbing against my abs. Eli’s feet started to slide across the floor as his huge legs got even thicker and longer. His sac inflated heavier, the sheer weight of his cum filled sac weighing it down lower on his thighs while his cock rose up higher, the head flaring as it sought to reach his pecs. Speaking of pecs, they were so fucking massive! They were jutting out an insane amount, looking like someone could huddle up under them for protection during a rain shower… or more likely a cum shower!

When his growth slowed, Eli straightened up, his chest heaving as he gasped and panted, those fucking huge shoulders of his rising and falling too. His biceps looked huge, even though they were relaxed, as they bulged against his incredibly wide lats, the two muscles wanting to occupy the same space. But even with his wide upper body, his waist was still deliciously narrow, and those well cut hips directing your gaze down to his crotch where a fucking huge rod was pointing up. Eli looked down at me, his chin hitting his pecs and his head looking close to the ceiling. He had to be about 8’2”!

“Let’s see ya Greg” he rumbled. His voice always sounded deeper right after his growth before it returned to normal. Maybe he was doing it intentionally, just to make himself sound bigger. Well, it certainly made him sound sexier!

Chris rolled off of me, looking up eagerly, wanting to see who was bigger. I brought my legs closer to the settee, causing my knees to bump into my pecs and my cock to become trapped between my thighs. It felt so good I had to stop for a while, flexing my huge legs around my cock. But, I managed to pull myself together and stand up.

I grinned and looked down at Eli. “Sorry” I said with a grin and a cocky flex of one arm. “Looks like I’m bigger”

Eli chuckled and lowered his head in defeat. I smiled wider, bringing my arms together and flexing my pecs. I was 8’5”! The ceiling seemed really close now, just under a foot away! Eli and I then turned down to Chris, who was beaming up at the two of us.

“Guess I’m next” he chuckled, his pecs jiggling and flexing in excitement. Then his laughter wavered and he started panting and moaning. He grabbed his nipples and played with them, throwing his head back. I watched as his nipples bloated between his fingers, then his pecs started growing, pushing those fat nipple out further and further. The chasm between them got deeper and deeper, lined with striations in his swelling pecs. I watched as he spread out over the settee, his legs growing out in front of him, those big fucking feet of his growing up and spreading out. Soon his rounded arse cheeks were hanging off the edge, he’d gotten so big he could barely fit on the settee! Before his growth stopped, he got up, pumping his swelling cock furiously and looking from me to Eli.

He’d joined us in the 8 ft high club, but, and my cock twitched when I realised this, he was 2 inches shorter… than Eli! I was the biggest. Me! It was hard to believe that I woke up this morning as a tiny little twig of a guy, not to mention that the huge guys I’d gazed longingly at in the gym were now looking up at me?! Such a fucking amazing high.

Eli rolled his huge thighs forward as he approached Chris. He stared down at Chris and puffed out his pecs, really making his greater size obvious to the shorter giant. He flexed his arms at his side and then jutted his chin out. The corner of Chris’ mouth pulled into a smile as he silently stepped closer. The two off them kissed slowly, but when Eli’s large hands slid down Chris’ arms, and Chris flexed lightly, both of them started becoming more hungry. Their kissing became more intense, Eli starting to growl and snarl, nipping at Chris’ lips as the shorter guy rubbed himself against the caramel giant. Chris then broke the kiss to lick at Eli’s pecs, burying his face in them and playing with his nipples. The caramel giant grunted and snarled, throwing his head back to make his traps flare and his pecs bulge against Chris’ face. He slide his large hands down the pale stud’s back, groping as he did until he found that bubble butt. He dug his fingers into the cheeks, prying them apart and letting a thick finger slide in between. Chris inhaled sharply and I saw his arse cheeks clench around Eli’s finger. If I had to guess, I’d say Eli had found Chris’ hole. And from the way Chris was gasping and shuddering, the caramel giant was only teasing that hole.

“Oh fuck” Chris panted. “I… I n-need… oh fuck, just fucking FUCK me Eli!”

Eli roared and shoved Chris back. The paler stud landed on the floor.

“Yeah!” he roared back as Eli bore down on him, spreading his legs and lifting his arse.

Growling like an animal, Eli grabbed onto Chris’ hips, thumbs going along his spread legs as he spread them wider and then shifted forward. Chris became impaled on the giant’s cock, and by the sounds of his yells, he loved it. Eli curved his back and kissed Chris into the floor as he bucked his hips and fucked him furiously. Both of them were growling and grabbing the other with animal intensity. Now, I always thought of myself as a gentle lover, preferring slow and loving, but seeing these two fucking each other so heard it look like the floor was sinking beneath them, I couldn’t help but grab my cock and wank in time with them.

Chris pushed on Eli’s pecs to break the kiss. He managed to look at me with thick brows furrowed “What are you wait--” was all he managed to get out before Eli flexed his pecs and used his greater strength to reclaim his fuck toy. His lips covered Chris’ cutting off his words by driving his tongue in. Chris’ eyes rolled in his sockets as he let out a low moan, his entire body rippling and shuddering. His arms grabbed onto Eli, pulling him closer, not wanting him to get away.

Then I saw Eli’s arse moving back and forth in front of me. It tensed and rippled with his hard thrusts, the two globes squeezing together and his thighs fuelling the power for his arse pounding. I looked from my throbbing cock in hand, then to Eli’s arse.

I have no idea where this came from, but I filled my chest with air and roared as I charged forward. I slammed into Eli’s back, my cock forcing its way between those huge, rippling cheeks. My sudden attack surprised and also pleased the beast Eli had become. I spared no time in matching his thrusts, throwing in the power of my hips too, which not only made it rough for Eli, but made Chris’ ride even rougher! When I ploughed into Eli, I slammed into him with enough force to drive him deep into Chris, and much harder too. I’d have been sorry for the arse pounding the guy was getting, if it wasn’t for the fact I think he loved it. The way he was crying out at the top of his lungs was a bit of a giveaway.

“OH FUCK!” he screamed as his body bucked and bulged beneath Eli. I think I actually HEARD his cum splatter against Eli’s abs, but the room was suddenly filled with a roar from Eli. I swear, it was like the walls shook with the power of his roar as he bucked and fired into Chris, the way his arse cheeks rippled and tensed with his shots felt great around my cock, and I too erupted. The three of us were bellowing and panting and gasping as we had one of the most intense orgasms of the night. Eli and I practically collapsed on top of Chris, the poor guy getting buried under our weight again. He wheezed and gasped for breath as we squashed him, but he still seemed to be in heaven. We eased off of him to let him breath, and then lowered ourselves down again, just rolling about on the floor with all our muscles. The only problem was, there was a lot of furniture that kept getting in the way. Then again, it wasn’t REALLY a problem, considering our sheer size, bulk and strength anything that got in our way either moved or got broken.

Then I let out a low moan.

“Oh fuck” I gasped. “It’s coming. Oh fuck, it’s coming! I’m gonna get fucking bigger!”

“Get up, quick” panted Chris, pushing against my pecs and making me sit up. “Lean against the wall and spread your legs. Hurry!”

With difficult, due to the waves of pleasure crashing through my body as my growth spurt came closer and closer, I followed Chris’ instructions. I started to stroke my cock as it stuck straight up from my groin, but Chris batted my hands away.

“What are you doing?” was what I wanted to say, but I barely got ‘what’ out before Chris squatted down in front of me. He fucking sat on my cock! As my huge shaft slid inside him, he cried out, throwing his arm round the back of my head as his legs wobbled with pleasure and needed something to support himself on. No sooner had Chris taken my cock then I felt it hit.

“OH FUCK!” Chris and I roared as the growth hit my cock. I felt it flare inside him and fatten up, filling up Chris’ arse. Then it lengthened, sliding in deeper. Chris cried out again, his bicep tensing against my neck as his entire body started to quiver. I grabbed the underside of his thighs, my chest rumbling with growth and a growl as I leant my head down and kissed his neck, catching his lobe in my teeth and tugging on it. My huge and growing cock was too much for Chris to be able to move himself along my cock, so I just moved him myself.

Lifting the heavy fucker caused my entire body to bugle and ripple, biceps flexing and rising to huge balls of solid muscle, forearms coursing with veins, pecs bulging with striations against Chris’ back and my balls bloating and inflating against Chris’ arse cheeks every time I lowered him down.

The growth started spreading throughout my body, making lifting Chris easier and easier; the swelling masses filling with power to make him seem almost lighter. And his arse felt so tight! From the sounds Chris was making, he had no regrets for jumping on my growing cock. My hands grew along his legs, thick fingers curling up his thighs. I was having to lean down more and more to keep kissing his neck and traps, my pecs not making it any easier with the way they were inflating and jutting out more and more, pushing against Chris and taking up more room. But it felt so fucking great and filled me with this sense of power.

The three of us roared; me because Chris’ arse felt so tight, Chris cos he had a fucking huge piece of meat in his arse and Eli… he was growing! He started flexing and growling, striking his chest as he started growing and growing. His pecs rippled and tensed as they puffed up and out, spreading out to make him wider and wider. He grabbed them, cupping at them as they inflated; they were jutting out so fucking much now. He tugged at his fat nipples as his hands started growing too. He clenched them and grunted, flexing his entire body as his muscles surged bigger and bigger. His traps swelled against his ears, his head getting surrounded by muscle before his neck flared and lifted him higher. Another roar rumbled in his huge, rippling chest before he grew in another body swelling, shuddering wave. There was a thud as his head hit the ceiling. The fucking 8’10” high ceiling! He roared louder, veins springing up along his huge neck as he lifted his hands and pressed them against the ceiling. His biceps looked immense and his pecs cast a huge shadow over his ripped abdominals and huge cock. The ceiling cracked around his hands as he pushed… no, he wasn’t pushing, he was just flexing and tensing his muscles. He moved forward onto his hands, his head landing right on Chris’ cock as I lifted him up my cock.

Chris cried out in sheer pleasure as his cock was tongued by a giant at the same time another giant was filling his arse with a massively thick and long cock. He threw his head back into my pecs and wrapped his legs round Eli’s head and shoulders, pulling him closer and forcing him to move with him as I continued to lift him up and down my cock.

Then Chris’ arse tensed, squeezing the base of my shaft enough to make me bellow. I gripped tighter onto his thighs and felt them growing and swelling. Eli sucked hungrily on Chris’ cock, groping his balls as they started to inflate and grow in his hands. Chris’ couldn’t speak; he’d been reduced to gasps and moans and grunts and cries of sheer pleasure, the attention his arse and cock was getting was only intensified by the awesome orgasmic euphoria that the growth spurts brought. And feeling him grow in my lap and on my cock was practically just as good.

Suddenly, I felt some thick fingers fondle my balls. I gasped and grunted as I thrusted in harder, managing to lift him up without my hands. Those fingers moved forward, past my balls to find my arse cheeks. I slid down the wall, leaning against it as I let those fingers force their way through my hard, rounded globes of muscular arse and teased at my hole, causing me to shudder and lose it. I gave Chris another hard thrust, lifting him with the thrust alone, which was even more amazing considering Chris’ new size and fucking immense weight, and erupted inside him. His head hit the ceiling as I let loose my spurts of hot cum, shocking Chris and pushing him over the edge too. He fired into Eli with a low bellow, his pecs actually inflating with it as he was still growing. The torrent of cum firing from Chris’ cock only excited Eli and made him suck all the harder, pumping the shaft furiously with his hand. Chris’ swelling body leant against me, pressing me into the wall as Eli pulled his other hand from my ass to grope Chris’ balls.

Chris was getting bigger and heavier on my lap, his back muscles rubbing against my chest and face as they broadened and bulged. It was a fucking awesome feeling. I kissed and liked them as they shifted under his skin, growing bigger and bigger. I could hear the wall groaning behind me as our combined weight was proving too much and I heard more crashing and banging as Chris’ legs grew out across the floor and crushed the furniture.

Then Chris let out a powerful roar that rang in my ears and rattled the windows. He brought his huge hands to the ceiling, which he was getting pressed into by his growing body, his chin in his pecs and his shoulders around his ear. Rather than just flexing against it like Eli had done, Chris pushed, using all his strength. My cock was still inside him, and as he used his legs as well as his arms to push, his arse cheeks squeezed my cock all the tighter. The ceiling cracked and quaked right before it lifted and broke off from the surrounding walls. One of his hands went through, bringing with it a shower of debris and someone’s bedroom. I wasn’t sure if Chris and Eli lived together, but it didn’t matter anymore considering it didn’t look like their house was going to last much longer.

The wall crumbled behind me and I had to throw my arm back to stop from falling. Chris felt so heavy on my lap, but so fucking great at the same time. I heard Eli roar too, followed by more crashing and banging. I looked round Chris’ bulging lats and under his rippling arm, which was still going up into the floor above, and saw the caramel stud was growing too. He was pumping his cock relentlessly, his pecs bulging and swelling before him. At some point he’d lost his glasses. When the fuck had that happened?! On the other hand, Eli didn’t seem bothered about his lost specs as he bellowed and fired hot ropes of cum. I got a face full, then when the second shot came, I opened my mouth to catch it.

Chris lifted himself off of me and tackled Eli, knocking him through the wall and outside. The rest of the house quaked and fell on top of me, but I barely felt it. The debris was like pillows… OK, hard pillows, but just as light. As I rose up, I felt my growth spurt hit.

I lifted and shoved the debris off as I grew bigger and stronger. I flexed my pecs and roared up to the moonlight, looking at my huge, godly body growing bigger and bigger. Chris was bent over a neighbouring house, his pecs bulging against the roof, breaking and cracking tiles. Behind him, Eli had hold of his waist as was fucking him powerfully. His thighs rippled and bulged, his calves tensing and rising up powerfully while that perfect arse of his clenched powerfully.

The house buckled and creaked as Eli fucked Chris into it. Chris was holding onto the roof so tight, his fingers went through. And, I think more than his fingers were in that house. I could see his wrecking sized balls playing that part as they slammed into the front of the house, and his cock was no where insight. Considering the size that massive manly organ must have been, the only way it could be hidden was if it was in the house. Now, I’d much rather have it in my arse, but seeing Eli’s arse rippling and clenching, I think I’d rather be the one in someone.

I marched over to them, rolling my huge fucking thighs over one another, watching as the trees and cars shook and wobbled. I positioned myself behind Eli, and then as he was bucking back, I moved forward.
He roared in surprise then sheer pleasure as my cock throbbed inside him. I wrapped one arm round him, pulling myself closer and kissing his neck as I started fucking him. It didn’t take him long to start fucking Chris over the house again either.

And so it went on. Every time we came, we’d get bigger. The bigger we got, the more we came. We kept moving and changing position, Chris preferring to play the pummelled bottom and let Eli and I drive him into the ground. Of course, our activities didn’t go unnoticed; not only because we were so fucking huge and we shook the ground, but we were loud. Soon the street was evacuated. Then the town. Then the city. Then the county! But by then, although we could have been responsible for the huge evacuation on our own, it was due to the fact our gallons upon gallons of cum changed every other guy it landed on. Soon there were hundreds of growing guys, but Eli, Chris and I were miles ahead… and above, them.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how big we are, mainly because we have yet to stop. If you really want to know though, you could check out Google Earth or, if you can’t be bothered with all that…

Look out your window.


And that's it. I enjoyed writing this thing, and I probabaly could have kept it on for a few more chapters, I know 'Chris' would have wanted that too ;-p but ti thought it best to end. Still not sure about the ending, I;m not good when it comes to endings ^^;
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wonderful fun sexy story! rdyroger
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Damn, so hot dude!!!!!
I loved the ending!!!
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I think you ended it quite well. And I loved it!!
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The ending was great, don't worry about it. :3
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Man, That's a great one.

You got more ideas in you. Start another one.
Keep Writing.


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