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Old May 8th, 2010, 12:10 PM
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Mr Ross Takes a Husband

I was awakened when Mr. Ross’ large body moved during his post-nap stretch. My small frame still rested completely on top of his larger body and it felt like a small earthquake when he shifted. I glanced up to see him press his massive arms upward and yawn loudly. I watched his beautiful biceps flex during his stretch and then go back to their relaxed, yet still bulging, state. The big man looked down at me and smiled. My head still lay comfortably on his huge right pec – hard, yet warm and inviting.

“Well hello there, Sunshine.”

I merely turned my head and kissed his monstrous chest in response. My lips were rewarded with firm skin covered by tickling fur. Mr. Ross draped his right arm across my body and squeezed tightly. It felt like someone had placed a major appliance on top of me. I moaned loudly – both from the pleasure that his muscled limb gave to my body and from the pain caused by what he probably thought was a slight half-hug. Even after spending part of a day with the man I was still amazed by his strength and his size. The muscled teacher turned his body sideways and I slid off onto the mattress – it felt like I dropped a couple of feet. I immediately missed the presence of his heat and hardness. I likened it to when a bottle is taken from a happy infant. I was only heartened by what he shared next.

“Okay, little man, it’s time for your muscle daddy to take some measurements. This is a two-man job, so I need your help. It’s very hard for me to maneuver the tape measure around parts of my body, especially when I try to do my legs or chest. I haven’t been able to write down any numbers for a while. Why don’t you come help poppa see how big he’s gotten.”

Mr. Ross got up from the bed and by the time he turned around I was already standing and grabbing my underwear. He looked a little surprised at how quickly I had moved, but then I’m sure he guessed that the suddenness of my movements was caused by the anticipated thrill of measuring his huge muscles. Little did he know that I’d probably have given up my left testicle to wrap a tape measure around any part of his monster body. I was glad, however, that giving up any limb or organ would not be necessary. Mr. Ross spoke firmly as soon as he saw the briefs in my hand.

“Whoa, Mr. Will. No clothes. For the rest of the day we walk around nude in this house. I want you to be able to see every part of my big body at all times and I want to constantly be able to see your stiff cock’s joyous reaction. I know there’s no way for you to stay soft when you’re around this much bulging man-meat. On top of that, I want at any time to be able to turn you around, lift your little body into the air, and force my face between those firm ass cheeks. Who knows when this muscle daddy might need a taste of your pretty hole or when he might want to open you up a little more with his muscled tongue. I also want to be able to suck on that hose of yours any time the mood hits me. Your mine now and I have needs that have to be met as soon as they occur. Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s a good boy. Your answer pleases your muscle daddy very much. And don’t worry, your needs will be more than met, as well. Mr. Ross is very good to his favorite pupils and I promise you’ll always have a spot way above all the others. You’ll be the muscle teacher’s pet. There’s no other student that’s going to get the special treatment you’ll receive.”

I loved the sound of everything he was saying. I was now completely lost in my need to please the man. Nothing else mattered except making sure Mr. Ross was taken care of – and I knew, in return, that would make me the happiest man on earth. It was obvious that if my muscle daddy was happy then everyone would be happy. The big man quickly walked out of the bedroom and I had to run to catch up with him. When we got to the kitchen he opened the refrigerator and took out two beers. He opened the first one with just a forefinger and thumb – holding it in front of my face so I could see how easy it was for him – and handed it to me. The second was opened and then he downed the entire bottle with one long swallow. As I watched his throat open up and chug the beer down I got a glimpse of what it must be like each time he sucked my cock dry. When he was finished, the big man, again, let out a belch that seemed to fill the entire house. He placed the bottle on the counter. I think he thought I was offended by his actions.

“Excuse me, Will, but sometimes a man’s just got to do what a man’s got to do. It’s as simple as when I have an itch I scratch it or when I need to plow an ass I plow it. You know what I mean?”

“Yes sir. It’s your house and you’re the boss.”

“That’s true son, but I’m even the boss when we’re outside of this house and don’t you forget it.”

Mr. Ross smiled at me and I could see he meant what he said, but he was also playing with me. I knew the man was very pleased with my behavior. I could feel that I was about to get some kind of prize. He then turned and opened a drawer. He reached down, took out a measuring tape and turned back to me. He held the rolled up strip of cloth at one end and let the other part drop to the floor. A large part of it actually gathered on the floor in a pile and I could tell it was an extra long – probably specifically made for the monstrous man in front of me. I took from Mr. Ross the end he held in his hand.

“Let’s start with my quads, boy. I pumped them hard yesterday and I swear they feel much bigger now. It will also be a living testimony that your once-scrawny teacher has moved into a muscle realm you never thought possible. I’m going to make your body weak from lust, little Will.”

I looked at the smiling hulk-of-a-man and then obediently knelt in front of him. It felt like he was some kind of king about to knight me – and I knew he could do it with the sword attached to his crotch. I noticed that his cock was slightly hard and arched out from his body like some kind of mouth-watering drawbridge. I hoped I would get the chance to make the big thick dick move upward later on. My gaze then turned to his right leg. My mind suddenly went into chaos and I immediately spoke without even thinking.

“Fucking shit!”

“What’s that, Mr. Will? Is that how we communicate in my house?”

“I’m sorry sir. I was just saying . . . I mean, I wanted to say . . . oh hell, it’s just that I’ve never seen such fucking huge thighs!”

“You think that’s big? Watch this.”

Mr. Ross tensed both of his legs and mounds of muscle shot out from all four sides. The hardened meat popping out between forced his legs to be pushed further apart. Massive bulges also exploded at the sides and his upper legs shot as wide as his upper body. He looked like some freakish muscled hourglass. Seeing so much tensed muscle caused me to suck in air loudly and my body froze. Mr. Ross chuckled when he saw and heard my reaction. I just stared at the striations that canvassed all of his quads. There was now a freeway system of indentions and veins streaking across both of his upper legs. I didn’t know where to focus my gaze – I simply looked everywhere and all I saw was fucking incredible muscles.

“Here, little man, I think you should get a few licks off of these giant muscled popsicles. It can be an appetizer before a late lunch. Boy, all these muscles might even ruin your appetite for anything else.”

Mr. Ross put his big paw behind my head and brought my face into his tensed right quad. It hurt like hell when my nose slammed into his hard leg. I didn’t care, though, and immediately stuck out my tongue and started licking every muscled bulge and crevice of his thigh. I tasted a mixture of sweat and cum and realized the latter was from when he had manhandled my entire body up and down on his cock earlier. He had rubbed my chest and abs against his hard rod to get off and when he shot his massive load the juice had been smeared everywhere as he continued to move my juice-soaked body up and down. The mixture of tastes was manly, sweet, and salty all at the same time. It was the most delicious thing that had ever entered my mouth. Mr. Ross strongly guided my head back and forth across his wide quad and my face hurt from being rubbed against rock-hard muscle.

“My body tastes good, doesn’t it boy? You like licking your muscle daddy, don’t you? Just think, there are enough muscles on my big frame to keep your tongue busy for long time. I’m sure that thought makes you very happy.”

I simply nodded my head yes in his hand. It was hard to move because of the power behind what I’m sure he would have called a light grip. I knew there would be no way for me to move his hand back with my head even if I had wanted to. The pressure of one of his hands was enough to probably hold my entire body in place – easily. I simply let the aroma and yummy taste of his muscled thigh permeate my entire being, which, in turn, made my cock shoot achingly hard again. I could also see from the corner of my eye the same thing happening to Mr. Ross’ large tube of meat. His ‘dick drawbridge’ was slowly rising just from watching me tongue-worship his upper leg. Mr. Ross was getting hard simply because I submitted to his power so willingly. He loved the fact that a grown man would so easily give up control just for a chance to be around and possibly feel his big muscles. As if to test this theory Mr. Ross removed his hand and my face stayed smashed up against his thigh. I even continued to move my face and tongue back and forth across his muscles in the same motion. The big man let out a ‘yeah, I thought that would happen’ chuckle and then returned his big mitt to my head, applying even a little more pressure than before. I felt pain in my head, but I didn’t want it to stop.

“Yeah, Mr. Will, you’re doing a mighty fine job on that quad. That’s a good boy. I can see that you won’t ever be able to get enough of your muscle daddy, will you. But I know something that will make you even happier. Let’s see how big that puppy has grown.”

Mr. Ross released my head and I reluctantly pulled back from his beautiful quad. He was right; I only did it because I desperately wanted to see how big his giant upper leg had become. I took the tape measure and actually had trouble reaching around his huge leg – it felt like I was guiding the tape around the body of a normal guy. I made sure to allow my hand to brush up against his huge heavy balls as I moved around his leg. The hair on those low hanging man-cantaloupes made my arm tingle with pleasure. Mr. Ross reached down and grabbed the hair on top of my head to signal that he would appreciate me spending some time on his ball-sac. I opened my hand and grabbed one of his monster globes and squeezed hard. He tugged at my hair and I knew what it meant. I squeezed harder – so tight, in fact, it hurt my hand. Mr. Ross let out a low growl of gratitude as I put as much pressure as I possibly could on his testicle – only creating a feeling of pleasure for the man. I knew my grip would have caused any other guy a shit-load of pain. The big man let go of my head and I knew it was time to continue. I pulled the ends of the tape measure together and let out a gasp when I looked at the number.

“Damn, Mr. Ross, your thigh is thirty-three inches thick. That’s impossible!”

“Look again, little man.”

Mr. Ross tensed his leg hard. Muscles bulged everywhere. The tape measure, along with my hands, was pushed further apart – for two more fucking inches! I became so overwhelmed when I saw his leg explode wider that I simply lost control and slammed my face back into his massive leg, resuming the tongue adoration from before. The room was filled with only the slurping sounds of my mouth and the soft laughter of the big man towering over me. I was like some uncontrollable beast feeding on a slab of beef after being starved for a few days. I could not get enough of the giant quad pressed against my face. I wrapped my hands around the giant leg and squeezed it tightly – noting how it did indeed feel like I was hugging the body of some guy. Mr. Ross allowed me to worship him that way for a good five minutes. He knew that granting me the chance to feel his muscle-packed leg was better than any material gift he could ever give. I was being rewarded for being a good and faithful muscle servant. I ran my hands all over that part of his body. I slid my small hand up between his large ball sac and the muscled side of his thigh, I groped the mind-blowing bulge at the back of his upper leg, and I made sure my hands explored every indention and vein that erupted as he flexed. Finally, I just wrapped my arms around his huge leg and hugged it tightly – marveling at its hardness and the fact that my hands barely overlapped.

“I think we might have to spread out the task of measuring my big body over the course of a few days, don’t you Will? I’m not sure you can handle any more if you got this worked up just from wrapping the tape around one thigh. Can you imagine what measuring my guns is going to do to you? It might be a good idea to have an oxygen tank nearby when we do that - in case you hyperventilate. I don’t want my muscles to be the reason your heart gives out. I’m thinking you are going to need rest in between measuring sessions.”

“I’m sorry sir. It’s just that you’re just so fucking huge. I love feeling your power. I can’t get enough of you.”

“That’s fine, boy. I know what this body does to people. I’m simply happy that my big muscles please you so much.”

“How could they not? If there’s a man on earth that wouldn’t cream in his pants just from watching you flex then he must either be comatose or dead. Hell, I’m pretty sure a blind man would be able to know how big you are from just listening to you talk. Your muscle daddy voice would make me hard even if you were just reading the phone book.”

“Well if that’s the case, son, I think we’ll save measuring my arms and chest for tomorrow. It will give you something to look forward to. This way, you’ll have dreams of huge muscles and either cum as you sleep or wake up with the hardest cock of your life. I’ll be pleased with either outcome, boy. I think it’s time for this big man to get some more protein – the two giant loads of your cum down my throat just wasn’t enough. I’m going to grill me a few steaks. You want one, little man?”

“Please sir.”

“Well, Mr. Will, you’re going to have to either let go of my leg or hold on tight as I move around the house. It’s your choice – don’t think your light little body attached to my monster leg will cause me any difficulty. You might suffer from a little motion sickness, though.”

I let go of Mr. Ross’ thigh as he, again, chuckled at me. I instantly felt lost because I was no longer holding on to or touching part of his huge body. I stood up and watched as the big man start moving around the kitchen to prepare lunch. He grabbed four thick steaks from the refrigerator and stepped out onto the deck to start the gas grill. I sat on one of the stools at the island and watched the behemoth move gracefully at the grill. I took a few swigs of my beer to keep my mouth moist – the sight of Mr. Ross’ big body kept making it turn completely dry. The muscled English teacher came in and grabbed another two beers from the fridge. I looked at him as he opened both bottles and winked at me.

“No thanks, sir. I’m still nursing this one.”

“That’s good Mr. Will, but these are both for me. When I grill I like to have at least a six-pack or more. It helps to wet my whistle.”

“Shit, a six-pack! That would put me under the table!”

“I don’t even feel a slight buzz until I’ve had at least a case, boy. It just takes a lot to fill up this big body. Hell, I’ll be hungry in about an hour even after woofing down those three steaks out there. As a matter of fact, I should probably check those things.”

Mr. Ross went back outside and I sat there in total amazement. Here I was sitting in the kitchen of every muscle-loving gay guy’s dream man. I continued to be blown away by new bits of knowledge about my newly improved old high school teacher. The man could down twenty-four beers and not feel a thing. He ate three steaks in the same way I might have a candy bar or a banana – like a little snack. And he had quads that measured thirty-five inches when flexed. That was wider than the biggest part of my body. I could actually hide my entire frame behind one of his monster legs. I downed the rest of my beer as I stared outside at the nude muscle man flipping steaks. I got another bottle from the fridge and went to twist off the cap. I was surprised when I found that I couldn’t move the top even slightly. I looked at the bottle and my cock got a little stiff when I realized the caps weren’t twist off. It actually hurt my hand to try. Of course Mr. Ross had been snapping the tops off easily – he had twenty-eight inch arms and bench pressed over 600 pounds. These bottle caps were child’s play for him. I opened a drawer to find a bottle opener.

“Here, little man, let me do that for you. Your muscle daddy is here to take care of you.”

A hand attached to a massive arm came over my shoulder and grabbed the bottle from me. I turned to watch Mr. Ross hold the neck of the beer bottle and put his thumbnail underneath the cap. He flicked his thumb upward and the top went flying into the air. The man put the bottle to his lips and took a quick guzzle before handing it to me. The big man moved in close enough so that the hard nipple sticking out from his right pec was just beneath my chin. I bent my knees a little and brought my mouth to the inviting nub of meat. I sucked hard a few times to thank the man for opening my beer. I stood back up and he smiled at me. My cock was completely hard for what seemed like the millionth time that day. Mr. Ross returned to his work. He placed two plates on the counter and then grabbed a bunch of stuff from the fridge and some cabinets. Soon, he was eating three large steaks while I forced myself to eat half of one. We also had a huge salad, some fruit, and then the big man downed another gallon of the same awful looking green stuff he drank before. I asked him what it was and he told me a mixture of protein, natural supplements, and other stuff to help build muscle. He then asked me if I was going to finish my steak and when I said I couldn’t eat another bite he woofed the beef down quickly. The memory of him saying that licking his muscles would lessen my appetite crossed my mind again. The man had been right. I helped him clean the dishes and when we were done he turned to me with a devilish grin on his face.

“Well, Mr. Will, I think it’s time for a dip in the pool. How would you like to see all these muscles glistening from being covered in water? Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Yes sir.”

“Let me help you.”

Mr. Ross wrapped one of his big arms around my waist and lifted me into the air. He didn’t even bend his legs. He just leaned over and lifted my hundred and seventy pounds like I was some kind of cardboard cutout. He squeezed hard enough to make me wince and I knew instantly he did it on purpose. Mr. Ross wanted to show off his strength in every way possible. He loved seeing me learn in a new way his full power. It was obvious that the man could have applied enough pressure to snap my back, but he merely wanted to make sure I got a sampling of what his arm could do. The pain was still enough to make me react in different ways – I first cried out loudly and then my cock shot completely hard - again.

“Yeah, I figured a little pain would make you squeal boy and I also knew it would make that dick of yours go as stiff as a two-by-four. You love feeling your muscle daddy’s power. You know I’d never really hurt you, don’t you Will?”

“Yes sir. I realize you’re just showing off.”

“That’s right, little pup. I need to make sure you get a clear understanding of what your muscle daddy can do. I want you to intimately know my power. And besides that, it gets me hot and bothered when I effortlessly manhandle a grown man. I love feeling my arms using just a fraction of my strength to do something mind-blowing for other guys. Like I’ve told you before, Will, you’re as light as a feather in my arm. I feel like I could carry you for days and not even realize you were trapped by my big arm. Go ahead and try and break free boy. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

I wanted to please Mr. Ross so I placed both of my hands against his thick forearm and pushed with all my might. The man wasn’t even squeezing me tightly and I still couldn’t budge his arm an inch. I reached down to his hand and tried to pry one finger from my body using both of my hands – but his pinkie couldn’t be budged even a fraction of an inch. I then started banging on his forearm with my balled fists but all that did was hurt my own hands. I finally just gave up when I realized the big man’s arm was not going to move at all and he was now loudly laughing at my feeble attempts. My body went limp from exhaustion and I hung there in the air like a rag doll, held up easily his massive arm.

“Did you wear yourself out, little man? Was my big arm just too much for your entire body? Well maybe some fresh air and water will rejuvenate you.”

Mr. Ross moved outdoors and to the edge of the large pool. He thrust his shoulder forward lightly and moved his arm at the same time. I flew through the air many feet and hit the water about halfway down the pool. He had tossed me that far with no effort at all. As I sank in the deep part of the pool it dawned on me that the big man could probably throw my little body over his two story house if he wanted to. I pushed off the bottom of the pool and came back up into the afternoon air in time to see Mr. Ross jump into the air and wrap his big arms around his bigger legs before he hit the water a few feet from me. I was nervous that this giant-sized human cannon ball would cause every drop of water to be sent flying from the pool and, as it was, I was not ready for the tidal wave that struck my body.

The force of the wake caused by Mr. Ross’ splash sent my body tumbling in the water. It actually caused my body to flip over backwards. I immediately became disoriented and couldn’t figure out which way to swim to get air. Suddenly two strong arms wrapped around my body and then I felt the power of two thick muscled legs push both Mr. Ross and me upwards. The strength in his shove caused most of our bodies to clear the water. I could not believe it when I felt air hitting my knees and realized that we were that far above the surface. We came back down into the pool and the big man immediately lay backwards, with me pressed against his chest. The big man then easily moved us to the shallow end with only a couple of powerful kicks.

Mr. Ross continued to hold my body tightly against his. I glanced up at his smiling face. I also looked beyond his head and saw that there was water dripping off the gutter of the house – which was two floors up. I immediately regretted not getting to see the mega splash that his giant body had made. I bet it would have been seen by people six or seven houses down the street. Mr. Ross was again laughing in a way that made it clear he knew how shocked I was at his bizarre display of power. He could feel my hard cock up against his crotch and this obviously made him very happy. I looked back at the powerful man and noticed he was even more gorgeous when completely wet. The water glistened in his thick mustache and his hair was quickly regaining its thick waves caused by his curls. I looked at the massive chest in front of my face and immediately lusted after the neatly water-plastered thick chest hairs covering his pecs.

“That was incredible, wasn’t it Will? I’ve never done that before. I think some water actually went over the house! I can tell that the pool is emptier. I better replenish it later on. I wouldn’t want to dive in tomorrow and hit bottom. I might crack the cement.”

The big guy started laughing again and then stood up – releasing me so I dropped into the water slightly before my feet met the bottom. I stood there staring at the huge wet man and just shook my head. This caused Mr. Ross to grow concerned. I think he actually thought I was upset by something.

“What’s the matter Will? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No sir.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s just that you’re so fucking gorgeous. I mean it Mr. Ross. I’ve never seen anything so magnificent in all my life. Not only are you huge – which turns me on to no end – but you’re also like an adolescent boy that loves showing off everything he can do. I get off more because you love being cocky. It’s your attitude of ‘let me show you all the ways that I can do to make you weak in the knees’ that really gets me going. I can’t get enough of your muscles or your need to display your power. I know it’s only been a few hours, but I’m in love with you sir. Not only am I in love, but I’m in fucking lust for you, as well. I have never wanted to make someone as happy as I do you. I’m your little muscle worshipper just hoping I can do something to make you want me too. There, now everything I feel is on the table. I know it’s a lot for such a short time and I still can’t believe it has happened, but I want you more than any fucking thing in the whole entire world.”

Mr. Ross reached out and slid his big hands under my arms. He lifted me off the bottom of the pool, brought my face to his, and kissed me hard. I brought my hands to his huge biceps and tried to grab hold, but they were just too massive. I simply rested my open hands against his hard wet skin. We kissed for a long time and then he moved my body back away from him, still holding me off the floor of the pool.

“I’ve been waiting for someone like you for a long time, Will. I’ve dated quite a few guys but no one has ever ‘gotten me’ like you seem to. I can tell you love my body, but I also know you crave something hidden deep within me, as well. You seek to release something that’s been dormant inside of me for a long time. It’s something that I’ve only begun to understand since my body has changed. I’ve never wanted to be as cocky as I have these past few hours. You make me want to be the biggest and most badass muscle daddy of all time. I’ve enjoyed dominating you more than any other person ever, but I also want to hold you and caress you gently. It’s the most powerful mixture of feelings I’ve ever felt. I know I don’t understand it completely, but that makes me want to explore it with you even more. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world just now. It seems I want you as much as desire me. I’m taking you as my husband and nothing’s going to stop me.”

Mr. Ross brought my body back towards his and we kissed again. This time there was even more passion behind our lip-lock than before. His words had thrilled me. Pre-cum had started to leak from my dick slit as soon as he said he was taking me as his husband. It had not been a proposal – it had been an order. No, it had been a statement of fact to the world. My muscle daddy was laying claim to all of me. I hoped he would soon force his flag pole of a cock into my ass to make his claim official. I was completely his and I wanted everyone to know. There was something unbelievably powerful happening between us and neither of us cared to understand it – we just accepted it as fact and sat back for the ride. I hoped to be riding something big attached to him very soon.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Another awesome tale!
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It's getting better and better. I can't wait for Mr Ross to grow even larger, and to find out how big his arms and chest are.

Amazing story.

Dont stop!!!!! MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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great story... look forward to MORE
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Love seeing the muscle daddy take what he wants. :3
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Another fantastic story!
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the combination of Mr Ross' muscle/ power, cockiness and tenderness are truly thrilling!!!
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I think Mr. Ross should start getting bigger. Hulking out so to speak.
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