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Old May 4th, 2010, 08:57 PM
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My Protector: Part Two

“Let me help you. We need to go upstairs and get some things.” The giant man wrapped a long thick arm around me and held me at his side. He supported my body easily and moved me toward the stairs. I don’t think I took a step. He basically carried me – my feet dragging on the floor. I knew instinctively that my body weighed nothing to him. When we got to the stairs my legs remembered how to work and I forced them to move. He allowed me to go first, but he kept his hands on my shoulders to give me support. Even though I was walking two stairs ahead of him I could still feel how he towered above me.

When we got to my floor he took the keys from my hands and unlocked the door to my place. It was then that I got my first close look of him. He had to be way over six feet tall. I was five eleven if I was standing in my socks and I had to tilt my head back to see his face. He was wearing a black leather jacket that would have swallowed my entire upper body if I had tried it on. I’ve heard people described as being as big as a tank before, but this was the first time I had ever met someone who fit the bill. His neck was thick and his shoulders seemed to stretch the seams of the jacket. As he turned the doorknob I noticed he had very large hands. I was overcome with how beautiful his hands were – not in a manicured way, but in a masculine, these hands are very powerful, kind of way. He slowly pushed the door open and motioned for me to stay outside. He returned a few seconds later and ushered me through the doorway.

“Just grab a few clothes. That’s all. We need to get out of here quickly.” This wasn’t a suggestion – it was an order. He walked to the window and peered down into the street. I moved to my bedroom and grabbed my overnight bag. It took me a few minutes to gather everything I thought I’d need. I still had no idea what was happening and this made it difficult to pack. When I came into the room he quickly took the bag from me.

“Thanks, I can carry it.” I tried to take it back. He turned and placed it on the table beside him – opening it to look inside.

“I’m not helping – I’m inspecting.” He immediately pulled out my laptop. “I thought I said just a few clothes.”

“You did, but all of my information is on that thing. I might need to check my email. I have…” He didn’t let me finish.

“Do you have everything backed up somewhere?”

“Yeah, all of it. But why?” He didn’t answer. He merely held the laptop in his two big hands and snapped it into two pieces – tossing them on the table. I was shocked beyond belief and my mind was filled with mixed emotions all at once. The dominant feeling was one of awe. I could not believe someone could break a laptop as if it were nothing but a thin cracker. For a few seconds I could only think about the strength that must exist in his arms – and in the rest of his body. And my mind came back to his large powerful hands. But soon that feeling was overcome by anger over the fact that he had just destroyed my laptop. “What the hell did you do that for? Do you know how much that laptop cost? Who the fuck do you think you are?” I was fuming. My sudden outburst made him stop rummaging through my bag and he turned to me. For a second I feared for my life. I anticipated being slammed into the wall like the guy downstairs. My face probably went from angry red to scared white in just seconds.

“I’m sorry Michael. We don’t have much time. Just trust me, okay. Your father sent me because you are in great danger. You can’t have any electronics with you when we leave. People can easily trace you through a laptop or something like it.” He turned back to the bag. He didn’t really explain anything, but the change in his demeanor did calm me down immediately. That’s when he pulled my cell phone from the bag and held it out to the side. I watched as his hand closed around the phone and tightened. I clearly heard metal being crushed. He opened his hand and a hundred fragments of what had been my phone fell to the floor. I opened my mouth to protest again, but he turned and gave a look that shut me up quickly. He brushed his hand on his jeans to get rid of any pieces of my phone that stuck to his hand. He was finally satisfied with my bag. He picked it up and then turned to me. “Let’s go.” I wanted to move – I really did – but my legs wouldn’t move. I was still shocked that two of my possessions were now destroyed and I was stunned at how easily this guy’s hands had made it happen. The guy obviously couldn’t wait for me to get my walking legs again. He grabbed my arm tightly and basically dragged me out of the apartment. Halfway down the hallway I began to walk so he let go of me. He had held me so tightly that it seemed his hand was still wrapped around my arm even a few minutes later. I knew I was going to have bruises in the shape of his fingers. Even in the midst of all that was happening the feeling of his powerful hand made my insides flutter with something called lust.

I avoided looking at the guy on the floor when we got to the lobby. It crossed my mind again at that moment he might be dead. I almost stopped to make sure he was okay, but then I remembered the knife at my neck. I didn’t believe in killing someone, but I also didn’t want it to happen to me. The guy’s large hand pressed against my chest when we got to the front door. He was signaling that he needed to exit first – to make sure everything was safe. Again I was amazed that, even in the midst of something awful, his touch sent shivers of pleasure through my entire body. Suddenly we were outside and making our way to, what else, a black Porsche. Of course this massive stud drove the car of my dreams. Would fate have it any other way? He opened my door and shut it after I was safely in. Anyone walking by would have thought we were on a date. He opened his door, tossed my bag behind the seats, somehow easily slid his large frame behind the wheel and we drove away from my building. A thought flashed across my mind – what if this was the last time I ever saw this place. I glanced in the mirror to get one more look.

I had no idea where we were going. I had no idea who this guy was. And I had no idea why I was in such danger. I got the feeling that the man driving the car was not going to offer any information on his own, but I didn’t know where to begin. We rode in silence for about ten blocks and then I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Can I, at least, know your name?” It was a weird place to start, but the question did make him kind of half smile.

“Sure. My name is Derby.” He answered as he watched the road. I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help it – there was no time to filter my reaction. He looked at me with a harsh face. “What?”

“Derby! A guy as big as you, a guy that can snap a laptop in two or crush a cell phone like he’s crumpling a piece of paper, and a guy who drives a badass Porsche has a name like Derby!” I was truly amazed. I could tell by his face this wasn’t the first time someone had said this.

“What kind of name should I have?” I couldn’t guess by his question whether he was teasing me or not.

“I don’t know – maybe something like Viggo or Snake. I guess you should have a name that matches your size – like Tank or Jet. Derby sounds like a flight attendant or bank teller.” The big guy was now laughing softly. I looked at him and noticed that he looked less frightening and less like a killer when he smiled. A relaxed face enhanced his handsome features. Butterflies of desire filled my stomach. I think he noticed the sudden flush in my face and my abrupt silence. I also think he had a good idea of what brought it on.

“I tell you what, Michael. Why don’t you choose a nickname that suits me – since Derby doesn’t work for you?” I knew he was now teasing me, but I was not going to let him win.

“Okay, I will. Let me think for a moment.” I paused and looked out the window. I pretended to be lost in thought, but I was actually regaining control over my emotions. I already knew what name would fit him. He needed a name that would acknowledge his incredible strength just by being spoken. Since I had been a young boy there had been a name that emphasized power for me. “From now on I’m going to call you Mac.”

It was Derby’s time to laugh at a name. “You’ve got to be kidding. Mac? It sounds like some kind of children’s toy.”

I was not to be swayed. “It’s short for Maciste.”

“So, you’re a sword and sandal kind of guy.” Mac said turning towards me. The fact that he knew the name was not lost on me.

“I think it suits you and now it is your new name.” I stared back at him.

“Fine, just don’t expect me to where a skirt.” Mac said turning back to face the road. He was still smiling.

I realized I was using this frivolous banter to ignore what had happened to bring us to this point. I was trying hard to forget the guy in the lobby, the feeling of a knife at my throat, and the fact that I had no clue as to what was happening or where I was going. I knew I was not ready to ask him any other questions. The car was filled with silence once again.
I stared at the road and watched the scenery fly by as we traveled out of the city. I began to realize we were headed for the airport even before the first signs announcing its exit began to appear. I still didn’t speak. Somehow, I knew I was in grave danger and my dad wanted me out of the city – maybe even out of the state.

We parked at a long-term parking lot and Mac was out of the car before I even had my seat belt off. He reached back to grab my bag and another one that must’ve been his. I realized at that point he was coming with me – wherever I was going. This made me feel safe and my heartbeat actually began to slow down for the first time. I opened my door and got out of the car. A hand reached up and grabbed my shirt and jacket from behind, lifting me off the ground. My body was turned and I was suddenly face-to-face with Mac.

“Listen to me Michael and listen well. Don’t ever get out of a car or go through a door until I say it’s okay. We have no idea who might be out here or who might be on the other side of a door. I need you to follow some specific rules if I’m going to protect you. Nothing is going to happen to you while you’re on my watch – get it?” Mac seemed more menacing than ever, but his words were also reassuring.

“Yes.” I replied sheepishly.

“I don’t mean to scare you, but I do want you to let me do my job. I promise nothing will happen to you if you follow my directions.” Mac lowered me back to the ground. Even though he had scared me tremendously, I was also turned on. I felt my cock pressing against my pants.

“Follow me.” Mac said and he turned toward the shuttle stop. Once we were on the van I watched the big man scan every face riding with us – even the driver. I could tell things must be safe because I watched his body relax slightly. Mac led me from the shuttle into the terminal and we walked up to the counter of Air Italia.

I stopped before we got to the line and Mac instantly sensed I was not following. He turned to look at me. His face was full of determination, but I also could tell he was aware of my confusion and doubt. I summoned my strength and tried to equal his strong will.

“I need to know what’s going on Mac and I need to know now. There is no way I’m getting on a plane with you, especially one headed out of the country, unless I get some answers.” I sounded confident, but I was scared shitless.

“I understand your confusion Michael. I also understand that it is very hard for you to know who to trust right now. But here’s the thing, if I had wanted you dead it would have happened by now, right? You know I could have done it easily. And I knew the secret word your dad told you someone would use. But, most importantly, you’re getting on a plane headed for Rome in about an hour whether you want to or not. I’ll make sure you’re on it one way or another. I promise you that. I can put you out so quickly that no one around us will notice. I’ll just tell the people at the counter that you took your Ambien a little too early and I’m sure they’ll let me take you on the plane. It’s really your choice. You can board conscious and even enjoy the flight or you can let me carry your limp, unconscious body on without any problem. What do you say?” Mac’s face was serious and pleading at the same time. I realized he really did not want to use force to get me on the plane, but I also knew he would if he had to.

“Just so you know, Mac, I am so getting wasted on this flight. And my dad better have us in first class.” I walked ahead of him, but then a thought went through my head and I turned back to him and whispered. “How are you going to make it through security with weapons? This is insane. We’ll never make it.”

“Don’t worry, Michael.” Mac said looking at me with a smug face. “I don’t use any weapons.”

“What?” I exclaimed. “What kind of bodyguard are you?”

“I’m one that doesn’t need anything but these.” Mac answered as he raised his big hands.

I immediately knew it was true. I had seen the guy take out another guy as easy as someone might wring a towel and he had lifted my entire body with one big hand numerous times during the evening. I followed him to the ticket counter and was confident that I was in the best hands possible – I only hoped it was enough.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old May 4th, 2010, 10:09 PM
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These chapters are too short and I am hanging by my fingernails waiting for more!
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Old May 4th, 2010, 10:58 PM
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Old May 5th, 2010, 05:44 AM
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Great work...
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Old May 5th, 2010, 06:09 AM
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Fantastic! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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As above AGREED x 5 ..... a man who can snap a laptop, and crush a phone.

Next part PLEASE.....?
..... Lover of all things musclegrowth
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Agree with all the others. Great chapter. Good detail. Waiting for the next action.......
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Old May 5th, 2010, 09:22 AM
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Today I really need someone like Mac. Sigh.
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I got a feeling this is going to be Epic!

Great Work!
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Wow! An honest-to-gosh thriller! I mean the story...

I continue to be astonished with the caliber of talent that I see on this forum. Don't delay with the next chapter!
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Read both parts & enjoyed. Particularily like that he just needs his muscles
worshipper, 5'8
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Ok the first two chapters are filled with suspense from beginning to end. I am anticipating something is going to go wrong. I wonder what? Maybe mac is going to get hurt or maybe Mike is going to get separated from his protector. Looking foward to reading the next installment.
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