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Mr. Ross

[Something fun for a Monday evening.]

Visiting your childhood home after you have lived elsewhere for ten years is always so strange. It’s a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand you’re now a grown man and you have a separate adult life, but on the other hand you kind of revert back to emotions and attitudes you had when you were fifteen or sixteen. I’m now a successful high-end residential real estate salesman in Los Angeles, but put me back in that small town in Georgia and I revert to being a kid that’s struggling to find his identity. And some of that struggle is not fun to remember. Growing up gay in the south can be very hard and something that you never truly get over. I’ve been out to my parents for years, but it continues to be a topic that never really gets discussed. I blame the fact that I’m still single as one of the contributing factors to this perpetual silence. This trip was a quick four day stop on my way back home after some work in New York. It’s only my second visit in the last three years. I really need to get better about visiting my parents.

As soon as I sit down at the kitchen table my mom starts the laundry list of questions. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you want to rest? Do you want me to fix you something? Let me tell you what we have in the fridge. Do you need anything washed? It almost seems like she’s trying to prevent even a second of quiet time because she’s fearful I might start talking about something scary – like my love life or, worse, my sex life. My parents are good people, but please don’t ask them to talk about subjects that have been taboo in my family since before the middle ages. After I successfully avoided any fattening food items being shoved down my throat and every type of beverage known to humans, my mother somehow convinced me to take a cake she had made to my neighbor, Mr. Ross. I cannot fathom how she manipulated me so easily, but that’s my mom. Before I even have time to protest I am walking across our front lawn to the house next door.

Mr. Ross is not only our neighbor, but he was my English teacher in the 11th grade. He and his mother moved into the house next door at the beginning of that specific school year. I always thought of Mr. Ross as a mousy man. I guess he must have been only about fifteen years older than me when I was in his class, but because of his demeanor and his smallness I thought of him as ancient. I hoped he would not be at home so I wouldn’t have to speak to him. It seems that his mother had passed away about a year before and my mother had continued to make him a weekly cake since then – as if she were still helping him to heal. She told me I could just leave the Tupperware container on the porch if no one answered. That is what I wished more than anything. I really just wanted to return to my parent’s house and be a vegetable for a few days. It had been a grueling, but lucrative, month. I had sold two properties in Santa Barbara and even found time to unload a fabulous condo in New York. These sales made it possible for me to not worry about money for at least half a year.

I rang the door bell and waited. There were no sounds coming from inside and this brought me relief. I did not want to stand on this porch and have to produce chit-chat with Mr. Ross. He had been an okay teacher, but we had pretty much made his life a living hell because it was his first year teaching at a public school and he was such a push-over. I decided to ring the bell one more time before I put the cake down on the welcome mat. There wasn’t any initial response so I bent down to gently place the container on the ground. That’s when the door opened.

I looked up and gazed on what seemed like calves, but I wasn’t sure. I had never seen lower legs that bulged out so much at the sides. Just by looking at the two muscled shins in front of me I knew the upper legs attached were definitely jacked, as well. I stood up quickly and the sight in front of me caused me to topple backwards a couple of steps. I was too caught off guard to prevent the first thing that came to my mind to escape from my lips.

“Holy shit!”

“Little Will Thornton. How the heck are you? Your mom mentioned you were coming for a visit.”

“Damn, Mr. Ross, what happened to you?”

“Oh, you noticed the improvements, eh? Nothing happened really, I just found a lot of free time in my schedule after mom died and decided to fill it with a little weightlifting. You didn’t see her at the end, but she was so bad off that she really needed care around the clock. I guess I had forgotten what it feels like to have time for other things.”

“You’re fucking huge now!”

“Um, Will, I know I’m not your teacher anymore, but I really feel like I should encourage you to use less profanity and find words more appropriate for what you’re trying to convey. Remember, I teach English.”

“What I’m trying to say Mr. Ross is that you look like some juiced-up bodybuilder and not the meek little guy I remember from high school. I wouldn’t have recognized you if I had passed you on the street.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but please know that this is all natural – there’s no juice in this body. I was kind of squirrelly back then, wasn’t I?”

There was a moment of silence as I simply stared at the man and Mr. Ross gave me time to take in the full transformation that had occurred to his body. The man had never been really tall; maybe five-eight or five-nine – five-ten at the most. But he sure seemed a lot taller now. His freakishly broad shoulders filled the entire doorway. The black tank top he was wearing was stretched to the max across his mammoth chest. There wasn’t enough material to cover his right hard nipple, which was surrounded by a large dark circle of skin and a patch of perfect brown fur. The same beautiful hair dusted the top of his magnificent pectoral muscles and for a second it looked like he actually took a small brush and made sure each strand of hair traveled in the same downward pattern. There was a pretty wide cavern created by the two huge globes of chest meat and the taut top of the cloth - struggling to not rip from being pressed out to the max. It seemed like my entire arm could have easily been lost in that empty space.

A second glance at Mr. Ross’ face made my toes scrunch up in my shoes from an immediate rush of lust. The sheepish mustache that had in high school made his face look like some scrawny geek-ish used car salesman was now full and beautiful enough to make him look like some rough-and-ready masculine cowboy. The rest of his face matched the neatly cropped hair on his upper lip. The once pale Mr. Ross now had the golden sheen of someone that spent lots of time outside and his skin was beautifully smooth. His haircut made him look stylish and helped to emphasize his manly jaw line. It was basically the face of a drop-dead gorgeous muscle daddy. Then it hit me, Mr. Ross was now the epitome of daddy-ness.

This revelation was reinforced by the large slabs of muscled meat that hung from both of his monstrous shoulders. His upper arms actually seemed so big that the poor guy probably wore a tank top because it was the only type of shirt that would fit. I could not believe how his biceps bulged out like someone had just used a tire pump to shoot massive amounts of air into them. His arms, however, didn’t look fake – they looked mouth-watering hard and equally as powerful. My two arms put together and pumped to the max would not come close to the size of one of his. My eyes could not move from his biceps. I struggled to think of something clever to say. I wanted to not be rude and I wanted my old English teacher to be proud of my adult command of our language, but, alas, it was not meant to be.

“Shit, your arms are unbelievable.”

“Thanks Will. It was arms day and I just finished an intense workout. Hey, why don’t you come in for a second? I need to turn off something on the stove and let’s get this cake to the kitchen.”

As he said this, Mr. Ross bent over to scoop up the cake. This gave me a chance to view his back and my eyes instantly ached from trying to bug out of my head. His v-shape was insane and the muscles in his upper back, clearly visible through the shirt, were as huge as the rest of him. He stood back up and saw the shocked look on my face - and the fact that my mouth had dropped wide open. He reached out with his right forefinger and pushed my chin upward; closing my mouth.

“And maybe a glass of water for you would be a good idea. Follow me.”

When Mr. Ross turned around I let out a little squeal of delight. The man’s ass was mind-blowing. It was obviously extremely muscled and jutted out perfectly - as if he was slowly turning into a centaur and this was the beginning of his massive horse-butt. The old line “you could have rested a tray of drinks there” came to mind. I swear the guy had an ass-shelf beyond anything I had ever seen. I immediately longed to force my face between those mountains of muscle and let my tongue explore his daddy hole. As soon as I cried out the guy squeezed his ass cheeks together and those incredible dimples that appear on the behinds of bodybuilders became visible even through his dark cotton gym shorts. It was obvious that Mr. Ross was showing off for me. This made my cock shoot to full hardness; having begun to immediately become rigid earlier when he had opened the door.

As I walked with him to the kitchen I was immediately taken aback by the improvements that had been done to the house. It had been a basic suburban home for years – two stories with a basement and nothing to get excited about. Mr. Ross had re-done the entire place, opening the kitchen into a large great room and putting large movable sliding glass walls along the back. You could basically walk out onto a beautiful deck from the living space and then down a few steps to a new large pool. The guy had probably increased the already insane price of the big home by two hundred thousand - at least. As much as my realtor mind wanted to focus on the house, my lustful mind wanted to only focus on the older man’s body. I followed him into the large kitchen area and stopped by the big island in the middle of the room as he turned off a boiling pot at the stove.

“I needed a little protein so I was boiling some eggs. After an intense workout like today I usually have to eat about a dozen or so hard-boiled eggs just to satisfy this big body.”

Listening to Mr. Ross speak about downing twelve eggs as a little snack and hearing how easily he now referred to his big body turned me on in a way that was completely new. There was something erotic about the fact that this once mousey little man was now a powerhouse of muscle and cockiness. His swagger even seemed somehow muscled – or, more appropriately, super-powerful. I also got the sense that Mr. Ross really liked how I responded to his new body. I think he loved the idea of making me weak at the knees just from standing near me. I watched him as he cooled and then ate fourteen eggs in quick succession. He downed a gallon jug full of some putrid-green juice and then belched loudly. His actions were so out of character for the man I had known all those years ago, but they seemed so natural for the muscled god standing in front of me. I was mesmerized by the huge older man.

“Thanks Will. I needed to balance out my insides as quickly as I could. You wouldn’t like to see me with low-blood sugar. I become a little aggressive and there’s no telling what I might do. Can I offer you anything? You want a beer?”

“Wow! Those are words I never thought I’d be hearing from you – and not only because you used to be my teacher. It’s mainly because I would have never taken you as a beer drinker. I’m beginning to think my high school image of you was not very fair.”

“No, no, you were right to think of me differently back then. I was completely the opposite of what I am now, wasn’t I? I can handle the truth, don’t worry.”

“Well, yeah . . . I mean, yes, you were. You were kind of a geek, Mr. Ross and now you’re . . . well, I mean, you are . . . it’s just that you kind of changed. Now, you’re more of a huge muscle daddy.”

“See, that wasn’t too hard now was it Will. And thanks, by the way. I like the fact that people can notice the change in me.”

“How could they not? You’re about three times the size of your former self – maybe even five times!”

“Well yes, yes I am. But I meant more the changes that have happened inside of me. I feel a little more, I don’t know, I feel more confident now. I don’t mean that in a bad way – I just mean that I actually feel . . . um, cocky, you know. I’m not a meek little fellow anymore. It’s kind of hard to explain completely, but as my body began to get bigger I started to look at things differently.”

“Like how?”

“I don’t know . . . let’s see . . . well here’s an example. At the high school I wasn’t given much respect by the other teachers – especially the guys that taught and coached sports. Those guys even kind of picked on me. That doesn’t happen a lot now . . . well the truth is that it doesn’t happen at all now. As a matter of fact the coaching staff of the football team continues to ask me to be the strength coach for the guys. I keep saying no because that’s not really what I want to do. I know it sounds selfish, but I really just love getting bigger myself – I don’t really want to help others do it.”

“You mean you want to get bigger than you are now?”

“Sure do. You might say I’m addicted to muscle now. I love the way it feels to look in the mirror and see that a part of you has grown. My arms are about twenty-eight inches now and I want them to zoom past thirty this year.”

“Fuck, no way!”

“William, let’s try saying that a different way.”

“Um, I’m sorry. I guess what I was trying to say is that I am truly in awe of the size of your arms and the fact that you want them to be bigger is such a powerful turn-on for me that I’m afraid I will soon ejaculate in my pants.”

My face turned red as soon as I finished the last sentence. Mr. Ross had insisted that I articulate my feelings a little more specifically and I didn’t hesitate to speak the truth. This muscled man was my wet-dream come true and I wanted to make sure he completely understood what was going on inside of me. I just stood there staring at his face – knowing that if I even glanced at his arms I would shoot a load of my juice immediately.

“Well that was definitely a little more descriptive don’t you think? I’m also very sorry that I’m having such a frustrating effect on you.”

“I’m not.”

“Well I guess I’m really not, either.”

This sentence confirmed what I already knew. Not only was Mr. Ross getting off on the fact that he excited me so much – he was actually doing it on purpose. Mr. Ross was affirming what I already knew – he was as gay as me. This revelation sent shivers down my spine and a big smile blossomed across my face. The big man began to smile, as well, and damn if he didn’t wink at me. I was immediately thrown into a world of chaos – the best built man I had ever seen in my entire life was blatantly flirting with me. The muscle daddy of all daddies was standing in front of me and giving off enough heat to cause a nuclear meltdown. I suddenly felt like a stupid freshman again. I didn’t know what to do. I had picked up enough guys at bars throughout my adult life to qualify as a massive tease – but at that moment I couldn’t even move. I was thrust from the pro-active seat into a mere reactionary mode. I was waiting for my elder to take the lead. It was obvious that Mr. Ross understood all that was happening within me. He was clearly toying with me, the bastard. He stood there – in all of his muscled glory – just taunting me and causing my dick to ache for him even more. The man knew that taking his time would send me even closer to the edge of losing control – both of my cock and my mind.

“So how about a beer?”

“Yes . . . please.”

I could only whisper my response. Mr. Ross stepped to the fridge and took out a beer. He opened it and took a big swig. He then moved in front of me and placed one of his big hands around the back of my neck. I glanced at the massive arm that hung in the air to the right of my face. My old teacher then brought the bottle up to my lips. I opened my mouth so the top of the bottle could be placed just beyond my teeth. I closed my lips around the bottle and Mr. Ross raised it slightly – allowing a swallow of the cold alcohol to be released into my mouth. I swallowed quickly and allowed another large gulp to fill my mouth. Mr. Ross pulled the bottle from me as I swallowed again and filled his mouth with more beer. Before he swallowed, though, he brought his face to mine and pressed our mouths together. He forced my lips and teeth apart with his tongue as the warm beer flooded into my mouth – now seemingly sweetened a little by his own saliva. As we kissed hard, beer shot back and forth to both of our mouths, symbolizing the connection we had now made. The muscled man then pulled his face from mine and easily guzzled down the rest of the beer with one long manly swallow. He placed the bottle on the counter and then grabbed my hips with his huge hands. He effortlessly lifted my body upward and then set me down on top of the island in front of him. He forced my legs apart with his hands and then pressed his body into my crotch; grabbing my ass with his hands to pull me into him tightly. My rock-like cock immediately met the hardness of his stomach.

“Your mom had told me you were gay. I found the news very exciting. Especially since you’re now thirty.”

“And you’re forty-five.”

“Forty-seven, actually.”

“Um, even older. Nice.”

“So, you like older men, do you, Will?”

“Well, I actually like massively muscled older men!”

“I think I might somewhat fit that description.”

“I think you actually surpass my ideal. I need to set new standards but it sounds like you’ll be blowing past them soon, as well.”

“Little Will likes the idea of me getting bigger, doesn’t he?”

There was something about Mr. Ross calling me little that made my body crave him even more. I loved his dominant attitude and suddenly wanted nothing more than to please this big man – to please him in every way possible. Memories of childhood crushes on older guys came flooding back into my brain – camp counselors, my childhood bus driver, my doctor, and so many others. I had never dreamed that I could fall in lust for a guy so quickly. I was typically the object of all the attention and I liked it that way, but, suddenly, I cared about nothing other than getting the affirmation of the big man holding me. I knew that just one approving glance or some simple words of encouragement from this mountain of muscle was enough to make me happy for a long, long time. Added to these thoughts was the promise of Mr. Ross getting bigger and that sent me over the edge. I was ready to give up anything to be part of his quest for becoming even more monstrous. I could not even begin to fathom how he would excite me when he grew larger.

“Yes sir. I like thinking about you getting bigger.”

“That’s good because it’s going to happen. You know Will; your mother has actually been talking about you non-stop for about eleven months now. I think she was actually trying to see if I might be interested in meeting you again – as an adult.”

“What? You mean like wanting to set us up?”


Mr. Ross was now rubbing his granite abs up and down my hard shaft – which was sticking straight up and pressing against my slacks. The big man had his huge palms pressed against my ass cheeks and was pulling my body into his mercilessly. I had my hands to my sides and commanded myself not to reach out and grab his meaty pecs. I knew it would send my cock beyond the point of no return and I was not yet ready to spew my seed. I wanted to cherish the feeling of this muscled god as long as I could. The thought of dating Mr. Ross, well actually the thought of having sex with him, was overwhelming and caused me to disappear into my thoughts for a few minutes. I also loved the expert stroking job his stomach was doing on my dick.

“And what are your thoughts on the subject, sir, now that you have seen me after all these years? I’m not your young student anymore.”

“No, you’re not. But I still think there are a few things I could share with you. I can play the part of your teacher – or better yet, the bigger man – and lead you in certain lessons and tests.”

“Um, I like the sound of that. I hope there’s going to be a lot of homework involved in these lessons. I can see myself having to come over here for a lot of one-on-one tutoring. What do you think of that?”

Mr. Ross stopped the up and down movement of his abs against my cock. He slid his hands down under my thighs and lifted my legs around his mid-section. I caught on immediately to what he expected and I wrapped my legs around his waist; noticing that he was so thick I couldn’t actually bring my ankles together at his back – my legs just weren’t long enough. Mr. Ross slid his hands back under my ass and pressed me against his body; lifting me off of the counter. Suddenly, my smaller chest was pressed up against his mega pecs and the feeling was incredible. I draped my arms across his shoulders and intertwined my hands behind his neck. The big man just stood there for a few minutes – easily holding my body in the air, pressed against his own larger and harder frame. I was leaning back a little so I could see his face and he was looking up at me.

“You’re as light as a feather, Mr. Will. How does that make you feel?”


“And that’s a nice feeling, right?”

“It’s sublime.”

“Where shall I take you next, sir?”

“I think a very good place to start would be the bedroom, don’t you?”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Mr. Ross started walking toward a hallway off of the big living space connected to the kitchen. He carried me as easily as he would a small stack of folded laundry. As we moved down the hall I glanced at a guest room, an office, and a large room that had been converted into a home gym. The big man carried me through double doors into a beautiful giant master bedroom with a huge king-size bed in the middle. The room was stunning – sparsely decorated and extremely masculine looking. There was a giant fireplace near the bed, a couple of large wooden chairs and an oversized chest at the end of the bed. The muscleman carried me directly to the chest. He grabbed my hips again and lifted me up so I could stand on the chest in front of him. This brought my crotch just below his face. He let go of my sides and reached out to undo my belt and the button on my slacks. He then unzipped the pants and let them fall to my ankles. Mr. Ross placed his hands back at my hips, moved his face to my briefs and ran his lips up and down my rock-hard pole clearly outlined in the fabric. I moaned out loud and my legs went weak. I would have certainly crumbled into a pile of limp flesh and bones if the big arms of Mr. Ross had not kept my body upright.

My high school teacher now wet-dream-come-true grabbed the front of my underwear with his teeth and moved his right hand to above my ass in the back. He swiftly pulled down my briefs and before I knew what was happening my cock was completely enveloped by his warm wet mouth. I could feel my dickhead pressing into the tight entrance of his throat cavity. Mr. Ross then began to press his face into my crotch, causing the tip of my dick to move further down the chute at the back of his mouth. With speed that seemed inhuman he began to move his head back and forth, quickly bringing my cum-filled cock to climax. I released my aching load into his waiting throat as my body shook violently and I cried out as if I were in pain. I emptied what seemed like a bucket-load of juice into Mr. Ross’s mouth and he kept moaning in pleasure as he swallowed my sweetness. The incredible feeling that swept over my body was only matched by sounds the muscle man was making beneath me. I could tell that he had wanted my cum as much as I had wanted to release it. I was instantly sorry, though, that I had not been able to delay my own gratification. I had intended on pleasing him a lot longer. I immediately sensed that Mr. Ross picked up on my disappointment. He pulled his head back and my still-hard cock slapped up against my stomach when it popped from his mouth. He looked up at me – still using his powerful arms to help me stand erect.

“Don’t worry, little Will. I wanted to get you off quickly. I knew this cock of yours was ready to shoot. I could see that you found it difficult to be around this much muscle without exploding, didn’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s okay. Don’t feel bad. I wanted to satisfy you fast so I could move on to worshipping your beautiful body. Let’s take that shirt off, okay? And get these pants completely off, too.”

I pushed off my shoes one at a time and then stepped out of the pants that were down around my ankles. I unbuttoned my shirt at the same time and let it slide off my upper body onto the bed. Mr. Ross let out a whistle that showed his delight when he glanced my nude body. He could tell that I was now able to stand on my own and he released my hips from his powerful grasp. He ran his hands up and down my stomach and chest.

“Just look at that beautiful body. And look how tiny you are compared to me, Mr. Will. You’re just so small. I’m sorry. I guess I got carried away. That was rude of me. I’m sorry I said that.”

“I’m not. Really. Not only is it true, but I really like hearing you talk that way. It turns me on. I am small compared to you.”

My still rock-hard cock twitched a little as if it were agreeing with what my mouth was saying. Mr. Ross looked into my eyes and I could see that the honesty of my statement registered with him. He seemed to suddenly understand me in a new way and this made him smile. He continued to run his hands across my upper torso, but I noticed there was an apparent difference in his thoughts and attitude now. I had given him the freedom to be his true self. We had crossed some unknown line in our new relationship.

“I’m so much bigger than you, Will. You feel so small next to me – even when you’re standing on this chest and are taller than me. Look at this; it’s such a fucking turn-on. My arm is much bigger than your leg!”

We both looked down as he brought his right upper arm near my thigh. I gasped out loud when I saw what he was boasting about. The huge biceps and triceps of his arm dwarfed my leg by two or three times. Upon closer inspection I could clearly see that his muscled arm was bigger than both of my legs put together. Mr. Ross put his arm in front of the middle of my two legs and we both saw that it bulged out beyond both sides of my combined thighs. This excited the big man in a way that made my juices run wild. I could see that he absolutely loved his own massive body – especially when he could compare it to someone inferior.

“Shit, my arm is huge.”

“I’m sorry sir, I think you’ll need to articulate that thought in a less barbaric and more accurate manner, if you don’t mind.”

Mr. Ross looked up at me and he was smiling from ear to ear. He had been caught in the same mistake that he had corrected in me since I got there. I could see in his eyes that he was proud of his pupil. I could also see that I had opened some type of Pandora’s box. His eyes sparkled with newly released enthusiasm that I was unable to name. The older English teacher in front of me was not just excited about using correct words to describe things we noticed, no, it was quite clear that he was moving into a unexplored muscle realm. Mr. Ross had met someone that unlocked a much-ignored part of his psyche. I sensed that the man was about to fulfill multiple fantasies for both of us.

“You are right Will. I should find the correct words to describe what I see. How about this? Look at my giant arm. See how it is more massive than both of your legs put together and it’s not even flexed. I have a feeling that when I pump up this biceps hanging in front of you it will be larger than the widest part of your body, little man. I think my enormous mound of muscle surpasses even the breadth of your shoulders. I could almost hide your small body behind just my arm. And then there’s the fact that these big arms can pick up your light little body with no effort at all.”

To emphasize his point Mr. Ross again grabbed me at my waist. He lifted his thick arms slightly and my body rose from the large chest. This big man held me in the air like I was nothing but a feather pillow. He looked up at me with a smile that was both pleased and teasingly sinister. He easily lifted me up and down a few times – never letting my feet touch the top of the chest again. The big man started to chuckle in a way that made my dick throb with excitement. Mr. Ross was using me as a little plaything.

“I’d have to do about a thousand reps with your puny body just to begin to get a pump, Will. It feels like I could easily lift you with one arm. We’ll have to try that a little later on. Right now, though, let’s compare a little more – shall we? Let’s set you down on the ground before all this lifting makes you a little dizzy.”

Mr. Ross was now holding my body all the way up in the air – so his face was even with my knees. He moved us both back a little and then brought my body closer to him. He began to kiss my kneecaps and let his tongue move around that part of my leg. He then lowered me a little and forced his face between my thighs, moving his tongue up and down the insides of my legs - sending me into moans of delight. He teasingly bit my inner thighs and then lowered my body more so he could suck my balls into his warm mouth. He squeezed both of my gonads in between his teeth and sucked on them strongly. My body shot completely stiff and the mixture of pain and pleasure was perfect. The strong man, still holding me in the air, kept making sounds that said his pleasure echoed mine. Mr. Ross released my balls and ran his tongue up and down my hard shaft that was plastered up against my stomach. The tease let the tip of his tongue dart into my dick-slit a few times and I quivered hard, teetering on ejaculation. The huge man wanted none of that right now, though. He needed to please both of us for a little longer. As he lowered my body more he let his tongue move slowly up my abs, across my chest, up the curvature of my neck, and rested his lips against mine for a long intense kiss. My feet were still not touching the ground. Finally, Mr. Ross pulled his face from mine and dropped me to the floor. I stood there, staring him in the face with the look of a completely obedient puppy.

“That make you happy, boy?”

Being called a boy didn’t displease me at all. It actually made more pre-cum bubble up from my dickhead like a volcano leaking lava just before a giant eruption. The combination of being manhandled by the huge man so easily and being referred to in such a dominant way made me more alive than I had ever been. My own need for a muscle daddy was being awakened in ways that I could not have fathomed. I wanted this man to be my teacher, my master, and my dream-lover all wrapped into one. Something told me that his size and his recently released confidence enabled him to match my fantasies and then take them to even deeper levels. He was my prince-fucking-muscle-daddy-charming and would soon become so much more.

“It made me very happy sir.”

“Good. Now let’s stoke the fires of your lust a little more, Will. How about I let you get an up close and personal view of your muscle daddy.”

As Mr. Ross spoke he was pulling the drawstring of his gym shorts and sliding them, along with his underwear, down over his monstrous thighs. My peripheral vision saw the pieces of clothing fall to the floor. He then grabbed the bottom of his tight tank top and tried to pull it over his massive arms.

“You’re going to have to help me son. Daddy’s just too big for this shirt.”

My hands were actually trembling as I reached up and pushed the material, still damp from his workout, up over his massive chest, humongous arms, and bulking shoulders. He pulled the shirt over his head, wadded it up, and then quickly pressed it against my face. I instantly took a deep breath – wanting to inhale his manly musk.

“Yeah, boy, get a whiff of this big man. That’s what your daddy smells like after an intense workout. That’s the aroma of muscles getting bigger, Will. That’s the scent of a guy about five times the size of you. You won’t ever produce a smell quite like that, boy. Your little muscles can’t sweat this much testosterone and this much man musk. Take another deep inhale. I want you to remember me this way. I want your sense of smell to kick in any time you start to beat off thinking about my big body. I want images of my huge muscles to immediately cause you to have an odor memory of this daddy-soaked shirt. Instead of scratch and sniff – think of it as muscle and sniff. It’s your own version of muscleman smell-a-vision. You like that don’t you, little Will.

He pulled the shirt from my face and I simply nodded my head. I had my eyes closed because I wanted to get the full effect of his uncovered body all at one time. I also knew it would please him if I let him tell me when I could open my eyes. I had easily caught on to Mr. Ross’ desire to move into the role of mentor, daddy, master, and teacher – ever since I had told him that he didn’t have to apologize for emphasizing the differences in our body size. The man obviously wanted a little worshipper and I was more than happy to assume the position, so to speak. Getting big had definitely unleashed the inner alpha of this man and I was more than willing to be the beneficiary of his transformation. None of this, however, prepared me for what I was to behold when I was allowed to open my eyes. Mr. Ross’ words didn’t come close to actually describing the body in front of me.

“Open them, boy. Take a look at this giant muscle daddy. First, get a good glimpse of these two slabs of beef right in front of you. Yeah, look at how big my chest is compared to yours. My pecs stick out like two inflated chunks of smooth marble, don’t they? Your chest looks like two little pimples next to mine. There’s hardly any noticeable cleavage between your man-tits, but I could rest a wine bottle in the valley between my chest, boy. Your whole face fits in there.”

Again, as if to emphasize one of his points, Mr. Ross grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face downward and into the crevice between the two mountains of muscle. He tensed his chest a few times and hard skin pressed against my temples and cheeks – trapping my head in place. I took a deep breath and was rewarded with the same manly smell that had permeated his shirt. This time the scent was more intense and caused my cock to dribble more pre-cum. The strong man finally released my head, but the pressure of his powerful pecs kept my face plastered to his body. He un-tensed his chest and I pulled my head back. I knew, instinctively, that I had a big smile across my face.

“Yeah, little Will loves this big man’s chest, doesn’t he? I see it’s hard for you to move your eyes away from these big pecs. Let your daddy bounce them for you. It’s hard for your to even imagine the power I have in these fuckers, isn’t it? That’s okay; I can see by that hard rod sticking up that my chest control excites you. Oh boy, now the little man moves to my monstrous shoulders. Yeah, those things are huge, aren’t they? I bet if I pick your body up and turn you sideways my shoulders might be as wide as you are long. You want to check that out, Will? Okay, maybe later on. I see your eyes have now found my pride and joy – say hello to fire-pole, Will. Yep, that’s what this daddy has named his big thick cock. You want to slide up and down on the pole, little man? Yeah, I think you’d like that a lot. Kind of hard to imagine that I always had this big schlong, isn’t it? Even when I wasn’t massively built I had a big dick. Now, though, this piece of muscle seems to have gotten a lot stronger, too, just like the rest of me. Look how eight tight tiles of chiseled muscle frame the fire-pole. That’s right, Will, feast your eyes on an actual eight-pack. Look at your own stomach. See how smooth it is – how there’s a little flabby meat down at the bottom. Do you see any flab on Daddy’s stomach, Will? No, I didn’t think so. Look what happens when I tense these mothers. Whoa, don’t fall over boy. Sorry about that. I didn’t realize you’d lose control just from seeing a real man’s abdominals. And now you’ve moved down to my thighs. I won’t flex them right now – I think it would be too much for you. But look how one thigh is twice the size of your body, Will. Your own upper legs look like twigs compared to my trunks. It looks like I could snap your legs in two just with a little pinch. And you saw my beautiful calves when I opened the door earlier, didn’t you, little buddy. So what do you think of the big man’s body, Will?”

“I think there are no words that could describe it accurately sir. There is, however, one part that you have not shown me.”

“I was saving the best for last. Are you sure you can handle it.”

“Yes sir.”

My positive response made Mr. Ross smile again. He looked at me with a face full of pride and then he simply turned around. I immediately glanced down and stopped breathing. I was looking at the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. It was perfect. Mr. Ross’ bubble butt seemed inhuman – rising in the air perfectly with two firm half-globes sticking out from a mouth-watering crack. I sank to my knees immediately. I could not resist the pull of his hidden man-hole. I reached up and grabbed his two rounded ass cheeks and kneaded them like some expert baker working with two mounds of dough. The sensations this created in Mr. Ross’ body caused him to fall over and brace his body on the chest in front of him. I pulled his ass crack open and buried my face in the warm damp valley that traveled up and down from his tensed pink opening. I let my tongue dart out and move across the entrance of his hole. The man cried out like a large beast about to charge. The powerful cheeks on either side of my face squeezed inward and all air was cut off temporarily. It was an incredible feeling. Mr. Ross lessened his pressurized hold on my face and I quickly forced my tongue to penetrate into the inner sanctum of his ass. I could tell that my actions sent the big man into overdrive. I felt him move one hand off of the chest and onto his large rod. He immediately started pumping his hand up and down on his cock. I lathered up his hole completely and slid my hand up between his ass cheeks just below my chin. While I continued to lick around his hole I shoved three fingers into his inviting shaft. I immediately started pumping my fingers back and forth as the man cried out in ecstasy. I pulled my face back and watched as I sunk my fingers completely into is ass and he pumped his cock aggressively. I moved my other hand up to his ass and manipulated three other fingers into the hole. I was now shoving six fingers into the big man’s tight cavity. I intensified my movements to equal Mr. Ross’ strokes on his cock.

Suddenly the gate to his love chute clamped down tightly on my fingers and pain shot through both of my hands and up my arms. This coincided with Mr. Ross screaming like an attacking bear and then his cock exploded like some kind of giant cannon. I watched between his legs as gobs of white milky juice rained down on the top of the large chest. The large man continued to shoot for a few minutes and the pressure of his asshole got so intense that I thought he would break my fingers. Suddenly the vice-grip on my hands was released and I pulled my aching fingers from his ass quickly. Mr. Ross turned his body around and sat down on the chest with a heavy thud. I could tell he was temporarily spent, but extremely happy. I stood up and moved in between his legs, placing my hands on his heaving massive pecs. He wrapped his hands around me and pulled my body into his. We kissed and this time it wasn’t hard and aggressive – it was gentle and soothing. We stayed in this position for a few minutes; merely exploring each other’s mouths and feeling our heartbeats slowing down. I finally pulled my lips from his and looked down at him.

“So, is the teacher ready to give the student a grade?”

“Well, it’s very early in the semester, but I’d say Mr. Will already has a solid A plus.”

“I’d still like to go for extra credit.”

“Oh, I think that can be arranged. I also believe you’ll have to spend some time in detention, as well.”

“Oh yeah? And where does this detention take place?”

“In the bed behind me.”

“That doesn’t seem like punishment, sir.”

“Well, I’m not done with you yet, now am I? You might be a little sore at the end of your time with the teacher.”

“I think that’s guaranteed. I’ve seen the paddle you’re carrying between your legs.”

“Well I hope we can come up with lots of ways for you to work off detention. You might have to use your own paddle a few times - on my ass.”

“I like the sound of that.”

I stepped back a little and allowed Mr. Ross to bring his legs together. I then sat on his lap and our two still-hard cocks pressed against each other. The big man wrapped his huge arms around me and, again, pulled me close to him. We kissed lovingly and I knew something was opening up between us that had not been expected. I could sense that he felt the same way. We were on the verge of something huge. We pulled our heads back at the same time and just stared at each other.

“I was thinking, young man, that maybe the best way for you to learn is to be home-schooled.”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Maybe you’d like to move here and I could teach you twenty-four-seven.”

My heart was instantly filled with incredible joy. I briefly thought about my life in Los Angeles and my career, but the idea of being with the man of my dreams made me instantly realize that I could actually sell real estate anywhere. I desired Mr. Ross more than anything in my entire life. I smiled at him in a way that showed him my mind was already made up, but I also wanted to tease him.

“I don’t know, professor. I think it might take a strong arm to tame this wild boy. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge?”

Mr. Ross merely brought his right arm up into the air and flexed his biceps hard. I froze completely as soon as I took a look at the mammoth mountain of muscle skyrocketing on top of his arm. He released and flexed the arm a couple of times to emphasize its obvious power and size. The beauty of this once-meek muscle man’s body mesmerized me. I knew instantly that I was now completely head-over-heels in love.

“Take a look at this arm, boy. Not only am I up to the challenge, but I also think you and an army of rough boys like you couldn’t come close to giving me any trouble. It will be my pleasure to keep you in line. At the same time I will gladly take every opportunity to remind you just how big my body is and how much power I have in all of these muscles. That is, if you’d like me to.”

“Oh I don’t think you could ever be too cocky for me, Mr. Ross.”

“What’s this? Mr. Ross is it? I don’t think so. I think it’s time you call me by my first name. Please call me Brad.”

“I’ll be glad to call you Brad in public, but when we’re here in the bedroom I think I’ll stick to names of respect, if that’s okay with you sir.”

“That will be fine, son. Why don’t you give me a preview of those names right now.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Ross. Or should I say Mr. Muscle Daddy.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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lazlong (October 17th, 2013)
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damn!!! keep this one going!
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Your writing is always a pleasure to read. I especially enjoyed this story...well done.
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GREAT STORY! I loved it, thanks for posting it!
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Incredible story! I agree, this needs at least one more chapter-or more if you feel inclined.

Last edited by R Chris Cooper; April 28th, 2010 at 07:43 AM.
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I love it when you write about huge, authoritative muscle daddies! Maybe there's a chapter 2 in there where Mr. Ross grows into his new role even more? :3
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Great story. I definitely would enjoy seeing a few more chapters.
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GREAT STORY! i cant wait for the next part!
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Damn, you are such a great writer, and I love big muscle daddy bears. Woof! I hope you're working on chapter 2! =D
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WOW!!! That was intense and ever so hot.
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I have to tell you, Londonboy, that this is by far one of the best stories I've read in years!
You HAVE to continue this great story for us please!
Would love to see much more size comparisons and measurments!
My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
--> 4MFiciton <--
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I gotta go hunt up my old Earth Science teacher, his name was Mr Ross. and he was a total dweeb back then...thought about him the whole time I enjoyed this story.
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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I intended this to be a short story...

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. I really loved writing this short story. And that's all I intended it to be. I might try to pump out another chapter at some point. Thanks, though, for the support. I'm glad some people liked the change in Mr. Ross.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Write one-offs with characters that hot whenever you want. :3
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anpuZA will become famous soon enough
My gawd that was hot - reminds me of my PE teacher who was in our version of the marines, the man was a muscle god with legs that would make a bodybuilder cry. I fantasized days and nights about that man.
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I was trying hard to figure out how to stop his muscles from growing, but he couldn’t think of anything, he just couldn’t concentrate. He tried to stay focused, to find a solution to his problem, but at the same time he couldn’t help getting more and more aroused by the swelling of his muscles. Part of his mind knew that he had to do something, but the other part loved what was happening.
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TheHugeGunz4u is on a distinguished road

Another amazing story!
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