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Old April 26th, 2010, 11:43 AM
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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 11

Brock and Ted

The impact and sound of my body busting through the middle of the huge metal door to the gym building made it seem like a crate full of dynamite had been used, but I merely pounded through the thick solid-steel sheet with my two fists. As soon as Tommy had spilled his muscle-loving guts and told me that Ted was being held prisoner and being forced to create more formula to be used to make an army of guys as big as me, I didn’t waste even a second to think about anything. I am sure the wake of my quick departure from the gym caused much damage to the machinery and weights. I didn’t care. I leapt into the air before the guards could even turn the spotlight in the direction of the intense disturbance caused by body. It crossed my mind briefly that Tommy and his boys were going to have a hard time trying to convince the guards that some huge muscleman had wrecked the place. It certainly wasn’t going to look like any human could have done the amount of damage I had caused. I also knew that Clarence and Francis were not going to miss the thrill of watching the big goons squirm, so they weren’t going to say a thing. I knew, however, that both men were going to be waiting desperately for my return. My mind quickly shifted to my lover, Ted.

In three quick super jumps I landed in front of the large DNX Pharmaceutical plant in the neighboring town of Pikesville. I immediately became alarmed when I saw smoke billowing from a certain area of the complex and heard sounds of destruction. I moved silently, but quickly, in the direction of the disturbance. As I advanced further into the complex I became fully aware that the intended experiment had been a success. I could tell by the way that buildings and other items were mangled or destroyed that there now existed an army of super men just like me. I saw a sedan completely ripped in two. The way that the car was demolished made it clear that some huge guy had simply taken his bare hands and pulled the car apart. The separation was not clean – as if it had been done by a giant saw or something – it was jagged and rough. I could also see finger indentions everywhere in the metal. It was pretty clear that someone had been trying to get away, but had been stopped and easily yanked from the wreckage.

I also saw a truck sticking out of the side of a building in the distance, but at the second floor level. Some guy had obviously tossed the car like a brick and it had rammed into the concrete wall. The back of the truck stuck out halfway. Another large building had a huge hole in its back wall. I could tell by the size and the damage that a guy as big as me had simply decided to exit that way – refusing to use the double wide doors just a few yards to the right. It then struck me suddenly that the place seemed deserted. I began to actually get a little nervous about facing a gang of guys as big as me. Would I be able to take on a man, not to mention a group of men, as strong as me? Up to this point I had definitely felt indestructible, but my confidence was wavering. My love for Ted was the only thing that was spurring me on. I would save him one way or the other. That thought alone was going to give me the power to defeat any foe. And then I returned to my original thought - where was everyone? I heard sounds of something being easily demolished in the distance. I followed the noise. I peered around the side of a large building and got the first glimpse of one of my new enemies.

Seeing someone equal to my size created two conflicting feelings within me. I was immediately turned on when I got my first glimpse of the guy’s huge back and broad shoulders. He was definitely as big as me. He was amazing to look at. His body glistened in the light from a burning car nearby. His monstrous bubbled ass made my cock twitch even in the midst of so much possible danger. It was a beautiful butt – nicely shaped and ripe for my huge cock. This was a guy that I could fuck and not be scared of ripping in two with my large tool. At the same time I was a little nervous about taking the guy on in a fight. At the moment I was watching him grab hold of the bottom of a streetlight pole and rip it out of the ground. It looked like it was as easy for him as pulling a weed from a garden. I watched as his big hand smashed the thick metal of the pole where his fingers clamped down on it and then he simply pulled upward – concrete split, sparks flew everywhere, and the huge pole was jerked into the air effortlessly. The mammoth man swung the large pole around like he was a child playing with a stick. He was on his way to finish some task and his strength was as mesmerizing as his body. His arms were certainly as big as mine and the tree-trunk legs made me want him even more. My mind quickly turned back to Ted, though. I looked around and then I saw the body of a guy in a white lab coat lying on the ground in the distance. I knew immediately that it was Ted. My mind instantly went into destruction mode. I was overwhelmed with a need to make this big guy pay dearly for hurting my lover. I didn’t even care if there were other big men nearby.

I quickly leapt into the air and came down hard on the back of my enemy. I knocked the guy down and watched the light pole fly from his hand. I could tell that the man was greatly surprised that something could be powerful enough to knock him to the ground. His shock was short-lived, though, and he quickly pushed up from the ground hard with his arms and legs. The force of his shove sent my body flying backwards through the air. The big man’s elbows had struck my stomach and for the first time in a long time I felt pain. The impact of his arms against my abs actually hurt and I then knew that taking this guy down, along with all the others, was going to be very difficult. I immediately jumped back to my feet and I watched the guy do the same thing. He turned around with one fast jump to face his attacker. I went into a fighting stance – ready to take him on. As soon as I got a full frontal glimpse of the guy my heart stopped. His size and his muscles were magnificent. I was stunned temporarily by the mega chest and the monstrous bulging arms. I was also caught off guard by the surprise that the guy had a raging hard-on. He was obviously getting off on his own new power and enhanced body. I was instantly ashamed at how much his body excited me. I forced myself to look him in the eye and the new shock waiting for me was overwhelming. It was Ted!

We stared at each other for only a few seconds and then we both quickly leapt at each other and met in mid air. We locked our arms around each other as our bodies slammed together. The ground shook when we landed. Our lips immediately found each other and we locked in on the most powerful kiss – one that simply matched the strength of our bodies. The intense squeeze from Ted’s arms actually forced air from my mouth and we both moaned in a mixture of discomfort and colossal excitement as we gave each other a bear hug that would have easily crushed large boulders. My cock was instantly at full mast and battling Ted’s monster rod smashed between our hard bodies. We stayed in that insanely pressurized embrace for as long as our bodies could handle it. Finally, because of the discomfort we were feeling, we lessened the strength in our arms and pulled our faces apart.

“I don’t understand Ted. What happened?”

“Well hello there too, Brock. It’s nice to see you, as well.”

“I’m sorry. Hello sweetie. I missed you so much and I’ve been so worried. Now what the hell happened?”

“Long story short. These assholes kidnapped me as soon as you were gone and brought me here to make more of the serum. They intended to make an army of big Brocks! They forced me to work around the clock. As I began to figure out how to make the serum work on people other than you I got an idea. I simply focused on my own DNA. It hit me that no one would figure out what I was doing if I simply worked hard to hopefully make the stuff work on my own body. It was a risk and I knew it could possibly kill me, but I figured it was my only chance. I hoped it would at least stall them long enough for you to get here and save me. But then I had a breakthrough and realized that I had actually stumbled on how to make the serum work on me. I hid some of it in my pocket when they let me take a bathroom break and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m so bummed that you weren’t here to watch me grow. It was fantastic. I was in a small bathroom at the back of that building and I ballooned out so much that I simply busted through the walls. It took me a while to figure out how to use these muscles and my newfound strength, but I guess I’m a quick learner. I’ve simply been rounding up the bad guys since then. That guy in the coat is the last one. Here, come and see.”

We separated our huge bodies, but we held on to each other’s hand. Ted reached down and grabbed the giant lamp post again. He motioned for me to grab the limp body as we passed by and I reached down, picked up the guy with one hand, and threw him over my shoulder. We moved toward the building with the huge hole in the wall and stepped through. The sight that met me was both hilarious and a big turn-on. There were two groups of about twenty-five men each in the center of the room. Every guy was completely tapped out and one gang of guys had been lined up like a bunch of asparagus at the supermarket and then neatly tied up with a huge metal street light. It was an incredible sight. Ted had taken the metal pole and used it like a piece of string or rubber band and placed it around the group of men. It was clear that no guy was going to be able to even think about escaping when they all finally woke up. The pressure from the manhandled metal around them was just too much. I helped Ted quickly do the same thing with the second group of men. My cock started leaking pre-cum as I watched my newly morphed lover bend the metal lamp post like it was as easy as manipulating a small piece of wire. Ted actually made a cute little bow with the ends of the pole when he was finished securing the men.

“Maybe not as much pressure next time, buddy. I’m not sure anything’s going to be able to release these guys without hurting them.”

“Unless it’s something as big and strong as us.”

“I don’t think that exists, do you?”

“I guess your right. They’ll just have to cut through the metal. I’d love to be able to see the guy’s faces when they bring that huge saw so close to their small bodies.”

“You are an evil man, Mr. Ted.”

“Not evil, just loving the fact that I’m so big and strong. There’s only one thing, though, that is more exciting than my new size and power, Brock.”

“Yeah? What’s that, Mr. Muscle Man?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled his body into mine. I loved the feeling of our huge hard pecs hitting each other and our two stiff cocks pressing together. I also loved running my hands along his back – feeling the massive mounds of muscle and rock-like skin. Ted quickly brought his big hands up to my biceps and squeezed them hard – I loved watching my hard muscle actually dent in from his strong grip. I felt slight pain when he applied a lot of pressure, but the feeling was incredible. I smiled at my lover and hugged him tightly.

“I think my virgin ass will now be able to take that huge cock of yours with no problem. That’s what I’ve always wanted, roomie. I have wanted you to fuck me from the first day we met. Think you’re up for the task?”

“I think you can feel my response poking you in the abs right now.”

I reached down and wrapped both of my big hands around each of his huge ass cheeks. I squeezed hard – hard enough to give the man a little pain. He moaned out loud and shut his eyes in anticipation. I pulled the cheeks apart and let one of my forefingers slide up to his tight hole. I teased him by pressing up against his chute and letting the tip of my finger penetrate the clenched opening. This made Ted’s body shake with delight.

“Why don’t you let me carry you somewhere romantic and I’ll show you more joy than you’ve ever thought possible, Mr. Ted. I think we need to start a new life of being huge and powerful, but also a new life of mind-blowing muscle-on-muscle sex. How does that sound?”

“Nice, Brock, very nice.”

“Yeah, I think we’re both going to love having sex so much that people are going to call us unstoppable.”

I pulled his body tightly into mine and pushed off from the ground. We easily shot through the two floors of the building and out through the roof into the night air. We were definitely ready to start our new life together.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable-11

Very Hot story I am glad that both Guys were able to get their wish to be BIG and STRONG. I just wish that me and all the guys that would like to be this way it would come true. Thanks again for the story.
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Thanks for yet another great story London, I love reading your work as I have said before, I sometimes wish I could get my creative juices flowing to write something, still reading these stories keeps me in the right frame of mind
..... Lover of all things musclegrowth
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