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Old April 26th, 2010, 03:14 AM
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Gym Buddies 3

Back again, hope you're still enjoying this, cos I certainly enjoyed writing it.


The three of us left the gym. I locked up behind us and then we started the walk to the car park. It was empty of course, what with the hour being so late, and the only light was the orange glow of the street lights. Part of me was a bit upset that I didn’t have an audience to my new size, but then again, maybe it was for the best.

Eli’s car was the only one in the car park. It was a fucking beast, a BMW X6 apparently. Eli climbed into the front, but even this big tank seemed to be having trouble holding the bigger caramel hottie. While he fidgeted and tried to get comfortable, Chris dragged me into the back.

“You owe me a blow job” he chuckled as I closed the door behind me. Chris grunted a bit his arse cheeks squeaking on the leather and his knees hitting the passenger’s seat. I felt a bit cramped too, but it got worse when Eli’s chair slid back against my shins.

“Ow” I whined, shuffling and spreading my legs. The last part wasn’t a good idea, because my jeans promptly split open, moving down the fly and then the inseam until I felt a bit of a breeze between my legs. Chris’ eyes went wide as he saw my bulging boxers fall out of the new hole, but then he laughed and slapped my thigh.

“You’re still giving me that blow job” he chuckled. “It’s the only reason I’m willing to go along with this shit. You do realise we could be fucking each other rather than--”

“I could say I don’t want you spunking on my leather” said Eli from the front. He turned round to look at Chris, but in doing so, caused his shirt to tear in several places. He sighed and started the car up, another tear occurring as he twisted his arm.

“Now I’m feeling left out” said Chris. He flexed his biceps, causing his cuffs to ride up his forearms before popping the buttons off. Then, his biceps popped out too, the well rounded muscles peeking out of the tears. “There we go” I chuckled and reached out to rub them, earning a grin from Chris as he shuffled closer, spreading his legs so his shorts strained. I could already see his shaft rising up from within, getting bigger and fatter as he became hard.

“Now what’s this?” I chuckle, running my thumb over the head before grabbing a handful of his shorts. When I was sure I had nothing but material in my hand, I pulled until my biceps popped my sleeves and the front of Chris’ shorts shredded with ease. I chucked the tatters on the floor and then grabbed Chris’ shaft and pumped it.

“Ah-haha” he stammered, shuffling in the seat. “Your mouth. My cock. Now”

Eli chuckled from the front as he steered the car out onto the empty road and started driving. Chris spread his legs wider, rubbing my shoulder and ever so gently he was trying to push me down to his cock. I was more than willing to bend over, my huge back curving and rippling behind me as I did. I held onto his shaft and gave him a tight squeeze before taking the head. My tongue ran over the big, fat, flaring head to the sounds of grunts and moans from Chris as he shuffled in the chair. He stretched one thick arm over the back seat and tried to rest the other on the arm rest. His arm was just too big and bulky to sit on it comfortably though.

I turned my self over, trying to get to his cock better. I heard the split in my trousers get wider and then felt something cold against my arse cheeks. If I had to guess; I’d say I’d ended up putting my bum against the window, meaning I as mooning the street. But let’s face it, it’s a gorgeous arse, so who would be complaining.

I returned my attention to Chris’ cock, slowly moving my hand at the base to pump him in long, teasingly slow motions, while my tongue moved in equally slow circles around and over his head. My tongue toyed with his glands and probed at the slit. Chris had been reduced to a quivering mass of muscle, his head rolling every which way and his mouth open in a long, drawn out moan. His pecs would occasionally jump and twitch, bulging with power. And I didn’t think Chris was doing it intentionally! But every time they bulged of their own accord, they’d make his shirt strain; I could hear the seams fighting feebly to stay together.

Chris’ hand landed on my head and he gripped my hair tightly as he inhaled through his teeth. “Enjoying the show?” he stammered.

I turned my head slightly and saw from the corner of my eye that Eli was watching us in the rear view mirror. I moved my head towards Chris’ abs so his balls would be on display. Eli’s dark eyes sparkled again as they landed on these big balls between those thick thighs. I started to play with them, stroking and fondling the huge bulging sac. I released the head, kissing my way down his shaft until I could suck on his balls. Eli groaned in the front, and I heard some seams creaking. He shuffled in the front, one hand rubbing his thigh. I released Chris’ cock and lent forward.

Eli had a huge hardon, bulging at the front of his shorts, so much so it didn’t look like they’d—RIIIIIIIP!!

With a deep groan and a grunt, Eli’s cock burst out from his shorts, swinging up to slap his abs with a dull, meaty thwack. The shaft had popped out of the fly in his boxers and was now throbbing in the air. He looked down and then to me n the rear view mirror. “Now look what you’ve done” he laughed.

“Don’t leave me hanging dude” Chris moaned, shuffling so his cock wiggled for attention. “My balls feel like they’re gonna pop!”

“Yeah, they do” I said, throwing in an evil chuckle as I bent down to suck on the big orbs again. Chris’ body rippled as he panted and moaned, shuffling in the chair.

“Aww fuck dude” he hissed. “Get your m-UGH-mouth on my cock before I-I--”

He shuddered and his cock twitched, the head flaring as his balls clenched. All of his muscles tensed and he let out a powerful bellow as he bucked his hips. His cock started firing huge loads of cum. One hit the roof, another splattered on the passenger’s seat and a third managed to hit Eli before I wrapped my mouth round the bucking shaft. I got a few shots right down my throat and I greedily sucked on Chris until he fired his last shot. When he was done, he slid as far down the chair as he could, his knees smearing the seed he’d left on the leather. Grinning, I rested my heads against his pecs, licking my lips and pressing myself against him. I felt his chuckle rumble in his chest before he draped an arm round me in a one armed muscle hug.

“Fucking awesome” he sighed. “Sorry about the wild fire Eli”

“It’s fine” laughed the giant that was our chauffer. He was rubbing the back of his head, trying to get the sticky mass of cum from his hair. “Although, I think this calls for a shower”

“Great!” cheered Chris, his arm flexing against my back as he pulled me closer. “You’re gonna love our shower. So fucking big we can all fit in there. Might have to fuck you against the glass though and have Eli record it from the other side. Might be nice seeing your fucking hot bod pressed against the… the… how fuck! It’s coming guys!”

He laughed madly as his muscles shifted under his skin. I grinned and laughed, holding onto him tightly and pressing my face into his pecs, loving the feel of them as they tensed harder and bigger, inflating against me. They felt so fucking powerful. I turned to kiss and worship them as they grew against my lips, spreading out wider as well as bulging out further. Chris continued to laugh, growling a bit as he grabbed my head and pressed me harder into his swelling pecs. I could feel his hand spreading out over my head, gripping my hair while his forearms thickened along my back. I reached for his biceps, gripping onto them, feeling them swell in bursts, bulging like a powerful heart beat. He flexed them for me, then released my head so I could worship them too.

“Aww fuck me” he snarled, lifting his arms up and flexing as he grew bigger and bigger. His hair started to rasp against the ceiling as his body lengthened. The passenger’s seat groaned in front of him as his legs demanded more room. He moved one leg and stretched it over to my side, sliding it between mine. That allowed me to feel them getting thicker, bulging between my muscular hard legs. I wrapped my legs round them tightly, giving them a squeeze and letting them try and outgrow my hold. Meanwhile Chris had to fold himself in a bit as his growth started pressing him into the roof of the car. His huge pecs heaved over his abs which looked like fucking steel! His knee slammed into the chair in front of him and something snapped. At first I thought it was the chair, but then I saw something in Chris’ massive hand. He’d ripped off the fucking arm rest!

“Eli!” Chris roared, not angrily, just exceedingly horny. “Can you move the chair forward?”

“Sure” he chuckled, reaching forward to adjust the chair. But as he did, I saw his veins rise up on his arm. Then he shuddered. “Oh fuck. I’m growing too!”

Chris roared with laughter, flexing and filling up the back seat as his clothes were reduced to shreds. His back burst out and he started yanking the tatters from him. I could hear Eli panting and moaning as he started growing, trying to push past the haze the growth brought to concentrate on the road. I could see his back getting wider, spreading out either side of the chair. Had anyone been sat up front with him, they’d feel his arms growing against them. Then again, I was in the back with Chris and it was feeling a bit cramped here too!

Unable to resist, I pushed against Chris’ pecs to look over Eli’s swelling shoulders. His cock was growing up towards the steering wheel, getting thicker and throbbing powerfully. I could see his balls swelling beneath it, still trapped in his underwear, but not for much longer by the looks of it. His legs were bulking up quickly, pressing against the steering wheel as they grew longer too. He grunted, taking one of his huge hands to try and readjust his chair again, but it was already as far back as it was going to go. The car started to stop and start as Eli grunted and shifted.

“My feet are getting too fucking bit” he grumbled. “I can’t keep them on one pedal!”

“So fucking HOT!” Chris laughed; stroking himself as he looked over his squashed form as well as Eli’s still swelling one. He too was getting pressed into the roof as his swelling bulk was taking up more and more room. I was having trouble seeing all of it now that there was this immense back and mountainous traps blocking my view.

“How close are we?” I asked, trying to keep a straight face and not join Chris in his laughter or wanking. Believe me, the latter was the most difficult.

“Not far” Eli grunted. It sounded like he was having trouble talking.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I leant on Chris to see round Eli’s huge shoulders. Eli’s head was getting pushed into his huge pecs by the roof of the car, his traps pressing on his ears. He looked so big cramped into this tiny car, and his cock was leaking on the steering wheel. His thick arms rippled and bulged, his right arm trapped between his body and the door while his left was jutting out over the passenger’s seat.

Then my eyes flickered and I had to breathe deeply as I felt the amazing rush of an oncoming growth spurt. It was so fucking amazing, I felt like I was on the brink of cumming but something was stopping me, trapping me in that glorious cycle of pleasure. My body rippled as I let out a low moan.

Chris laughed again, still stroking himself and playing with his balls. “Greggers’ is joining in too!”

And I was. I expanded all over, shoulders bumping into Chris’ as the back seat just seemed to shrink around me, every space getting filled with my muscles. My pecs ballooned out in front of me, bulging against the back of Eli’s chair, my knees riding up too. I had to quickly adjust my swelling package before it was crushed between my thighs. Fuck they were growing so big! And they were so fucking ripped, sculpted and hard! The roof started pressing against my head, and then the back of my neck as I grew and grew. I folded myself, following Chris’ example, but I was a bit more cramped, as I had Eli filling up the space in front of me. I gasped and swore as my cock head rubbed at my pecs. Oh fuck it felt so fucking amazing! With a bit of difficulty and after my elbow jabbed Chris’ side, I managed to grab my cock and position the head between my pecs. I then started flexing around it, making them bulge, ripple, dance against my head, rubbing it from both sides. I couldn’t speak, but I was panting, moaning and grunting in sheer pleasure.

The car started making this odd noise; like something was scraping against the road. Then there was a bang, almost immediately followed by another. The car rocked back and forth before there were another two loud bangs and the car slammed onto the road.

The shock of our sudden halt had amazingly been enough to wake us from our lusty haze. I struggled to look around at the other two masses of muscles that were my co passengers and then tried to look out the window.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I think our combined weight burst the tires” came Eli’s muffled reply.

Chris chuckled again. “Fucking awesome”

“How far are we from your house?” I asked.

“We’re not that far” said Eli.

The car rocked as he tried to get out. After a bit more rocking and no movement, the caramel giant sighed and then growled. “Ah fuck it!”

There was another bang as he smashed his shoulder into his door. Unable to stand against Eli throwing his weight against it, the window shattered and the door fell onto the road. He ripped the steering wheel off, sending it and his arm out the windscreen as he did. He then put one hand against the roof, pushed and then eased himself out of the expanding hole he was making from the door. I watched him swing his fucking massive foot out, bits of his trainers still hanging between his toes. As he set it on the ground, I swear I felt a bit of a tremor. That bit of metal between mine and Eli’s door snapped as he pushed the roof higher. With a sigh of relief, he stepped out into the night air, stretching his huge body out.

He. Looked. MASSIVE! Standing there in the orange light of the street lights was a fucking mass of muscle. He had to be about 7’9” now, and covering in mountains of pure muscle and power. His gluteus bulged in my direction as he bent over, a fucking pair of wrecking balls swinging between his tree trunk legs. I couldn’t see his cock, because no doubt it was pointing up as opposed to swinging low.

Chris fidgeted beside me. “I can’t see him. How big is he Greg? Is he big?”

“Of course I fucking am” boomed Eli, turning to face us still in the car. Holy fucking hell! He looked like a god from down here. And that cock! It was so fucking massive, just throbbing there in the nigh air. “Are you two coming out of there or what?”

“Don’t have to ask me twice” Chris laughed. “Let’s see how big I’ve gotten”

Chris followed Eli’s example, but he lacked the caramel stud’s finesse. He practically just threw himself out the door, shredding the metal and forcing it to move out of his way. He landed on the path, and this time I know I felt the ground shake. But, it didn’t seem to have hurt Chris in the least. He stood up, brushing himself off and then he turned round.

“Aww fuck” he grunted, dropping his hands at his sides.

“YES!” roared Eli.

“I take it Eli’s bigger” I said, laughing as I started to climb out too.

Chris walked round to stand beside Eli. He folded his arms, his pecs and biceps bulging against each other as he stood beside Eli, who had his hands on his narrow hips, looking smug from his greater height. Then again, Chris was nothing to sneeze at; he was a staggering 7’8” and his cock looked hard enough to break through the road.

“Need some help?” Eli chuckled, grabbing the roof of the car and tearing if off for me. I laughed too and grabbed both of their cocks to help me up. They gasped, Chris’ arms dropping and his hips bucking forward to let me hold his cock better.

They grinned and stepped back as I rose up. There was a street light behind me, and my broad back blocked the light. I watched as my shadow rose up their legs, their cocks, their abs and then their pecs. When it stopped, I looked up and saw that I was just a tad shorter than Eli; my eyes perfectly level with his luscious lips. Those lips then pulled into a very wicked smile.

“Fuck yeah!” he roared, flexing his huge arms and then moving into a most muscular, his entire body rippling with mass and flaring veins. He then straightened up; hands on his cut hips and puffed his chest up, flexing and tensing them for us. “I’m the fucking BIGGEST”

“For now” Chris chuckle, slapping Eli’s arse and earning a grunt of shock. He then stepped closer to the titan Eli had become, rubbing himself against Eli’s bulging body. The dark giant looked down at Chris with half lidded eyes, smiling lightly as he brought one of his big hands up Chris’ arm.

“Erm… shouldn’t we get off the street?” I said sheepishly.

Chris growled and shot a glare my way as Eli shook his head and patted his pecs. “Yeah, you’re right Greg” he said. “We should head home. Our house is just a few doors down”

“When I get my cock in you…” said Chris in a mock threatening tone at me.

“What about your car?” I asked.

“I’ll take it!” said Chris, switching back to his child like glee.

He approached the back of the car, the only part that wasn’t bent out of shape or covered in powdered glass. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them, flexing his arms at his side and doing a few squats. Then, he spread his legs for a low squat and grabbed the underside of the car. He moved his hands about a bit until he had a firm hold and then… stood up. Chris lifted the back of the car effortlessly, his biceps like huge rounded boulders on his arms and his legs were so fucking ripped the crevices between the various muscles were like canyons! And there were so many veins raised up, just pumping him up with raw strength and power. He casually looked over the car at the two of us, and then his face broke into his usual heart-stopping grin.

“Shall we?” he asked, arching an eyebrow and waving one of his hands. He was holding the fucking car single handed!

Eli gave a low chuckle, his pecs bulging and rippling with the deep sound. “OK show off, let’s head home” He walked round past the car, grabbed the bumper in one hand and then lifted without pause.

“Hey” grunted Chris as he had no choice but to follow Eli. “I could have lifted it on my own”

“It’s fine, I wouldn’t want you to pull something. Oh, hold on. Where’d I put the steering wheel? The keys are in it”

“Here it is” I called, bending over to scoop it up.

“He’s always losing his keys” Chris chuckled, pushing the car forward so it bumped against Eli’s back.

“I’m about to lose my cock up your arse if you’re not careful” Eli shot back.


The two of them kept up the banter as we walked down the street. It looked like a nice neighbourhood; the sprinkling of glass we’d left on the road would no doubt be cleaned up by tomorrow. The doors on the other hand… while Chris and Eli bickered, I went back and grabbed them, putting my arms through the window and letting them hang from my shoulders. Then, steering wheel still in hand, I caught up with my friendly giants just in time to see them carrying their car to the garage. They set it down and then Eli turned to me.

“Still got the keys?” Chris asked, sticking his tongue out from between his teeth.
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Dude, I only stopped laughing to shoot my load XD

so awesome!!!!!!!!
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