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Gym Buddies 2

Back again with this, I'll try and finish Gratful Friends too, but I had more fun with this one ^^;; Hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing


“I can’t explain it" I said as I patted my stomach, "but I actually feel a bit… like energised”

“Oh really?” said Chris with a grin. He looked to his friend and they both smiled knowingly.

“Yeah” I said again, opening and closing my fist. There was this incredible energy going through me, like nothing I’d ever felt. Usually after sex I was tired, but right now I wanted to jump right back into it with these two studs. Maybe it was because I hadn’t cum yet, but I’d been leaking so much it’d probably produced more than if I’d actually cummed.

I reached out for Chris’ cock and gave it a stroke. “Why don’t we swap places?”

“Oh we will” Chris chuckled, shifting on the bench to make his cock slide between my fingers.

“We just have to wait a bit longer” said Eli in a low voice, wrapping his huge hand round my shaft. It oozed out more pre, the warm liquid trickling over his dark fingers. I shuddered and moaned as the energy inside me seemed to intensify.

“Why not now?” I panted, my pulse starting to pick up the pace. “I want you to fuck me while I suck on Chris. And then I just want to worship and fuck and suck with you until my balls run empty. God I just wanna touch you so--”

I grunted and doubled over, the energy inside me swirling with such intensity I thought I was going to vibrate through the wall! I arched my back against the cold wall as I felt the energy almost pool at my crotch. As my eye lids fluttered in pure bliss, I looked down to see my cock throbbing proudly. And… it… it seemed to get bigger with each throb.

“Wh… what?” I stammered as I watched, enrapt as my cock head flared and expanded, growing bigger. For a moment, my cock head looked too big and fat for my cock, but then my shaft inflated like a long balloon. It lengthened and thickened upwards until it was like 8 inches! My balls followed my cock’s example and inflated between my thighs.

“Oh my god!” I gasped, grabbing my huge balls and cock and hefting them in my hands. “What the fuck just… oh! Oh GOD! It’s happening again!”

I had to get up, I had to move. I rose up from between the two giants and turned round, looking at my hands. I could see them getting bigger, spreading out, fingers getting thicker. I clenched them, feeling a surge of power run down my arm. My forearms thickened and grew, soon followed by my biceps which ballooned with power. They bulged against my new thick forearms and I could see faint veins starting to rise along them. I grunted and rolled my neck, shrugging my shoulders as they inflated too, growing into these perfectly well rounded deltoids.

I felt the power spread across the rest of my body, stretching over my chest as my pecs started to bulge outwards. I stared in awe, placing my large hands against them, feeling the muscles grow out against my hand. I dug my fingers in, feeling them getting firmer and harder as they grew out, casting a shadow over my thin waist and pudgy belly. My nipples started getting forced downwards by the sheer mass of my pecs.

There was a series of cracks and I felt a shudder inducing wave of pleasure as my back broadened. I looked over my traps at the mirror to see that not only had my back broadened, but had erupted in a series of muscular lumps. It was like a mountainous scene of muscle. I moved my arms and shoulders, making the lumps move and bulge under my skin. My waist was still thin, giving my torso this perfect V shape.

I returned my attention to my front, leaning over my pecs to see the bit of pudge of my belly retract. At first it looked like my skin was tightening, but really it was my abdominal muscles growing out against my skin. My bellybutton started to disappear between the bricks of pure muscle, and my love handles hardened into these perfectly cut hips. More abs raised on my sides, reaching out for my lats and pecs. I think they were called side obliques or something.

I grinned as my cock and balls swelled up again, curving upwards as it got even bigger! I was so busy staring at this huge piece of meat connected to my groin I almost missed my legs start to inflate. My thighs thickened and bulged as the various muscles grew. I got these really huge, tear shaped muscles on my legs, ones that jiggled when I shook my leg, but became rock solid when I flexed them. My calves grew out and my entire legs lengthened, lifting me up higher. I wiggled my toes and grinned as I saw them swell, my feet spreading out across the floor before the sheer size of my still growing thighs forced them to slide further apart too.

“Oh this is so fucking brilliant!” I laughed, flexing my still growing body. I tore my eyes from my fabulous body and looked at the giants, who happened to have been stroking each other’s rock hard cocks as they watched.

They both had smiles on their faces and their eyes were roving over my new and still swelling body; Chris licking his lips and Eli’s eyes sparkling with naughty ideas. I gave them a wicked grin and spread my arms out, letting my lats spread too and turning my arms so my biceps were looking up. My huge cock, which was as big, if not BIGGER, than theirs, pointing up proudly before me. I then bent my arms to let my biceps rise up to their full size.

“This… is… un-FUCKING-believable!” I roared, my neck flaring and veins rising along them. I flexed my biceps as hard as I could, unable to believe those boulders were mine. I looked to the giants… or regular looking sized guys now, to see them beaming at me. “Did… did you two… did you make me grow?”

Chris and Eli chuckled as they stood up. Holy fuck! I was looking Eli in the eye! Before I’d only been level with his pecs, a view point I was perfectly content with, but now I had a better view of his handsome face. Chris placed a hand on each of our shoulders and grinned down from his 2 inch vantage point. He looked even more handsome up close too.

“Knew you’d like it” Chris grinned, sliding his hand down to squeeze my pec. I grinned right back and flexed it against his hand, making him chuckled.

“You did make me grow” I gasped.

“Well, it was both of us real--” Eli started, but stopped short when I wrapped my arms round the two of them, pulling them together in a tight hug. Our muscles bumped and bulged together as I hugged them tight and kissed them both. Bellow, our raging hard cocks rubbed against each other, as did out bulbous balls.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou THANK YOU!” I cried, squeezing them tighter. “This is so fucking brilliant. I have muscles!”

“Yeah you do” Chris laughed, grabbing my arse cheeks. Eli grabbed a handful too and rubbed his shaft against mine. I moaned deeply and then lunged at him for a kiss, nipping at his lips and holding him close. I still had my arms round Chris and Elis’ waists, not wanting to let either of them go or lose the feel of their muscles against mine.

I had to break the kiss to gasp a few mouthfuls of air before giving Chris’ pouty lips some attention too. When I had to take another breather, I grinned at the two of them again.

“Thank you guys so much” I panted. “How can I ever make this up to you? You’ve made me so fucking huge!”

“You don’t have to do anything” said Eli.

“Weeeeeeeeell” said Chris, “there’re plenty of things we CAN do, now that you’ve joined the big boys”

The three of us grinned. I started to go down to my knees, but Chris grabbed my shoulder.

“Mind if we hold off on the blow job” he said with a bashful smile. “Only… I think I’d rather you fuck me with this”

He grabbed my cock and gave it a tug. It throbbed in his hands, pushing against his thick fingers and squirting some cum onto his abs. He chuckled and released the beast.

“Although it looks like you’re about ready to burst as it is”

“Well I still wanna fuck him” chuckled Eli, coming up behind me and grinding his crotch against my new well rounded backside. The base of his shaft attempted to get between my cheeks, but I flexed them to squeeze it a bit. Eli shuddered. “Oh, he’s good”

“Thanks” I laughed, reaching round to grab Chris’ butt. “Now, let’s get to fucking”

We lined up; Chris on his hands and knees like I had been, me knelt behind him and Eli bringing up the rear. My rear that is. He was already kissing and nipping at my traps and neck, so much so I was feeling hot and out of breath. I stroked Chris’ hips as I shuffled closer. I gave my new huge cock a tug and guided it towards the arse before me.

It took a fair bit of pushing to get my head past Chris’ big bubble butt, his well rounded cheeks making an almost impenetrable wall of muscle. But, with my thick thighs, I got past the wall and my head found his hole. He gasped a bit, but then eagerly wiggled for me to get on with it.

Eli suddenly grabbed my hips and ploughed in hard and fast. It was so much of a shock, I ended up thrusting myself deep into Chris. My cock filled up his arse as did Eli’s fill mine, Chris’ arse squeezed my cock gloriously, and the huge throbbing piece of meat belonging to Eli was pushing all the right buttons.

And then we started moving. The changing rooms were full of our low grunts and moans, the occasional gasp of someone’s name and the slapping of skin on skin. I turned my head round and reached for Eli’s head, pulling him in for a kiss as he fucked me hard and fast. Had I been my smaller self, he probably would have snapped me in two, but with my new bulk, the roughness felt great!

I then bent over and pressed myself against Chris’ back, biting his traps and kissing his neck as I fucked him as hard as Eli was fucking me. God it felt so good! I don’t know if it was my new size, but my cock felt super sensitive. Then again, it could have had something to do with the amount of sexual pleasure I had been subject to and had still yet to cum.

Well not for much longer!

I picked up the pace, holding on tight to Chris’ hips and fucked him with all my strength, my arse slapped against Eli’s groin as I did. That only seemed to drive the caramel stud wilder. His hands grabbed and groped, squeezing my powerful muscles as we fucked. And then, my arse cheeks squeezed his shaft tightly and the both of us roared.

My new huge cock finally erupted as Eli’s cock slid in so far it felt like it could go through me and into Chris’ arse too! But it was just me firing huge shot after shot into the muscled stud on the floor. And it sounded like he loved it. Almost as much as I loved having Eli fill me up.

When I fired my last, body shuddering shot, all of my muscles bunched and flexed before I slumped over on top of Chris. Now, had it been just me who lent on him then he’d have been able to take the weight. But Eli followed my example so the poor guy had to deal with both me and Eli laying on top of him. His arms tensed and bulged, but he couldn’t take all the weight.

The three of us fell in a heap on the ground, two of us still with cocks up our arse. It was still funny though. We laughed as we rolled on the floor, sliding our cocks out and kissing each other; on the lips and elsewhere. While we were kissing though, I felt a familiar sensation return.

“Oh god” I panted as I broke a kiss with Chris.

“Are my kisses that good?” the blue eyed stud laughed, leaning in for a kiss again when his eyes went wide. “Whoa!”

I smiled as I felt myself growing again. I looked down to see my pecs inflating against Chris’ hand, the slabs of muscle expanding out wider and wider. My shoulders broadened too, pushing against Eli as I grew between the two of them. Beaming, I lifted my arms and flexed them, watching as my biceps expanded bigger and bigger with each flex. My pecs inflated out in front of me, my nipples getting forced down to point at the shadow that was stretching towards my abs, which were looking more and more defined by the second. They grew and expanded over my stomach, each brick bulging together. I rubbed and touched them, and they felt rock solid. I bet I could deflect a fucking bullet with these!

My feet grew longer and wider, toes inflating too. My heels slid along the floor as my legs grew longer, and then they bulked up thicker. I could feel my inner thighs rubbing together as the two sets of muscle grew and grew, battling for space. The muscles grew out too, pushing my balls up, which started to inflate again. They felt so warm against my thighs, and I swear I could feel them producing more cum that was just begging for release.

My cock didn’t want to be left out, so it grew to match this new set of balls. The head flared as it grew, reaching up higher to poke at my abs, smearing them with pre. I laughed deeply as I gave it a rub, looking from Eli to Chris as they seemed to look further away.

“This is so fucking amazing” I moaned, rubbing my pecs and tugging on my nipples. I felt so big now, and heavy! Simply moving my arms made my muscles bulge bigger than most of the guys I saw in the gym! And my pecs, fuck they were so big and powerful, like the muscles inside wanted to get out. I tensed and flexed them in turn, making them dance. I looked at Eli and Chris as my pecs dance, arching my eyebrow at them in what I hoped was a sexy way. But then I saw the shock in their eyes.

“What?” I asked, my thick arms dropping.

“You… grew” breathed Eli.

“Again” added Chris.

“Was I not supposed to?” I asked.

“Get up” said Chris, gesturing for Eli to do the same. They both towered over me while I was sat down, but as I started to stand, that changed. My head rose up past Eli’s pecs, my first marker, but then when it came to his handsome face, I still wasn’t standing fully! I passed the hot caramel stud’s head, moving past Chris’ sculpted chin, then his nose, his eyes, his FOREHEAD! Holy fuck! My eyes were level with his sex mussed curls! I was taller than fucking Chris!

“Whoa” I whistled. “How do I look from down there guys?”

“Now that’s just not fair” said Eli, even though he was grinning. “I was taller than Chris before we grew, but the scamp got lucky and grew taller. Now you’re taller! If you didn’t look so good I’d be pissed o… o… oh! Oh my god!”

His eyes went wide as he rubbed his stomach. I saw his hand trembling over those bricks, but then his fingers started to lengthen and then thicken. His hands grew wider and bigger. With wide eyes, Eli stared at his growing hands, opening and closing them. Then, that wicked sparkle appeared and he grinned.

“FUCK YEAH!” he bellowed, flexing his arms. As though on cue, his arms expanded to match his huge hands. His forearms thickened, getting covered in pronounced veins that snaked over his swelling, inflating biceps. They were huge boulders of pure muscles on his arms.

The growth reached his shoulders which widened his back as they grew bigger and more rounded. He twisted his body, giving Chris and I a glimpse of the rippling mass of muscles growing and shifting under his dark skin. Fuck he was so ripped! As he turned back, I could see how much further his pecs had grown out. Oh they were some big fucking shelves of pure muscle! I reached out and rubbed at them, making the growing hottie rumble happily.

“Yeah, feel them grow Greggy” he growled, flexing them against me. They bulged out insanely, covered in striations and more veins. His nipples looked plumper too, and looked like they were trying to reach for his deliciously sculpted stomach.

I felt a rumble in his chest before he threw his head back, arms flexing at his side and roared like the king of the beasts. His legs shifted and shook as they exploded with sheer power, bashing together so hard he almost lost his balance. But that did nothing to stop the powerful roar from leaving his huge chest. His cock rose up proudly, throbbing in the air as it grew thicker too, his balls following suit and resting on his huge thighs. His head rose up as he grew taller, moving up to my level.

When he passed Chris, I swear his smile grew bigger. He grinned down at his formally taller friend and flexed his powerful chest at him. As he flexed it, it seemed to swell out further, his body then expanding to match. Now Eli was the tallest, and the biggest. With all that muscle on him I struggled to guess how heavy he was. And his cock! Fuck it was a monster.

He grinned as his growth came to a stop; his muscles looking pumped and powerful. He flexed and rubbed at them, moving down his godly body to tug on his cock. He grinned down at me and Chris.

“Nice to have the height advantage back” he said deeply to Chris. He then turned to me and flexed his pecs. “Like these Greg?”

“Fuck yes” I whispered, my hands finding their way to his chest again.

“Ah, feels good to be tall again”

“Well, enjoy it while you can” said Chris, his voice shaking with excitement. Eli and I looked at him, seeing Chris’ neck and traps rippling and getting bigger. His shoulders broadened, pecs inflating and jutting out further.

“If you grow taller than me again” said Eli with a big grin and wagging his finger at Chris’ growing body, “I’m gonna fuck you into a sex coma”

“Is that a promise?” Chris laughed, lifting his arms as they started to grow bigger too, the huge boulders bulging against his shoulders and forearms. His pecs bulged out at me and Eli’s he started growing taller too. He was already catching up with me.

Grinning from ear to ear, he shifted his legs, stretching them out and flexing them as they grew longer and so much thicker. His calves were massive, and his thighs were so incredibly sculpted, there were deep chasms between all the various muscle groups. I reached out and grabbed his leg, feeling the sheer power in his thighs as I dug my fingers between those muscles. Chris was more than happy to let me feel his swelling legs. The muscles felt great as they grew under my hand, not to mention having Chris flexing and relaxing them, causing them to ripple like a sea of hard muscle.

As I was feeling his thighs, my head was in the perfect position to see his cock grow towards my face. I swear, it actually looked like it was coming straight at me! The head flaring, the slit staring at me as it grew bigger and fatter. His balls bulged even bigger, dropping lower down his thighs. His sac was looking fucking full! I licked my lips as I stared at his cock and then I opened my mouth, ready to catch it.

“Not so fast” Chris laughed as he spun round. My balance was off so I couldn’t stop myself from continuing my trip down. I practically fell into his arse!

My nose became trapped between those globes of muscle, his cheeks pressing against mine, smooshing my face. And then, his arse fucking grew! The sculpted arse grew bigger, bulging against me harder. And it felt fucking fantastic. I brought my hands up to grope at the cheeks, prying them apart to free my face a bit. Then, I buried my face in them again, lashing my tongue out and rimming his sweat hole.

“Ho fuck!” Chris roared as his growth came to a halt, his entire body bulging bigger in one last burst, veins springing up to fill the new masses of muscle with even more power. He looked down at me over his huge, rippling back and grinned. “Let’s see who’s bigger before we get to fucking”

“Why Chris” Eli chuckled, folding his arms. “I’ve never known you to be able to postpone sex”

“Believe me, it’s so fucking painful! But I wanna see who’s bigger”

And so the three of us stood together. Unfortunately, I was back at the bottom of the big chain, standing at 6’11”. Next, Chris was at his new towering height of 7’2 but Eli had managed to grow the most, and the stud’s dark eyes were sparkling with sheer joy, 7’2” from the fucking ground! Now, that’s how high his EYES were, meaning his short haired head was closer to 7’4”!

“Yes” He cheered, lifting his arms and flexing them over Chris and I. “Still on top!”

“Yeah yeah” laughed Chris, grabbing Eli’s cock and then mine. “Now, I’ve been good a boy and held off on the sex for that. But I can’t wait any fucking more! Someone get their giant cock in my ASS now!”

There was a knock at the changing room door. “Hello?” a muffled voice called. “Is there someone in there?”

“Shit” I grunted. “That’s Mr White. He must want his stuff”

“I can hear voices” Mr White called again. “Is this some kind of joke? I would like my things please or I’m calling the manager”

Chris snorted and Eli rolled his eyes.

“Just hold on” I called, looking over the lockers for the one with his stuff in. I found the one without the key and then, after rolling my arms, I dug my fingers into the opening.

Metal groaned as my arms bugled, veins spreading out along the limb, fuelling the muscles and pumping them with blood. It didn’t take long for the weak metal to succumb to the raw power of my muscles. It bent at the top, and then the lock snapped like a toothpick. The door swung open, but as I still wasn’t used to my new strength, I’d pulled harder than I should have. The hinges gave a feeble screech before they snapped and shattered, the door then flying from my hand, narrowly avoiding Chris and Eli until it came to a stop IN the wall. The bricks had cracked, the crevices spreading out from the door lodged inside it.

“Whoa” I whistled, closing my fist and flexing my bicep. “That was easy”

“Enjoy it later” grunted Chris, stroking his cock. “Get rid of the little guy so we can get to fucking!”

“Oh, right”

I grabbed Mr White’s stuff and headed for the door. I scooped my keys from the side and… with a bit of difficulty, managed to work the stupidly tiny key into the lock. I opened it a crack and chucked Mr White’s stuff out. By the sounds of it, I think I hit him. I then quickly slammed the door and put myself against it. Then I had to lessen the force I was putting against it when I heard the wood groan.

“Oi!” cried Mr White. “What the fuck are you playing at?!” he hammered on the door.

“Please leave your key at the desk” I called back. “Thank you for using our facilities”

Mr White grumbled, but he left after his wife said something to him. They were probably going to complain to my boss, and then I’d get in trouble. But, I really didn’t care right now. I had so two huge studs to play with.

But apparently that wasn’t in the cards.

“We have to go” Eli said as I came round the corner.

“What? Why?”

“We want to--”

“YOU want to” cut in Chris.

“Fine, I want to find out why we’re growing”

“I thought I was supposed to” I said.

“You were, but we didn’t think you’d grow again. And we didn’t think we would either. The formula we took was a one off deal, but our cum would produce similar results when ingested by any other guy. As I’m sure you realised”

“I… didn’t actually” I said, blushing again. “I wasn’t really bothered about how I grew”

“See?!” cried Chris, waving at me with a big hand. “Who cares how we’re growing, let’s just enjoy it”

“Actually, I… I wouldn’t mind finding out more about it”

“Then it’s settled” said Eli, smirking down at Chris. “We’re going back to our place and we’re gonna figure this out”

Chris looked from me to Eli and back again repeatedly. “So… no sex?” he said, almost sounding like a small boy being denied a treat he’d been looking forward to. All day.

“I’ll give you that blow job on the way if you’d like” I said, walking over to Chris and sliding my hand up the back of his thigh to cup his arse.

“OK” he beamed, back to his bouncy, happily horny self.

Fortunately, Chris and Eli had brought some clothes for me to wear after my growth spurt so I wouldn’t have to walk around naked if we managed to stop having sex and left the gym. Unfortunately, the clothes were a bit small. If it had been after my first growth, then they’d have fit fine, but now… it looked like they were going to be a bit of a tight squeeze. And I wasn’t the only one with clothes too small for me now.

“I can’t button my shirt” Chris laughed. He’d managed to close the ones around his lower waist, cos even though he was much bigger, he still had this tiny little narrow waist. But, the higher up he got, the thicker he got. His poor blue shirt had to stretch over his back, round his lats AND his huge jutting pecs. He tried to bring the buttons together over his pecs, but he couldn’t push too hard or his biceps would pop out of his sleeve… or his back would burst from the back. After one last go, he gave up and just left the top of his shirt open, showing of his huge pecs. Which he seemed fine with, as was I. He looked hot! Especially when it came to trying to get his jeans past his immense thighs. At one point, he was bent over right in front of me, his big bubble butt wiggling at me as he tried to pull them up without tearing them.

And then there was Eli. When he came in, he was a big guy, if a bit on the short side when compared to Chris. But he’d gained just under a foot in height, and filled out to match. It was funny when he held his shirt up in front of his chest.

“How the hell am I gonna get into this?” he laughed as he looked at the tiny shirt.

“Just breathe in” Chris grunted, still battling with his jeans. “And then… don’t breathe out”

“If you say so”

The caramel giant had to be careful when pulling the shirt down, but when he got it down, it barely covered his abs. There were two bricks visible, and the other eight were bulging against the shirt! It looked more like he’d painted his shirt on with the way every bulge of his godly muscular body was visible. By this time, Chris had abandoned his jeans and instead gone for his workout shorts instead. The stretchy waistband helped him get past his thighs, but it was kinda funny just how short his shorts looked now. But they hugged his arse brilliantly. Eli followed his example and pulled up his shorts after stuffing his immense package into his tiny black boxers.

“Er… Greg?” said Eli, one of his pecs jumping and straining his shirt as he adjusted his junk. “Are you gonna get dressed?”

Chris chuckled and stroked his chin as he looked at my rock hard cock. “You know, I’ve never seen anyone get hard watching us put clothes ON”

“Well, in my defence, your clothes are so tight it’s like you’re not wearing anything”

“What do you mean?” he laughed, making his pecs dance lightly. “I chose this shirt cos it just makes my pecs pop”

The three of us laughed and then I finally got dressed too. The clothes were tight and hugged my body, especially my pecs and arse. Walking was… interesting to say the least. The trousers seemed to ride up between my legs, my bulging thighs pulling the legs up to reveal more of my ankles and shins. The jeans squeezed my arse and my junk as I walked, but I looked good, and most of all, BIG!

“Ready to go?” said Eli.
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