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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 10


It took my mind a few minutes to register that my body had ceased its orgasmic convulsions. My giant muscled arched back fell to the floor again and the tenseness that had overtaken me just seconds before was now gone. I didn’t realize, at first, that my body was no longer wracked with pain. Slowly, my breathing returned to normal and I could feel my heartbeat slowing down. I heard Ted’s heavy breathing and immediately realized he was sound asleep – lying on my massive upper torso. My eyes were shut and I kept them that way. I wanted to let my newfound body reveal itself first through sensations. I didn’t want to disturb Ted’s cum-emptying induced nap, so I began to take inventory of what I felt.

The first thing I noticed was that I felt heavy – not just kind of heavy, but ridiculously heavy. I figured some of the weight I sensed was caused from being exhausted, but then I realized that my body was actually extremely alive and . . . something . . . juiced – yeah, that was it. I felt like I had just swallowed about eighty-five cans of the most powerful energy drink on the planet. But no matter how powered I was feeling, I could not get rid of the newfound awareness of how fucking dense my body was – I could actually feel how my thick bulging muscles added massive weight to my huge frame. For a few seconds I worried that my weight would be too much for our apartment floor. What if the concrete and wood could not take such extra poundage lying on top of it? I let go of any fear when it dawned on me that even if I did fall through the floor it wasn’t going to hurt my body at all. I did, however, fear for the poor soul that might be underneath my bulk if I did bust a hole and fall.

The next sensation that overwhelmed me was the fact that I took up more space now. My feet were near one wall and if I stretched out my arms I would have been pretty close to reaching the other side of the room. That was just an incredible feeling. I knew my body had become big, but the reality of how enormous I now was only hit me when I filled a major part of our dining area. Feeling Ted’s smaller and lighter body on top of me helped me to understand my full size even more. It barely registered that a full-grown big man was sleeping on my chest and stomach. The fact that Ted is a big guy only made it blatantly more obvious that I was now super-sized. His shoulders didn’t even come close to hanging over the sides of my chest. His head was just at my pecs but his feet barely passed my knees. I was blown away by how small this man that I had drooled over for months was compared to the new improved me.

I moved my arms and legs a little and it felt like I had a thick suit of armor on me. It didn’t register at first that the layer after layer of hard muscle was actually part of my body. The feeling of its mass was just too foreign to me. I could tell that I was now unable to bring my knees together – because of both the bulk of my quads and the size of my calves. Muscle now exploded both body parts to insane size and this prevented parts of my legs from being able to touch. I could also feel that my arms were forced out to the side because of giant muscles pressing them forward and outward. My super magnified biceps and triceps added to the morphed-like feeling and I knew that it would take a lot of effort and concentration to bring my elbows to my sides – if I was actually even able to do it.

I opened my eyes for the first time and stared at the ceiling. I wanted to reveal my body to myself slowly. I raised my right arm and my brain froze – it just could not comprehend that the muscled keg-sized limb in the air was connected to my body. I opened and closed my huge hand and my heart started racing at how powerful my fist looked. It was like I was hooked up to some virtual reality game where someone had jacked up the controls to make me appear the size of a small building. I couldn’t help the strong attraction to my own body and my now giant cock started to come alive. I could sense that Ted’s sleeping body was rising into the air – forced upward by my hardening member. This brought me a sense of pride that I had never felt before. I was turned on by the size of my own dick, but I was also incredibly stoked by the fact that it had enough power to lift a full-grown man as if he weighed nothing. My lust for my own mammoth rod gave new meaning to the title of size queen. I began to wonder what my tool was actually capable of and started fantasizing about poking it through metal or seeing if some guy could stand on it without either of us holding on to each other.

These thoughts and others flooded into my brain all at one moment. I began to get a little overwhelmed at the strength testing ideas that streamed into my consciousness and caused me to forget about the exploration that had previously held my full attention. I focused, again, on the monstrous arm sticking out from my side. I bent my arm slowly and watched in a state of complete shock as the bicep exploded into multiple tiers of thick hard-looking muscle. My cock shot fully hard as I gazed on what I understood to be my arm, but it looked like some kind of digitally enhanced 3-D porno shot created by a gay James Cameron. I had become the true definition of the phrase “muscle freak.” My own biceps shot so far up in the air that all I could do was let out a hard guffaw. I found myself laughing in disbelief that a man could be so huge – that an arm could be so massively muscled.

My laughter caused my cock, chest, and stomach to tremble underneath Ted like a small earthquake. This caused the man resting on top of me to awake slowly. As Ted came out of his orgasm induced trance he started speaking – as if his subconscious had taken over. His comments made my laughter stop and encouraged my cock to get harder.

“Brock, you’re so fucking big. I love you man. I loved you before you were big, but now I just want to make you happy. You are a muscle monster, man, and I want you so much.”

I raised my head from the ground and tried to look over my hefty pecs to see Ted’s face, but my massive chest and steel-like nipples hid all. I could tell by his voice that Ted was still basically asleep, but then his face rose high into the air and I was able to see his face down the deep valley between my two mountainous pectoral muscles. His eyes were full of total astonishment and complete lust. He smiled as soon as he saw my eyes – sharing with me his total glee at what had happened to my body. I was now completely hard – again – and feeling the extra pump of blood through my system, caused by Ted’s obvious awe of me.

“Oh – my – fucking – goodness!”

That’s all Ted could think of to say. He repeated the sentiments again and this made me smile. He then pushed his body upward and straddled my mid-section, making sure his butt cheeks were positioned so my thick cock pressed them apart. He stared down at my chest, first. I saw his eyes glaze over as he took in the enormity of my pecs. Ted’s mouth fell open and he started to shake his head back and forth slowly in disbelief. I reached out, grabbed his hands, and pulled them upward so they rested directly on my bulging slabs of muscled meat in front of him. At first, my roommate did nothing. He just sat there staring at my chest with his tiny hands pressed up against my hard skin. For a second, I was fearful that he had been so overwhelmed that he went comatose, but I finally figured out that he really just needed time to process the fantasy-turned-reality beneath him. I decided to tease him a little.

“Does Mr. Ted approve?”

He simply nodded his head slowly, not taking his eyes from my chest. We sat there in silence for a few more seconds as the man struggled to regain control of his thoughts and actions. I smiled as it dawned on me again that I barely felt his big body sitting on top of mine. I knew he was there, but he was as light as a feather. His voice was soft and weak when he finally spoke. He looked into my eyes and he only moved his mouth – leaving his hands and ass where they were so they could connect with the hardness beneath him.

“Does Mr. Brock approve?”

This made me laugh, but it also made total sense. Ted had earlier registered my displeasure at what he had done, but he now wondered if my new body had changed my mind. There was no way that he could have understood the internal changes that had occurred along with the external ones. The self awareness and newfound confidence was so overpowering that I just assumed the joy I felt about my new body was completely obvious – even to a person that was deaf, dumb, and blind. It dawned on me that Ted feared I might have viewed myself as some kind of freak or something. The truth is that I really did view myself that way, as a total muscle freak, but Ted could not have easily comprehended how I was totally fucking excited about being just that. My brain had been expanded along with the super morphing of my body. Even though I was not fully aware of what my body was now capable of, I did sense that I was now not only huge, but freakishly strong, as well. I had become something super – something unstoppable, indestructible. I wanted to help Ted understand how much I loved the new and improved me.

“Mr. Brock approves very much, Ted. Maybe you can help me, though. I can’t see my entire body right now – how about you describe what you see, to help me get a taste of the new me.”

Ted smiled. He let his gaze leave my eyes and travel down my huge upper torso – still not moving his hands from my hard pec shelf. He let his eyes soak up my incredible size and the unfathomable amount of muscles bulging everywhere. He ran is tongue across his lips and then returned his gaze to my own eyes.

“Nothing compares to you, man. And nothing could have prepared me for what has happened to you. I thought I was going to be happy with you having some big muscles, but this goes beyond that – this is something unimaginable. You are a muscle god – that’s the only word that comes close to describing you. I’m like a little kid in a three-story candy store. I can’t begin to figure out where to let my gaze land first. I start to take in the insane expanse of your mega chest, but then I notice your bulging arms and I have to look at them. That leads to your big forearms and I lose focus as I take in the veins streaking up and down that thick part of you. But then your ridged abs distract me and I can only think that each of these individual stomach muscles look as big as some other guy’s chest. And then I get a good look at what those abs frame – your monster cock. That’s when I get sad, though, Brock.”

Ted’s words caught me off guard, and I saw sadness in his face. I could not fathom what disappointed him. I became a little alarmed and I’m sure it showed in my face.

“No, Brock, don’t worry. I love everything I see and your new body is a wet-dream come true. It’s just that . . . well, I was hoping . . . I mean I was counting on . . . oh, hell, just say it Ted . . . I wanted you to fuck me, Brock. I wanted you to be the first guy to go where no other man has ever gone before. I wanted to offer my ass to my newly improved roommate. But it’s pretty clear that if I let you stick this telephone pole dick up my chute it’s going to kill me. That makes me sad, that’s all.”

His confession warmed my entire body. I was so happy that Ted felt this way about me. For a split second I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to plug the guy’s asshole with my hard cock, but my lust for him was so great that I moved beyond that desire to all the other feelings I held inside. I pushed my upper body from the floor and propped it forward on my bent muscled arms.

“Come here, sexy.”

Ted understood what I wanted. He wanted the same thing. My roommate leaned forward slightly and brought his lips to mine. Months of unrequited lust for both of us made the kiss incredibly passionate and full of love at the same time. I had never known, before this moment, how much I really wanted the beautiful man sitting on top of me. It was now fine for me to admit that he had long been the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I had contemplated before dozing off at night. Our relationship didn’t just gently roll over into something more than roommates – it flew at super-speed into a connection so deep and powerful that it matched the size and apparent strength of my body. I also realized that Ted had felt the same way about me before and he now equaled me in present desire. Our kiss impacted me as much as the transformation of my body. I was flooded with an incredible peace and a comforting awareness of selfless love. Ted was first to pull away from our kiss. He had the biggest smile on his face.

“I’ve wanted that for a very long time.”

“Me too.”

“Well, my muscle man, I think we should get a good look at your body and maybe clean up some of this mess our cocks have made.”

I looked down and saw that we were both covered in dried cum. This made me giggle embarrassingly and, yet, I was proud of the obvious amount of juice that has been released from both of our bodies. I also noticed that both of us seemed ready to fire off another major load. Ted’s cock looked as hard as mine. I nodded my head at Ted’s suggestion. I was a little sad when he slid off of me – missing the contact with his warm body immediately. I reached out and placed my hand on the big dining room table in order to pull my body up from the floor. I put a little pressure on the piece of furniture and suddenly the four legs shattered from the weight and the table fell. The noise was incredibly loud and the surprise confused both of us instantly. I turned my upper body to look at my roommate, now standing beside me.

“Shit man, did you mean to do that?”

“No, Ted. I didn’t push down hard at all. I just tried to pull myself up. I’m so sorry.”

The table had been something Ted had brought to the apartment. It was a sturdy solid oak table that had taken four guys to carry up the stairs. I know my face shot red with shame. I looked down at the destroyed table and could not believe my one hand had easily caused so much destruction. It was the first moment of even a speck of doubt about my new muscles. Ted spoke quickly – to try and stop any fears that might sneak into my consciousness.

“Are you kidding, Brock? That was incredible. I had forgotten that fucking super strength would come with your new huge muscles. You just destroyed a solid oak table with one hand. That’s . . . I mean . . . wow, it’s unbelievable. I can’t even begin to think of what you must be capable of doing. You know what I’m saying, man?”

Ted’s lit up face made it clear that he was sincere and his excitement about my strength easily overpowered his disappointment about the table lying in pieces on the floor. We both looked down and saw that the edge of the wood where my hand had briefly rested was broken into hundreds of splinters. My power was unimaginable. We both stared at the demolished table and got more turned on as we each contemplated feats of strength I would be able to perform. I was beginning to leak a glob of pre-cum just from thoughts of my hand destroying stuff that was much more powerful that wood.

“Yeah, that’s it buddy, just imagine what you’ll be able to do. It’s turning you on even more, isn’t it, Brock? Me too, man. I can’t wait to see you rip something apart with your bare hands – something like . . . I don’t know . . . like a tank or something. Shit, I’m going to squirt another major wad just from imagining it.”

And with no other warning suddenly a stream of Ted-milk shot from his hard cock into the air and landed on my massive chest. Two more long shots of cum landed on me in quick succession and then Ted had to reach out and rest his tiny hand on my huge shoulder to help him stay standing. His crotch jerked a few more times and a few more dribbles of semen pulsed from his dick slit and slid down his rigid pole. It was a beautiful site to watch my roommate explode just from imagining the amount of strength contained in my new muscles. I gave him a few minutes to rest and regain control of his body.

“Listen Ted, I think I need to get away from here just for a little while. I barely put any pressure on that table – or what I thought was just a little pressure. I’m really nervous about what my body might do before I’ve learned to hold back on my strength. I’m most nervous that I’ll hurt you without even being aware of it. I think I need to go out and really explore what my body can do.”

“Hell yeah, I’ll come too. I want to watch you explore.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now, Ted. I need to get control of these muscles before I’m around people. I’m nervous that a mere pat on the back from my hand could send someone through a brick wall. Let me get some awareness of what I’m able to do and then I promise I’ll show off for you. I’ll show off a lot, buddy.”

This seemed to please Ted a lot. He moved his hand from my shoulder and backed up. I slowly got to my feet, being careful to avoid any other contact with pieces of furniture. I moved laboriously, mainly because I was not used to feeling so heavy or so wide, but also because I didn’t want to crush anything by accident. I was immediately happy that our apartment had very high ceilings, but realized that my head was still just a few inches shy of busting through the top. I made a mental note not to jump into the air even a little and to always walk with my head bent forward. I looked down at Ted and saw that his face was again aghast with shock. He was staring up at me with his mouth wide open and with eyes that showed that he had no idea of how massive I really had become until that moment.

“Oh – my – fucking – goodness!”

I was beginning to realize that this was Ted’s standard response to anything that overwhelmed him and I could tell that my body was the biggest mind-blowing shock of his entire life. I moved my arms a little and inhaled deeply now that I was standing. My chest swelled upward and outward.

“Oh – my – sweet – fucking – goodness!”

This time Ted’s response made me laugh a little. I looked down at him and watched as he let his gaze soak in my entire body. He started with my head and then traveled slowly down to my large feet – making sure he got an intense look at every muscled part of my frame. I just stood there to give him the opportunity to grasp the entire change that had happened to my body. I could tell Ted was trying to process what his mind told him could not be possible. He looked back up at my face and I saw a mixture of lust, love, denial, and pure joy in his eyes. A sudden thought made me throw my forearms out to the side and raise my shoulders in a gesture of wonder.

“What am I going to wear when I go outside?”

My simple movement was something any person would do – merely a reaction to the question inside of their head. But when you are enormous and massive simple movements have the power of modern battering rams. My hand struck the wall and blasted through solid wood as if it were tissue. My unclenched fist busted a hole - the size of a small window – in the wall between the dining room and kitchen with a gesture that seemed normal and weak. But now a simple movement of one of my arms had the force of a bulldozer. Both of us stared at the fresh opening for a few minutes before anything truly registered in our minds. Dust was still settling when I heard Ted let out a cry of pleasure and then burst into loud laughter.

“You are fucking Superman, Brock. Look at how you busted through that wall like it was made of tissue. Did you see that? Just think about how strong you are! I can’t believe it. There’s probably nothing you can’t do. Aw shit, man, I’ve got too see what your body can do. Are you sure I can’t come with you now. I promise not to get in the way. Really. Please let me come.”

I turned to my happy roommate and saw that he was full of uncontrollable lust and excitement. My once big-to-me roommate was like a little boy begging for some kind of treat. He could not wait to see me lift incredible amounts of weight or, better yet, destroy something powerful with my bare hands. He had become like an adolescent that got off on strength and destruction. I smiled at his enthusiasm and contemplated letting him come so I could show off. My brain finally convinced me that it wasn’t a good idea until I had control over my new body. Right now I was more worried about hurting him than anything in the entire world. I wanted to please him very much, but I was petrified that something as simple as a handshake would literally crush him.

“Ted, it’s because of how simple it was for me to bust through the wall that I don’t want to be around you for a little while. I have no concept of how strong I am. I could send you to the hospital or something worse just by accidentally bumping into you – or giving you what I thought was a love tap. I want to hug you more than anything in the world but right now I’m afraid I would squeeze you so hard that every bone in your body would snap – but it would just feel like a slight cuddle to me. I just can’t take the chance of hurting you – not when we just confessed our love for each other.”

“You love me?”

My words had come so easily that I didn’t even realize I said it. Yes, we had kissed and our unspoken lust was very clear to the other, but this was the first time I had alluded to my deep feelings for Ted. His face was beaming and I could tell that I was turning very red. My new body and strength, however, made me very bold.

“Yes, Ted, I love you very much. I have for a long time.”

“I love you, too, Brock.”

We stood there in silence. We stared at each other, fully aware that we should not embrace, but wanting each other desperately. Our cocks were once again fully hard. I finally broke the silence in order to figure out a plan to get me away from him before I hurt him unintentionally.

“Okay, Ted, we’ve got to calm down before something happens. Focus for me, okay? I’ve got to get something to wear when I go outside or I’m going to shock the entire city. I’ve also got to figure out what to do. Where should I go? I promise to come back as soon as I’ve gotten a handle on this new body and my new strength. What do you suggest?”

I could tell Ted’s brain went into overdrive. He was an organizer and I had tapped into one of his strengths. He had always been able to think on his feet quickly – this is one of the things that made him a good lawyer. He moved swiftly into the other room and returned with a bed sheet.

“Wrap this around you like a towel. It will at least make you appear decent. I personally don’t think anyone is going to notice or care that you aren’t dressed. All they are going to be able to do is stare at your fucking huge body. And anyway, what are they going to do – argue with you, tell you what to do, or arrest you? I don’t think so. I believe they’ll be turned on and frightened by your size at the same time – and will realize you can do anything you want. Now, here’s what I suggest. Move quickly to the outskirts of town. Out in the woods somewhere. Try out those muscles on some rocks and trees. That should give you an understanding of how strong you are and then get your big body back to me quickly. I say you’ll get familiar with your strength in an hour or so. But either way, come back before dawn. I don’t think you should be seen in the daylight – not yet anyway. It’s about ten o’clock. This part of town shuts down pretty early at night. You should be able to go unnoticed in the dark.”

“Well sure, I’ll take a taxi.”

Ted laughed out loud and stared at me with a knowing look. He noticed my confusion and immediately stopped laughing.

“You won’t fit in a taxi, Brock. I don’t think you’d fit in any car.”

His statement thrilled and saddened me at the same time. I was beginning to realize how much my life was going to change. And while it made me very excited to be super huge, I needed to mourn the simple things in life that would be lost forever. Ted could see this in my face.

“Listen, Brock, don’t worry. We’ll figure out the car thing. I bet if we take a few seats out of a van or something you’ll be able to fit again. I have a funny feeling, though, that you won’t need any kind of automobile – ever again. When you get outside I want you to try something for me. I want to you to try running really fast and jumping in the air. I have a funny feeling that you have no idea how insignificant things like cars, trucks, and even airplanes are going to seem very soon. You need to start thinking big, man – even bigger than your body. I don’t think there’s going to be a limit to what you can do. Okay, that statement almost made my cock spew another wad of spunk, so that’s a sign that you need to get out of here before I force myself on you – not even caring if I get hurt in the process.”

I was trying to understand everything Ted was saying while, at the same time, I was ordering myself to not grab him, throw him on the ground, and take advantage of him. I wanted him more than any other man in my entire life. I knew, though, that I could easily hurt him just by holding him with one of my powerful hands – hands that had no idea of their true strength. I knew his plan was best. I wrapped the sheet around my waist and immediately felt like Hercules or some other Greek god.

“Damn, you look hot, Brock.”

“Thanks, Ted. Listen, I’ll be back soon and we’ll figure out how we can be together without me hurting you. I promise to be a quick learner. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, man.”

“And I can’t wait to be held by those huge arms, Brock.”

Ted was staring at my biceps. This made me smile again. I looked at my roommate with a face full of love and longing. I saw the same thing in his eyes when the silence made him look at me. I started to move toward the front door.

“No, Brock. Don’t use the front door. Someone might see you and you’ll probably rip the door from its frame with no effort at all. Use the balcony. Let me open the door for you.”

“But we’re on the third floor!”

“Yeah, so?”

It took me a minute to understand what he meant. He comprehended my body’s abilities much more than I did. He had a huge smile on his face as he moved to the French doors to our balcony. I followed him carefully – not getting too close to anything, which was hard due to my size. I had to duck to get through the large doors. I looked back at Ted in the doorway. I suddenly had a flash of awareness and knew that I should not push off from the balcony floor too hard because I would demolish that part of our building with just a simple jump.

“That’s it, Brock. I can see you’ve realized that those legs could easily demolish all this stone and steel. You’re going to learn fast. Come home immediately, man. I need to explore that body of yours some more. Go destroy some big things and learn what those muscles can do. I’d say be careful, but I don’t think I have to worry about anything happening to you now. But be aware that there are some guys…”

Ted caught himself mid-sentence and quit talking suddenly. I was too busy looking over the balcony feeling just slightly nervous about the distance to notice his change in demeanor. I turned back to him and looked for more encouragement.

“What were you saying, Ted?”

“Nothing, buddy. Just don’t jump too hard. You don’t want to leave a big hole in the sidewalk below. As a matter of fact, jump enough to land on the other side of the street. I never liked that building. Let’s shake the tenants up a little.”

Ted smiled as I sat and swung my legs over the heavy railing of the balcony. I was worried for a second that the thick concrete would not be able to hold my big body. I glanced back at the smiling face of my once roommate – now lover. I smiled and sat there hesitantly.

“Bye, Ted. I’ll see you later.”

“Brock, quit stalling. You’re not going to hurt yourself. I promise. Let go of the parameters of your old body. Think about how big and strong you feel. I’m more worried about anything that gets in your way. Go! You’ll soon see how powerful you really are. How indestructible that body is.”

Those words made something snap inside of me. I had already felt this way about my muscles and his encouraging words only affirmed what I truly new inside. I let my body fall forward, pushing off very gently. I felt chunks of concrete break off from the wide railing where my hands pushed off – even though I did it as lightly as I could. I knew, however, that I did not destroy the entire balcony. I pushed hard enough to clear the street and land in front of the building across from ours, just as Ted had told me. I was not prepared for the giant hole my landing would create or the way the impact would cause the buildings around me to shake. Car alarms immediately went off and after a few seconds apartment lights in the surrounding buildings started to come on. I knew I needed to move quickly. I glanced back up at my lover and saw him waving to me. He was also exploring the demolished concrete where my hands had pushed – amazed at what I was able to do. I started moving down the street quickly, careful not to meet anyone and fully aware that the sheet around my waist didn’t hide my raging hard-on at all. I did not, however, notice the massive truck pull out of three parking spaces down the street and begin to follow me.

I was amazed and relieved that I did not see anyone as I moved down some back streets – trying to get to the outskirts of town unnoticed. There were times when I did meet cars in a dark street or when I had to cross major intersections. The look on the drivers’ faces was such a turn-on for me. I could tell, whether it was a guy or a girl, that after the initial shock wore off they were immediately overcome with an incredible lust for my body. I would move quickly away, sure that I left them in a daze and wondering if they had merely imagined the muscled giant that had momentarily appeared in front of them. During my departure from town, I also became aware that I was being followed. I did not know how long the huge truck had been trailing me, but it thrilled me a lot to know that someone was curious enough about my body to stay up with my fast moving exit. I, of course, did not move as fast as I knew I could – nor did I leap into the air - because I was beginning to realize that I would be able to go hundreds of yards away with just one jump. I had also decided that the truck could possibly be a nice way to test my strength. I continued to move further away from town even after I got to the area where there were no houses or businesses. I wanted to be on an empty stretch of road when I took on the truck. The driver was certainly intent on following me and I soon figured out it wasn’t because of his lust for my muscles. I sensed I was being followed for sinister reasons. When I finally felt I was far enough away from town to take care of some business without being noticed, I turned around in the road and stared back at the truck, which had its headlights off. I was feeling truly powerful, so I reached down and pulled off the sheet wrapped around my waist. I threw it to the side and rested my hands at my waist. I was sure I looked like a nude superhero or something. I then jerked my head backwards a couple of times as a signal to come ahead and yelled out loudly.

“So, you like what you see? Are you here to play with this big boy’s muscles or do you want to see if that small truck of yours can hurt me?”

My cocky attitude garnered the exact response I desired. The bright lights of the truck came on immediately and the driver gunned the motor a few times. He was quite a few yards away, but I somehow knew that the distance would give him no advantage in our little rumble. I was going to win and it was going to be easy. I taunted him more.

“Bring it on, mister, bring it on. Let’s give you a taste of what indestructible means!”
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Another great chapter... nice structure and I like how the story has come full circle now and tied together... keep up the good work.
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Another great chapter to this awesome story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Getting Use to Being Unstoppable Part 10

Very Hot story as usual. Do you know how may chapters you are figureing on as I print everyone. Your stories are that good. Thanks again.
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Great writing! I like Brock. He's a big guy, but he's nice and he means well. Plus, Ted is a great, loyal friend. Keep up the good work. Your dialog and descriptions are awesome!
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Excellent! I, too, enjoy your style and storyline!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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