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Old April 5th, 2010, 02:21 PM
Thicker is Best
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The Thrill of the Hunt

[A little present for Easter. It's just a little study in one of my favorite things - the cruising rituals of gay men. I also love exploring the perspectives of different people. I know this isn't for everyone, but I hope some like it.]

Friday night at Jakeís used to be a big boyís playground. The bar sits at the outskirts of town, but on this specific night itís always packed with men Ė men looking to have a little conversation or maybe a lot more. I donít come here often enough to be considered a regular. I think itís better to always be considered fresh meat. It doesnít matter these days, though, because people donít recognize me at all. Iíve packed on some new weight and it makes me look a lot different. You might even say that now Iím massive. I donít know about that, but I do know that Iíve gained about seventy pounds of pure muscle and I donít look like the old scrawny me.

Itís still a little weird to get stares from guys that I used to drool over when I came to Jakeís every now and then. There are a couple of guys here that in the past I used as images any time I needed to get off, but they donít seem to interest me anymore. Itís not just because Iím now bigger than them Ė no, it has more to do with attitude, mainly their attitude. Before I grew they didnít pay any attention to me and now they saunter up to me when I come in and talk as if weíve been best buds for a while. Itís amazing what muscles will attract. I canít say Iím not flattered, for I really love being drooled over, but I know, deep down, I want something more. I didnít get big just to attract a bunch of one-night-stands. No, I pumped up so I could have the pick of the litter Ė in a good way. I wanted to be able to feel comfortable in talking to any guy at any time and having a chiseled body has made that possible. I donít want it to sound like I think Iím better than anyone else, itís just that I wanted to have the luxury to sift through the assholes and find the good guys. Itís paid off, too. I have now become pretty good at telling how sincere a guy is in the first five minutes of conversation. Iím still kind of shy but youíd be amazed at how having a six foot two inch frame and packing two hundred and eighty-five pounds of muscle can cause you to sometimes be the center of attention. I wonít lie Ė I love the attention, but I also love being able to be choosy about what Iím looking for in a guy.

And thatís why I have returned to Jakeís only a few times after about a two-year hiatus, during which I worked out like a fiend and built the kind of body that turns heads. I have come back to see if this old watering hole still caters to guys looking to hook up with big men. You see, Iím proud of my body and I want someone that appreciates it, but they have to be a decent guy, as well. Iím not looking for just a muscle junkie, Iím looking for someone that likes curling up by a fire and eating popcorn or, better yet, someone that has seen the British version of the movie, ďDeath at a Funeral,Ē and canít understand why anyone might be excited about the Chris Rock remake. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

So, I have my bottle of Fat Tire beer and Iím standing in a dark corner of Jakeís just waiting for someone that looks interesting. Thatís when I notice him. I canít understand how I could have missed the guy before, but Iím happy Iíve seen him now. He isnít very tall Ė maybe five nine or five ten. He has what I would call a desk-job build and the most angelic face Iíve ever seen at this bar. Itís not a stunning face, but I can sense in his eyes that he is somewhat timid and very genuine. Itís pretty obvious that he isnít trying to impress anyone Ė simply because he seems to dress for comfort and not for show. I smile to myself as I realize that heís drinking a Fat Tire, as well. Great minds think alike Ė or whatever it is they say.

Iím trying to figure out if heís noticed me yet. It appears the guy is not really aware of anyone standing nearby. He stares at the floor, takes a swig of his beer every now and then, and only glances up every couple of minutes Ė but seems to notice nothing. If he happens to catch the eye of anyone he immediately turns his gaze downward again. I can actually see many guys attempting to get his attention, but the guy is totally oblivious to this fact. The thought crosses my mind that he actually might be a player, but then I see him look across the room and stare at someone. I have to lean forward to see around a pole in order to find what guy has earned his interest. My heart actually skips a beat when I see itís Sam, the local bodybuilder wannabe that has frequented the bar since Noah built the ark. Samís got sort of a nice body, but most of it has come from visits to the neighborhood plastic surgeon and not from any true exercise. Iím not putting the guy down or anything, Iím just real excited to find out that a big boy has caught the cute guyís attention. That means there might be hope for me.

Now donít think Iím one of those crazy gay guys that plans a wedding five minutes after seeing someone, because Iím not. I didnít yet know what kind of guy he might be, but I liked how Mr. Cuteness looked on the outside. A head full of curly hair, eyes that seemed to be happy and content, and an aura that seemed to be full of kindness and warmth. Yeah, I know itís totally stupid to think all this about someone youíve just noticed across the room, but thatís what comes from spending many years observing people Ė even during the time when no one seemed to be noticing me. Iím starting to make a plan of how Iím going to get the desired man to notice me when Sam mysteriously appears in front of him. I feel like cussing out loud, because Iím scared Iíve waited too long and Iíll lose him to the guy with phony muscles. Iím absolutely sure he is someone that wants the real thing, but maybe the guy canít tell the difference. I can actually feel myself getting worked up about missing the chance to get to know someone Iíve never even met. I move a few steps to my right so I can see dreamboatís face as he talks to Sam.

The first time I see him smile my muscle legs go all wobbly. His face lights up unbelievably and his eyes sparkle even more than before. Iím suddenly thankful that Sam is able to say something that pleases him Ė just because it causes the smile that thrills me so much. Thatís also when I see Sam do something that I think will end the guyís interest in him. The big guy actually reaches up and pats him roughly on top of the head Ė like heís some kind of puppy or something. I immediately register the slight change in the smaller manís demeanor, but Iím sure the arrogant asshole in front of him misses it completely. Sure enough, suddenly the smile goes away and all he does from then on is politely nod at whatever Sam is saying about himself. Thatís when I see him give Sam the gay bar kiss of death Ė he actually looks at his watch. Of course Sam, again, misses the clue. Luckily, though, some of Samís barfly buddies come in the door and he excuses himself to go say hello Ė and to weasel a drink out of one of them. I watch the cute guy closely to see what he does Ė knowing that his actions will clearly show how he now feels about Sam. As the big guy walks away, the cute one glances back down at the floor Ė and never looks in Samís direction, not even once. I do a little ďhappy danceĒ on the inside because I know that Sam is a threat no more.

I panic for a second that the cute guy may choose to leave the bar at this moment. He might be worried that Sam will come back to talk to him. The guy even starts moving away from his spot and I begin to search for ways to cut him off before he gets to the door, but Iím also worried about being too forward and offending him. Iím suddenly relieved when I see the man step up to the bar to order a second beer. I watch as he takes his drink and then moves to a new part of the bar, obviously hoping to avoid Sam. The cute guy is standing against the wall near one of the pool tables and pretends to be watching the game, but I can tell he is actually checking out the crowd. God, he is so cute! I figure h has to be kind of shy, since he doesnít boldly peer around the room like most gay men would Ė making it obvious they are on the prowl. I take advantage of his secret scoping of the room and I step past two guys so heíll get a nice clean shot of me - when his gaze gets to my part of the room. The guy also starts to take a sip of beer as he surveys the room. When his eyes finally behold me two things happen Ė first, his head stops its sweep and second, he forgets to swallow and beer seeps out of the sides of his mouth onto his shirt.

The cute guy immediately pulls his bottle away from his mouth and starts to brush the liquid off the shirt. When he turns around to grab a napkin from a table nearby I get my first really good glimpse of his ass and my desire for him goes through the roof. If I thought he was handsome before, seeing that nice round tight butt only makes me want him more Ė a whole lot more. Pretty face, cute personality, and firm derriere are all I need to help me become a little bold in the ritual of meeting a guy. The only thing that was standing in my way at that moment was confirming that he wanted to meet me as much as I did him. I knew this is where the ďgay bar danceĒ between two guys got fun. I also knew that I had certain assets that made it easy for me to stand out among the crowd. If we could get to a point where the guy held my gaze for a long time I knew that I could then move in for a little conversation. And if the conversation was good and we both found the other pleasing; there were no limit to where it might go from there. I was ready to find out if I met his standards for moving our connection to the next level, but first I needed to know he were interested.

The guy did not immediately look in my direction again. He took his time wiping the beer from his shirt and then resumed his downward gaze at the floor. I began to get a little nervous that my body had not caused the sudden stop in his sweep around the room. I was totally confused. There is no way he could possibly miss the difference between Samís smaller frame and my bulging body. Had I been wrong about his preference for big men? Or was he just too shy to make any more moves? But the guy stared at Sam long enough for the big guy to feel compelled to move over and talk to him, so why not me? I was mulling all of this over when Mr. Cuteness briefly looked in my direction. He did not look at my face; however, he only looked at my body. I watched him closely and detected a slight change in his face. I couldnít tell what it was exactly, but I thought it resembled something akin to lust. The guy totally missed the fact that this caused me to break into a huge smile. He quickly looked back down and whatever emotion had been so obvious on his face before was now gone. He had recovered from his temporary loss of decorum.

It was enough, though, for me to see that I had a chance with him. I was suddenly filled with more confidence and started to plan how I would work my way up to talking with the guy. I moved back a little, back behind a couple of smaller men, just to see what he would do. My body is so big that without even looking in my direction the guy knew that I no longer filled the space across from him. He quickly glanced up and caught my eye Ė since I towered over the guys blocking my lower body. He froze for a couple of seconds and I saw his face turn very red Ė even in the low lighting of the bar. Again, he turned quickly away and a guy a few feet away from him walked over at that very moment to say something. I was in heaven! I had taken a gamble and it had paid off. I knew that he was now very interested in me. I got the feeling that he was still not one hundred percent sure if I was looking at him, though. I knew weíd take care of that in a few minutes. I wanted to enjoy the build up for as long as I could. He was very civil to the guy talking to him, but even I, across the room, could tell he didnít really want to speak to anyone. I was sure that the new guy had no idea Mr. Cuteness really wanted to spend his energy seeking my attention. Even while the new guy was talking to him, my desired companion glanced in my direction a few times. It was then that I was completely sure I had temporarily won his favor over all the other guys in the place. And I was even more smitten by that face and that beautiful head of curly hair. I decided I needed to do something to guarantee his undivided attention for the remainder of the evening.

I first moved to a different part of the room. I waited until he was staring at the guy talking to him. I wanted to see how he would react when he noticed I was gone. His behavior in that moment would give away his intentions more than ever. When the cute guy glanced up and found that I was not standing in my previous spot I saw him stop speaking in mid-sentence. He quickly looked around the room, not caring that he was ignoring the guy beside him. I could see that the new guy was a little put off by the rude action and he glanced around the room, as well. He turned back to see something in Mr. Cutenessí eyes that betrayed true feelings when I was finally found in my new spot. When the new guy took one look at me and saw me smile in the cute guyís direction, he immediately moved away from the conversation without even saying another word. I could see in his eyes that he gave up on his talking companion as soon as he caught sight of what Mr. Cuteness desired. He instinctively knew that he was no competition when it came to my big body. I felt sorry for him briefly, but my longing for Mr. Curly Hair was too great. I didnít mind letting my big muscles get me closer to this prize. I figured that Iíd have to work hard to actually win the award, but my body advanced me to the next level.

The object of my affection only held my gaze for a few seconds and then he turned to say something to the empty space beside him Ė having not noticed that the gentleman had left. He looked around for the other guy, but I could tell by the look on his face that he understood I had unintentionally intimidated the hell out of the now missing fellow. His gaze returned to the floor after he took a long swig of beer. Suddenly the cute man began to move. I got excited that he had decided to come speak to me, but I soon realized that he was making his way to the bathroom. In the short time he was gone I made another daring move. I waded through the throngs of men Ė not catching anyoneís eye Ė and took the exact spot that Mr. Curls had held just a few moments before. I wanted to see how he would handle this change.

I didnít have to wait long to find out. Shortly, Mr. Curls returned and started making his way to his old spot. As he moved through the crowd I saw him glance to where I had been standing. Yes, he was definitely interested! It took him a few seconds to register that I had moved again and he stopped on the other side of the pool table, in the exact spot I had been standing when he first noticed me, and, even though he was looking in the direction of where I had stood before he went to the restroom, I could tell he was smiling. The man knew exactly where I was without even looking. He turned red again and moved his head very slowly in my direction. He looked at me very briefly, but he continued to smile broadly. Right before he turned away I raised my beer bottle in the air like I was offering a toast. I also nodded my head. This was too much for shy curls and he suddenly became quite fidgety. It became clear that he still doubted for some unknown reason that my attention was meant for him. He looked at either guy beside him to see if they were looking at me Ė and of course they were. Most of the bar was looking at me and this was one time I wished it wasnít so.

I loved my new body and I loved the glances it garnered, but at this moment I wished that the only two people in the bar had been cute man and me. I watched in disbelief as the man with the curly hair looked at all the men around him and noticed how many were staring in my direction. I could see by his reaction how this confused him. It dawned on me that he suddenly began to mistakenly think I was not trying to get his attention. Embarrassment registered on his face and I knew he had begun to reproach himself for thinking a big guy like me desired to talk to him. I didnít wish my muscles to be gone, but I did frantically begin to try and think of a way to win back his gaze Ė for he had now even turned around to face the opposite direction.

I contemplated finally going up to talk to him, but I knew there was one final test that needed to be given before that. I had been out enough times with my newly improved body to know that it sometimes ended up really intimidating guys - so much, in fact, that they wouldnít talk to me. I had thought of a sure-fire way to find out if a guy could truly handle my size and I wanted to try it out tonight. There had been a few times where I had struck up a great conversation with a guy I really seemed to connect with only to find that when we got home and I removed my shirt he suddenly became very self-conscious and said he had to go home. That meant I usually ended up with blue balls and an empty bed. I liked Mr. Curls too much already to be put through that situation with him and be disappointed. I figured that kind of rejection from him would set me back a few years Ė even with my new improved body.

I knew my new plan for the evening would cause a lot of commotion in the bar, but I figured two things Ė first, it would get the cute man to definitely look at me again, and second, he would either react favorably or make it clear that I was too much for him to handle. I decided I had nothing to lose and made the desperate decision to win Mr. Curls over with my secret weapon. I placed my beer on a table next to me, grabbed my sweatshirt at the bottom, and pulled it up over my head Ė leaving my upper body only covered by a white skin-tight tank top. I was ready for the reaction from the crowd, but I really only cared about getting positive feedback from one man. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the unabashed excitement my body would cause.

Even before the sweatshirt was completely over my head I heard many gasps throughout the room. The sight of my cobble-stoned abs and meaty pecs was almost too much for some guys to handle. I was actually worried we were going to have some guys whip out their dicks right there and beat off. I truly desired the flattering attention, but I didnít expect guys to turn into wolves and treat me like a piece of raw meat. As soon as the shirt cleared my wide shoulders and I pulled it off of my thick arms things got worse. There were many men that let all inhibitions go and either whistled at me like they were construction workers or they let out what could only be described as vulgar cat calls. I suddenly knew what a big busted waitress working at Hooters in the Deep South felt like. Luckily no one was brave enough to actually reach out and touch me, but I figured if I made eye contact with anyone it would seem like I was giving them the okay to start groping.

I definitely wasnít the only guy in the place in a tank top. As a matter of fact, there were a few guys that werenít wearing a shirt at all. It was clear, however, that no other guy came close to being as built or chiseled as me. I noticed that most of the shirtless guys immediately put their shirt back on after taking one look at me. I also saw Sam slowly sneak out the front door while everyone was looking in my direction. If anyone had needed a drink at that moment they would have had no problem getting it Ė everyone in the place had moved toward my side of the room just to get a glimpse of my body. On a second glance I actually realized that no one could have gotten a drink because the bar tenders had also moved out from behind the bar to get a good look at me. I ignored the shouts from some people to take the tank top off or to flex my arms. I was not there to incite a riot and I think that I had already gotten most people so horned up they would have gone crazy after one glimpse of my pumped up biceps. I continued to stare at one man and one man only.

Believe it or not, he had yet to turn around. He was staring at the ground so he missed the fact that everyone had nearly broken their necks whipping around to look at me. The noise in the room is what finally made him look up. I could tell by the sudden tensing of his back that he gathered I had done something to make everyone go crazy. Iím not sure if the clue had been the way guys around him were drooling or the fact that some of them were rubbing their crotches in a very un-gentlemanly like way. He turned around very slowly. When his eyes met mine he did not look away. He also did not let his gaze fall below my chin. I donít believe he was really ready to hold my look as long as he did; it was actually that he did not want to look at my body. I think he was scared of what seeing my muscles would do to him. I took this as my chance to make it clear I wanted to talk to him. I let a big smile break across my face, I again nodded directly at him, and I mouthed the word ďhello.Ē This time he finally caught on that I was talking to him. He again turned a deep red; he nodded very slightly, and opened his mouth slowly to say ďhi.Ē

I could tell he was very much in shock. He just stood there staring into my eyes. I walked toward him, never taking my gaze from his. The crowd parted as I moved in his direction and I felt like Moses crossing the Red Sea. Some techno version of ďI Am What I AmĒ was blaring through the sound system and this made both of us smile. I finally stood right in front of him and I held out my hand.

ďMy nameís Robert and I love guys with curly hair.Ē

This made the beautiful man in front of me laugh. He grabbed my hand and then slowly let his gaze go up and down my body Ė taking in my giant arms, my bulging chest, my tight abs, and my broad shoulders. He then looked back at me.

ďMy nameís James and we must be a match made in heaven because I love guys with big muscles.Ē
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Good to see a new posting from you!

As always, the descriptions are amazing and the storyline is endearing.

Pick up lines are corny, but, hey, they work!

Good job!

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I have to say it before I even finish reading the story:

YES, I did see the British version (at the Maui film festival in June 2007) and, NO, I can't imagine why anyone would want to see the Chris Rock version, much less be excited about it!


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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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I knew you were cool before, but this definitely confirms it. You shot up notches on the cool meter just from catching the reference and then even more for agreeing with me.

Thanks for noticing the little things!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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You sure have a knack for setting a mood. Just delicious!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Nice work!
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I was impressed by this story so I wrote a companion story and passed it by Londonboy. He approved so here is the link The Thrill of the Hunt- James’ Point of View I hope you enjoy.

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Did you two get together and write these stories? I thoroughly enjoyed both, thanks.

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