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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 9


The building that housed the gym had a large garage-like door that opened mechanically. I could tell it was made of strong metal, which was about a half of foot thick. I’m sure the entire thing weighed multiple tons. It would probably take a crane or an army of men to lift the thing back onto its metal track if it somehow came off. It had tightly spaced bars at the top and bottom that stuck out from a solid sheet of metal running across the entire middle. I was tall enough to look in through the bars at the top, but other men were simply even with the plate of metal. The openings at the top and the bottom were there to help “air out” the gym as guys worked out. I got a huge whiff of muscleman sweat when I walked to the door. I looked in and saw about twelve huge men working out. Some of them were quite impressive. I was sure all they ever did was work out. I knew immediately that Tommy Coles was the elder balding guy in the middle of the group. He was chatting with a couple of massive guys who were taking a break from the bench where they had obviously been pressing some serious looking weight.

My cock actually twitched at the sight of the huge men in the gym. None of them were really close to my size, but most of them – except Tommy Coles, himself – were even bigger than my new muscle slave guard, Francis. No wonder the guy liked to whack off watching these guys work out – compared to most men they were monstrous. Compared to me, however, they were tiny. I looked at the door and contemplated grabbing the metal plating in the middle and pulling it back like it was just the top of a sardine can, but then I remembered that, although it would be a simple task, it would give away how strong I really was and we wanted to let the boys inside be surprised by my power. I reached up to where the door slid into the metal frame at the wall. Francis grabbed the keys attached to his belt and spoke to me as he fumbled to find a specific one.

“I can open the door a little for you – to get it going.”

I looked down at him and smiled. The guy swallowed hard because my face made it clear that he didn’t need to do a thing. He dropped the keys to the ground as he began to understand what I intended to do. He watched me intently. I chuckled as I answered him.

“That won’t be necessary.”

I slid the thick fingers of my left hand along the large door and pressed the tips between where the two slabs of metal overlapped when it was shut. I pressed in slightly and the steel plating of the frame buckled with no resistance. I was able to get my fingers deep into the frame and easily pulled a huge part of the strong steel casing from the door. Both men standing next to me moaned out loud. I glanced down and saw that they were each rock hard and stroking themselves through their pants.

“Don’t get hot and bothered too soon, boys. We’ve got a lot more showing off to come. This is as easy for me as it is for you to crumple the foil wrapper of a piece of chewing gum. Make sure you hold out for some of the really impressive displays of power to come. Remember, little Clarence, you’re going to hold out as long as you can – we’re hoping you won’t cum until all of this is over and I give you the okay. I doubt you’ll be able to do it, but it sure will be fun trying.”

I returned my focus to the door. I slid my right hand into the hole my other hand had easily created and dug my fingers through concrete so I could wrap them around the thick edge of the solid metal frame. The feeling of my thick fingertips pushing through concrete like it was only wet paper towels made my insides flutter like a schoolgirl in love and my cock pulse against my abs quickly. Here was the thick outer wall of a building being destroyed easily by just my fingers. I loved how incredible that made me feel. I got a jolt of adrenaline every time I crushed something that was supposedly unbreakable by human hands. It wasn’t exactly a feeling of cockiness – it was more of a giddy excitement caused by my newfound awareness of how powerful my body was – even just the fingers of one hand. I was again amazed when I realized my hand was big enough to easily grip the very wide end of the huge door. I compressed my fingers a little just to feel how effortlessly I could dent solid metal. My fingers squeezed into the steel like it was just a ball of cotton. Both guys were craning their necks around my massive arm to see what my hand was doing. Francis was speechless, but Clarence simply could not refrain from giving a play-by-play.

“Shit, you poked through concrete like it was nothing. Look at how your fucking thumb presses into solid steel as if it were soft dough. That’s such intense power! Those guys inside are gonna have no fucking clue about how strong you are. This is going to be great!”

His words made me chuckle and they made Francis moan louder - like a dog in heat. My thoughts returned to the fun waiting inside and I pulled ever-so-lightly and the giant door slid open. It moved easily – like it was cardboard. I knew the door would be insanely heavy to any other person, but it was a breeze to me. My powerful hand effortlessly overpowered the electric juice keeping the door shut, as well as moving the mass of metal with no difficulty.

“That thing weighs tons!”

Francis was totally shocked and could not contain his excitement at what I had done. He immediately pressed his hand up against the now deformed concrete that had been destroyed by my fingers. Clarence would not be outdone, though, and he was running his hand across the finger indentions at the end of the door. Both men momentarily forgot about what was going to happen inside the gym. I stepped into the hot, man-scented room – having to duck to make it through the large doorway. I had made little noise entering the room, even as I muscle manhandled concrete and steel, so no one even turned to look in our direction. Most of the men were intently pushing around what they thought was heavy weight, but it looked like child’s play to me. I decided to get everyone’s attention at the same moment. I used my full voice and it sounded like some kind of mega-bullhorn.

“So, are you weak little boys ready to see a real man throw around some serious poundage?”

All eyes quickly turned toward me. I watched as twelve heads jerked at the same time and then had to tilt backwards to take in my full size. I saw a momentary look of shock in each man’s eyes and then they recovered and everyone was on their feet instantly. Tommy Coles moved to the front of the group as they gathered into a gang-like clump, ready to defend their gym. The elder leader’s mouth turned into a sneer and he gave off attitude as he spoke.

“Sorry, pal, this gym is reserved just for us. I don’t think you’ll be throwing any weights around.”

“I wasn’t talking about the weights. I intend to toss you guys around. This gym belongs to me, now.”

“That’s some cocky words from a guy that’s trespassing. I don’t care how big you are, mister. Look around – it seems to be pretty uneven. You might want to turn around and leave before you and your boyfriends get hurt.”

“Uneven, huh? Okay, I’ll let you go round up a few hundred more men to make it almost even Tommy-boy. Hell, go ahead and get every person within a mile – it’s not going to help.”

“I don’t know how you know my name, naked-boy, but you’ve just dug your own grave. Tear him apart boys and once you’re done with the shit-for-brains muscle head, teach Clarence and his friend a lesson, too.”

I could feel thick drops of pre-cum leaking from my dick slit, just from the impending muscle fun coming my way. I stood there relaxed, but very excited, as I watched the group of big men start moving into action. They took their time, thinking they were building the tension before they kicked my ass. I smiled at their folly – knowing they had no idea that they were about to encounter something unstoppable. And, as if my last thought were some kind of cue, two of the larger men lowered their bodies and ran directly at me with their shoulders aimed at my mid-section. I placed my hands behind my back and stood there in a teasingly calm way. I didn’t even tense my abs, mainly because I had learned what my body was capable of – and when these two supposedly huge bodybuilders hit me it was going to feel like two drops of water falling against my skin. I knew both guys thought they were going to slam my big body into the steel door behind me. They anticipated my stomach succumbing to their powerful blows and the fight being over before it even began. I glanced behind them and saw that Tommy Coles and the other guys were smiling because they knew I was a goner – they thought I was about to learn a lesson about challenging the men that ran this prison.

As a small boy I always marveled at how a fly, caught in the house, would throw it’s body against a shut window and be stunned to find that the glass stopped it completely. The fly would continue to try and penetrate the window until it finally slid down the pane to the windowsill totally tapped out. For a few seconds my body was flooded with a jolt of orgasmic electricity as I prepared to do the same to these to large men. It barely registered when their bulky shoulders hit my abdominals. It felt like nothing to my powerful – still un-flexed – stomach. It was obvious, though, that the two men were not spared pain in the same way. I don’t think shoulders were broken, but I do know that both men instantly blacked out from the impact. Nothing on my entire body moved even a fraction of an inch. These two huge heavy bodies smacked up against something more solid and something more dense – and then they simply slid down my lower torso and legs to crumple on the floor at my feet. I bent over, grabbed both unconscious men by the waistband of their prison pants and lifted them into the air. I held both guys at my waist and looked at the rest of their gang.

“Two down so soon Tommy? You sure you don’t want to call for back-up now?”

I then tossed both men in opposite directions. They went sailing through the air, even though I had basically just flicked my hands, and slammed up against opposing walls. Again their bodies slid to the ground. I knew they were going to have severe headaches in the morning – and quite a few bruises. I also knew that the war was just starting and I made a mental note to not dispense with the remaining big guys as quickly as the first two. I had promised Clarence and Francis a great show and I did not want to disappoint my two little worshippers. Tommy shouted at the remaining men.

“Shut the fucker up, now!”

The largest of the gang let out a rebel yell, signaled to a guy near him, and then they lifted a bar loaded with weights off of its stand where he had been doing bench presses. I cold tell there was tons of weight on the bar – well, a lot of weight to anyone besides me. It took both men to manipulate the bulky item into a battering ram and they took off running towards me. The anticipation of what was about to happen made my heart start beating with excitement. I felt like a middle school kid with a crush on a classmate, but this time the crush was actually focused on my own muscles and what they could do. I brought my right hand out in front of me, making sure it was even with the tip of the bar. My arm didn’t budge at all when the force of the two men and the heavy weights struck my palm. I wish I could have said the same about the two men. Immediately, both came flying forward – the first guy’s body rammed into the thick stack of weights in front of him and the other guy flew into the muscled back of the first. Both guys were stunned but they continued to grip the weights. I quickly reached out, grabbed the bar behind the second guy, and lifted it into the air above my head. The feet of both men came off the floor as their bodies went upward. They were still too shocked to let go. Even with one end of the heavy bar uneven because of the weight of the two guys, I was able to hold it straight using little of my strength. The combined load was very light to my muscled arm. I stared at the unbelieving faces of both men for a few seconds and then began to shake the bar. Their entire frames began to flop around like a plastic bag being manipulated by fifty mile-per-hour winds. They could not hold on for even fifteen seconds. The two big guys dropped to their feet and wobbled a little – still stunned by the sudden impact with my strong palm.

I brought the weighted bar down level with their faces. I could see they were beginning to register the fact that I held with only one hand what the two of them together had struggled to carry. I steadied the bar, which actually bent downward at the ends because of the massive amount of weight, with my thumb and pinkie. I then brought my forefinger and ring finger over the bar while my middle finger stayed under it. I have never witnessed eyes grow so wide as I did then. Both men were transfixed as I pushed down with my two fingers on top of the bar – against my middle finger – and the steel rod bent like it as a piece of red-vine licorice. I continued to push down until the two sets of weights at the ends met and clanged together like deformed church bells. I heard both of the little muscle worshippers behind me cry out in pleasured pain as they tried hard not to shoot a newly built-up load of cum at my display of power. The color in the faces of both huge prisoners standing in front of me quickly drained away and their mouths dropped open in disbelief.

“Hard to believe it, isn’t it little boys - that my three fingers would have more strength than both of your bodies put together. Well, actually they have a lot more than that. And just in case you might think it’s some kind of trick, watch this.”

I quickly switched the placement of my fingers and, with little work, I pushed up - making the ends of the bar rise again as I straightened it. You could hear the metal bar screeching in protest as my fingers manipulated it easily. Both of the big muscled guys staring at what my hand had just accomplished stopped breathing - their tiny brains could not fathom someone having this kind of strength. I glanced down and saw that the front of their orange regulation prison pants were now tented; pressed out by hard cocks. These massive straight hardened-criminals could not help from getting turned on by my power. That fact thrilled me beyond belief. I glanced back up at their frozen faces and smiled.

“You guys like what you see, don’t you. Well, watch this my new little admirers.”

I tossed the bar into the air and caught it with my palm facing up, grabbing it like someone might take hold of a javelin. I brought my arm back slightly and then sent the bar flying through the air across the large room. Every eye in the gym, except the two that were still unconscious, watched the massive weights soar toward the opposite wall like a missile. The force of my toss caused the weights at the first end of the bar to penetrate through the thick concrete wall easily and with little noise. It was like a nail piercing quickly into a piece of balsa wood. I had calculated just the right amount of power to send the bar only halfway into the wall. The opposite end of weights stuck out of the newly made, perfectly circular hole like some kind of piece of modern art. I was staring at the vibrating end of the weighted bar when I felt something like a fly landing on the side of my face. I turned my eyes to see that one of the big dudes had recovered enough from his surprise at my strength to pick up a two-hundred pound steel dumbbell and slam it against my head. The power of his blow caused the steel end of the weight to dent to the contours of my head and it was now molded around my ear. His fingers were trapped against my cheek. I looked at him and smiled.

“Did you really think that would hurt me, little man?”

I reached up and grabbed the weight, being careful to let him pull his hand away before I did anything that would hurt him. I brought the dumbbell even with his face and held it at both ends with my hands. My chest bulged slightly as I pressed in – causing the handle in the middle to cave in on itself like an accordion. In an instant the two bulky hexagon shaped ends of the dumbbell came together. I continued to squeeze my hands, compressing the solid metal into round ball. It was like how a child manipulates snow when making it into something for throwing. I then pinched the top of the smooth metal orb and caused two small solid strips to stick out of the now tightly packed weight. They looked like small bunny ears. I brought the entire fixture to my right nipple. I bent the tips of both strips so they faced my insanely thick nub and then I squeezed them together. They were forced into the sides of my nipple until they clamped onto it with a grip equaling the power of a crane used in construction. I let go and my new nipple ring hung there beautifully from my massive chest. The feeling of hard steel clamping into my nipple made my cock jump.

The two hundred pounds did not cause my skin to sag at all – it was good to know that even my nipple was fucking powerful. I looked back at the guy that had been brave enough to think a dumbbell slammed against my head could hurt me. I leaned down towards him and then slightly flexed my right pec. The minor bounce of my chest still had enough force to twitch my nipple so that the two hundred pound weight went flying upward. It caught the chin of the guy in front of me and sent him flying into the air – backwards a few feet and he fell to the floor – completely out like the other guys. I continued bouncing my chest and marveled at how the ball attached to my nipple flew up and down, making a loud thud each time it struck my pec. I turned around so Clarence and Francis could get a good view my new accessory.

“Remind me to make one for my other mega nip before I leave. I like a guy that’s comfortable enough with himself to wear jewelry, don’t you?”

Both men gritted their teeth as they nodded in agreement. I could tell they were still trying not to shoot bucket loads of cum as their eyes followed the bouncing ball attached to my nipple. It was obvious that they were enjoying the show and that had been one of my main goals. I turned back to the remaining men. The guy standing nearest me, the one that had helped his buddy battle ram the weight into my palm suddenly turned into a wild, but stupid, man. He began to throw punches into my chiseled abs one after another. One punch from his big powerful arms would have probably sent most men to the hospital, but they didn’t even begin to tickle me. I let him go crazy for a few minutes and actually yawned as he used up all of his strength punching my hard-as-a-brick-wall stomach. He finally dropped his tired arms and drooped his shoulders forwarded as he tried to catch his breath. His hands were bloodied from pounding against my indestructible abs and he heaved like a ninety-year old man that had just climbed a bunch of stairs. Compared to me, he indeed looked like a broken-down sickly older man.

“And what exactly did that accomplish? Here, let me show you what a real punch looks like.”

I grabbed the guy by his shoulders and moved him to the right, lining him up with two other guys that were coming towards me. I did not even use a fraction of my strength when I brought my fist to his stomach. I did not want to penetrate the man’s muscled mid-section; I merely wanted to use him like a bowling ball. The effect of my punch was perfect. The guy’s feet immediately left the ground as he folded over from the force of my blow and went flying backwards. He caught the two other men off guard and hit them in succession with enough power that all three now sailed through the air into the opposite wall - just beside my bench-press bar artwork. They looked like three pancakes slammed on a griddle. They stayed in place for a few seconds – just from the strength of my blow – and then they fell to the ground, now a pile of unconscious bodies.

“And then there were six Tommy-boy. Getting nervous?”

I could tell the remaining guys, including Tommy, were in amazed – not to mention scared shitless – by my power. I had to give it to them, though, because this did not deter their warrior spirit. I believe they had now begun to view themselves as the biblical David and I was their Goliath. They figured there had to be some weakness to the giant standing in front of them and they were either going to find it or perish trying. I respected their fervor. I laughed at the fact that they had not yet figured there was nothing that could stop me, but it was impressive that they were still trying. Tommy slapped one of the big guys on the back and called out an order.

“Turner, Shotz, and Martin – take him down. Let’s see if he’s as powerful when he’s on the ground.”

I actually laughed out loud. These guys were actually as dumb as they looked. The three big men that had received the order ran toward me and jumped on me – with the intention of dragging me to the ground. I merely stood there and let them grab hold of my neck, head, and shoulders as they attached their smaller bodies to mine. I’m sure each guy was either near or over 300 pounds. Suddenly I had about 900 pounds attached to my upper body and it felt like I had simply put on a light sweater. The entire room froze – including the guys on top of me – because I hadn’t moved at all. I loved the feeling of three humongous grown men hanging onto my upper torso and me not budging an inch. I made a mental note to some day have a group of guys climb all over me. I had a feeling that I could cause myself to have a strong climax if I got to watch a bunch of men climbing all over me like I was a mountain. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to find many willing climbers.

Before the shock of not being able to move my body at all wore off of my little attachments, I reached out and wrapped my big arms around their large – but small to me – upper torsos. I brought my arms in closer and caught all three men in a giant bear hug. Conveniently, I maneuvered them so that they all faced each other. It kind of looked like we were all in a huddle, except their feet were a foot off the ground and my shoulders and head still towered over them. I squeezed hard enough so that the men couldn’t move, but I wasn’t straining my arms even a little. If cocks made noise when they shot hard – like things in cartoons – I swear we would have heard eight loud “sproings” at the same time. The three guys in my arms, Tommy Coles and the two guys still standing beside him, and my two little muscle buddies all went stiff as rock when they saw me easily manhandle three huge men. In fact, my cock would have made the loudest noise – because of its size – since I also got harder thinking about hugging three bodybuilders so tight that they couldn’t move. I brought my face down, closer to the heads of the three men dangling in my arms. I whispered to them softly – to tease them with false kindness.

“It feels good to be wrapped in the stronger arms of a bigger man, doesn’t it boys. All three of you are leaking pre-cum just from the thought of my massive biceps squeezing you tightly. Guess what guys; I’m not exerting any force at all. You can’t move, but I haven’t even begun to squeeze. That turns you on even more doesn’t it? Here’s a little taste of what’s coming.”

I squeezed my arms only a slight fraction of what I was capable of and I heard air being forced out of the lungs of all three men. The rush of air in the center of the circle actually caused their hair to be pushed backwards – like they were on some ride at a theme park. They also each moaned out loud as they felt my arms bulge into their backs – causing them to press into each other painfully. I didn’t want to hurt them or cause them to blackout too soon, mainly because I wanted to play a little more. I lessened the tenseness of my biceps. Each guy quickly gasped for air. A whiff of cum shot up from below and I was positive that my short powerful bear hug had caused each man to lose a load of juice. Damn, that got me excited. Just by crushing these guys with a little power I was able to fulfill some hidden fantasy deep in the recesses of their minds. Each guy secretly loved my power – even while he hated it. They were beginning to realize I was just toying with them. They knew I could pulverize their bodies just by hugging them tightly. That thought thrilled them even as it caused much fear.

“Yeah, little men. You know I’m just using a little of the pressure these arms are capable of. I’ve squeezed huge boulders into tiny stones with these arms. I could split redwoods with just a little tug of these monster biceps. And those thoughts get your juices flowing, don’t they. Take a good deep inhale boys and smell the sweet man-nectar my arms have squeezed out of your bodies. I bet you there’s a lot more juice where that came from, isn’t there. You don’t want to cum for the big man holding you in the air, but you have no choice. Each time I squash you like you were a little lemon you have to release fluid as a way of saying thank you. Let’s test my theory. I think it’s time for round two.”

This time I started squeezing slowly, just to build the tension. I could see each guy trying to take deep breaths, but every time I flexed my arms a little tighter his lungs were compressed more. It finally reached a point where I knew every man was not able to inhale at all. They were hanging onto their final breath like it was their last and that’s when I squeezed even tighter than before. I heard a few snapping sounds and knew it was simply bones adjusting like at the chiropractor. I still wasn’t using enough strength to break anything, but I was certainly causing each of them to get close to passing out. Even though they were limp from exhaustion their legs started kicking wildly as each guy shot his second load of cum. They were so very appreciative of my power. I contemplated finishing the job on these three guys right then, rendering them unconscious, but the whimpers from the guys at my side made me remember my promise of a muscled power show. It dawned on me that the whimpers were also because Clarence and Francis longed to be in the bear hug, too. I released my grip on the boys and actually let their bodies drop to the floor. Since no blood had been flowing to their legs for a while they fell all the way to the ground like a pile of jelly. I turned my head to my two muscle worshippers.

“Hey, don’t worry guys. I’ll give you a taste of one of my hugs some day. I promise not to squeeze too hard, though. I wouldn’t want to snap you in two.”

The moment with my little followers gave Tommy and the two remaining boys time to re-group. Everyone had been impressed with my most recent display of power, but the guys standing near Tommy had recovered quicker than the jelly-men at my feet. Suddenly a forty-pound disk-shaped weight hit me in the chest and bounced off, falling to the floor - just missing the head of one of the guys beneath me. I looked up in time to see one of the big dudes send another weight through the air, throwing it like someone would toss a Frisbee. I was instantly impressed that he had the strength to do this. I, however, merely raised my hand this time and easily caught the man-powered made up weapon. The other guy immediately threw a third weight and I caught it with my other hand. In a flash I brought both of the wide weights to the tip of my dick and slammed them on either side.

“Here’s what I call safe fighting, boys. Thanks for the condom. You’ve heard of Ironman, well this is Irondick.”

I quickly molded both of the thick slabs of steel around the tip of my cock. I squeezed the metal together and made a crude covering. My giant prick continued to stick straight up against my stomach; the extra eighty pounds was nothing to its power. This action was completed so fast that I was able to catch the next two disks as they soared toward me.

“You guys really don’t play nice, do you? I think it’s time to teach my Frisbee friends a lesson. Here, catch!”

I barely flicked the two forty-pound disks, but they zoomed through the air catching both men on either side of Tommy right in the stomach. The suddenness of their departure freaked the older guy out completely. At one moment he had two of his goons standing beside him and in an instant they were gone. The weights had enough force to lift each man off the floor and send him flying across the room. Both ended up about fifteen feet away, lying on the ground, not moving, and with a forty-pound weight resting on their stomach. I knew Tommy suddenly felt vulnerable. He was only tough as long as he had his muscle boys protecting him. He shouted at the guys still at my feet.

“What are you doing, you little shits? Get him.”

I could hear the panic in Tommy’s voice. I knew it was time to end this little charade of a battle, for there had never even been a chance of Tommy and his boys winning. It had taken them a while to realize that fact, but now the boss man was so scared he was resorting to insulting his own bodyguards. Not a smart move, for these goons were definitely going to wake up some day. I was pretty sure they would remember his cowardice.

“Now, now, Tommy. Is that any way to treat your little boys? Remember they’re a lot bigger than you. There’s no need to blame them for losing to an unstoppable force – something more powerful than all of them together. I hope they remember how you turned on them. Right now, though, let’s make it just you and me.”

One of the big men at my feet was still sitting on the floor, one was standing – although he was pretty wobbly - and one was trying to push his frame off of the ground. I moved above the one sitting down and aimed. I forced my monster hard cock to leave my abs and fall forward. The tip, now covered in solid steel, caught the guy squarely on the head. I could tell he was out instantly, but his body just sat there and didn’t fall over. I raised my foot a little in the air and brought it down on the floor beside him – pretty hard. The entire room shook a little, because I still couldn’t completely gauge the strength one of my legs possessed. The impact made the guy fall over. It also caused the guy standing up to wobble a little more and the third guy was still trying to push his prone body up from the floor. I quickly turned my body and let the weighted tip of my rod catch the standing guy in his stomach. The man double over on my monster rod immediately and then flipped over it like he was some kind of gymnast. He landed squarely on the guy I had tapped on the head. Now there was just the guy that was still struggling to get up off the floor. I reached over and grabbed a metal bench with one of my big hands. I placed it over the guys back and then started to press down with my hand. The four legs burst into the concrete floor at the same time. This is what I wanted. I pressed the bench down until it pinned the guy’s body against the floor. I removed my hand and the big man tried in vain to push the bench upward. I had easily trapped him and knew it would take a lot a machinery to free him later on.

I became aware that Tommy Coles was no longer standing in the middle of the room. I knew exactly where he intended to go and I used such super speed to stand in front of the opening at the front door that no one registered it. The scared older man had been moving quickly, looking back over his shoulder to make sure I was still busy taking care of his goons. This caused him to run smack into my body – his upper torso coming into contact with my bulging, hard-as-titanium chest. The impact was so severe and so surprising that he instinctively reached out to grab something so he could prevent himself from falling backwards. His hands gripped the strongest thing they could find – my monster cock. There was much pain throughout his upper body, where it slammed into my immovable chest, but this did not prevent him from being totally shocked and focused on the fact that I had appeared in front of him, seemingly from nowhere. I even heard Clarence and Francis gasp with delight at how quickly my huge body could move. I looked down at the now trembling Mr. Coles – who continued to hold fast to my huge hard rod.

“Thinking of going somewhere, Tommy-boy? I’m not finished playing. You and I have and appointment – and I wouldn’t want you to miss the fun. But first, you have some important information to share with me. Someone has taken my good friend Ted and I know you had something to do with it. Where’s my boyfriend, little man?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you freak!”

“Wrong answer, Tommy.”

I reached down and grabbed the front of Tommy’s prison coveralls. I easily lifted him into the air. I could sense the mixture of awe and fear shooting through every fiber of his body. These feelings confused the hell out of the little guy. He was struggling to play the confident and mean criminal, but really he wanted to feel and lick my entire body. I got a strong, almost violent, gay vibe from the puny mobster boss. That made a lot of sense – Tommy, here, created his gang of bodybuilders just so he could be near all that muscle. I suddenly felt differently towards the man – he was just like Clarence, Francis, and me. He was a true muscle junkie. That made the juices in my body start churning on overdrive and gave me some great ideas on how to get the information I desired.

I walked back to the middle of the gym – taking time to notice that every one of his muscled companions was still out cold. I also loved the fact that I held Tommy in the air like he weighed nothing at all. I took a fifty-pound dumbbell and dropped it on the floor. I then placed my foot on top of it. I held Tommy’s body out from mine so he could see the action below. I pressed my bare foot down on the large weight – and we all watched as it went lower and lower, until my foot rested completely on the ground. I then lifted it slightly and moved it to the right. There, flat up against the concrete floor, was the paper-thin glob of metal, which used to be the dumbbell. That was too much for Francis to take and he yelled out as he shot a big load of cum into his underpants.

“Aw, fuck, no way. That’s nice, real nice.”

I chuckled out loud, not surprised that Francis obviously had a foot fetish. I bet the guy loved thinking of giant musclemen destroying things with their feet. He continued to stand there shaking and moaning for a few minutes. I continued on – knowing he would like what was coming next. I lowered Tommy to the ground and then moved the tip of my monster left foot on top of his feet. I pressed down hard enough to keep him in place, but not enough to break anything.

“So, unless you want your feet to be smashed like that weak dumbbell, I’d suggest you just stand there, Tommy-boy. I’m going to make something just for you. You’re going to have a ringside seat for a muscle show – the likes of you’ve never seen before and you’ll never see again.”

I reached down and picked up a heavy bar that was loaded with many weights on either end. Some guy had been doing dead lifts with it. I placed my forefinger and middle finger on the bar, near one side of weights, like someone might hold a cigar. I flicked my fingers and the weights went flying off the bar – shredding the pin holding them in place like it was nothing. I twirled the bar around and did the same with the other side. I didn’t flick hard, but the weights went flying through the air and stuck into the opposite wall – again making a design that looked like industrial art. I then brought the steel bar in front of Tommy and easily bent it around his body, careful to make it tight enough to hold his arms strongly against his torso, but not so it would hurt him. I twisted the ends together and made a hook. I removed my foot and then used the bar to lift his body back into the air. I draped the hook over a long pipe that ran across the middle of the room – about ten feet in the air. I quickly decided Tommy was a little too high, so I unhooked him and then grabbed hold of the pipe. I pulled down, creating a wide dip in piece of metal tubing, but was careful not to rip it in two. I re-hooked Tommy to the pipe and he was now even with my face. I knew this would be a great place for him to watch what was to come – or should I say cum. I also knew there was no way he could even begin to escape. The poor little guy was squirming like a caught fish and I knew he was just going to exhaust himself. I also reached down and ripped the helmet made from weights off the tip of my cock. I didn’t need the fun weapon anymore.

“So, Clarence and Francis, have you gotten a good look at Tommy-boy’s crotch? Look at that monster cock that’s as hard as a two-by-four. It’s kind of difficult to miss, isn’t it? Little Tommy is sporting a pretty big tool. That’s impressive, sir. And it’s great to know that big-ol’-me has caused that thing to shoot so rigid. So we now have a new member of our little muscle worshipping club, boys. And he’s as big a muscle whore as the rest of us. Isn’t that right, Tommy. You’ve been getting off on my power and my body for the last hour. Hell, you’ve been in muscle heaven, haven’t you? Well I think it’s about time we give that rod of yours some much needed release and I know just the thing that will do it. I’m going to make your cum-dam burst and flood your undies with a shit-load of juice. And I’m going to do it by just raising one arm. But it’s not just any arm, Tommy-boy. It’s the biggest fucking arm you’re ever going to see. You think you’ve enjoyed seeing my muscles up to now – well you haven’t seen me flex, little man, and that’s going to make your cock explode so hard that your pants are going to be blown apart. And then you’re going to be so satisfied that you’ll tell me anything I want to know. You’re going to have such an incredible orgasm that you’ll be my little muscle slave for life. You used to think your muscle buddies lying around the room here were big and strong, but that’s before you met me. Isn’t that so, little Tommy? So, let’s uncork that big bottle-cock of yours!”

I stepped to the left and brought my arm out to the side – so my bulging, but still un-tensed, bicep was in front of Tommy’s face. I knew the man wanted to shut his eyes, but I also knew there was no way he was going to miss the show. He still wanted to be the tough man and prove me wrong, but the fact that my arm was already so monstrous un-flexed made him desire to see it pumped up more than anything in the world. He was actually already mine – probably willing to do anything I asked, but now I wanted to make his night, no, his life, by showing him what a true monstrous bicep looked like. I was ready to fulfill all the fantasies the little guy had ever imagined before.

I made a fist with my hand, causing the biceps to jump upward teasingly. I tightened my hand and veins started to appear down my forearm and across the already massive peak. Tommy, Clarence, and Francis all stopped breathing, they were waiting in anticipation for the most beautiful sight they had ever beheld. I thought about taking my time flexing, forcing them to either pass out or finally take a breath, but I didn’t want to be that cruel. I started bringing my forearm up and the biceps started bulging out in every direction, but mostly it powered upward. Multiple peaks formed on thick mountains of muscle, as my arm grew twice as thick as Tommy’s entire body. The poor guy’s face turned dark red as he struggled not to shoot his load; he even began to bite down on the insides of his cheeks – hoping it would help. And every time he figured my biceps could not morph any larger, I would flex a little harder and it would magnify beyond any man’s comprehension. Tommy’s eyes were as big as saucers by this point and he wasn’t going to blink for anything. The muscle mountain in front of his face was truly spectacular. I, myself, was again caught off guard by its size and beauty – knowing that it wasn’t fully flexed even now. I began to realize that all three of my admirers were very close to passing out, so I decided to move quickly to the freakish finale. I brought my arm completely up, fully flexed my biceps, triceps, and forearm and added sound effects at the same time.


There was a moment of suspended animation as everyone in the room fully grasped the size and power of my arm. It was as if the universe of all three men’s brains had been expanded so they fully grasped, for the first time, that all my displays of power up to this point had only been a fraction of what my arms – not to mention the rest of my body – were capable of. It was clear by the look of disbelief in Tommy Cole’s eyes that he truly never imagined an arm of this size and strength. Suddenly his mouth flew open, but no sound came out. It felt like I was in some kind of silent film. He was so overcome with awe and complete un-control of his body that he could not even scream. He was so tense at that instant that every inch of his frame rivaled the hardness of my biceps. I had not misjudged the power of his ejaculation. Suddenly the fabric of his crotch was tattered as cum exploded out of his cock. The man’s stiff body rocked so hard I was nervous my make shift hook would not last or the pipe would be ripped from the walls. A steady stream of cum poured out of his cock, which now stuck straight out through the giant hole in his coveralls. It truly was an impressively big dick. At the first break in his orgasm the poor man was able to cry out like a wounded animal and take a deep breath. I was glad of the latter, since I knew he needed oxygen desperately. The pause was only a fraction of a second and his dick started its second eruption of cum-lava.

I was able to pull my attention from Tommy for a few seconds and glanced at the other two worshippers. I was in time to see Francis fall backwards in a dead faint, after fully unloading his cock again for god-knows-how many times in the last two hours. I knew the guy would be okay; it had finally been too much for the man. That’s when I noticed the still stiff and still cum-filled body of Clarence standing there in much pain. The guy had been able to prevent himself from shooting his load – even after seeing my arm fully flexed. His face was a mixture of pride and pleading. He was happy that he had accomplished this feat for his muscle master, but he also so obviously needed release that if I did not allow it soon the poor guy was probably going to have a heart attack. I knew I needed to give him the order to orgasm, and I knew just what would do it. I turned my body slightly toward him, being careful not to hit Tommy in the face with my boulder-sized rock-hard arm. I stood there staring at Clarence, nodded at him, and then brought my other arm up quickly – breaking into a fully flexed double biceps pose. Again, I added sound to make it more exciting – even louder than before.


Clarence got one look at the matching mountains growing next to my monstrous shoulders and that’s all it took. Suddenly his body began to gyrate and jerk so much that he looked like he was inventing a new dance. He had no control of his legs or, for that matter, any part of his body. The incredible force of his orgasm actually kept him upright. He moved around that part of the room as he emptied one helluva load of cum. It was like watching a chicken run around right after you cut off its head. His body completely took over and led Clarence in his muscle-induced dance. And then he stopped – as suddenly as he had begun. He looked at me with a face full of intense pleasure, then his eyes closed, and his limp body dissolved into a puddle on the ground. They poor boy was spent and I had a feeling he would sleep for days. I felt satisfied that he and Francis had received the promised muscle show of their lives. I also knew I’d someday return to please them once again. I brought my left arm down. I then turned back to Tommy and was impressed to see that his body was still ejaculating. His stomach was now so concave it looked unnatural and I was worried that more than just cum would start streaming out of his cock – like his organs or something worse. Finally his dick stopped spewing and his body went limp. The poor guy looked like he had just run three straight marathons. He was perspiring hard and sweat was falling to the ground like he was some kind of weird fountain. The poor guy was breathing so hard I worried I would have to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep him alive. I then realized, though, the moment I put my mouth on his he would explode again in an orgasmic fit, not being able to take my lips touching his. I kept my tensed biceps in front of his face because, even though he was completely worn out, he continued to stare at the massive bulge. He let his head drop forward and puckered up right before his mouth came in contact with my hard skin. He kissed my biceps three times, ran his tongue partially along the largest vein that streaked from one side over the peak to the other, and then leaned back to look at me. I could see that he was now completely in love. He wanted to please me more than anything he had ever desired before.

“Your boyfriend is being held at DNX Pharmaceuticals in Pikesville. They’re going to force him to make more of the drug that made you so big. They want to make an army of guys like you. Tonight’s the night some guys get injected. You might be too late. They plan on killing your lover as soon as he’s finished with the drug.”

My head started to spin from a mixture of panic and a desire to rip something big - like a building - apart with my bare hands.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Getting Use to being unstoppable 9

I want to thank you for another very hot chapter. It is so HOT! HOT!
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Too long between chapters. But oh so good once the chapter gets here. Can't wait to see the next display.
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the bicep flex scene drove me nuts
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Great job, as always! Nice cliffhanger, too!
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