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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 8


[I realize the name thing is confusing to people, but I use it as a way for you to know which chapters happen in the past and which are in the present. I hope you've gotten used to it by now. I also hope you enjoy this chapter.]

My cock was the first thing that began to grow. I could not believe I was so insanely aware of my body that I could sense where the serum Ted had put in my food was affecting me. It’s like when you stub your toe and your brain immediately registers the throbbing pain – even though that part of your body is so far away. Every atom of my body seemed to be focused on my dick. At first the feeling was very similar to the stimulation you feel when your rod starts to harden, but then it turned into something much more . . . I couldn’t find the right word . . . something much more powerful. Yes, that was it, I was feeling a surge of power in my very-stiff member and it was perfectly clear to me that the life-long friend of my right hand inflated with every pleasure inducing pulse. Even in the midst of the pain that was still ravaging my body I could sense the incredible endorphin rush released each time my cock expanded. I was completely aware, for example, when my cock reached the size of what most people would call a good size. My brain was able to somewhat celebrate the fact that I was going to impress people when I pulled down my underwear. I wasn’t as big as John Holmes, but I knew that my once timid little cock could now stand up proud next to most men.

I was not, however, ready for when the piece of meat continued to increase in size. My mind had trouble understanding when my cock grew to the size and length of a rolling pin. Ted, on the other hand, accepted this fact joyfully when his ass felt something hard as steel and big as that baker’s kitchen utensil forcing his body to rise into the air. He was fully expecting the growth and, by the look on his face, he understood that my cock was nowhere near finished growing.

“Yeah, Brock. God, that feels good. Of course your cock would be the first thing to grow. I should have known that, since it’s where your maleness is defined. Shit, it’s as big as my forearm, but longer. Don’t worry, man, that’s just the beginning. What does it feel like, Brock? God, you’ve got to tell me.”

“There’s . . . still . . . pain, but . . . my balls and cock feel . . . good.”

“Yeah, that’s it, buddy. Focus on the good feeling. Relax your body and your mind by concentrating on the growth. Shit, you’re already so much bigger.”

Ted was right. I could tell that my cock was now as thick as a two liter Coke bottle, but almost as long as my entire arm. Suddenly I heard muffled fabric tearing and realized my pants were being spit open in the front by my powerful dick. The sound was muted because Ted’s ass was covering that part of my body. It was clear by the ecstatic look on his face that he could feel my pants busting open and allowing the growth to seemingly accelerate. Ted began to slide his butt up and down my developing pole. I painfully forced my head to come up from the floor as I tilted my chin toward my chest. What I saw was like something out of a horror film about aliens. My once tiny-sized dick was now some kind of veined giant python sticking up almost to my face. It now looked as thick as a fire hydrant – nearly as wide as my body – and was well over two feet long. Its growth actually forced me to lay my head back down on the ground. I could have easily licked the piss slit of my own dickhead without even moving. I suddenly panicked. I was sure I was turning into a circus freak. The pain in my body suddenly took over again and I began to have trouble breathing. Ted immediately figured out what was happening.

“Brock, stop it! Don’t worry about the size of your cock. Your body is going to catch up. I promise. You just have to give it time. Don’t freak out, buddy! Focus again on your growth. Get back in touch with the good feeling. Come on man. Don’t let the size of your beautiful rod scare you. I mean it, Brock. Look at me. Look at me, man!”

Ted was yelling now and for a second I worried that the neighbors might come knocking on the door. This was certainly going to be hard to explain to the 80-year-old Mrs. Simpson down the hall. I looked at the smiling face of my gorgeous roommate and somehow found the strength to focus again on the pleasure emanating now from my balls. It hit me then, that my balls had been growing all this time, as well. I could feel them forcing my small legs to spread wide apart. I could tell that the two soccer-ball sized gonads had blown the seams of my pants to shreds as they inflated. Ted was too busy running his hands up and down the cannon sticking out from under his ass to notice what I knew were two giant pulsing juice machines - causing messages of ecstasy to shoot up to my brain.

I registered suddenly that the growth of my balls and cock had stopped. The tip of my pole now rested on my face. Ted was now in his own little muscle worship world and must have figured I was able and ready to enjoy the rest of the changes. There was still a lot of pain and I was slightly fearful of being turned into some kind of deformed mutant, but somewhere – in the deep recesses of my mind – I knew that what was happening to me was truly incredible and wouldn’t stop until I was completely massive.

It was obvious that my body was going to pause after each part of me grew. Well, it was obvious to me now that I was so “in tune” with myself. I think it was giving my internal organs – mainly my heart – a chance to adjust to the improved me. It immediately hit me that my internal organs were going to grow, as well. Everything about my DNA had to be super-enhanced as I expanded. The abrupt stretching of my torso interrupted these thoughts. That was the best way to describe what began to happen. I suddenly felt my upper body elongating like that old children’s toy Stretch Armstrong. The tip of my cock slid down the bottom part of my face and then hit my neck as it fell from my chin. I could feel the head moving down my chest as my body extended both ways from my midsection.

“Aw hell, that’s so cool!”

Ted rode my cock as my body stretched. He slid his ass forward in order to keep his hands near my chest. I could tell the guy couldn’t wait until my pecs began to explode. He was trying desperately to keep a grip on my scrawny chest, but my body moved to quickly. I was fully conscious of when I passed the six-foot mark, and then when I kept going past seven feet. My excitement at growing taller caused me to lose concentration, so I really had no idea if I had gone past eight feet or not. It didn’t really matter; I just knew that I was now fucking tall. I’m sure I looked like some kind of freakish skinny giant with a powerhouse cock. This thought made me laugh out loud.

“Brock, you’re a giant. Oh my God, you’re going to be huge! Bigger than I could have ever imagined. What’s next?”

Don’t ask me how I knew, but I suddenly raised my hands and held them in front of Ted. He understood immediately. He placed his larger hands against mine. We sat there for a few seconds in suspended animation and then it began. Ted tightened his ass cheeks on the top of my hard pole in excited anticipation of what we were both about to observe. My hands grew wider first. They expanded quickly – like some animated video in fast motion. One moment I could see the sides of Ted’s big hands extending past mine and then they were gone. I looked like some kind of marine animal with giant stubby paddle hands. That’s when the fingers started to thicken and grow. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. I never knew that fingers could look so powerful. I swear small biceps-like muscles bulged out at my finger joints as each one exploded in size. Suddenly my hand made Ted’s look comical. I forced our hands sideways so I could see how tiny his were compared to mine. I could actually fold my fingers over and cover the back of his entire hand – and then some. I was sure that my hand could now easily palm one of those exercise balls that people used in Pilates. Ted let out a whistle and then quickly moved his hands back to my chest. The boy did not want to miss the thrill of feeling my pecs expand. I continued to stare at my hands as beautiful thick veins appeared across their tops, fingernails expanded, and hard-as-shit skin tightened around their hugeness. I was mesmerized at how powerful my giant paws now looked. It was fucking unbelievable. I was beginning to ignore the pain in my body completely and focused only on the idea that I was turning into a muscle monster.

Even though I was excited about the new improvements to my body, I wasn’t prepared for the expansion of my head and neck. Suddenly, it felt like a thousand migraines had decided to explode in my cranium at the same time. My long skinny body went rigid from the intense shock to my system. I cried out and Ted immediately noticed what was happening.

“Whoa, Brock, man I’m sorry. I know it must be painful, but your head has to grow too. You don’t want to have a big body and just a little pinhead, do you? The pain isn’t going to last long. Shit, I wish you could see your neck getting thicker and totally powerful. Damn, I never knew a neck could look so awesome.”

Ted’s words helped me to maneuver my thoughts to the growth instead of the pain. I tried to hone in on what changes I was feeling. As soon as my focus switched I became aware of stubble sprouting across my face. I could actually feel a beard growing. I could also tell that it was thick hair that matched what was growing on my head. That’s also when I became aware of my neck becoming more intense – like a solid piece of indestructible metal. The feeling turned me on even more than watching my hands grow. I could feel my neck and head swelling to a size that anticipated the changes to come for my body. I understood what Ted saw in my bulging muscle-neck. He got a glimpse of what was going to happen to my chest – the part of my body that he waited for most. Even in the midst of pain and awareness of all this growth I could hear the collar of my shirt ripping in many places at one time. I longed to watch my powerful neck shred through the cloth as it grew.

“Aw fuck, man, your neck just busted your shirt like it was nothing. Such power, Brock, and we’ve only just begun. Damn, I wish you could see the full manly stubble sprouting on your face. It’s so fucking awesome. You’re even more beautiful than before.”

Ted’s compliments went straight to my heads – the one throbbing with pain on top of my bulky neck and the massive hard one that was being pressed into by his tight ass. I could no longer tell which I was enjoying more, the changes I was feeling in my body or hearing how the changes were exciting my gorgeous roommate. I think it was pretty even. In a flash the pain in my head stopped. I knew we were, again, pausing for a few seconds. My body needed time to register the growth of my skull, face and neck. I could sense how heavy my head was now. I knew it would be hard for my tall skinny body to not topple over if I had been able to stand up. For right now I was way too top heavy. My head had grown to match my soon-to-be mammoth body.

The sound of something ripping filled the room. Ted quickly turned his upper body around to follow the sound. I instantly could feel what was happening and I was glad that Ted was watching so he could give me a description of what it looked like later. My feet were expanding in the same fashion as my hands. I could just imagine how my growing toes were bursting through the reinforced fronts of my tennis shoes and how the sturdy leather sides were shredding away weakly as each powerful foot packed on massive muscle.

“Dayum, Brock. Your feet demolished your shoes like they were made of tissue. Those mothers are huge. I guess they had to match this giant rod! You know what they say, big feet mean a big cock. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to find shoes in your size; the things are almost as long as skis. Who knew feet could be such a turn on. I’m going to have to suck on those giant toes at some point.”

It was starting to dawn on me that Ted was one intense lover of big muscle. The guy was probably going to enjoy my new body even more than me. I was overcome with a feeling of deep gratitude suddenly – for the gift my roommate had given me. But I was also enveloped by another desire, something so new to me that I couldn’t name it at first. Suddenly it hit me, I could not wait to give my huge body to Ted. My mind was immediately filled with an intense feeling a kind of servitude. I wanted to be huge for myself, yes, but I also wanted to be a freaking muscle god so I could please my roommate. This latter feeling was even stronger than the first. I wanted to make all of my little buddy’s muscle dreams come true. I intended to use my size to help him live out his fantasies. This was a desire flooding my entire new huge frame with an intensity that almost felt like it would cause me to explode. Wait a minute, I just referred to Ted as my little buddy and it felt so right. A major shift had just happened in my psyche to match the changes to my body.

I had moved across some intangible line in the universe. My perspective had changed. I was no longer the guy that fantasized about hooking up with a massive muscled hunk, now I looked forward to fulfilling fantasies as the massive muscled hunk. I looked at my upcoming new humongous physique as a gift – a gift that was to be shared. I could not wait for the chance to flex my giant body for Ted. I wanted to make my roommate orgasm just from feeling my biceps or sucking on my chest. I no longer wanted a huge body for myself; I wanted it for others – specifically Ted. This intense feeling seemed to fuel my body in some way. I registered the monumental change within my mind and how it was part of becoming the giant man I was soon to be. I loved Ted in a new and forever kind of way. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about giving him everything he had ever wanted.

My Hallmark card moment was interrupted by sudden growth in my legs and my glutes. I felt my ass explode through my pants and press my crotch, and Ted, higher into the air. Ted let out a squeal of delight as his body rose. He sensed the power coursing through my ass cheeks. Again, he turned around to watch each of my legs become thicker than his entire body. I could feel the newly formed muscles of my calves’ blast through pants’ legs and I’m pretty sure the sight was unbelievable, because Ted’s body began to shake with excitement. He actually let go of my chest to applaud. This made me smile. I was overjoyed at his sudden childlike reaction to my body. And then my thighs exploded – actually sending scraps of cloth into the air – just from the force of my sudden growth.

“Fuck, that’s unbelievable!”

Ted’s enthusiasm was contagious. My cock twitched up and down because of the sudden awareness that my legs were now monstrous. Ted had to reach down and grab hold of the large pole he was straddling, just to keep his balance. He was getting his wish of riding my body like a bucking bronco. I noticed the expansion of my upper legs shoved my giant-sized balls into the air and this gave Ted’s lower back some support. He quickly laid his body down on top of my long upper torso, scooting up on my cock so his hands and face would be right at my chest. Ted had been waiting for this part of my body to grow since this began and he wasn’t going to miss it. I was still marveling at the feeling caused by my new and improved legs. My thick thighs now caused my legs to be pushed away from each other, but I could feel that my monster calves still actually touched. They were that big. I could feel power surging through every inch of the new powerful support system below my waist. I could not wait to see how they looked in the mirror. Ted was now sliding his body up and down my huge prick, while he, at the same time, used his thighs to try and squeeze my enormous balls. I could tell his small legs were squeezing hard, but I barely felt it. The strength of my juice sacs was mind-blowing and exciting at the same time. I knew this was just a small preview of how powerful my body was going to be. Ted could tell all of his leg strength felt like nothing to my balls.

“Aw shit, Brock, you don’t even feel that do you?”

“Barely. It feels nice.”

“Nice? I’m squeezing your balls with all my might and it just feels fucking nice? Holy hell, you’re going to have more power than I’ve ever dreamed of, buddy. You’re going to be bigger than a bear and stronger than a tank! I’m ready for the chest, man. I’ve got to feel these pecs grow.”

It was as if his wish was my command. All of the sudden my upper torso began to reconfigure in many ways all at one time. Ted had each of my pecs in a claw-like grasp with his fingers. He was squeezing my barely meaty chest with all his strength. I lifted my head to watch whatever it was that was causing him to moan out loud and his eyes to almost bug out of his head. I heard my entire shirt basically disintegrate in seconds. I knew that even the cloth beneath Ted’s hands was ripped away from my body, like a magician that pulls a tablecloth out from under a place setting. My roommate let out a cry of glee at the sight of my body busting out of my shirt in one quick motion. When I looked down I saw the skin and muscle of each pectoral swelling like my body was some kind of morphing program on a computer. The density of each globe of meat was increasing in a way that was forcing Ted’s fingers, now white-knuckled because of his exertion, to straighten completely out. No amount of pressure he could muster prevented my pecs from unbending each finger. I was also amazed to watch how my skin, dented by Ted’s palm and grip, ballooned out and became perfectly smooth. Ted was pushing with all his might but his small hands could not cause even a slight dimple in my growing chest muscle.

Ted finally let out a defeated yell and stopped pressing down on my expanding chest. He simply let his hands rest on the inflating muscle and started moving them in circles to feel the entire monster shelf. I noticed that each circle had to go out wider because my chest was growing so quickly. Ted also dropped his face down into the deepening valley between the two mountains growing in front of him. His moaning became more like growls of orgasmic delight as he felt pec muscle squeezing both sides of his head tightly. He started trying to shake his head lower between the two pillows of power, but he couldn’t move at all. I watched as his head was forced upward away from my body as my chest continued to burst outward into two huge muscled blimps. I could see him trying to lick the bottom of the valley between my pecs, but his head was pushed upward so much that his tongue didn’t come close to reaching. I actually could see my own cock and part of Ted’s body when looking between the two giant muscled pillows that easily held Ted’s head in place. I tensed my chest a little and Ted screamed out in pain. I quickly relaxed the muscles and Ted was able to use his hands to push on my pecs and dislodge his head from my powerful grip.

“Shit, Brock, what are you trying to do, squish my into something as thin as paper?”

“I’m sorry, Ted.”

“Wait a minute man, that was just a slight pec tense – wasn’t it?”

“Um, yes.”

“Sweet fucking hell, that felt like ten car crushing machines put together and you’re telling me you barely squeezed?”

“That would be an affirmative, roomy.”

“Fuck yeah!”

And as he yelled in pleasure at the thought of how strong my chest was, he began to pound on both of them with his closed fists, like a judge’s gavel. I could tell Ted was hitting me hard, but I felt nothing. I guess, if I concentrated, I could register that something was happening, but it was like when you sense that an ant is crawling on your arm. Ted was using all of his strength to strike me in the chest and I felt nothing. Each tap of his hand did nothing to my skin or muscle – there wasn’t even the slightest indention. I began to smile at the knowledge of how powerful my body was going to be. Ted stopped his pounding, placed his hands back on my chest, and rested. He was breathing hard – just from his pathetic attempt to make my body feel something.

“You don’t even feel that, do you?”

“If I concentrate on that part of my body I kind of feel something, but really it’s like a cotton ball falling on my skin.”

“Dayum, that’s so fucking hot! I can’t believe . . .”

Ted’s sentence was cut short because his attention was suddenly diverted again to my pecs. I knew what was happening and what caused him to stop talking. I could feel it. My nipples and the dark skin encircling them were now growing. Ted wasted no time, he opened his mouth wide and clamped down hard on my right nipple. The guy wanted to feel the sweet meat expanding in his mouth. He immediately started sucking as if his life depended on it. I could feel my once-tiny nub growing into something that resembled a small cock. My nipple was actually filling Ted’s mouth and forcing his clenched teeth apart with ease. I was pretty sure that there was now more strength in just one of my man tits than a fleet of Hummers. Ted’s moans of pleasure made it obvious he realized the same thing.

My enjoyment of my new giant chest was suddenly overshadowed by my awareness of what had happened simultaneously to my mid section. It became obvious that my abdominals had not only exploded into powerful thick ridges of muscle, but they also had become even stronger than my pecs. I had always heard that a person’s core was the most important muscle group and now I understood completely. I realized that without an indestructible middle my body would be worth nothing. I needed something to support both my tremendous upper body, but also a lower torso that would be able to withstand all of the things my super strong legs were going to be able to do. It was clear that if Ted had chosen to pound my abs the same way he did my chest he would have broken many of the bones in his hands, wrists, and forearms. My abdominal muscles and lower back were now able to withstand incomprehensible amounts of abuse. I could not wait to test them out. I also couldn’t wait to count the muscle bricks that now made up the wall that covered my stomach.

My mind shifted to my upper back. Without even focusing on that part of my body I knew it had grown beyond massive. The phrase “that lat spread is wider than a entire state” had finally found someone that came close to matching the metaphor. I knew that my shoulders now spread as far as Ted’s entire body turned long ways – probably further. I also knew that my muscle covered back probably looked like three or four pro bodybuilders standing beside each other. I had never been a “back” man – I didn’t get off on some big guy showing off that part of his body. But that all changed as soon as I thought about my own back. I imagined doing push ups with a SUV parked on top of me. I made a mental note to ask Ted to sleep on my back one night, knowing we’d probably need to put a foam mattress on the hard muscle to make it comfortable. I wanted to be his bed and then I realized he could probably hold a sleep over with five of his friends and still have room to spare. My cock jerked hard as I thought about what my back must look like. The sudden movement underneath Ted made him glance up at me, even as he continued to suck on my cock-sized nipple. He made a face that made it clear he wanted to know what made my dick jump so hard.

“I was just thinking about how big my back must be.”

This made Ted stop sucking for a few seconds and I could tell he had a big smile on his face. And then we both heard more ripping sounds. We had both forgotten about my arms. The puny twigs that had been resting beside my giant torso had begun to grow. My biceps, triceps, and forearms grew so fast that the material of my shirt didn’t just rip; it actually separated at each thread. We both were mesmerized as we watched the sleeves be blown into a pile of jumbled thin strings in a split second. We had little time to look at the material, however, when my biceps started to balloon larger than the tires of a small car. I wasn’t even tensing the muscles and they looked ten times larger than any heavyweight bodybuilder we had ever seen. My lats were so large that they forced my arms to turn slightly and stick out from my body. This helped me to see that my triceps now looked like the bottoms of medium sized boats covered in skin. My forearms were also thicker than my entire old body. I made fists with my hands and then brought my forearms upward, causing my biceps to bulge out in a semi flex. Seeing my giant arms explode with a myriad of peaks and a roadmap of blood-pumping veins was too much for both Ted and me. As soon as my monster arms swelled up into just a portion of their insane size my cock began to pump buckets of muscled cum. The force was unimaginable and I was thankful that Ted’s own incredible orgasm had forced him to raise his body away from mine. I was sure the exploding cum might have felt like missiles hitting him and could have hurt him – or worse. Ted’s ejaculation caused him to cry out and my own new thunderous voice seemed to cause the room to shake as I, too, moaned in pleasure. It felt like the planet stopped spinning as I came. My entire body was on fire with sensations beyond my wildest dreams. I felt so powerful as I shot load after load of milky cum into the air. I felt indestructible . . . unstoppable.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Hey Londonboy,

Seeing that I have the opportunity to post the first comment: this was awesome!

no name
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Getting used to being Unstoppable

I think your story is very HOT,HOT. When you make Brock get big it make me and alot of other guys HARD. The BIGGER the MUSCLES the better. Alot of guys do not take the time to say thank you but I hope I am doing it for All. I am not a very good writer but I sure appreciate what you and the other writers do for us. THANKS ALOT
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Fantastic growth descriptions! Thanks.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Can't wait to read more of this! I love the way your mind works!
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