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Old March 15th, 2010, 04:43 AM
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Grateful Friend 4

Hey guys, sorry for the sinful delay, been really busy and stuck in a rut. Here's the next chapter, hope it's still good


I’d never hated P.E before; it was just a lesson I wasn’t particularly good at. I was never picked last, I never got hurt, badly anyway, and I always did the best I could. But now, with all these muscles, bulging and itching to be used, I was going to rule!

The prospect of conquering everyone in the lesson had some appeal to it of course, but I was looking forward to the changing rooms. Call it pervy or whatever, but now I could really show everyone how big I was. How big my muscles were compared to their entire bodies and, of course, how much meat I was packing in these extra, extra, extra large boxers. And they were still tight!

So, I stepped into the changing rooms, Jay coming up behind me, and dropped my bag on the nearest bench. It was set out like a normal type of changing rooms; lockers running around the edge with benches and coat racks in the middle. There were already a few guys in there, shirts open and ties hanging round their necks. They all looked up when I came in, but then immediately looked away. I smiled.

“‘Scuse me ladies” I called, pulling my blazer off. I chucked it at someone and they practically disappeared under it. He pulled it off of himself, quickly hung it up and then proceeded to watch me from the corner of his eye. Even though everyone else seemed to be focusing on their own clothes far too much, I still caught the odd sideways glance coming my way.

I slowly took off my tie, unbuttoning the top butting of my shirt and pushing my hand down to rub my pecs. “Ahh” I sighed. “That’s better”.

I reached out and hung my tie next to my blazer. I then proceeded to slowly unbutton my shirt, pushing it open and letting my pecs pop out. When it was open, I just looked down at myself, sliding a hand over the huge, juicy pecs and just cupping them. They were just so bloody big. I bet it’d take two hands from one of the guys to cover one of them. Of course they wouldn’t be able to move them either! I flexed them and watched how much they bulged, even I had trouble moving them when they were like that.

I slid my hands down past my pecs, letting my fingers bump over my abs until I found my trousers. I swear I heard everyone take a breath. Slowly I started to undo my belt, but then I stopped.

“Whoops” I said, drinking it all in. “I forgot to take off my shoes. Silly me”

I turned round, and rather than lift my foot onto the bench, I just bent over. I must have… forgotten that there was a guy so close behind me, because my huge, well rounded arse ended up filling his view. I untied my shoes and just listened to him stammering. I could just about imagine him lifting his hand tentatively, wanting to touch it but worried about what I’d do. Feeling even more wicked than I already was, I lent back as I changed feet. I felt a finger brush my arse and then heard a sharp intake of breath.

I rounded on him, glaring at him, flexing my pecs and shoulders and neck, making veins spring up so I looked extra big and scary. “DID YOU JUST TOUCH MY ARSE?!” I roared.

The guy just stared at me, wide eyed and terrified. I recognised him as the goalie on the football team. I vaguely recalled him elbowing past me in the corridors and penutting my tie so much I had to cut it up.

“Well? Did you touch my arse?” I asked, quieter but just as menacingly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t--” he started, but he flinched and stopped when I lifted my hand.

“Why are you touching my arse?” but before he could reply, I quickly added, “I’m still wearing my trousers. Wouldn’t you rather touch it when I’m just in my pants?”

What? You thought I was gonna deck him? Please, as if I’d react so violently. I wasn’t a muscle headed bully.

I stood up, pushing my other shoe off and then whipped my belt off. As the goalie, and most likely every other guy watched, I undid my trousers and let my large, bulging crotch fall out. The sheer weight of it was enough to make it come out of hiding. I turned round and pushed the waistband past my well rounded backside and showed it to the goalie.

“Go on then” I said. “Touch it”

“What?!” he cried, actually, more like squeaked. “I don’t want to touch your arse! I’m not gay”

“It’s OK” I said gently. “I don’t care if your gay or not. If you just wanna touch my arse cos it looks so good or because it’ll help you… visualise getting your own body like this, then go for it”

He hesitated, but then he finally placed his hand on my cheek. He swore under his breath as he stroked it. “It’s so… hard”

“That’s nothing” I said and flexed it. He jumped back, but then reached out again. I could feel him trying to grab my arse and squeeze it. “Fuck!” he gasped. “It’s like fucking stone!”

“That it is” I chuckled, flexing and relaxing it against his hand. I looked up at the rest of the guys, who had of course all been watching. “Anyone else want a feel? Doesn’t have to be my arse” I flexed my biceps. “There’s plenty of me to go around”

A few of the braver guys stepped forward. I offered my bicep to them. They started to rub and grab it. Staring in awe at it. They couldn’t move it unless I wanted it to move, and they couldn’t hold it in one hand.

Soon, I was surrounded. Guys were feeling my muscles, practically worshiping me. Of course, some left the changing rooms in disgust at this homo show, but I didn’t care, they all wanted to be big like me. I turned and looked over my shoulder, tensing my pecs to the crowd’s enjoyment as they tried to hold onto them.

“Isn’t this great Jay?” I laughed.

But he wasn’t there. His shoes were under the bench and the locker he was using was closed and locked. He must have left.

I looked down at the circle of guys… worshipers more likely, all of them staring at me with awe. I could just picture how Jay would have thought of all this.

“That’s enough guys” I said, waving them away. “I gotta get ready”

“You sure Tom? I didn’t get to feel your pecs”

“Maybe next time”

I came into the gymnasium, in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. The teacher was writing on his clipboard and the students were standing in a clump, talking in groups. All except one who was standing to the side.

“Hey” I said quietly, lumbering over to him.

“Hey” he said, his voice so cold I was surprised it didn’t coat the entire gymnasium in ice.

“Did you… erm… enjoy the show?”

“Didn’t see it”

“Oh… right. Sorry if I--”

“Right!” called the teacher, silence falling immediately. He was in his late 40’s but had the body of a 30 yr old. I wasn’t sure if it was true, but there were rumours that he used to be a bodybuilding trainer, but had never tried it himself. To be fair, he was a big guy, not me big, but big big. It wasn’t his size that made everyone fall silent though, it was just he was a scary bugger.

“We’re going outside and we’re going to have a good old game of rugby. Team captains are Tom Hawthorn and Eric Parson”

“Eric’s not here sir” said one of the guys. “He’s in detention for wrecking one of the stalls on the ground floor”

“Detention? This is fucking class time. My fucking class time! Bloody idiots. I’ll sort ‘em out later. Fine, you can be captain then Keith”

Keith groaned and hung his head.

“None of that now” snapped Mr Cane. “Just because they have Tom doesn’t mean they’re going to win. Now pick your teams, you first Keith”

“Andy” he said, nodding to the goalie.

Andy didn’t look too pleased as he joined his friend. I surveyed the sea of hopeful faces looking up at me, all of them wanting to be on my team. The only one who didn’t look interested was Jay. So, obviously, I said


The class blinked in confusion, all of them trying to think who I was talking about. When Jay stepped forward, they all looked at him darkly. When he stepped closer to me though, and the class looked at me, and saw I was watching them, they quickly whipped the disapproval from their faces.

And so Keith and I picked our teams, and when we had them, Mr Cane led us outside onto the field. It wasn’t until I was outside that I suddenly realised something. I had no idea how to play rugby. We’d played it before, but I’d not played an active part, I just ran up and down the field with them. But now I was the captain, not only that but everyone was looking at me as though I was gonna win the game single handed.

“You could” said a voice in the back of my head. “Have you seen these little fuckers? They’re tiny! You’re thighs are thicker than their entire bodies, you don’t need a team, you’re a one man machine”

My pecs jumped and my quads tightened. I was strong. Stronger than all of the guys here by a long shot. Maybe I could just wing it. I knew I had to get the ball to the other side of the pitch, I could just run straight through them. Then again, they might just get out of my way when they saw me coming.

Mr Cane tossed me the ball and I lumbered to the end of the pitch. I looked at the ball, then across the field.

“In your own time” sighed Mr Cane.

“Right” I looked around hesitantly. Did I run with it now? No! Oh, I remember. I’m supposed to--

“KICK THE BALL!” roared Mr Cane.

I dropped the ball onto my foot and booted it as hard as I could. There was a mighty bang that echoed across the field and rang in my ears. My team mates in front of me ducked even though the ball was miles above. It spun like a top as it soared, coming back down with such speed if this was a cartoon it would be on fire. The other team was watching it come down, but none looked willing to try and catch it.

It thudded into the ground and bounced back up over head, but this the impact seemed to have woken the team up. Keith caught it and started running at us. I just stood there and watched the rest of my team go forward to intercept him.

It wasn’t until the game really got under way that I started taking charge. I still had no idea how to play the bloody thing, but I knew I had to get the ball to the other team’s side. Which was quiet easy once I had the ball. I just… ran. If they weren’t bouncing off my thighs they were diving out of my way. Then again, at one point two guys jumped at me, attempting to tackle me, but they ended up swinging around my waist as I ran with them on me. I could feel one of the guy’s crotch swinging to bump into my backside, and I swear it was getting harder the further I ran. Might have had something to do with the way my arse cheeks tensed and bulged with my long steps and the guy couldn’t help but enjoy himself as he rubbed against it.

Although I was starting to enjoy myself, I couldn’t help but notice Jay wasn’t looking pleased. I wasn’t being that show-offy, but when my shorts got pulled down at one point, I left them down for a while and then made a great show when pulling them back up; turning my arse this way and that, flexing it and tensing it, making it ripple.

An idea came to me when the ball was about to be thrown in. The other team were getting ready to lift one of their players up. I looked at Jay, who was gazing into space, and then at Andy as he lifted the ball over his head.

“Get ready Jay!” I laughed, scooping him up and turning with him.

He cried in shock, grabbing onto my hands for dear life. Unfortunately, I must have shocked him too much, he’d forgotten about the ball coming towards him. And even if he did, it’d take him forever to pry his hands from mine.

The ball smacked his face with a soft thud.

“Shit, Jay are you OK?” I asked as I lowered him back down, the ball falling to the ground, completely forgotten by me.

“Fine” he snapped, rubbing the side of his face and slipping away from me.

“Keep moving Tom!” bellowed Mr Cane. “Get on with the game”

I reluctantly carried on, watching Jay the whole time. He avoided my gaze. I didn’t show off anymore, and tried not to cause anymore harm and let the other members of my team play. We won in the end.

I walked with Jay back to the changing room. He was still quiet and even when I tried to start a conversation, he’d just reply with a word or two. I undressed without putting on a show, which some guys I think were disappointed with, and then walked him to our next lesson.

“You… er… want me to come round tonight” I asked hesitantly.

“What for?”

Ouch. That hurt. “Well, I was thinking… I could help you… catch up with maths”

“OK” he said simply.


The History teacher came out and told us to come in. After squeezing through the door, I surveyed the room and saw something new. There was a desk and chair at the back of the room, but it was larger than the rest. The legs were made of a shiny looking metal and thicker than those of the normal tables. I smiled a bit. It seemed I’d gotten so big the school had had to give me my own desk.

As I went to my desk, I looked at the smaller ones and knew why I had one special made. If I was to sit on those little plastic chairs, its flimsy legs would bend like rubber if not break under my weight. And the desks themselves would break too if I leant on them too hard.

I sat at my desk and… it kinda felt like I was on a throne; raised up over everyone. Yeah, being big was good.

By the end of the day, I was back in my room, striped down to my boxers and just looking at myself in the mirror. It was difficult to get a whole view of me in the narrow mirror, but I loved what I managed to see. I put my hands on my waist and puffed out my chest. It was so big and wide it couldn’t fit in the bloody mirror! They were huge, well rounded slabs of pectoral muscles.

I took my hands off my waist and just started groping them. For as long as I could remember, pecs had always been my favourite muscle; just seeing a guy with a nice big set of juicy pecs I could play with, or rest my head on like big meaty pillows, got me so hard I’d be begging to cum. Well now I had my own, and they were bloody strong! I flexed them against my hands and they became immoveable lumps, bulging out and overshadowing my abs. I tugged on my nipples and my cock throbbed.

Oh, did I mention I was rock hard? My boxers were struggling to contain the huge rod as it stuck straight out. It was pulling on the material and making it strangle my balls. I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d adjusted myself, but every time I touched my cock I swear it just seemed to bloat bigger.

I took it in two hands and slowly rubbed it. A wet patch appeared on the tip, joining the other splotches I’d left from my time admiring myself. Part of me was thinking I was being such a narcissist for staring at myself like this, but a greater part was saying shut up and enjoy the show. I listened to the latter.

I considered stripping off and really enjoy my new body, but something was nagging at me.

Jay had been quiet while I’d helped him with his maths, not seeming too interested when I started flexing for him. Then when I rubbed his crotch, asking if I could suck him off, he’d just said a simple “Yeah”, his expression adding an “If I must”. I thought a blowjob would have cheered him up, and, while he enjoyed my mouth round his cock and I his sweet, sweet cum, he just got off the bed and went back to the desk after.

I had a theory as to why he wasn’t very talkative anymore. I didn’t think he liked how I was acting like the big stud on campus… even if I was. To be fair, I’d never been the bragging type of show off I had been today, but then again, I’d never HAD anything worth showing off. But that wasn’t the point; the point was that Jay liked me because I’d been so nice to him and hadn’t been the utter dick I was being now. Once my cock was in a soft state, I took my quilt from the bed and left my room.

As quietly as a guy my size could, I crept down the corridor towards the stairs. The corridor was dark, the only light shining through the windows. It was after curfew and technically we weren’t supposed to be out of our rooms, but I wanted to see Jay and try and patch things up. As I was passing a room however, I heard a familiar voice and slowed to a stop.

“Yeah, ‘bout time they fucking let me out” said a very pissed off sounding Eric. I couldn’t help but stop and listen. “They finally realised I couldn’t have wrecked the stall like that and let me off. Just in time for the weekend”

There was a pause. I could just make out the sound of a voice coming from a phone and assumed Eric was on his mobile.

“Yeah, I’ll see you in the gym tomorrow. Gotta make up for what I missed from today”

So Eric was going to be in the gym tomorrow? Interesting. You know, I’d always thought about going to the gym, maybe I should start. Say… tomorrow maybe?

“Hold on mate I think someone’s outside”

Oh shit.

Before I could move the door opened. I caught a glimpse of Eric, shirtless and in a pair of cotton trousers, ready for bed.

“Who the fuck…” then he trailed off when he saw my huge pecs and abs. He looked up, terror in his eyes, but the corridor was so dark he didn’t see my face.

He slammed the door shut and I heard him frantically sliding the locks into place. He must have picked up his phone because then I heard him stammer. “It’s here! The thing that was in the stall, it’s here! Fuck it was huge!”

I quickly skedaddled, trying as best I could not to laugh. Oh that had been wonderful! I could have stayed, barged through the door and really scared him, but I wouldn’t. This was something I wanted to savour. I’d wait for the gym tomorrow, hopefully allowing us to have an audience and Eric to sound crazy for thinking I’d been some weak little geek.

Felling high and on cloud nine, I pushed my glasses up my nose and used a finger to knock on Jay’s door when I reached it. I heard the light click on inside and then the door opened, revealing a tired looking Jay. Unlike Eric, Jay was wearing a loose t-shirt. It was a shame he was being so shy, he had a fine body, better than Eric.

“Tom?” he croaked, squinting at me. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to spend the night” I said, holding up my quilt. “If you’ll let me”

“What? Erm… sure. You can… stay I suppose”

He stepped back and let me squeeze myself in. I dropped my quilt onto his bed and smiled down at him, puffing my pecs up. The corner of his lips twitched in a little smile.

“Listen, Tom” he sighed. “As hot as you look, I’m kinda tired”

“Yeah, me too” I say, stretching as best I can with such a low ceiling, letting my muscles bulge. “Let’s go to bed”

I scooped him up and carried him to bed, settling myself down on my side. I tried to rest him down on the other side of the bed, but my pecs get in the way.

“Tom” laughed Jay, “I mean it. I’m too tired for--”

But he fell silent as I placed him on my chest, pulling my quilt over the both of us. I shuffled in the bed until I was comfy and then reach out and turned off his light. I then set my glasses on the table and closed my eyes.

“…sex…” finished Jay.

“Yeah, I know, I was just thinking of snuggling for tonight” I said, hugging him gently and making my muscles swell around him. I kissed his head, taking a deep breath, lifting him up as my lungs inflate, and then closed my eyes again. “Night Jay”

I had a little peek and saw him smiling down at me. He shook his head and then rested against my pecs, giving them a little kiss. “Night Big T” he whispered.
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You are playing with a highly explosive mixture, buddy. Although some prefer their muscle freaks to behave just like the way Tom initially did (enjoying themselves and feeling the power they have over the guys who used to be much bigger than him), I, however, have to say that your seasoning was just incredible - Tom was not the typical muscle freak he is indeed a guy with a strong moral code and a lovely halfbreed genie to remind him that people have feelings, so when the massive teenager just tried to make up for his previous behavior, I was thrilled, because it is no secret that I love a tender muscle giant.

Nonetheless, as much as Tom wants to be the kind of ultra huge man that Jay expects him to be, there is the sweet taste of revenge, and the big guy seems to be ready to get even with the guy who used to bully him.

That's why I think it is an explosive mixture - we know that Eric is the one who knows this is indeed an altered reality: I wonder what part Jay and his magical powers will still have in this tale.

Congratulations, it still is a great, touching, tender, sexy, romantic story!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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[COLOR=paleturquoise]The intricate dichotomy you’re weaving into Tom’s personality is subtle and yet profound. You’re writing him really well.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=paleturquoise]As for the rugby match, I think those Danny Cipriani dreams are returning tonight after reading that. [/COLOR]
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I love these stories where characters like these are put in everyday situations and then have to function in that world. The urge for Tom to get even must be nearly irresistible, and yet we see his inner goodness has a chance to win out. Meanwhile, his friend only sees him turning into exactly the kind of jerk he used to hate-- maybe. Oh, this is getting good.

Super, super job! Let's have more.
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this made me think a bit... I'm a nice guy like Tom, I think, and I always wanted muscles like him, but if i suddenly had them the same way he did, would I be a prick like the one he's resisting to be?
Psycologic impact of muscle is not very clear to me

But you made it really good, as he realized and tried to make it up.

That bully needs a lesson, I hope he get that the day after in the gym, but Jay should know it beforehand so he doesn't get mad at Tom.
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Great chapter, as usual, his descriptions of characters and actions are perfect

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