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Old March 13th, 2010, 01:39 PM
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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 7


I quickly moved around to the side of the prison where the gym was located, just a few yards beyond the outer wall. I carried Clarence with one hand as I moved. I turned his body so he could feel the wind rush by as we moved at super speed. When we got in place I turned my hand so he could see my face. He had a gigantic smile and I knew he had loved the ride.

“Is this the place?”

“Yes sir. It’s just about a hundred yards on the other side of the outer wall. If you land just inside the wall there’s a shadow caused by the watchtower that will probably be just big enough to hide your huge body. The large door to the gym will be straight ahead. There’s one guard that monitors the door. His name is McKinley and he’s a muscle whore, too. He always requests that job so he can watch the inmates work out. I’m sure you’ll be able to win him over with a few flexes and the promise of a ringside seat as you take on Coles’ muscle heads. He’s bigger than me – both in his size and his love of guys showing off their strength.”

“I see you’ve thought of everything Clarence. Thanks. I’m going to have to make this battle last a little longer than it really should, just so you can get to see more of what my body can do. I’ll throw in a few gratuitous strength displays just for you.”

“Thank you sir.”

I glanced back up at the wall and began to map out a landing on the other side just as Clarence instructed. For a brief moment I contemplated the fact that the little man might be leading me into a trap. I chuckled to myself, though, when I realized it didn’t matter either way. I knew I’d be able to handle anything waiting for me on the other side of the wall. I reminded myself, also, that this dude craved my muscles and me showing off my strength more than life itself. I was sure he wanted to watch me toy with Tommy Coles and his men as much as I looked forward to doing it. Clarence was actually setting a trap for the guys in the gym and that thought made my cock hard as hell. Still, I decided on a way to keep his mouth silent for the few seconds it would take me to get to the gym. I wasn’t doing it because I was worried he would make noise, but mainly as a brief reward for helping me out so far.

“How about you suck on my mammoth pec for a while, Clarence.”

I pulled his body into my chest and the man was like a newborn kitten instinctively honing in on its mother’s tit. Clarence’s mouth suctioned onto my saucer-sized aureole and nipple instantly. Both of his hands shot quickly up and grabbed hold of both sides of the huge mound of muscle. I had a feeling that I could have released his body and he still would have dangled in the air – that’s how much power he was using to try and milk my big man nip. I jumped into the air and cleared the wall by hundreds of feet. I landed pretty hard beside the wall on the inside. The jolt of my landing shook Clarence’s body very much but he still maintained a tight hold on my pec with his mouth. The little man was in some kind of muscle heaven and even a hurricane would not have caused him to break away from my muscled nipple.

Everything was just as the tiny guy had said. I was mostly hidden by a dark shadow and I could see the gym ahead of me. I quickly saw McKinley pacing back and forth by one of the large barred windows of the one story building. The guard was watching the men inside closely. I could tell by the way he rubbed the front of his crotch that he wasn’t watching just to make sure everyone was okay – he was also getting off on all the sweaty bodies pumping iron inside. I had a feeling that when he got one look at my giant frame the big hard tool in his pants was going to erupt because of muscle overload. I was positive McKinley had never seen anyone as big as me and I had a feeling I was going to rock his world when I began to easily pulverize Tommy Coles and his men. Clarence was still sucking on my man tit like it was the last thing he’d ever get to do on earth. I moved silently and swiftly within a few feet behind the guard. I stood there for a few seconds before the guy began to realize he was not alone. He might have heard the soft slurping noise of my little man admirer working so diligently on my pec, but the way he went rigid suddenly and then turned around slowly made me think his radar had definitely picked up something inhumanly large behind him. I had a feeling that some hunters in the woods got the same kind of feeling when a huge grizzly appeared out of nowhere. The prison guard’s face went from a look of fear to a look of shock and then to a look of lustful awe as he registered what was standing behind him.

I think the first thing the poor guy noticed was a man about his size sucking on something that looked like the side of a hot air balloon. It was also clear that the dude doing the sucking was a couple feet off the ground. He then realized that there was a second matching hot air balloon attached to the first. McKinley’s face turned ashen white as he grasped that the two big balloons were rising up and down and were, indeed, muscled flesh – hard muscled flesh. The guard inhaled deeply as he stepped back so he could fully take in the width of the unbelievable chest in front of him. His gaze was just a little lower than the jutting pec shelf in front of him, so he needed to lean back to fully comprehend that what stood in front of him was not just a man, but a man so fucking big that all of his life’s fantasies put together didn’t come close to matching what he now beheld. As his gaze rose upward McKinley took in my keg-sized muscled arms, my mountainous shoulders, the full mass of my bulging chest, and my smiling face beaming down at him. That’s when the guard’s face turned to complete desire and awe. It’s also when his body began to jerk wildly as if he were doing some kind of tribal dance. This movement lasted for a full minute and then the big man’s legs buckled and he fell to his knees. He was able to keep his body erect after falling, but I was sure only because that’s when he got his first glance at my giant rigid cock. His eyes seemed to glaze over and his mouth fell open wide. I stepped back and looked at the guy kneeling before my temple-sized dick. A large wet spot was seeping across the fabric at his crotch. So McKinley was a big old muscle whore just like Clarence had said. I decided I needed to finish the pre-show for the guard. I released my grip on Clarence and, just as I had thought earlier, his body continued to dangle in the air as he held tightly to my pec with his mouth and hands. I moved my arms into a double biceps pose and made the mounds of muscle shoot high into the night air.

“Holy fuck!”

“Aw shit!”

The whispering voices of both men filled the space around us. Clarence continued his work on my nipple as his eyes gazed up at my arms. He actually spoke out of the corner of his mouth. McKinley, still down on his knees, stared at my huge biceps and saliva actually slid down his chin at either side of his mouth. He looked like a dog waiting for a big piece of meat. He was actually, though, a big man looking at a bigger piece of muscled man meat. I grabbed Clarence by the back of his collar and pulled him from my chest. I heard him whimper as I moved his body away. I placed him on the asphalt to the side. I patted his head as I spoke.

“Stay, little man, or I’ll hit you on the top of your head so hard that you’ll instantly be buried in the concrete up to your neck. McKinley, here, and I are going to have a little fun.”

My words instantly thrilled Clarence. He suddenly forgot about wanting to continue sucking on my mega pec and looked over at the guard on his knees. My movement and my words also seemed to revive McKinley. He suddenly jumped to his feet and quickly pulled out his police baton. In a flash he raised the weapon and brought it down to my chest with all of his strength. He was sure the force of his blow would send me to the ground. I’ve learned a few things about these batons since the changes to my body forced a few scared officers to use them on me. They are aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is supposed to not bend, warp or even break when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures and the tubing is filled with a heavy durable wood dowel. I guess the guy that created them never anticipated me, though. As soon as the weapon hit my hardened chest it encountered something much more powerful. The top end of the thick tube shattered into small pieces and the lower half vibrated so hard from the impact that McKinley was forced to drop it. I could tell his hand was in a lot of pain but he quickly reached down and grabbed his pistol, pointing it at my stomach. Clarence cleared his throat loudly and this caused the guard to look in his direction.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. It would only make him mad.”

This was enough distraction for me to quickly grab the gun from the guard’s hand, being careful to not rip his forefinger off. The poor guy was stunned that I could move so fast and he froze in fear. I smiled at him and then placed the gun between my monstrous pecs. I was careful to leave the handle part sticking out. I squeezed the two mounds together as if I were just breathing hard. I then pulled the gun back out and handed it to McKinley. Clarence stepped forward to take a look at what had happened. Both men gasped when they saw that the simple movement of my muscle chest had squeezed the metal barrel and body of the gun into something as flat as a piece of cardboard. It looked like some child’s cutout cardboard toy. And then, as if on cue, both men started groping their hard cocks through their cum stained pants. I knew at that moment I had won McKinley over as a new little worshipper, as well. I reached down, grabbed him under his arms, and lifted him into the air like he was a piece of cardboard, too. He was so stunned and excited that he dropped the gun. Clarence picked it up and I knew he’d be busy for a while looking at the imprints of the veins from my chest smashed in the metal. I brought McKinley up even with my face and smiled at him.

“What’s your first name McKinley?”

“Francis. I . . . mean . . . um, Frank.”

“Well, Francis. I guess you’ve figured out that tonight can be your lucky night if you want it to be. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a man like me and you probably never will again, but I’m planning on going inside that gym and creating a little more havoc than you’ve already seen. If you think my size, my club-busting chest, or my gun-squeezing pecs are impressive then I can guarantee you’re going to love what I do to Tommy Coles and his men. You see, they’re somehow involved in the kidnapping of someone very important to me and I need to get some information from them. After I get my information I think it’s only right that I teach them a little lesson. So, here are your choices little Francis. I could toss your light body a few miles away and easily be done with my business by the time you make it back or you can watch me do the job I came here to do and have a few more cum explosions watching me use these muscles you admire so much.”

The guard’s face turned beet red. I could tell it was the first time anyone had ever openly acknowledged they knew he was a muscle pig. He looked down at my immense body, trying to avoid my eyes. It saddened me that this guy had kept his lust for muscle and huge men silent for so many years. I was determined right then and there to help him embrace his inner craving for all things super powerful and massively muscular – which really meant me. I knew that I could demolish the macho wall he had built around himself as easily as I shattered his baton and flattened his gun. It was time for Francis McKinley to come out of the closet as a muscle loving pig-boy. I was going to reward Clarence and him with a strength-packed, muscle-bulging show inside the gym. I also knew I’d have as much as fun as they were going to.

“Listen, Francis. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of – it’s fine if you like this big body in front of you. If you get off on some big dude easily shoving heavy weight around, that’s okay. Look at Clarence here; he’s the biggest little muscle worshipper I’ve ever seen. He’s still transfixed by what my powerful chest did to your gun. And here’s the real kicker, Francis, I get off on all of it too. Yep, that’s right, I’m a muscle whore just like you. My cock gets super stiff any time I do something powerful. I love what this body of mine can do and I’m proud of it. Smashing your gun into a thin slice of metal with no effort at all got my juices pumping something awful. I wish you could have been there earlier when I uprooted a fucking giant oak tree with just my hard rod. Man, it was incredible.”

“Yeah it was, you should have seen it McKinley. His cock poked through that oak tree like it was a piece of paper and then he pulled the whole thing out of the ground with just one twitch. It was unbelievable.”

“Thank you, Clarence. So, you see Francis, it’s fine for you to want to watch me demolish things or for you to shoot a load just from copping a feel of my gigantic arms.”

It was pretty clear that the big guard had no idea he had been running his hands up and down my forearms and biceps. I’m sure his subconscious had easily taken over because the man of his deepest desires was holding him off the ground so easily. He had been letting his fingers slide over the matching large veins that trailed up and down both arms. Each time he got to my bulging upper arms he would try to dent the muscle with his hands but the thick skin covering hard-as-rock sinew didn’t budge at all. The stupefied guard quickly pulled his hands away from my arms. I laughed out loud.

“I can see that you need a little more encouragement, don’t you, Francis. How about I toss you in the air like your dad used to do when you were small. I bet you loved that when you were little – and you didn’t even know why. Let’s step away from the building a little and send you up into orbit. Have you ever wanted to fly Francis? Well tonight is your lucky night.”

With no warning at all I lowered my arms and then raised them into the air with just a fraction of my strength and the big guard’s body shot into the air. There wasn’t enough time for the guy to even think about screaming. He flew into the air so quickly that even the guards in the lookout tower wouldn’t notice him. The only sound was a gush of air that followed the heavy body into the air. I figured that was the sound Superman made when he took off from earth – come to think of it, I made that noise every time I jumped into the air. Both Clarence and I watched the big guy’s body disappear into the dark night air. I worried for a few seconds that I had underestimated my still-new strength and sent the guy so high that he would either freeze like a popsicle or not have enough oxygen to breathe.

“Sweet fucking shit! Where did he go?”

I looked at Clarence. His mouth was wide open and he was squinting into the sky trying to find the orbiting guard. I had a feeling that Clarence wanted to take a little flight too. I made a mental note to give him the chance sometime. I got the feeling that Clarence was going to have enough jack-off material to use for the rest of his life. The guy continued to be amazed by each feat of strength I performed. He was the perfect audience. His enthusiasm made my balls pulse as they produced my super pumped juice. I knew I was going to need some release soon.

“Here he comes. He’s gonna be flatter than a pancake when he hits this cement, the poor guy.”

I did not detect any true sadness in Clarence’s voice. He, again, underestimated my abilities. He just didn’t get it yet. I glanced up and saw the guard’s body falling like meteorite to the earth. When he reached the point just at my reach, I easily caught the guy under his arms and slowed his body down as I lowered my hands with the weight – stopping his body completely when his feet were a few inches from the ground. I immediately chuckled out loud when I saw that Francis had the biggest childlike grin I’d ever seen on his face. The big man was completely overjoyed at being tossed so easily into the air. I really did believe that I had connected with the memory of some adolescent thrill given by his father or some other big older man tossing him in the air. I knew at that moment that Francis was now as smitten as Clarence. I raised the guard into the air so our faces were even.

“You liked that didn’t you, Francis?”

The man just nodded furiously, like he was some five-year old that wanted to please his elder. I had a feeling he desperately wanted to be tossed in the air again, but I knew it was time for me to have a little workout with the guys inside the gym. I also knew that Francis was going to really like the power show I was about to unleash on a whole group of men he had worshipped for a long time. Those guys were now nothing but a distant memory to Francis, because he had met someone bigger and much stronger. I knew this guard would now do anything I asked, but I wanted to make sure he was happier on the inside, as well.

“And do you like my big body, Francis?”

“More than anything, sir.”

His answer came quickly and I could tell by how forceful it was that the guy had now embraced his lust for muscle completely. He would never again be ashamed of his desire for some bigger guy to dominate him. Francis had stepped into the light, he was now completely freed and I knew he would spend the rest of his life trying to find another guy as big or strong as me. I was sad that he was destined to be disappointed, but I was pretty sure he’d have a lot of fun in the midst of the search.

“So, no more fear of being a muscle junkie?”

“No sir!”

“Well, just to seal the deal, Francis, and to confirm your total devotion to muscle and power, I have one more favor. Well, it’s really an order. You okay with that, my muscle-loving soldier?”

“Yes sir.”


It was just a simple word – short and sweet. But it was said by a voice full of power and from someone that was beginning to understand his control over other men – well, other humans. I knew that my order would make the guard’s body erupt in orgasmic servitude to the super muscle man that still held him in the air. That one simple word made Francis’ body immediately convulse in a stream of uncontrollable mind-blowing spasms. I heard a noise to my right and turned to see that Clarence had fallen to the ground and his body was also thrusting around as he emptied a full load into his pants. I was pretty sure the guy on the ground had emptied enough of his juice up to that point that he had probably lost ten pounds. I was impressed he still had something to spew from his cock. I turned back to Francis and was even more impressed to see that the guy was still shooting. The wet stain that was once just at his crotch now reached upward covering half of his shirt and stretched below his knees in the fabric of his pants. This guy had obviously been storing up his man-lava like a volcano that had lied dormant for centuries. I was sure that Clarence’s abs were going to hurt like hell tomorrow – his stomach was pumping like a giant oil rig when it finally gets a gusher! It took a few minutes for both men to stop shaking involuntarily – even after they had stopped cumming. Then it took even longer for both of their brains to return to earth. I knew each man wanted to stay in muscle-heaven for a lot longer, but the promise of getting to see more strength feats and to watch my body in action brought them back to reality. I set Francis back on the ground as Clarence struggled to stand up. I could tell his legs were very weak and his body was still shaking from its workout. If shooting a load could have added muscle to a man’s body, both of these guys would have now been as big as me. Boy how I loved showing off my muscles and strength for them. I was going to have a lot of fun inside the gym.

“So, Francis. You okay with me ripping a hole in that big metal door to the gym and then showing off my body and my power to the guys inside. Remember, I promise you and Clarence, here, a ringside seat. I might even let you two decide some of the things I’ll do to highlight my talents. As a matter of fact, Clarence, here, suggested that I make it look like it’s a struggle to bust through the door so the guys have no idea of my real strength. I kind of like that plan – that way the group thinks they can take me easily. It will be fun for all of us to watch them be surprised as they realize I’m unstoppable. So, what do you say, big guy? You up for a massive muscle show?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Fuck yes.”

Again, both men answered at the same time and this made me laugh. I turned and walked toward the corner – heading toward the massive steel door to the gym. My cock was sticking straight up against my rock-hard abs – just from the anticipation of the fun I was about to have with my massive body. Tommy Coles and his men were about to meet Mr. Unstoppable and it was going to be fun for me and my new muscle-worshipping slaves.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Another awesome edition, london! Thanks!
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Excellent, but TOO SHORT! I want MORE!! More HUGE BULGING MUSCLES!! More INCREDIBLE STRENGTH!! Bring it on, Londonboy!

Thanks for this chapter. But, you know, a second helping (and a third, etc.) would be quite welcome!
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Let the rumble begin!!!
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