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Old February 12th, 2010, 02:26 PM
Thicker is Best
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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 5


As soon as the puny guy I’d so easily pinned to the tree mentioned my roommate’s name, my mind went into overdrive. This asshole was just some kind of decoy – someone to keep me busy while others pursued Ted. I didn’t waste even a fraction of a second. My massive legs thrust me from the ground and I knew there was going to be a deep hole left by the powerful departure. I was worried for a second I might have demolished the oak tree and the little guy during the lift off, but it didn’t matter at that moment. I could only think about Ted. I knew, instinctively, that the mega force behind my take-off would be enough to help me travel across town and to the apartment building where Ted and I lived. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was stark naked when I landed in the middle of the street in front of our place. I also didn’t care about the huge hole I left in the asphalt. I moved so quickly that I knew no one could make out exactly who or what I was. In a flash I was standing in front of the demolished door to our home. I moved inside – not caring if anyone was waiting to ambush me, because I was beginning to fully understand that I was an unstoppable muscle machine. I quickly moved through every room and saw that the place was empty. I could tell there had been a struggle of some kind and that someone had thoroughly gone over every inch of the apartment. It was pretty clear that someone was looking for something important and I think the item was Ted, himself. I quickly went back outside and in one leap I returned to the wooded area on the other side of town.

I landed a little more carefully this time - right smack in the middle of the huge hole I had made when I blasted away. The force of my earlier lift off had knocked down a dozen or so large trees in the area, including the one the little guy was still strapped to by the thick steel girder I had effortlessly molded around him. He was now just lying there on the toppled tree staring up at the sky – unable to escape my manhandled metal binding. I slid my forefinger between his torso and the girder. I flicked my finger away from his body and it ripped through the twelve-inch thick beam like I was breaking a piece of thread. The guy’s gaze was glued to each simple movement with an intensity that was admirable. As soon as he saw me split a heavy piece of metal with just one finger his body went rigid and his face instantly turned red. I could tell he was fighting something internal with all of his might. He spoke through gritted teeth.

“Oh shit, not again!”

His body suddenly went into convulsions and he had to grab the two mangled jutting pieces of the I-beam to prevent himself from falling off the tree. I could tell his body was emptying itself of the muscle-worshipping cum that had built up tremendously while he contemplated my incredible power during the short time I was gone. I was pretty impressed with his recovery skills and had to wait a pretty long time as his body flopped around uncontrollably because of the force of his orgasm. He cried out like a wounded animal and his large muscles – well large compared to anyone but me – tensed up beautifully. After about seven minutes or so he was able to return to the land of the living and he just stared up at me with a face of pure satisfaction and awe.

“You sure are one hell of a muscle pig, aren’t you little man?”

“Yes sir.”

His show of respect flattered me and I smiled at the fact that he could only whisper his response, since his body was still recovering from that last mind-blowing ejaculation. I slid the same forefinger that had just easily ripped through metal between his belt and his cum-soaked crotch. I lifted the guy’s body into the air and held him a few feet from the ground. His body was still so weak from its eruption that he flopped around like some kind of rag doll. My lifting him so effortlessly with just one finger caused him to coo like a little baby and a big smile beamed across his face.

“Dude, you reek of little man juice. I should toss you from here into the lake a few miles away just to wash you off, but unfortunately we need to get to the penitentiary immediately. I have a date with this Tommy Coles you mentioned. He’s got information about something very special to me and even if I have to rip apart that entire fucking prison with my bare hands I’m going to get some answers. You smelling like this, though, is going to make you popular at the prison. I bet your stench causes a few big guys to fight each other to see who gets to claim you as their bitch. That should be fun to watch.”

I saw his smiling face suddenly turn into one full of terror. He knew I was right. This pretty little big boy was just the kind of guy that made massive hardened criminals become ass-plowing machines. It was going to be fun to leave him at the penitentiary. I reminded myself to call the warden tomorrow and explain why he had one more inmate than the day before. Right now, though, I had to get some information from Tommy Coles. I tossed the guy over my shoulder with just my finger and then leapt into the air. The state prison was two counties away so I knew it would probably take at least a couple of jumps.

The only thing that prevented the little guy from shooting another load when I blasted into the air like a rocket was the fact that his body was totally spent. He did buck around on my wide shoulder from a dry-heave orgasm – caused simply because it was too much for him to realize that my powerful legs could propel us miles from where we began. It was a shame that this guy didn’t have any other information about Ted because I knew me doing a few easy feats of strength could get him to share anything. The guy kept grinding his hard cock into my giant pec and tried to grope my massive right biceps with his tiny hand. I say tiny, but the fact was the guy was bigger than ninety percent of the world’s population. It’s just that I had grown to a size that made him look like a ninety-pound weakling. I could tell the impact from our first landing knocked the breath out of him – his stomach was shoved into my hard shoulder with a force similar to a two ton wrecking ball. It took him a while to recover and by that time I made my second hard landing about fifty yards from the outer wall of the penitentiary. Again the little guy’s breath was knocked from his body, but at the same time I felt his cock spew its umpteenth load of cum into his pants just because he was being so easily manhandled by me. For a few seconds I again contemplated filling his anal cavity and his entire insides with my hard mammoth rod, but decided against it since he could be a future source of information from inside the prison. I knew I could easily drop in and get him to spill his guts just by bending the bars to his cell with my fingers or, better yet, my cock. I reached up and grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled the guy from my shoulder. I held him at arms length and saw that he had passed out again. This was good news since I knew I needed things to be a little silent when I broke into the penitentiary.

I started weighing my options for getting into the big place in front of me. There were actually no limits to the ways I could enter, but some of them didn’t seem like a good plan. I ruled out punching through the outer wall because I knew it would make too much noise and I wanted to get to Mr. Coles without being detected. I thought about just knocking on the front gate, thinking that my size and the fact that I was carrying a guy who probably had a criminal record a mile long might get them to let me in, but then there was the fact that I was buck-naked and had a raging hard-on that would definitely need to be milked soon. I think any sane guard would start shooting at me without even asking questions – mainly because they would view my cock as a deadly weapon, not to mention they’d probably be scared shitless because of my massive body. I knew I could easily jump into the middle of the place or onto the top of one of the buildings, but I didn’t know where I was going, exactly, and I figured I needed to get to my target pretty quickly – in order to avoid too much confrontation. I wasn’t worried about defending myself; I was actually more worried about anyone who got in my way.

“He’ll be in the gym.”

Little man’s voice actually caught me off guard. I was still holding him in the air with one hand but I had forgotten he was there, mainly because he was lighter than a feather. I looked at his face and immediately saw that the guy was totally smitten. I had a cum-for-muscle admirer that would obviously sell his own grandmother if it meant he could be close to my body or could witness some of my unbelievable strength. I was actually beginning to like this little runt even though he had tried to run me over with a semi. I made a promise to myself to give him a little reward at some point. I also knew he loved it when I verbally dominated him.

“What’s that pipsqueak?”

“Tommy will be in the gym with his army of muscle heads. They work out every evening. His gang is some of the biggest and meanest guys in the place. Of course, all of them put together don’t come close to matching the strength of even one of your arms, but they don’t know that. I’m looking forward to watching them freak out as they realize you’re unstoppable.”

“So the little man’s beginning to understand what’s in this gigantic package, huh?”

I tensed my chest and the arm that wasn’t holding him. He was mesmerized by my body and let out a whimper that reminded me of a puppy that wants you to play with him. Yep, this little fella was looking forward to this huge superior man toying with a group of lesser mortals. Man, his enthusiasm was actually making my hard cock start to squeeze out big drops of pre-cum. I looked forward to showing off for my little muscle-strength junkie. At the same time I was getting jacked up with super-fucking adrenaline at the thought of taking on an army of muscle-bound assholes who probably think they are the world’s biggest alpha-males. Shit, there wasn’t anything in the world better than dominating an alpha male – unless it was dominating a group of alpha males at the same time. I began to breathe a little harder just from the excitement of what was to come.

“So, you want to see this big boy take on an army, little man?”

“Aw fuck yes. I’ll probably go into cardiac arrest just from watching you toy with those guys. There’s nothing in the world that would give me more pleasure.”

“Well this is your lucky night, tiny dude. Where’s the gym?”

“Far right corner. You can easily jump over the outer wall to the north side of the building without being detected. There’s a huge heavy steel-barred door that keeps everyone in the gym for the evening. That thing is calling out to be easily ripped apart by just one of your powerful hands. But I beg you to put it back afterwards so no one can escape the place when you begin to show off your strength. Better yet, make it look like it took a lot of work to bend the bars so they won’t know your full potential! Then they will think they can easily take you. There’s a room full of gym equipment just waiting to be destroyed by your bare hands. These guys never let anyone else use the gym. It’s like their special club. I want them to remember this evening. I can’t wait to watch their faces as you show them real power.”

“What’s your name, little man?”

“Clarence, sir.”

“I may need an assistant someday Clarence and I think you’re the right man for the job. I didn’t think there could be a man on earth that got off on my strength more than me, but that was before I met you. It’s like you’ve got the entire night mapped out for me. I promise to make a few of your fantasies come true tonight, okay. But here’s the catch, I think you should wait to shoot your next load until I’m completely done. Let’s build it up real good so it will shoot out like water from a fire hydrant. You think you can do that Clarence?”

“I doubt it sir, but I’ll try.”

“Good, little man. Now let’s go have some fun.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old February 12th, 2010, 03:18 PM
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FUN....? Londonboy......?
I Really Really can not wait too long for the next instalment of this....
Good to have another story from you too

..... Lover of all things musclegrowth
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Old February 12th, 2010, 05:47 PM
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Londonboy, YOU ROCK!!!!!

That is one of the best so far can't wait for more. Just like Clarence, can't wait to see what he does next. Great job, big guy.

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Old February 12th, 2010, 06:42 PM
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Let the fun begin - and soon (please)!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old February 12th, 2010, 06:55 PM
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Mmm. Very nice!


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Old February 13th, 2010, 06:54 AM
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Thanks Londonboy.
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