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Old February 8th, 2010, 05:28 PM
Thicker is Best
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Getting Used to Being Unstoppable - 3


I landed out in the middle of nowhere about a mile from where I had so easily demolished the truck. I was still pumped with excitement from the memory of all that poundage of metal crumbling around my muscle-packed super body as the truck slammed into me. I hadn’t intended to leap so far away, but the adrenaline streaming through my veins had made me underestimate the power in my legs. I caused a pretty good-sized crater in the ground when I landed and the driver’s body flopped around on my shoulder because of the impact. I heard the guy moan as he began to regain consciousness. I looked around and saw that we were in the middle of a wooded area on the outskirts of town – just beyond a big construction supply store. This would be a perfect spot for me to interrogate my new small friend. I reached up with one hand and grabbed the back of the guy’s collar. I easily held his body in the air – kind of like a mother cat carrying her kittens. After a quick glance at him, I could see the destruction of his truck caused by my body had not hurt him too much. He was going to be pretty bruised, but nothing was broken. I began to think back to the moment when my stiff cock had pierced the front of the speeding truck as easily as someone’s finger might poke through toilet paper. I was instantly hard again. The massive ejaculation that had happened as the hood and motor of the semi folded around my immovable body had only been a temporary release. I was, again, jacked-up with the nuclear-powered cum gushing into my huge pole. I knew I needed to get off and I needed to do it quickly so I wouldn’t lose control and do some serious damage. I looked at the tiny man in front of me and contemplated plowing his ass.

“Naw, I can’t do that. I’d easily rip this wimp into two pieces on the second thrust. But what to do with the asshole while I get a little relief?”

I glanced around, noticing the huge storage area of the supply company. I leapt into the air, making sure I didn’t shove off too hard, and easily cleared the huge barbed-wire fence around the store. After landing in the middle of the building supply area I quickly saw what I could use for my little task. I heard the guy moan a little more and I was surprised by the fact that I had forgotten I was carrying his almost six foot frame as if it were nothing. I looked at the man that tried to run me over a little closer. He was a pretty big dude. He looked like he weighed about two eighty and was actually handsome. I briefly thought again about fucking the dude, but knew that my super cock would destroy his body even easier than it had the truck. I reached down with my empty and lifted a twelve foot steel girder like it was a toothpick. My giant hand easily reached around the thick piece of metal and my strong grip caused my fingers to indent the thing as if it were made out of wet clay. I lessened my strength before I squeezed the girder in two and jumped back into the air. I guided my huge body toward a group of huge oak trees in the middle of the wooded area. This time my landing did not cause the entire area to rumble like a small earthquake. I knew this meant I was starting to control my power a little more– this thought made my hard cock to begin to ooze pre-cum. There was little time left before my body’s need for ejaculation caused me to start destroying things just to increase the force behind my explosion. For me, showing off my strength was the ultimate foreplay! I was worried I might do something to my little prisoner – like toss him into the next state, squish him between my palms like a small accordion, or flatten him like a cardboard cut-out between my monster thighs.

I moved quickly to one of the massive oak trees in the small clearing and pressed his body up against its wide trunk. I then tightened my grip on the girder in my hand and made it bend into a V shape. I slid the steel beam up under the guys arms and then reached around the tree to squeeze the ends together like someone my turn the twist-tie on a bag of apples at the grocery store. Even after being like this for a few months I was still amazed at how easy it was for me to manipulate steel that was a foot thick. I tightened the girder together until it cut into the side of the tree. I stepped back and smiled at the job I had done. The guy was pinned to the tree securely and dangled in the air about three feet from the ground. I was careful not to tighten the steel so much that he wouldn’t be able to breathe. I reached out and tapped the side of his face with two of my fingers – being careful not to use too much power. I didn’t want to snap his neck as his head spun around in some kind of Exorcist fashion, I just wanted to wake him up. The guy started to wake up and I laughed out loud as he began to realize what he thought was his big body had been easily carried and strapped to a tree by the muscled man in front of him.

“Glad to have you awake little fella. That way, you can see more of what this powerful body can do. You should also be glad that I didn’t destroy you like I did your tiny truck.”

“Where am I?”

“About a mile outside of town.”

“How did I get here?”

“That’s simple. Like this.”

I bent my legs slightly and jumped into the darkness above. I knew the rush of air from my sudden movement would force his head up against the tree. It would be like some simulator machine for an astronaut where the G-force would be too great to withstand. I simply jumped straight into the air and shot up high enough to see the lights of the entire town in the distance. When I landed back down in front of the little guy trapped against the tree I intentionally allowed the impact to shake everything within hundreds of yards around us. I wanted him to get an almost-full sense of the power my body contained. His mouth was open in disbelief and I was nervous he was going to pass out again. I did not want that to happen. I was ripe for showing off and I wanted his “little man” cum eruption to coincide with my titanic release. I was getting off on showing him my power more than he was enjoying the exhibition.

“I could jump high enough to grab a satellite if you want me to. That would probably send you into some kind of muscle apoplectic shock, wouldn’t it little man. I hope you’re beginning to realize that your puny truck wasn’t going to do anything to me.”

I was standing there without a stitch of clothing on my huge body and the man’s eyes could not decide where to focus. I could see he was impressed with my expansive chest, but he also couldn’t believe the size of my arms. I tensed my body just to show off. He let out a whimper that made it clear he knew he was in the presence of someone far more superior to any fantasy he had ever dreamed. That’s when he glanced at my cum-dripping bazooka of a cock and I swear the man almost had a heart attack just from the sight. I could tell his little brain was trying to comprehend how a dick could look so powerful. I knew the time was right to show off a little.

“So, little man, I’m feeling the need to milk this monster rod. You should be happy as hell that I’ve decided not to shove this telephone pole up your ass. I know you’d like it – but it would be the last thing you ever experienced in your life and I need some information. Right now, though, I’ve got to calm this beast between my legs. So you just rest there while I take care of some business. Oh wait, I guess that’s kind of stupid because you couldn’t go anywhere even if you wanted to. It seems that big Brock here has taken a metal beam and wrapped it around you with just one hand. That’s right, with only one hand. I twisted a steel girder like it was a piece of paper. Does that turn you on, little man? I’m sure it does. Let’s see what else this big boy can do, shall we?”

My cock was aching for relief. I was getting off on bragging about my power. I was ready to show the guy some more of my strength. I looked around for something that could help me empty my cum-filled balls. I broke into a big smile when I finally realized what my next show would be. I walked up to a second large oak tree a few feet from the little guy. I stood facing the tree and let the tip of my dick press up against the five-foot wide trunk. I grabbed the sides of the tree with my massive hands, allowing my fingers to easily dig into the thick wood. I slowly pushed my crotch forward.

“Ah, no fucking way!”

I chuckled at the little man’s words – he was obviously realizing what I intended to do. We both watched my dickhead begin to plunge slowly into the trunk of the large tree. The feeling of my cock penetrating a sturdy oak tree was unbelievable. I could feel all the blood in my body rushing to my powerful rod. I was easily pulverizing a thick tree with only my hard prick. I could not believe the power that existed in my body. I knew that I had only begun to fully comprehend what I was capable of, but that didn’t matter right now. All I wanted to do was to fuck this giant oak tree like it was some guy’s tight ass – and the pressure on my dick was incredible. This was slightly better than plowing the guy’s truck because I could do it slowly and listen to the thick trunk of the tree splintering as the tip of my cock moved deeper into its center. I cried out when my massive rod was fully into the tree. I knew that my giant pole was more than halfway through the thick trunk. I began to buck my hips slowly – pulling and pushing my meat into the tree. I wanted to show off more so I let go of the tree with my hands after burying my cock completely in. I then flexed my giant rod and the tree moved upward. I let out an inhuman yell and pulsed my cock even higher. Suddenly the entire roots system of the giant oak came screaming out of the ground. I leaned slightly backwards and then turned toward “little man.” The entire tree moved with my cock – completely penetrated and completely controlled by me. I let out a loud victory yell because I had just uprooted a giant oak with just my dick.

“Holy shit!”

I knew the little man was impressed, but there was still a lot more to come. I grabbed the sides of the tree again and started to rock my crotch forward and backward. I brought myself to climax quickly. Suddenly my cock erupted and it was like some kind of cannon being set off within the tree. The back side of the thick trunk was blown away into the night air. Ropes of powerful white cum shot out of the hole in the tree as I continued to ejaculate. I felt like some kind of super powerful woodpecker – and then realized my pecker hand destroyed most of the wood. There was now an incredible hole in the base of this tree. I finally stopped cumming and decided I needed to finish the tree completely. I held on to the tree tightly and then started twisting my hips back and forth. My cock acted like some kind of super chain saw and completely ripped the bottom part of the trunk from the rest of the giant tree. My powerful rod sliced the thick wood as if it were paper. The base of the tree fell to the ground with a loud thud. My cock was still hard as stone and sticking straight out. I turned to look at the face of “little man” and wasn’t surprised to see that he had passed out again. I also noticed that his crotch was sopping wet with his Brock-praising cum. I bent my arms downward and then forced them up quickly – sending the tree into the night air. I waited a few minutes and then heard it crashing into other trees a few miles away. Tossing a fully grown oak tree into the air had been as easy as flipping a coin. My power was mind-blowing – and cock-blowing, come to think of it. I turned back to little man, now that my intensely pressurized dick had been relieved. I again tapped his face to wake him. It took him a few seconds to fully regain consciousness - not to mention remember all of the details of my display of power. I could see that his tiny cock was still hard as a two-by-four.

“So, little man, it’s time to tell me who sent you. Who’s the stupid guy that thought you’d be able to do some kind of damage to this super body?”

“I’m not talking, you muscle-bound asshole.”

I simply smiled at the defiant little guy. I was impressed by his determination. I knew I’d get the information from him, but I thought it would be fun to prolong the reward. I glanced around and saw a couple of boulders the size of the guy’s head. I walked over and grabbed them both in my giant hands. I moved back in front of the guy and held the big stones near his face. My fingers could wrap around them completely, but I held them in my open palms as I spoke.

“So the little tough guy still doesn’t get it, does he? I’ve destroyed your truck with no effort at all. I just stood there, man, and you watched as my body caused your semi to crumple like it was cardboard. You also just saw me uproot a giant oak tree with just my hard tool. I lifted all of that massive weight with only my cock. Just imagine what I must be able to do with these powerful guns, boy. Look at these boulders – they’re about the size of your head, don’t you think? And what happens if I wrap my hands around these little things? What happens if I begin to squeeze tightly?

My hands did exactly what my mouth was saying. I began to tighten my grip around the big boulders. The little man’s eyes began to widen as he heard the rocks in my hands make sounds of distress. My fingers were compressing the solid mass together and I knew the boulders could not take much more. Suddenly there was a loud noise and both stones burst into smaller fragments at the same time. Some small pieces shot out from between my fingers and rained down on the little guy’s body. I saw him start shaking uncontrollably and I knew what he was releasing another load of his muscle-loving cum. It dawned on me at that moment that the guy was refusing to tell me who sent him for an entirely different reason than I thought. I believe he was some kind of committed hit man, but the truth was that he was enjoying my strength show too much. He refused to tell me anything because he hoped it would cause me to show off my power even more. I admired his love of muscle, but I needed to move our conversation forward. I opened my hands and turn my palms downward, allowing the dust and fragments of destroyed boulders to fall to the ground. I reached out and wiped my hands on the guy’s shirt. I smiled at him, but he could tell it wasn’t a pleasant smile.

“Time for your head to feel the same kind of pressure as those boulders. I doubt your skull will give as much resistance as they did.”

I wrapped one of my hands around the top of his head. I marveled at the fact that my fingers reached down almost to his neck. God, I was huge. I began to squeeze him slightly – nothing even close to what power I had in my hand.

“The guy’s name is Coles. Tommy Coles. He’s in the state penitentiary, but he has connections outside. I was hired by one of his lackeys. You’re not the target, though. We want your boyfriend. We want Ted Spellman.”

I released his head when he spoke Ted’s name. My heart began to race with fear.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Seems like we're in for another great story from Londonboy! Looking forward to seeing how this one develops.
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Very hot, Londonbody! I'm not usually into superstrength, per se, but this one is VERY hot!


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Old February 8th, 2010, 09:22 PM
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Aha! The plot thickens! I'm lovin' it!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old February 8th, 2010, 11:35 PM
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Awesome stuff again, I have always been a fan of dick strength, especially outrageous, car lifting/crushing and tree lifting kind of dick strength, so this story, along with the first story, are favorites of mine already. I definitely can't wait to read more.
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Awesome work LondonBoy. I love the muscle and the power behind it. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
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